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SYMHC Classics: Kamehameha The Great

2019-05-11 | 🔗

We're traveling back to 2010 to revisit this one from the archive! Born shortly after the appearance of Halley's comet over Hawai'i in 1758, Kamehameha was hailed as the king who would unite the Hawai'ian islands. But how did he turn this prophecy into reality, and what happened to him in the end? 

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pursued originally came out in July of twenty ten. It features previous hosts, Katy and Sarah. Welcome to stuff you missed in history class. The production of I hurried use, how stuff works hello and welcomed the pot cast, I'm kidding, Lambert and unfair down and Sarah was in the mood for little hot weather history this week. So he decided to take on her. Why and today's subject is come they, I may add the great and to start with a little disclaimer. We had asked for some help with hawaiian pronunciation. So listen
Jody, was kind enough to call me and give me her expertise, but any mistakes in the spot cast our mine and not her or mine, so command me. I was born sometime around seventeen fifty eight, but he actually had a different name and it was pay which meant hard shelled crab as a cancer. I can sympathise, but his birth carried an omen with immense, because there was this bright star shining in the sky right before he was born, and it may have actually been Haley's comment and that's how he put his birth year sometime around seventeen. Fifty eight is that's when the comet was around, but some serious said that a pretended a conqueror and the baby was almost killed because, as we know, most rulers dont like Here that there is a little baby being born, might be the new thing ask Herod. So seemed like a good idea to get rid of him before anything happened, but he was snuck away and raised by another family and grows up
and he got his new name- convey a mayor which means the lonely one, but eventually he able to come out of hiding he'd made it very clear that he wanted to be of service to the people who are in power in the higher ups. Recognise that- and there were other omens of his greatness according to stories are not history of reminiscent of the sword and the stone. There is an inn called the Naha stone which way is two and a half tons, and the story went that if you could move it, you would be the person to unite the islands and supposedly Kamehameha did. But in the meantime we have a lot of other events going on, and Europe had finally discovered Hawaii in one thousand seven hundred and seventy eight when Captain James Cook arrived and he brought glass and metal and nails and button
and muskets and cannons or two very importantly, important thing and in return, Hawaii had food like sweet potatoes and cocoanut, and pork and command mail was actually one of the first people to board cooks, ship and cook mentioned feminine journal. He's really impressed with this intelligent, observant, inquisitive young man, unless a fairly peaceful introduction of Europeans to Hawaiians, but theft became up fairly early on and after an incident of a stolen boat cook and some of his men tried to kidnap a chief for its ransom on February 14th, one thousand seven hundred and seventy nine and they were killed with daggers that they had given to the people and the Hawaiians took their weapons for their own, and these muskets changed warfare for the Hawaiians and merchants, aided and abetted the arms race because they could sell to one group and then they could sell to their enemy,
send those groups may kill each other. The merchants would be making a profit and common measures really one to realise the game. Changing importance of these weapons and his enemies realize it too, but it's it's his key to ultimately unifying the islands and he will ambush and whose steel, and had not to get these weapons. Cameo wasn't destined to be king of anything, or at least that's not how people thought of him when King Colonial Pooh died in seventeen. Eighty two Hu Commissioner, may I his nephew wasn't the first in line to succeed, has come she well. Oh was with his cousin k, o, while also taking some lands and some power, and instead
had command. Mail was the guardian of the family WAR, God, which says something for how he was viewed. Of course, the work on is not just any God, but this is where the trouble really starts. There's a rebel chief who dies in it with Koala owes responsibility to offer him body to the gods, but during the middle the ceremony commandment stepped in and did it himself and that was very shocking in it. Either was a really bold move like a bold power grab or it was a major sign of disrespect. But we don't know his motives. We do know the result could from then on it's him versus his two cousins k, o LA makes the first move against him. Cutting down be cocoanut trees of command mail, which was a big sign of disrespect and Canada, has to fight back so all other factions on the island pick sides, and there was
battle in seventeen. Eighty two Khumalo was killed at this battle and command male One overcame Ottawa, but it wasn't over there. These fights would continue for nine years, with Hawaii locked and civil war, miles and Jack from work. We recorded a pike has together in the masters, ex thirty ass. You might remember how I've deadly remember. I want to take this opportunity just straight for in a straightforward way, talk to people about what the Mazda CS. Thirty looks like ok, looks like it's constantly emotion. It has beautiful design like water built that really mean like it's got its making way in a way I mean need away like the interplay of light and shadow in the body. It does create a bit of a wave. The thing that I like look is being someone who's. Japanese. I like the attention to detail and that's what's going on, especially in the interior of the car. It's got like half sleep
Sheikh, have utility I'm on the go anywhere any time any, who anyhow and also with Maza, connecting Ukraine wifi, you could do remote engines start stop. Seeing is stuck on. Your ruling is wonderful and plus I've been in the thing, and I was bending corners in it shut out too much for letting that happened. So if you want more information on Malta and the first ever six thirty head over to Malta, USA, dot com, says I heart or better yet go check it out in person. at a local area dealer today, and we have an interesting story that emerges- that is a major part of the command legend in a strike against arrival. He kills. Women
children and innocent followers and command self falls during this fight in a fisherman hit some over the head with a paddle and he doesn't die, but he takes the whale lesson from it and that's that you shouldn't attack peaceful people in it ultimately leads to a law in seventeen. Ninety seven: the law of the split the paddle appropriately enough, which gave a certain amount of protection to innocent civilians from their brutal overlords. But seventeen ninety seven- is skipping ahead, a bit sir we're going to go back to the beginning of our civil war in one thousand. Seven hundred and ninety a ship called the fair American arrives in Hawaii and unbeknownst to the people on it. One of the Hawaiian she said had an altercation with the occupants of a different european ship and vowed revenge on the next one that came in and they're american. You are that unlucky, one. Everyone on the ship was beaten to death. After being
overboard. Accept a man named Isaac, Davis, but Davis wasn't alone on this rescue boat. There had been another white man captured John Young earlier from another ship, so there for them and Command Mayor claims, the rescue boat and the two men and Davis and Young try to escape, but eventually they become his advisers and his interpreters, and they teach him about, must get some cannons and foreign military strategy and pass on these since to his men too, and this gives command may her huge leg up on the competition, because, if you're gonna be fighting with european weapons, you need to understand not only how to use them but understand european. strategy to Miami as next military engagement came courtesy of Kai Calais Arrival, who may have been his father and he
old, Oahu, Maui and Molokai, and he wasn't some one to mess with. He got Oahu in the first place by killing his foster son, torturing, the chiefs and then making a house frame up their bone in in her outline Katy S landed at the skeleton of a house with impressive an idea of our past there. So this guy supports cow, who is commandments enemy on the island of Hawaii and commandment reaches a decision he can beat kill if you can just get rid of this possible father figure and the support that he's getting to his number one sing to his number one enemy on his side. Cameo has cannons and muskets well trained men and his own military genius. So his prospects are good and in seventeen ninety calculate leaves Maui to visit Oahu, perfect, perfect opportunity
Amanda invades Maui and according to Article and military history, and I'm going to quote his strata Jeanne, better known and hawaiian chronicles than in western history books predates the island hopping campaigns employed by General Douglas Macarthur in New Guinea. By Admiral Chester, W limits and these central Pacific by more than one hundred and fifty years, so he's using very modern techniques and ultimately, he conquers. But there is one problem: while he was gone, Caille started causing trouble back home on. Why that's? Why you don't leave your island to go attacks, someone else's and islands. The lesson learned. So they fight and kill ends up giving up this round. But while he's headed home a volcano wraps and kills a third of his men, which could not have been a good omen, but he remains obstinate in his
asked for Hawaii? So it keeps going on and on for years, and you have to wonder how it's going to resolve itself Command, may I invite him to a meeting you know. What's, let's get the two rival factions together so they'll, get stress, stop and brings his canoe and his men to meet him, but right for he arrives, he's blocked in the Bay and command as men, are on the beach with muskets and cannons The commission, may I asked Caille what to step forward to be greeted and when he does he's killed with a spear by an ally of command may as and then his men are killed so we don't know whether it was common may as idea or an independent action by his ally, but civil war has now been quelled on the island of Hawaii and convey a man
as at all so with the two original airs dad. The two cousins command air is finally in possession of Hawaii, but he has some unfinished business and that's what we're gonna get tuna so, if you remember Kamehameha's defeat of Maui, which you should because it was about thirty seconds ago. Chi Chi late is not pleased and he has a plan with the men of the island of Kawaii to team up and strike against him and probably kill a has cannons. Now too, and his own white european military id sir, so perhaps he has a chance and they engage in battle on the water. There are many deaths, but neither side, one which you know that's war for you, but you
can. Influence is growing on these battlefields in the big example of this happens in about one thousand seven hundred and ninety two, when the Englishmen, William Brown, offers to trade military help, military assistance to calculate for the island of Oahu so now Command man's enemy has his own free so he's starting at the scales, are starting to tap a little here. If, commissioner may, I looked like he was on the top at first, it's not looking so great anymore. This episode is broad you by Moscow and the Mossy Ex thirty, a truly remarkable suv, the six thirty size to be agile in the city while still having the interior space and utility to go anywhere,
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for more information on Mazda than the first ever see Ex Thirty go to Mars, USA, DOT, com, slash, Iheart or better. Yet to see the entire Asta vehicle lineup visit your local area, Mazda dealer today so he need something similar to face his rival, he allies himself with Captain George Vancouver getting a ship in exchange for hawaiian Harbours, but Vancouver won't, give him any guns and tries to get chiefs to reconcile, which is not the William Brown approach. As we will see, then we have twist Kai key lay dies in seventeen. Ninety four and now his sons take his place. Colony cupola has Oahu
and Cairo Coloni has quite Molokai and Lanai, but the two brothers fight as people tend to do over their inheritances and K. Coloni decides to go to war and attack, has brothers island awhile, but Coloni cupola gets wind of this plan and waits for his brother, and he has the advantage of brown shit backing him up with all that european weaponry. So he stays pretty near by and the Cairo Coloni loses and his actually killed in part because of brown cannons, and we learn another big lesson in those podcast which is not to wear bright colors in battle, because when you
Do it makes it a lot easier to hate you with a cannonball yeah exactly so collated. Cupola is not very grateful that about her brown, how all his great weaponry his boat and he kills Brown and puts his body on a pole which is interesting. Is that- this kind of contemporary french revolution journalising on dial, but next he takes all our men and enlist them in his next cause, which is to attack command air he's. Probably thinking he's on top of the world right now used is killed his brother he's about to take over no, no he's, not it doesnt. Last long, the Englishman take over the ship and throw him overboard and still ticked off. They make their way to Hawaii and hand over all of the weapons and ammunition to command. May I so everyone's angry at colony, Coppola, who is dead from getting
everywhere ass it repeatedly during this. Is he dead? Is he dead? No, he never is. This guy is like a zombie vodka, he has no european support. He has no weapons and command, on the other hand, has all of these things, along with two ebbs. So come am air attacks in short order, Maui, Molokai and Lanai, but there is treachery afoot his height. Chief Kiowa is on the out with the big guy, so he is invited to key meetings which displeases him greatly. That's partly because he slept with command me as wife. So don't do that either and he takes fifteen hundred of his men and meets up with colonial pulling, and this engagement is known as the battle of new audio and it happens in April seventeen. Ninety five and Cayona, who is you know, he's been there
gee. I have the number two yeah. He has all this military knowledge. He knows what he's doing his familiar with weaponry he's familiar with how command may her thinks and how he fights the places he might attack, how we might do it, so he picks very strong positions and for a while it seems like his defence is unbreakable, but he too makes the fatal mistake of wearing bright colors in war and a cannonball hits him too and when he dies, everything completely falls apart. Colony, cupolas men get their women and children to a safe place before they face off with cameras warriors, and they have no chance, they lose badly and while some escape most were driven
off a seven hundred foot cliff, but Coloni Kabila does escape. Like I said this guy did not die supposedly I he goes off to live as a disgraced person in the mountains, so all that we have now for command to win is quite and that takes up a little while there is a storm, there's a revolt, an epidemic, and so it takes until about eighteen. Ten, before the chief of quite actually gives it up time, but that's it. Then the hawaiian islands are unified and he's king of them all some call him Hawaii strongest ruler because he unified the island's. He managed to keep her wise independence for quite a long time and he made his rule an era,
peace, and he was really a strong ruler, especially compared to some of the rulers who followed him and we're gonna talk a little bit about that and another podcast, but he stood up to european influence, actually used it to his advantage. I mean that's what made him the strong ruler he was, but he didn't give way at all. Now he kept his islands wealthy with a monopoly, on sandal wood and on port duties and as far as his own rule, there were some harsh laws, but he also outlawed human sacrifice and let the islands have their own governors and we can forget the rest of his military legacy. According to one article, we read, he assembled the largest mobile force of warriors ever organised, which is saying something new me off it. Some pretty cool military technologies, lake artillery on double canoes, which sounds awesome and while we missed it, this year were hoping to catch. This now
steer camellia may a day June. Eleventh is a state holiday in Hawaii sum that is your chance to celebrate home and, as for the future of Hawaii Monarch, you'll have to wait for our man. instalment. Thank you so much for joint action on this Saturday, if you have heard an email address or a facebook url or something similar over the course of today's episode. Since it is from the archive that might be out of date. Now you can email us at history podcast at how stuff works, dot com and you can and it's all over social media at missed in history- and you can subscribe to arson on Apple podcast, Google Podcast, the Iheart Radio APP and wherever else he wasn't, the pod gown stop payments than history, glasses of production. Iheart radios, housetop works for me,
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