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NASA History: Chief Historian Bill Barry on Hugh Dryden

2017-07-12 | 🔗

The NASA space program likely wouldn't be what it is today without the work Hugh Dryden did before NASA even existed, and his guidance in its early years. NASA's Chief Historian Bill Barry joins Holly for a talk about Dryden's impressive life.

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and we're gonna do alive, show their about Frederick Douglass, and that is going to be on July. These sixteen. This is twenty. Seventeen of the year Erin right now correct and if you would like, if you would like details, you can go to convention days, dot, com for the whole schedule, including when and where our show will be yeah. There's a lot of great programming. It convention day a lot of Pisa. Yes, so now you want to get into the episode I do. Last year after we did our episode about James, lab and the Jews web space telescope, for which I have deep firmness, we got a lovely email, mentioning that Hugh Dragon is another figure in masses, history that would really be worth talking about, but the best part is it that we have actually came from none other than NASA's chief historian Tilbury Death Valley is a cool when you get an email from the person. That is the actual bona fide expert on something there.
There are really seem like it would be a wasted opportunity now to ask bill to come on high gas and talk about it himself directly. So that is exactly what highly did and he very kindly agreed, and today we have that conversation when of course, Bill was a hundred percent. Correct, Hugh Dryden is a really impressive figure in NASA history, but he was just a surprising and inspiring person in general, We can say all of that, but it's really better. If you just, let me tell you you're, lucky enough to trap Tilbury, who is in essence, chief historian here on the line, and we are going to talk about you Dryden, but before we get into dragons story in his legacy, I have to How does one become a NASA historian That's a really good question being an error
its history gig helped a real are alike, but also what plays a really big factor: There are actually only seven people were historians work for NASA to hear quarters and dollar five scattered around agency very spot so, do you not. I have to be qualified for projector wait for them very. Does the land under the same types of another spots opens up? I was gonna say I can't imagine it high turn over job I'd. Think if you get it, you probably love it. Well, the Durban, six chief historians so far in the history of masses, so since nineteen fifty nine so so the density along tenure jog our role after the job? That's perfect. So now we can train over two hundred and story, and first you have actually mentioned him to me when you first email bus and I'm curious from your perspective, what makes you Dryden
potent part of history will, I really enjoyed the episode. Does that you guys did on Jim Web and but, as I was listening to it, I need you mentioned you drive and kind of passing in this kind of The characteristic seem all that important story by deep be really is critical to the whole history of airspace. In the first half of the twentieth century in a lot Dryden sort of the forest of the aerospace history is areas in all the pictures: advertising, He would be in the back row hiding someplace but sir, but he was a major force behind they're all of February sponsored research on flight and and a twentieth century in and had a huge impact on making NASA what it is. So when you first reach to me, you also called Dryden much overlooked. I wonder why you think there hasn't really been a lot of spotlight shine on his particular legacy, so there are really two things that I think drive
The issue on on why you dryness overlooked by history? One is himself in one: is the timing of his death hears it permitting introvert, very self, confident, but also new quite the self effacing and a lot of traces back to his religious views. I think we're he didn't believe in promoting himself. Interestingly Hiccoughy really could be required sociable. He was more effective at doing with people. In fact, he was so effective. It serve hiding things about it. That most people didn't know. He was a teetotaller I, so he got it echoed these events airport. events have taken heed, always covert, have acquired word with the bartender at the beginning and say you gimme a highball glass, full of ice water and just keep briefly yet from time. So here's drinking water those ivory. Nobody realize it so interesting guy and the other thing courses. He dies and in December nineteen sixty five in that's before all the big things,
happen had now. So Europe must achieve the goal of landing a man on the moon in a decade and done love serve re of the story of We know how we get to the moon happens after nineteen sixty nine and he wasn't around this talk about his party- be interviewed- and things like that. So to his can really. The caroling had so get left behind The other is nowhere near it really tell historian and by the time the start, asking questions still had been gone for four or five years, so he did played incredibly crucial rural behind the scenes, but not while recognising- Why? Because speeding pushes own story and now also in part, because he wasn't there to tell it when the time came and his life sorry really started out pretty humbly, but then he excelled so much academically that it kind of catapulted him into being the person that eventually had this impact. Will you tell Us
about his early life, Dryden is really the classic american story of your kid from you, gotta know were achieve great things in his life in and then, and it has a huge impact he was born digits. Second eighteen. Ninety eight, just before the turn of the century, in the Programme Oak City in rural Southern Maryland from it not particularly distinguished family. That drives were merchants. Mostly, but tat he was reading by the age of four and about that time is fathers. Business went well. Nineteen o seven now recession and seven recession, states United States who's, the Baltimore, his father, who had been a school for a while and then a shopkeeper winds up working as a tram conductor in Baltimore from the rest of his life and barely car. we knew via a living for the family, but dragged himself is reckoned
for news, early academic achievements and then move quickly through school, and he was around for some interesting things. The first aeroplanes with the city of Baltimore. Where lived was on November seventh, making and like most of the rest of the city driving watch it anything school time and he wrote a paper about it and effect. The paperwork was about why airship sword, The rituals are blips. I why those were better than airplanes and data on the paper by the way, but curiously actually. I was right about most of his observations of you as a young man. He saw that their planes were not very reliable. They couldn't fly for very long there very fragile and would break easily and but he's Maybe you should anyone Sup actually solving most of the problems that he has done a fine and at first paper, nineteen ten, as his work the aeronautical, research in toys and thirty's so Erika II, graduates and
go in three years at the age of fourteen versus through school. number one is class is no prospect for going to college, but a number of his teachers from high school. I find a scholarship and get him to Johns Hopkins, and so it goes the Johns Hopkins which happened to be in Baltimore. So you can live at home with cheaply, again. You finishes in three years so near for your course. A college in physics that grudges at the top of the class moves into the right into the masters Programme and a Phd in it finishes is Phd. They just twenty, the youngest Ur Pc, Johns Hopkins history and any wrote this dissertation on basically supersonic of flight physical principle behind supersonic white at this,
when aeroplanes we're going just barely over a hundred miles an hour, so pretty amazing that guy to be seeing that far ahead into the future and achieving them academic things and then doing so from the very modest background he seems so much like the perfect combination of inherent intellect and talent and lay hard work. The it kind of is the perfect recipe right for him to but she only I can't imagine getting a phd at twenty. That's a lot of work. In order to do that myself, I think it takes almost every that everybody a lot longer these amazing. This really astonishing and one of his messrs juice of aims, really play a large role in dragons life. Would you talk a little bit about their relationship and how Dryden eventually ended up with a job and aerodynamics at the National Bureau of Standards? Sure
The aims was, of course not it's well know now, but he was still a titan in physics, research in an early twentyth century you wanna, do is ahead of the Department of Physics at Johns Hopkins someone with driving force. upper, but later it became the president of Johns Hopkins University and also for most of the time he was the chairman. The national Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, which was their orders issued founded, and I in and becomes NASA on the basis of NASA nineteen fifty eight. But there is a choice, the committee he controlled. The group that made decisions about what research that initiate would would form a kind. What directors are going They did a lot of that. Your political work in Washington DC to make sure they she had the funding needed to do things so aims takes
Dr Lenders wing when it shows up as a massive studios clear that Dryden is extremely gifted and talented, but also very young and done because aims is well connected in Washington. Dc area is able to put the drain in a job at the National bureau. Strange just got married about them and out of your wife to take care of them all on a job pressing. And so were one is still going out of time and the aims puts Dryden at the national barriers standards originally doing sort of basic site visits, research work, but so quickly the bureau standards decisive, establishing aerodynamics section and drainage age. Twenty two becomes the first chief of the Erika. an exception of the National Bureau standards that that's your business had its own win tunnels that a lot of research work and can act in an item twenty thirties and aims
had you press range now had an inside guy that he knows it national standards and with these, when tunnels in so eastern fondling any see a research project toward them toward Dryden. Drawing does a lot of really important work for for any see a while at the National Bureau standards, while he's at national. standards. He chose not only in the building to be a brilliant thinker about things, but is also really good with people and that Iraq quickly to hear from the chief and aerodynamic section to a number of other responsible positions in the bureau: It is the deputy head by that the other one or two in the process,
establishes that international scientific reputation for himself, not not just for being a smart guy, do can think. Theoretically, but also someone could do practical things like one of the problems they head was. It was said: wind tunnels, the accuracy of the replica ability of data from which varies windows run a country was was hard to think up. Their big discrepancies in same tested, different tunnels, drain figure it out. That said, it might well be the turbulence different got different determines the different tunnels, and so he actually helps invent. This thing called a hot wire anemometer, which is awaited. The measure that actual win velocity and direction at various points in a tunnel with extreme precision, I d proves with that wiring of amateur that most of the discrepancies are caused by wind tunnel that had the nun nonlinear flow that there were turbulent I so he stood a south. All promise with wind
was being undependable in it- goes on to build these really high. Fidelity in tunnels at NASA Bureau standards that that it uses to prove a bunch of things like gas, for example, that nineteen o seven theory by german Ludovic Pronto, to propose this theory about how bad you layer, flows, run wings, and it was very controversial theory, but some of these heavy, accurate windows Dryden proves that the three is actually true in that becomes a major benchmark: innovation Gurion It puts dried his name on the map, at least among people who were in the field of air diameter I will talk about human rights and accelerated academic achievement made me feel like a probably underachiever people, most people, consumers transcended normal human development,
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the dominant factor and decided about life. Withdrew it I suspect, but TAT, Dryden of being in a position of firm. Your responsibility for research work ACT was was particularly involved in and it made a big impact on him and aim at so quickly. Big impact on on scientific work in a war course many people in the business- and there are not its business- saw what was coming the Germans were doing a lot of research. They are concerned about your competing with them, the Germans in another country's. So research efforts in the. U S picked up quite a bit in a late night,
reason, and then dried was involved in that one of the projects he was involved in the National Bureau Standards was sir designing the fins that, on the back of bombs, that could drop. That of our points. So here he up standardized those things in that design is actually used throughout the war. But, more importantly, the Office of Scientific research and development are led by Mr Bush SOD Dryden, as it is a key personnel noise. It pursue had good scientific jobs, but also we could manage a good project, and so they put him in charge of his wacky idea to build a bomb. They could find its way to its target all by itself. They called it. A guy Glide bonnet was really the first or smart weapon that was ever invented and it was known as bad be eighty and it was decided, use an analog computer to Webb and a writer
returned signal to to identify its target steer itself. The target mixture hit the target it took couple years, but that but Dryden actually lead that project to completion and in them and deployment than actually use the bat taking a Pacific theatre in a last year. A word it took out the lot of japanese ships and as well as land targets, to have had a substantial impact on a worn, contributed, dried, be recognised in the worth of metal of freedom in a number of other. among other things, another aspect of the war for a dream was that he was well known before this point by fear of uncommon and Carmen had gotten involved with the army or forces is an adviser to them and when they set up the air force are mere for scientific advisory group. Carmen turns the Dryden and asked him to be the,
the director of the group and that group gets called in at the end of world war two to spring in eighteen, forty five to go to Europe and do an assessment of aeronautics research across Europe and driving up in a uniform, pretending his army or force Colonel Carmen, get to be a general answer, and they wonder at Europe. Debriefing people like word, Yvonne, Brown and other folks, like that's about things that the group took most of a year to do its work. Dried one, first of all, Europe and I came back to Washington and he wants it being the editor of the of the research projects being done there. Thirty three I'd papers, written dried, wrote several them himself in a report that comes this was entitled towards new horizons.
and it was really the seminal study that laid out the plans for were not just the air force but derives its general would go in scientific research in the Post war era, and there was hugely influential and Dryden was not only their creativity up right, right, parlor reports on critical and setting the agenda for where you aerospace reached will go after the war. That is certainly an astonishing adventure story that ties in with the science. Is so compelling yeah. I guess I could talk rubbish Avant July. Let me know no way. Are you kidding you're, like a fond of knowledge that the fantastic and excellent answer when did Dryden leave the National bureau standards and finally actually become part of the USA, while of course had
that's beer standards? Numerous grisettes professor aims is running the initiate run in a committee that runs the initiate forum for most this period, twenties authorities and into the war, and Third driving is actually doing research for the initiated, you're funded by the nation, but he's doing at the National Bureau standards, and so is really been work of it chief requirement. Their number really important any see reports that were written during attended. The dried was the author of but TED, Louis the guy, who did ran a day to day operation of initiate. So he had aims running the committee it oversaw the initiated by George was that I ran it. George, they ve been a director basically from and by the end of world war. Two had been the director for twenty eight years. He really basically worked himself to death
and thereby the worries retires than around ninety forty six dies within a year of Wendy retires, and it is pretty clear that they needed somebody here of a similar character and calibrated take over the poison than train withstood the clear choice for direct, or so he becomes the director in nineteen forty seven and fun what he knew from that report that he wrote the four new horizons report. He immediately immediately start changing the direction of the energy from just being an aeronautical research agency to doing this gate, aerospace, research, in fact, within the two weeks and when he got on a job, as were the first thing he does, is it gets on a train and goes across the country to Edwards AIR Force Base on which now and were therefore space to visit the in a sea of people.
that were at their working on the x one project, the offers plainer go supersonic that we have now is a joint project, the air force in any he worked on it together. And the other energy folks, rather than temporary duty, basically from their normal posted Langley Research Centre in in Virginia drank us out there to see how things are going check out the scene and when it comes back besides, in order that basically makes that centre those folks at their permanently aside out in California and creates the the flight high speed Fight research centre out in California. Nets is now the Armstrong Flight Research center, but that think they'd the formalization evasive. As there is a major research facility for fur on initiating later NASA section dates that the driving force couple weeks an office so that, after that, he bit we work without a change and demanded a dna seo starts
doing more more rocket, researching space related research, as so that, by the time in the mid nineties, fifties energies do supersonic study. masonic work and work on re entry vehicles from space early sorts lazy, basically, Tunisia into us better about some space agency without ever asking anybody's permission to do so. But we only have such a debt of gratitude for that exactly it's astonishing, and I am glad that you brought him up because I hadn't realise any of that until you'd send over some some information about him- and I was like wait- how'd it. How is nobody talking about this? I'm so glad you're here to do so when the any CIA became NASA? How did Dryden role evolve within organization? Well, that's really interesting, one course of nineteen. Fifty seven October forth, the Soviets watched the first satellite or on earth and that's kind.
the prized everybody in one people get upset about it, probably more troubling. Is it within a month, in early November, nineteen fifty seven I launched a second satellite. Let's get a dog on board inaccurate everybody's attention and suddenly there's a lot of happens here in Washington DC from time to time. There's a lot of recrimination about who's, the blame for various things and Attention immediately falls on the initial for not being more of a space agency no, they really want to try to be a space agency. So Dryden gonna get some blame for not anticipating as Sputnik, although he actually had been because he'd been redirected, AIDS all along. but probably more importantly, drain was kind of a strange and while an introverted and quiet and polite the US, made it clear when he didn't agree with people necessarily so apparently he
make many friends on Capitol Hill and called out there that the complaint to him about about the job he did so several members acquires made it known that they would not really like Mr Dryden to be ahead of the new nation, whatever is going to be in the eyes, and our administration had been considering to stake taken here easier and turning into the NASA and leaving at the head of it, but it was procurement politically that wasn't gonna fly, so they turn to web again in tee. Keith Cleanin Doktor Gannon was sir at that time. It hidden had a number of higher governor jobs, work than atomic energy business, and there was the in eighteen fifty eight, the President of CASE Institute of Technology, What's now kiss Western Reserve University, so me was dug a guy. Interestingly enough Glenn in when he agreed to take the job, did it only on condition that dried and stayed at this is number two mad.
right now. She was being offered its position as a professor at MIT and really turned on the MIT job and agree to stake, has gone and asked him to cause. He felt it was his duty to stay on and help about, and it was a wise choice by by glutted, because Dryden knew the nuts and bolts some of the whole Energy organization and was really good at that new juggling lots of things are happening and this new vision ass. It was not avoid the initiate, but it had always other pieces being bought at home like the jet propulsion laboratory and parts of the army, Bostock misled. seeing the naval research lab that all become part of NASA and dreams are you made all that background stuff work web was our glutton was said in the front guy who did
what are called wheeling and dealing in and manage the precautions and inside the government and in so the spokesman for the agency. But but dried was the behind the scenes guy, who you dealt with the day to day operation of the organization and make sure it actually function effectively. Interesting too That, of course, is an hour rather Eastern runs out and imprisoning can't get elected and candy goes looking for a new administrative for NASA and the economy Ex Jim web, and then she went because of the threat fascinated sixty. Why did he agrees to become NASA administrator again only if Dryden stays a hunt, and I was one of the consistency of the applied, so that was a third as Dryden stay, honest as deputy and and dreaded at that point surely have to anyone in the fall of nineteen. Sixty want dragons actually diagnosed with cancer and dead,
he could to use the work. In fact, he worked until night is fifty. Finally, vice come to the cancer, and we worked at that point. There working sixty schedules because of the race to get to the moon. After that point and the answer. Dryden was inner any offer, sixties weak and deal with cancer and their families focused and had no idea that drivers really shapely yours aerospace, programmed even before the United States had an aerospace programme. We want to talk a little bit more about a perhaps surprising aspect of drivers, personal life, but first, let's pause for a quick sponsor break hey baby,
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Alright, let's cut the conclusion, and my interview with nesses chief historian bill Berry and will kick this segment of talking about huge frightened. This life- and I imagine it will surprise people- you mentioned it a little bit earlier at the beginning of our talk, that Dryden was religious, but I bet it would probably surprise people to know that he actually held the Methodist preachers licence. Will you talk a little bit about his religious background and how that factored into his life and career? It's a really interesting aspect that I think people these days would find very surprising, but the effect of a dragon If drivers faith was really a central part of his life In fact, his name who'd you laboratory Yahoo Lattimer was the name of his first, the middle name,
aims of the Methodist preacher and Townwards password when he was born. So who is actually named after another method as Minister so This is a report by a young life. He met his wife Libby at the church event in there in his, so we are really is facing, and that was really important I mentioned that he was working sixteen weeks that the NASA politically in an early sixties effect there Good God of the Bible? He didn't rest on the seventh day. They actually spent a lot of sundays out preaching at local churches. So he had ass a six days a week and on Sundays you go preach and I actually found a third look going through his letters donated sub his personal papers to Johns Hopkins University,
Upper Johns Hopkins. Looking for something else about dragons work. I know our first agreement with the Soviet Union actually tried with the key negotiator that and there and I kept running crises, these letters that had sent to various churches sending back their checks because you go preacher sermon that son of a check for being a guest preacher had sent back saying. I really can accept this money and, if that, if they return to check them again, to charity and sentimental too had done it. That is charity. Thank you very much, but I really can accept the body what what is it? the guy who's, the guy. You didn't see religious faith and sciences compatible at all. and keep in interesting perspective these days, just unbelievers
I wouldn't you mentioned that he was working six days a week and then basically, working on the seventh by preaching has a grueling schedule for someone who is not ill so for some one that was battling cancer, like it's a testament to his incredible drive really at the more I read about the about, you tried the bribe, I feel completely completely inadequate, because there's a guy who's, YO sick with gathered. at his working seven days a week, basically and and keep it holding together, just unbelievers, a brilliant mind and a nice guy that from home or reports I actually his long time. Secretary or history from us. Is like I'm secretaries and she writes about the about Turn I then, and there
what an ice guy was how Platy was thereby how nicely was the her and even write about the NASA headquarters? What train track that runs through South South West DC in and from drives office? You could see that the train track that went through and what time the ringing brothers, barn rebuilt circus train is going through Deasey on his track, and he has a meeting with with some senior official according to the secretariat and stops the meeting steps out, a grabs Secretary has kindly here you see this mandate, they risk we stop. What do you think I was the circus gringo by sweet, yet having exactly maybe need becomes a crisis is just the sweetest guy. You never know he is almost one of those people that were if someone were to write him as a fictional character. No one would believe there
now, that's too much too. I have to admit. I sometimes wondered myself about there, but the more I read about it in a more and more research I do under the more I find, fascinating and interesting things like life stories. You can a reference to a prescient thinker. He was in many ways and how he could see way ahead of what was going on in terms of current and contemporary science. How do you think you Dryden would view today's NASA and its achievements, since he did miss all of the big sort of news headline tape? Events while driving did live long enough to see the Ex Fifteen fly, which said that the parties dragged. I have noticed that it, but he was crucial to study the Ex fifteen project in and actually getting
The air force in the Navy to come up with the money to make the fifty project happened but sir, but it actually get to see the Ex fifteen fly at the quasi didn't did last line of the city Power programme which the moon, but I sort of imagine the Dryden would respond to the current state of NASA There was a sort of it is the right enigmatic smile that you see in pictures are quite frequently where him, I think, can be very proud of, of what NASA had accomplished, acquitted attributed their accomplishments probably better than I can be very proud of what happened, but it also be, I think, a little sad that we didn't term continue on the same pasted there that we were in the sixties, because it is clear from
speeches that he gave and in his writings that he really thought that the world had reached inflection point with this space reason it that we're gonna go to desert as a new race near humans. Would you get out to the moon and then get out the Mars and I will give by this point in time- probably have a much more robust than economy and space. But again I think you'd probably have that that sort of
smile because it also there hasn't been a bureaucrat most of his life, realise the term. Your things don't always turn out the way you plan in there and are sometimes so near you'd do. Did you take what you get in and you happy with the with those things so it could be. I think you'd be pretty happy with how things turn out. I wonder how he would react to really how much of a legacy he's left, even though things don't always have his name. I am clearly a lot of what has happened in the times and- hang on has been due to the work he is doing when he was alive tat, but I think that never really matter to him. He anaemic Yes, I mean that. So I think it is a fact that some ways I think you're probably internally, see it as a success
all these great things happened. I helped make it happen and nobody noticed it isn't that we really cannot. Think, though, very enough for sharing has time and his knowledge with us. I'm so thankful that he wrote to us because having not maybe never would have come back to Hew Dryden, really know getting around what an important part of NASA. His story is really is, and also just what a fascinating person he is in history, tat. So so thankful and I feel so lucky that we got to have him show. You also have some listener mail, for, as I do in its about rules
ok. Well, I haven't announcing that correctly. She writes dear how we tracy I thoroughly enjoyed your recent episode on history roses not having agreed them myself. I have always found roses beautiful, but never do much about them is my aside. Roses are shockingly easy to grow. I dont think I have a great time and I have a lot of roses grown at my house. That being said, I recently travelled to Portland Oregon and had the opportunity to visit the international road test garden there. If you are not familiar with it, I highly recommend a visit.
More than six hundred and fifty varieties roses spanning over four acres and while they are. I was fascinated to learn that the Rose garden was established during World war, one as a safe haven for european hybrid roses that were endangered by the bombings during the war of copy, a paragraph from the Parks department website below, and that reads quote: in nineteen fifteen Jesse, a curry rose hobbyist in Sunday, editor of the organ journal, convince city officials to institute a rose test garden to serve as a safe haven during World WAR. One for hybrid roses groaning Europe rose lovers, feared that these unique plants would be destroyed in the bombings. The park bureau approved the idea in nineteen seventeen and by early nineteen eighteen hybrid lists from England began to send roses in there
in twenty one, Florence HOMES Jerky, I dont know if I'm pronouncing that correctly, the landscape architect for the city of Portland was charged with designing the international rose test Garden and the amphitheatre the garden was dedicated. In June, nineteen, twenty four curry was appointed as the gardens first rose curator and served in that capacity until his death in nineteen twenty seven and she goes on to say, the garden has plenty of historically significant roses, including an entire section of roses that were mentioned in Shakespeare's, plays and named after his characters. I was delighted to discover that it is also home to some thoroughly modern creations, including ruses. That's no way greek soda bubble, gum and creams ago. There is a centennial celebration the summer, so if any of your listeners or in the area, I encourage them to visit as it is a truly special place, an admission,
we yea. I want everybody to go to that and I want them to take me where I have been to you at once, but it was too early in the year for anything to be blooming and it was one of these. Are we just stopped interesting case and it just in case it was too early. I had no idea existed and now I have a place that I have to go in over again here. So that's pretty exciting. So if you like to write to us, you can do so at history. Park has to house have worked our com. You can also find us across the spectrum of social media as missed in history. That means on Twitter, Facebook on Instagram pinterest him on Tumblr. You can also visit us at our home page, which is missed in history, dot, com or you will find every single episodes shoves ever existed as well as show notes for any the episodes the Tracy I have worked together. We have no consolidated shone out into the showpiece, so the little simpler to navigate even us good, were apparent site house works, tat com.
I can anything you wish in the search bar to tax bases three or roses, or anything else. You'll come up with all kinds of stuff to look at so common visitors at missed in history books, dot com for more on their thousands of other topics, as it has done for Stockholm HALO, I wanted to tell you about a new podcast from my heart radio called the women hosted by rose red. It is fascinating and Eve Dive interview show where rose talks to change makers and disruptors, and she finds out what really drives them. So she will ask each of them. What was your first stand and how do you navigate success and failure, and really what's the cost of fighting for other, these interviews are really personal and their candid em for those are a little bit crass, but they are always really enlightening. You can listen to me.
Firebrands and take away lessons that will help you navigate your own life and for your own path? The debut season includes women like Valerie, plain Merci agent, who is now running for Congress and whistle blower and pediatrician Doktor Mona Hannah, a teacher who exposed the flint water crisis and became the centre of aid, swirling swirling amount of problems and the legendary Buffy Say Marie Sixty songwriter and activist I have personal interest in the show, because I adore rose and executive produce it and I think you're really going to enjoy the way that she gets into these conversations that like two friends talking, and they are an absolute delight, so subscribed to the women on the Iheart Radio, app on Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast