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Sophia Duleep Singh, Part 2: Suffragette Princess

2015-11-25 | 🔗

Sophia Duleep Singh's education was focused on turning her into a proper lady, in line with her status as a princess. But she also became deeply involved in the Women's Social and Political Union, a radical arm of the women's suffrage movement in Britain.

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They were rejoining the story of so via doings thing, a princess from became a very vocal part of the movement for women Suffrage in Britain and at this point the story where we are picking up the last time she in Britain for parents Little brother have sadly died and she is team and effectively living off. The good will of her godmother Queen Victoria. in spite of ongoing lessons in deportment. The teenage fire was viewed as fragile. Quiet shy, sensitive Image for the series of tragedies in her life and very comfortable with the attention that came along with being a princess, however, being favoured by the queen meant, but ass. She approached her eighteenth birthday plans were put in place for her future and the future of her two sisters and her two half sisters does involve an income
dowries for the two eldest. Did you eldest sisters and an official coming out for Catherine, Bomba and Sofia do lapsing faced with the prospect of having to look after herself Sophia really threw herself into our studies, both her academic work and her deportment. She sisters also took a tour of the continent which grew from so fires, then surprising, request to go to Germany to refine her skills in the language accompanied the sisters, were two Ladys Maids and Lena Schaefer, their former governance, who had stayed with suffice. Elder sisters. While they were at university in case anyone who heard part one is confused, that is the government, the governess. You came along after the nanny who had looked at them when they were little left looked after them when they were little had died once the sisters around back? In Britain, Queen Victoria gave no fire a grace in favour residence at Faraday House at Hampton Court enhancing
was home to a number of mostly widows and unmarried lady use. You have some kind of standing and british society, but usually no other place to live so far. filled her new home with music and animals and now living independently. She really started to blossom, but even two fires lessons had refined her behaviour and her formal debut had gone quite well. She grow into quite to the indian British Princess said the monarchy had hoped, like her father, she was extravagant spending most of her income on clothes and jewelry. She became the social butterfly. She also took up a whole lot of pastime, that were not regarded as entirely appropriate for young Ladys, against the advice of doctors of the day. They were too exciting and could damage the reproductive organs. So fire bought a bicycle for herself and went on to make headlines were her cycling
she also bread dogs joining the kennel club and becoming an extremely accomplished breeder. She bread and boys and later Pomeranian as well just opposed them? photographs, dressed in only the most fashionable clothing. She was a very accomplice city decided. She smoked exotic women study there anymore Bomba was halfway around the world on a can a covert mission to get her back to India, because both sisters knew that the british government with we give them permission to do so if they asked and when that mission. didn't work. Bomba went to the United States to try to become a doctor, although she had to return to Britain when Northwestern University decided not. At women study there anymore barber was fury so much so that Catherine came back from Germany, where she been living with Lena Schaefer to trade, it's all her bereft sister, the thin really work at this point.
three grown young women sharing a household together, Fires behaviour really rubbed her sisters, the wrong way, Catherine and hated her smoke, and they did not like her dogs, and they really didn't want to socialize with british aristocracy, which was one of the finest favorite pastimes didn't like. The dogs may amounts to Three of them on January twenty seconds, nineteen o one as is famously known Queen Victoria died, the coordination of Edward, the seventh provided a distraction to the sisters, an unexpected ways back to India like Babo one to do so desperately and we're going to talk about what happened in all this arena after me, pause for a brief moment from one of our fabulous sponsors. Hapag has listeners have you ever wanted to share a love story with someone, but you may be wanted to do it in a really unique in interesting way or you were struggling to get the exact rate words in place. Will you don't know
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Denials were worded in such a way that it seemed ass, though Baden might go, but just later, not right. Now they basically How did it was later now and they went themselves in secret? They travelled pseudonyms they went separately so that there would be less chance that they would raise suspicion and then once they got there, it was too late for the british government to do anything about it. Except for two clear: was off the normal diplomatic channels that they would have had access to, based on the fact that they were princesses, so they went making their way to the horror and staying with people who remembered their father and respected their family name, so initially when they finally arrived in India, the three sisters did travel together, eventually Sophia started a tour of India on horseback that her sister, it simply not keep up with They eventually returned to Britain separately on the way so fire witness the plight of indian laborers and sailors known as last years. These are
people who are often hired out of poverty and then exploited, they were forced to work dangerous and degrading conditions, often without enough food or water, to actually sustain them and then after the ships. They were working on reached, often other continents. The agenda would wander abandoned in port with no money, no resources, no work times, not even an understanding of the local language. So once if I got her She started using her money and social connections to try to advocate for better treatment for the last speakers. Although there work made her feel useful. She really deeply missed her sisters. She became increasingly morose and lonely until nineteen o six three year, after she had left her sisters in India, that's She got a letter from Bob by asking that she come back till a whore right away, because someone was trying to kill her. Those defy did make it till a whore as fast. good. However, she determined her sister was probably not the target of poisoning by anybody.
on the other hand, to determine that Burma who had been really resentful of the British understandably for must much of their lives would probably never. Back to Britain to live again. She had really a home for herself. In India Bob had also started to make friends with the movement for indian self governance. This the growing movement led by large, bought rye global accretion. I got her. and later Mohammed S, Carom Sean Gandhi, also known as Mahatma as this movement for self government governance through violence broke out and, at the same time sounded a plague. So fire tiktok disinfecting than luggage repeatedly traveled she taught herself to write backwards in the hope that if anyone found her journal, they wouldn't be able to read it and learn of her sisters. Growing ties to the moon, for India, nationalism so fire, turned to Britain in the spring of nineteen o seven,
there. She once again started to feel useless. However, nineteen o eight she became involved with the women's social and very trawlers kind of way on the internet near there were lots of debt radical arm of the movement for women Suffrage in Britain. I do you want declared that they were multiple different organizations working further cause of getting the right to vote for women. This was the most radical of them, so there's a misperception amongst people that, like the entire movement was completely radical from beginning to end and people like to throw this around and sometimes a very trawlers kind of way on the internet. there were lots of different factors and the movement, as is the case in basically every social movement and history fell, I want to make it clear that at this point only adult man, you own property, could actually vote. So not everyone who was male could vote, but zero women could vote family.
Other organisations that we're working to get women the right to vote included the National Union of women suffrage societies, which was led by Millicent. Both it and the women's franchise league so we're going to be using the word suffrage at because this part of the movement really own. That particular term, while others who are fighting for the right for women to vote, preferred the word suffragist so started her work by raising funds and then into meetings in part to attract people who wanted to see a princess and soon she was a visible figuratively. W S p you and its leader, Emmeline Pang cursed, tried to think of ways. To put. One, the fires, clout and status to good use that's in general, used a lot of the same tactics we would think of today. When trying to advocate for change, they circulated petitions and pamphlets gave speeches,
rallies and wrote letters, but especially when it came to the WS per year. They also broke windows and three rocks and set things on fire and engaged in other, more violent acts of destruction. The w s p, you specifically the I did that these were legitimate protests that strategies in nineteen o nine. That summer Marion Wallace Dunlop was the first suffragette to go on a hunger strike demanding recognised as a political prisoner after using a large rubber stamped deface, the main entrance of parliament she was there. we free when authorities feared she would die of starvation, otherwise other average had started, employing the same technique Eventually, authorities turned to force feeding rather than freeing hunger strikers, pretty horrifying process being forced. And there were women in prison who were forced by literally hundreds of times,
another aspect of the suffrage. Movement hinge on the fact that women had to pay taxes, but could not vote so, certainly back to the idea of taxation without representation. The women's tax Resistance League formed that October to protest this fire joint it as well. King Edward, the seventh died on May six than nineteen ten succeeded by George, the fifth who was not nearly as invested in the welfare of the duly sings as king, Edward or Queen Victoria had been the fires. Involvement in the movement in the suffrage, movement, need to grow and the W s p who became more radical king George. Would become Increasingly suspicious of her This is really when, when so fires involvement became tied to some of the most memorable and sometimes horrifying parts of the movement for women Suffrage Short after Edward the seventh death. I can
Negation bill was introduced to the House of Commons and if the spell became law, it was going to a limited number of women who are mostly women who owned property the rights of vote. It did seem crimes to become a law that look like it was going to succeed, a series of maneuvers by Prime Minister Herbert Henry ask with had stalled it and it Only seemed doomed to failure two women later died of their injuries and because, at that time people believed being hit in the breast could cause cancer. The ordeal was also psychologically terrifying for many of the women who was who were a line of police cut them off, and things quickly became violent, man handled the protesters and knock them down. Sometimes repeatedly women report in groped kicked sexually I did in menaced by officers on horseback too later died of their injuries and because, at that time people believed being hit in the breast could cause cancer.
Deal was also psychologically terrifying for many of the women who was who were there long after the event, over. This is the protests, They became known as black Friday on society was there saw another woman being thrown to the ground over and over and over again by the same officer every time she would pull herself back to her feet only to be thrown down again. so so fire shoved her way through the crowd and screamed at this officer until he dropped the woman and backed away from her after No fire made sure this woman wasn't seriously injured. She followed the officer continuing to berate him and had the presence of mind to note his badge number Sophia was one of the one hundred and fifteen women and for men arrested after black Friday. She was urged with obstructing the police afterwards, so fire wrote to me Stan Churchill, who was then the home secretary, describing the pole
brutality that she had witnessed. Her note was passed on to the police commissioner, who ultimately ruled that the officer had done nothing wrong can through fire disagreed. With this intently session. continued to write about. It sending more and more letters and refusing to let the matter rest until Winston Churchill put a note in her file baited December seventeenth, nineteen ten, saying that she should not be answered anymore. February, six. Nineteen eleven King George, the fifth, was to speak before parliament as part of a plant pro as that day, Sophia threw herself in front of the Prime Minister's car as it departed Downing Street Brandish, a banner that said, give women the vote this time. Perhaps because she was Queen Victoria, God daughter and the The grand son was the one giving the speech. She was not arrested the new Papers had a field day, though the Queens
daughter being suffragette literally throwing herself in front of the Prime Minister's car was big big news varying the nineteen eleven fences. Many women in the suffrage movement refuse to be counted as another act of protest, so fire was one He's writing no vote, no census across her paperwork. She then escalated. Her tax protest by refusing to pay to license her dogs. She then, to pay a number of other fields related to her household and staff, all because they were essentially taxes when she was summoned, to the petty sessions court. She a lawyer who read a statement in which he said she would not pay the fines or the feed. Court levied on her bailiffs came to supervise house to collect the money. That was out said she would give it to them ass soon, ass. She had the right to vote they were not going to give her the rights of votes there. The bailiff ticket diamond ring out of her jewelry box, which was put up for auction on the day of the auction.
Rejects, commandeered most of the seats in the auction house and they all refused to bid on so fires ring, which meant the auctioneer had to keep reopening the bid at lower and lower dollar amounts until finally, it the sum of ten pounds. That's when artist Louise Joplin, robotic or that ten pounds been handed it to so fire who was in the auction house and all of the suffragettes in attendance basically had a big party so fire became ever closer to Emmeline Pang cursed, any other leaders at the W S p you in the years that followed after bankers return. A trip to the? U S in nineteen twelve, the Ws P took another turn towards the militant they said. the windows of the royal courts of justice with hammers, along with the windows of other buildings, and they set things on fire with increasing militancy lost them. Some support and parliament and a second conciliation bell started to flounder.
The violence escalated from air, with the suffragists, making small bombs and ruining the male other innovations within the movement came to increasingly criticized the W S, peace, tactics and distance themselves from them because they thought they were. Their actions are begin. Sue effect, ordinary citizens, not just government officials, so fire, though, supported the W S, p you wholeheartedly and fighting down a fear of speaking that had previously prevented her from accepting requests to speak. It rallies and meetings shrinking, who appear on stage to show this support her support, you asked me you'd, never wavered, even when their favoured protest technique turned to arson fire also started selling the W S P newspaper, which was called the suffragette outside the gates of Hampton Court Palace, remember, that's where her grace in favour apartment was an egg to king.
just mind. This was kind of the last straw be started, trying to figure out. If there was some way he could have victor. At that point, Emily even send had martyred herself by throwing her body in front of his horse during a race and arsonists had burned down the king stand at the racetracks, though he was getting a little tired of suffragettes and their. What maybe was viewed as nonsense. However, he also knew that, no matter how they tried to spin it evicted his grandmothers, God daughter from her grace and favours apartment would look really bad. Instead, they closed. picture galleries at Hampton Court to cut down on the number of visitors in the area which had a trickle down effect that was devastating to local businesses, Sophia per SE. Did seem determined to be arrested and she really did stuff. That was why way worse than a lot of other people, rich seeming bent on getting arrested and naturally because she was a princess, they were very reluctant to arrest her
so, finally, though, she did get arrested for unpaid taxes and she went through that whole cycle. We already saw of going to court, having heard your receives to pay for it and having that go up for auction one, time the Suffragettes went to the auction house on the day of the auction and they bought suffice. Necklace even though this time the auctioneer refused to lower the starting bid in response to their refusal to bid on it. Sophia, remain steadfast supporter of the W S. P you until Britain entered worldwide one, the movement for women average continued, but the W S p. You ended its militant activities. At that time, the fire so really had other things to worry about at that point, and we will talk about them after one. More brief, sponsor break this episode of stuff, you miss in history, glasses, brought. You buy Norton three sixty with life
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Instead in nineteen, fifteen sapphire became a Red cross nurse, primarily looking after the many in the men who were deployed to Europe, the fundraiser now known as India Day raising funds for the Red Cross, its efforts to help the indian troops, also in nineteen fifteen, I wrote to her sisters tell them she had got married in India. Eventually Sophia started trying to plan a massive fundraiser to help the indian soldiers. However, her past back to haunt her officials, This trust all of her and they were reluctant to give the go ahead. It took months for the plan to fight be approved, and the fundraiser now known as India Day was scheduled for September twentieth of nineteen eighteen. Sadly, whence earlier on soon eighth of that year. So fire received a telegram that her eldest brother Victor had died of a heart attack and France. So fine, to carry on with her fund raising effort in the midst of her grief. Fortunately,
Fundraiser went off beautifully and she raised enough money to pay for about fifty thousand huts to provide housing to indian soldiers, and then the war ended not too much longer after that, so finally made contact with her sister after many attempts to get a passport for her Lena, Schaefer was ill and malnourished. Catherine did make arrangements to visit Britain at this point movement for indian Nationalism was also on the rise back in India, the doings name didn't have nearly the same recognition or prestige in India that had had it had had in earlier years so that in the office became less particularly compelled to make sure people in India knew that the duly sing family was being treated well. The survey family member is gradually got less and less help from India Office Supply, as money became scare eventually she could no longer even afford to hear her home at night.
eighteen women over thirty, who were householders as well as a few others, were given the right to vote in Britain and the following that, so via became less and less able to make ends meet rather fired her new housekeeper named Bossi, hoping to ease some of supply as burdens and also keep the house running within her means. The two women became plans, although their relationship could be stormy and so fire eventually became godmother to both these daughter, fires. Brother Freddy, died following a heart attack in August of nineteen twenty six at the age of fifty eight, her house Irene committed suicide in nineteen twenty six votes. But there are other half sister Pauline contested Irene will in a battle that was both public and very ugly This is really embarrassing. This fire, as Irene, had left all her money to a home for unwanted children. So her We should shift appalling and barber was never really very comfortable again. Yes, she was
So the only one of her sisters who had ever really tried to their friend the younger half sisters, Catherine and bombed orbit, understandably bitter about their fathers new, only two years after that whole affair, with the will was settled in nineteen twenty eight women in Britain are given the right to vote following the same terms as those that apply to men, which was an extension of the rights that have been granted in nineteen eighteen leanest. four died on August, twenty six of nineteen thirty, eight Catherine leap, saying elected to remain in Germany until Hitler's rise made it unsafe for her to stay there she'll even had lived very frugally since she had money. The live on shore to a house. She owned in England and Ass, a fire to come, live in a bungalow on the property. Some years later, the fires, Mr Pauline died that was on April ten. Nineteen, forty one, although after the following out with her family after the other half sister Irene well, this
actually unknown until relatively recently. It is kind of faded from the from the map Catherine dine following a heart attack in nineteen forty two after her sisters, death so fire aim increasingly depressed she had house several shoulder and during the blades nineteen, forty three, they had all gone home, her God daughter, drove the became. Would have her soul, comforts Moreover, it was actually still living as I've. Twenty twelve, not totally sure about whether she still living today so far duly saying lived, long enough to see women in Britain get the right to vote, see Indy become independent and to see part of the former seek kingdom partitioned into Pakistan. But she had little to occupy her mind or her time and she got older and our health was increasingly poor. She developed a too behind her eye that she refused to have treated, even though it caused her an incredible amount of pain.
She died in her sleep on August. Twenty second nineteen. Forty eight at the age of seventy one, although she hit and Christian. All of her life, so fire opted for a seek cremation with her ashes to be scattered in India. This duty fell. To her last surviving sister Bomba, who was by them in her eighty years. Then Bomba died and nineteen fifty seven. That is a story of suffice to leap thing and I'm sorry It is interesting to you at all: read the book, so fire princess, suffragette revolutionary Anita Unarmed, goes into all kinds of things we haven't really touched on here, mostly for the sake of time, gives into a lot more about the movement for indian independence and how that had parallels to the movement for women that bridge it has terms more deep. EL about the lives so fire and her sisters and her father. It's really an enjoyable read. It was obviously
one of the sources used in this episode and if you like her story there so much more of it in there Do you have some fabulous listener? Mail to polish off is fascinating tale The term reckon it also really fascinating bricks of high treason holly. I was listening to Europe, cast on red lining, and you mentioned in passing that the F ailerons didn't allow farming, but there were separate loans for farmers. I've been doing a bunch of research, whom setting lately and have a little more info. On that point, I thought you might What's a now. Here's an expert excerpt from a book called urban farming written by Thomas J Fox quote some fifty thousand hogs lived in Hatton until about eighteen, sixty about seven percent of satellites, old cows and nineteen including the majority in North Seattle neighborhoods, a nineteen o six senses of checks,
ends in urban areas, found on average one clutter for every two city dwellers. At the end of that quote, I think in a night In thirty three, the LOS Angeles Times, article titled. There is no room for her there right. Estimated the goat milk population of LOS Angeles county at two thousand seven hundred and amount that would be over well thousand today. If maintain that the same or capital letter level as late nineteen forty, a census of agriculture, counted three hundred fifty two milk cows in Brooklyn to have five hundred sixty two in Washington DC and fifteen thousand six hundred thirty eight and Dallas County text clearly our urban life has changed. I wanna be thoroughly pretty sure where in that part, the quoted material ended. But it's definitely over by this part, closely related to the disappearance of urban,
agriculture and american cities has been the self image of a progressive, commercially minded middle class and its idea of how a city should book, aided, of course, by the advent of refrigeration and cheap transportation. Those to supper, of course, were often the poor emigrants and minority groups who lived closer to the subsistence level brown needs, but in the nineteen twenties and making thirties urban livestock were specifically excluded by restrictive, covenants and developing wife only Seattle neighbourhoods and that federal housing. space and loans applications from ninety It is also banned livestock international level. I just realized, I'm not actually, sir we're the quote. It might not be until the very end of this thing that I do said so things Well now, I'm totally sure is Rick's note, as though it seems that s age,
Enabled red lining is also responsible for much of a food. This adaptation of inner city neighborhoods as well. Thanks for your awesome pike ass, they make my long mute, much more enjoyable, Rick. This letter is fascinating two reasons why I had no idea of any of that, to during the great depression and my grandmother, her father was Methodist. Preacher and their parsonage where's within the city limits of the city of Winston Salem and they kept getting in trouble for keeping pace on a parsonage property we were sort of like it is the great depression and I'm a preacher. What do you want me to be a true vow? Thankee rig for writing. As was often letter. If you would like to write to us where history podcast, that has to work Stockholm programme on Facebook and Facebook, that calm Flash missed in history and
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