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Maurice Duplessis, 'Le Chef' of Quebec, Pt. 1

2014-02-17 | 🔗

Maurice Duplessis is described as everything from a lovable rogue to a political beast. He served as Premier of Quebec for longer than any other politician in the 20th century;his time in office is known as "The Great Darkness."

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you can start saving today is a pico dot com. Slash OECD will continue You missed in history class from house up, works, tat, come alone, we're locked, but a pot can somehow we frightened I'm Tracy being well saying that they were doing it with no request. We had a lot of requests for canadian history, but I have the credit listener alien for this one for the specific requests, and it is also to partner we had one recently under the parks. Because the holy to use our man. There is a lot of info on this one, even after we cut and edit for time, there's just a lot of stuff here in the. U S, I will be the first say we do not get enough. History were guarding Canada by pretty much feel like I can. You in history is mostly about trading beep, Beaver pelts during the
Like Colonial days Leon. I even lived in the Pacific Northwest when I was elementary school age and we got a little them. I was getting when I moved by mooted fourth grade or that there was no one there while, but even so, it wasn't a significant amount in a kind of me, a copper moment. I think I can think of two times we give even men in Canada when we ve been on the pie. Gasped and like one is lit the chief Seattle, saw Vancouver, arrive and then the other one was that Sarah Emma Edmunds had been in Canada who think yeah. That's it so we're sorry, which is a pity, because Canada's level, That was not on purpose yeah. I mean I'm betting that other countries probably also skim at best through a lot of canadian history. So, as I said, this internal listener requested There's a man who remains pretty polarizing uncontroversial even decades after his death. His career as a politician was one of extreme contrast in
is ongoing debate over whether you The hero or a villain, depending on the perspective of the person involved, will talk a little bit about the controversy surrounding him, which made him look very villainous, but there are still people that are kind of re, examining his history and trying to put it in context in trying to make it not so one sided it's hard to do. I think, depending on your kind of world view, it sometimes hard to see him is anything but a little bit unsettling, but we are talking about Maurice, Duke you see, who I have also heard him referred to, as do plenty by more sort of american Ized English Tredick, a little more french, that's just lengthened Asian. He is often described as having something of a ruthless administration. However, he's also character
when you see interviews with people in very different words, even though its the same person talking about him, though talk about how ruthless and aggressive he was as a politician, but then also call him sort of a lovable, rogue and there's even an instance that will talk about in the second part, man that was an illegal babble with them that was sort of crazy, but he's a sort of tax. But it was a nice man. At the same time, they were really in this very lock. Horn situation, its very very interesting, but he is you know, often, described as something of a political beast, soluble credit him with uniting the people of Quebec and really bolstering french canadian nationalism. When he was in an office for any service, mere of Tibet. For longer than any other politician in the twentieth century, he came to be called by some loose chef,
to sum up the time he held as the seat of Premier Equip Quebec is also known as the great darkness. So, even just in this brief intro, you can see that there is a lot of disparate language used to discuss him definitely two sides. He was born on April, twenty eighth eighteen, ninety, and this was in why reviewer or three rivers, which is the second The city in what was once New France, founded in sixteen thirty four, yet the city was found in in sixteen thirty. Four he was the son of derailing of lead to PC and Marie Catherine Commute built Ginny. His father ordinary, was an attorney and conservative politician. He served in prevention. medical officers until he became the mayor of twelve year in nineteen o four and after leaving politics Maurice his father became a superior court judge. So he'd Emily was raised in a conservative and political family. They also had four daughters, Marguerite Joy,
eighteen it and Gabriel Maurice, was the only son and in eighteen, oh Maurice attended boarding school at the college Notre DOM in Montreal, not to be confused with the American University or the cathedral rights. Many things take that name excelled as a student, particularly in the area of debate, and that was a skill that served him his entire life in nineteen o too. He attended Simon, antisocial surf the twenty five year to continue his these. He enrolled in the university Laval in Montreal Study LAW in nineteen ten, following in his father's footsteps and even was still a law student. He allegedly told friends that one day he would run the province and duplicity, graduated law school in nineteen thirteen and shortly after he partnered with the former, low student at war, lingua to open a la practice as an attorney duplicity focus.
More on civil law instead of criminal, and he generally represented average citizens. He did, however, makes them really important connections while representing specific companies like the Sherwin again Water and power company and so ass. His practice got bigger. His network did as well, but law is not enough for him for very long because in nineteen twenty three, so ten years after he had graduated law school do pussy ran for political office. For the first time as a conservative party candidate into our Riviere, he did not win the election he seated by a margin of two hundred and eighty four votes in nineteen twenty seven. He made another run at public office this time successfully and he was elected to the cabuc assembly. He spent the years between his first campaign and the second one just really meticulously planning. Following his opponent working I'm kind of
grass roots pre campaign and seating, a reputation as being the voice of the average person and his election. When significant Is it broke a long line of liberal party winds for the electoral district. He was the first conservative women election there into our revere in twenty seven years and the initial victory The liberal party into our Riviere had actually been and ended his father's conservative political career, so now it was like the sun sort of regained the ground that is, parent, had lost so allegedly when duplicity went to introduce himself to the rest, had lost so allegedly when do plus he went to introduce himself to the rest of the assembly, which was largely liberal at the time making him the conservative Party speech before the legislative assembly was, by all accounts, quite pressing in it made a very strong impression. everyone who is there, including the premier of Quebec, at the time Louis
on the tasks euro during these early As a member of the legislative assembly, duplicity also, he started this right. that would go on for years and the line in twenty nine conservative leader author survey resigned and he was replaced by coming camel Yan who'd from the electoral District of Montreal Summary, while who'd was much celebrated by party members. Duplicity believed him to be kind of a short time her and he plans to kind of by this time and wait for the sky to fall out of it. He was re elected to his office when elections happened in nineteen thirty one and in that a series of elections who lost his seats, who'd and several other conservatives had wanted test, the elections regularly those that were won by liberal party politicians, but duplicity. himself on the opposite side of many of his conservative party members,
see, along with a handful of like minded, conservatives did not want the elections reexamined, they feared for them, central of having their own wins overturned. In this instance, duplicity, wind was a very tight race. He had won by only forty one vote. So it does make sense that he wanted to let things stand as they were, and kind of keeper recount out of the situation and who'd openly criticised. Duplicity for this position was free count. Effort was struck down. And when he lost the Montreal mayoral race in nineteen thirty two, he resigned as head of the conservative party, who had a hand, pictures preferred successor who was Charles earnest goals. But gold was not to be party leader. That position went to duplicity. Yeah duplicity officially became the leader of the conservative party in October of nineteen thirty three, and he was back largely
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Fourth, nineteen thirty, four arguing on behalf of the show went again. Water and power company does the end of his work as a lawyer sort of big, it's called up a little bit later part of the reason that conservatives were gaining ground again in politics in Cuba. At the time, was it the Liberal Party, which had been in power for a long time, had developed some problems There was a very serious economic crisis going on in Canada at this time and it had really taken its toll on the party The tests euro government was mired in criticisms of ineffectualness and some pretty serious accusations of corruption. In late nineteen, thirty three, several french canadian Nationalists had published a document which was called the programme, the Rest Rascal Association. It was a call to reform that was informed largely by religious and specifically roman catholic social teachings, and it supported the boss. of local industry and family farming rather than big business, and it really
gained ground, not only in the conservative party, but also with members. liberal government that had grown a little disillusioned with some of the corruption and ineffectualness that we talked about a little while ago, and they really to sell a change needed to happen. Rallying around this idea of reform. The group formed the action live around national, offering labour Reform agricultural credits, a ministry of industry and upright ass to eradicate political corruption, and this is a very interesting move on duplicity, part that is precipitated by this. So. Just eighteen days before the nineteen thirty five election duplex see who had been with the conservative party. Up to this point, made an alliance with the action live around national and they formed a larger group. The union, she now duplicity, glare, which the deepest seagoing was named after duplicity. Obviously
answer: Loma Glare, who had been the leader of the airline, and they were now in partnership with one another suggest for context. Imagine if you know in any other election situation across the globe Two and a half weeks before the actual election, a politician said by the way I'm changing parties. It's almost unheard of its kind of wacky. I feel like. I might have heard, of something similar like one fear. It was after the election lids pretty unusual and it's kind of brazen. He had been a little worried that that this sort of new movement was gonna appeal to some voters that you know maybe didn't really agree with what was going on, but also were sure that they wanted to go conservative party, a hundred percent like so he basically
my lot with these guys now. So on election night, this newly formed a party took twenty six seats in the elections for the legislative assembly. Liberal party candidates to forty eight and conservative party candidates, tick, sixteen solely as a brand new party, the took a significant chunk of sea and you know more seats than one of them. Published parties from before yeah the Liberal Party. While they still took more by many more seats that was still a big reduction for them and the term is the pretty significant change in how things are going. but, of course, duplicity being the man he was. He was pretty assertive quickly took role of leader in the union: s you now from glare and granting a back seat so ass. Their public accounts Committee of
Legislative Assembly came together in nineteen, thirty, six duplicity, going back to his roots as an attorney appointed himself as a prosecutor against attach Euro administration and this administration had come back into power in nineteen thirty five. The hearings did not go well for tat, RO, who resigned amid the scandal and this whole event really increase, duplicity, standing with the public. He continued to build. political career as a reformer, a man of the people, a friend of agriculture, lay kind of assault of the earth candidates who was going to root out the problems and government. So in nineteen thirty, six, the new party headed by duplicitous, seventy seeds and the legislative assembly, with only fourteen going to the Liberal Party, so the union National out would want it being the dominant political party for the next eighteen year,
And Duke was he was elected as the sixteen for mayor of Quebec, yet you'll notice at the conservative party had kind of vanished from those numbers because it had really loved in with union national. At that point so, which gives you a sense of what a juggernaut this man was in terms of just he's a category of politics. He just keeps rolling and things go with him, so it that we're gonna pause for just a moment and take a word from our sponsor this episode of stuff. You missed in history, glasses, brought you buy Sakharov three years, a really good.
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the farm, credit, bureau and fair way this commission were established and a pension programme was put in place. So some things to happen yeah. He also establish during this time the so called padlock law which prohibited the use of any house for propagation of quote communism or tourism by any means Unlock law also prohibited the printing and distribution of communist or bolshevik materials. This law, of course, suppress free speech, and it was not written entirely clearly, so the lack of specificity that it, Vain made it easier to use this law to shut down information sharing by international trade unions. So is not really the greatest kind of shut down a lot of free speech. Therefore, feasted really firm against the idea of nationalized electricity or other
governmental intervention and economic affairs. This wound up losing him the support of some of the members of the action. Liberal NASH, now followed him into the union national yeah. He really wanted the provinces kind of carry a lot of their own power in these matters. It it's interesting because that's another thing that you'll hear discussed in a way that is very disparate. There. Ain't nothin about that a little bit later by in many of his speeches that he gave during his first term duplicity would frequent Repeat the following help yourself and Heaven will help you or help yourself and union national will help you. These two expressions are synonymous doesnt down here
in an hour he had so dizzy sort of catch freezes throughout the years. In September, nineteen thirty nine duplicity made a very poor decision when he called a vote over participation in the war effort. He was really hoping to embarrass the level hardy, which supported participation by bringing up the idea of conscription yeah. He really called this vote like in a hurry was like. We got a hurried do this because he kind of wanting to catch the Liberal Party off guard
liberal party. Pr made it very clear that no soldiers would be forced to fight in Europe if the vote to participate in the war effort past and as a consequence, duplicity was kind of the one with egg on his face. He basically saying they're gonna make you know, do this narrowing overnight and then he disinter going o whoops. It did not look for him at all. This fails to me like something that would go very differently today because of the prevalence of the news media and covering politics yeah and its some one can say something: that's completely, not true And have been interpreted in the press is being like. That's actually how it works very long, long before internet news time. I think that would have gone very differently in a modern contacted absolutely would have. so shortly thereafter. In the October nineteen thirty nine election, the union ass now feared very poor
and duplicity, lost his seat as premier and that for always where we actually get a pause and end the story, but in the next part we're gonna talk about how duplicity spent his downtime out of office and a few of the major scandals that then really happened during his time as premier as well as his death, and I also have listener me ill bring. These are actually first talk about that. Both there, too, there was from Facebook and they are both about our modification and evolving up soon. She had a lot of very interesting email about her a lot of people. Well, you embalm for their jobs. It got me so excited, and one of these is from one of those. People are the first former listener Annie, and she says I just listen to the modification and embalming episode as a modern bomber. I am obviously fascinated by the history of what we do to preserve the deceased, even as late as one hundred and fifty years ago. The dead were this
it involved from the inside out before it was patented in eighteen. Seventy one to use the bodies and fluid system to disperse chemical. You could do several podcast on post ancient, slash, pre, modern embalming practices I'm not sure I could be an bomber if I had to preserve each organ separately. It's absolutely amazing anyway, good job on modification packets, so yea little did. I even think that we had in bombers that listened, but have several. It turns out really cool and we have another also from Facebook message from our listener. Cecile about the same episode and she says in regards to the kidneys be left in the abdominal cavity in bombing cod cast the kidneys are in the retro pirates, Neil Space there separated from much of the main
by a membrane, therefore, depending on how deeply initial incision many times they would not be felt by someone just by touch through a superficial incision. This may be why they were often left in C. Two makes total have fared totally does make that really felt around and probably thought they include everything out, because there is a membrane supper, in the end for the area where the kidneys, where I was reminded of what I had to study anatomy and physiology and kind of wit, oh yeah, I remember having to remember what staff was retro pure, and yet we also got a couple of minutes from people who pointed out that embalming, as it exists right now, is mostly like a primarily North American Yakima like today and bombing is not a global thing. Well, there are even movements within North America and the? U S to kind of do quote natural burials
get that process so or cremate people which yeah I get the whole other. A whole area of your personal desires and believe yet one there are all kinds of other burial rituals and practices that are. We only differ not only the world, oh yeah. So if you would like to refer to it of hope, involving breakfast or lorries, duplicity or anything else. You can do so by rating us. A history punk cast a discovery, dot com. You can also connected with Facebook darker slash, missed in history on twitter, analysed in history. It missed in history, dot, tumblr dot com, or you can visit us on Pinterest at pent, restart, Flash missed in history. If you would like to learn a little bit more about what we talked about today, you can go to our website taken or get back, and there is a whole section all about the history and geography manner of aspects will probably, if you
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