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SYMHC Live at SLCC: Lon Chaney, Man of a Thousand Faces

2017-10-09 | 🔗

Not only was he a star as an actor, he was famed for his use of makeup. He was passionate about completely transforming himself for each role, and was determined to keep his life off screen as private as possible.

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Here's the thing. Saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball because there's always there who joined your game, he never passes the rock he constantly. Rex theories and who completely you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico. It's easy. switch and save on car insurance. No, the vacant fake an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted so which in save with Geiger it's almost better than sport, Welcome to stuff you, Mr History, from our support, stuck welcome to Hollingford Treaty, which we recently had a wife show Insomniac City Tracy was unable to make it so friend of the show and previous guess, Brian Young stepped into Co. Host. Give my heaps thanks to brine young. Your brain young has
guess ownership on a number of occasions, many of them when I could not be present for alive appearance. Thank you so much for that Brian. In this light, It was all about one chinese senior and the amazing career he crafted as both an actor and a make up artist. You I think I said before we started that show, but to the audience that while I was researching this, I really fell in love with launch Amy. I had not known all that much about him beforehand and I have immense respect them We for him, so, let's jump level, we welcome papaya cats, fry and unbridled and Brian in our long ongoing tradition, a feature classic horror stars as part of our leaders hollowing.
Today about Long Cheney, and not only was he a star as an actor, but he was famed really for his use of make up and in fact his passion to completely transform himself for each roll coupled with determination to keep his life offscreen as private as possible, probably him a little bit of this Google notoriety this life story reveals more than just an actor. It shows a man who love the art of creating both stage and film in a whole list it sends a man who was happy to move, sets and stage managing choreograph and as well as act. Described by one of his coastguards is, is quote extremely kind, thoughtful and protective, kind of at odds with the image he had. He play the lot of heavies, but he was in fact, we just the sweetest man, but he didn't want anybody to know that because he was afraid it would impact his career, and while he appeared in more than one hundred and fifty films,
they. He is most remembered for his rules into silence, elms, nineteen, twenty three hundred back of neutral, DOM in nineteen twenty five phantom of the opera. That is probably the image you immediately conjured in your head with him in the family opera make up We're gonna talk about those but will also examine his extensive career. That's far beyond them, which lead to eventually be called the man of a thousand faces on April. Fool day, which was April First eighteen, eighty three lyonnais disk Cheney was born lawn as he became to be called, was the second child for him Parents, Frank and Emma Jane of Colorado Springs Colorado, we're both deaf mutes. Often been cited. As the reason the Cheney became such a proficient actor he'd spent as youth learning to communicate without language through gesture signing an facial expression skills? You would use to inhabit rules on and scream and there's one particular point where that became really important in his life as a child, which we will talk about right now.
When long was only nine years old, his mother became really really ill. She a very high degree of inflammation from rheumatism and rendered her unable to perform most tasks in law and actually dropped out of school to become her nursemaid. So he was based the fourth grade at this time, and that is where his education ended This is one of the things people site because she had such a difficult time. Community. He even she was really unable to sign because shoes and so much pain that couldn't move very much and he kind of went to hold other degree of pantomime to communicate with her, and so that really where his his ability to communicate with speaking. It all began the boy lawn attended public school in Colorado Springs, but he didn't finishes education. My colleague said: instead he took a job as a guy. and made money by helping tourists navigate the trail to pikes peak his next, brought him into the theatre. The Colorado Springs, Opera House hired him as a property boy,
working as a property boy offered him a really unique learning experience that impacted his life forever. while he was in the theatre, he would actually watch other actors put on their makeup, noting the various techniques that each of them were using too achieve different, looks, and he learned through observation. Basically, one of those actors, spied on, while the man apply make up was Richard Mansfield, who is famous first portrayal of the dual role of Doktor Jekyll and Mr High and who is also a suspect in the jack. The ripper case Mansfield could very well be a podcast. in the future. Here he's on my list because he's a whole other fascinating thing, but he was really a famous actor at the time so when launching later cited in his life during interviews that go, he I went from watching, Mansfield do is make up. It was pretty noteworthy, it would be like someone did I going to do
right on Johnny Depp is the same idea and later Cheney would say of this time in his life. In its impact quote, I used to watch Richard Mansfield and Robert Mantle and others. Those old doktor actors never showed the audience themselves, but down to the personality of the character they were playing from. Giving a my acting career. I always strove to bury my own personality in my part when China was in his late teens, who started this first stage acting job, the play was called the little tycoon and Chinese written it with his brother John, his brother was also a theatre manager. So they had a venue to produce the play and it went well enough that the brother Gilbert and a series of Gilbert Springs, and so a there in Colorado springs. Tour was the next logical step, but it really barely off the got off the ground before these sibling impresarios ran out of money so. The solution was that they had to sell their theatre company, but even now I see a lawn state on
and the new innovation of the troop was onto her in Oklahoma City, when launching any but a singer named Francis Cleveland Creighton, who went by Cleaver for short cleavage the tour, which was something she did despite pressure from our family, disdain, Oklahoma City and she and long became romantically involved pair were married in nineteen o five and in February of nineteen o six, they had a son Creighton toll Cheney, Creighton Come better known by the stage name, lawn Cheney, Junior and he follow. fathers footsteps as an actor this is one of those parts of launching these life. That is a little different depending on your source, is there, are rumours that in fact, of course, they got pregnant and had to get married. But sir, versions of it suggests that they actually didn't get married until after the baby was born, and then they fudged. The record says a little unclear, but it's a hundred years ago will just give it to you and eventually the couple went back on the road they paused for a little while when Clayton was a baby, but this
they just took their son along with them, and lawn had always wanted to continue work on the theatre he didn't see. Family life is something that was really gonna be fulfilling for him, even though he gave it a world like in mortal no jobs in even ass. He got work as an actor, though one of the things who is interesting is He actually maintained his stagehands union card, so he would help move scenery during shows without hesitation. He was perfectly happy to be backstage helping out, even while you waiting for his queues and while he still pursued acting and dancing his knowledge of the technical side of production in a him to really be diversified, job Ernest, and so he could also get work as a stage director. For example, and make sure he always maidens meet for the family is part of a very true. The Chinese travelled to the West Coast in nineteen ten and settled their law would act, stage managed choreograph. Whatever was required to keep a job in the theater. Cleaver began
build a decent singing career, but she also developed a drinking problem and their marriage really started to suffer. There was also a lot of jealousy in there. Nations of cheating and it just was not a good many long term and cleaver became increasingly unstable and ninety routine. She attempted to take her own life by drinking by chloride of mercury that she did this. A very dramatic way, which was that she did it offsets in a theater were long was working at the time that ruined her voice of her singing career was destroyed, even though she did not die and it ruined there it sure ever their divorces final, the next year and launching he raised his son Creighton as a solo parent. After the split I have read that he actually told Creighton that his mother had died and He never knew his mom until after she had actually passed away. He never knew what it really happened so before
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Twenty five percent, or more of your first year, go to Norton dot com, slash history, that's Norton, Dotcom, slash history for twenty five percent off Where we left off, you just talked about Cleaver suicide attempts, and not only to this, of course, completely shattered his family life. But cast a shadow over lawns career in the theater, it basically kind of was always gonna be associated with him and theatrical circles that made it hard for him to get a job and it part of why he turned to film disorder, shift gears and and kick start career all over again any have already been getting into film at this time. It wasn't like you and theatres overfill. Now he just put more of his effort into some work at that point. And he had appeared in a short made by the Rex motion Picture company at that point. The owner of the family, that was in nineteen twelve,
after the scandal of his failed marriage, ending dramatically. As I said, he completely abandoned, theatrical work and pursued film work. Full time. Shady initially appeared in a number of bit parts. He eventually don film, such as false faces and riddled gone among others, before appearing in his first credited role. In the nineteen fourteen universal pictures, film Hell Morgan's girl, he also did slapstick comedies and worked with Western star J weren't Kerrigan on seven films. Yet we them as like this. So, and film horror actor, but he did all kinds of different genres. He really was completely multifaceted, is approved whereas you said he could dance and he could you no direct and could basically the almost anything you handed him in nineteen fifteen. He married again this time to a woman named Hazel Hastings and at that point he was working for universal still and his son Clayton who at that point, had been in boarding school, because one's job so much time
to LOS Angeles and the trio kind of settled into life as a as a family together in haste who had been a course girl was with launching me for the rest of his life. So the second time around, he got it right from ninety fourteen nineteen eighteen long Cheney made more than one hundred movies with universal pictures. That's that's! That's a year are no that's a twenty five year old movies a year. That's ridiculous! Yes, you think about how long productions take today imagine doing to a month for four years straits. So he then asked the studio for raise at this point and when turned down. He left the studio system to work as an actor for higher for awhile, and it was rough going initially until he said getting the work in westerns we mention just a moment ago. Yet was like a thing where heap. I think you I'm gonna get on a numbers. I know I have heard them and I didn't write them down, but it was like he was making a hundred dollars weakening asked for one twenty via their election. Never gonna get that really think you are, and eventually he could say, I'm blonde Chinese
and when he appeared as a common character in a film called miracle MA am, he appeared as a man called the frog who had seen the handicap, and this was in nineteen nineteen, and this particular role really brought him accolades for his incredible skill, both with Ding and was make up and it. basically is break out role. bringing him really widespread recognition. At that point. Some people knew him, but he wasn't licks AMOS and then he was also made more money for paramount than any other shown that here so that people reversal, probably thought really stupid after that the point he was drawing and what I ve learned through observation through his own experimentation. He had no formal training in the art of make up Through the years, though, he became more and more serious and learning about the application and uses of makeup eventual became such a recognised expert on the matter that he was asked to write. Encyclopaedia Britannica make up entry in the nineteen twenty nine edition of the publication. His makeup
which was basically a small tool case, became famous for the many looks he could create using its content here, there's actually, eight documentary where there is a historian. Who has the make up case and what sort of fabulous is that when you open it, there's nothing unique in there I mean it the same tools anyone else would have had, but he was just so definite using them that he turned it to a magical source of all kinds of things. Nineteen nineteen chiming acted in another film called the wicked darling, rector on this picture was someone probably all heard of before TAT Browning, who eventually went on to direct the cold classic freaks sort of ended? His career This was before that Cheney knew that he could sometimes go too far as an actor. I mean he recognised that coming from theater and being so expressive. He needs the director to kind of real him back and tell her. He had gone too far and browning, for him was like a perfect match. They ended up having this fantastic
working relationship and they actually made ten domes together. Those three weeks of work rates, visits later in nineteen August, they made several over the years. So Cheney would go to extreme lengths to create the illusion of an entirely new character, different from himself playing the care A blizzard in a film called the penalty. Nineteen twenty Chinese victor, was legless, so he physically strapped his legs back in his knees, were contained in leather, covers that similar stumps which he walked on. This is not only painfully cut off the circulation is legs. I highly recommend you go online and look for clips of this film its mind blowing he kind of crutches, but he really is just walking around on his knees throughout the whole film. In ITALY, utterly convincing, I mean utterly convincing and it was We powerful part in this film. There was very full of upsetting images and ideas. It was kind of a controversial film at the time and in China,
character, wanted to cut off another man's legs and have them grafted onto his own in this is not considered. One of chinese horror, movies, performance in it is utterly chilling in his scary is anything you will find today. Nineteen we too was the first instance of the phrase the man of a thousand faces being associated with Cheney. That line was used as part of the marketing promotion for his film the trap, a revenge, we have a minor played by Cheney who has mine and love interests stolen by arrival and then to ruin the usurpers life. It's melodramatic, It was not considered a success yeah. He had really been like on such an upward trajectory in terms of his here that it was a little troubling the studio heads that they're like what. Why are you doing? This weird melody, so that is not making any money. They were really mad at him. They were more concerned with the director, but, of course, who make up for his role of quasi
in the nineteen twenty three film hunchback of nature, down which we mentioned at the top of the show, was impressive, so impressive at the time, including comply average of one of his eyes with a shell, and then it was discussed in putty, so he looked like he had a completely mangled side of his face It was wearing this harness they're both held the hunchback prosthetic, which you'll see it Finland is weighing like fifty pounds. be historians have amended that to say no, it was heavy, was probably links between ten and twenty, but it was not fifty that was an exaggeration. It held the hunchback prosthetic and it also altered his posture significantly, and it was all of this there really completed his transformation into the hunchback physically Patsy Ruth, or who is lawns CO star in the role of asthma elder once in an interview that she felt lawn rather than Wallace warmly the truly directed the film. It was a massive inexpensive undertaking, but it paid off. It was a huge
ass a may change the most sought after actor and Holly, yet Wallace hoarsely directed the hunchback is was one of launching these good friends, and so it really felt a little bit like launching any had the better touch with actors when dealing with them, which is why his coaster said she really felt like he directed that film. The M Gm film he who gets slapped, maiden. Nineteen, twenty four, which is kind of the best title ever start lawn cheney- and this is actually a very depressing one- is the story of a bitter clown and it the success and it was also the start of a law. Term partnership between the studio and the actor and GM was so happy to have him because he was doing amazing work for them. But, of course, chinese Roland nineteen, twenty five phantom of the opera that more Modern audiences remember once again, transformed himself through make up the moment when his characters mask is remove revealing the disfigured face. Underneath is one of them histories iconic scenes. The appearances
They are too that reveal when the actress faces and even visible, really showcase chinese use of his physicality, particularly his hands to convey emotion. Yet he was, he played all of these, like really kind of hard edge characters aloud characters a lot of the time, but he was one of the most graceful men you will ever see. Move his hands were just completely peaceful and beautiful, when he wanted them to be in theirs. This great scene intimately opera where he is reaching out to the shoulder of the female lead. and it is so beautiful and so elegant, but also so creepy at this. Time that it it just evidences how this one person who just knows how to use his hands can convey keep going. the story without ever uttering a word and then phantom was followed by another film that you have probably seen images from called London after midnight, and that was in nineteen twenty seven and so you ve, probably seen still shrillness movie its if
chinese disguised as a vampire. His character is actually in a disguised as a vampire he's. Not a vampire had any. Has these bulging eyes, and so you ve probably seen this, and that effect was finally achieved by fitting wires around his eyes in his eyelids to keep them open and looking sort of bulging there. full of images. You can see of close up, see and you can see the wire and if you want people that's weird about stuff around your eyes. It will give you that he be Jimmy's really bad, but the It unfortunately has been lost. There have been attempts to find the the peace But if that still exist, and so to put them back together but The fourth will never be seen again was something of a sensation at the time and one man even claimed that it drove him to murder. That was actually his defence in court was a saw this movie and its freedom out so that he had to go out and kill someone
did not get off on that charge. People who actually saw it in the ears and then talked about it later in life generally raided it as lesson throwing than phantom, but because it has been lost, it kind of gets a little bit of cachet and people may be miss, remember tell scary. It was so working both refine, is makeup, skills and innovate. He made a mark literate. When he found new ways to stimulate scars and the film the road demand delay nineteen twenty six same year. He made an uncharacteristic non, make a performance and tell it to the Marines Cheney played. after it sergeant and set the standard for all the others that have been played in films since and though he wore no make up audiences, we're so accustomed to seeing Cheney and one of his character creations that some his real face. Looked unnatural. One critic wrote that the make up work, bacon at one of the lines was inconsistent.
He had no make up. What's I've even read accounts as aid, anyone use powder, you just showed up and said a veto went for it if there is a lot of action in that film was playing a marine and they were loading guns and stuff, and I've been living huge size, and he was is there to do the physical workin They never bothered with powder knowing it would vanish, but there are still some right up. There are like that. Make up is not as good as we used to seeing but positive reception fertility. The Marines far outweighed any of the negative reactions lunch any was lauded for the performance and he was actually even made an honorary. U S marine and he was the first actor to be honoured in this manner and in the year that it was released. Nineteen twenty nine just has been, as had been the case the previous year. Nineteen, twenty eight launch any was raided. The number one mail box office attraction by- U S, theatre owners next week, talk about how Cheney's, intensely private life
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didn't make it work and his commitment to physically to conveying a completely different physicality in his roles, luncheon became known, as he had plan from the beginning for vanishing into each character that he played essentially disappearing ass himself was in line with his proclivity to keep his personal life completely to himself. He allegedly set at one point quote between pictures. There is no law, Janey ensure see just enjoyed a quiet life in Beverly Hills. He dabbled in photography to go fishing, he left a red and cook. He studied the criminal justice system and actually wrote extensively about how prisons or run any only rarely did press like many movie comes out now. There's always a huge press, jacket and actors have to spend ungodly amounts of timely. Basically, just answering the same questions are whenever he refused to do this for the most part thought. Maintaining his air of mystery was actually gonna, be better publicity than giving in
and he was right. Quiet life, purposely away from the press. Made it really really easy for people to speculate about the real man behind all of those performance. Is that speculation reached a fever pitch? Is the film industry began? Moving away from silent pictures, Cheney like Charlie Chaplin waited as long as he could before taking a speaking Roland Film and this the wild theories that there was something wrong with his voice and that he'd never be able to make it and new age of sound Currently most people knew that he had come up as an actor in the theater and this could before taking a speaking Roland Film, and this led a wild theories that there was something wrong with his voice that he'd never be able to make. Would it as a ban Chiesa flew in the papers but because doctors refuse to say anything about his condition or make any statements it led to first as something more dangerous or insidious. When Cheney finally did star and talking in nineteen thirty, it was
Is it a film called the unholy Three, which was very deliberately, while director, Browning who'd already directed Cheney and asylum version of the unholy three nineteen. Twenty five consistently denied. The rumours that is frequent collaborator had any kind of vocal issue those room. What really put to rest until this film debuted. strategy behind choosing this film it really showcase long chinese wide vocal range. He used Five different voices in the film, including that of apparent in the film blonde chinese character, who is a ventriloquist named echo, join up with two of his I'd show, colleagues to commit burglaries, The film echo actually appears in disguise as a woman, so he's also doing a woman's voice, but just to make sure that people knew that it was in fact long Cheney doing all of those voices. They had a notary corroborate that lawn and only long was responsible for all of them throughout
making of the film the notary, Fm Henderson of LOS Angeles, took change our position on the matter in which he stated launching any being duly sworn deposed and say in the photo playing entitled the unholy three produced by Metro, Goldwyn Mayor Corporation, all voice. Productions which purports to be reproductions of my voice, to wit the ventriloquist's. The old woman, The dummies, the parents and the girls are actually. Reproductions of my own voice and in no place instead photo play or in any other of the various care. there's played by me and said photo play was a dove or a substitute so while doing press for this picture, but she did this time around. He also said quote: want to play roles in which I can you several voices in the same play so that people real won't be able to say, which is my natural voice, just as I always have used make up, so they quite know what my real faces, like my career has been devoted to keeping people from knowing me, and I wouldn't
or face it by talking On the other hand, the public is demanding that screen players talk, and so we must talk, but I dont want talk and spoil any illusion, but there really was a problem just sixty. after the premier of the unholy three news broke that the actor was quite ill. This basically was like a daily update in the papers at the time so. On July, eighth of nineteen. Thirty, a brief article appeared in the New York Times indicating the genie had been hospitalized at memorial. Huh in New York in a court to the blurb. There was written quote the name of his illness was not disclosed, and although it was said that he is here to undergo treatment on his throat, it is understood, that he is suffering from a gull ailment. Neither but all nor Metro, Boldwood Mayor would confirm that Genie was even a patient immemorial at the time. Chinese civilization after returned to LOS Angeles, continued to be news, the story and
papers was that he had an attack of pneumonia and was anemic as a consequence. On August, twenty fifth nineteen Thirdly, the New York Times reported the Chinese received a full blood transfusion. The third such tree and then he was improving. The day August, twenty sixth another article confirm that the actor was resting while making gains in his battle against pernicious anemia. He died later that day of a throat hemorrhage, well been made public. The accurate been battling bronchial cancer, while filming bronchial cancer. Well filming the unholy three: he was forty seven when he dies. Yes, I will Thirdly, that students in May of nineteen, twenty nine when he got sick, was when he was actually diagnosed, and so he had known throughout. Assuming that this may be. His only pick is less picture, So he appeared in exactly one taki, but boy. Is it a doozy? If you could lead to do five different voices? His funeral was announced in the papers on August, 27th quote,
launching any will be buried as he lived simply and without display at Glinda Ale. Tomorrow,. the time that Chinese remains really the rest. All pictures in production and studios in Hollywood stopped work and they went silence. I'm gonna get I'll choked up and they went silent to honour the actor. on the M gm lot. A marine color guard played taps and lowered the studio, flagged half mast, lunches England, Dales Forest LAW cemetery bears no name that's of those things that sometimes portrayed as like a pig mystery. His crypt has no name, but if you just his life story. You completely understand why he didn't want his name on the crypt, and the New York Times reported. launching any had left five hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of property to his widow. Hazel, that's Hazel Hastings Genie. At that point This is a nice little kind of stick it to his ex wife. Chinese will also stipulated that exact
One dollar was to go to his Ex wife, Cleaver Creighton Bush, this was done so that she could not claim that she had been left out of the will and mount an effort to contest it his driver and companion of the last, I think, roughly decade of his. His John wife received thousand dollars in the will, and an insurance policy that was valued at two hundred. Seventy five thousand dollars was split among his siblings in nineteen. Fifty seven, a bio pick of chinese life, titled man of a thousand faces and start James Cagney was made, and I have to say it's incredible. It's really getting me thank has so a lot of screen time in the movie was devoted to his tumultuous relationship with this first wife and one of the advertising tag lines for the film was who were the women who twisted his life and love, igniting the flame of his genius driving him to Immortal flay too fame it's a little melodramatic. Others. There is such a thing.
ass the moment and that movie their worries in the hospital dying of cancer, and there is there so much importance placed on his make up. Right and his son. Is there like coping with the death of his father and James Cagney? Does this it's such a level that you think our journey juniors Chaplain in Chaplain Canyon, The same thing is launching this movie and so Cagney is there Lange in the hospital bed and he and he beckons with without a voice, because his throat is, is messed up. Any beckons his son to come over with the make up box says Lon Chaney on it, and he just he gets a p of the grease painter whatever and then rights Junior on the box. A sort of in the movie. The last sort of unification, as with his son before it before he dies. Then it's it's beautiful, which I think
fiction, but I'm sure related of late. I'm sure it's fiction put his fantastic in the movie. I mean here's the thing if anybody could pull out that kind of like drama at the end of their lives, its launch Amy, but I believe that section actually not clear how many films, exactly launching me, appeared in before his untimely death. There is a cow sort of an official count of a hundred and fifty seven, but even that is qualified as uncertain because in those early days at universal. He appeared in so many movies as an uncritical bit player that it's almost impossible to get an accurate count. Its now we can go back and look at all the films and see him out and because he was already doing some disguise work and to because a lot of the sums don't exist anymore. So, there's really no way to know We do know that there was a period where he would get picture of himself in films and send them to his relatives, and he was so and then a disguising himself. He would have to circle who he was in the picture because they didn't know they can pick a terribly like
really cronies. Don't films like he was just picking up a lot of extra work because he was disguising himself so well so well, it wasn't even like he was a featured player like he'd, be bit bit player numbers In the background. We have really gnarly scar on his face: yeah yeah he could just transition like that use, guided call when did an extra body, so there's a if a story the chain himself allegedly loved. at some point. The nineteen twenties when Chinese famed for transforming itself was well established, revered a workman on a picture that that Marshall Meal and was directing saw spider on the floor and prepare. and its life with his foot in the door your inner seated on the spiders behalf, saying don't step on it. It could be launched, Amy, He apparently love this story. To close out, I thought
may be right to leave you with some advice that launching actually gave to Boris Karlov, and it is about finding success in this instance in a movie career, but it is also just really good life advice. In my opinion, find something. No one else can or will do the secret success in movies lies in being different from everyone else watching me many many banks, as Tracy said at the beginning, to bring in for co hosting on this one, but also for me, he said many times is like a brother to me. I really love Brian he's to work with, and if you want to know more about his work as a writer, you can check out Brian young fiction dot com or you can choose him down on Twitter. He has at swank neutron at all,
Now that aid Brian be our. Why a an oh, yes, that's a good thing to do in a man's thinks. As always, the solid COMECON into Ryan call their director of programming solid COMECON as one of both of our favorite times. I was really bummed out that I had a committee but I could not be at this one. It is both exciting, an relaxed at the same time anyone who works to bring the show to fruition from its administrators all the way down to the volunteers and to spend incredibly kind and delightful to be around every time we have been there. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yes, I love it. I always have nothing short of a blast as only COMECON and I am always delighted that people will come up and introduce themselves in and hang out. I met a lovely listening Clark, finally on the street, where we are waiting for food trucks, and then I saw them later on their just so sweet. I love everybody. They are so thank you, SALT Lake, for having me again, because I love it and added
I have a little bit of listener mail, and this is another postcard round up, because we have a pile of postcards. That is seen in some cases, and I feel bad that, as we always say, we can recognise every single person. Our first postcard is from our listener here stem who is reading us from Berlin and says that she's a huge fan of the pond cast and that she and her partner vacationing and she works in film on television in Toronto, Canada. She says thank you for many hours of educational entertainment. While they work behind the scenes at the Canadian Broadcast Centre, she also gives us a really good idea for a future episode that she came across while touring a German, so museum, and she says your team always does such amazing work a thousand thank yous from across the world.
You're divided listener accused in our team is really just me and Tracy. I know, but I feel like we have taken the opportunity to thank you all for being amazing and while we'd be dead in the water, without him, Sir, no thank you from us AMP listeners boat. We also have a lovely
Postcard of the Chateau D Chantilly from our listener Katarina. It is absolutely beautiful. This one has got really obscured by the postal service in their markings, but it's a really beautiful postcard and I wanted to thank you for sending it and then are last one is from our listener. Katy who says I just wanted to send a note to say how much I love your podcast. I was too on my way to work and I often end up having fun facts to share with my students. I've been leading a use tour around the UK and I've been revisiting some of the old episodes like the brontes. We spent a day at the Royal Shakespeare Company and I was able to share some information about. I referred Rick Aldrich with the group. Thank you for making my travels more fun and she sent a beautiful postcard from Oil Shakespeare company, the inside of the theatre, with all the boxes
wait and it's really really lovely. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. If you would like to write to us, you can do so. If history park ask the house to works dot com, you can also find us on social media. As MR history pretty much anywhere, you look including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and dressed. If you would like to check out any of our back episode, we ve got him offering on line. You can do that. It missed in history, dot com, where you will also find shown for any the upset the Tracy and I have worked together. So we encourage you come and look around and export history with us. That means that this be done for more on their thousands of other topics, as it has done for Stockholm.
It seems like it should be easy, but it's not just getting out of bed and getting your day started. Trying to accomplish everything. You need to do in your day that to do list as a lot easier when you're getting news stories and music to lift your mood and preparing for the day ahead connected to the things that make you laugh and make you think or make you want to reach out and share with a friend every morning with us, it's Elvis Joanna Morning show listen to us on Kyoto to or anywhere in the world. Only I hurt radio app.