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The Boston Massacre

2013-12-02 | 🔗

The name "Boston Massacre" sounds as though it was the slaughter of a bunch of innocents in colonial Boston. The reality is much smaller - and not nearly so one-sided. But there's a reason why we call it a massacre. And that reason is propaganda.

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of all time i love sports and i love my wife i will destroy you we haven't even started you if you're the tape a fan who loved to debate jordan versus the bron lambeau versus soldier fail to breathe in the sand lot verses major league you will love listening to our past the greatest we have some of our favour comedian friend and celebrities becoming constructively argue everything within the world of sport with my comedian and sports fanatic life megan gaily and my hilarious writer and comedian husband see j tell it on out to listen for the greatest i heard you apple pie curse or wherever you listen to pledge welcome to stuff you must in history class from how supports that can allow and welcome to my castle i'm not i'm calling for and i think i may have been emphasised by living in today's world spree killings
ass matters because when i hear the word massacre i think something like the red wedding and game affirms re or maybe one of its real world inspirations which was the sixteen ninety two massacre of england caille and that's when soldiers under archibald campbell who is the tenth earl of arrival watered thirty eight members of the mcdonald clan the hearing of something with high volume and pretty aggressive wholesale killing basically undefended people yeah so the word massacre because it brings up way bloodier images than what we down in our second most requested massacre topic the first one being the massacre england go we have you dimension must the boston massacre which the time was known as the bloody massacre in kenya and king street and massacre current makes it sound as though it was
wholesale slaughter of a bunch of innocent bostonians he were just standing around mining their own business but which is not true was not at all like that but there are definitely a reason why we call it the boston secure and not the minor boston kerfuffle with a few unfortunate casualties and that reason as propaganda maybe we should start a facebook page to try to change it so the boston minor kerfuffle with a few unfortunate casual tat so yeah but that's it we're gonna talk about today what actually happened during the boss the massacre and why we call it a massacre today and not something else so we're gonna die but the propaganda aspect but first we need to put a little context into the situation so june twenty ninth of seventeen sixty seven the british parliament pass that sounds and revenue act with the purpose of raising forty thousand pounds per year to quote defray the charge of the
the situation of justice and the support of civil government in other words they needed to offset the british government's cost of running the colonies and this at a time from several really common items that were exported to the colonies from britain here's the actual list i find this most delightful for every hundred wait ever deploys of crown a plate flint and white glass or shillings at eight pence for every hundred wait ever do poise of it led to shillings for three hundred wait every point of green glass one shilling into pants every hundred wait already poise of white led to shillings for every hunter our two of painters colors two shillings for every pound weight many points of tea three pants hand for every ream of paper usually called or known by the name of that was fine twelve shilling
our report is basically the pounds and ounces wait system that many of us still used today and if you are familiar in any way with the u s on the subject of taxes you can probably imagine how very poor where this whole plan which is not at all right and on top of that taxation goods was already an extremely thor subject and the colonies in seventeen sixty five parliament had passed the stamp act which was attacks are unquote every skin or piece of vellum or parchment or sheet or piece of paper and paper enveloped four different uses were subject to different rates of tax so the stamp act was supposed to fund or can frontier and the colonies objected to the whole idea of using attacks to raise money rather than regulate commerce and the car were very concerned about the president with this that the said that in britain could just say here have attacks now that we're gonna use rave lots of money
this led to the colonists responding to the stand back with protests and violence and conflict we parliament repealed it in seventeen sixty six although in basically the same breath it also passed what was called the decline tori acts and those more or less said britain can pass laws but the colonies and the colleagues have to follow them and too bad if you don't like it so the couple years behind the stamp act which was oh very wildly popular townsend act also went over poorly so poorly in fact that the british government henderson regiments of regulars to boston just to keep the peace customs officials being harassed and threatened as a result of these taxes and the governor one in military help just to help restore order the regulars he became increasingly known as the redcoats starting arriving on october first of seventeen sixty eight so you may recall from our recent episodes on the haitians than deploying troops to the count
for britain was an extremely long time consuming task so that is why even though it had been why in awhile since they act was passed many many months later the military show up to try to calm things down and the people of often didn't not really like this one bit on top of the principle of a military force just showing up to me behave themselves soldiers also raising the competition for jobs because they would sometimes take on additional work in their off hours to supplement income and they were willing to take less money because they also had their pay as a soldier so confidently this this of boston greeted the redcoats with thomson veers and a lot of fighting and spitting and all in all relationships between the troops and the city were extremely poorly for about eighteen months before the tin really started to rise and march of seventeen seventy by this point people were
i had to get shopkeepers to stop selling imported products from britain entirely and also analyzing stores that did carry british products so in the day after the massacre a packet of military depositions was sent back to england which described the environment this way from the british perspective whoever has converse much with those who have been lately at boston must know that the arrival of the king's troops at that town in seventeen sixty eight was exceedingly discuss full to all that part of the people who call themselves the sons of liberty and the authority of the british parliament to pass the late acts for imposing duties upon certain of trade imported into america and whose sir they form a great majority of the people in that town though perhaps not of the persons of the best fortunes and most respectable characters in the place basically the rabble are cranky
that was the british version of the story but for sure so on march fifth nineteen seventy that's when the boston master took place captain on goldfinch was can down king street when the whig makers apprentice whose name was edward garrick hollered at him that he had not paid for his wig captain goldfinch just ignored him and so edward been repeated this accusation to other passers by any similar hollering fashion so he white who was century on duty at the customs house heard commotion any told ever that the captain being a gentleman would of course pay for anything he had bought edward however disbelieved there were any gentlemen among the red coats and he expressed that quite loudly and that prompted white to leave his post and strike edward with his musket
at which point the crowd which had already started to gather in response to all of this yelling in the street started heck taunting white and he returned to his post loaded his weapon called for the main guard that rough at the same time there were crowded having similar altercations with the british at other points veer by in boston and there was a lot of hurling of insults and snowballs act the uniform troops someone also rang a fire bell which prompted even more people to come out into the streets and this whole giant crowd started to converge on the customs house an later called this crowd quote a meal we rabble of saucy boys negroes in new autos irish and outlandish jack tars was take that issue all this commotion captain thomas preston heard that people were planning to carry white off from his post and murder
and perhaps while they were added they were also going to rob the customs house so decided to intervene and he brought seven men from the twenty ninth regiment to back him up at that point the crowded start throwing snowballs which sounds not so terrible but then also sticks rocks oyster shelf ouch and whatever else was at hand this just arranged themselves in a kind of half circle facing out to the crowd so leaning on unreliable all two hundred and fifty year old eyewitness testimony here so it's a little unclear exactly who did what the cause the first shot to be fired we do that a man named christmas attics who was carrying a club approach soldiers and grabbed one of their bayonets and that soldier hugh montgomery was knocked down memory got up he fired his musket friend of athletes general direction of the crowd and he shouted for others to fire they did
even ass captain preston was yelling orders for them to hold their fire and then there was general chaos and shooting and sort of a big mass the melee malay is perfect fray and that went on with some confusion until the deaths settled three men died at seeing these were christmas attics samuel gray and james caldwell christmas was the son of an african man and native american woman and he was the first to fall after being shot twice in the chest he is there become known as the revolutions first hero and we don't really know much about his life before the massacre except that he had escaped from slavery and found work as a whaler and wrote maker in addition fatalities eight other people were injured and samuel maverick and patrick car ended up dying of their injuries leader that brings the death toll of leave off the massacre to five
a warrant was issued for the arrest of captain preston a little after midnight that night pretty much the only way they are able to get the crowd to go back about their business was to reassure them that yes there would be an investigation and that these men would see justice done this episode of stuff you must have a history class is brought to you by earnest if you have stew loans refinancing them with ernest could save you money or lower your monthly payments and it only takes two minutes to check your rate online that financial rules can really go a long way when you are trying to pay down those loans if you are still paying the same
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so in response to the killing people demanded that the soldiers who participated in the shooting along with their captain be tried for murder captain preston eight soldiers were invited on march thirteen although the trial was put off for several to allow the towns passions to cool down and they all remained in jail in general in the interim student wrote letters from his jail cell and some of them were published in the boston papers and those that have been published expressed empathy for the citizens and those who had fallen while on the other hand the letter that was published back in england was basically pretty scathing naturally word got back to the colonies about that one and that did not really help his case no he was kind of talk and sides of his mouth the citizens of boston also demanded that the british troops be removed
eventually fearing further retaliation acting govern thomas hutchinson and colonel dalrymple who is in charge of the units had the troops removed the castle william which is island three miles out in boston harbour captain preston endless rogers where arraigned on september seventh and they all pledged not guilty captain preston was tried from in october of seventeen seventy separately from the other shoulders the soul had requested that they all be tried together their defense was the we were just following orders and precedence defense was that he had not actually given in order to fire so the soul we're really understandably afraid but if preston was tried first and then found guilty that they would automatically be guilty with no possible way to prove their interests innocence their request was denied with no explanation and ass you can imagine they have a hard time finding legal representation in boston most lawyers that they would never work again if they dared to defend these soldiers
and in the end leaving the defence for both the captain and his men was john adams robert off he and his zaire quincy junior help defend the captain and quincy and samson salter blowers help defend the soldiers so there was a transcription presumably made of captain precedence trial and that has not survived until today but we know the basics i witnessed for the defense insisted that captain preston had not ordered for anyone to fire on the other hand eye witnesses for the prosecution insisted that he had adams relied on raising doubts about the testimony of the prosecutions witnesses and the countess trial lasted from october twenty fourth two october thirtieth with this sequestered jury eventually finding him not guilty shock to many people yeah three slash eight british soldiers were tried as well and november and december of one thousand seven hundred and seventy and the trial was
officially known as rex verses whims at all the transcript of this trial still exists today and their defence hinge on the the soldiers were firing in self defense six of the soul were acquitted on the grounds that they were defending themselves in john adams words quote if an assault was to endanger their lives the law is clear they had a right to kill in their own defence if it was not so yours to endanger their lives yet if they were assaulted at all struck and abused by blows of any sort by snowballs yourselves cinders clubs or sticks of any kind this was a provocation for wit our reduces the offence of killing down to manslaughter in consideration the passions in our nature which cannot be eradicated so whilst so the soldiers were acquitted two of them were indeed convicted of manslaughter and their sentencing they played the benefit of clergy laws epoch
i'm basically allowed for clergy to receive more lenient sentencing especially when it came to the death penalty and this allowance had over many centuries come to apply to all kinds of people in all kinds of situations so pleading the benefit of gee reduced their sentence you having the letter am branded onto their thumbs so he remarked forever is manslaughter on their thumbs john adams as you can imagine initially face hostility for his role in the trials that his defence of the soldier was eventually viewed as something of an act of bravery and then of course he became george washington's vice president and then the second president of the united states so it did not really taken reputation it is people had expected a narrow enemy today to become an example in law schools sometimes of of an example of when somebody has defended a clearly unpopular choice of someone to defend
in the interest of making sure that person got actual justice john adams later wrote this in his diary the part that i took in defensive then preston and the soldiers procured me anxiety and obviously enough it however one of the most gallant generous manly and disinterested actions of my whole life and one of the best of service i ever wondered my country judgment of death against those europe would have been as foul spain upon this country as the executions of the quakers or witches anciently but martyrs and the incident raised a rallying cry for independence and one of the many people stirring peering cock who the incident after his sleep cry for independence of the many people's during the part was drawn hancock who had become a vocal opponent of the british after his sleep the liberty with seized after its cargo
wine was unloaded without handcart paying the duties on it so you do not pay the taxes now and his ship was taken he objected to that paul revere created an engraving which shares a line of british soldiers in their redcoats just firing indiscriminately at a huge crowd of people it ran the name the bloody massacres perpetrated in king street boston samuel that was also contributed to the massacre monaker writing in the boston gazette as well as helping to pen quote a short narrative of the horrid massacre in boston perpetrated evening of the fifth day of march seventeen seventy by soldiers of the twenty ninth regiment with which the fourteen payment were then quarter there with some situations on the state of things prior to that catastrophe also known as a short nor the narrative of the horrid massacre in boston because that first title the little wording extremely mount the british counterparts to this pamphlet was set
was the set of depositions we read from earlier and that was titled affair count of the late unhappy disturbance of boston in new england guess perspective changes everything they did not call this boss the massacre in britain they called it like that incidents in boston yeah i was not referred to as a massacre at all and basically the reason why we in the union states call it a massacre is because power viewer and samuel adams were basically acting like spin doctors they were propagandizing the event yes if you were angry about spain in the news it's not me is absolutely not a new thing at all and one of the things that was just the best the best researching this episode is the fact that most of these pamphlet still exist yeah look them out and you can see the blindingly different interpretations of what happened this episode of stuff you missed in history class is brought to you by w w formerly watchers they have
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twenty five percent or more of your first year go to norton dot com slash history that's norton dotcom slash history for twenty five percent off for a number of years after march fifth was a day of remembrance massachusetts the sight of them occur is a spot on the freedom trail that still with this and the memorial to christmas attics was erected in boston comments in eighteen eighty over the opposition of historical organizations that viewed him as a villain not a hero knives because that you know that that the records of a day or so clouded and fuzzy there are people who see christmas address attics as like the first real patriot dying in the revolution like he was the person that stood up there are good up to the redcoat you could really get the same accounts and more arrive at the idea that that he was basically
the guy that through a first punch and in a bar fight and in that bar fight throwing the first budget a cop re where you can look at either way but he does wind up with a with also a notable place as being one of the first african americans to have played a role in that way in the revolution so they're worth of lawyers there and luckily you can do plenty of looking around in a lot of stuff is tracy mentioned just a moment ago the that uses historical society has a bunch of these documents are good gather in one easy to find place kind of all areas not only because of the obvious lamp and spinning that's going on depending on whose writing but also because as tracy says the long it says that looks like that look like a yes and will link you too that in the show notes well there's also the the macedonians society have made a game that is
four elementary and middle school students that's all about investigating the massacre which is pretty fun i did not play all the way through it but it basically like hey you're an investigator you gotta figure out what happened at his master that's very funny it's quite fun amicable way to engage the adult frankly about working where history yet i would every historical event had one of those that would be so often i really i wanted to do the whole thing but i really really really needed to finish my note so that i can go home so yes the massacre pulled some random people as i as i got into this story yes like hey how many family people do you think i killed at the bottom up hundred well nobody said hundreds but most people where the number that was more than twenty years and when i said to five they were like a realist
here so i dont want to belittle the fact that five human beings lost their lives like that's not the point the point is more that massacre is a great big reword yeah and what happened was much more like a street brawl with casualty year it was the immensity of the went poorly but it was not kind of the big huge i mean it is probably took moments yes and was not quite the event that the word massacre conjures among peoples right right through with that you also have some with near me i knew i had to be pieces of listener mail that our both about our two part episode on audrey lord the first his firm amy and amy says ladys i just wanted to give you a short about the otter lauren podcast i'm currently students studying and living in the city where nevada mexico and i just
to let you know that yes it is about an hour and a half to get to mexico city because although google maps doesn't our the entire way is through the mountains and has a lot of switch back i wake up they can actually go to speed limit would probably take about the same amount of time in the fifties they still had the torres when you get on the highway the people who live in court of our work in mexico city because the climate in the community is better dearer than in the cold links between the known as industry there is still a large expatriate community here although and although i have not active women seeking out other americans i am told that there is a fairly substantial community in the city i just wanted to let you know this video to a more and more each makes ladys amy thanks amy fellows they were the drive down to fester
to do that they history road trip ok to see how long it takes due for mexico i live there sitting loved do wacky history road trip for things exactly like that and at the top of the hill and which were taken that reminds me of our johnny apples need mackenzie had somebody right in and talk about a trip they were taking i think on foot to replace the apple seen here we prepare whether or not it was actually viable for him to have done with people it is our second notice from ban and as in pittsburgh embarks on them as i really loved the two part or on pottery lord i wanted to take you guys opting part of intellectual legacy that i've been writing about a lot we recently i defended by doctoral dissertation on the history of the of african american aids activism last week and one of my chapters covered a movement of black game in the late nineteenth and early ninety nine is called the black a renaissance they were deeply in
whence by lord and women from the kitchen table several including barbarous smith sherry miranda and gloria and will do it they apply idea intersects nowadays you hiv lash aids prevention arguing that black gay men were subject to a unique set of social and psychological pressure because of their multiple marginalized identities putting them at high risk for hiv they also produce a lot of aimed at raising the visibility of black amen notable names including those of pain ethics until a sort of saint filmmaker marlon rings maybe the music of a future episode thanks again for enlightening us about andrey laurie i love this year because there's so much focus on audrey lords impact in the world of literature and lead the way movement and feminists ermine especially black feminism harrison focus on women
and gay women then i had not actually heard about any influence that had instead to do then i have found me their survival wonderful insight wise so thank you so much man i think doesn't like a fascinating that participation from africa i planned depending on the marble best so i would like to write to us about before anything else you can we are at this report gives an atmosphere really not cod we also on facebook facebook com flash history plaster on twitter at missed in history is missing and we are putting things weighing on pinterest if you would learn about another watershed moment in the history of the american revolution you can comes our website and put the words boston tea party and our search bar and you will find an article on how the boston tea party were all of that what more on our website which is house networks
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