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The Axman of New Orleans, Part 2

2013-12-11 | 🔗

The second half of the Axman story involves his famous letter to the New Orleans Times-Picayune warning that he would descend on the city, but would spare anyone with a live jazz band playing in their house. But had the Axman been murdering before 1918?

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Before the vote of stuff. You mustn't Ezra glasses, brought to you by Katy, keen I love Riverdale. So I'm really excited that the creator of Riverdale has a sparkling adventure in the big apple coming out, full of fashion drama in dreams colliding with real life, Thursday February six at eight seven central, it's the new Sea, W serious Katy, keen the big apple, better watch out, no matter who or what gets in the way the four friends we were part of the shower about to take a big old by they take on the runway, the recording studio, Broadway and the social seen there's so much high style has a new name, Katy keen the fashionable new series premiers February. Sixth, on this EU or streams for you the next day only on the sea level up how old bunnies this is Ard Marine. You may know me from Chelsea lately or as were geniuses player on insatiable. I want to tell you, but my comedy podcast: will you accept? This rose new to the eye heart radio broadcasts network. We recap every season the bachelor franchise, including
applause, the bachelor at an bachelor in Paradise. We bring in Bachelor to prevent, including last bass, Nicky, Glaser, Debbie, Ryan and more listen to will you accept this rose on the icon, radio, app apple pie CAS or wherever you get your part casts, will continue stuff. You must, in history class from house up, works, icon, hello and try, and today we are going to resume, are about an ax murderer. Yes, part two of our american horror story of an inspired yeah, I'm actually pretty glad that something else came up because it like the soon as coven premier and people were waiting at us in writing on our facebook and stop thinking you please please, please do something about the history of the shadow and we really well past hosts have already covered the history
is not only an alert right, every living like they're, already upsides about that an archive, and so I am Sir like why if they have something else we haven't talked about before than sure. Well- and I remember during the second season of the show I got excited. When I found out, they were gonna use of historic all happenings to inspire but they kind of Vanden them are they changed them so much that it really wasn't worth making the connect yeah well in this second season of it was ass, there's so much more scattered in all of the different elements of thing that worth sort of disparate weird things happening, but this one is were focused on New Orleans and horror, So in case you, MR in true in the last episode when they introduced the, man in new orleans- and we have one more record This he is only appeared in one episode, will see what happens and how completely out of work. It gets the terms it
history anywhere already out of work in terms of history with him, but Whaley introduce that character is very rooted in reality and in an event that actually happened in New Orleans in the early nineties hundreds. So we are picking up kind of in the middle of his crimes free a March Nineteen nineteen, which is yet another incidents of an attack, because there had been a pause and attacks the last one that we talked about was toward the end of nineteen. Eighteen Now we were getting into the early part of nineteen. Nineteen the nation and kind of turned his eyes instead to the end of a fighting of world where one, although the war didn't formally and until later in the year, the next acts attack the city a little bit by surprise this info,
actually took place when Gretna Louisiana, which is across the Mississippi River, from uptown New Orleans, and at that point it was kind of an emigrant suburb of New Orleans each year it Gretna still there, but it's changed significantly. Obviously and so on. Our tenth of nineteen nineteen, your Lando Giordano just in case anyone's curious, it is not Orlando. There is an eye at the beginning. I heard screams from his neighbour's house and he went to render aid, and that is how discovered, the next acts man's victims, and these were grocer. Charles Court Amelia and his wife and daughter when I start to go what he would he having a grocer we'll talk about, but a little bit yeah, it's really a point, though I think we're on grocer number three right. That sounds correct that that I can't go.
The weird grocery store pattern, So when you're Lando arrived trousers, conscious rosy was cradling there, two year old daughter who had been killed by a blow to the back of the head roses they had all been asleep in the same bed when the killer attacked them- and attacker had once again entered through its chiseled away door panel had not taken anything of value and had left a bloody acts behind So, while young Mary had died at the scene, her parents were both alive, although they both had serious sculpt back fractures and they were admitted to the hospital when rosy had recovered. She literally named her attacker. Her neighbor eagerly Andover, though, your Lambeau and his son, Frank, who were business rivals of the quartet, meekly as were arrested, weather, Charles corroborated, her story is actually a matter of some debate.
Account see that he challenged her version of the story and other say that he actually accused the sun, Frank Giordano. There is also a pretty significant discrepancy as to what exactly happened to Charles. After all of these accusations took place. some versions of the story. He divorced rosy after the trial in another He died of his wounds and didn't live to trial time. and some of the telling This story just seem to abandon Charles because it becomes more about rosy in her version of the story and well found the DES record for their daughter, Mary in Louisiana online government database of death. I didn't fine, Charles is so it couldn't confirm or negates any of those different timeline accounts of his death. I love that you were cross through the death is boundless sobering thing to crawl through yeah, just the wicket that many deaf records, if not the most,
with the greatest but your day, but it is superfluous and eating yeah. So, even though your land there was an older man, he was sixty nine years old. He was currently unlikely to have been strong enough to pull off these murders. And finally, much too big to fit through the opening that the killer had made in the door. Giordano were found guilty based on roses, testimony the older received life in prison and the son got a death sentence. Eventually, however, sometime down the road, a year later, rosy actually confess that she had falsely accused the Giordano and thankfully, before the death sentence had been carried said they were released and all count against them eradicated for the record. Three days after this attack on March Fourteenth nineteen nineteen, the editor
the New Orleans Times picky and received a letter which has become the most famous piece of acts, man puzzle and also will be familiar to people who watch american horror story. They print this letter in its entirety- and here it is this letter is dated, Hell marked thirteenth. Ninety nine, for the day before the editor received it, and it says esteemed mortal they have never. me and they never will they have no see me for I am invisible, even as the through that surrounds your earth, I am now human being, but a spirit and a demon from the hottest hell I am what you are lenient and your foolish police call the axe. Man when I see I shall come and claim other victims. I alone know whom they shall be. I shall leave no clue except my bloody acts. The smear blood and brains of he, whom I have sent below to keep me company. If you wish, you may tell the police to be careful not to write me
course. I am a reasonable spirit. Take no offence at the way they have conducted their investigation in the past. In fact, you have been so utterly stupid as to not only amuse me but his tanning Majesty Frances Joseph. etc, but tell them to beware: let them Try to discover what I am for. It were better that they were never born than to incur the wrath of the acts. Man I dont think, is any need of such a warning, for I feel sure the police will always dodge me as they have in the past they are wise and know how to keep away from all harm. undoubtedly your lenient. Think of me as the most horrible murderer, which I am, but could be much worse if I wanted to, if I wished pay a visit to your city every night at will. I could sleigh thousands of your best citizens, for I am in close relationship with the angel of death. to be exact at twelve fifteen earthly time on next Tuesday night. I am to pass over New Orleans in my
infinite mercy, I'm going to make a little proposition to you. People here it is. I am fond of jazz music and I swear by all the devil's in another regions that every and shall be spared in whose home a jazz band is in full swing, I have just mentioned Everyone has a jazz band going. Well, then so much the better for you people thing is certain, and that is that some of your people who do not jazz it on Tuesday night if there be any we'll get an axe. Well, as I am cold and crave the warmth of my native tartarus- and it is tie, my leisure earthly home. I will cease. My discourse hope If Thou wilt publish this, that it may go well with the eye Ben AM and will be the worst spirit that ever existed either in. Act or realm of fancy signed the axe MA. quite a note to dash off. It is if you imagine that
There was lots of jobs. Playing a new war is a new Orleans. After this, that would be right by all accounts. There was basically jazz Everywhere and lo and behold, there were no murderers, although there's always been some debate about what the letter was truly from acts. Men or just a prank. The year- and I have to wonder you Know- Tracy is a site director, not quite the same thing as lead editor in a newspaper. If you got like a Bizarre warning like the like, published this and warn everyone. I don't even know how I feel I would call the police full, of course, and free. A little bit and I would probably have shaking hands handling the whole thing. I would freak out and call the police with my handshake and while the next several months passed without incident and some began, the believed that the acts man had somehow been appeased or moved on. Unfortunately, the late summer saw a return of the familiar brutality, but we're gonna pay.
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ten year old woman who was living alone in New Orleans, and so she was attacked on September third, because this he had been kind of in the throes of this horrible series of pack. Some neighbours went to check on her because he knew she was a young women alone and that's when discovered her unconscious on her bed with seven had wounds and teeth missing from a blow to the face, like Steve she recovered, but she didn't have any memory of the assault, a bloody was found either outside the window or in the front line, depending on the source of the account. However, in the departure from most of the previous incidents attributed the axe, man there was not a chisel door panel, its belief that the assailant in this instance had come in through a window There wasn't a grocer where she knew and not a man. No. So again we wonder it does call into question whether these should really be grouped under the same killer or not or the same attacker, not right.
came in October of nineteen nineteen and this the last known assault committed by the man or at least attributed to him. Kind of October, twenty seventh, after hearing noises in her husband's room, the wife of Might Patrone hurried into find a fleeing assailant and her husband's inert body. One of their Six children summon the police who found an act outside the back door and a panel chiseled away from the door and Missis. The tone I had actually claimed that there were two large men in the house so a little bit different than any other accounts. That we had heard up to that point is also some suspicion. In the accounts of this because Missus Pepper Tony seemed very calm, she talked to the police about her husband's murder,
yeah. She didn't seem particularly distraught. There is one version of the story that suggest that when the police got there, she basically like well. He was killed by the axe Van very matter of fact about it, which cause you know into question other suspicious things and while I was the last of the murders that are attributed to the acts when there is still plenty of questions about the whole series of incidents The question is whether some previous murders were also the work of the acts. Man from January of nineteen eleven two April of nineteen twelve, there was another law. which series of acts murders. Claimed the lives of forty nine victims in Louisiana and Texas. These cases, entire families were savagely killed in their beds, in one instance, in early nineteen, twelve, where a family of five had been slain, a note had been left behind with the words when he maketh the inquisition for blood. He forgetteth, not the The humble
in five sort of weird bizarre note and justice within New Orleans killings, nothing was taken in any of these crimes in there was also another series of murders to nineteen eleven. There was a mafia, Thailand. The nineteen of the incidents and all the more unsolved the idea that only italian businessmen were being targeted caused some citizens to speculate that there was a mafia, Thailand, the nineteen eleven killings regulation was that these victims had made good on their protection arrangements that they had with organised crime. But turning to a detective working on MAX Van crimes, I fear, wouldn't really target women, but the axe. Man really did that year and children too, so there there many people who really like the the mouth Thailand, the story and think that that's really the key to who
man wise, but there's a whole women and children thing problematic, so some discounted based exclusively on that. So, flying into the mafia. Hit me an idea is another story that someday MRS in urban legends and in this tale, a man named Joseph Mum. Free was shot. Killed in December of nineteen twenty, in LOS Angeles and the killer was my petunias widow, and this too appears to have first surfaced in Robert talents, book murder in New Orleans and others who were recent. The stories jumped on this idea and some point it was pointed out that month, free was actually imprison during the gap between nineteen eleven in nineteen eighteen, which six. That his incarceration and freedom fit the timeline pretty well, it doesn't match a perfectly I'm free had also been theorize as a mafia hit. However, acquired of a dose of serial killers,
in the early two thousands, a researcher named William King men was due and digging, and he actually got a notification from the California state registrar that there had been. No record of a dose of my free dying in the during this time, so that sorted proxy and he d author of the Encyclopaedia of serial killers makes the argument that this whole thing has been a fabric, in, although I will say, having crawled through Louisiana Death records, not all of these all that are in this and are pretty much accounted for, and in the newspaper in those death records either. So I don't No, We know that at this point in time, things like that would fall through the cracks not everything was noted perfectly this episode of stuff he missed in history. Glances brought you bicycle three years, a really good time to take stock and change your habits, because we all want to be our best selves and a lot of times. This is the time
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So last century there have been numerous theories but forth about that man's identity, but there's never been inclusive evidence for any of them. So this legend really lived on because inconsistencies and some of the attacks. It could easily be that there were multiple assailants involved either working together or sort of mistakenly grouped under the same heading of the acts. Man There is also the prospect that some of these killers, as we said earlier, where does copycats but because there was a mediocre handling of evidence early on in these cases. They, you know, presumably in the first instance, My views in even in the second, when I dont know police were thinking serial killer Fingerprinting had been available during this time, but they didn't really use it so conclusive
the governance, has really been lost a time at this point, but it also. This pesky is issue of pretty small openings in the doors that the acts man seemed to pass very, like the imagine, a door that has panels they could knock out with a chisel, not a very big hole. No. This has led some people to say that he was really a demon or other supernatural entity, including him. or whoever wrote the letter to the paper and american horse here nor a story. You hear that an interesting. I only found one instance where they mentioned specifically that they we have gone through the door panel and it was not a case of them poppy. Open and reaching up to unlock the door, because all the doors were found still locked. barely five mentioned in one place, so I dont know how accurate thou. So here we go, you reach I've been unlock it. Then we, really I was my thinking: let's not conclusive one way or the other either. So
it's interesting because, while the axe, man is not a huge story, I think in american serial killer. Would you it has come up a lot in various Fairfax man is part of the Treasury of twentieth century murder, firstly not a first yeah, twenty ten cartoonist and illustrator Rick Geary, published a horror comic about acts. Man is part of the, treasury of twentieth century murder and if mention of him is also made in czech politics, book haunted, which is the great read, em he'd fame, is in its June up in many other places as well. There ve been bans that have been named albums after it in songs based on it. There was actually a song written in nineteen nineteen, a jazz song inspired by the events. Now I've read a lot about serial killers when I first discovered the inner
and discovered that there were websites that had basically everything about every serial killer ever where I was spending a lot of time. Reading these serial killer stories- and I had not ever heard of this particular one until american horror story- I had heard of it primarily because of the Czech Politic book, and I was like wait what That- and I happen to do a quick searching discovered that it was a real thing there. As soon as I told you, hey people are asking us, can we talk about this? You are like the real thing. He s real things, the others Can we real thing and bizarre, and unfortunately it is even though it is not far back it's less than a hundred years ago, there is still so much. Story and Laura that's going around it there are often as we talk about in the bush- lady, like I witness Accounts- even are even aren't- I was accurate. So even at the time when people they were near, the seeing were saying things- fear was sort of
no making their stories embellish in certain ways and we can count on me you receive any of it there well and when you think about like with today's forensic methods that it still I mean it's not a rare occurrence for somebody to be exonerated through dna evidence. I It's amazing to me that any one was ever identified and correctly imprisoned, India before all of those forensic methods really existed, and evidence handling procedures and that kind of thing you- and you know that was finger for available, but they were not whether at now I think they were first used, I am completely doing this at the top of my head. I think the first ass. They were conclusively used him within, like nineteen eleven there. So me pretty new at this point year of within within a decade they were being used for actual investigation in court cases in evidence, so you can
understand why they would not have the surly fingerprinted the sea. So that is the scoop on the export of New Orleans, and already I can tell you that american horse, has diverged. There is a mere version: Knock it off boiler it and Keith Anybody's waiting to vertically view the whole thing right, better diverges. listen if Kelly, while in the letter is included in him, passing through New Orleans on that night. Wanting jazz, and then it gets very differently. Well I'm the night when we Sergei MAX Van requests, I think there is like them. watch last month, Estonia, but apparently there's some kind of acts. Mail in February, and now we ll, go onto the listener me. So I have a few bits. One is an actual email. One is just a very funny message. We gonna Facebook diversion
from our side, and she says hello. How are you crazy greetings from Juno Alaska? I just finished listening to your podcast about improbably effective holocaust rescuers, and I was pleasantly surprised when you mention this Irene Good Updike, as I feel she is often overlooked. This opt I came to my high school in southern California. About her experiences during the war while Miss out there did mention being capture by russian soldiers. She mainly focused on her experience at the club and the Villa, including becoming major rumours mistress when a student. asked why she became his mistress. I recall them is Updike responded that she had more than her life to protect. There were many lives at stake her talk lasted only one hour quite an impression on me, was part of what inspired me to join the EU. S coastguard indicate my masters in public health, which I am now completing in order to assist those in need of attached a copy of the brochure, and it was handed out by Miss Updike those who attended the target like store. I thought it might interested in it
very cool, and it's me to have we always living people write in where they have a direct connection throughout history that we ve talked about, and I know that she did you a lot of lectures account reached love it Our second no comes your listener, rather than he wrote to it on We can do this by Ladys. I love the park ass to keep things informative, yet lightened fund, but the Babushka Lady Podcast gave me some concern and suspicions that here when I read that I got a little scared yeah, I was like this. It can. We say there really studied the assassination they're gonna yell at me for some very well, and I thank you and I both when we get an email or facebook message or whenever that starts, I really loved upon asked. You always were a long way and there is a great thing for Emma Hacks that happen, but rest goes on to say, probably mentioned a couple of times that she is quote nor in the CIA, which is exactly what she would say if she were in the CIA room. This may need to be looked at by the people that they don't want. You to know they threshold
my horrible. Can you but more tolerable and even educational turnover it's near me that have been raised in Europe lags you guys, are on the same room and frequently late into the evening, a shattering when he fell to the ground and then no one in Europe, for he would know if I were either I'm too loud and could be to be, but that can be the perfect cover. So if you would like to write to us, but your suspicions that we are spies- or connections to history. You should do that. You may laugh at history park after discovery, dot, com, could I found Facebook, I think the dot slash the street backstop poor, twitter atmosphere, history and MR history, DOT, tumblr, dot com on tumblr. You can visit a thump unaddressed where we are pinning many many things both related to our forecasts directly and not. I often in a lot of historic Thank you and I both follow a lot of
building boards? Sometimes what's? There is really no it's dangerous. Boca thing I want to make copies. Are things inspired, bow with them and have a list? Eighteen one open? I want to watch you do that. I gave you governing our desire and on time climate already. Have you want to learn a little bit more about what we talked about today? Didn't get our website and taken the word serial killer, which I mentioned last episode, but this time I am going to mention a different article. It's not really an article, the quiz, it's the ultimate serial killers, clothes, which can be fun diversion needed, learn about serial killers in a great deal more at our website. With you have the floor on this and thousands of other topics, because it has not worked.
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