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SYMHC Classics: Villisca Ax Murders

2018-02-17 | 🔗

This episode revisits the Villisca murders. In 1912, a small Iowa town was the scene of a chilling and brutal crime. Eight people were murdered in their beds by an assailant who has never been identified.

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I thought you were leasing occurred. Today. Is an absolutely cigar and one that lets you LISA car right from your phone. So when we look at our own world- and it was so easy- you figured why not catch football, YAP gotta go it's worth down and I'm debating between us the honour hats. Looking to the future car leasing on the road where you can choose from hundreds of cars right in your area. We did you crystal clear praising even drive your car off right, your house, it's easy! It's clear its roto! hey Happy Saturday listeners, we We have a number of emails and tweets over the last couple of months asking if we have seen an article about the vote. Whisker acts murders as being solved. So first, yes, we have the article. kids. This book, which is called the man for the train, prison was really a hypothesis, not wicked clad solution.
Authors, scoured old records for similar crimes and based on that research, they concluded the devil, the murders were the work of a serial killer, who travel by train and struck families who live near the tracks you talk about a number of other times that people had thought they'd, cracked this case in our twenty fourteen episode on murders, including some leaves that were also connected serial killers. So we thought, in light of the recent look in It would be a good time to re share it.
Welcome to stuff you missed in history, class financed up works, tat come along and I pray Phoebe wealthy entities having been requested by Malta, but was especially when we first came on upon cast. We came on just after a kind of the tender, the university of the event we're talking about today, and so it would have been covered by a number of papers in people's minds a little bit more effectually been on my list for almost since the beginning, and we haven't had an action
episode. While so, where do, I suppose, is due as one can be for such things? This one has some hunting mythology around. It remains an unsolved case, so it's good for the hollowing season and it's probably no surprise, based on the fact that I have already said this is an ex murder absurd, but just to be safe here. The warning this is some graphic talk of some pretty brutal murders and particularly the deaths of children, which I know can be really difficult for some people to hear. So if you are sensitive to violent subjects of this nature or if you listen with younger history buffs, this is maybe one to proceed with caution or to pre screen. For example, I can already tell you my best friend is not gonna partake of this one she'd. I would argue about it. While I was researching and as apparent for her it's just too rough to listen to this kind of stuff, and the story is incredibly too Jake, and even I mean I'm often prayed open that are not really a kids person.
It took me a long time to research because I would find it. I just had to get up the walk away for a while cause, it's just its brutal when it's hard to think about somebody doing the things that this person or persons did. So we are talking about the valise, get acts, murders and before we get into the details of the actual event, I will let Tracy set the scene a little bit about the town of the Lusaka Iowa. So Melissa Iowa was sick place in nineteen twelve, but let's get is in Montgomery County and it's only about four square kilometers in size and are not really big o my heart Moscow and the moon, Iowa are the nearest large metro. Areas involving Russia is roughly in between them and a little bit south, yet a little closer to one side and the other boat. For the purposes of this, in between and in the early nineteen hundred, this was a town. It was
trajectory it was kind of world by there was a budding business community. The train depot was very busy. They have a lot of trains coming and going and visitors and business people- and it was a close knit community Josiah be more, who was the father of the family at the centre of this whole unsettling crime was forty three in nineteen twelve he's sometimes referred to as Davy and he had lived in villas governor thirteen years when he died and was a respected businessmen. He had married Sarah memory on December, sixth, eighteen, ninety nine and Sarah had been in Illinois in eighteen, seventy three and she moved to Iowa in eighteen. Ninety four, when the rest of her family moved there, she was thirty nine. At the time of the murderers the moors had for children. Herman was eleven and was also really close to his father. Catherine was their second child and she was aged ten. At the time of the attack. There also
younger brothers boy, who was seven and Paul. Who was five and there are two other. in that were victims in this case. So on the morning of June, ninth of nineteen twelve sisters Lena, who was twice when I know who is eight still ensure they were the daughters of Joseph and serious Dillinger attended Sunday. Services of the presbyterian church and the girls were intending to visit with their grandmother for the day after church had concluded, and then the plan for the rest of the day was it. The girls would then go back to church to attend special children's day activities in the evening before returning to their mother's house to spend the night. But the evenings plans changed when Catherine more invited her to friends to spend the night at the Moor house after the children's day activities, baby more called still the cylinder home on the phone
after message with Lena and China's older sister Blanche to pass along to their parents that they would be spent in the evening with them. So you know one of those parenting heads up calls you, kids are gonna stay over here. If this was in part, because the girl seemed We were afraid to walk back to their grandmothers house alone in the dark here that children's day programme led by Sarah more began at eight p m. So this is an evening thing. It would have been quite dark when they concluded at mine, thirty p m and once the festivities were all wrapped up, the entire more family and the two still and your sisters walked back to the more home and arrived. There is estimated somewhere between nine forty, five and ten p m on the morning of June. Tenth, the moors next or not Mary, Packer noticed that the house was unusually quiet. She hadn't theory of the family come outside better start their normal morning chores. So sometimes shortly after seven, a M Missus Packard,
walked over to the Moor House and knocked on the door. Got no response, and so she tried the door and found it locked, and this is one of those areas. that there is some conflicting information in various record, so many will say this was actually pretty anew for the door to have been locked. The habitual locking of doors at night was not really particularly common practice at this time in Valencia, or in fact, many other places in an early making. Hundreds of just wasn't that sort of level of lock down at the end of the night, Missus Peckham, who was trouble I also wanted to help. Let the moors chickens out as the family would normally have done themselves in the morning, and then she also tell owned rossmore, who was shows, I s brother, When Rossmore arrived at the home of his brothers family, he shouted and he knocked, he attempted appear into the house.
the windows, but they were covered, and he got me their reaction. Nor information like he couldn't there is nothing so eventually he went through his keys until he found the one that unlocked the door. Like he had a copy of their tea, but it took him a little while to sort out which, when it was Mary Peckham was there with rossmore bet she didn't venture asked the porch and into the house. The surviving more brother didn't go past. The second room of the house he opened the door to the bedroom, are off the parlor immediately saw the bodies of two children on the bed as well as an enormous amount of blood. He went back to the porch and told Mary Peckham to call the police yeah. This is a very small I mean by today's standards Home, so the bottom for was only three rooms. It was like the parlor, the front room, this small
bedroom and a kitchen. So after they raised an alert city Marshal Hank Horton responded. He quickly arrived on the scene and his investigation of the house revealed that, in addition to the two bodies, Rossmore had seen the young cylinder sisters, there were six more bodies upstairs the entire more family and their guests had been killed in their beds blues about nine in the morning when the county coroner finally got there and took a look at the situation you later viewed as findings with the sheriff and the marshal, and then he called the coroner's jury to the home. So once word spread of what had happened in a small community, these things do spread rather quickly. Many townspeople made their way to the scene, and this ended up being a real problem. We ve talked about similar things happening before with crime scene.
So these people were all there, they were very interested and so keeping the crime scene intact became something of an impossibility. There were accounts of dozens of people with a time walking through the house kind of were the you know: morbid curiosity trying to catch a glimpse of the bodies or see what had happened. Some reports even put it close to a hundred people at one point that were all in the house, which again was not that large a structure, so you can imagine late, keeping evidence intact was completely out the window. At that point, I am irritated by these localities. It. The Valise Compassionate Guard had to come and clear the area and keep onlookers out of the house. By that time, several hours had asked, and a lot of the evidence was damaged or compromised, which just infuriates me. I want to take all the lucky lose for a year and a stern lecture about how not to be
herbal yeah. I mean I have read some there. I forget which account it was that I was reading. Where they were kind of pointing out like yes, this was terrible. But even so, there's maybe wouldn't have been that much more evidence that was really garnered in the investigation, but we So the corners jury did not finish their investigation of the home until after ten p m- and it was at that point that the undertaker was given clearance to remove the bodies. Those were taken to a local fire station, which was being used is kind of a makeshift morgue because it with so many people at once and the undertakers did not finish moving the victims until roughly two
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Despite that heard of looking had passed through the crime scene, there were some solid facts that they were Malta glean about these murders year, so the door. To the house. All of the doors were locked and, as we mentioned earlier, many people believed that this was not a normal state of affairs, the curtains and every river. The house had been closed and in the case of two in those that had no curtains, MRS Moors Clothing had used to cover them, and I left it out of these notes, but her clothing had also been used to cover all of the mirrors in the house. Will that now I'm scared, dopey scared and only the laugh? It is tragic and creepy, but
our Tracy to be scared. No genuine. You said that I had a shudder, sorry, so to get more serious, all aid of these victims have been bludgeoned, apparently in their sleep with an axe and each victims head had been covered with bed linens or articles of clothing after their skulls had been crushed based on the medical examination, the bodies, its belief that the murders took place shortly somewhere between shortly after midnight and three a m, so it's kind of a three hour window in the two rooms where, as I and fairer, more and Lena analyse IDA cylinder had been killed. Kerosene lamps were found at the ends of the beds with their children removed and their wicks turned back as though Hitler had wanted to deem the lights. The murder weapon had been desire moors. It was found Room with Lena, and the ceilings in
The rooms had been hit during the killers upswing. As he raised the acts on the kitchen table, there was a plate of food and a pan of water and the water had blood in it. The downstairs bedroom, where the cylinder girls were slain, contained a number of clues and sort of odd aspects. I know was sleeping on the portion of the bed closest to the wall when she was killed and a coat had been used to cover her face afterwards, Lena with Situated Part way down the bed. This lead to some speculation may have been struck and then shifted or wiggled down the bad a little bit initially before she died. She was wearing no undergarments and her nightgown had been shifted upward. There was blood on the inside of one of her knees and injuries to one arm, which appeared to be defensive as though she tried to protect her
against the attacker she's, the only one that exhibited any sort of defensive injury. There was a two pounds, slab of bacon on the floor, wrapped in what was either a rag or a dish towel and with a nearly identical slab of bacon in the kitchen icebox and additionally, there was part of a key team on the floor, and I I know what some of you people are probably thinking based on a couple of these details, and I promise you we are coming back to them now. We will get to sort of the corners inquest the day after really discovery. So, on June, eleventh, the coroner's jury began their official inquest into the murders and they eventually called fourteen witnesses for testimony so their first witness was Mary Peckham, who you know with the first woman, the neighbour that discovered that there is something not quite right, and she stated that the last time she saw the family was when they were leaving for the children's day. Activities at the church on the evening of the ninth
She was already in bed when the family returned home and she said that she didn't hear any noises during the night. She relieve how she came to be curious about the families whereabouts in the morning because of the unusual stillness of the house and that she had Mr Monti, employee at Zelie, arrive and head to the barn to turn the horses, not long after she contacted Rossmore. The second witness was add Sally Ann. As we just that he was an employee, Davy, more store and his testimony indicated opened the store as normal the morning of the discovery before being contacted by rossmore about the suspicious situation. After speaking with the victim sister in law, Jesse more Sally contacted the Moors parents and serious parents to see if the family had gone to visit, any of them
at that point they were trying to figure out where they were not realising they were in the house. He was then contacted by MRS Pack of about the Moors livestock, so he left the store and attend to the horses and then went back to work, not long after MRS Pack and called again this time to tell him to get the marshal and come back. The house in sillies testimony contradicts Mary Peck, I'm just a little bit and it's not really anything terribly important. I just wonder, pointed out. He indicated that he had joined MRS pack in rossmore in entering the house, whereas MRS Peckham indicated that she had now on past the porch. After the marshal had a preliminary look at the scene, silly indicated that the house was blocked and that he went to the store to contact business associates about the situation here. He wanted to let the people that they had business dealings. I know that MR more had been killed in that they were going to make him
arrangements, so he was asked of Jamie more had any enemies he knew of, and he indicated the GB had told them that his brother in law, SAM lawyer, had it in for him. The third witness was Doktor J Clark, Cooper Cooper was first position on the scene after the bodies were discovered, Cooper described his first access to the bodies, first encountering the stuff, girls, who you didn't recognize. He also the lamps without their chimneys Cooper, indicated that he didn't touch the bodies on fight. You sort of performs just a visual assessment that point yeah. He didn't do any real him found examination. His statement also included that estimated time of death that we talked about and that was based on his
observation of the blood and brain matter on the scene and the level of dryness and concealment it had achieved. He was also the one that introduced the detail that the faces he believed had been covered after the bludgeoning, and this was based on the fact that none of the covering fabrics were stuck to the wounds they describe of undraped over afterwards, and none of those fabrics, articles of clothing had any holes or damage of any kind of the normal wear and tear witness, or with Jesse more who was Rossmore wife Jesse spoke with Missus Packard when she first com for Ross and her statement echoed Ed sallies regarding what their conversations were like. She also mentioned that she later entered desires and Sarah is home to retrieve photographs of the family for the local paper and she didn't know of any possible enemies that the family might have had. Yet there are some accounts as such
that she had gone in a kind of like posed for pictures, a better seem like embellishments. She did go in, but she was trying to get pictures from the household for the press so that they could be used in news stories. Witness number five was Doktor S as Williams and whereas Doktor Cooper that we mention just a few moments ago had only done a visual inspection on the bodies at the crime scene. Doktor Williams was the one that actually examined the bodies. His testimony described the crushed heads of each victim and their positions in their beds, and he was the one they introduce the idea that Lena cylinder had squirmed on the bed after having been struck, some people, if they arise over the years that Lena had been sexually assaulted, but Doktor Williams. Testimony runs really counter to that. He indicated that he hinted it investigated the possibility of rape, but he didn't,
I'd any evidence of that kind of violation. Yes, she was the one we mention she didn't have any undergarments on and that her nightdress had been shifted up. She may have been the object of some. You know: visual stimulation for the killer, but her body was not in any way molested to the best of the doctors, knowledge witness number six was Edward Landers and Landers was a neighbor. He was actually the son of a neighbor. He was saying a few houses down from the moors at his mother's house for the summer and he stated that he had gone to bed shortly after nine p m on the night of the murderers, but that he had heard a noise during the night that to him at the time, sounded like people hooting to one another outdoors, and he was kind of pressed by the examiners over what time, as might have been- and he guessed it was probably around eleven p M, but he wasn't certain an
The news of the murders broke the next morning. He began to wonder if the noise that he had heard had not been people hooting, but in fact a woman moaning. The seventh witness was rossmore, so desires brother and he related the events of the morning of the tenth and how he had come to discover the bodies of the two cylinder girls before exiting the home. He mentioned that before open opening the bedroom door and making the discovery nothing in the home seemed like it was out of place, and he also couldn't offer any information about possible enemies. The bare family may have had witnessed. Number eight was with More- and this was another more brother- there were several brothers in the mix here, his testimony opportunity illuminating. He indicated that he really didn't know anything about his brothers business or if he had any enemies and he was dismissed from a stand pretty quickly. The ninth witness was Marshall, hang Horton and the marshals testimony was really brief. You basically said he'd been contacted by selling.
To go into the more home. He corroborated entering the house with Sally again with the doctors? Witness number ten was then Guilder- and this was desires nephew, but he also did not have a whole lot of information to impart. He had briefly being considered a suspect because he had some kind of shady happenings. In his background, his record was not entirely clean, but he was cleared. Pretty on witness. Eleven was another more brother, Harry, more Annie, also have really nothing new to add in the proceedings like Fenwick has other brother. He had neither knowledge of babies business nor of any possible ill intentions against him. Witness twelve was Blanche, cylinder and remember. This was Lena, I'm as older sister. She was the one that had spoken with desire over the phone about the girl sleeping over at the moorhouse, and she was the one that kind of said he I think that will be fine. I will tell my parents
tenth witness was Joseph cylinder so Lena and either as father. He also didn't anyone who might commit such a crime, and he indicated that his wife had found the moors several times in the morning the morning are found because she had expected the girls to be back before school time. This had happened on a Sunday night into the Monday morning hours, and so she thought the kids are gonna come home and get ready for school, but they didn't so they were trying to contact them and getting no answer
witness was Charles more. This is yet another more brother, Charles, testifying to the coroner's jury that penal Desire Captain acts, but when he was questioned, he couldn't say with certainty that the murder weapon was the one that Josiah own. He just wasn't sure. He also indicated that it was in fact his brothers habit to lock the house from the inside it night. One thing that always kind of rings odd to me and is not really discuss all that much in one of these is that the whole house was locked, but somehow the killer. or killers, got out. So that's how I stayed a little bit of a mystery whether they had a key or not is unclear near one gets into me super wondering what lock technology was like at the time like now. We are we're, not blocks that you just put the thing and then you go out but well, and there was also you knew skeleton Chiesa could open. Multiple doors reveal more common still, then
you know it just was quite the same as what we are dealing with today. So let me be one of the reasons that it's not really talked about that much. It's not that insane thing it's not like, even in some other end up talking about them briefly at the end, but even unlike some other sorry to have supernatural investigations of it, it doesn't really seem to come up is like a weird thing like an entity, locked other doors, doors or just lock. They dont, really it doesn't get embellished of a lot, but before we start talking about suspects and what may have driven someone to do this, let's have another quick word from a sponsor- will take a break from all of this sort of dark material. For just a moment. this episode of stuff. You missed in history glasses, brought to you by Norton three sixty with life. Luck with your shopping online with your smartphone. Its super feels like ear. Personal information is just right there in your hand, but that's not always the case, because, as soon as you hit submit, your personal information could start going other points,
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off better returns, horrifying events. There were many early leads in this case that really no shortage of thus backs, but nothing ever hand out, and this horrific crimes still unsolved. It's not possible in the scope of a pipe cast up a third to cover every single sex suspect, but we're going to talk about the more high profile ones. You have this really sort of turned this town on its head and a lot of people characterize. It is basically making
place where people would invite a stranger into their home for a meal when you know be very open and very friendly and due place were suddenly. Everyone was suspicious of everyone else and you know, sort of fear, driven suspicion, kind of lead, their behaviour beyond that and, as a consequence, a lot of different people were accused of participating in this crime. But one of the the primary suspects that comes up in almost any discussion of this case is Frank, F Jones, and he was an EU state senator. He had been desire moors boss for many years, but in nineteen o, eight more had struck out on his own opening a farming implement company and he took several of their grid of business partners with him, including the John Dear Company, so Jones is a little irate with him from that point on. There are also rumours that Josiah had had an affair with Jones daughter in law, so Frank Jones and his son there, the husband of this daughter in law,
we're even accused quite publicly by a detective agency of having hired were named William Mansfield, to take out the more family and William may Field was arrested for the murders in nineteen sixteen for years after they had taken place. According to detective James Newton her son, who had been the one that had level those accusations against the Jones. Is he asserted that Mansfield was in fact a serial killer and that he also had a cocaine habit? Mansfield was also linked. Visa Wilkerson research
you other brutal murders, including those of his own wife, child and his wife's family in nineteen fourteen, so that would have been a couple years after Wolesi Jirga, as well as murders in Kansas in Colorado and in all of these cases, the victims were bludgeoned, with an axe in homes where the windows in mirrors were all covered similar to the more slayings detective Wilkerson was so convinced that Mansfield had been hired by Jones that he posted flyers all over with Mansfield face on them that read this. Is the axe murderer? He murdered the more family it bill escape. The hypocrite he's dirty money paid for the hellish job. Once your support for the state Senate, will he get it? I'm delighted Jones and I have to say I think if you just accused a man of hiring someone to kill.
And who has made you angry. Making him angry in this way seems like a really bold and foolish move. But while Mansfield does seem like an obvious solution to who killed the moors, and while Detective Wilkerson really seem to the rest of his life, that he was certain that will that Mansfield was the the killer. Mansfield had an hour alibi for the time of the political murders, the placed him in Illinois, others, some payroll happenings indicated that he had had been working there at the time. There were some eye witnesses that placed Mansfield in Valencia and not Illinois, but none of those eyewitness accounts wherever substantiated
An Mansfield was eventually set free after his release, Mansfield sued Wilkerson for slander, and he was awarded more than two thousand dollars. Wilkerson alleged that Jones had in fact manage to use his position of power to secure Mansfield release yeah. He also kind of blame Jones for work is treating the decision in May and fields favour during the slander case, and he suggested that French and set up the next suspects, the kind of take the fall and then ass next suspect was Reverend George Kelly, who was a preacher who had moved to Macedonia Iowa in nineteen twelve. So after the trail went cold with Mansfield Kelly was arrested and charged with the more murders in nineteen seventeen, and he was invalid sky for the children's day activities. he left town the next morning. He was even alleged at one point to have spoken of the murders on the train out of town witches.
Early in the morning before the bodies had even been discovered, he also returns of Alaska a week after the murders and he pretended yeah detective from Scotland Yard to gain entry into the more home. He actually has a mental problems that were on record. An Kelly was considered to be a sexual, deviant obsessed with sex and known to have been a peeping Tom. There have been some theories about the role that bacon slab that was found downstairs in the bed. Room had been used as a sexual aid by the killer, made people really willing to connect the dots TAT Kelly. You had this reputation, unlike Mansfield Kelly actually did confessed to the murders and in his confession he wrote. I killed the children upstairs first the children downstairs. Last. I knew God wanted me to do it. This way, sleigh utterly.
To my mind, and I picked up the axe went into the house and killed them, so that makes it seem like an open and shut case, but it all fell apart. You won't work canting. His confession and the witnesses that initially claim he talked to them on the train about the murders before it was public knowledge all changed their story. He was also small man at five but two inches tall and he waved less than a hundred and twenty pounds, so that idea being able to deliver the crushing blows they killed, the family was a little difficult to support. I imagined at that height it might have been also difficult for the ups wings of the acts to hit the ceiling. Yeah
couldn't find anything. I thought about that as well, and I couldn't find anything substantial, I'm sure I we could do it if we with a little bit more time to find out what the height of the ceilings were and the length of the acts, but I did not have time to work out the math on that and while somebody that size could probably easily till children. Mr more was like six feet tall await about two hundred pounds. You know he was a full grown man, so it seemed like that would have been a little bit more of a stretch, fur Kelly to be able, man. Aids Kelly was actually want tried twice for this crime. The first trial resulted in Hungary and in the second trial by jury, freed him, because there was really no evidence other than sort of the suspicion that he was weird and deviant than might be the kind of person to do these things.
The third suspect was Henry Lee more and in May of nineteen thirteen. Almost a year after the murders of federal investigator on the case named MW, Mc Lowry announced that he had solved it as well as twenty two other similar cases but clearly believed all of the slings to be the work of serial killer. Henry Lee more, who was not actually a relation to you. The more family was not yet another. More brother here is, coincidentally, they had the last name, a few months after the Valise incident. Henry more was victims of murdering his mother and grandmother in Missouri. The brutality of the victims was quite similar. They were bludgeoned with an axe, and it should be pointed out that the one of the things that differences that he was allegedly motivated by money in this he was hoping to gain their assets after they die
as the illicit investigation had gone on. Multiple similar acts, murders were uncovered in Colorado, Illinois and Kansas, and some of these were crimes man's had also been links to by other investigators, but Mccleery thought they were all Henry Moors dealing more actually serve thirty six years of his life sentence for the deaths of his mother and grandmother, and then he was paroled in nineteen, forty nine. He ended up having his sentence commuted some years later, when he was in his eighties beat he kind of falls off the public record after that. No one really knows like where he went or how he died, but he was never formally charged for them. Is invalid scared, despite my Clarice insistence that he was clearly the one who had done it. In addition to these three high profile aspects, there were so so many others and initially was because of the shocking nature of the homicide citizens of illicit Gus
did anyone who wasn't from around there. Some of them were legitimately suspect although not not ever actually linked to the murders, and some of them were simply guilty of being strangers and better make a note of how the similarities among the murders that were discovered in other states in other areas and the use of an acts as the murder weapon. It's worth considering just food for thought that this was a time when almost every home would have an axe. Often readily accessible MIKE dash. He was a writer that written article four, the Smithsonian in twenty twelve about the validity of killings, makes the point that this sort of could be considered a weapon of convenience for the times leak in the MID west. If you just wanted to go on a killing spree and access pretty easy to get a hold of. Additionally, as is the case often with high profile crimes, confessors came out
the wood work for decades people were confessing to the crime well into the nineteen thirty's. Although many of these conventions got details wildly wrong. Yeah. You know that that happens with any big murder case. Four zero people they confessed. That could not have done it for whatever reasons, but does, of course were pretty easily dismissed in most cases So, jumping to sort of the modern day in ninety ninety four, the house for J B mourn his family were killed, was purchased by Darwin and Martha Limb and the lines restored. The house to its nineteen twelve condition and the residence was placed on the national, historic places registry and ninety. Ninety eight prior to the lines purchase, the house had passed through many hands of ownership and it had been repeatedly renovated. So it was really quite a significant restoration effort today,
were the home is actually a museum and for a little less than five hundred dollars a night, you can book sleep overs in the murder house. It's actually one of the main draws of rival is go. It is pretty rural town. If you want a book. anniversary of the murders, though there's a lottery, and there have been many discussions and debates through the years about whether it's right for a business to grow out of such a tragedy in so much brutality. These debates, If we go on for as long as the museum is open
yeah, I mean a lot of articles. If you search for this that talk about it kind of from the modern standpoint, they really do discuss kind of that. This is a problem in something that continues to be debated in, and they kind of look at Lincoln. The valise converter houses this odd money making machine sort of. But you know that's something that you can draw our own conclusions and have your own opinions of paranormal investigators and ghost hunters have, of course, kind of flocked to this house, hoping to get some activity that they can recorder discuss. It's been featured on a lot of numerous television reality and making the air quotes shows, and there have been several documentaries made about the murders that are less about sensationalism at making a haunted house ago story, but really just trying to break down the actual crime. I came to feel like a broken record when I do this wrap up cause issue it for
has any of the cases where three go unsolved, but odds are that this one is not ever going to be solved and the further away we get from the dates of when it actually happened, the less and less evidence there will be to go on. So it will remain a draw for crime, history baths and visitors to the Valise Converter House, probably for quite some time, but that is the valise converters which, as I said a word question by a large number of people, very unsettling and disturbing to think about. But you know good hollowing, fodder and again it is a huge tragedy. I mean that at least said: I'm not a kids person bit reading these testimonies about what happened that these children with so rougher me yeah. I kept me going like: let's go hugger kitty, I would have given a cartoon for fifteen minutes. Is anything the kind of break the intensity of that war, decisions, how I got a genuinely crept out sitting here when you set all the mirrors or covered up with her clothing, the part
about their. You know that the parents of the children who were visiting the home calling over there because they were expecting them to be home for school. That really got to me. It's it's very upsetting. To think about. I mean these, were you know, kids that were part of someone's wives, and it was just it could be. It's one of those this could happen to any one kinds of things, and I think especially when these kinds of crimes happen in rural communities that were very, you know friendly in pretty free of this kind of thing. It's really shocking. It kind of reminds me when I first read in cold blood, vitriolic Proteus kid is it's kind of a similar there's, some parallel fair, it's hard to think about what a mental she that has to be for the entire community to be like one day. Life is one way and the next day you see it all completely them, then, even though much for joining us, where this Saturday classic
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