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Mary Ann Cotton

2015-07-29 | 🔗

In the mid-1800s, Mary Ann Cotton is believed to have poisoned as many as 21 people with arsenic, many of them her own children. She left a trail of bodies behind her everywhere she went, but it was her cavalier remarks that finally drew suspicion.

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stuff you missed in history from ireland welcome to the pod cast i'm holly fry and i'm three phoebe wilson and we're going to have a little bit of a black widow story for today's topic and i i feel like this topic was suggested by a listener but i feel super guilty because i cannot for the life of me find email or other communication about its to verify the ass they looked and i can't either which means it was probably on facebook or twitter with impossible i really old stuff i'm so if you were the person that suggested this thank you and i apologise for not retaining who you are who you were but if you weren't a person that suggested this than this may be a fun ride for you we're gonna talk today about marry him cotton
and she is often referred to as a victorian serial killer sometimes the first female serial killer some headlines will even list the first serial killer we don't we have here is a household me though which is kind of an interesting factor although it's likely to change in the not too distant future will talk about that more and her story is really fascinating it's one of those things we're as is often the case with criminals you're gonna start to see some patterns emerge in the behaviour and we will discuss all of that so we're just gonna die right intake is went a little bit long in october eighteen thirty two she was born mary ann robson and low more easily to the mining town and durham and the north of england her parents were michael and margaret robson michael worked in the coal mines and the robins had to other children margaret who died when she was quite young at robert who was two years younger than
ryan and when mary and was eight the family moved to the village of merton in county durham for another mining job michael rob the father was unfortunately killed on the job in eighteen forty two so the children were still very young at this point mary and would not have yet turn ten this body is said to have been delivered to the families home in a coal sack stamped with property of south hatton coal company in eighteen forty four methodist sunday school open in the village marianne taught there in eighteen forty six she became a nursemaid for the family of edward hotter the manager of the query where her father had died on in life marianne became something of a social climber and there's some speculation that her time working for the potter family exposed to a more upscale life than her own family had been gave her aspirations to a greater life
and she work for the potter for three years and then she turn briefly to dress making as a trade around in forty nine this is it interesting things that i kept turning up while i was doing research for this a lot of headlines will of sort of tat as a dressmaker serial killer but she didn't really seem to stick with dressmaking long so i'm not sure why people glum onto that unless they're just trying to somehow defame those of us who like to make dresses but she also met a young man around the same time named william mulberry and mobile was fairly new to town he had moved there for job opportunity he's at the mine here the pier mary a few years later on july eighteenth of eighteen fifty two at the you cancel register office it's possible it was already pregnant by mowbray which is why the couple opted for a quick register office wedding instead of the union at the chapel of the church where she was teaching sunday
the view of the move to cornwall not long after their wedding and then several years for them ovaries are fairly undocumented it does appear it william worked for a time in railway construction but will you know is that for years after they had left merton they then returned and at this point they had a child with them nay margaret jane and this is already the fact start to get a little funky and murky because marian allegedly told people therein merton that in fact they had had three other children in this brief for your period that they were gone but that all of those children had died and so some people like you sort of list those children as the first victims but we don't actually have any substantiation that those children even existed but again they do sometimes get lumped in when you see lake the final body count sometimes there's an extra three in there that maybe didn't even exist is real people
they settled back and merton william mowbray started working at the company store for the query but he didn't keep our job for very long in eighteen fifty eight he followed a job as stoker to south hatton not long after that the two of them had a daughter she was born on september twenty sixth in fifty eight year old daughter isabella level more than any of the other children that miriam was involved with india in eighteen sixty their daughter margaret jane who had been with them when they moved back to martin dyed her precise at this time is unclear although she is believed to have been younger than three and her cause of death was listed as scarlet fever and exhaustion in october team sixty one the couple had another daughter you they also named margaret dream the family me around the same time to hand in and sunderland where william worked first the shopkeeper than as a fireman and eventually stoker honesty
here and often always comes back to working somehow in a coal mine or other enterprise call your ie but the couple the sun named john back in july of eighteen sixty three although he died several months after his first birthday in september eighteen sixty four and his cause of death was listed as diarrhea william died in january eighteen sixty five and his death certificate lists both diarrhea hives fever as this causes of death at this point the couple had been married for twelve years urban stories over the years that the doctor you signed william death certificate observed marianne singing and dancing through the window although those stories have never been substantiated with another witness or anything like that there are also other descriptions of marianne being distraught over the loss of her husband
yeah i i wanted to point out these to varying accounts of her behaviour after the series of deaths and particularly that of her husband because there is sorting out that always has to be done when you're talking about sort of the famed or at least notorious killer you know stories that corroboree emma making irkutsk their corroborate their status kind of his monsters come out that may or may not have ever been real but what we do know is that williams life insurance paid out the sum of thirty five pound to mary ann and she used some of that money to relocate with her tyranny daughters is and mary jane to see him harbour and we're gonna talk about their life once they get there after we have a brief word from a sponsor hapag has listener
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while she was still married to william but we don't have any evidence one way or another that's another one of those cases where it it kind of supports this idea of her is an evil woman but we just don't know regardless of when there began mattress was ready married any actually happened since eighteen sixty although it is unclear whether in whether marian knew about his wife or not just as marion's family business natural state of morning before arriving and see him harbour life continued honest way the second margaret jane died on april thirtieth eighteen sixty five and her death was attributed to typhus fever at this point myriads mother who have remarried to a man named george starts living in new see i'm not far away and she decided that the remaining daughter isabella should actually come and live with her and isabella stayed with her
and mother and her step grandfather until margaret died in march of eighteen sixty seven that death was attributed to hepatitis and just six weeks after that but without ever gonna talk a little bit more about those deaths in contacts with the timeline in just a moment there at this point just it to sum up marianne the deaths include marines father her mother her husband and a bunch children do you have to make sure were keeping an accurate account after the second margaret jane died isabella had moved away our relationship with joseph mattress sputtered out and he and his wife we have to find work elsewhere marian was on the move again and this time it was back to sunderland and she started working as a nurse at the sunderland infirmary house of recovery for the cure of contagious fever dispensary and huge
society and that was in the summer of eighteen sixty five so this was a hospital for the poor really had far less than ideal i am though was apparently quite good at her work there she was praised as a fine worker and one of them is one of the physicians they are described her as one of them since they are described her as one of their best nurses after she started working the hospital marian met a man named george ward they had a brief courtship they got married on august twenty eighth of eighteen sixty five small church ceremony marriage was really not very happy wanted only lasted for fifteen months because george died on october twentieth eighteen sixty six his death was attributed to quote english cholera and typhoid fever you're george she met him while he was in the house but also its kind of interesting that she would marry up within him having not
really ban in a great financial situation but shortly after george there was another man in town named james robinson who became a widower his wife hannah died at the age of twenty seven and at this point james was left with five children here for so even though he handsome certainly makes who could help out he really needed someone to be there to help him with the children almost all the time so he advertise for a housekeeper and mary m respond to that end and she moved in shortly thereafter at the end of eighteen sixty six not long after this in in april of eighteen sixty seven the affirmation deaths of marion's mother which took place nine days after marian travel bear to see her and help like after a while she was sick and her cotter isabella before me of that year three of robinsons children had also died isabella and two of the robinson children had been ensured before their deaths
and marion was also pregnant robinson was the father couple married on august eleventh of eighteen sixty seven and mary listed her name on the marriage certificate as marianne mowbray kind of skipping over george roared as though he had never existed their child their new child margaret isabella you'll find she repeats children's names a lot was born on it the twenty ninth of eighteen sixty seven and margaret isabel lived near months before dying of convulsions in early spring of eighteen sixty eight enjoy innovating sixty nine james marianne had another child the sun named george later year it would become apparent to james that marian had been stealing from him by taking money she was supposed to deposit into their building society account then fall fine entries about it in the leisure to make it look like she had made those deposits as instructed she also ran up a bunch of bats
without his knowledge as you can imagine this turned in quite a fight in the midst of all this arguing in wrangling that took place once all of millions go indiscretions came too late because james robinson was much better off than her previous husband in the midst of all this arguing in wrangling that took place once these fiscal industry indiscretions came too late marian somehow worked it where she asked james as part of this to take out insurance policies on himself his tour children from his prior marriage and their son george and j refused and marianne in an angry fit left with young george moved out according to some accounts but shall say later than it was a quite that way james decide they sell their house so he boarded up he moved in with one of his sisters and then eventually he moved into a new home of his own
the end of the year marianne returned to town and left the infant george with a friend while she went on an errand but she never came back for the child little george was eventually to his father and early eighteen seventy the time from late eighteen nine to the spring of eighteen seventy one is kind of hazy and marine life she would later say that she had gone to her home with robinson and carrying george thinking we're going home and they were gonna make up and set things right but that she felt like she had just been kicked out into the street when she saw that their home had been boarded up so she was like i write about it here there's been some speculation during this period where we don't have a clear sense of exactly what she was doing that she may have worked as a prostitute or a petty thief during this time to make ends meet but there is really no substantiation for that
the point she did actually do some work for amending edward back house at the smyrna house home for fallen women possibly as a laundress during this time during this time ariane met her fourth husband frederick cotton finally which are the cotton part he was he was introduced to him by his sister frederick had been married with four children but two of his daughters had died of typhus and his wife had died of consumption and late eighteen sixty nine after his sister marguerite we ve been to help him she connected the two an early eighteen seventy million went to war bottle to visit the cotton family and margaret the sister of frederick had sixty pounds in the bank that her brother was going to inherit and she suddenly died on march twenty fifth after suffering from stomach pains cause of death was actually reported as pleuron ammonia and
rachel powder and let's developing marianne was pregnant sometime around this time with fredericks child she left while bottle briefly inwards the housekeeper for a german doktor named have for men fearing the short time that marian kept house for him several of his items went missing but another boy you was blamed word and fired marianne one quitting and was back and wall bottle by the summer of eighteen seventy years is really a very short period like of six weeks it may be month dont have a clear sense of the actual times but it some time very briefly as we know that in late march she was there and then she was backed by the beginning of summer marian they get married to frederick cotton timber seventeenth of eighteen seventy and shortly thereafter she ensured cottons two sons in april
eighteen seventy one mary and moved to west auckland with frederick cotton his choose arriving sons and their new baby robert robson ariane immediately made a very rash and cruel move she tried to put the younger of fredericks two sons charles edward into a workhouse so a workhouse was a horrible for a child or for anyone really but especially for the unaccompanied child the children who ended up there were normally born into circumstances where there was just no other choice but the cartons we're not best you have all marianne just wanted to put the child somewhere she wouldn't have to care for him work administrators ministries your not willing to take a child who appeared to have a perfectly go home although they had no idea that the women of this house was far more dangerous than almost any fate that a child would face the workhouse even though that was really terrible place to be once the family had moved to west auckland frederick
to work at the corollary there and coincidentally marion's old paramour joseph natural was also working at that clearly shows its wife had passed away and he had no children so it likely you the myriad arranged the move so that she can hook up with him again frederick cotton was not around for long after the family settled in west auckland he died on september second of eighteen seventy one of typhoid and hepatitis naturally moved in with the remaining cottons three months later though after all trouble marian had gone to you in order to orchestrate every union with mattress you might big sheep favour earning fortune but where he has nurse for a well to do a bachelor mr quick manning who is recovering from smallpox had no children and he worked as an exercise officer for brewery so in short he was a step back from what natural could offer marianne
over the course of several weeks from march tenth two april first of eighteen seventy two mary worked to remove the burdens of mattress and the main remaining cotton children from her life the eldest son died first with his cause of death listed as gastric fever baby robert was the next victim on record as passing from convulsions from eating and finally mattress died of typhoid fever on april first thus left charles edward as the only member of the family marianne tried some pawn him off on an uncle but that didn't work out she moved with charles edward to a smaller home while though she still had enough space taken lodgers something that she had done many times through the years that make
make extra money by summer of eighteen seventy two so this was just a couple of months after natural died marianne was once again pregnant possibly with quick meanings child believing that she was soon going to be married to quick maiming she asked her larger william lowery to move out she said to her to be husband was not okay with her renting rooms to men we did however continue to offer her nursing services for higher on july six million was visited by a man named thomas riley who live near by wanted to ask about nursing services for another smallpox patient and the conversation with the two of them turned out to be pivotal because riley was immediately suspicious of her he was pretty open about how burden she felt and have take care of cotton son charles edward marianne even asked riley who worked as the assistant overseer of poorly for the town if he would run
in order to send the child to the workhouse and rightly said he would do so but only of miriam was going to go with charles edward and she was insisted that she was never going to do such a thing she was not going to a place like that and this conversation then turned you the rumours that marianne was likely to soon be married too quick manning experience yes that was indeed likely except for the fact that this child that she was burdened with was frankly an obstacle so then as was later recounted in court testimony marianne told thomas riley quote perhaps it won't matter as i won't be troubled long he'll go like all the rest of the cotton family she actually said this in front the child and rapidly sort of trying to smooth things over by mentioning how hail and hardy this child appeared
then a week later thomas riley was walking by marion's house when mary ann appeared at the doorway and she told him that charles edward was dead and she wanted him come in view the body right and immediately to the police to report his suspicions that marianne had the child the merry and did not know that really thought she was a murderer at least at first he i think was more surreptitious than she was the first glue came in the form of their not being a death certificate the doktor who had been seeing charles edward who was doktor kilburn i wouldn't make went out right away and they didn't explicitly tell marianne so but this is because the coroner's inquiry had been requested no death certificate meant that she could make a claim on the life insurance policy so this donors inquiry was formed and doktor kilburn got permission to perform a post mortem examination of charles edwards body marian
this point informed of the situation and kilburn examined the child's corpse there on a table in mrs cottons house that kilburn was sort of pressed for time this jury this corners inquiry jury was convening like in a pub near by and they were basically waiting on him to make his assessment and then report back and so when he reported its findings to the coroner's jury he wasn't super confident he just felt like you had to rush through everything and he thought it was possible that the child might have done if gastro enteritis but he really wasn't certain and the jury after deliberating briefly just deemed the death to have happened by natural causes because his actions and faster much trouble marianne wrote to thomas riley and insisted that you pay for the child's funeral expenses which really did so things may have appeared to be settling at this point but riley still really strongly felt they're wrong doing had led to this childs demise any contain
into uses connections and local government to try to get the case looked at more closely basically any ear he could then she would and he was very quick to say i think this woman is a murderer because it coroners inquiry this whole episode had also been reported in the papers so miriam fortune started to really fall apart her potential engagement to quick manning evaporated he wanted nothing to do with her this also meant that mary and basically became a pariah she couldn't get nursing job she had no income she saw dollar furniture to try to bring in some money and came down with a sore throat and with thick in bed but when she asked the neighbour to call for a doctor the two that were summoned one of which was doktor kilburn refused to come to her this episode of stuff you missed in history classes brought to you by norton three sixty with lifelong what they your shopping online with your smartphone its super feels like ear personal information is just right there in your hand but that's not always the case because
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in mid july so this will happen in the early part of july and then in mid july blew it was the seventeenth doctor burn began a series of tests on the stomach contents of charles edward which he had collected during his post mortem using a ranch test designed to detect the prison had heavy metals in biological material kilburn determines the child had indeed been murdered by poisoning and mary and was arrested the following day july eighteenth of eighteen seventy two charles edwards body seemed on july twenty six than additional samples from the body were taken by doktor kilburn incentive thomas scatter good at leaves school of medicine for forensic analysis and while miriam was in jail of before her trial she actually gave birth to another child this is the one that was believed to have been quick meanings and she
she named this child a little girl who is one on january tenth of eighteen seventy three margaret edith quick manning cotton million cottons trial asked but only three days for much faith in march seventh eighteen seventy three which is kind of mine blowing since martyr trials today and go on for weeks this is she had been charged in the murders of charles edward patent joseph mattress frederick cotton and robert robson cotton although she was only tried for child edwards murder yeah it seems like though i was unable to confirm this that basically if she had been and innocent of this first murder charge they kind of had the other just waiting in the wings they would be late then we're gonna try you on this one and then on this one one of them this is during this trial was a woman named jean heavily and she was a friend of marianne it was interesting because she known her all that long but she can be described as a very close friends so this is one of those moments where it
it's kind of important to point out that marianne really you know she had a charm about her she could make people feel very close to her like they were confidence she certainly had no problem attracting men but this woman jane had lee was present at the death of joseph mattress and it her description of it is quite gruesome enough when she talks a lot about his spasms in his fits and mary and having to hold him down when he had these convulsions and headlong testified that miriam didn t keep our snake in part on the top shelf of her pantry another this marian dodd testified that she had bought arsenic and soft soap for marian cotton after the druggist refused to sell these items to charles edward there was an eighteen fifty one arsenic regulation act that had made it illegal to sell arsenic two children cotton had told died but she needed this applies to treat her bedstead for bedbugs their dogs helped cotton news about half the hour
way to treat the bed and then the other half was put into a pint jug and then for additional testimony relatives of some of the deceased were called to confirm that yes in fact marian did care for sick family members which sounds initially kind of nice but then that followed up with and she also had not allowed any one else to do so she was okay with people be mere but basically she wanted to do all the nursing while doktor kilburn gave testimony was really scatter good who was the star in terms of forensic evidence scatter gun testified that best based on his tests he believed charles edward had been given multiple doses of arsenic over the course of several days scatter good had also found evidence of lethal doses arsenic and using the remains of joseph mattress frederick cotton and the baby robert the and for mary m was these will largely on this kind of wacky idea
that charles edwards poisoning had been accidental and this was suggested that either then through ingesting residue of this bedbug treatments or the sea had inhaled or otherwise ingested wallpaper debris that had flaked off and been circulating in the air because arsenic was used in some colors shall talk about a bit and there the defence was really built around how preposterous an idea was that a nurse and a mother could kill the very people she was tearing for today we call this the no true scotsmen bow he but no true nerve and mother would do this so after lisbon our of deliberation the verdict was handed down marian cotton was found guilty of poisoning her stepson so from the day that the verdict was handed down to the day
her execution mary and wrote a number of letters to friends and family asking them to petition on her behalf she also contacted her still husband james robinson for they had never divorce ass she had actually been marrying other men while she was already married and she asked james robinson to bring the children that he had to visit her which seem sort of creepy and preposterous she also arranged for her new baby to be adopted by a couple who had been her neighbours in west auckland apparently a lot of people offered to adopt this child that had been born there in the prison marianne was put to death by hanging on march twenty fourth eighteen seventy three indoor imprison fifty people attended the execution in the prison and a crowd of about two hundred gathered outside she maintained her claim of innocence to the very end and ass she left her spell and headed toward them
she allegedly said heaven is my home so at this point and we were talking about a couple dozen probable murders are close to that and so it s kind of makes people wonder and it comes up a lot in under fees if she was such a prolific killer why is she not a household name akin to jack the ripper or other famous killers throughout the years and blood who is the author of the poisoners handbook murder and the birth of forensic medicine in jazz each new york wrote an interesting peace on this and she put forth the idea that one of the reasons that marian cotton has become a household name in this year since arrest in an execution is that she was associated with arsenic this was the time when arsenic was basically the superstar of poisoning with estimated at between eighteen thirty five and eighteen eighty forty percent of all poisoning homicide
in europe where the result of arsenic part of the reason that arsenic was so common as a poison was that it was common period it was in order kinds of completely normal things we ve already talked about how it was used to treat bedbugs it was all used in wallpaper in tonics in rat poison in fabric die many of our listeners have seen and shared with us articles about that lovely shade of green that with super popular through the eighteen hundreds that was also ink the blue poison is because it contained arsenic thing is that when eight hundred and twenty two survivors of arsenic poisoning were interviewed by forensic chemist rude off with house late tat nineteenth century is part of his research fifteen of them so fifteen out of eight hundred and twenty two reported having tasted the metallic tinge of arsenic and the food or beverage that they'd consume that was tainted smith but less than
two percent of the people who survived arsenic pointed poisoning noticed anything amiss which gives you some idea as to why arsenic was quite popular to use ways and people here was so easy to just slip into a food especially if it was you know like a note wheeler soup or drop into a drink and to add to the appeal of arsenic from a killers perspective the symptoms that came with it were often easily explained away as other common elements such as rheumatism and flew and so often when undiagnosed as poisoning and we mention throughout all of these death sort of what a lot of them were listed as in their sort of common and odd things
there are actually people who will argue that marianne was not the serial killer she's been made out to be challenged earth to the idea that she'd deliberately murdered all these people point out that while she did collect insurance on many of the deaths none of them were considered suspicious until her have some died while multiple exempt bodies of her believe victims have tested positive for arsenic just as cotton stepson did if marianne fried in the modern world the judgment may have gone very differently largely due to a lack of forensic evidence and it's interesting to think about how popular arsenic was and how it then fell at a favor comply he is a poison and for that you can thank the british chemist james marsh largely the marsh test for arsenic was developed in the eighteenth he's although at that point it was not considered like a foolproof tests and it was developed in him
over the years until it could eventually detect even the tiniest trace of arsenic as various was carrying out all these crimes this test and others like it which would immediately detect the president the presence of arsenic were pretty new people just words thinking about poisoning as much you know this is a time when people did die in large numbers there was a high mortality rate for children so in some ways it was you know not really something that raised in eyebrow unfortunately we should note here too though are the people in marine life who are listed of having died of typhus apparently that's not normally a thing that would be diagnosed accidentally when arsenic poisoning is in the mix typhus leaves a very particular set of evidence on a body after somebody died however the distinction between typhoid
and typhus had only been clinically defined in eighteen forty seven the eighteen fifty one in the work of sir william jenner and private and even for some time after jenner kind of establish these definitions some doctors incorrectly use these two almost anonymously lake it could go either way they would write one or the other on the desert death certificate that makes me feel better about the times we ve accidently said the wrong one we do not actually know where marian committed crimes she pressed her innocence right to the very end and she collect life insurance pay out that many of the cases but these pay out weren't especially large various accounts of her life has he waited as to what may have led her to start and then continue to just a lemon eight people to her from her life but south speculative yeah in the end we really have no idea i mean it did seem if you kind of look at it in terms of the time i like you
kind of woman to get rid of things they were in her way from kind of living life she wanted but we still don't really know what the scoop is there in twenty thirteen eight of myriads letters were sold and these had been letters that were written to the last lodger that marian had rented a room to you we mentioned him briefly the episode william lowery and they focused largely on pretty much in topics mostly financial issues and solicitors they weren't like for full of juicy details she made no big admissions during these she never made any admissions of guilt but these letters were than expected after this initial sale to be sold off separately but as of early last year so early twenty fourteen in spring tori a house of oxford was working to raise money to keep all of these letters together to buy them for the personated purchase them and keep them to go in the durham county records office i couldn't find any
later on this topic than may of twenty four team which is when they were still working on this fund raising campaign so i don't know how it turned out on the off chance any of our listeners do right and let us now then just last month which jean fifteen a movie about mary and cotton was announced actress joanne frog has been cast of marianne and you may know her better as ladys made anna from down abbe i have mixed feelings casting well this is why i said at the top of the episode that she is gonna become a household names soon if i think of the movie coming out
her and especially with a star that is much beloved of another show even though the very different when i just i love down navvy align its final season i'm gonna super watched very excited about that but i will admit you're not cut up don't listen for the next fifteen seconds i am tired of murder plots involving anna but well now you're gonna get a big whereby now you're my why she will be playing marianne cotton we'll be lovely in it i'm excited in really look forward to that it's one of those interestingly further there's really only like one photograph that you see circulated marian cotton and she looks kind of frail and be kind of grouchy in that way that sometimes victorian photographs look there's like then some debate over whether it's actually even another woman and some historians appointed outbreak
no she was actually described at one point by one of her early employers is beautiful so this kind of weird picture may or may not even be her and even if it is it may not be the best image of her yet this explains why why when i went looking for pictures to go with the emphasis that we're recording today i could find literally only one picture anywhere of her and it was too small to go on our website yeah it's tricky sorry that i take two islands we heard the source imagery for but she's a fascinating care
throughout history and it's one of those things where we like to talk about ruthlessness there's one of the books that i read by david wilson called marian cotton britain's first female serial killer he really talks a lot about can of how she's been characterized through the years and at some really interesting kind of cultural approaches that we take when we're dealing with discussions of people that we want to label is monsters and how we characterize them and how we described them and that that's not exactly pertinent to the historical discussion of it but it is a really interesting read if your interested i recommended ah ah fastened listener mail it has absolutely nothing to do with this particular bit of although it does have to do with death a little bit and since this episode remind this is kind of a short listener meal is from a listener jenny and it actually refers to an episode that tracy united not even work on but it's an interesting historical too that i thought i would share so he says so hot
told me on twitter that you get notes that old shows all the time so here it goes i did tell you that i'm fine with that even though we may not always have an answer or in sight for what you're asking about but jenny says i just listen to the show your predecessors did on the halifax explosion this was back in december two thousand eleven one factor find interesting that wasn't mention was it the hot halifax coroner already had a very good system in place for mass casualty incidents that he used he developed this system a few years earlier because his office dealt with all the bodies they could pull out of the atlantic after the titanic think so a very old episode but an interesting tibetan unless there's a fascinating little kids and i didn't have a check that
this can fulfil this journey before you would like the right to do so tat the strict like us and also books tat were also facebook backgrounds blacksmith industry on twitter at least in history that pinterest i compliment mr history have missed in history not absurd i can't be that mr history does spreadsheet that carbon you'd like to purchase yourself a shirt or mug aboard took bag or folk case or other giddy you would like to visit our parents site on the web that's how stuff works you can type in the search term serial killer and you'll get so much content when is how serial killers work there's a quiz about serial killers taco without it you would like to ask mr mystery dot com we have an archive of every episode that there happened we have shown us for all the episode the crazy and i have hosted an occasional other goodies so we could you to come and visit as that mrs history darker
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