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Six Impossible Episodes by Request

2017-12-04 | 🔗

This installation of Six Impossible Episodes is a bit of a hodge podge, with several oft-requested topics. Included are Olive Yang, the Silent Parade of 1917, Glencoe Massacre, Marion Downs, Lena Himmelstein and the Great Windham Frog Fight of 1754.

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Here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up. Basketball. is always that guy who joined your game he never passes the rock he instantly bricks theories and who can We have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul, with Geico its ease the switch and save on car insurance. No need: a fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted, so which in save with back it's almost better than sports continue step. You missed in history class from hast upward, stuck on how well and went into the pastime tracy level. Then we find it is time for six impossible. At our last few six impossible, running theme. We had a set of six stories that we're about
what line heroism from soldiers and spies, and before that we had six episodes that found a lot like episodes. We had already done before that there were six stories that might have been I thought, maybe not, and so today we once again have six short stories as these things go, but this time it's kind of a hotchpotch. These are all frequent requests. Several of them very heavily still am we're going to talk about them all in one go. They dont have a lot of matic commonality among one another, except the fact that people have asked us to talk about them and just a quick note that a couple of these are quite violent and the first one includes a couple of brief mentions of rape and sexual assault. So, first up in July of this year, which we are recording in twenty seventeen, we got a whole lot of requests via email and
media, to do upon cast about Olive Yang Yang, died on July. Thirteen that the age of ninety and their obituary got it of attention. Yang was born, Yankee Ensue in in twenty seven in what was then British Burma and is now more commonly known as Myanmar. This wasn't in triangle of Southeast Asia. That's our reason, along the border of Myanmar Louse and Thailand, the major supplier in the global opium trade for a lot of the twentieth century gang was descended from the Royal House of the Shan State of Co Lang. But the family fled the region during japanese invasions and world war, two Yang defied gender expectations and was described as a tomboy wearing boys. Closing guns and having no desire at all to marry or become a mother.
In their later years, olive whose native language has no gendered pronouns. What asked to be called Uncle Yang and all of us together is why, for this episode, we are going with the pronoun they, when we reference olive in spite of their products, asked Yang was forced into an arranged marriage with a younger cousin gangs. Mother died, for the wedding day and her father was very ill health, but the wedding on, as planned and Yang then left with this unwanted duty of providing an air refused to do it reportedly, throwing up report at the groom on their wedding night. Yanks son Jew was ultimately conceived through marital rape, even before Jeep, who was
worn Yang, had already left the family and fallen in with bandits and opium traders with a reputation for a fiery temper and always being armed. They will end up being offered the command of an army of three hundred men on the way to take command. Yanks caravan encountered some drunken officers trying to extort bribes, so Yang, kidnapped the officers and brought them along the rest of the way to the outer This ruffled some feathers here- and this is a lot of I'm gonna, do it I why and then you will be made That was maybe maybe that that is going to raise them. Eyebrows after Jimmy was born. The nineteen fifty one Yang left him wet nurse. He went on to be raised by a series of uncles the turn their attention to developing the trade routes. That would turn the region into the world's largest supplier of opium for a time,
commanding a fighting force of up thousand men and developing a reputation for being particularly fierce during the cold war. The United States wanted to influence policy and military outcomes in parts of the world where it wasn't really supposed to be operating in. This was especially true when it came to attempts to stop or rollback the spread of communism without the ability to publicly intervene. The United States instead turned to a number of covert programmes to try to achieve the same end. One of these was code named operation paper in which the CIA funded and arm various militias, most of them involved in opium trafficking. These forces included remnants of the chinese Nationalist Army, Comin Tang or can t which had been defeated by Macedonia in nineteen. Forty, nine
some of the camp he were under Yanks command. Yanks troops were on the receiving end of these covert airdrops, at least once in nineteen. Fifty two Yanks Forest crossed the border in Thailand illegally to retrieve weapons that had been dropped by an unmarked CIA owned aircraft, the government of what then Burma complained to the EU. In General Assembly Yang was a red later arrested, sentenced to five years in prison. A couple of years after being released Yang, took over the former army of their elder brother, who had advocated his role in the Sharon government and thus became the region's de facto leader in nineteen. Sixty three Yang was captured again and spent more than six years in prison, much of it in solitary confinement. They later reported to relatives that they were repeatedly tortured and sexually abused, while behind bars after their say
release from prison Yang found that one of their lieutenants Losin Han had essentially taken over the opium trade. That Yang had built loathing, Heine wound that being of more notorious name in the opium trade than Yang did at least and somewhere recently, following some news coverage Yang described themselves as a lesbian, and their relationships were often the father of gossip columns and tabloids, including a reported relationship with actress. Why winch way in twenty fifteen winch way denied that relationship, in spite of having lived in a house that Yang owned and giving the EU
You in question, in a rebuilt house that sat on the same property, not all of Yanks life was so notorious or sensationalize, though later on their active Simon. The opium trade was essentially over began, still had really extensive connections within all of these criminal organisations, which led to there being recruited to try to negotiate peace agreements with these organizations on behalf of the government, so Obviously there is a war going on here. Olive Yang is a fascinating and complicated character who was connected to the opium trade, international disputes and covert CIA programme. This is me, and my has been in the news a lot over the last few years, but for a range of reasons its history hasn't relieving covered on our show. So it's not surprising at all that people asked for more because the thing about trying to me, whole episode about Olive Yang. In terms of what the available in English pretty much.
All of this information goes back to reporting done by Gabrielle pollute, which was picked up and redistributed by the world from PR. I other outlets that get up from their either go back to pollute, supporting or to pollute herself in interviews. So its clear from all of this reporting that other information about Olive Yang exists but most of that isn't really information that we can get to you as an English speaking podcast on the other side of the world and pollute is reportedly working on a book according to the Washington Post about all of this, and we would absolutely read that we absolute. That's going to be a running theme in the show. There are going to be several people who, if there were no but maybe not official, but if there were a comprehensive biography on their life, and probably we could do it completely. food, and they are all biographies that I would jump on. The opportunity to read.
That we have another request that came in from a lot of people thanks to the internet, and that was the nineteen seventeen silent parade, which was also the subject of a Google doodle, which is what led so many people to ask about it. The silent parade known at the time as the Negro silent protest parade was a protest that took place on July. Twenty eight nineteen, seventeen on Fifth avenue in New York City, the end of a lazy, p, organise this protest in response to Jim Crow laws, ongoing lynchings and a riot in EAST Saint Louis, in which a white mob had killed more than one hundred lack residents and destroyed the homes of about six thousand more. The riot had taken place over July first through the third than that had been set
in part by striking white workers resentment, the black strike breakers, replacing them at a bauxite processing plants so taken from the letter that was distributed in advance of the March sort of S, instructions quote we march because by the grace of God and the force of truth, the dangerous hampering walls of prejudice and inhuman injustices must fall. We march because we want to make impossible a repetition of Waco Memphis and a saint Who is by rousing the contents of the country and bring the murderers of our brothers sisters and innocent children to justice we march, because we deem it a crime to be silent in the face of such barbaric acts, magazine with all the reasons that they are marching and they also gets into procedures for the march The letter ended quote yours and righteous indignation,
reverend shall Martin Secretary a list of mottoes. First signs and banners was distributed in advance of the march as well, including make America's safer democracy. Mothers do Lynch or go to Heaven. Two hundred thousand black men fought for your liberty in the civil war and Tracy's favorite pray for the lady Macbeth of E saint Louis. There a couple of different interpretations that have been circulated for that last, one, one being that it reference the white women of Saint Louis who had egged on the mob so about ten thousand people All of them black participated in the silent large. The organizers went first and then children and then women who were all dressed in white, followed by all the men who were in dark suits the protesters included w e b to boys and James Watt Johnson. James Wolden Johnson, later wrote about it, and his autobiography saying quote: the streets of New York have witnessed many strange sights, but I judge
never one stranger than this among the watchers, where those with tears in their eyes. This was certainly an important event in civil rights history. It was one of the first, if not the first nonviolent mass protest against racism and racist violence and the fact that all the marchers were black was also important. At this point, most civil rights organizations in activities were integrated in part because the idea was so contentious that seeing white people involved made it somewhat more palatable to other white people there having white people involved also offered at least some degree of protection like there are so many stories about violence during the civil rights movement in this is a little bit earlier than what a lot of people think of it.
Movement, I'm. So it wasn't a guarantee of safety, but it was like a slight measure of safety. Sometimes so it's likely that there is enough information about this march and archives or special collections to make it into a whole episode. But in terms of what's publicly available to us right now, that's the overview and we're going to have some more stories, but first we're gonna pause for a little sponsor This episode of stuff, you missed in history, glasses, brought to you by Norton three sixty with lifelong, whether with sure online with your smartphone. Its super feels like ear. Personal information is just right there in your hand, but that's not always the case, because, as soon as you hit submit, your personal information could- going other places. In fact, whenever you shop Bank or browse online, your personal invoking get out of your control, and that can we be vulnerable to cyber criminals. More threats demand more protection. Why Norton and Lifelong are now part of one company Norton three sixty with life
is an all in one membership for your cyber safety that gives you device security, identity theft, protection and a VP end for online privacy. No one can prevent all cybercrime and identity theft, but nor in three sixty with life. is your ally in today's connected world, because your information is out there sign up for Norton three sixty with lifelike today and save twenty percent or more off your first year, go to Norton dot com, slash history, that's Norton, DOT, com, slash history for twenty five percent off On our lives, we have gotten several requests for the mass curve. Blanco increase from Hegel, Emil, Ramona, Rosalia MEG in an almost certainly others and a lot of these came in and around the time of the game of Thrones episode, the reins of Casimir, which also lead to requests for a night.
Historical event, known as the black dinner. The Glen CO massacre was one of many bloody events in scottish history that followed in the wake of the glorious revolution. We talk more about the glorious revolution in our podcast on the Jacobites rising of seventeen, forty five and willing to that in the show notes, but very briefly, King James, the seventh of Scotland and second of England, was catholic and when he had a son, James Frances Edward Steward Protestants became concerned about having another Catholic in the line of succession, so Protestants in Scotland and elsewhere had hoped that James would die without an air and then be succeeded by a protestant monarch. With that, no longer a possibility, some prominent Protestants got in touch with will of organs, and basically invited him and his army to come to England and take over so he did, and William and his wife Harry became monarchs and sixteen eighty nine, obviously that's very highly condensed. Does the speed round version
a number of scottish clans remained loyal to King James into the House of Stewart, for both political and religious reasons. This was the basis for the Jacobites Movement that we covered in that previous episode and just f why? I also makes up the very uncle the outlined or tv show and books. The new monarchs William and Mary, recognising the threat that the Jacobites posts, both to their re and to the overall stability of the kingdom, tried to secure the scottish clans loyalty to take a very stick and carrot approach. They offered an indemnity to the clans that agreed to sign an oath of allegiance to them while authorized Attacks against the land, but didn't
I went on, though the focus got a lot more heavily on the spic than on the carrot. This deadline for signing this oath of allegiance was January first of sixteen ninety two and has presented a number of logistical problems. Most clan chiefs needed to travel somewhere to sign the oath in the presence of a magistrate or sheriff, and winter in Scotland made that rather difficult, also The clans had already sworn an oath to James Stuart and they couldn't sign another one until they were released from that first dose, and that didn't happen until mid December. So a number of factors, including travel, whether in the magistrate not actually being present when they got their caps, Mcdonald's of Glenn. from meeting the January First deadline, Alistair Maclean, chief of the clan arrived in time to do the signing, but he couldn't actually do it until January. Sixth, Alistair Maclean was not the only tee from the area who miss the devil,
But for whatever reason he was the only one who is not included in an indemnity that was issued for everyone who had instead Mclean and the Mcdonald's of gloom, co or subject to punishment by the quote utmost extremity of the law. It may have just been an oversight or unintentional ever to make an example of the Mcdonald's of Blanco for having been publicly loyal to the Stuarts, but the elements of that are still unclear, regardless and early February, There is a right, Glenn, co seeking shelter. They reported that they had been assigned to Fort William, which is not too far away, only to find that the fort was already passed capacity. So the soldier, four ability in the Mcdonald HOMES and then on February thirteenth?
in about five. In the morning the soldiers, along with others who joined them from Fort William, massacred members of the Mcdonald plan there in their homes, Alister Mc Lane, was the first to be killed. While he was rising from his bed by soldiers who were his guests about thirty, eight people were killed in the massacre of the thirteen, but since the soldiers also burnt people's homes, many more I'd of exposure after the actual conflict was over. Three years later, a scottish parliamentary Commission described it, as quote murder under trust. The cable clan has long taken the blame for having orchestrated and executed this whole thing. There was certainly a longstanding feud between the candles and Mcdonald's and the cables were heavily represented among the military units that to me
the massacre. But the Jacobites crackdown was really a much bigger issue than the Campbell Mcdonald feud. The camels might have been some would say, definitely did taken the opportunity to exact some kind of justice after years. skirmishes and cattle raids, but it was really William and marry. You put such a sharp focus on rooting out the jack right in the first place. We didn't do a full episode about this one, largely because the game of Thrones episode that prompted so many requests came out in we thirteen at which point you couldn't turn around without running into an article about the Blanco Masker Sowers kind of would have been redundant and after that it started to feel like the moment had really past. That was even more true. After we did our show on the Jacobite rising of nineteen. Forty five. Since it covers so much in territory the black dinner. On the other hand, which is the other thing that everyone asks us talk about in response to the scheme of Thrones episode. That's often summed up as paragraph
So we are going to include. It is kind of a bonus seventh impossible episode in fourteen forty sixteen year old. William Earl of Douglas and have a younger brother David, were invited to visit King James, the second of Scotland. He was then ten admiral castle. So, yes, this is a completely different king, James than the one we are talking about earlier in this segment after being served the head, black bull, which was the symbol of death. The two boys were taken out into the yard, given a mock trial, invigorate of treason and beheaded. All of this connects to an ongoing power struggle between the monarch in the with plan at this point really more like the monarchs advisers who the monarch himself is only ten, so basically the idea was that they were trying to check the Douglas as influence, but the whole story is really of said, to have and may have been, and it's really not clear who arranged this or whether in game was now a completely change gear
oh yeah, I think so completely so get ready because they you may have above, as we greens, you- bet your jade next up Marian downs, who is known as the mother of pediatric ideology, requested, most recently by Lee and again. I'm like so many other doctors. We ve talked about on the show downs didn't spend her whole life planning to go into medicine, should drop out of college in the nineteen thirty to get married and have children. really common among female undergraduates at the time once their children, guy older though she decided she wanted to go back to school, and this was right after the end of world war. Two, when colleges and universities were flooded with returning soldiers pursuing an education under the g I build so when downs went to register for classes at the university of and she picked a course of study by finding the shortest lime, and that line was for speech, pathology and ideology.
And really know what that was when she enrolled, but she really excelled at it and she's known today for her pioneering work and infant hearing screenings. I love when someone just sort of stumbles a degree. actually I'm out of it. I still believe that a short line of greatness in terms of the brain, a person's language ability, develops a lot in their first two years of life, regardless of whether that language is verbal or non verbal and went down started practicing. Most children didn't really get their hearing checked until they were three or four years old, and even then that was usually because the child's parent was concerned that perhaps your speech was delayed and downs thought. This was a huge disservice that missing out on those early years of language, development was actually setting people up for lifelong trouble,
all aspects of communication, including reading- and she was of course right. So she started testing children's hearing while they were still babies and fitting them with hearing aids when they were as young as a year old if they needed one. She encountered a lots of resistance to this in addition to everything that comes along with being one of very few women, male dominated field. Other doctors insisted that a child's brain was ready to handle a hearing aid until apes, three or four and the work with damaging from a neurology perspective. Downs was right. Her naysayers were wrong, but that just refusing to fit children with hearing AIDS meant that the people who were hard of hearing and with a little support could learn to? You know, listen and speak like just denying that brain development time for a couple of years meant that the brain
What was happening at all in nineteen sixty three down started the first systematic infant hearing screening programme in Denver Colorado today. Ninety seven percent of children born in hospitals and birthing centres in the United States have their hearing tat as soon as they are born again, maybe not literally the delivery room, but before they leave the hospital or birthing center, they have a screening. So these tests, of course, are very different today than they were in a sixty when downs was creating her thing protocol. She was using a device to place specific, sounds and then, serving babies, responses to them. So some of the accused that she was looking for could be really subtle, especially in newborns. They were things like blinking widen Their eyes are moving a little bit, so you had to be really good observation today.
Screenings usually use a device that plays a tone into the ear and then measures. Basically you the echo from the inner ear about a bit of a simplification. But it's an analogy. Another test, which is often done if that first, when I suggested, Child might have hearing loss that when measures like the actual brain stem response to sounds using little sort of electrode attachments, and today there is also some debate about what the best strategy should be for deaf and hard of hearing babies. But at this point there is a lot of evidence backing up the fact that there needs to be some kind of strategy. Children who don't begin to learn language in their first months of life, really miss out on critical brain development and the effects of that missing These are. Lifelong gathers a whole a whole at this point body of research, about everything, from the ability to comprehend language to be able to express themselves
children who dont begin to learn some sort of language, do their verbal or nonverbal having trouble reading and not being able to read well from basically the rest of their life. So, in addition to her work as a back, their towns is also a teacher. She published nearly a hundred bucks and articles on ideology during her career. for the end of her life. She also wrote shut up in live. You know how a ninety three year olds guides, who living too are ripe old age, but I can't I want to read it now. Downs died on November thirteenth, twenty fourteen at the age of one hundred, having made a lot of advances in the world ideology, the while also surviving a plane crash travelling all over the world playing tennis, skiing and narrowly waiting being blown up by a grenade during the Vietnam WAR. It is clear that she was both a medical trailblazer amber character as a body that chooses her life course based on it.
the more it but there's more medical than personal information available about her at this point, so maybe some day someone will write her biography and we would see we read that book as well. Yeah we're gonna, take another quick sponsor break before we talk about our last, you impossible episodes this episode of stuff you missed in history, glances brought you buy Norton three sixty with lifelong, let's just say,. Shopping online with your smartphone. I do it all the time. They sure feels that your personal info is right there in your hand, but that's not always the case. yes, because as soon as you hit submit, your personal information could start going other places. In fact, shop, bank or browse online. Your personal info can get out. Your control, which can leave you vulnerable to cybercriminals. More threats demand more protection, Why Norton and Lifelong are now part of one company, Norton, three six
he would. Lifelong is an all in one membership for your cyber safety that gives you device security, identity theft, protection and of GPS for online privacy. No one can Van all cyber crime and identity theft, but Norton three sixty with life lock, is your ally in today's connected world, because your info is out there sign up for three sixty with sixty today and save twenty five percent or more of your first year go to Norton dot com, slash history, that's Norton, DOT, com, slash history for twenty five percent off Last year's dogma throw going to start with when they came in ass, either a posts or a comment on our Facebook page, and I didn't immediately right down who said it, which sadly means that's, now lost forever basement comments and both are the hardest things to try to track down later on.
So thank you who ever asked us to talk about Lena Hemel steam was found. of laying Bryant Hammerstein was born. Mish. Double in Lithuania, in eighteen, eighty one her parents died when she was young and she was raised by her grandparents. She emigrated to the United States when she was sixteen joining her older sister Anna. Few of them worked in a sweat shop. He must be married, a jeweler names David Bryant in eighteen. Ninety nine, they had a son together, they named Raphael, but David died, after all, fails birth, wit and without a source of income. Hemel steam returned to sewing this time. Opening address shop where she focused on making expensive, dresses and luxury which were euphemistically called bridle sets in nineteen O. Seven, a customer asked her to design a maternity dress, and this was at the
I'm a new concept in american fashion. People generally wore their regular closed during pregnancy, letting out the seams or adding extra material to make more room is their bellies swelled and they needed different garbage fits during very advanced pregnancy when this was not practical people who could afford to typically just stayed at home, but a lot of evil couldn't afford to just stay home while pregnant, and so there was this huge unmet need for a practical, modest, comfortable maternity garment. There was appropriate to be warned a work, so Hamilton First design was a simple adjustable dress that used fleets and elastic to expand as needed, and it was an immediate success when she realized how much the man, but there was for maternity, clothing, Campbell steam brand stout into more designs using elastic and flared skirts, and will draw string, sashes and ties to try to fishing dresses that were comfortable expandable and often also.
Feeling. Many of them were designed to still be wearable, sometimes with a little bit of alteration after the baby was born. This concealment of pregnancy was actually a really big deal in the first decade of Hamel scenes business people who could afford it replaced their regular course. It's with maternity courses, which were designed to both support the figure and conceal the appearance of pregnancy, and you can actually by these at a number of retailers, including lame Bryant. I was looking to see if I can find a picture of her fire like a good historical picture of an old sore front or something I kept finding all of these maternity course. It adds, and they were all on scans of newspaper, and they would be three or four other maternity course. It adds right around there. So maternity course, it's hot item at the time of the nineteen o to him remarried, lithuanian american Mechanical Engineer Albert Malsen. They eventually had three children together. Malsen started
king on the financial and logistical side of the business, helping it to expand and the business incorporated. Lane Bryant incorporated in nineteen. Sixteen when she had opened her first bank account for the business those earlier days of that first dress: Shop her name, had been Lena riot, but the bank misspelled it as lane and the names of stock Was she going by that name? No, no, that's why I don't think so. I personally was going by the name, but using the business the bit yeah that when the bank misspelled it on her, her business account the that definitely stuck for the business aim. Gotcha sales grew rapidly from fifty thousand dollars to five million dollars between nineteen o, nine and nineteen twenty three nineteen. Seventeen. She also branched out from eternity where into plus sized clothing, this time after having measured thousands of women and found that they all generally fit into one of three,
body types so she made clothing in larger sizes for each of those types by nineteen. Sixty nine Lane Bryant had more than a hundred stores, and this was in spite of cultural taboos that had prevented hosting herself from being able to advertise in the earliest years of the business most of her early advertising was done through word of mouth, and most for sales came from mail order catalogues, either so for decades, most of the women and lame Brian advertisements were very slender. None of them were visibly pregnant. They were basically like people like, like with women and little little dresses, but little tiny wastes being like. Yes, you can expand the stress quite alot, why not some of those that's even carried through into the modern era. Only written the barely recent era in plus size catalogues have models been anything over like a twelve right. So this is changing now, but am I
only bit but happening? Yes, in addition to designing and selling clothing for populations that were not really being served by the fashion industry, Lena Himmel steam was also on the forefront of labour rights for retail employees. During her time at the company's helm, employees received reimbursements for medical care, along with pensions, life, insurance, disability coverage and profit sharing. She was also a philanthropist donating to the hebrew immigrant aid society and the New York Federation of jewish philanthropies, among others,
Hammerstein died on September, twenty six nineteen, fifty one at which point Lane Bryant, was the largest plus five clothing retailer in the United States and in today's running theme, if someone wrote a full biography of Lena Hammerstein, I would read that for sure and now, once again, another gear change, we're gonna go out on a much lighter note, courtesy of our listener MIKE, and that is the great Wyndham Frog fight of seventeen. Fifty for at least a lighter, if you're, not especially soft on frogs or really love, if you, if you like, for example or just animals and general amounts too much of a wider sorry, but it is really weird, so things weren't going too well and when Connecticut in the summer of seventeen. Fifty four, the friendship in war, have started that may, when the region had also been beset by drought and then on one per day. Will we muggy night in June? I did not.
Find anywhere that specified what knight in June specifically residents, were terrified out of their beds by a horrible inexplicable cacophony. People heard all kinds of shouts among the clamour and they sounded like calls for rum or gin or the names of the towns militia, leaders or the names of the people. Listening or war cries from an invading army or the trumpets on judgement day. Sometimes people call it the free
Fraid because it was so very frightening. There is so much noise. Some of the local militia did take up arms and fire into the darkness, but that have little effect. By morning, though, the sound had died down. After dawn, the residents of Wyndham left their homes to find hundreds of bull frogs belly up all over the place. They eventually concluded that they have been fighting over the last remnants of water in a merely dry pon and that those frogs fighting had caused. All of this noise were also taking with the grain of salt. How many frogs there really were here, because we only have the accounts of people who were frightened out of their wits, so thus became a weirdly popular story in the eighteenth century, the town, but a frog on its official seal. There were poems and valid than even an operetta written about it. The Wyndham Bank even issued money
a pair of frogs one living in one dead with the living one kind of like morning, oh, The dead one in a position of victory. In the lower right corner. Today, Wyndham is known as well a mandate and there's a bridge over the will amend the river, has giant bronze frog sculptures on it. So let's face it the whole story Why, for? I will not do in a whole episode on eighth, very weird bit there there's not a lot more there. I like how it's like the frog, spooked, Israel, bad, it's our town, identity, that whatever use the listener way clear to you, and this is from Kara, and it goes back all the way back to our Hernandez Verses, Texas episode, which was earlier this fall.
I'm curious as high Holly and Tracy. I love the. So I was on my way to work and live funding up new and interesting things on my computer, I had honest, thought I would never have a reason to write in about an episode, because I thought that my life and experience, and not particularly intersect with history. But then I heard your episode on Bananas versus Texas. I was delighted to hear a brief reference to the Texas Court of criminal appeals. I'm a lawyer and after graduating from law school. I clerk for a judge on the Texas Court of criminal appeals. A courtship is a wonder to your position, where a generally newly graduated lawyer assists the judge by reviewing petitions doing research advising the judge and helping to draft opinions. My time with this little known court was very interesting, and I M so glad for the experience.
still finally remember eating my lunch on a bench outside the Texas State, Capitol nearly every day when looking at the beautiful flowers that are planted their here's, a bit of legal trivia. The Texas Court of criminal appeals as one of only two high courts that exclusively hears criminal cases and Texas. The Texas Supreme Court hears only civil that is non criminal cases, while the court of criminal appeals is at the same level as the text, a Supreme Court appears only criminal cases. This explains why Hernandez appeal directly from the ccs to the? U S Supreme Court and did not go to the text. The Supreme Court,
and then follows with a plan for an episode idea and then terraces. Thanks for all you do you care a thank you so much care. I am so glad that that we gotta see me because I was actually curious about why the case had gone from the Texas Court of criminal appeals, which, just by its name, suggests that it is that appeals court. That would probably be like a wrong below a supreme court. Why had gone directly to the? U S Supreme Court. So I was very glad to learn that reason, which is one of those like details that I did not look up at the time, because it was not completely pertinent d artagnan. I thank you so much. For writing in also feel free to write and say hello, we love those emails. Do yes, indeed,
We would like to write those about this. There are neither podcast where history podcast, that's how it works, that Tom Roslin Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and Instagram all of those at missed in history, the surname there you can come to our website, which, as MR history, dot com and you'll, find the show notes, do all the episodes that Pauline I have done together any. Will archive of all the episodes ever so that his history for more on this and thousands of other topics visit has tat, works that com. I am only subversion. Man, Escargot Coralie, and this is the Peat and Sebastian POD catches- a show. Two guys
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