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Oliver Haugh, Serial Killer Pt. 1

2016-04-11 | 🔗

In his early career Dr. Haugh claimed to be working on the next step in human evolution. But he was really a man enslaved by his addiction to cocaine and morphine.

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In our past hush money. We're going to get you talking. We debate the uncomfortable question: have money in life than a pleasant going back to decide who is right? There's no such thing as strings free money there are. Some are can't lies right now that its traditions that man's pay women due to reach the fake reach money, is one of those things that people like to ignore. You can be in all the others who now on apple pot, casts the heart radio app or wherever you get your pot casts. This episode is brought to you my square space, Sir billing. Your website today at square space, dot com enter, offered history a check out to get ten percent off square space, build it be
for stuff. You missed in history. Has tat works hell I would welcome the font cast. I'm calling from nine Tracy will actually see. Remember back where we were talking about the Wright Brothers. So my interview, David Mccullough, we talked about the boy that Moreover, in the teeth of the hockey stick where they work, school wherever how they can grow to be zero. Kill area near me how people wrote in we're like. I want to hear more about that guided him in the face. Well, so do we are. I can't resist a good story of gruesome goings on so today talk about Oliver HA, who was that very same person for the wheelwright incident. His life was a mess. I will
when you have front that we are not going to talk about the Wright Brothers and all. We won't even talk about that incident, because it's kind of one of those weird things that nobody has a lot of documentation on and link. They seem to be playing something like ice hockey on a pond and he got in the face and is unclear whether that was accidental or not, and this is no documentation. The whole story that sells during. We have already talked about it, and I also want to give just a little bit of a trigger warning here, because the story of Oliver HA is one that is really just a classic case of addiction and the cyclical nature that attics lives tend to take that they can be hard to revisit for people who have had to live through it or watch someone lives through it. So I just want to give you a heads up here that that is pretty much what's going on for the next two episodes there and his first wife similarly has trying to get it then go back and trying to get away and going back and a yeah it's it's! You know if those are things that that you are sensitive to that you just don't want to deal with in your. Your pod cast,
The demon this said might not be for you, but Those are the things that do not bother you buckler, because this guy's piecework, I am with you. He spoke piece of work we even have a suitable manner middle name. Oliver, Crook HA was born in day no high on April twelfth eighteen. Seventy one his parents were Samuel, Jacob HA and Mary. The Mets ha and had an older brother, Jesse Lincoln Hall, he was three is older than he was in the hospital deeply religious and they were devoted not just to the church but to really helping others in the community. Mister Hall was, to bring impoverish children to the house that he and his wife could give them a good meal clean them up, get them clothes in some if they needed them before they send them home and MRS Harms kind of media business, to keep an eye on all of the boys of the neighborhood and can in Cuba. them to ensure that they attended Sunday services regularly. This couple with
dedicated to helping other people that in doing so, they sometimes spread themselves too thin and gyp jeopardize their own financial stability. This is something that all really resented. He was also, barest by their public, displays of religious devotion and Oliver's bro Jesse also made him uncomfortable. It had, brain injury and fallen. He was really young and that seems to have led to some developmental delays. There's not a lot of like medical felicity around that it simply he hit his head when he was young and he was what they would call the time well, I guess I did they describe him a slow, but there really know specifics on what that injury actually would have bet. It seems like he really didn't get treatment for whenever it was so. We just know that here he kind of was a little bit like. You he's also described a simple in a lot of texts, so just not quite super speedy, but
for all the world to be a very kind and good man. So, despite his of enthusiasm for his family. Oliver, who came something of an ever believe as he grew up again. Tied into that will arise, story started working for him. there at the age of fifteen, the has had a carriage painting business, but that arrangement did not work out. It was a long before it was abandoned and Oliver went to work instead. At a drugstore owned and run by Charles See, Francisco working in a drugstore Gave Oliver ready access to powerful drugs, but he started using too self medication to cope with pain from Tuesday K. Initially, it appears that you started using a product called CO came to think drops which would kill the pain from his teeth issues. what's remind everyone that, once upon a time you could go to a drugstore and by cocaine too thick drops swear,
In addition to those drops he started, mixing other yourself. I'm using year quotes their based on pamphlet recipes for druggists Bateman Pictorial drops had been part of these kinds of pamphlets for quite some time, that recipe first received a royal patent in great Britain in seventeen twenty six as a patent medicine Anna was alleged to be so effective that many counterfeits followed a new recipes for variations on this formula for basements pictorial drops had been printed in druggist manuals for almost a decade by the time. over happened upon it. In a book called the king american Dispensatory, and that was a book of formulas. Written advise druggists on the use of botanical in compounding medicines. The Electoral and Bateman Straps refers to the lungs and chest. That's how much does the muscles on your body, he's a medicine initially marketed to treat things like holds and coughed, and then eventually that spreads rheumatism.
Rest pain and other maladies. Its effectiveness in those things was from its primary ingredient, which was opium and, as an aside, you can read kings. American Dispensatory online will have a link to a later pebble Never in the shown it, but please do not make these things Oliver Har got so good at mixing medications at the drugstore than a local doktor named Otho Evans, Francis suggested that maybe Oliver should become a doctor himself and the doktor of offered to mentor him Thatcher Francis who The city physician really encouraged hard to go to college and serious study science to prepare for a medical career started his medical studies in eighty eight of the Cincinnati Medical College, bad though he initially seem enthusiastic, his attendance was really spotty for one thing, his family struggled to cover the costs
have to wish in and for another he was still using a combo of cook of cocaine in opium to treat his toothpicks. He also developed a taste for liquor, despite the inconsistency of his life at this point, Oliver fell in love with a girl named Anna Margaret. Equally, any man is taken, your family, that he should live with them so that he should be could put away money to go back to medical school he was still working in the drugstore whenever he went back to deepen, but an US were William ethically did agree to this, but he really wasn't Oliver's biggest fan when the first suspicious Incident and Oliver Life really takes place. William equally died suddenly of pulmonary apoplexy on February twenty second eighteen. Ninety one doesn't really die who says that exists today, any more young people, previous history of heart problems, and he was in good health right up to this. Unexpected death and Oliver evidently benefited from at least passing first. It meant,
he could marry Anna, which he did later that year of Thanksgiving Day without Willie putting up any objections which would have been a problem had he been alive. Second, it meant that he could use. considerable life insurance pay out that Anna received to go back to medical school, which he also did. He did not To this end, medical college they'll be switched schools to the Miami Medical College, which was also an Cincinnati and that's cool Your joined the University of Cincinnati, that's golden. either air ha ha ass leave after one semester. Although the reason is unclear here. We don't know why they invited him to exits, but they did- and he did He did continuous medical education, though any graduated from Louisville Medical College in Spring of eighteen, ninety three and he opened up his own practice on March tenth of that year in his home town of Dayton from his office lab, he was working on a project that he claimed was going to change science
ever and create a new race of beings, he really felt lake. He was going to avoid. humanity to the next level. Referencing. we're Louis Stevenson's, Doktor, Jekyll and Mr Hide story, hot old friends, that he was we're formula that would prove the two being could Shirin Ebadi and of course he would his own guinea pig for testing the drug before we talk about how played out making. Yes, I have a brief but they would prove the two beings could share a body and of course he was his own guinea pig for testing the drug. Before we talk about how remember how the fourteen year old version of yourself felt, if you could write,
a kid. What would you say? I'm Chelsea arson join me on my part. Ass, dear young rocker, were each week I write a letter to my younger self ass. She brings us back into the intensity of adolescence, falling in love with their favorite song. The way only a teenager can getting up the nerve to a ban struggling with anger and body issue someone so hard and can't believe experiencing how truly awful a first class can be feeling like firstly waning, anger sadness both in any second a decision that could cost you, your friends, your ban and your entire social area around you're, not alone, you lived through a living through it. Now you got this during the latter country, from double Elvis. Production has created a hosted by mutual consent and executive produced by Jake Brennan of disgrace, land, listen to dear young rocker. On the I hurt, radio, app apple pie costs or wherever you get your podcast
so whether he really believed that he was testing a new pharmaceutical or if he was just using his lab as a cover for his growing dependency on drugs. Things quickly went wrong for Oliver ha He started ordering large quantities of both cocaine in morphine through multiple pharmacy, so he was placing large orders that then spreading them around a kind of cover, his tracks, and just a few months after he set up Office started all these experiments. Emma sought out health from a neighbor claiming that her husband in a fit where he was not himself had attacked her separated each of them move back and with their family and doktor HAWK his practice Anna filed for divorce. But then she discovered she was pregnant and the two attempted to reckons and a moved in with the heart and the doktor once again started a practice that time out of a room in his family's home Anna gave birth to Willie
Samuel ha on December sixth eighteen, ninety three, but they really wasn't much time to celebrate their new child, Oliver Dixon was once again spiralling out of control and he stopped working, and I once again left her husband in a desperate move, because things are really just gotten worse and worse and worse, Oliver's parents, started proceedings to have their son declared insane because he had become prone to terrifying fits of violence. And they recognise that they really were not equipped to help him through whatever this was and when it pity sheriff and police When I arrived at the hall Home to collect Oliver so that he can be be taken for evaluation this place, like a lake, victorian version of the show cops so doktor resistant being taken into custody. He was sending off this sheriff this deputy Europe and this patrolman, although injecting himself in the chest. Repeatedly.
I can only imagine where this film today, for it would look like we know, because we seen it now just picture it. A hundred years ago, the doktor who, as we said, resisted being taken into custody, but eventually he was dude, whether from just being, ugly overpowered by the two men, or, if he just kind of war himself out with all of the drugs that he was taking in front of them, we do not know and see, was declared in saying the following day, which is March twenty second of eighteen. Ninety, four, by a probate judge after testimony, was given by his family so results of vainly dynamic in the midst, was admitted to the Dayton Asylum for the insane at that point, at the fifteen II, which had a rash of problems of the time, including multiple patients die from what appeared to be repeated, kicks to the ribs hallways given highest? hundred bromide as part of treatment
commonly used in treatments today for motion, sickness and in low doses. It's perfectly safe but in higher dose as it can cause irregularity and heart rate and respiration and even paralysis, and I want you to just make a mental note of that as we go forward rapidly for the second episode that will become important, after a four month stay in the asylum. Oliver was discharge with a clean bill of health. He reconciled his wife, Anna and once again here and his medical practice, but it's time the asylum was common knowledge throughout Dayton and no one was really willing to trust him as their doktor. He briefly moved Springfield without his wife to try to start a practice there, but it went bust within just a few months and he moved back to Dayton once more. This entire cycle played out again with another Dayton office which also closed, and then a move to Toledo once again without Anna and his son, why
Enzo. Lido ha apparently formed a relationship with the woman and the pair even live together briefly, but then, according to rumour, she died suddenly and harmony fact of Dayton and his wife, and started using morphine again. And in an echo of their early marriage am a plan to leave Oliver, but once again, just She was getting up the gumption to do so. She found out she was pregnant with their second child and she once again decided to stay there. Second son Clarence was born on Mars when, third of eighteen ninety eight and how, once again made a go at a medical practice, but this time he shifted gears a little bit and he decided that here focus on mineral baths as a treatment. The sound like it wouldn't be dangerous, but these bats were incredibly hard and, on multiple occasions, are left patients in them too long and caused serious medical problems he was still using, bags, which is a contributor in his neglect of his patience. He was at times found
conscious or naked, and always of the office building where he practiced at one point, when a dentist also had an office in the building asked whether one of his patience had been cured. Hall replied. Oh yes, I cured him all right. He is dead, so already something good. the late he ventured to set up a second office of this wasn't a move to a new office. He set up a second branch of his existing office in him, The new hypo, but two, to be misled this. Not a sign of a growing business or success. It was, in fact, quite the contrary. He had such a bad. rotation in Dayton, that he opened that second office in an effort to make ends meet hoping that he could take on patients for his bath cures there. They had not heard of his poor treatment of others in his chair at the second invention.
Didn't really flourish and how once again turned to drugs as an escape. His violent outbursts once again became commonplace and he was admitted to the Dayton State Hospital It was a new name for the same asylum he had been in before at the request of his wife. Again, released in December of nineteen hundred and he restarted his practised started. using an let his work fall apart when, while he had been paid the singing Hamilton he mentioned business men, who is one of his patience that he thought, killing the infirmary, EC medically was actually a kindness and that he knew to do so and that he had already ended the lives of some of his elder elderly relatives then, in nineteen o one doktor, Oliver HA vanished. Course, you didn't really vanish off the face of the earth we're going to talk about what he was doing during that time in just a moment, while he was away from
the people that knew him up to that point. But first we're going to pause for a spasm ring from the creator of the control group comes a new scripted podcast, the seventh daughter. They say the seventh daughter kin remains. Conjure. Voices from the greens spirits to rise and rolling, Linda all that who shall it is the same trade, the seventh daughter out in episode available February third- is this really something you should be involving pandora? There's something you're not telling me what there is a man very powerful and doing his name is called
the black eyes. Why talks in the sudden have no right to put her in danger? The seventh daughter, listen on the eye heart, radio, apple pie, gas or wherever you get your by gas sergeant out there when Oliver HA ran away from Dayton, he went to miss He was gone in any applied for a licence to practice, medicine, the air and after practicing a few months in Milwaukee. He moved his spoon Wisconsin and advertised himself as a doctor who could cure any disease he also got married Cargo Illinois in August of nineteen o one. to a woman named Delia, Betters Delia, for whom Oliver was a third husband was not previously information that her new groom already had a wife surprise. People could not hear how hard
Eyes or old when he set apart the plan about advertised himself as a doctor who could cure any disease yeah we if we visit as before, but one of his patients died from morphine poisoning for the first time in a string of suspicious of ants doktor. How is actually arrested and charged in the death his defense was it the overdoses accidental. He was acquainted due to lack of evidence, but he closed his schooner practised moved on to serving Wisconsin and horse serving office did uncharacteristically well for him. He had struggled in every other office, but this would really was zipping rain along. He still lost some patience, but now the way that red flagged anybody and his clientele didn't seem to drop off because of it. He was most lay still battling the demons of addiction, however, and is new Delia was not tolerant of the problem. Oliver promise you take a popular addiction treatment at the time called it
the cure, which centred on diet and administering by chloride of gold and Oliver vanish vanished from searching for a month allegedly to go. Take this cure, though, whether he actually ever went to a clinic and received the key here is completely unclear. After Indeed, we are reunited. They move to Michigan to be closer to dealing as elderly mother, but their time is a couple ended abruptly after that failure. Found out about MRS Anna HA Oliver and went to date and to have me arrested for bigger me. She assumed that when these He had gone back to his Ohio home, but in fact he stayed with her mother and care the older women right up and tell her sudden death in June, nineteen o three while in Dayton, ready to confirm. However, hard Delia instead found the first MRS Hall Anna
Anna found out what was going on. She begged Delia, to not go public with the story of Oliver. Second life out of concern for their children and Delia was quite moved by Anna's. Please, and so she decided to drop the matter and just go all of our return to after the death of dealers mother and checked into another asylum, this time in Lebanon, Ohio wildly or he became friends at the woman named Jenny to III and her brother Doktor Samuel as Herman. And generally leftist sanitarium together, so that he could take over as her doctor and help her with some trouble, she seemed to be having related to her reproductive system. Here. The wording on any other records is Ino in that sort of clay. the female only last year. So we don't really know what the issue was. Certainly did not need Oliver ha for a doctor, though, but he did become good friends her brother so comfortable in their friendship, in fact, with Doktor Herman
He admitted to him that he had killed several women for coming illegal abortions on them, and they plan to kill brother Jesse at some point in the US, it is clear to Herman after he told him is that he would it is well should he share this information with anyone, unfortunately, back to Herman Sister, Annie had developed a romantic attachment to Oliver HA opera. the very and in yet another case of paused life repeating itself he set up a new practice. Suddenly, my Ohio using money Jenny had inherited when her mother died. This death actually had happened before the two of them had met. Yes, he is not potentially implicated in their death, but he was certainly happy to use the inheritance from it. He was not implicated in that death that why or wine doctor Herman realise that not only was Oliver HA squandering his sisters fortune had also gotten her addicted the cocaine and morphine her.
began proceedings to have himself legally appointed as journeys Guardian in a hole in the hope of getting her away from Oliver Hall, but the love birds go this plan and they ran away. We can The vanishing acted, Oliver had practised the war, and this time eventually opened a saloon together in Cleveland Ohio, point things are in a weird city: whirlwind for ha. He continued to inject has paramour with drugs, which she told their business partner the millions who didn't want any young woman disappeared a while she was living with Johnny and Oliver The pair were arrested for keeping a house of prostitution, but after being issued, a fine business continued as usual ha with living under the name tv at this time and claiming that Jenny was his aunt was rarely poor and often found passed out in a random spots about the town here. This is such a hotbed of weird at this point later,
with this open romantically, but tells everyone, cheeses, Anson, she's, also working as prostitutes with him. It seems in it's a big ugly mess. however, to make matters even creep year, ha begin to practice. Medicine from the saloon suspicion was actually that he was purposely trying to kill patients with drug injections in order to rob them and they make men. even grocer. By all accounts, this establishment was unbelievably filthy and its sorted patient had become such common knowledge that the place was finally raided. Jenny. The EU is in terrible shape when they authorities arrived. She was wasting away nearly unconscious and covered in needle marks hallways charged with a disorderly conduct. He fled guilty and was imprisoned for thirty days. his wailing from withdrawal while in custody was still unbearable to everyone in the jail that a doctor was called to give him injections of morphine at regular intervals, eventually
Santa Cleveland on the cities, time with a small amount of money for an agreement that he would check himself into a treatment facility for his addiction. Do you think he did a thing? I do know you did market. Instead, he opened another medical practice. I dont, even I didn't even count them cause you're, so many got Cleveland and he sent for any to join him, but he did not know that she had actually died at that point and after that himself was in and out of hospitals for treatment. He kind of started drifting from city, the city. He would medical offices, but they would close almost as soon as he set them up. Please, where he was opening them just so he could place orders for drugs. I really wish there had been any effective treatment for more Dixon yeah yeah. They tried lots of things.
But none of them were really terror. So much as I have an idea that the list are really working so eventually after string of troubles, just like those with article he ended up back and date no higher living with his parents. however, back to the first wife, refused to listen to live with him. He seemed to be in a new phase of wife and often told people as much He spoke openly about his addictions and how he had put all of that behind him. Well enough, for divorce. Again. On September, twenty fifth of nineteen o five took Oliver by surprise. He confronted and he told her, he would kill her if she didn't withdraw the filing, but she refused. He himself attempted suicide by taking a hundred and fifty grains of the hypnotic drug. Try going on that did not kill him. There's actually some debate over whether or not he knew that it would not kill him not lying,
Today's Oliver found out that he had been cut out of his parents will and that everything would go to his brother Jesse after it heated argument with his father, he told a family friend that he would kill them all if they didn't change the will to include him again. I like hell, that's just his casual reaction and the like what you did I'll kill you. Let us just how he goes about his life. At this point, He soon placed a large rush order for higher seen hydro bromide with medical supplier in Cleveland. So remember that from earlier in the episode He was still on file as a physician without medical supplier, and so the order was shipped to date and the purchased a larger than normal supply of oil for the family house when the vendor came to visit on his normal rounds. Now, after midnight on November fifth, nineteen o five hour, rehab banged on a neighbours door to tell them that his parents home, was on fire. A house initially didn't appear to be in flames.
a trail of oil, roughly eight inches wide, ran through the house and was indeed burning when, where was asked, if everyone got out, he said if they had. Neighbours began running into the house to try to save what they could of the possession. So there's a weird thing that happens here and yes, that is weird I do mean that it's weird, even in the context of all of this madness, that is his life where when additional neighbours arrived, as other men were running in and out of the house told those new arrivals that his family was trapped inside and when the boy became too dangerous and the men who had been working to save any of those valuables all came out. They were quite and as to why they didn't try to save the family and when one of the men, Thomas Feral, who had been running in and out of this burning house, confronted HA about having said everyone was out, the doktor replied I know that I did, but they are all in. There
earlier in this case meant the house in the back bedroom that he was gesturing to you. There was so much confusion and going on with the house on fire that it seems like nobody really start to think about the weirdness of his ever shifting story, the flames, were so great at this point that really no one dared go into the burning house again ha. taken to a neighbour's house and treated for a burn on his leg and later a doktor was sent for who treated the blistering burns on his leg again and gave him hang, that was not morphine or cocaine. Specifically at heart request it. while this fire was still burning at this point, It was not going to be put out. They were waiting for it to burn through. Annually. Spectators could see the bodies of the hall family following one by one through a burned floor under the bed, room down into the cellar below HA was admit, to the hospital under the care of Doktor Fred, see Weaver, who had actually been a class
his at Miami Medical College, again Ver, who had actually been a classmate of his at Miami Medical College. Again, how is adamant that, while he needed something for the pain from his burns, he would not take morphine whose, where you awaiting what happens next, we're gonna talk about the investigation of this incredibly suspicious fire and the trial that followed and things relating to the deaths of the family and our next step aside, give them was for my all before we call it a day by the EU and its members with oh yeah. I have a couple of pieces as I want to do lily. one. Is these are two comments that were made on our Facebook page about our knitting episode I just want to point them out because they brought new information, Lloyd that I had not thought about or that wasn't in the absurd one was
my listener Margaret she said a newer material. The knitting needles are made out of. Is carbon fiber composites, just like Jeff fighters? I didn't that I didn't either and then I wondered why I did Our strong another listener commented that sometimes, depending on the fibre that you select and your, the style I can kind of created nails on a chalkboard situation, but that they are very smooth and while the people of another one is from our listener. I'm hoping I pronounced its correctly area in She commented on the same thing as someone who spins I'd, also like to add that elasticity is impacted by the texture of the fibre now the fibers spun. It's not real. Poured into the overall story, but I thought that you might wanna know fine smooth. burst, like a Marino tend to make for fabrics with more drape unless stretch crinkled fibres she herself fell over the clue. Forest fell across breed chiefs. Law will
more about to a yarn spun. The same ratio is very cool aspect in knitting weaving in crushing and at his dream If the innovations inbreeding over the money, I presume in breeding of sheep, create different types of war. So that's kind of cool information that I didn't stumble across in my research here like it. The other thing I wanted to you dimension is not so much listener mail, but we got an awesome gift while we're in Chicago recently with our listener Brian Depart, and I normally we don't do last names just for safety, but as he is publishing under that name, I figured safe. That's different right, dude. Two is an artist gave us a bunch of comic, say he's drawn yeah, including one that features Edward Binny as character yeah. There are lots of historical figures in them. This one is a series copycats bill and it has as were then other people that you have heard of on the spot gas
in posters of our role and will be right. So it's very cool. Thank you. So much Brian, I felt bad because he, the email less about it, and I did We- What does emails that I was like our apply to that and then, when I have a minute to think about it and then that minute, ever materialise. He had thing I feel guilty about. Is that, as we have discussed, I don't work from the Atlanta offers any work. Sometimes, when I come to me, What I do pretty regularly I will get here and my desk is covered in Listener- presents an often I am like Hulu vague and I'm like I don't know, I didn't remembered, put their name on it, so that truly might feel bad afraid of everyone else, not nice. It's I'm not so organised with those thing, if you were the person you sent us beautiful metal, Bookmarks Strap is no, please oh, yes, you really do want to drop us and, as planned,
thank you so much to Brian aunt. You are listeners that road in about their knitting knowledge. We appreciate it. If you would like to write to you, as you can do so at history pike ass to have some work star com, you can also visit as Facebook back com, Slash missed in history on Twitter. I missed in history at Pinterest, dot com, Slash missed in history at missed in history that tumblr com, I'm on it RAM missed in history. If you would like to visit our parents, lighthouse of works learn a little bit more about what we talked about today. You can type in the word addiction into these are far and you will get an article called how addiction works. Well, maybe help make sense of this weird sick, with only two of the life of Oliver ha. I it was a roller coaster once again wish there had been any effective treatment for addiction to morphine when I mean, even today, it's really hard yeah, but there was basically nothing when he was alive
they would give people sedatives and hope that they would just be com for the duration of their time, in whatever facility they were right to freely tree. No, it's just medicating a different way, So if you would like to visit us, you can do that. I missed in history that com or we have an archive of all of the episodes that have existed We have shown notes from anything episodes that Tracy and I have worked on together as well as from other goody. So I encourage you to come and visit us, at least in history, that Helstone the war on this, and thousands of other topics has some weeks ago. They say the seventh daughter,
red mines conjure voices I'll do all that, so you shall, from the creator of the control group, comes a new scripted, podcast, seventh dot. Why you parts several of you have no right to put her in the seventh daughter, origin episode available February. Third, listen on the heart, radio at Apple pie, gas or wherever you get your my guess.