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Six Impossible Episodes: Soldiers, Snipers and Spies

2017-05-15 | 🔗

This installment of our impossible episodes series features a set of stories that are all about front-line heroism. Most of them are listener requests.

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Here's, the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, because there's always that guy who joined your game. He never passes the rock he constantly bricks theories and who completely. You and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico. It's easy to switch. save on car insurance, no the vacant fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted, so which, in save with Geiger it's almost better than sport. Welcome to stuff you, Mr History Class from housetop work, stuck her low and love into the pond. Cast iron Tracy Wilson Holly, that is valid, tradition, sinew six impossible episodes a couple of times a year, following
What's that, for whatever reason we hear cover on their own as a stand alone, episode, sometimes there's not quite enough information, sometimes there's something about it- that just doesn't lend itself to stand treatment whatever we are due for one of these there today we have a set of stories that are all about frontline heroism
most of them are also requests from listeners, and so we are calling it six impossible. Episodes, soldiers, snipers and spies, and first up is the only one of these who was not a listener request, at least not one that we can recall our new of, but it came from a mental floss. Article called five of the fiercest one liners in history mill link a savage was born in Serbia on June twenty eighth of eighteen, eighty eight in nineteen, twelve at the age of twenty four she joined the serbian Army, there's a bit of discrepancy about how this came to be whether she adopted her brothers name to enlist or whether she went with her brother in disguise and they both enlisted together. But regardless Molucca wound up army, under the name of her brother, Milon Savage maintained this the skies and served in both the first and second balkan wars and by the second, she had earned the rank of corporal and iron regiment
then in nineteen thirteen. She was wounded in the chest at the battle of wriggle mitzvah and while treating injury fields of field surgeons discovered her disguise AIDS of MILAN, the cartoon yeah and we're not allowed in the serbian army and combat rules, but savage had already been serving honourably for quite some time so punishing her, for it would have been awkward it best. She was offered a transfer to the army's nursing division, but Savage didn't want to be a nurse and failing at attention. She made it clear that all she wanted to do was to serve her country and combat the commanding officer. I told her that he would consider her request. He would give her an answer in the morning and savage standing at attention answered. I will wait. She stood at attention for the next hour until being given permission to go back to the Infantry
from their savage served for the entirety of world, where one and there's a lot of incredibly dramatic stuff in terms of stories about her valor in battle. But at this point is a little hard to establish, its factual and what's legendary. It is clear though, that she fought bravely with multiple units across more than one allied military. By the end of service, she had earned Serbia's highest military honour. The order, carriage Shorty STAR with swords. She also received Serbia's gold medal for Valor, the french Legion of Honor grades, four and five, the French quite again and multiple other military honours from multiple other nations. She became the most highly decorated woman in all war, one after the war, France offered her a military pension, but instead she went back to Belgrade, got married and had a daughter and adopted three other children
named a national hero of Serbia and established a small hospital and for this hospital work she actually wound up in a concentration camp for part of world war. Two. She was eventually, least, and she lived until October of Nineteen- seventy three in twenty thirteen, the serbian armed forces, military club, open an exhibition called Moluccas, savage heroine of the great war, but even so there is not a whole lot of information available about her in English. I wish there were. I found one video that had all of these stories of like battlefield daring do, but I couldn't even figure out what the sources for that bit Those stories were but anyway, seems amazing, and now we have someone else who served in the serbian Army also in world where one, but in this case was not serbian, Listeners. Laura and MEG have both asked for a podcast on Flora Sands who, after her marriage, was flora sands, you'd niche. She
go into an irish family on January twenty second eighteen, seventy six near York, England and she was the youngest of eight children. She got what was a stammered education for her her social class. She was educated by a governess and to train them secretary. She also learned first aid through the Ladys Nursing Yeomanry after this a world war. One sands tried to volunteer with the british armed forces, but was turned down, so she volunteered with a Saint John Ambulance unit that had been mustard to work and Serbia, which departed on August, twelfth nineteen for even after a difficult and dangerous journey, the last leg of which took place a border cattle transport that sailed through a huge thunderstorm. She arrived in Serbia to find a telegram waiting for her informing her her father had suddenly died for the next three months. Sands threw herself into exhausting difficult work as a nurse the hoss.
where she was stationed with short, staffed and low on supplies and their accommodation. We're so limited that she and six other nurses had to take turns sleeping on straw, mattresses and a single room with only one blanket shared among them. Social, whom not to argue for reassignment but to raise funds for desperately needed supplies for the serbian troops. She spent six weeks doing this and raise two thousand pounds than made that then made the trip back to Serbia with a hundred and twenty tonnes of supplies for a time. She continued her work in hospitals, learning on the job and performing everything from minor surgical procedures to administrative work and her work was important from the start, but it became especially critical in February of nineteen fifteen when a typhus
I make claimed as many as two hundred victims a day, including hospital staff. It was so bad that by the time it was over, there were only one doktor and orderly, and some nurses left at sands hospital fans return England again for a time and nineteen fifteen. But when the war escalated again in Serbia, she went back. She intended to go back hospital where she had been working previously. Once she arrived. That proved to be impossible. It was just too dangerous and there wasn't any kind of unit or convoy going that direction that she could travel with. So instead, she bit and working as a Red Cross ambulance driver alongside the iron regiment, when Serbia was invaded. In October, nineteen fifteen. The serbian army was forced into a long retreat through Albania over incredibly difficult terrain and in desperately cold weather
and sand service during this retreat was so dedicated that the units commanding officer, Colonel Milch, allowed her to officially enlist, at which point she took on a combat rule, and she was at this time, thirty nine years old. This seems like a discrepancy between Molucca, savages story and Flora Sand story in terms of how easy it was for them to become actually enlisted in the military. I dont know the reason for that other than the fact that this happened a few years later and the circumstances where a lot more dire in terms of the war. But if you have knowledge, feel free to drop us a newt, regardless their sands spent the next years will serbian Army ultimately attaining the rank of captain Finally, the other soldiers in her unit called her, our english woman, but eventually this
addressing her with the same word that they used for each other, which translated to brother, even when sans was at home on leave or recovering after being wounded, which she was twice. She still tirelessly work to support the serbian cause. She raised funds she rallied soup where'd she gathered supplies, she wrote an autobiography titled in english woman sergeant in the serbian army, specifically to try to re serbian support among the British and when an injury prevented her from returning to the front. She went back to working in a hospital, like me, look a savage. She was also awarded the order of carriage authorities star sands, aid URI validity units on May, fourteenth, nineteen, twenty seven and they move to Belgrade. They both retired from the Serb, but she was really not good at living in a quiet life. She tried her hair
a lot of different projects before she and her husband were called up for service again in world war. Two they were soon captured by the Germans and improve, and and they were eventually released, allow her husband died and nineteen forty wine. At that point, she went back to England where she died on November. Twenty fourth of nineteen, fifty six before we get to our stories, we will have a quick sponsor break potty cleared out my whole data cigar the whole day, yeah. First, we need to study. I have some flashcards here to go: releasing vocabulary, policemen costs money, factors, disposition, faith You do not need to know that still leaves a car, but I gotta negotiate a good deal here. Look at this! It's the roadmap. You go through and take the car you want. Then they give you a tailor. Price is crystal clear,
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born in Valea Zverkov Ukraine, not far from Kiev in nineteen. Sixteen in her youth she joined the volunteer society for the assistance of army aircraft and fleet says an order nation, that combined patriotism, athletics and some pelt paramilitary training and, in spite of a term volunteer. It was one of those things where participation was basically expected of all youth. And it was here that public go started learning to shoot, she earned a certificate and marksmanship and a badge in sharp shooting and when she enrolled at Kiev University in nineteen thirty seven, she joined the track team and also went to a snipers school to further develop her skill. When Germany invaded the Soviet Union on June twenty second nineteen, forty one public Anko decided to put her training to use and tried to join the army. She was at first turn down because she was a woman even after she showed them her certificate and badge
and then what's become, are running theme on this episode. She was encouraged to become a nurse instead publishing GO persisted though, and she was vital accepted into the red armies. Twenty fifth supply of rifle the vision after passing, an impromptu test. She was basically with a unit that was sending a hill, and someone pointed out to Romanians who were working with the Germans and told her to shoot them which she did privilege. Anko became an exceptionally skilled and feared military sniper in her first seventy five days of service she had one hundred. Eighty seven confirmed kills by the end of her service. That number had risen to three hundred and nine thirty. Six of those were german sniper, some in what were effectively duels with the enemy from her point of view, especially when it came to the snipers,
the work she was doing was ultimately saving many other lives. Her reputation really spread among the german military, which knew her by name. They start playing announcements over loudspeakers and places where that they thought that she was trying to get her to the fact that they were basically like. We had Miller come over here, we have jointly over the course of her career. She was wounded and combat four times, including being hit with shrapnel in the face. She also became the face of some of the Red Army propaganda. In addition to her skill is a marksmen and sharpshooter. She was also very attractive and, while trying to join the army in the first place, people had commented on her well styled here. and beautifully manicured nails as well as making sexist remarks about whether she should even be in the army in the first place, line of questioning did not stop even after she had distinguished herself in the army and nineteen forty
At the age of twenty five public Anko became the first soviet soldier to visit. The white heroin is part of an effort to get the United States to support soviet war efforts on the european continent, and with during this tour that she became friends with the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, the media coverage of this visit in tour. Really focus relentlessly on her appearance and what she was wearing, which often, with literally her uniform reporters, frequently criticised are not being very stylish or flattering to her figure I know you're an amazing sharpshooter, but can we talk about your outfit? That was really
The subject of black sea eventually stops Lucy, stop playing nicely issues like. Would you ask that of American once publishing go return home she was promoted to major, was named hero of the Soviet Union and eventually was put on a postage stamp when the war was over. She finished her education and she became a historian. in nineteen, thirty, seven, she reconnected with Eleanor Roosevelt and what was an emotional reunion which is covered by beautifully and the rejected princes entry on her. We will linked to them the show notes for real. It does especially this p of the story, a lot of beautiful justice more than we did just now after three stories about people who were offer jobs and nursing rather than combat or went in to combat after nursing? We want
make sure. We also talked about someone who was a nurse through and through, and that's lieutenant colonel Vivian Bullwinkle, also known as bully. This one is a tiered tyrker and the listener request we got for it was actually about a massacre. That she survived. Vivian Bullwinkle was born and South Australia. On December eighteenth nineteen fifteen, she was trained as a nurse midwife and was working. You Jesse Mc Fearsome Hospital in Melbourne at the start of world war. Two points he joined the australian me nursing service. She was assigned to the thirteen the Australians General Hospital or thirteenth av age, although she also spent a few weeks with the tenth age, she was ultimately station
and what's now Malaysia, it late nineteen, forty one japanese forces started moving down them allay peninsula and at the start of nineteen forty two, the thirteenth age, each was forced to evacuate across the Straits of Gibraltar to Singapore. Soon japanese forces moved on Singapore as well forcing a second retreat aboard the Ss Viner Brook on February twelfth nineteen. Forty two Bullwinkle was among the last group of nurses evacuated, along with a group of women and children, as well as injured soldiers. On February thirteenth, a japanese bomber spotted diviner Brook and attacked the ship sank and some of the survivors came about on Bunker Island off the coast of Somalia, where they gathered on Reggie Beach at first burglary was made up of twenty two nurses, including Bullwinkle, along with someone, children and about a hundred Britain.
soldiers join them. I'm a beats the following day. Eventually, the group decided that their best course of action was to surrender to the Japanese, the civilians, women and children left to find someone to whom they might under the nurses and soldiers, including the wounded men, stayed behind, but when the day many soldiers of Emily did arrive at the beach on February. Sixteen they did not accept any surrender. They divided the soldiers into two groups shot them and bayoneted the survivors. Then they do. acted? The nurses to march into the sea as they did their me, friend, Irene Drummond told them ten up girls, I'm proud of you- and I love you all. Then the but he soldiers open fire and they machine gun them all. To death from behind in Bullwinkle shot in the abdomen played down. in the water until she washed ashore, at which point the japanese soldiers had gone. She
on the surviving soldier. Private Kingsley and the two of them hid in the jungle. Bullwinkle and into both of their wounds and sneaked to a nearby village to bed beg for food for them, putting her life at risk. Every time she did Soon, though, it became clear that they could not survive long term in this way and she and Kingsley decided to once again try to surrender and this time they did successfully surrender, although Kingsley died shortly afterward as a result of his injuries Bullwinkle was taken to a prisoner of war camp in Sumatra, where she was reunited with the survivors of the sinking of the Viner Brick, who had not come ashore at that beach. She told them what happened and how she could survive, but from where they all kept secret, and it was obvious that her life would be in serious danger if her captors learned that she had witnessed the bunker island massacre
Bullwinkle, and the other survivors of the Viner Brook were all kept his prisoners of war for more than three years and that whole time Bullwinkle continued her work as a nurse keeping both herself and many of her fellow p o double use alive at nineteen. Forty six once the war was over, Bullwinkle testified before the war crimes Tribunal in Tokyo. As to what had happened, she also contacted the families of the nurses that had been on the beach with her to tell them about their love. Last moments and final words, she retired from the army and nineteen forty seven and return to civilian life. As a nurse, she eventually became director, nursing, Melbourne, Fairfield Hospital and she spent time raising funds for a nursing memorial and I'm a moral to those who were killed on bunker islands. She was arrested. The royal Red Cross for exceptional services, devotion to duty and professional competence in british military nursing. Her uniform, complete with a bullet hole, is part of the collection at the austrian
war, memorial and nineteen. Seventy seven she married becoming Vivian Bullwinkle Statham and she died in July. Third, two thousand we're going to take one more quick break before we have two more stories: I thought you weren't leasing apparent today sounds like you're at football yeah. Why use Romeo deletes the car? You know it's up. I was telling you about. We can choose from hundreds of local cars right from your phone. Ok and the price is Crystal clear. All taxes in teaser included, discounts negotiated then deliver the car to your house and its watching the game. While I pick a car, so let me get this straight. You are all the world aware police car, and it was so easy. You figured by catch football game see you understand, I gotta go its down and anticipating between Sudan or hatch back
Welcome to the future of Karl easy on the road or where you can choose from hundreds of cars right in your area. We give you crystal clear pricing its discounts, taxes and fees. Will even Cartier House. It's easy: it's clear, its roto I'm next request to actually songs from Arthur Mary Robinette Kowal that our lab show at sea too easy when twenty. Sixteen I sat by her boots to say hello, because I love her books and she suggested that we look into it and then followed up on the Jonathan Golden crews and twenty seventeen, which she was well potatoes on and I went on vacation on, so we are hopping back World, where one again for the first russian women's battalion of death, intervene
you will women were involved in the russian military, both officially and unofficially, from the very beginning of russian involvement in World WAR one. So many women had expressed an interest in serving that on June, tenth, nineteen fifteen and official policy was handed down that women could join the army on a case by case basis, as long as each case was approved by czar as the second all of that changed following the February Revolution, which began in March. Nineteen. Seventeen on the gregorian calendar, but in February on the Julian calendar February revolution was the product of both food shortages and Russia's involvement and world, where one which had been just devastating in terms of both the russian economy and the cost of human life.
The February revolution began with food riots and strikes and ultimately ended with the forced abdication of bizarre who would later be executed. The provisional government that followed the ended, czarist rule granted women a number of rights, including the right to vote and to serve on juries. The provisional government was also far more open to the idea of women and military service, especially given a dire need for new recruits and the fact that the rebel in itself had really disrupted the russian military. The first russian women's battalion of death was the work of Maria botch. Pereda also by the nickname, Jaska is one of the many women who had individually petitioned to join the russian Army and nineteen fifteen and had ultimately been allowed to join. She had our You been wounded and recovered twice and had been awarded the Saint Georgia's crossbar valor, when the February
revolution began about two months after the February revolution. She conceived of forming a unit of about three hundred women who had quote serve as an example to the army and lead the men into battle. These women would be highly trained and extraordinarily disciplined and they would follow the same protocol as other russian battalions of death, which formal designation within the military. These all volunteer battalion, swore to fight to the death and were marked with special reddened black chevrons on their sleeves and skulls and crossbones on their banners Bush graver begin recruiting on May twenty first nineteen seventeen and she got two thousand responses almost immediately following example Women began seeking approval to recruit for additional women's units, all around Russia, the first russian women's battalion of debt, ultimately had three hundred members, but at least four thousand women joined them
military and other women's units in World WAR, one on June, twenty first in uniform and with close cropped hair. The newly formed first russian women's Battalion of death March through Petrograd in front of a cheering crowd where they were given gifts from the first and third russian armies, as well as a banner from the Minister of war. Part of their route, was to the graves of protesters who had been killed during the February Revolution, at this point, the first russian women's battalion of death seems like it's on track for a similar story arc to world war to night witches the night with were founded along with two other, all female regiments by Marina, Discover, by which he went on to become a household names in the Soviet Union and they spent most of reward to harassing and terrifying the german army. We have an episode about them in the archive, but that wasn't the case. When the first women's battalion
the right at the western front, they face derision and harassment for the man in the tenth army that were already station layer. The women's battalion was part of the current ski offensive and they did exactly what they'd intended to do charged into the fray, essentially shaming, reluctant male soldiers into following they also reportedly founded destroyed a large stash vodka in the austrian german trenches before the other russian soldiers could get to it. That influence, which was part of the point from the beginning, didn't last, though, the Kerensky offensive was ultimately unsuccessful and, as the tide turned against the russian Army, the women's battalion of death, one to keep fighting ass had been the permission from the beginning, but their determination really started to inspire resentment instead of valor from the male soldiers already there by July the offensive head, dissolved completely Boxcar, EVA herself, was attacked,
and beaten by a mob that demanded that the women stop fighting not long after Oliver Kornilov replace General, Bruce Love and a second set of demonstrations, known as the July days rose up in petrograd many of the why days. Demonstrators were soldiers and Cornel are deployed the military to try to suppress the uprising because is but a river new corner love. She and the rest of her battalion suffered guilt by association and they were branded as counter revolutionaries. They faced so much violence, hostility from the rest of the force that they were moved out of com. Coral who had not shown Bruce loves approval of women's battalions in the first place then stopped accepting new female recruits and started the process. of dissolving the women's battalions. By this point, Russia was facing catastrophic economic and human losses from the war and an uprising from within in the form of the russian revolution.
Wendy mobilization of the military began on November tenth nineteen. Seventeen there was almost nothing in the way of support for returning soldiers. Records from this period are so spotty that the ultimate fate of most of the first women's battalion of death is unknown regardless. What had initially seemed like a bold attempt to democratize and bring gender equality to Russia's military ultimately fell apart. but graver herself travelled to the United States and nineteen eighteen and dictated a memoir. While she was there, she also met with pride. Woodrow Wilson, where she pleaded for american assistance in Russia. Later went to London, where she did the same thing before George, the fifth. She was apparently invited to join the White Army during the russian civil war, and this led to her being captured by the Bolsheviks and executed by firing squad on May sixteenth, nineteen, twenty
Now we were going on to our last story, which we are going to end the spy. When does the spy lots of folks have asked for, but most of them, I came by people sharing her oh bitch, weary to our Facebook wall are tweeting as a link to it. So we don't have a list of names is much easier for us to find a pursuit requests in our EU male than on our social media. Most the time Stephanie check Rater was born, Stephanie check on May sixteenth, nineteen fifteen. She grew up in Poughkeepsie New York. Her parents had emigrated from Poland and they didn't speak much English, so she learned polish at home and actually didn't begin to learn English until she started school. But eventually became fluent in both languages in high school. One of her teachers submitted an application to Cornell University on her behalf and she was awarded a full scholarship to go there.
Graduated with a masters degree in chemistry in nineteen, thirty seven, and she let her got a job as a triumph later. When the United States entered world war, two, she joined the women's army auxiliary core, but within a couple of years she had caught the attention of the office of strategic services or the o s s. This was in intelligence office in a precursor to the CIA. In nineteen forty five, she was stationed in Poland ostensibly to work as a clerk in the. U S, embassy but in reality she was a spy. She did most of her work in plain clothes and unarmed. She would later say quote gave me a gun, but I never carried a what the heck was absent. With a dumb gun, under the pretence of finding members of her family. She travel,
extensively away from Warsaw alone, gathering huge amounts of information about soviet troops, movements and social conditions, and passing all of that information back to the o s s. She also started to work as a courier carrying secret information, and this was a particularly risky assignment since if she were caught, she would probably just disappear some of her male colleagues in fact were caught and just disappeared. During this period she was very nearly apprehended on January, fifteenth nineteen, forty six, she was leaving the We see in Berlin and she was given a set of documents to take with her back to Warsaw. She really didn't want to do this because she had been under an increasing level of scrutiny. She suspected that a thought These are going to try to take any opportunity to arrest her some of her car.
that the oasis, as we said, had simply vanished at this point during their service in Poland, as she approached a border checkpoints, she realised that soviet police were there waiting to arrest her. So she took a really risky move of passing the documents off to a civilian with instructions on where to deliver them. So she not have those documents on her when she was questioned while she was still serving in Poland. Her cover was actually blown by the careless behaviour of a superior officer who was stationed in Paris even her cover was blown. She insisted on staying in Poland, even though she was that much greater risk until she had finished her assignment. Finally, back in the United States she married Brigadier General, William Reader and eventually retired from the army. She attained the rank of captain and the. U S. Department of Veterans Affairs has called her one of the most successful intelligence agents of post world,
to Poland. She died on January twenty first, twenty sixteen at the age of one hundred and she was buried at Arlington. National cemetery. She was passed. Lastly, a word I believe, of merit and twenty sixteen as well. That was something had been recommended for all the way back in nineteen forty, six and denied, possibly because at the time there were so few women working as covert agents for the United States and though our soldiers, Cyprus and spies for our six impossible episodes today, what's a good listener, male Tracy, some listener. Mail from Jenny is called Kentucky colonels and it is following our episode about the Kentucky Derby. I am going to skip some particularly fond interduction, because she's so kind, it feels a little self congratulatory
to read it and then continues. I just finished the episode honour Kentucky Derby and how to write em, you giggled when you mentioned that habit of the state of Kentucky to call people colonels when they no actual military role. This reaction They had by much of the world outside of Kentucky and its one, but I found myself laughing at too when I first heard about it: born and raised in New Hampshire, I often but like I'd we to another planet when I moved to bowling Green Kentucky teach once I learned more about this proud tradition from students and colleagues and thought I'd share a bit with you. The title of colonel can stowed upon anyone and recognition of their accomplishments or works serving their community state nation or the world. New colonels are nominated by active colonels and can be national heroes. Like astronaut John Glenn writers, like Hunter S, tops Thomson and Duncan Heinz artists and entertainers like Ansell Adams, Johnny Depp, Ashley, Judd embedded,
why it's going to pause for a second and say I love that Betty White is a Kentucky colonel to return to the letter, it's like Mohammed Ali and Arthur Ash, world leaders and foreign royalty, like Winston Churchill or princess, am and, of course, businessmen like Casey's own colonel Sanders. They can also be private citizens from all walks of life, working to better, better lives of people of Kentucky. The title is bestowed by the governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky by issuing letters patent and has been around since the american revolution. They even have their own taste written in nineteen thirty six, but I thought you'd both love option. has run a little long face. I'm not going to read this entire toast, but we are going to put it in the churn out, so you can go to our website and read it Then dead then says that in twenty fifteen, a dear friend of hers became a Kentucky colonel, which is a lovely story sitting.
so much for for all of their information veni. That is indeed lovely. Thank you. Being one of the folks who assumed we had literally never heard of Colonel Sanders. You do this, we got a number of emails, assuming we had never heard of Colonel Sanders, but we don't live under rocks say I do I'm like pattered. The starfish but we ve definitely Herbert colonels, so you would, like writers about this or any other podcast or history pie, gas, test of works, dot, com, browser on Facebook, at Facebook, dotcom, Flash missed in history and on Twitter. Witness in history are tumblr. Mr History, that tumblr dot com and around ten percent Instagram, both at missed in history, come to our parent companies website, which is how it works, dot com to find
about just about anything. Your heart desires and you can come to our website, which is missing history, that current recombine shouts, including where we will put that toast for the continued colonels archive of every single episode we ve ever done other cool stuff. You can do all that and a whole lot more.
Where is that more and more on this and thousands of other topics, because it has to work, sack hello bunnies? This is our marine. You may know me from Chelsea lately or as Regina Sinclair on insatiable. I want to tell you about my comedy podcast: will you accept this rose, which is new to the eye heart radio podcast network? We re cap every season at the bachelor franchise, including the bachelor, the bachelor at an bachelor in Paradise. We bring in bachelor super fans, including last bass, Nicky Glaser, Debbie, Ryan and more catch. Our first episode on January eighth and listen to will you accept this rose on the Iheart Radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your broadcasts,