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Sei Shonagon and the Heian Court

2013-12-04 | 🔗

Thanks to the pillow book of lady-in-waiting Sei Shonagon, we have a first-person account of court life in Heian Japan. It's part diary, part commonplace book, part essay collection, and thoroughly fascinating.

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Are you ve been following bad advice? Well enough is enough it's time for you to listen to the experts and get real results. I'm Tom HOLLAND exercise, physiologist and host of fitness disrupted a groundbreaking podcasting debunks, the top exercising nutrition myths once and for all, with science. Listen to fitness disrupted at apple pie, cast on the Iheart radio F or wherever he listened to podcast will continue stuff. You missed in history class from house up works outcomes in these three new, I'm how we try and unable to talk about the middle ages. It may mean I can you expect most people, think of the middle ages, and they get a very kind of european view. Your mind conjures those especially some, but I've been looking at the numbers of where our listeners are overwhelmingly United States in
you add in like the Uk failure and Canada afflict ninety six percent. Of Listener, and I would imagine that giant chunk of listeners is probably mostly heard about the middle ages in the context of Europe at which they can some critical things like that Kells and by you tapestry, both of which have episodes in archive but also courtly love, Beowulf, Canterbury, tales, Song, Roland lots of interesting and cool literature and art and architecture but really other than that of the middle ages. Have this reputation for being this depressed? war, torn disease ridden generally filthy part of history that borrowed most of its advancements from other cultures, and then, on top of that there were the crusades and the black death so well think things happen very few people. If they could time travel would be like middle ages there, where at that, for me totally going there. Their number one at that Perception, is not really true of the entirety of the middle ages and number two. That really was the situation in Europe. This is
a period of time was really different from other parts of the world, and today we're going to talk about the hay on period in Japan, which say, from seven. Ninety, four to eleven, eighty, five, zero private chunk right in the middle of the middle ages, the hand it started when Japan moved its capital from Nora, which is the nations first permanent capital to hay? kill, which later became Kyoto. Very This period, China had our really heavy influence on japanese culture, and we have a really good idea of what that culture was like specially within the context of the imperial court to woman, known as say shown again, and she served as a lady in waiting to the emphasis court and kept a book of observations and lists, and other authorities snippets add that we're about her time there. That's it we're gonna talk about today, so Will you keep asking for more royalty ago? We have some more royalty, but maybe not the royalty, though you were expecting wobbly.
forgotten. Requests for non european royalty feel aid cover in its yes suggest, background, say shown: a gun was born around nine sixty six, and that is it. Her name. She gonna go and is a rank, which means minor, counselor and say, is a reference to her father's name. So what her actual name that her family caught her birth was is completely unclear and the historical record contemporaneous who her father was her woman named hockey, who was upset Oh it and possibly also a prostitute, but in spite of having one or possible totally sure who her mother was, though one contemporaneous source suggests. It was a woman named hockey who the poet and possibly also a prostitute, but in spite of having one or possibly to poet. Parents shown a gaunt didn't really have a reputation for being a good poet herself and she insisted herself that she was terrible at poetry.
Other prominent writer at the time modest Saki. She Kivu, author of the tale of Genji, which most people have heard of sea. not to have liked her writing in her own diary that China gone was gifted but presumptuous and was simply a frivolous woman who liked put on airs as a sign of motorcycles. Peekaboo also served in the court of Emperor. She who was Kc's rival and that's a whole story that we're gonna get into and you're going, gonna get the the story on did of drama. come again, because there is a lot of dramatic conflict nine. Ninety three shown again and went to serve in the court of every Stacy who we just mentioned. She was also known as Empress Sancho found accounts say that shown ago had been married and divorced before entering service and that there only other two options at that point were either to join a buddhist convent or to remarry.
We don't really know if that's completely accurate, but regardless of the reason she wound up serving in court for about ten years, and she documented alot of that time and her blue book An injection ease. This book pillar book is known as much could I know so. She or random pillow notes and shown again started writing hearst towards the end of her time at court. Better story to how this actually have been paper was at that time really expensive. Shown a gown wrote that the Minister of the centre, whose name was Corey Chica, who was also tvs. Brother broadly Empress a gifted paper and asked her. What book she would like to have copied onto it showed up that they should make it a pillow and there's all kinds of academic discussion about what she actually meant by that, whether it with a joker upon or whether it referred to pillar but pillow books that people kept as a matter of course, or whether it referred to the hard pillars that people in Japan were using at that time, but regardless patient.
Gave showing on the paper and shown a groan, wrote whatever she wanted to go on it and there's been a fair amount of debate about whether China don't ever intent for her work to be read by other people or if it was just for her. It gives expensive paper was, and that this paper was we given to the empress to provide her with a book for her own library there. If you know it the conclusion that what shown wrote was always supposed to be public, itself, also has a tone. The kind of behaviour that there was a reader in mind, it wasn't just personal inward reflections in diary- form like people would normally right if they thought no one was gonna, look at it right, but at the same time showing to go and also wrote about being extremely embarrassing, When somebody took the book and then passed around at court in section called it is getting so dark, which is how the addition that I have of it concludes
also says that she regrets that the book ever came to light the end price of this gift of paper and shown a gaunt rating is a collection of observations. Poems lists other really interesting. Snippets of life at court is diary. Its part commonplace book to Sunday, it's an essay collection, and one hundred and sixty four of the things in the book. are just lists. Lists of hateful thing depressing things, things things that make ones heart beat faster: regrettable things and some of these so really just uncannily evocative today how all of these different things are arranged in the addition that you read really varies wildly depending on the translation and how it's been edited weed, really know how they were originally presented, because all of the surviving editions of this book are copies from at least five hundred years after shown against death. So you can get a really
An experience depending on how the person doing the editing has ranged all these different bits and in spite of her, you know these in questions of how it originally was arranged in and ordered, the book has survived in one form or another for more than one thousand years had today, it's considered both a work of art and a historical document near one of them. episodes that highly and I worked on together was on Marjorie Camp and her autobiography, which gave a lot of insight into middle class life and Medieval England, and similarly shown owns pillow book has become a primary source of information about court life and hey on Japan. Her book as we for a covers about ten years that she spent in service there so the basics on the environment of the book, Paris and her Ladys in waiting spent a lot of their time in a salon behind screams curtain
grades and warnings that we're all meant to keep men and stranger from seeing them, so they spent of time within the confines of these portable curtains. That kept him from view, and we were layers of dresses and robes with skirts and pants, underneath If you look at historical pictures you'll see the many many robes one on top of it other agree: I was thinking that looks beautiful what other people go. I could never lived there. There was also a progression of fashion like a sort of started as address with come hand thunder and then gradually the fashion trend towards more and more layers, and could you had the more and more beautiful and expensive and luxurious fabric? Yes, A point so excited you're. There is that voting on that, but that are totally pollys alley in addition to the pretty fabric their stuff about sewing cat. Yes Surprisingly. There is also a big focused on manners and etiquette in Gaza.
and on that last point shown a go. Opinion was that people should not be angry when they are gossip about, because they also gossip about other people, so basically dont dish it out. If you cannot take it, it's kind of my staff have also just that part of the contract you make being part of a society that people will do Other people- and it's not even I- was in a negative way. Yards of evil really abhor the concept that other people are talking about them and are not present. Yet we haven't that's gonna happen. That's as part of the deal living that other people, we had a whole episode on the culture of gossip in our prior podcast yeah, stuff, This episode of stuff, you, Mr History Class, is brought to you by Ernest. If you have student loans financing them with Ernest could save you money or lower your monthly payments, and it only takes two minutes to check rate online. That financial relief can really go a long way when you are trying to pay down those loans. If you are still pay,
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Officials and what not from the courts there are also religious observance, is noted in it primary, religious influences being Buddhism Shinto days of abstinence are noted and all kinds of just everyday happenings. One of the themes, It comes across in the pillow book that also common in writing. About royal an aristocratic life in the west is that it can be deeply in fully boring, a lot of coming up with something to do just to have something to do and Ladys would sometimes do things like go on religious pilgrimage more for this. of having an outing then for their own sphere what development, so some of the things that she documents in this book lots and lots of the voluntary tools for simple the first month after the new year, all kinds of festivals and celebrations. One of these the festival of blue horses, which was a tradition that they borrowed from China. And that is a parade of twenty one horses for the emperor, which sounds so beautiful
originally these horses had been gray, but by the time of China guns writing white horses were actually used and white is the color of purity and religion, and the gray horses were also to rare for that to really be a doable thing to heard up twenty one of them to pay yeah. The idea of twenty one. Incredibly rare horses is mine. then very why that would be a parade honouring a high official right. There is also the festival of Full moon rule and that, if, when people of the court would conceal, rule sticks about their persons to hit one another with from a belief that being in the ties with the stick. That was used to stir the rule, which led a woman to give birth to a baby boy. And this is a tradition that wasn't unique to the imperial court and it continued and more rural parts of Japan for a really long time. Processing the lack of all else of light. Determining yeah, you're babies.
Well and also concealing a stick and your son. However, whatever so that you can whacked, but for many years the good things as well, but it is really only in some contacts, as it is a good thing. There's a whole passage about the scandalous news of of when Gentlemen, whacked, a lady reasoning that was not ok. It's like baby, pretty fight club, I also noted in this book are hook up. Speaking of we're, babies come there were many Manny hookups, there's a passage which is entitled. It is so stifling, really hot and it starts being about how hard it is which, from everyone to leave their blinds and sliding doors open, and then it, We should have to talking about a number of lovers sneaking away in the morning in full view of everybody, thanks to the causing all of those doors to be open. Yet
the only place of that comes up in a book from her list of depressing things. One of the items is, it is quite right, at night and a woman I ve, been expecting a visitor hearing, Finally, a stealthy tapping. She sends her maid to opened the gate and lies waiting excitedly, but the name by the made is that of someone with whom she has absolutely no connection of all The depressing things this is by far the worst and from her. the hateful things, an admirer has come on a clandestine visit, but a dog at the sight of him and starts barking. One feels like killing the beef Really, a lot of the hateful things are, male visitors, making noise or otherwise drawing attention to themselves or acting in a way that was coarse or unseemly and this is really surprising, considering that a lot of the interior walls in the palaces were basically paper partition than bamboo screens so
while all of these workshops were happening, and everyone knew that they are happening. They were also meant to be happening discreetly. Making the mean violence indiscretion very important. so if you will die and new rattle the screen on your way out people, would be a year in oh, yes, all the lists of depressing and hateful things, quite long, but big chunks of them are kind of Monday in a little bit petulant and they not my out too, Tracy describes it as they are outed salted terrible at Starbucks. That today is the worst. They ever like, they're, really just complaints, but mundane happening there, One of the hateful things is, one is just about to be told some interesting piece of news when a baby starts crying their time. Ridiculous and awesome and also ridiculous petulant. but there are also other much less all things in them. One of the depressing things is
lying in room when the baby has died so that has a much greater emotional death than just complaining about things like noise, another is a lengthy description of someone who is gathered his family to wait with him. On the day when the official up, Windsor made. But he does get one and they all gradually leave in ones in two's. Until he's all alone, so they were expecting it news and did not get the idea there are things hung on the lists. At our legitimately barrier, and not just kind of whining bad. The UN's suitable. Things list, though, is particularly revealing of aristocratic attitudes about the lower classes. the unsuitable things is snow on the houses of common people especially regrettable when moonlight shines down on it. This is because whose common people in airports could not we appreciate how lovely all of that was, and so, therefore, the moon shining on snow was wasted beauty,
Pensive idea. It is. well, it also sort Otto discredits the writer like to say that it was way. Because she's enjoying it wasn't you now, but a poor persons, House Holly fits still pretty there's. Also love mention of this book in things that cannot be compared. from the relatively prosaic summer in winter night and day reign in sunshine to when one is loving somebody. One feels that he has become some one else, even though he is still the same person. We also shows a lot of communicating with people through poetry in many situations, direct communication with socially unacceptable by exchanging poems was totally allowed, so people would veil what they wanted to say and poetry and send their thought that way. One of list: The book is also just a list of poetic subjects. Also
Seems and other amusements are mentioned, like back a man or the chinese boardgame go or Building a giant mountain of snow as high as they possibly could in winter, so kind of joyous fund activities there. There are many many descriptions of plants and flowers. So, what's in bloom, what's growing what the foliage looks like Similarly, there descriptions of beautiful fabrics are including there's really a huge focus on why it's beautiful and what brings shown unknown delight in a lot of these Christians tying closely, of course, to japanese aesthetics, There's a worry, which is a sort of pathos or emotional response that comes from fading beauty. Lake sketch cherry blossoms or the fading noise of a bell things in it each and there's also a coffee which relates to fleeting delight or pleasure, and the pillow overall is more about Akashi than a worry there. If we'd mentioned the tale of Genji earlier,
that. One is more about the sad part, especially by the end as the comparison goes, this sort of happy elements of court life, mostly as opposed to the tragic. Sad despairing ones, that are more present in the tail of Jimmy maybe the most say shown ogoni as passage in this whole thing comes at the end of it. savage about how much she loves the hope, told you see you, which is a type of bird. She says and I do not love the hotel gc alone, anything that cries out at night. Delights me, except babies,. We have both in that light her and the fact that she could be kind of petty, that annoyed her. She seemed not be big. The baby's nope before. We talk about the sort of circumstances that lead
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see Jorge with his eye on Broadway. It girl, pepper and fashion Easter Legend to be Katy. They are in New York, city of eight million, and they are for a kind, their friends who would give everything for their dreams and do anything for each other. So the big apple, better watch out, because no matter who or what gets in the way they are about to take a big ol by These four determine dreamers take on the runway, the recording studio, Broadway and the New York City Social scene, where they find it more than just careers and the big city they find forever friendships. High style has a new name, Katy, keen the fashionable new series, premiers February Sixth, on the seat of EU or stream spree the next day. Only on the seat of you. Now, back to the story of say shown so Sadly, the story of face shown alone in her pillow, but does not have a very happy ending. We talked, How safe shown alone was in service to the Empress TAC and.
Empress had become concert to emperor Ichijio when she was fourteen and he was ten this period, the food you are a clam- was heavily influential in japanese politics. from the food you are, a clan would marry the emperor and then their fathers would rule is Reacheth and chancellors the emperor still the emperor but the food. You are were really running, the show, theses, father Who'd, you are a new meeting. Talker die, during an epidemic and nine ninety five and with his death t she's. Only real protection was her brother, Corey Chica, but her Others brother, meeting Naga, wanted his own children and power and not his brothers. Children. and we do not have used his political whilst the ease the reins away from Corsica then course. He got wind of being exiled from the capital after an escalating misunderstanding with an ex emperor who Portugal had
was making moves on his lady, so it was a big frantic misunderstanding. This left hasty, with no real backing at courts and open the door for Mickey Knox supposition his own daughter food. You are, I know a key go, also known as show she as a new favorite emperor Ici do so with the food. wore a lined up against him. Even the emperor could not really do much to help tea, especially since the Empress Dowager his own mother, also joined in urging him to favour show she instead and even though it was unheard of four one emperor to have two impresses me tonight successfully argued that tasty and show she could have two different, those in two different roles in court, emperor. Each Tito was totally justified and having them both So she came to the Imperial Palace in ninety. Nine M was named second empress in the year. One thousand
they showed her gowns own loyalty during this time was called into question because she had fond of me to Naga before this whole business started. In that year tea she moved to another palace, because she was pregnant, tradition and tat. She had spent large parts of her two other pregnancies elsewhere, but this time, this all transpired, while she was clearly being pushed aside at court of their the other powers, where she would normally have gone during up if he had burned down and instead she had to stay in the home of a senior steward, which of you, we failed in comparison to a second palace that she could visit. Her ladys in waiting started to leave her service and she ended up dying in childbirth, and she was only twenty four at the time. most have shown a going to actual writing of the pillar. Back happened during this period of instability, although hard to say that in the text, even if you already knew that part of the story and are looking for it,
so, while a lot of the pillow but gives us a window into the life of imperial court, nearing taste is glory. Dave, it's not so much an actual reflection of the real political situation that was going on, while shown a gown was physically writing it, and say shown alone died around ten twenty five basic. Nothing is known about the time between when she left the court and when she died of the law is that she was lonely and miserable, because then, so carry and kind of petrol court in the rest of Japan, the food. You are a glance started to wane and the middle eleven hundreds then, and eleven. Eighty five one of the most powerful warrior plans called the Genji, defeated another powerful clan and also their main. Rivals there. Hey? U K, Genji then establish the first Shoguns government and the show them military rule over Japan lasted until eighteen, sixty seven
from today sort of lichen into modern life. Sometimes people like to say that shown a groan is really the first blogger and They also sometimes like to say that the pillow book is the tumblr, which makes a bit of that considering how much trying to identify ancient concepts with modern happening, considering how much of of random stuff, but together and in no real order as she's died together then in kind of an amusing sighed out when I The day that I started doing The research for this podcast than you know, I tight say shown alone into my search bar. You know how Wikipedia result will come up to the right of your search results and it was blah blah station ago and global, I wrote the pillar book and then it said also kind of a be accepted, and they be
has since been added it out of the Wikipedia article, thirteen say that anymore. So this was probably because she was opinionated settees people who got their advocates and ceremony wrong. She was really pre scornful of the lower classes and no. Her book is all of these lists of hateful and depressing and annoying things that a lot of people on Twitter would probably hashtag. First world problems. He definitely speaking from a position of privilege yapping annoyed by things that are really not real issues. I had forgotten how how really a lot of things that are in her. Listen, don't like me, like it had been. fifteen or so years. Since I read the whole Burke the. When I re read it, I I really high, forgotten how many of the lists of things are streamline funny to me yeah One. There hilarious viewed through a modern lands that also it's just. I can't help a picture
those who have been just sitting there in the salon kind of recording these reign of things like me, and my gossip got interrupted. I pick up very, very witty in its own way and why the translations about their work, you're getting ready to hear something. Interesting is that a baby starts rang out one of the other translations of it is this Typically, you were talking to the mother of the baby and she is about to tell you something interesting and her baby start crying, which is even more like pointed in the hall hatred of babies. Ah, If you are interested in reading this book, I highly recommend, unless you are already really well steeped in japanese culture and particularly japanese culture. During this period, I recommend getting one that has roughly as many notes as the book is long yeah like on that. I have is edited by Ivan Morris and it is almost the same length of text versus notes and it
that would also exclude some of the more really really mundane lists that are, unlike was the mounds and with a real one, that would include mostly the more evocative list so that the story they shone again and a little glimpse of what aristocratic imperial court life was like in. And while alibi, medieval literature professor said prison college. All Europe was having please and wearing skins. I note that you also have a bit of with their real. For many, releasing they will differ, air would lose their mail. Today we are taking a page out of the book of Katy and Sarah past hosts. They have had a similar listener. Mailing counter. We're a tree without an enzyme, because I am not in favour of publicly shaming people.
unlike station to go. He would publicly for emu obey, so they re a lot of mail about the past and we read all of it and think about whether the criticism that people as levelling TAT Us we need to address, and we heard three but on the same subject, the first the same subject. The first one is from our faces. Possibly go in a different direction for a while, then look at this person to rethink its interesting, particularly in lasher struggle against oppression. It's getting a bit old folks, answer to that is now. We really can I I did go back and look at the twenty most recent episodes from God, no twelve we're about individual people and three of those were two partners which meant that we talk about nine individuals in. Episodes three of those struggled against adversity, for if you count, Viler defines worth use rebuilding of the corporation,
I'm really the bigger sped of topics. Take the smaller that proportion gets so My feeling is that people who struggle against oppression are largely overlooked in this big glass and that's one of the reasons that we act on them. While because we mentioned when you and I were discussing it, you know histories written by the victors. Those are not suppressed befall. You know the people who have the mouthpiece, Sir, you the one that were struggling, do not that we have heard those stories are valid storied. We need to get to the ones that are on the other side of it, it's too are more directly tied in terms of what they are
asking about. The person says: what's with all the emphasis on gay, bisexual and transgender Et Cetera history? Lately I've been listening to these cod casts for years, but it seems like you have gone very briefly on this subject. Lately, please remember that half of the country still holds traditional marriage as an ideal. That doesn't mean that we are haters are homophobia that we get enough of the love, but they're not speak its name on the news and not relish being bombarded with it and our pleasure listening Facebook Wall and there was a comment, part of which that I'm not necessarily thing to avoid. Ok topics but a little more objectivity would be nice, and then the other one says I'm a long time listener of the planned Catherine I've been listening since the beginning.
The single episode. I've actually gone back and listened to at least a quarter of the absurd the second time, but lately I find myself resisting the urge to skip a few of the neurons. I've never go out of my way to send a message that was not positive, but I feel like I should say something I respectfully resent the very numerous podcast episodes lately that are related to capable Why not use the politically correct word for this? I feel it people are always allowed to make their opinion very clear, so white hand to stray person. I haven't opinion too, and that doesn't seem bear that gay people can always what they want and are quick to accuse people, and then everyone else is expected to just keep quiet and then she went on to talk about living and sympathy. So I have a few points on this number one. Is that like our really to go back and look to say how we over willingly, representing only one point of view and when we got leave the number of episodes that were about gay people with,
tiny minority we did have some was nor may also specifically related to our Jane Adams episode. Man happens with every episode that we can We generally give us a listener mail about it that we follow up at a later times. That's really not out of the ordinary, because they're not really out of the ordinary for the Prague cast. The talk about the gay community, like that's, been part of the final task, since always ass, though it is not a new thing. Talking about gay people. The gate minutely and other marginalized groups is really not anything, but I guess, like I said he's doing episodes that are about. Although I understand, if you prefer to hear about historical events rather than individual people back and become tired, some kind of a matter of taste, but I want to without their number one is you can Anything you want back allowed here. That's beat have consequences.
If we say things that are offensive to other people. People will call us on that, and that's the consequence of this week and that we have made have someone else's something that someone else finds offensive. That's the same rule, We also talk about a lot of different subjects. On his part, can we talk about gay people treat people? We talk about religious people, an atheist about married people in divorce people. We talk about capitalists who literally bought tuberculosis sanatorium and tore them down so that people with tuberculosis did not go there and poverty, people who died because of their own governments, inaction we also tackle people who were celebrated for religious and spiritual reasons and people who had nine monogamous relationships. We ve talked about everyone from social workers, teachers and who made atomic bombs but when I M coming up with a new topic, but I guess easily this first worse question when I ask myself
is what have we not talked about lately here and I try to start their ideas and and is how we are trying to be objective not by, excluding any particular group of people or point of view, in favour of other groups and points of view, but you select broadly from broad people and broad pointed people in places in times and all tat sort of life, about the board. Where's somewhere. We haven't timely Moldova that fell the ties with people who find it offensive here about things that they don't agree with. You have been a very conservative household, very conservative community. I get that. I emphasise We are not going to discount swathes of the population and hope pieces of history. It has the possibility causing offence to the people. We are going to try to select diverse talk about Emily subjects.
Basically what I have to say about that. That is my diet or I'm here, I'm not that it all and better than I would again you know these are the people that didn't you talked about history class because they were marginalize system of those aren't gonna bubbled up those are stories, and told them. Should everybody story also anticipate a great leap. It back. The pack ass a great come at once that every single person you mean probably has a really interesting history, ranging life story, but we don't want to hear most of them so I'm always preached differ anybody's and everybody liked. There's, always a negative, really fascinated yeah open to all of them, Yes, but sometimes we will be talking about lots of different people and communities in times and places all about that is our goal and to represent all of those people fairly and compassionately gets sometimes making fun of their foibles like when you were there.
That their petrol, but that they are complaining about baby crying when Europe strikes me down ok, so to write to us about this or any other debates tell us your hopeful or what we just. Then we are all facing Facebook com, slash history last up and on twitter at missed in history, are tumblr, is MR history, dot tumblr dot com and we are also on Pinterest. Our email addresses history, pike, ass discovery, dot, com
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