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Paxton's Crystal Palace

2013-08-21 | 🔗

Sir Joseph Paxton was a 19th-century botanist who became instantly famous for the hall he designed for the Great Expo of 1851. After the expo, the Crystal Palace moved to a new location and became the centerpiece of the world's first theme park.

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Some of these of architecture seem to have nothing but bad luck, and today's topic could probably be under luck, com, a bad, but it didn't start out that way. It's its beginnings were quite lovely, a glorious and me now filled with success. Neither out of bed was definitely a later part of its history. Yes, when the building moved, which is one of those things, it doesn't happen very often, but in this case it did and it was a glorious, beautiful structure which was called the Crystal Palace and that's a name been attributed to many many buildings, but this is kind of the Crystal Palace. All capital letter. Yes, so first we'll talk a little bit about the architect behind it, who did not actually star As an architect now, This led to some concern, though it was Sir Joseph packs them. He was a nineteenth century, English, botanist and then later architects, he designed
met, more towers and a famous hot house, which was called the great stove at Chatsworth. also design gardens, and there is a piece bourgeois in aristocratic cultural encounters in garden, art a fifty fifty two eighteen fifty and in that peace. Margaret Flanders, Darby does that Paxton quote is celebrated, the very definition of nineteenth century upward mobility. Is he started out? Humble ended up pretty celebrated near he was born on August third, eighteen o one in bed for sure to a farm family and when he was young, he worked for the Duke of Devon sure as a gardener at Chiswick, gardens and eighty He thinks he had cultivated this friendship with the Duke and really impressed him with his horticultural wiles. So that point he was assigned to the post of superintendent of Gardens at the dukes Estate in Derbyshire known as Chatsworth,
Some of the elements of the garden designs that he created there and what's called the last night mixed style still exist and their chance for Paxton find a bill, a greenhouse for the duke that's the one we referenced earlier come the, which is sometimes casually called the great stove, because it was a hot house. and he also created these really impressive fountains. He built a model village there, whose very busy creating a lot of church for the garden in the grounds and one of greatest accomplishments was that he was able to keep this exotic lily cutting that he got from Guiana not just alive but thriving, the leaves were allegedly twelve feet wide. So if you can wrap your brain around that there is a picture of his daughter sitting on one of them. That was just this amazing accomplishment. Considering that this is Poland, which is not really where you think about these giant sort of exotic lilies, grow
and he had built the specialised house where the heated pool, which was quite new to the idea of gardening, and he, obviously an extremely clever man, and he had this inability to solve problems in really creative ways. But he also had a I for the visual element, because often these creative problem solving situation were also just visually stunning in in forty nine queen victorious husband, Prince Albert, who was also the president of the Royal society of arts lost, plan to host an exhibition to showcase Great Britain's industrial achievements. He to get funding for the project really quickly. Most of that funding came from quick, Queen Victoria and he planned a site for the sparrow at Hyde Park, Designers were asked to submit their ideas for a structure for the show to the Israel exhibition Executive Committee says a little bit of it.
I contest and there were numerous challenges for architects to deal with if they wanted to submit to this project. First, this structure had to be constructed quickly. There were concerns about the destruction of elm trees in the park, so the hopeless- the design would accommodate the Zalm trees in some way fur. the building had to be temporary, it would have to be removed from Hyde Park by a date of June. First, eighteen, fifty two and, of course it also to be big enough to accommodate all of the exhibitors that the committee wanted to attract as well as other foot traffic that they wanted to come and see the visitors that it's kind of a tall or it needed to be a giant temporary convention centre, basically, which even with modern tech would be kind of trick, happen freight. But then, when you think back to the early, if you fifties it's really quite something to think about right, Joseph
accidents submitted. His idea for a glass and iron structure on June twentieth. Eighteen, fifty The commission wanted him to address the concern over destroying the ELM trees in the park and they requested, but he revived This is designed to include this vaulted crosswise piece in the building, which is called a transit. That would enclose the palm trees and prevent the need for them to be destroyed. He did this in his design was accepted in part, because this construction plan involved pieces that could be brought together and segment. And installed in a modular production process. All the other committed design. Think they involve this like large scale masonry, so they really were not practical. Are the very short timeframe they had to build a thing or light They wanted second down later yeah
most like they got this idea of. They wanted to showcase their country's cultural history. So a lot of them kind of went in the Castle Zone Dan and say no no you're missing kind of part of the brief we knew we need it, be quick up and down ray what I think if I had been in the meeting where they came up with this whole idea in the first place of like, let's build a really big building, but only for a very short amount of time and then we'll take it down. I would of course, like. Are you serious? It? Is this the best use of your time and resources? Well, that you know Paxton figured it out, and because the most available glass dimension at the time was apparently ten inches by forty nine inches. Picture was going to need a lot of glass that standard size. Is actually used as the basis for a lot of the entire design there's action
really really cool site that willing to, in the show notes that breaks down how that geometry works and they actually built out cd models of the various elements of the structure, seeking kind of look at them in three d and see how it all came together and how those glass pieces were used in those dimensions to create what became the Crystal Palace and as a sign out, I feel I should say the name. The crystal palace was not officially given by Paxton a kind of came up in the press, as this is being discussed during the submission and acceptance process and the pre build wait up, to it that a journalist started calling it a palace of crystal and kind of took the name accidentally, but then it got adopted officially water alone, people who were really into glass, be the boy. Maybe one really interesting challenge that comes of building a huge building made entirely of glass is the fact that glasses can't handle a huge water alone. In that configurations
Rain can be really dangerous, so they put in special cutter. Which of course were named Paxton gutters and those are designed to quickly carry water a way through this big gutter system and really just keep with from accumulating on the roof and crushing nothing yet was very, very efficient. It was almost like tributary approach in reverse right, where they would start very small and is leading to the progressively bigger gutter system. Fun, if you think about like our office, is pretty much a giant building walled last year, things are thirsty call services like the horizontal services and our building are not last year because it to its really really hard to maintain at that eventually safe and we'll get to this in a little bit only time reconstruction which will make you realize how mammoth structurally way why was I was unaware
during construction. There was concern, as you hinted at earlier, that Pakistan's lack a real architectural experience is really going to be a problem. You are like we as its beautiful, but turn on November buildings. He makes greenhouses and his area of expertise was hothouses, so they were not. There If things that would be seeing the kind of foot traffic that the expo is expected to have- and there were some very real fear- their meeting Tracy again would be saying so due to all these concerns with the expo was going to be housed in a structure that was designed by a gardener. Even though has expired, said, really move way. Past us gardening. At that point, decided that all iron girders had to be tested before they can be installed.
also added cross bracing that were made of wood, primarily a sort of a visual reassurance for visitors. Here it is sturdier, yeah kind of fun and the building was sleep put together in less than eight months by two thousand men that are sometimes referred to in some history documents on it as unskilled labour. So basically, these skilled workers had put together the modular pieces, but then they were shipped to the site and it was almost like. I don't wanna. Do me I certainly click together, but you really didn't have to have like a degree engineering to see how they went together into assembled bar raising those pre, smartly designed in that regard, a barn raising or glass and the dimensions of this structure. Are it is one thing Eight hundred and forty eight feet long, which is about five hundred sixty three metres. It was four hundred and eight feet.
why or a hundred twenty four metres in a hunt. in eight feet high, which about thirty three metres and include the galleries and the ground floor more than eight miles or thirteen kilometers of displayed Balls were housed eight miles of display table This is, where my mind really boggled the well as things we're trying to can a filter it through. Like my modern experience, I like this is kind of like, if dragging or COMECON was in an entirely glass building. That's never do the network or for other reasons, but when you think about it, scale of like a huge convention centre, the main entirely of glass. This episode of stuff, you missed in history classes, brought to you by Norton three sixty with life
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the real one impressed at just the sheer brazenness of it. two pretty wild by the engineering again by someone who people work who poohing as a mere gardener so well and to be fair. While a structure was definitely unique and eye catching. There was one major flaw in its design, and you could a tribute that law. Directly to Paxton previous experience being a hot house designer rather than an architect, because the power It was designed like a giant hothouse. It basically worked like a giant high So when you went inside, it was basically an oven they put in this rather elegantly design, mover system that allowed for some ventilation and moved cool air from the base of of the building up into the main halls. As you may guess, if you have ever been into a great house in your life, is not really
No, I mean they had taken other precautions. They had. The liver system had been built in to the design from almost the beginning and they had even play the boiler house which produce steam that powered all the exhibits in, their building separate from the exhibit hall. Again he had thought about the heat it. This wasn't enough to mitigate the problem, because the sun shining through the glass still turn the whole place into an oven well and then, when you fill it up with people exactly I mean even at Bali, Modernized air conditioned building when filled up with people is really temperature, goes up very quickly and so to remedy these temperature issues, they put these large canvas tarps that were draped in between the roof. Ridges offer some shade and this. Drapings actually ended up being a benefit amicable, other ways they cut down on glare and they created a more even softer lighting for the interior of the building,
They had to, of course, as we mention glass not great at load bearing or so. They were small openings designed into the scenes of the drapings that let water pass through and go directly to the Paxton gutters. Europe's wouldn't get too heavy for the classic wooden compromise. The structure and again it was pretty elegant solution to the whole problem. One other ingenious aspect of the structures. Design was small, gaps in between the whip, planes and the floor. So every evening after the crowd left, bickered just sweep the accumulated dirt from the day into the gaps for quick point up, workers remember, it was a temporary building so, while at hand liquor column sort of base to its like a foundation, it didn't have a full slab foundation, so they really could just kind of return the dirt back to the earth, and then it was three re.
It went up and on schedule and opened on time. The exhibition open to the public on me. First of eighteen, fifty one, nearly fourteen thousand thousand exhibitors or at the show, and If we turn such items of steam engines prosthetic legs, chewing tobacco, false teeth, guns, hydraulic presses and river goods made by good year. exhibitors from France, the United States, Turkey, Russia and Egypt attended an The coin or diamond was on display. The Ex, though ran until October, eleventh of eighteen, fifty one and there was a big closing ceremony October fifteenth and there an agreed that the show had been a huge success in actually did turn a nice profit and more than six million visitors had attended during the time that the expo is open. As consequence of all of this success, Joseph Paxton was needed in that same year for his work on the project, because the Crystal Palace had been such a
That's it inspired other exhibitions to house their shoes and glass conservatories. This included the key exhibition of eighteen, fifty two City, exposition of eighteen, fifty three and the parents, submission of eighteen. Fifty five, as well as others, so having a big glass exhibit Hall was a thing now you, because it is so cool when unique and really beautiful, always clue, you being so, everyone is doing it until it became hot and popular, but once the expo is over, Paxton really yearn to preserve the exhibit hall, as did the public. I think there was a sense of they really have to take it down now, and while it did have to be moved from its fight in Hyde Park, the guineas was because of its prefab design. We can be assembled elsewhere there. A whole lot of battles along the way, but packs then managed to set up the Crystal Palace Company under a royal charter and with the help
a bunch of other wealthy gentlemen who were with to fund the moving project and serve as its directors August eighteen. Fifty two, the reconstruction started on the Crystal Palace in its new home. This was Sydenham Hill, which was in Southeast London they rebuilt palace opened in June of eighteen. Fifty four there were some structural changes to it, it didn't go together exactly the way had been for the expo, but it was pretty close. They can assume Some things around, I think, to match the new footprints they got to the wording of this peace. Leftover though I mean it, incarnation. The crystal palace became what many people call the world's first theme park. It happened. two million visitors each year, he enjoyed the educational exhibits. There were like museum style set up. There was a roller coaster. There there is live, entertainment there were cricket matches.
And they even put in a prehistoric dinosaur swamp, which I kind of love and it's worth keeping The existence of dinosaurs, while there had been some fossil record, for and before that, they really had only kind of put together the concept of what dinosaurs were a few decades before this. So there working from very early ideas of dinosaurs, the Crystal Palace Park was even popular with royalty. so surprising, the Korea and Prince Albert, visited on a regular basis and kings, Queens, Shaw's, sultans and all kinds of other rulers from all over the world visited as well and as a random and very highly specific interest. Aside in eighteen, seventy one, the Crystal Palace is actually home to the world's first catch you and they actually hosted other subsequent shows of cats and other animals since a very popular place. You know huge kind of cultural centre and theme park.
Right, but actually was after the Crystal Palace started its long and unfortunate run of terrible look. Yeah. You have such a great successes and exhibition hall, and everyone really lauded its beauty and it's beautiful design. But it moved. It seemed like it's like kind ran out. It started to have one piece of bad Fourchan after another and whether you want to attribute that actual change in luck or just this will have When a thing is around a long time, it will accumulate bad events. There really had some really rough ones: the Thurston eighteen sixty one when high winds damage to the structure and there, a few years after that, five years after their on December thirtieth, eighteen sixty six, a fire the north end of the building and a number of the natural history displays. clearing the Alhambra, assyrian Byzantine Court, Indian, enable galleries! as well as the tropical department, and they have sort of
a zoo happening at the time and several of the animals housed in that parks who were also killed, but due to funding she was only a portion of the destroyed building could be rebuilt in eighteen and he too hot air balloon accident at the park caused one vitality, and in a ninety and escaped elephant, trampled a park visitor, let's both tragic and easy to me that there was an escaped elephant in a giant glass structure I think it wasn't in the glass structure it was in the bigger park. Hark was really quite large. The structure with the centre piece that there were lots of other things going out like the dinosaur swamp, was outside the building. The whole thing was considered the Crystal Palace park I see and then in nineteen eleven the park actually declared bankruptcy. even though it had been wildly popular and continued to be and have many visitors the cost of upkeep, especially when they were having to do things like repair glass that was injured, or there was
Mr Wynn's, you know rebuild since that had been lost in fire. They just could not keep up with the expenses of rebuilding in maintaining prior to the bankruptcy and sort of a last ditch efforts to drum up some cash. The palace had hosted with they called festival of Empire, which coincided with George, the fifth coronation, and the pageant The displays did give the finances of the park a slight lift, but it really was not enough to undo decades worth of fiscal stream. So on September, eleventh ninety when an announcement appeared in the times stating that the Crystal Palace would be sold at auction on November. Twenty eighth of that year and in the way after the announcement, a flurry of uproar and crazy fiscal juggling started happening. These people really did love. It may wanted to save it, Now, I'm a night of November, the times ran the headline Crystal Palace saved, so Lord Plymouth, who was Lordly
of gloom. Morgan and mayor of Cardiff had arranged to purchase the palace. two hundred and ten thousand pounds to try to keep the beloved park off of the auction block the Lord mayor of London, then set up a fund to purchase the property from Lord Plymouth at night Thirteen. The crystal palace became a national property yeah Lord Plymouth sort of stepped in he didn't actually want to come the owner of the park, but he wanted to save it and it was one of them Look. I will do the quick thing. We have to do to save the situation and buy us some time, and that gave the Lord mayor of London time to be like. Let's now start to build up some money, so we can take this financial strain off the and give it to the people of the country under the minister, will trust was established under the Ministry of Education to keep the park in the historic building going and the trust
he's hired Henry James buckling as manager of the Crystal Palace, but was so completely devoted to the park, palace and his job. That he even named one of his daughters crystal in its honour, this kind of lovely it is during World WAR, one the Crystal Palace was closed to the public, so it could be used as a training area for the Royal Naval division, the proper He was designated as the Royal Naval Shore Station H, victory sex, but soon became known as H, M S Crystal Palace and one standard wrapped up in it got real. The public for the next couple of days, The butler really work tirelessly to restore the neglected park and work. Continual improvements, because you know it had been falling There's some disrepair prior to the auction, and so he was kind of make for some last time of care, but under his manage It even started to turn a small profit again surgeon
when things seem to be going better so seems to be going better road little while we have points on the night of November thirtieth nineteen thirty six, the Crystal Palace was almost entirely destroyed by fire. According to a BBC article written on the history of the Crystal Palace, there were eighty eight fire engines, four hundred thirty eight, officers Seven hundred and forty nine police officers called to the scene to try to fight wasn't enough. Tower survived in the cause of the blaze was never identified. there was a lot of speculation. Some people claim to have you been arson, but there our other instances rapierlike hey it's a giant building full of delicate displays that have lots of glue in paper. In them. This could have just naturally happened, and it was so easy to spread, as some sometimes unfortunately happened. The museums displays are often not always mean to be.
fire retardants and by nineteen thirty seven most of the iron work of the once regal and now demolished Crystal Palace had actually been removed by scrap merchants, because at that point to rebuild the whole building, they just do not have finding for it during World war to the part which still existed even though the Crystal Palace had been destroyed. Yeah was closed. The public again and used as a post for governmental war work, for a while the North tower was used to test dummy bombs, dropped them off the tower test them like. Being eggs. I feel kind of this The tower was dismantled over the course of the winter of nineteen. Forty, two nineteen, forty one and then April, sixteenth of nineteen forty one, the north tower, was destroyed with explosives according to some accounts, the town for continued, considered to conspicuous and or strategists feared that they would be too easy for german bombers to spot. So here's acquired
bustling about the state of the park following all of this. General devastation which we have suffered would lead one to suppose that our acres had been chosen as the field for the most realistic battle of the war. All our equipment feeding and furniture have either been destroyed or removed by the military, not an inch Hungary has been left in the contents of the buildings. Not a single shelf has been left in any cupboard bucks, is really not very delighted with how the military returned his beloved park. I mean again remember that man loved his work and his job. So I think he kind of felt like it had been misused in abuse a little bit and it should be noted that buckle and actually stayed on as manager there until he resigned and linking forty nine at night, In forty five competition was announced for architects and town planners to submit lay out for a new crystal palace in surroundings, and why
a winner was announced in May of nineteen. Forty six in June that same year, a letter to the joint committee on the part of the assessors indicated that, while a prize had been awarded The winning entry was not practical and they should have another competition. Really finally evidence, but that second competition never really. play it feels like there is I'm not sure how much of it can be chalked up to leg, poor planning, verses, they just didn't get the level of expertise the countries that they had hoped for, but it was later. We just had to pick the line that we thought was generally prettiest fit need. We can't make any of these, which is a pity and limit. It never really happened. However, the Crystal Palace Park remains now its home to a cancer boulders sport centre there there's pretty well
with the other accoutrements you would expect in a park like play areas and the dying or court remains, though, and it was actually refurbished, he'll backwards, it kind of love even though the dinosaurs are not really, we recognise now as accurate. You know, like I said they were. We put together and does I know we didn't know as much about dinosaurs as we do now, so some of them would be a little silly. If you look at them with them a pity I do, they have caveman next I seen pictures and I didn't see any caveman, but there are like some downed animals and stuff lingers snacks I would have a problem with cave know anyway. Years said, Sir Henry buckling resign. Their spanish, steady ebb and flow of projects in the park, as there would be any public space where you know, people a bid to build a thing and sometimes even gets announced in the papers that then it never happens or small structures or bill
one building was turned into a museum for the Crystal Palace, but knew no continues. However, there is a sort of new develop yeah in July of twenty thirteen, which is basically just offer. recording my sketched a few weeks ago. It was now but finally, developer was working on plans to rebuild Paxton Crystal Palace. Although the mayor's Office and Bromley Council representatives were pretty clear that the project was still in the very very early and theoretical stages here, there have been other discussions that it was gonna get rebuilt before that didn't pan out. So we'll see what happens to be really mean if that could happen, but we will see, will wait and see as Joseph Pakistan, the architect of the original Crystal Palace, he can t to design gardens and build structures and hothouses, and he We became a member of parliament in eighteen. Fifty four any held that post until his death in eighteen, sixty five, so he
He did ass. He meant it at the top of the park, ass kind of he's a great story of lake rags too rigid Upward mobility rank ass, a bit extreme. I don't think it was quite that and with his farm family, but he really did kind of just through his smart and ingenuity rise provenance with beautiful gigantic glass building, absolutely gorgeous, We have lots of links and units, and many of them will have pictures of the Crystal Palace. It so amazing, what a huge structural now you're size of it is really pretty overnight. May I had imagined it as much smaller until looking at all of these pictures and the people So tell me when you actually see some of the sketches and staff of the freeze that were encased in it and the people walking around in there and people up on the balconies on the upper levels. You it's almost startling that I can't be. That is
gale our eye. They makes total sense that they would put in wooden support. That were much more to make. It look sturdier because our probably would have been scared to go in there, but to the best of my knowledge, no incidents related to the safety of the structure and were happened during the expo, and there was some heavy for traffic gas.
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families and enmeshed in the local culture, as opposed to other workers who stay mostly in camps or quote behind a wire, during my time later. On other things I found most difficult about fitting in was how to address appropriately. I know those people associate the territory or border with Afghanistan, but behind behind these doors, women actually have a very specific fashion culture. One of the quote rules of society for women is the skirts, cannot be wound without pants. These pants range from a large amount of fabric that folding gathers and cinches at the waist to light. With less of the Burma, either way potent that your pants be seen picking out at the bottom of your dress, her skirt, so that everyone can see you are being proper and wearing pants under skirt. I couldn't help it. How similar this is too bloomers or painful adds that you described in the under, whereupon cast off The men of Afghanistan continue to wear pamphlet. You described with a lot of fabric allowing for movement. That then cinches at the waist
Forget my husband holding up his new pants for the Taylor and seeing that at least four of them could fit into the fabric in saying how fat do they think we are was thinking when you described the rumours about Queen Victoria, wait based on the sides of her bloomers anyway you may be interested in the similarities, in my glimpse of fashion behind the burka, Pictures of our efforts, let me now, of course I want to see picture yeah, that's cool, and while I was really we seem here where we got, it may mean selfishly think of the fact that I. The guy everywhere. A skirt without leggings, underneath it so unhappily there yeah you blew worse, but. I so rarely where scared I am alive, I you know, I think, mass transit. Sometimes I walk around the city. Allied stairs you never know when wind is gonna, do anything. So I better safe than sorry scenario but but but
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