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Rose Bertin: The First Fashion Designer

2014-03-31 | 🔗

The legendary wardrobe of Marie-Antoinette has been criticized, envied and discussed to no end. But where did all those glorious clothes come from? In large part, they were the work of Rose Bertin, a milliner who found herself the stylist to the queen. Read the show notes here.

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and to some big issues like this country's devastating maternal mortality rate, the rise of astrology and a little. Called the presidential election. Listen to next question. It comes out every Thursday on the Iheart, radioactive apple podcast or wherever you your favorite shows will continue stuff. You must, in history class from how software tat can allow and walked into the park. Canst I'm howling frying, I'm Tracy Wilful, like a lot so excited So in my sort of zone of TED Topics, if a big, if an intersection several zones. It really is, and the legend wardrobe of Re Antoinette, whose exactly who are talking about, but she does figure prominently in the story.
Her wardrobe has been criticized. It's been envied. It's been discussed to no end by the historians and sociologists, but why there's always glorious, closed, come from is a bigger question and in large part they were work of a woman named rose there? Ten and her staff There was a milliner who found herself, basically the stylus to the queen, and she and her level of privilege that even Roy were not really given at that time. and while they were certainly other people designing clothes long before birth tat, she was the first to really make this sort of transition from an anonymous dressmaker. Although we'll talk in this second about that term, few, a famous dressmaker till it basically a famous designer- and this was all because of the patronage of you- know a famous clothes horse and- Before we get started, you'll hear us referred arose, Bhutan, throughout the episode as a milliner, which in today's parlance would mean that she was a hat maker. But in this time
someone with that title didn't only make hats. A milliner could be called upon to make dresses too Truman detailing to existing gown, sometimes like a gown would be brought in to be refreshed and all the terms it be taken off. A new terms would be put on in different alterations would be made to make it look new indifference other accessory, sometimes even gloves and underpinnings, were also within the purview of the milliner I use that firms. Interchangeably is milliner and dressmaker. Some historians get a little bit prickly about that, because calling her a dressmaker sort of seems too. The value her position a little bit to me at the very important position to be got a dressmaker, but just so you know like she's. Technically, a milliner tat would be her title, I'm unease or its interchangeably
I'm ok with that, and I want you and talk about. We dont go into it. Although we dimension one person related the millinery traded this time, somtimes had some negative associations with it of women working in it. Being also applying another trade. At times it was not known to be the most virtuous occupation. Suddenly, this makes the seamstress skilled, in theory, projects we'll books really funny. I mean it was a funny already and now you having just told me that it is even more I will mention one other person that was kind of tied to the millinery trade that will kind of also make that bit clearer and you'll see the associations, but really going into that hold the city side of it too much so you'd start an absolutely though was born at Ambien, and that was a city about a hundred and twenty kilometers north of parents and she was born on July. Second, seventeen, forty seven,
when she was born, was Marie's and for and one of the things it's interesting about this time in history is that people would change their names pretty frequently from home. a move up the ladder thing and sometimes not, but you will not hear her referred to that with that name again. So just heads up her pet. Nicholas Emory Marguerite. Bertha we're not particularly well in an effort to provide firmer asian and her younger brothers on the wrong. Her mother worked as a sick nurse to supplement the family income is what her father made, didn't really make enough, for them did raise and educate their children, which is something they really prioritized there's a story in a meal. Long gloves Burton Biography that railways, when she was still a child, became just completely obsessed with having her palm read by a fortune, teller who was reported,
the extremely insightful and was also imprisoned, nearby and thirst, and she had no money rose allegedly starred, starved herself so that she can bring food to the fortune teller in exchange for having her Paw the reading was rendered and according to his hail, the young girl was told that she would quote rise to great fortune. Then one day where a court dress begets interesting that biography by the way, which will reference a few more times and was one of the big sources for this was written in nineteen thirteen and I the heat lot of digging through records to get a lot of stuff. A lot of the details in the the data about her existence and some of the numbers and stuff right, but there is a little bit of flourish, so I I immediately kind of question this story, but it's an interesting one to include this idea that she was kind of obsessive unwilling to do what she had to do. It
where she wanted roses. Father Nicholas died January 24th of one thousand seven hundred and fifty four and that left the family to survive as best they could on his wife's income. She was still working as a sick nurse and the family but rose always assisted her mother. Whenever possible, she was not a girl, it was afraid of hard work say when she was only sixteen rose decided to move to Paris. She was smart and pretty and decided to use her charms to secure a position as an apprentice at a millinery shop in the shop was called trade. The lot, which translates to balance, stroke or gallant feature in the shop was run by Mademoiselle Peugeot and it was ready a supplier of accessories to the courts of France and Spain, so it was really quite a good position to get into around the same time, a young woman named Jean Luc He was also an apprentice at another millinery shop, which was run by Mademoiselle Lobby and Jan repute.
later find their way into the name. Madame DU berry and set her own place in history as King Louis, the fifteenth, mistress yeah, that's kind of one of those times of a woman who maybe was super virtuous working in the military trade still laughing about the seamstress scaled up if it and rose had not been working for a very long for Mademoiselle Pages when she was despatched, twenty meaning to make a delivery to the princess the county. And while she was at the princesses at an he made small talk with a woman that she believed to be a chamber made. So, of course, it turns out that she was actually talking to the princess and rose was just hugely embarrassed at her gaff and she apologized profusely the princess
had found her to be just quite charming, reassured her that no ill had been done. Her identity had not been made apparent. The princess also promise ongoing goodwill towards Burton on her part yeah. That was a good friend to have made, even though accidental maybe definitely also embarrassing, yeah and the story is relate in a way that she showed up in. It was quite late in the evening in this woman was already kind of drift down. She was definitely in robes that would suggest her position at all. So that's. Why rose thy? Oh, it's intimated tat. While we wait for other people to come and look at these guns have brought, and then it was not the case at all, Can the princesses fondness for this young milliner was almost immediately manifest soon after the two men in this embarrassing, but fundamentally beneficial event took place a royal marriage between a duke the shouts and Louise Mcvay had led Debbie was arranged and rose,
at her new royal friends recommendation was called upon to make the brides trousseau slick a huge get into the big deal yeah. A really lucrative bridle order and not only brought rose into the favour of the royal. He would all need clothing accessories, but it also elevated her position in the shop Mademoiselle Puzzle made rose a partner in the in the millinery shop. and from this point on roses, royal patrons only grew in number. The duchess to shout LE became a protectorate. She, like the princess, the county. Look, four rose and really helped along her business interests, and fortunately the Duke do sat also take an interest in raise an We pursued her very diligently and the hopes of a romantic relationship, but she really was not having that at all. Whether this is the
she was the loyalty were customer, the duchess or simply because she does was not interested in the man is- is basically unclear, but either way she had no time for that business, nay. With her wrist and rumours of applaud that the Duke had concocted to kidnap rose and take her away to a country house to sort of forced her to become his mistress reach the milliner she found out about them, but it made her constantly fearful you know at any moment someone who's gonna pop out from around the corner and snatcher and take her away to the country, those terrible he is, does, is trying to do our work. We were alone for innovate. Your wife's club, please get out of my way One day rose was visiting the Comtesse diesel about an order and the Duke came and also made this appearance. She were used to go out a receipt when the Duke entered and when the countess questioned her
why she was acting this way. She was straight up about it. She explained the Duke and clearly forgotten his place in pursuit of her, and so she would not honour their societal gap. Yeah she's like when he remembered his place. I will treat him like he belongs in that place, this kind of a wonderfully sassy, and just to do it in front of his you know social equals again. Very cool people get mad. Sometimes when we talk about how much we love the people were talking about, but this is the moment that is which goes to. I love her and the do caught at his game in front of this peer, any did not deny it, but he did call rose a little serpent. I saw it was by the same translator, of this biography in one he called her a viper in and when he called her a serpent lay two different in dumb translations by the same persons, but patenting is that he left her alone after the kind of gave up his pursuit.
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habit of assisting young women in their entrepreneurial efforts and she had already given rose or favour so with the duchesses financial backing re set up her shop around mobile in the rue. The sand honorary and in addition to bankrolling this enterprise, the duchess to shout, we have also used her position to send business roses way and kind of act as roses. Pr, within the royal class for she had already been doing to some degree, but once she had financially set up this business, she really wanted it to succeed in seventeen. Seventy that just met with Madame, but now I am Madame the misery, and these were the ready and waiting in first chambermaid, who had been selected to attend the new Dauphine, who was Marie Antoinette the duchess.
Raised roses, skills and personality and suggested that she be chosen to make the answer. I'm all that the new princess would change into at Strasbourg Border Crossing ass. She stepped onto french soil and became a woman of France. Yes, I just in case anybody doesn't that hasn't seen the movies about Marie Antoinette etc. When she crossed from Austria into France, she changed all of her clothes changed everything so that she would emerge under french soil as a french prince S and leave Austria behind and so rose made that outfit that she changed into, which is a huge deal, because that was also the outfit that most people would see her into the first time sort of her arrival on symbolic and also actually important yet, and the lobbying of the duchess shuffler, along with similar, please from other royals the burden. whenever his clients actually got the young
to control her order and the first exposure to her of her work to the new princess. So, in addition to it being important because it was a huge imagery issue for France. It also gave the woman who would be Queen her first taste of french clothing, so it was important on many levels. Yeah fail Burton soon got her first in person. Introduction to the point That's from Austria, it's entirely likely that the talented but also business, savvy milliner was just completely away of the opportunity that was presenting itself to her. If she pleased the new Dauphine, all of France would be clamouring for her work an thanks again to the high praise that her existing clientele gave their tat. She was a made a royal order for the princess in the amount of two twenty thousand leave route, which is worth roughly four thousand dollars at the time, so that in seventeen seventy two, so that is a huge fortune really
but we should point out that this rise to the favour of the queen was not like an instantaneous process. Marie Antoinette who arrived in France, in seventy, and was seventeen seventy two. When Britain got her first order, there were a lot more to come after that, though each year, the year, the Dolphins clothing allowance and seventy seven seventeen. Seventy two was one hundred and many thousand livres annually and that's roughly twenty four thousand where's very, very roughly, but about one court, that money I mean, even in today's money, if you just Solvay you have twenty four thousand dollars to spend on, closes the arabic right on her fine, I they're laughing. I will show up to work in a ball gown everyday one quarter of that expense, was allocated for quote ordinary dresses. Like the address issue, just we're in her day to day life, if there was nothing important, you just highly unlikely when you are a dolphin, because then three quarters of that was dazzling
for extraordinary expenses. I e fancy pants unicorn dresses, like all of the big you're, going to an event you're being presented. It expires e you're, going to me another. Of royalty from another country that here with an envoy any of those types of things, Oh, that already has a lot of money in October of seventeen. Seventy, were Marie Antoinette Clothing allowance rose to two hundred thousand Libra again it's almost doubling it from before I mean not quite almost always brings it declaring I'm doing quick math in my head brings it close to forty thousand at that time still a million dollar budget. Now I could not find a good comparison of like what that would be going really hollers. It's really hard to compare dollar amount, one, especially because leave her. It no longer exists as a foreign currency, so tricky, but once Marie turn. It became queen. She,
in her first year is queen. She accrued in a debts of three hundred thousand, Lee, including expenses and the king actually no. She was racking quite that much, but she did it does the same. So the vast majority this money was going right, too, rose Burton, and so the sounds incredibly Luke. and it is, it was only a small- some of the money that she was making through her shop so that, where the Dauphine amen, and went for her gowns and her accessories. That was where everyone wanted to go. Yeah I mean TAT really kind of become this huge business juggernaut in a way because the you know
and we should I shouldn't- I miss characterize when I wrote in the notes that it took a small part of her business. It was a huge part of her business that she was getting a lot of business. On top of that right, so I mean millions of dollars in the very vague equivalent of today's money being spent in this one millinery shop on close, by the royal class, and we talked about Marie Antoinette becoming Queen and we should take. coronation gown, because it was quite something and it was a veteran creation, so traditionally Clothing choices for the male royals in attendance at a coronation ceremony would be of style, which evoked no specific era or style of dress. Of course, neither Marie Antoinette nor rose Burton would agree to that idea at all additionally, I mean they kind of have this. This room
do about it or argue their case, because a royal consort had not been part. Coronation since Catherine timidity in fifteen forty seven, there have been several bachelor king RO on the French thrown, so there was more two hundred year long wags since the last lady Anne. When its position and there wasn't, it invention to follow based on that, and so the Dauphin and her designer kind of took advantage of that gap in protocol to go all right. We're making a huge gown and it's gonna be ridiculous and wonderful. Ridiculous and wonderful is right. The gown tat made for Marie Antoinette aware was encrusted with jewels include many many sapphires and also heavy embroidery. This made the garment enormously heavy dressmakers lashed designer tried to arrange a special carriage just to take it to the seem to be clean I dont know if she was grim about wish and Marie Antoinette was placed on a special stand to to,
you, the ceremony, and I dont know if you know load bearing issues were part of that because of this gown and get you couldn't really walk around in the council. This era were already extremely heavy compared to what we where today, this would be extraordinarily heavy. On top of that already. heavy yeah I mean it would not be. People Prodi have the image of the big wide hips. You know the penny ay shaped gowns, it's not uncommon for those who take twenty yards a fabric just because of them players in the shape of it, is so wide at so on top of the weight of twenty yards fabric is the weight of
permanently knows the value of all of those jewels and heavy. Let go beyond embroidery which is very heavy on its own and then underpinning encase. That was not enough. Yes, so it was a significant achievement in clothing engineering even say so, as the crowds followed Marie Antoinette in style, return was able to develop, is rather ingenious, waited to keep the money flowing in she would the orders from the rest of the royal for gowns that were similar to the ones the Queen war. Then there's the queen saw more and more people dress, like hers we get tired of that at once. Something new, indifferent, yes retirement design, new styles for her majesty, you know she also had a hand in in the hairstyle, so there was lift here higher. There is shifting the dream of a skirt by bustling Allah, polonaise, accepting with feathers, etc, and with each of these changes,
updated the style the masses would follow, and the queen would again want something new. So she kind of developed this perfect cycle of just continuous orders planned obsolescence of royal clothing. So smart was really an effective business while her five stayed busy with an array of clients wanting all the latest styles whilst simultaneously worked on fashions where the queen that we're going to become the next big style and bring the same p right back to her for a wardrobe update and four in France in particular, the Court of France at the time to be out of date on your style was really an embarrassment and could really affect you socially, which is ridiculous but that's how it works and return normally visited the queen twice a week and she would discuss new designs should review sketches and textiles. They would talk about the styling in accessorizing that was gonna accompany individual looks, so she really became her stylist
in many regards, even though there were other people making closed for the queen as well, that can just blow your mind some or hundreds of gowns a year that this level of acts to the queen that bear tat would normally be absolutely unheard of for someone outside the royal circle, but Marie Antoinette obsession with afforded the milliner these special privileges- so earned their town, the nickname minister of Fashion among Marie Antoinette critic. She was really getting land based in the press allowed as being the source of waste or one of the the purveyors of waste in the royal court that sheep they had realized. She had figured out this wonderful way to keep money coming in constantly and that she was purposely kind of pudding, expiration date on everything by making similar copies of dresses,
they really kind of lampooned her in the press. So it's important to remember that, while Britain was benefiting financially from her relationship with the queen and the queen's circle, the real benefit was this so called protection that she had been offered by. So many of them So, for example, at one point one of Britain's relatives, he was a widow making her living. The bookseller was arrested for selling pamphlets. That sad arrives public officials in seventeen. Seventy three return was able, call up all of her friends among the royalty for help. So, first, her relative was released from the best you, but at her scented thing, she was exiled from Paris for five years as a punishment. Amber turn continue to campaign on behalf of the bookseller. After this, the sentencing happen and they pressure from Marie Antoinette and other Ladys of the court. That sentence was overturned a month after it was issued.
Not only do this woman, why being freed, but then she was involved, invited to dine with the queen and she became the court bookseller, which was a position. we held until the revolution out ousted Louie, the sixteenth from his seat, and in another instance, during a royal procession through Paris on route to an event, I would add many carriages in it the queen, seeing their talent and her staff on the balcony of the shop in reducing or on array acknowledged, her dressmaker, which is a huge honour for you know, acquaint point you out in non to you in one of these professions, and this resulted in every carriage after that of the king and queen, also having to acknowledge her apparently
and spent the day, basically curtseying carriages and on at least to equate occasions. The queen also arranged for bear tend to be led to a better see at the theatre when she was when she realized their stylist was sitting in a less than stellar position to enjoy. The entertainment. Subverter had really achieved an unprecedented level like an unprecedented rise from her beginnings to where she ended up once she had the favour of the queen so to be granted these kind of failure favours, and especially with as much regularity by those in the highest positions of society, quite an accomplishment for this- you know their own from I'm here, so other women, such as mad, I'm very who talked about earlier, had basically sweat their way to the top of french society return. Him used her entrepreneurial skills to get their yeah. It's really has quite a bit about her and support. The idea
very smart. She was an ass. She submitted her place as a milliner to the nobility she did have a little bit of that thing. That often happens to people when they get famous really She got a little bit of a superior attitude. Sometimes their tails of telling clients that she was gonna delay their orders because she had the decided that style should not be debuted until later, and she would sometimes shroud customers of lower rank by selling them they were out of date, even though wearing them would be social suicide like there's one tail of a noble and who is trying to get a hat for a relative or a friend who is from the country and she's a gas element a last month's hats vs? Is she really was just kind of thing like your unimportant? I don't really care about you which the terrible way to do business, but she had so much sheep conflict. She could make these
less than ideal statements to people. She also is said to have responded to criticism from people, thereby finding them her work was good enough for the queen. I personally have no problem with her saying this year. Selfish is pretty petulant about it. Where is someone said? Oh, you know this dress. Those bodies is quite right to be like it's enough of queen yeah, he's kind of his native duty way to do it. I can understand it in point of fact, but She would also turned our work for the wives of white collar workers alike. If a lawyers wife came to her, she big, I don't really need your business this backfired on her, though, because one of her employees set up shop for herself and pretty good living catering to the customers that Britain cast off and they became rivals to some degree and after an altercation furious. There tat allegedly spat in the face of this former employees. There was a dramatic
legal battles, so her snobbery kind of bitter on the tale, so Mademoiselle Pico, who was the former employee, said that she was so shocked by brutal behaviour in its path out, retain countered that she had never behave in such a manner. The initial judgment found pertain guilty, Betsy appealed and at this point the queen intervene. Not only was the previous judgment overturned but Mademoiselle Become was also ordered to pay the expenses that were associated with the appeal so yet another example of her. It was really good for everything they have only strengthened it's worth pointing out were definitely an active devotion, so, at the time the milliner having lost her social standing in large part was also having trouble collecting debts from other clients, and so even though her finances were starting to crumbs, through the royal family, was in custody of the National Assembly, were tank continued to deliver gowns to the queen, although they were much simpler than what you ve been making before and these deliveries
worth pointing out were definitely an active devotion. So time. The milliner having lost her social standing in large part, was also having we'll collecting debts from other clients- and so even though her finances, starting to crumble. She still clothe the queenly shoes, though very appreciative of their relationship, once Marie Antoinette was exit, in return realizing that things were not gonna go well for her fled to London. She set up up there and cater to many of her previous patrons from France who had also fled. She did returned to France a couple years later, though, in seventeen. Ninety five, but she had no career at the level that she had once known to go back to her name was assessed it still with Lily. The sixteenth, Marie Antoinette endless styles addresses that sharing Excel that were no longer fashionable the fashioned
that she had once made as miniature versions of her fashion designs, which would be sent out sort of a treaty catalogues for people to feel like is almost like a few picture, a fashioned all today in a beautiful gown and you go. I want that gown. Ah, they became popular electable, so she was still making those and she was still making a living. It wasn't like she was a pariah, but she was right never able to return to the level of success that she had known during Lou, the sixteenth rain, eventually Louis, like a lab or tat, he was. His nephew was set up in her old shop and he sold linens and other fancy. Articles rare still owns the shop, but she was aired in ongoing efforts to settle all the old pre revolution. Debts and in the early eighteen hundred this you ve, gotten older rose, would occasionally still cell small orders to Royals who remembered her as a broker of the most elegant styles. But these really serve to kind of stroke ego more than they filled her pocket book. While she
financially financial, also offered her services too old, for as favor. She never really press them for payment, like all of her wiles that she had used to make such a huge fourteen stopped being part of her or operating plan. Yeah. You know She was at the height of her career, really difficult and detrimental by some people's descriptions. She seemed to soften alot after the revolution took the whenever sales, and I think she saw a sort of camaraderie with these people that were innocent a similar boat of lake had this life, and now everything has changed in our kind of all in this together and lets take care of each other with dresses where it was beautiful, clothes sadly rose, died on September twenty second eighteen, thirteen in the village of Epinay, where she owned land and spent her time away from Paris. She was sixty six. She was certainly no longer famous the way she had been in her hey day, her habitual
did run in numerous papers and there were many kind remembrances written about both her style intergenerational dealey later in life, although even before she became famous people, would talk about how the tests we she wasn't her she's very kind. So it seems, like she kind of became a little bit of a tyrant for a brief period, but she was super wildly popular and then that shift it back to sort of her purple troll nature, her to nephews, flood Charlemagne and Nicholas, and two nieces discovered that there were still many uncollected debts. They were owed to bear tat, and so after she died, they did manage to recover some of that money for the estate, but it took several decades. They really had to work quite diligently to collectively that money. This episode of stuff you, MRS History, glass,
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the impact on fashion and happenings of the day. It was more than clothes, shoes making clothes, but it was warm and clothes, and I had this kind of love. You know any back story on fashion designers well and that the first portion of the story today, We going from nothing to being the primary dressmaker to the clean reminds me of don't laugh the Katy peering moving where we re getting laughing, whether you should not feel we basically learned that Oliver stylists and make people and people making her dress was a lot of them are, people that she knew from before she became really famous and she kind of brought them to crazy, outlandish clothing, me, where's and entertainment. Now they have for years and entertainment and not now
they might. I understand that the canal you Now- and I am also quite fond of the Katy Peering Movie, for reasons that are somewhat foreign to me as not particularly a fan of Katy Perry. Yeah I've in the same boat- that was a good movie Tracy got me to watch it. It's not historical and anyway, but my friend Alice watched it and was like everyone should watch this because you just get to see people genuinely love, something that there really excited about for an hour and a half, and you know I am thankful to Alice every time. Katy, Perry and now jumping way out of this stuff. Do we have listener? May we do in its matter Everest episode? Hang we got a few. We are quite happy emails about Everest. Betray me very happy. Several were glad that we talk so much about tensing nor day, because it's the shirt, but he doesn't always get mentioned on the same level as Sir Edmund Hilary,
to me the equal, oh yeah, and I mean evidently there was they may not in social standing, particularly from the british point of view, our going on as many goals in my had their equal flow. They both participated in that same feet and they could not have done it without one another. They shared two mile and pretty much the same exact experience. So you can't really mention one and not give the other equal credits This came from a listener, TB and she says dear tracing Holly. I wanted to write to you and tell you about my encounter with Everest. I thought the best way I could do this was to copy the email I sent to my friends on the night I descended from Everest. I want a competition for an all expenses paid trip to base camp to Here's what I had to say on the night I returned, and this is her email to your friends. guys, hope, you're all well, just a quick update. I have just descended from six thousand seven hundred and forty five meters and I'm completely wrecked. I think that I was completely unprepared for how tough it was both is.
Mentally, and I certainly had more than a few moments where I didn't think I was going to keep moving out of the four competition winners. Only two of us made it to six thousand me. Is she here? The other winner descended almost immediately due to pretty acute altitude illness? I spend a couple of nights at every camp to at six thousand six hundred meters before I made the climb to six thousand an hundred forty five. I really wanted to make it to seven thousand, but at that point my vision was blurring of my left eye and completely gone in my right. I ok, as my aside when I read that I kind of heaven of those wholly crap moments, because I had not read much about people's vision failing and I can't imagine how scary that would be subject her letter- I hardly remember anything- is the air was so thin, but it was definitely worth it. I can see why people given everything for highly sued climbing, although I certainly don't think I have the nerve for it. I almost enough ass, my life every night in the base camps, as you hear nothing, but the ice creek and crack beneath your tend, not to mention feeling pretty sorry for my
if, in the freezing temperatures, that would also be me I he called I was lucky enough to spend. I'm in the camps of people who are getting ready to ascend the summer in the first two weeks of May, they spend monthly the mountain at a cost of about forty thousand dollars for a single chance to get to the summit. Only about twenty none of them actually make it the rest in turning back due to the altitude the weather or injuries speaking a witch, Peter Report. I have only dislocated two fingers sprained. My knee. Infection in my hand and a bit of a cold not too bad. With my track record of the Dutch soon and then Katy goes on to say to us, it was a spectacular trip and a once in a lifetime opportunity, but so dangerous and unforgiving that I'm sure I would be able to either do it again or allow anyone. I love to attempt it anyway. I thought you might enjoy this glimpse into a climbers life boy. Did I hear
vision thing terrified me, but thank you so much tv cause. That's an insight that I I certainly wouldn't have. I dont know anybody personally, that's climbed Everest and I can of yearned for those you can read the peoples else, but we're getting a pretty much as soon as the episode came out. We started having people into error that were like hey my friend yeah I've ever spamming, We also had a lot of people asking us to do a similar episode about Katy yeah, maybe, like maybe I forget. I think that might depend on whether it's gonna sound like Everest again with a lot of the names changed. Maybe there we'll see we'll see the answer. Ninety percent of the ten year, not because we want to discount anybody's idea. This is through a lot. I went in it some things, particularly with episode ideas there, a lot of things that we ve talked about before they don't always pan out in the early stages of research. You realize like this is a road: that's not really gonna. U,
any sort of results that we can really work with, yellow represent organised record next in those particular recordings action being one of them. So. thank you again so much Katy. That was very, very cool, and if you want to write to us and share your experiences on Everest or withdrawn, curse or anything else that you share. You can do so by rating as history part ass, the discovery dot com you can connect with us on Facebook at Facebook background Splash, missed in history on Twitter ATLAS in history, at least in history, dot, tumblr com restart com, Slash, MR history. If you want to learn a little bit more about what we talked about today, you can go to the house to look spectrum and type in the words rose there tat. Would you be our key? I am in the search
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