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Mary Frances Creighton: Who was America's Lucrezia Borgia?

2012-10-17 | 🔗

When Mary Frances Creighton was arrested for poisoning her brother, the tabloids went crazy, comparing her to Lucrezia Borgia. Mary was also accused of poisoning her mother-in-law and her work caught up with her when she struck again, years later.

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The richest most powerful place on earth of fiction, put cost too much based on an epic scale, powders everything powered views. Everything we have to get away from this place to my bay is our destiny. Now, on the Isle, Pokers network listened to all episodes of two members seasons, one until now for free on the heart, radio, up apropos costs or wherever you get your pockets. Welcome to stuff. You missed in history class from Work Stockholm. alone welcomes the pact carried out and I'm going to talk about it, and we are continuing with earth Halloween time covering something that very creepy very disturbing, and that is of course poison, though,
just a few years back Katy and I did third episode on a pretty notorious poisoning, fan you know, I'm talkin bout deploying oh yeah. The borders is a voice, as they have their own show these days, that the italian plan, of course, was father by a cardinal the became Pope and they are famous plotting and scheming and murdering their way into power of. I think that his fellow in that earlier, at the third seem to be lucretius. First has Giovanni sports, who inaction for broadcasting his nonexistent impotence was allowed to get out of the marriage alive. That's pretty bad! If he's the luckiest guy in the EP has many many others were not so lucky. As you know, the gorgeous had a heavy hand with arsenic and nasty poison, particularly effective Is it so hard to taste or detect pure arson? Anxious to give you a little background? Is a heavy metal sometimes found in or but
heated with oxygen. Pure arsenic becomes arsenic, try, oxide or white arsenic crumbly powder. That can be mixed uneasily. Yes, you can. things with, the beverages, but also with food administered in a one killer, dose or slipped in a bit over time, either way it mimics mix unnatural decline in Hell. Why so deadly? If its given bit by bit, it looks like some kind of natural decline of its given in one big dose. It can look similar to other catastrophic illnesses and the borders apparently further refined white. Our think they weren't tis satisfied with this already potent killer. They made their own family poison, essentially just for their youth and so really the family name, and especially that of the famous daughter, Lucretia Borgia, became really a buyer. Four poisoner, one that still had weight to it.
then, for a hundred years later, when the American, obliged started, calling a new Jersey, Housewife, America's Lucretia Borgia and the lady who were going to talk about today. the distinction of being tried, not once not twice but three I am for murder by arsenic, though she wrapped up a few cattle She did, and it is a very interesting story. It's one that's covered in depth, endeavour blooms book, the poisoners handbook which, as upon the show before we mentioned it during our radium girls at the third you times in research, for as it has, if it's a good source where this story- and I also want to say before we get going to this- is one of those stories where you really are glad that it's in the when a century, because you can check out the newspaper archival records and I have so much fun going through these old making twenties
thirties newspaper articles and looking at their crazy tat. Lady have when the New York Times- and about the trial. Is it as it happened day by day watching an unfounded when yet so To give you a little background of how this all began. The modern Lucretia named Mary, Francis Creighton are Fanny was a twenty four year old from Newark New Jersey when she was Stu rested and nineteen twenty three she then raised by her grandparents with a brother and two sisters and married her childhood friends and world war, one veteran John Creighton a few years before this arrest. They have three year old daughter named Ruth and a son, John Junior, who was born wealth, awaiting trial in prison and to the outside world and to the tabloid, certainly which loved, sensational story, Fanny had very good luck. Then
whereas a young mother in prison just presented a very compelling sort of narrative but to the outside world. She really did seem like an unlikely poisoner. She she kept herself but not now weird creepy kind of way she drew demurely in all black through her media appearances, she wore a very prominent silver cross than she would pose for these press photos with her infant in arms. Why should she didn't? You seem like a normal lady, not somebody came and conservative who had murdered with our snack. So The story seem to have started right after the cranes. Marriage Fanny and John had moved into his family's comfortable, newer com, John Creighton, forty seven year old mother died within the year after that, Dan, supposedly of some type of bacterial infection that caused extreme nausea. Within two years, cretans forty seven year old Father was also dad in this case. From her
Trouble so I don't know sat in decline in the health of the Fuel Eldred Ion yes, but a couple years after the the elder, Mister and Missus Creighton had died. Fanny teenage other Charles came to live with a family in this within nineteen. Twenty. Three in eventually acted as their housekeeper as the baby sitter for Ruth plus he a job down at the corner store asserted just acting stock boy position, but by April of that year to just a few months after moving in with his sister and brother in law. tell started feeling not so great, and he went to the doktor. The doktor prescribed him. Some sort of mild Medicine University had a minor infection.
Later, though, he went back to the doktor, his eight had really gotten worse. He was feeling very thick all the time he had a really bad sore throat still again the doktor up, the dose of of the tonic he had prescribed by April twentieth, though Charles was dead, though suddenly the situation starts to look a little different. We have three dead people in the cradle household in as many years. Three people who had been ill before just suddenly very very thick believe describes this death as the first sort of warning. Sign, though, not a very strong when it seems the doktor just wondered what wrong here with this seemingly healthy teen. He even ass the advice of a county physician ultimate They ruled that the death was caused by a simple stomach bag, even though the doktor still felt a little
any about this entire case and even began thinking a little bit more about the deaths of Mister and Missus Creighton. The elder so said the doktor is, is pondering meth a little bed, but still nobody thinks foul play was involved. and that's until an anonymous tipster road into the police. Asking quote: is death not ground for suspicion. This boy feared history. As he feared death. I am very sorry that I cannot find my name, I'm just an outsider, very fond of this boy. Please act quickly and be where you will find it hard to trap this liar, well yeah, that's a pretty serious note take out and it certainly got the police looking closer, not just trousers death, but during the earlier drafts of the crimes is well yeah. They they started find other suggestions that something here was amiss when they started looking closer, as he said, Fanny had
convinced her brother to purchase a one thousand dollar life insurance policy, for instance, with her is the beneficiary right and Charles employer told them how the boy would complain about the enforced fed chocolate putting at home by his sister. They both thought that was a little strange and shortly after this, the questioning investigation, trousers body was zoomed and did test positive for hours. at that point. Fanny and her husband, John, were arrested for murder, the We have real problem with this case was that there was no clear source of arsenic in the crane home. There was just the best. The detectives could find with something called fowlers solution, which was a tape Face tonic that contained arsenic for clear skin fanny was known for having beautiful complexion and even
arsenic with lace through a lot of household products at the time, rap poison, for instance. But points in green die and wallpapers fly traps. If you read this book, you'll be like. Oh, my gosh in everything. People are handling even that was in a lot of stuff. It was not very highly concentrated in these tonic, but because it would the only household forest they could find. It was the basis for the case that it seemed that Fanny in John must have poisoned young Charles, with face tonic, arsenic and face tonic. put into chocolate pudding in her work? Abloom writes about Rudolph White House, the nineteenth century chemists to wrote a definitive book on forensic medicine, so think of arsenic in relation to the italian renaissance, it was so a great favourite of poisoners in the nineteenth century, one of the most popular poisons. In fact, according to Wit House, that's enough
because it was an detective all, as you might imagine, since the early eighteen, hundreds pathologist could actually find arsenic in the body and over that century many tests have been developed located. It. Also last in the body for ages, it was detectable hair and nails for decades, which makes you think maybe poisoners wouldn't want. Who is a great plan that prisoners It still have a few things going for them with arsenic. One was that, unless an autopsy, I sense unless somebody did get suspicious about the death. Arsenic death really could work a lot like something else like food, is an aim or cholera. Even the flu. There's load us, as you were talking about, does it how it can be administered slowly over time? Those could look a lot like gradually worsening health, something like heart failure and even if the body was studied, even if there was an autopsy conducted, the presence of arsenic could sometimes be really tricky.
Interpret. That is partly because at least there were trace amounts of arsenic in a lot of common think than we already mentioned. Although household items where it is the main ingredients, but there is a lot bit of arsenic in a lot of common items that people used at the time. So it could be in the body. There was the potential for something to be contaminated with our snake. it was this tricky to interpret. Consequently, even in the late eighteen hundreds when warehouse wrote his book, he noted that it was quote in every instance the agent used by those who, having seated in a first attempt to secret poisoning, have seen develop a lust for murder and have continued to add to their list of victims until their very number had aroused suspicion and lead to detection. Ok, for that something to remember as we as we go on kind of calling card of many arsenic murders that
during Charles those murder trial. The cranes lawyer really focused on the cases weakest point, which was, of course, that the poison had supposedly come from the cranes home and had specifically ban this week. Facial Nick when you call breaks down dude,
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your home, it is not a strange thing to have about, and also it would take of it to kill a grown man, and this was The main point here remember Charles, had worked at a cornerstone so place where there would be a ready supply of products way heavier and arsenic than this fowlers. pollution things with ninety percent arsenic like rap poison, for instance The lawyer was starting to sort of presenting an alternate theory that maybe Charles had done this himself. Maybe he was distraught over some failed romance, he easy access to our cyclists products and it made his sister and brother in law had nothing to do with it. He asked on played that one thousand dollar insurance policy as a motive, he insinuated that that was just enough to cover the funeral expenses. So why would that be worrying about exactly so? It works the crimes
quitted on June twenty third Fanny so relieved fainted in the courtroom or perhaps playing into her her time. Wait image a little bit. Fanny wasn't on the outside for very long has just one day later Fanny and it was just fanny. This time her husband was was not involved in the second round. She was arrested again for a murder, You have a senior mister and Missus Creighton had been examined by this time they ve been examined in May, and while Mr Cranes cause of death held out, MRS Kauppi His body was clearly touched by arsenic
testimony seemed more damning this time. The elder MRS cranes, nurse for example, testified that her patient got sick after Fanny gave her cocoa and worsened when she'd been left alone with her daughter in law. So chocolate seems to be playing a big part here with the cocoa and chocolate heading that might be one that disguises the taste of arsenic is, but this case really came at that such an interesting time in forensic science really at a time when forensic evidence was becoming a major component of trials, and so consequently, both sides included testimony from the country's top pathologists. You know guys who had analyze the organs of MRS Cresson and could testify to some extent about the arsenic that was present there and the defence
on a guy named Alexander, gutless, who was a tax colleges at the chief medical Examiners Office in New York City, and, incidentally, gallery is one of the prime subject in the book we came. Name, which is all about sort of the birth of modern forensic science in New York City. There really follows his story that he play a very strange role in this case, if you're gonna continue to see that hit. Did MRS Curtains or again, and he did find white arsenic president. By You know how a minute ago we mention that the presence of arsenic could be a little tricky to interpret found that, in addition to these trace amounts of arsenic and MRS Cretans body, there were Jim out of business in her body, which was a common element in Anti nausea medicine at the time
bismuth based medicine, so they knew that she had been taking their so kellers opinion was that because of those small amounts of arsenic and large amounts of asthma, They knew that she had been taking their so jealous