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Roses Through Time

2017-06-26 | 🔗

Humans have painted roses, written about them, and assigned them symbolic meaning for centuries. But this much-beloved flower predates mankind, and it's a little difficult to track our early relationship with cultivating it.

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history will continue stuff. You missed in history class from how stuff works. Tat come upon gas on how we fry and I'm Tracy Wilson, and you are doing- and I presume that is self- Finally, I want to talk about for a long time, which is roses because love roses, but I am, admittedly, a total amateur in the garden our house, so we body with a lot of roses, some of which entertaining we. They have revealed them to me to be purely chosen for the spot theory, but like their lovely blue of the most beautiful red rose bloom like crazy, every spring and summer and right into fall that are right next to the steps on either side of the railings, but there
I mean roses and sell summer. We literally have to cut them back almost every day because they just keep coming into the the walkway in its wake. you're so beautiful in their so hardy and healthy, and I really love them, but whoever pick them maybe didn't realize what kind they were and then I add to our little collection periodically. I'm I'm a lady who does not know that much about my roses, but I love them. Dearly bought a few of the the fun hybrids of late in the past few years, so by I also have to wait until now. All of this is the thing to do. This episode, one June, is a very prolific time for ruses, so it's kind of automatically right, but I knew that if we did, this episode early in the spring that I would be tempted to buy a lot more rose, as a consequence and I'm already kind of out of space for places to put them. So I had to
Until we are at the point when growers and nurseries won't ship to us, any more cars were out of the plan, thinks he's so you're getting this in late June, so that I can manage my own online shopping problems that seems legitimate. The history of roses I conversely, have an episode, but I've been wanting to do for a while. That has just been a pain All the work on- and I still have not finished it weeks so will surprise every one with which I presume those are slash. That is where new they come out here. Sometimes Tracy. I had to be careful about how we manage our own subjects: and just as the caviar are a similar thing at the beginning of our history of veterinary medicine. This is needed Firstly, an overview. A lot has happened in literally millions of years. Since services have existed on this planet, so we can cover
every bit of minutiae but were giving you the broad strokes of like the key moments and now in a history of raises prepared for the American Rose society historian Haines wrote quote, roses are incredibly complex. Many reservations, are opinionated that makes for of witches brew nah nah, wind thinking in some downright nasty disagreements. You may have heard the saying that I went to a fight. And arose meeting broke out. This is because there is a lot of room for conjecture, angry opinions and wild guesses. This sort of made me laugh one because I had never heard that expression, but it's quite delightful and two it made me think of doubt navvy. or they do there's some rose drama that I actually have a doubt. Namby rose in my garden now, what's his name for violet, but this one day
the plant is perhaps the most famed in human history. I would go so far as to say is, but I'm always a little bit reticent about spurned would have split. The its did. Most famous is revered for its beauty, its use symbolically. Of course, into consumables. There is a war named after them will touch on that briefly and nineteen. Eighty six president, over again made the rose, the national floral emblem of the United States, but roses predates civil as we know it, by a significant margin. Here they exist literally millions of years, but the image of the roads that you probably think of doesn't look like the ones blooming in Asia as far back as an estimated a million years ago or in North America. Thirty, five million years ago, ancient wild roses were fairly simple as some wilder is still so are, but even more simple than that, many had only five petals that bloomed into sort of a disk like shape and curiously
roses. Are northern hemisphere natives? That's not yet understood why they are native to more than one comment in the northern hemisphere, but not to the southern hemisphere. Yeah. I think you can probably, if you're, very good gardener transplant some but enters naturally growing. They just have never sprung up there. The oldest of roses are considered the species roses, so these are varieties of roses, the developed in nature without human intervention, so those ancient ancient ones, as well as as more recent ones, but that are still uncultivated and those came the basis of all cultivated ruses, but for a long time they did just fine on their own, and there are some species ruse groups that continue to grow today and that you can even purchase as well as some that are growing in the wild
and in addition to their simple blooms, they had some of the hallmarks of roses, so thorns simples and hips, just like your modern roses, but it looked a little different. Roses have appeared in art and Minoan Crete dating back to seventeen hundred BC, IE and Gypsy Floral Red stated Circa one. Seven, these c e feature of species are raises actually still living today because of the rose. cardy, also known as the roses Sancta and its colloquially known as the holy rows of Abyssinia in the fifth century. B c e Herodotus route of a garden in Macedonia that housed ruses. But what exact kinds of roses were. remains a matter of guesswork. There also biblical references to roses, but similarly its unclear. If those river, these are correctly translated or if the flowers in the text,
Actually something else and then in translation rose kind of got subdued in for a flowering plants. Humans began cultivating roses starting roughly five thousand years ago. The oldest species arose that continues today is the Rosa Gallagher, which is also called a French rose, dates back to twelve hundred BC and has been growing in Asia and parts of Europe since that time, yet a lot of roses, vote french names justify either not all the same. The damask rose, known by its latin name Rosa Demosthenian and named for Damascus is a descendant of that French rose. It has been and since at least nine hundred BC, variations of it Miss grows, develop through cross breeding became calm and eventually and as the roman empire came into power really is really really benefited. In the eastern part of the roman empire, roses became incredibly popular, not just
their beauty, but for a wide range of other uses. So important was the rose and roman culture that massive public rose gardens where established and, of course, fragrant roses. Rees decree, perfumes, various to the plants were and still are commonly used as curatives and rose. Petals were used in roman times to create natural confetti which a sort of a lovely image throughout the meditate during the roman empire rose based products, as well as the plants themselves were bartered among various cultures as they travelled their usual trade routes. The first known catalogue of roses in the western world was compiled Circa three hundred BC e by a greek scientist and philosopher name, Theo Rastus, a student of Aristotle, Theo practice is sometimes called the Father of Botany for his extensive riding on plants and his rose. Related research provides
one of the earliest detailed analyses of their physical composition and in the first century climbing the elder wrote about ruses. He talked of them being manipulate into blooming in the off season, sometimes over and over in various locations. For those multi blooms, we're gonna talk about later were not naturally occurring as raises have been cultivated by humans. They ve also taken on various symbolic associations, including meanings based on their colours. Of course, during the war of the Roses, York was represented by white roses in Lancaster by Read, the White York rose, Rosa Alba dates back to the second century,. amuse roses continue to exist today, flourishing and naturally, cold climates What a winter to actually succeed. This thing about roses that I was complete, this on and understood only much more recently like in my head roses were much more delicate and required pretty
temperate climate year round and then my first speech time in Boston and I walked through our neighbourhood and there was a beautiful rose, a flourishing everywhere. I did not know that was possible and then I felt ignorant Fiona been around them. Yeah I mean no water. Roses are very, very hearty it's one of the reasons I have become so popular globally. Is that again, if you're living in the Northern Hemisphere, often do very well with very, very little effort on the part of amateur gardeners. Anyone can grow, arose in one room particular. That's noted in Europe in the late fifteen. Hundreds is the roses into Folia The folio means one hundred leaves, and these flowers are also known as cabbage roses, because of their round thickly peddled blooms at that point leaves is actually probably referring to pebbles that nomenclature didn't really exist, but play me and the oppressed us both wrote about roses with a hundred leaves, but there was no clear evidence of such ruses existing until the late. Sixteen
tree like we have these two ratings that reference them, but we didn't really have anything, resembled the hundred leaf rose until we started seeing them pretty commonly in the sixteenth century. There is reference to it I was in the fifteen ninety seven book herbal written by John Gerard and that described it doesn't seem to align with these hundred leaved flowers that were described in older writings. It didn't get the nickname cabbage rose until the seventeen. Hundreds, though, and coming up we're gonna talk about the roses. The seventeenth century, Europe, but first you're gonna, take a little break. Silly can hear from one of our sponsors this episode of stuff. You, MR history classes brought you buy. Casper I said before I have of a love, hey relationship with sleep leg. Sleep feels great, but I wish I didn't have to do it. However, I have to admit that since I gotta Casper and weigh more into sleep than I used to be, I all caps love my casper. It has made such a huge change in my life and the quality of the sleep that I get and what's really really great, is that by
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almost a hundred and fifty years after the conclusion of the conflict between european link history, Charles the first of England's royal botanist road of english white roses in sixteen twenty nine that botanist John Parkinson describe two kinds of white roses: one thicker and more abundant with flowers in the other. Although he noted the differences could be caused by mental factor. Saying quote: some do judge these to be, but one kind the diversity happening by the air or ground or both Parkinson route as well. The carnation rose using the Latin Rosa Incarnate and at this point The word carnation was associated with basically the skin tone of white people, so it's likely that he was writing of a pale pinkish bloom throughout the sixteen hundred MRS went through a massive surge in popularity and they were valued the roses. Even rose water, were sometimes used. As currency in Europe and by that time,
also very common as part of medical treatments parodies this terrestrial one of Parkinson's books as the first english book to discuss roses as garden plants rather than as medicinal plants. Roses had, of course, been grown for their beauty before that time, both in England and elsewhere. But most writing about them had a lot more to do with their practical uses. Instead of their visual appeal. Initially, even ruses grown in the garden setting weren't really the focal point of any landscape plan, they tend to be relegated to the edges, but eventually they came and he uses hedges and its accents and then slowly kind a move to be the centre of some gardens the writings about roses used medicinal anger, also clouded by poor nomenclature and classification. For example, rose or Rosa became so commonly used that it started to apply to other plants or flowers that were not actually roses. Additionally,
Plans are often described with less than ideal detail for modern readers to figure out just what specific plant the writer might have been talking about. I know ran into that difficulty. When I was looking for our work to go with this attitude, as does the farther that I went back and are the more It's like, I'm not sure. That's arose, yeah yeah, there are some the biggest said they just got substrate in her pretty expensive, petals called ruse. Incidentally, Parkinson was also the first to describe a native North American rose species being grown in Europe, so had travelled across the Atlantic and back in sixteen forty he wrote Thea botanicum and he said in its quote: the Virginia Briar rose, hath diverse as great stems and branches any other rose whose young agree and the elder grayish set with many small prickles and a few great thorns among them
leaves- are very green and shining small and almost round many set on a middle but one against the other somewhat like unto the single yellow rose, the flower stand at the tops of the branches consisting of five small leaves or appeal purple or deep incarnate color like unto those the sweet briar which follow quickly as those and others do. In the mid. Sixteen hundreds herbalists, Nicholas Culpepper, wrote a book tiled herbal and which discussed the many health benefits it has had to offer. He wrote quote the white and red roses are cooling and drying, and yet the white is taken to accede, red and both the properties but seldom used inwardly in any medicine, the bitterness and the roses when they are fresh, especially the juice purges, color and watery humours, but being dried and the heat which caused the bitterness being consumed. They have then a binding and a stringent quality. Culpepper was full
of ideas. Avowal roses medicinal qualities. He suggested that an extract made from red ruses could be combined with wine to treat headaches, Iraq sore eyes, sore throat or irritated gums convinced that parties like are you baby, just drunk, and you don't feel sick anymore? That's the case with an patent medicine for chest pain. He prescribed a similar form still with the roses in it, presumably to make something more like a poultice or a peace that you fly on the area over your hearts that same compound could be applied to the men verbally aches, and he also said that a powder made from the yellow strings from the middle of the rose quote drink in the distilled water of quinces stays, overflowing of women's courses. He really thought basically that red ruses were full of is any even stated quote two right at large, of every one of these would make my book swell too big it being sufficient for a volume of itself to speak fully of them, but just the same, he really
talk a lot about roses and specifically reveries. Is that what you could do with them to improve your health in his book and the late seventeenth century grafting was being used as a way to manipulate roses. With common for partners to graft roses onto briars to sculpt blooming plants. Multiple different roses were sometimes grafted onto one route stock to create unique and visually spectacular garden features. Other some ratings or you'll, see them counting the many numbers of different kinds of roses that are blossoming on a single briar. Similarly, there was not much in the way of debt, condition of the work that has been done along the Mediterranean and then through. Europe to cross breed and cultivate ruses, really wasn't until the nineteenth century that records of the work that was done.
Then in greenhouses and gardens in relation to the genus reserve started to be kind of consistent, the earliest organised breeding programme. That's fully documented began in Perth Scotland in seventeen. Ninety three wild scotch rose. brought into the Dixon and Brown nursery and one of those plants produced flowers with a hint of red in them from that. a new one was bred with double flowers and may selectively bread from that and so on. Until the nursery had cultivated, eight different double roses and selective breeding had certainly been done before this, including in China in the Middle EAST, and we're gonna talk a lot more about China in a minute, but this marks the on that, we know of that careful records of that process were kept an survive for us to read today, and reasons from China really changed everything once they were introduced to Europe, but this aspect of rose history, like so many others, is not always clear for one thing. As
This has moved along trading roots. They would sometimes be attributed not to their place of origin, which was China, but to another stop on trade rate, which was India and, as corrections were attempted in this record. Sometimes that is not the same plant was discussed this coming from China, India and Bengal, depending on his account, you read: and then like there would be roses that were treated me in India, and they had started in China, but then they lead to different cultivation is needed. India and because a lot of people were creating similar things or seeing similar plants, but at different points on the curve. Theirs, those that have multiple different names, Grozny is a very tricky arena with a lot of duplicate and you'll, see sometimes the same exact point given to different names and that's part of why, but any case, while there were some chinese Ruth species in Europe by the MID eighteenth century. It wasn't until the late seventeen hundreds that trade relations were established.
Tween, Britain and China in China's horticultural expertise completely chain. The western words knowledge of the possibilities of roses. Chinese gardeners had been working with roses for thousands of years at that point but, as we said little record of that work that was done to breed them preserved. While there were a number of cultivated and wild roses from China introduced into Europe for event, We arrived that caused a huge shift in the genetic possibilities that were opens a cultivators. These are referred to as the four stud China's. This reminds me of like the the foundation sires from horse. Reading that we talked about it, Peggy Derby, absurd it's exactly the same idea, except. What is interesting is that since, like we talk or if you read any books about roses, the mirror their historical cultivation, they talk about the forced at China's lake. You know with great reverence and import.
but we don't know exactly how those were even develops. Others, it's kind of funny to me that this, Foundation is built on a thing, we can't quite a hundred percent identified when he had of the first, though, of the force that China is a pink rose, called old, Blush China, it doesnt had an older nickname, which was persons Pink China. and it was described by one english writer, as quote the most elegant- rose and also quote justly considered as one of the greatest ornaments ever introduced to this country, the second of the forest and China's to arrive in Europe was called Slater. Crimson and wise, as you might surmise, read, have large flowers and bloomed year round it didn't request. much care- and it was described in courtesies. Botanical magazine has a plan which quote maybe reared almost in a coffee cup is kept with the least possible trouble and propagated without difficulty, both it and Parsons pink China were being grown in european gardens by the end of the seventeen hundreds in
early eighteen hundred's, Humes blushed. He scented China joined the stud China's and it was away just as that name indicates to heavy fragrance of tea. Although there is a bit of debate that goes on as to whether or not that characterisation of scent is accurate. That rose initially travel to Europe view the east. The accompany- and there are some that have speculated that it may have taken on the scent of the team that were imported. At the same time,. that's what people or smiling, and not a pleasant odor produced by the bloom, the fourth of the Stag China's was the yellow, which people were extremely excited about, because it was yellow yeah there.
had brought a lot of effort to cultivate healthy, yellow ruses. For quite some time, but it was really tricky to get like a really true saturated color with it. So this leg opened up the genetic possibilities in a huge where people were very excited about it. I mixed up we're gonna talk about how Empress Josephine Buonaparte helped the cause of roses in Europe, but before we do less pause, it will have a sponsor break Once the forested China roses were incorporated into breeding programmes in Europe and North America rose varieties almost literally exploded in number like you just could not keep up with all of the the cross breeding. The people were doing as these acts. the new plants were making their collective debut in the Western World Napoleon Bonaparte's wife became one of the rules is greatest champions West of Paris at her chateau. Mademoiselle Empress, Josephine Bonaparte had a massive rose garden planted.
She was so enamoured of roses and so dedicated to them that she wanted a sample of every known rose in the world. In her collection she hired expert gardeners, attend and develop them and she's a man more than two hundred fifty species and her garden, knowing that the in turn would be hard on some of her beloved plants. She had greenhouses built with their own coal burning Heath sources, which is amazing. What a culturally really cool because back point plenty of humans are not living as well as her plans. Its call for a standpoint, but much firmer human one. Exactly I have this lake mental, so I have no like historical documentation to back this up, but I just have this metal image of lake impoverished people staring at these green
where the plants are being heated in winter and thinking like eyes are you kidding me fella be really buys for us to not be cold. Botanical illustrator peer, Joseph Lady, who was an artist who served in the core of Louis exceed their Marie Antoinette and also manage to continue to be successful throughout the french Revolution, he did not become victimized by his associations, public collection of water colours, simply title levels in three volumes over the course of eighteen, seventy to twenty four in the stations that he included in that collection are generally seen as his finest work. Many continue to be reprinted today, both in books and as just prince that you can purchase and his research for Thou art was conducted in the garden planted by empress. Josephine Napoleon's wife had been declared your days patron for years, but officially she did not live to see his work in her garden. Come to fruition. He started publishing a few
after her death in eighteen, sixty seven, the first hybrid t rose was introduced by a french nursery man named John baptized deal, and it was called la France which tickles me was part of a contest. Still tickles me t. Roses refers to plants that had been bred using Humes Blush and Parkes, double, yellow and the tea set vanished in the breeding, but this name is arraigned. I didn't know that that was where they came from yeah. I think a lot of people- and I certainly do this for a long time- you kind of make up associations in your head, like, oh, that would be lovely the tea table. That must be why these are quoted, provided that they are small indelicate like teacups. That's, why see? It's the same thing. Only I am I poked around, not only like. I said at the top of the show. I have a bad habit of getting excited about things. We talk about wanting to purchase them, so I looked around for the false and I did find a nursery that claims to have them, but do not in season renowned it to sell, but you better
next year. When I look for him to find a place in the yard, I will make a place will make it happen. The false rose which, as I just said though produced today, was a massive step forward in rows breeding to up to that point had been many efforts to create a repeat: flowering rose instead of one that just bloomed once during women season and then not again. But Lafrance was the first success in this Not only are is soft pink flowers, he should very creamy and beautiful lush and full, but it produces them. Over and over in its blooming season, instead of just one time and then done, and it was initially difficult, breed Lafrance, because it had a chrome, more abnormality. So when other people try to use it to create their own, they had some problems, but it inspired deal of additional breeding work and research to create similarly prolific bloomers
the moment of France's unveiling is commonly used as the dividing line between what are known as old garden, roses and modern raises the American Rose society. Use of these two groups play species roses to sort out all of the many many varieties of rose and that's tricky anybody. I'll tell you even the lines of those groups are not always consistent. There's some fuzzy spots in the middle, or some overlap each other a little bit and as we mention when discussing his ancient origins, species ruses are those that existed, naturally, garden, roses are in very basic terms: hybrids develop through cross pollinating species ruses. The old garden group includes White Alber roses, which include shades of creamy waits that also have some hints of soft pink, the roses and then my roses include hybrid t, roses, floor abundance and grandiflorum and we're gonna talk about those types in just a moment
YO made another significant contribution to rose history in eighteen. Seventy five when he introduced a polyantha rules, which is a small compact plant that produce very tightly packed blooms. The gale family, by the way continues to grow roses from their families. History, as well as breed new roses in there. Three in France, the other she's near the belgian border and all of this work done to create new plants with lush mall. Weird blooms also resulted in plants that needed less, shaping through pruning old gardener These were generally very hearty. They could survive in a lot of different soil conditions and they could resist many pests and fungus, but nowhere raises continue to improve on those qualities and, as we just mention that modern roses also produced more flowers, whereas old garden roses only bloomed in one season per year. The mind
An era of hybridization also lead to advancements in color variation. So whereas shades and the spectrum of white to read were the most common and the Rose Population hybridization lets you bore and more colors yellow roses had been sought after in Europe per SE reason. There was some success in developing through grafting and improving species from Turkey to produce double flowers. Today, for example, you can find the shades of orange and apricots dark purple, multicolor varieties and some that even approach black now No true black railways has been created yet now, There are definitely nurseries hard at work on it. I guarantee you right this minute, because it's one of those things that people want. We all want a little gothic garden. I do. I have some very dark purple that I love love love, but they dont quite get black.
Old garden, roses really did have one particular area where they outpaced their hybrid ized, modern cousins. For quite some time, though- and that was with their aromatic sense, while the modern breeding This has produced flowers that smell like ie, seven since that are normally associated with ruses. That includes citrus clove, tee I lit apple and distortion, the classic rose sense of old garden roses in Britain, was stronger than what you would smell, necessarily in most rose scented fires. Today, like that smell that uses, he withdrew although there is ongoing work to produce more and more frequent ruses for awhile inbreeding, beautiful things, aroma was less important, but a lot of whom gardeners, it known that they would really like to have beautiful, smelling flowers as well as beautiful, looking flowers. So there is more breeding or going on to produce more fragrant blooms today, it is unknown how many different species of rose exist. Wild roses are difficult to track, don't know how many have survived through time.
how many naturally hybrid ized and created new species, etc. Additionally, some peace is changed dramatically over time without hybridization and some varieties raise a great deal of debate because they are so close to others and people argue about whether they should be considered separate species and, looking back to the path of regret at the beginning of the episode things can get credibly contentious and they rose expert community yeah I mean I don't even I'm sure there are people to do such things, but I don't even know how you would begin to try to catalogue all of the existing ruses on earth. Hybrid t ruses make up the majority of roses that are grown in gardens today. Their groups of rules or the floor, a bundle roses which crosses of hybrid t roses and polyantha US and Grandiflorum roses, which, across breeds of hybrid t, roses and floor abundance. Roses of course, also come climbing varieties and shrubs and miniatures, but hybrid terrors.
So the hearty ones that most gardens are gonna have a lot of. If you have a home garden, you probably have that if you have ruses we're gonna talk a bit about roses in food and medicine today rose hips have been used as an edible for hundreds of years across many cultures, the hips are those All this fruit, like bumps that form at the end of a bloom after the petals, had fallen off and that's where the seeds develop, start off green and they usually turn red as they mature, whereas hips are used to make, jelly and other foods and then rose Europe's are usually made from the oil distilled from the rose petals you're ever make rose jelly. This year I decided. that's, because I have a lot of rose bushes at this, and I might as well, but I had to do more research because, like the the seed see want to pull out one of the things that I come up, if you look up whether or not roses are poised, Their generally, not some people will mention that there is a minute,
amount of cyanide in the seeds similar to There is a minute amount of cyanide in an apple seed. It's very scary when you see the worst I thought I'd, but really there there one. You are not eating the seeds. Theoretically too, if you did it's a very tiny, tiny amount, but even so be careful, take care of you, but I'm totally making rules jelly, but here It's interesting about rose hips is that they are naturally very high and vitamin c, and so they are often used in cold and flee remedies. But there is a trick here because the process of drawing the hips to produce medicine- destroys a lot of their vitamin c content. So if your purchasing, like a rose hip based vitamin c item a lot of the time, their supplemented with other forces, because, even after their dried and made into a thing, the vitamin c that comes from the rose, hips degrades pretty rapidly, also unclear how beneficial vitamin c really is right.
Ah I know when I was in my size, school slash, working as a massage therapies. There were lots of complementary and alternative medicine uses, four roses and for rose I and for rose water, and a lot of them had to do We, like you menstrual cycle, childbirth, yeah, I've, rose things also, just very very delicious Flickr good rose syrup in a cocktail is heaven to me Heaven I love it. I love the fragrance of roses alive in it and to be you could call meaning it is. I, like all other the cookie smelling roses like we have. Women smells very, have if clove and one that smells very
really of citrus am I just love them cause they're, so sort of I had not known prior to owning this house and those plants, one of which came with the house that I was a growth. This rest oranges. What is that? I had never been exposed to resist relic oranges. for seven years ago. I am but somehow make a trip to Atlanta when you're roses are blooming, then Ah, you about one we're right in middle legged it through a bunch of blue. The man, you know my dead had them because you pull the bloomed bits off cause. If you I have read, I need to do the science to back this up, but this is what I have read that if you'd let them develop their hit. They will stop blooming as much so. The heads off and they're, not the plant is, is getting the message that it should continue to bloom because you know plants might produce fruit, that's what it's doing monster to seed and propagate
But if all of this talk is inspired you to create your own rules, that is actually a thing that you can do. Amateur gardeners can cross breed the San Francisco gate. Actually, his arm really nice guide for amateur hybrid breeders. That works you through the whole process and we're going to include them in the show notes. So if you think he would like to develop your over us You can, although there are lots and lots of of expert gardeners Freeze around the world constantly coming up with new and really beautiful, an amazing raises. So probably you will not be competing with them, but you can make your own unique, hybrided home if your patient, if not a quickie, deal to have some listener mail for ass. I do it also about flower I just figured I'd theme the whole thing. This is actually in reference to our Maria simply a mere an episode from our listener toper, who does a science broadcasts, and he was saying that we extend gave him a three line, for his absence
he is doing one on Caterpillar metamorphosis and then was the piercing eyes, caterpillars, etc, etc. He kind of ghost role of these, but what he was writing to tell us about is the tulips that I mentioned that Jacob Morale painted that had the strikes in them with the peppermint Stripes nieces, those tulips you like the morale painted with the peppermint stripes, actually looked like that and were caused by the tulip breaking vi is the one you described was the simper Augustus Tulip and in my research I found that some other early illustrations of caterpillars that I'd seen were done by Maria CPU Marian ass. She had also some of the illustrations of broken tulips that I had found anywhere the sheer love that I I didn't know that that was because of a tulip virus, but it sure made beautiful things happen, and I also wanted to follow up and read this one, because I thought that I should mention for sure that I had said big one of the things I really love about Jacob morals paintings is that heat painted a lot of those peppermint strike tulips. He is certainly
the only dutch Golden age painter that was doing that they show up in a lot of dutch Golden Age paintings the future flower scientist just for clarity. They were very popular in that time and paintings because they are very unique and pretty looking, but he's not illegal So thank you to work as I didn't realize that was a virus now I know if you'd like to write to us, you can do so at history. Pie cast a house of works dot com. You can also find us across the spectrum of social media as missed in history. That means on Twitter and Facebook. Our com, slash, missed in history, on Instagram, is missed in history or on Tumblr were on Pinterest, we're all over the place. So you should come visit as you can also visitors at our appearance, eight, which is housed of works dot com. You can type in almost anything your curious about in the search bar earlier, and you will find so much information to keep you busy occupied and entertain. You can also visit me and Tracy at missed in history, com, where there is an archive of every episode of the show ever boy. Where we were involved as well
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