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The Booth Conspiracy

2012-02-08 | 🔗

Most people know the story of President Lincoln's assassination, but what happened afterward? In this podcast, we cover John Wilkes Booth's escape, his co-conspirators' attacks against other officials and the strange connections between Booth and Lincoln.

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We are going to ITALY. After the success of last year's trips of Paris, we are planning another similar trip still with defined destinations, this time to Rome and Florence, Yet we are going to spend a week exploring some amazing things were going to have city tours of both roman Florence. We're gonna see the roman Catholics the Vatican Museum in the Sistine Chapel seat, Peters, Basilica, Vatican City. This is just that refraction of all the stuff. We're gonna get to do tat its May fourteen to twenty first twenty twenty and to get more information, go to define, destinations, dot, com and scroll down to the Roman Strip with stuffy miss than history glass. This is Danny. Shapiro post had cast family secrets. I'm here to tell you that the new season of my show starts February Sex you'll join us for some incredible conversations about family identity and why instead, both when the secrets that have been kept from us and the secret we keep find
come to light, listen subscribe on the aren't radio out apple pie, cast wherever you listen to your favorite pasts, Welcome to stuff you missed in history class from Housetop works, dot com hello, and welcome to the past unfair it out, and I'm going to talk about it and around Christmas this year a listener. Hillary Clinton book assassination vacation by fair avow about me fast actions of three. You asked President Lincoln, Garfield and Mckinley and before he started the book I figured of those three I'd probably know the most about Lincoln fascination. At least the scene. Words theatre. The circumstances, Lincoln shot point blank in the head and the players involved, the actor John Wilkes Booth and his motley crew of
spirit areas, but I haven't realised the entire breadth of the attack. The attack on Lincoln was really just one part of three planned assassinations that were supposed to go down that night and I realize. The intensive nests of the man hot for booth either or the strange sad stories about peripheral figures involve like booths brother the president's sign the Lincolns Theatre, gas, the knight of the assassination really prove to be of more in depth and more fascinating story than I had imagined. So in this podcast. We're gonna talk about what happened the night of April Fourteenth eighteen. Sixty five affords theater, but also some of the events that happened long before that and long after, and if your link in. We hope that you will get to hear your favorite. Weird detail are conspiracy. Theory about this and if you're, not then you're, probably going and for some surprises it sometimes fascinating to extend
Story beyond the point that were used, hearing, which most people is probably booth, jumping over the railing of the President's box in escaping, but a first semi prize of this package is gonna. Be that John looks good, who is now, of course, famous, firstly as an assassin and secondly, as an actor was really a pretty star. I was kind of imagined him as a middling actor in that fact, with emphasise you know just to me all the stranger that he, why line a fast than he was over a member of a great, the actual family, I'll be a kind of a lesser member, but that's just because the other, and when you ever worse so famous booth, had been worn in Maryland. In eighteen, thirty, eight he was the ninth of ten children of genius, Brutus Booth, who was an english actor famous in England who move to the United States in eighteen, twenty one,
Senior was one of the most famous shakespearian actors in the country may be second only to Edwin Forest. He might remember from last year's Astor Place Riot and partly to keep genius Brutus from getting to wild on the road. He had a drinking problem, his three funds, into theatre to, and the middle boy at when became a star to really rival. father, we're gonna talk about him a bit more later, the young Meanwhile, John will had a rock ear start with his theatrical career until he joined shakespearian company based in Richmond Virginia here. Once with that, Fani. He toward the country, including the south and became celebrated for, has good, looks and athletic acting, but the density of booths. Political opinions made him a bit of an oddball. He was extreme. The pro slavery and time can an ardent supporter of the Confederacy
from the story and suggest booth served as a confederate agent during the war. The only thing stopping him from taking a more active role for his cause was promised that he made for his mother, though you wouldn't it actually in list and the army ass. So by the autumn of eighteen, sixty four booth started: making plans to kidnap President Lincoln, drawing and other conspirators to meet at Missus, Mary Surat, Washington, D C boarding house and for one already had a pretty good in with the president, despite earlier flings with actresses, including an incident reported by Thomas Flowery in America, civil war, when he asked Henrietta Irving tried to stab booth in the chest grazing his face and standards for all. Yes, he had away with the Ladys. I guess, but through its current girlfriend, was the daughter of an ardent abolitionist. U S. Senator Lucy Hale, though, with see as his deed and his into the Lincoln Circle. Both even got a point feed at Lincoln. Second inaugural address bragging to a friend
that he had had a really great chance to kill the president. Then you can even see both in the picture, Lincoln giving his address the kidnapping plants timidly kept falling through, though, and soon enough, the moon. to stage a kidnapping in the first place disappeared. So the point it napping instead of killing, had been to exchange Lincoln for confederate prisoners of war, but on April nineteen eighteen sixty five, the war ended So what are you gonna do? Ironically, though, it was Lincoln Speech on reconstruction which took place just a few days after that on the White House, lawn that really fired at this made him decide that he didn't want to give up the plan of care a thing he wanted to escalate it to something more. He had attended that speech with co, conspirator with power and left wearing that it would be Lincoln last speech, so the right,
opportunity for booth came almost immediately when he read in the paper that the President and MRS Lincoln were due to his hand. Performance of our american cousin at Ford Sphere, and you see the night of April fourteenth so after months of plotting from more elaborate scenarios, he swung into action. He lined up his co conspirators into a three pronged attack, which was meant to cripple the government Our former confederate soldier would assassinate the Secretary of State, William Seward, with the help of David, Harold, George, Surat and german, immigrant and former boatmen for confederate spies would assassinate vice president, Andrew Johnson and Lutherans would assassinate, Lincoln and all the tax would take place at approximately ten p m on that night fell. The morning I fear fascination booth was spotted with Lucy Hale, whose father was probably at the same time, meeting with the teeth. So after months of plotting for more elaborate scenarios, he swung
along with his daughter, get her away from crazy actor booth, but about beyond that night booth entered forts theatre, which was pretty empty at tat point and tampered with the door to the President's box, fixing it so that the outer door, the box, could be jam from the inside after you just had hours, Billina trying to pass the time the theatre conductor, William Withers Junior, who is pretty sight to have the thought, he had compose performed for the president. That night was asked time and spotted booth at an actors fire near by the theater and according to a Richard Sloan Article in American Heritage, Withers even heard somebody joke quote: oh will never be as great an actor is his father, which like fighting words, must the Tang with booth that booth just replied, pretty coolly quote. When I leave the stage for good, I will be the most famous man in America so during
active illusory entered the theater and walked into the president's box, he waited for a line in the play that he knew. We get big laughed at me remember. He was an actor, so we would have known that sort of thing. Then he that's into the inner door and shot Lincoln in the back of the head with a forty four caliber Geringer Booth had been fifteen general and MRS Grants also be in the box and that's what the papers had announced. So that's pretty much when you thought was happened- that the grants a turn down. The invite and booth instead found the union Sir Major Henry Rathbone and his fiancee Clara Harris, so Rathbone with these. What has happened and he kind of tussles with booth getting slashed an arm before booth jumps over the boxes. Railing shouting seeks temper tyrannies, that's always the tyrants and he called spur on the american flag, landed on the stage below and broke his leg from there
the conductor. Withers ran into him again withers, who had taken and underground passageway around to the stage to question. Why has special song? He had written, kept, getting push back a pistol, shot the thump and then found himself face to face with the flashing mad with two booth managed to escape down the passage, to an alley and then on horseback to Maryland. We're gonna pick up with him later, but what about the other conspirators was remember. This was a three pronged attack. We things must have not worked out quite according to plan, because Johnson did go on to become president. He lived and Seward went on to. I Alaska from Russia for seven point two million dollars, something that with mock at the time called towards folly, but enough on that, after who was commissioned to kill the vice president. Just completely chickened out, I think went out drinking instead and got nowhere near Johnson. Power
Did some pretty serious damage to the sword family? He arrived. Home. Under the guise of a farm feed delivery boy. He went in to sort where the Secretary of State was laid up after a very serious carriage accident. He had broken an arm, and his jaw and that this injuries require pretty serious ban chain to his faith and head, which is a key here so when pall entered the home and was trying to deliver his medicine, Seward son, Frederick Man, but wouldn't allow him upstairs to deliver the items personally, so at that point, PAL pulled out a guy tried to shoot Frederick but found that his gun wooden fire and pistol at him instead than he Chart up. The stairs started, slashing Seward bedridden sword with a Bowie knife in front of Stewart's daughter too.
Until finally, the military officer who had been assigned to Seward during his convalescence grapple The power and our other son joined then to end up getting injured. A colleague of Seward's got injured to power, really did some serious damage, but did manage to escape Nobody was killed in this incident through it in his sons recovered, but his wife died just a few weeks after because of the double shock the carriage accident and then this violent, bloody attack in her home and just to return and kind. Pick up what the Lincoln portion of the story, Lincoln, meanwhile, is dying from head wound the first during the scene was Charles, Stephen TAT, two ordered Lincoln to be removed and nearest home. The president was brought up the street, to the lodging House, William Petersen, and place diagonally across the bad, because he was too tall. Tat just lie on it proper.
While the surgeon general cared for the President Doktor TAT state in attendance journaling the next morning the he had held Lincoln's had almost all throughout the night. He talked about how heavy it wise to just hold at her all night. The president pronounced dead at seven twenty two I am, and then the Secretary of WAR when I M Stanton proclaimed quote now belongs to the age. Is one of the more famous cooks about Lincoln in the President's pocket? Were a pocket knife, two pairs of glasses and a confederate five dollar bill, which I think is the most unusual item there? Aren't we
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or wherever you get your podcast okay. So after the President eyes, of course, the next day was Easter Sunday, which was the absolute perfect time to compare Lincoln's death to Jesus Soccer, it's from pulpits across the country. So everybody is talking about Lincoln, and everybody is talking about his fasten after hot see, Lincoln Land stayed at the White House from the capital before being sent on a thirteen day. Train trip back to Springfield, with plenty of open casket viewing just find out here vow nets in her book that this was really great publicity for the new trend in involving seeing the president so many days after he then killed. Meanwhile, as the president's body is travelling around the search for booth and his accomplices is heating up, the largest Mannheim to that date, and it was helped along by the Secretary of WAR, is one hundred thousand dollar reward, which, incidentally, also helped shore of the historical record
according to estimates, die article by James Wolfensohn, so many of booths, trackers document addicts science, because they were trying to get a piece of the reward a lot of them did. It was split up among many different people. Thereafter, fleeing for its theatre, booth had met up with David Harold, who, if your memory we're supposed to be on the pall, Seward fascination team. He left, they'll behind at the steward House, those too I tell them for the Maryland home of Doktor, Samuel Mine, who sat both leg, and then they spent five night and five days in the woods waiting to cross the Potomac into of Virginia a little help, though Fiona Confederate Agent, New Thomas Jones, brought them food and newspapers, and it was a big disappoint. in truth, read those papers, people hated him. He thought that he would be consider the hero, the destroyer of a tyrant,
and teacher in all of these feelings complaining that people were talking about him as a quote common cutthroat. Once in, any movement Harold well on their way to the farm of Richard care it where they stayed under assume names, though must have seemed like desperate men. The garrets allowed them sleep in their tobacco barn, but actually lock than in at night, so that they would steal any horses that Lieutenant Edward Dougherty in charge of the sixteenth near Cavalry, along with active Luther Baker and ever to conquer tracked, the men to the farm, here. It starts started barking at the sound of horses and so booth and Herald, of course, woke up. They try to escape, found themselves locked in by the time they were trying to kick out aboard our house was surrounded. So old man, Garrett and his son were pushed around a bit by third party until they admitted where the men were in the tobacco barn. One of them
and was even forced to enter the barn and try to disarm booth. Nobody else wanted to go in both basically told we told me out, get out or I'll kill you but despite having a whole cavalry the law enforcement off really kind of dithered about what to do, because they did have orders to bring back booth alive. He was, of course, wanted for questioning, but nobody wanted to killed either in everybody fully expected that that would happen if they had a face to face with the. Armed in desperate booth, so they're solution was burned. The barn I beg to be let out, and he eventually is left out on the other hand, poses a kind of challenge to Baker, makes them a little proposition combat on open ground. Do you think, the cavalry just as long as they back up from the barn door. He crippling since two baker? How, honourable he's, then the whole time he says quote cap, I have had half a dozen opportunities to shoot you, but I did not so
point Baker realises oh yeah, I'm holding this candle, so he loses that target them through the barn, the cracks in the barn wall there. He gets rid of that, but he declined this offer, he says quote, we did not come. fight you, we simply came to make you a prisoner booth, reduces the demands of his offer. At that point he says that he'll come out and fight if the meant back off from the George, the little that give me a chance it's for my life. He says, but that This was not happening so booth says. Well, my brave boys prepare structure for me, but it went down, was actually more like a bonfire. They finally set the bar said the barn on fire. The barn goes up in flames really fast and in the panic of booth trying to get out. He gets by a sergeant, Boston Corbett who, as the five new ways, possibly a mad hatter, he did go in vain. It might have been because of the mercury used in hat, making
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for years back, they fell, he was caught or he even hit the ground from getting shot by Boston, Corbett and I presume in fact, though, he was lives from the neck down. He could talk a little bed and move his eyes. They couldn't swallow the water that was offered to him. He had a watch as colonel ever to conquer, checked his pockets and were all right, we'll taken it showed to a level your went into an inner pocket, he found the diary. Booth had been keeping in lamenting the fact he wasn't. A national hero plus five those of different Ladys one was a lesser known. Actress too, were pretty with leading lady that the day one was a two brat type actor who was married to a violinist. and then the last one was Lucy. Here, though, I don't know if these days maybe had a surprise when she heard the news he had, five foot is in his pocket, but his official last week,
It's where tell mother, I die for my country, but he who had a few other last request. He kept on asking to be able to examine his life with hand. He begged the soldiers to kill him. It's something I really gruesome, really horrible death. He died by the morning of April. Luther body was secretly buried that then reinterred a few years later, the Stanley plot in Baltimore, but the way conspiracy theories began almost right away. The main one, of course, was that booth didn't die stared, as the theory goes, he escaped took the knee John Think Helen and went west. He told the lawyer in Texas that he was booth that left town in nice no three, then the lawyer saw clothing that a day there to eat, committed suicide in Oklahoma and had confessed. He was booth before dying the lawyer recognise the photo as that of none other than Saint Helen.
Which his body was mummified, which I'm not sure why? Why and toward freak shows as booths body until at some point it went missing, though the Baltimore City Circuit Court has then petition even fairly recently to have booths body examined, including by some of boost own relatives, but they ve decline for who reasons wine there's really not lack spaces. For this claim. It's probably booth buried at thee, moral. Secondly, though, it would involve examining a lot of the other booth in the family plot. Almost all of those kids of Junior Brutus, the hurried there and it's not really clear where each individual family members It did so now that we at least kind of no think we know what happened to booth. What happened to the rest of his companions, while they were also snatched up over time, Harold surrendered at the barn. As we mentioned power that's right and boarding house owner Mary Surat were taken in
four were all found guilty of murder and sentence to hang Surat Centre. Is still kind of controversial those sense. While she definitely knew about the kidnapping plan. She may not have known everything about the murder author. guilty and sentenced to prison were doktor mud, the guy who had sat booth flag, Arnold, who had been in on the kidnapping plot but had dropped out earlier, and Michael got, who had after drop out of the plot before it turned to a murderous line. And then finally, Edmunds Spangler, who had worked affords theatre got a six year sentence. There is unknown conspirator thou Mary throughout Son, John Surat Junior, who was it for a remarkable twenty months. In consider again, this was the largest man. Today they were all out looking for this guy when he finally, apprehended he wasn't even convicted of a crime, though
questionable. Whether John throughout Junior was even in Washington, see the knight of the assassination and, of course he denied it. But after it he fled to Montreal, where he was hit by a priest for awhile and eventually put on to Liverpool, where he made his way to Rome and according to a done Bryce an article in America, civil war actually enlisted in the people, infantry her hair, which sounds pretty bizarre and surprising that Throughout finally revealed his identity had a hard time, keeping that information to himself and the Vatican agreed to extradite him, but before that could actually happen, he escaped from six people soldier made his way to Naples and then got on a ship to Alexandria, Egypt, where he finally got off the shepherds, ran into the american authorities soon after they caught him. You know the: U S. District attorney, desperately wanted to convict Surat, but the price
the commission was pretty weak and the trial ended in a Hungary, an attempt you re indict him on The same charges will eventually dismissed after the statute of limitations on those charges had passed. Those throughout went free kind of one of the strange her sides of the coin. Can conspiracy story? Okay? So what about some of the lesser known victims of this assassination, including the lincolns? Peter gas. We mention briefly well major We ran, who tried to stop booth from escaping and was stabbed in the arm was no blamed for not stopping the killer, had started to drive and insane the suit the guilt from this. Eventually, he and clear a married and they had children and moved Germany, but he ended up shooting and killing her, and he was actually going to try to kill their children to before a name start him. There is also one final twist to this whole story, and it involves an old
seemingly nonsensical where games Hype statement and that is booth favour. Lincoln's life ok, so we are not trying to make some sort of commentary on Lincoln's reputation through the ages or something having to do with his being fascinated. It's actually a fact: Booth Save Lincoln's life, but it's a different booth and a different Lincoln, though it's pretty well known how much family tragedy? Mrs Lincoln faith, only one of her forest and lived too don't when her eldest son Robert came of age to fight in the civil war. Mrs Lincoln, having already lost two of her boys, refused to let him go fight. The president was I'm embarrassed by about robber instead went off to college only joined up the army in February eighteen, sixty five in even then in a pretty cushy position. He was a member of general grant. Staff he got to see leaves the render he was it really into much danger.
At one point in college, though, about eighteen, sixty three rating sixty four somewhere and there he was true from New York to DC, when his train stopped in Jersey, City Robert he recalled the crowd was standing on the platform waiting to buy sleeping car places when the train began to move he somehow got knocked over and dropped in the gap between the plot Form, and the train he couldn't move. He could have been crushed ending. It sounds like a horrifying scary situation. Suddenly how someone grab his collar and hauled him up and that purse was at when both who is, of course per famous actor it would be almost as if Brad Pitt came in and saved your life. That was the comparison I was thinking of if you certainly are lifted out of the train, and you're. Looking at one of the most famous people of your day,
I give younger brother though Edwin Booth was a supporter of the Union and Lincoln and considerably more, even tempered he had kind of gone off reels earlier in life and had ended up missing his wife's death in eighteen, sixty three because he was too drunk, so he really sobered up and kind of had which were moderate opinions than some members of his family. He didn't learn whose life you say that he gave the president sign when he got a letter from a friend who had fallen, grant staff who had her. Robert Lincoln telling three as anybody would like this super famous actor saved my life recently. Isn't that an interesting story, after John Wilkes Booth assassinated, the President Edwin Booth felt particularly devastated the loss of a leader. He admired family. Shame caused and fear that he'd never be able to work again. Booth did
a successful returned to the stage and January eighteen sixty six and has finished your role of hamlet and went on to found the players in New York City with Mark TWAIN and General Sherman, but the knowledge that he had help save a Lincoln helped to get through the worst months after the assassination. Would you have one at last it for you, though, relating to both at when booth and Lincoln during during Edwin eighteen. Ninety, three funeral words theatre collapse. It wasn't rebuilt until only nineteen sixty two now under operation. At the historical night, though, I think that the good points transition to listen around Forgot the fund would be appropriate since we last heard from listeners Hilary he's sending US postcards through her tour of Europe.
When she mentioned she has a violin from the civil war era. For she, especially like I told her latest postcard, it's from Madrid and she wrote after the concert she played their replaying procope. Yes, violent concerto number one. She said that her teacher met that composer over that peace and his second violin Concerto was from mirrored in the hall where she played, for there were all sorts of historical connections. Again, I really like relating modern cultural events like this to historical ones. Yes, and I continue to get even more jealous, I just love Madrid. I knew my favorite places like a two would be a nice place to play by going to do about it, you anything so. Thank you. The weary with you enjoy getting your updates from your travel. and we enjoy hearing from all the big eyes? So please continue then, in a suggestion I think both will suggest
Edwin Booth was suggested pretty recently today with the link. It was today it so weird when we get requests on the data were actually recording. The pod cast of whatever the request is are not, as is the clear falling down on the day of a funeral, but still I do wonder if people can make in our mind. It's happening now not to continue sending its suggestions. We get so many Edwin Booth with rested pretty recently today with the link it was today, is so weird when we get requests on the day that were actually recording the pied cast of whatever there We do, however, have the same twitter account that missed in history and the same facebook. and if you want to learn a little bit more about
The things that happen during the civil war era- maybe you're above like Hilary as we have an article, called how the Emancipation proclamation work. Do you can find not by searching on our home page W, W W doth how stuff works, dot com be sure to check out our new video podcast stuff from the future joint airport staff as we explore the most promising and perplexing possibilities of tomorrow, the House efforts Iphone, hasn't arrived download it today on. I do. This is Danny Shapiro host. Hit cast family secrets. I M here to tell you that the new season of my show starts February. Sex
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