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The Creation of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

2020-12-23 | 🔗

Most of us grew up with the story of the sweet little reindeer that was picked on by his peers, and becomes the hero who saves Christmas. But Rudolph is unique in that he became part of Christmas tradition almost the moment he was introduced in 1939.

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Think I'm really like oversee were stepping you, no common opinion at that point. Most of us at this point I grew up with the story of this sweet little reindeer that was picked on by his peers, only to be the triumphant hero saves Christmas, but we always came a unique in that he became part of Christmas tradition. Almost the moment he was introduced in nineteen, thirty, nine and there are a lot of variations in the story of Rudolf origins. This is largely because the author of the rude all story gave a lot of interviews throughout his life like over the course of forty years and sometimes as narrow, shifted a little bit occasionally contradicting other versions that he told there's all Another related collaborator in the Rudolf phenomenon, who also gave conflicting accounts and because Rudolf intense pop.
Clarity was not exactly anticipated, at least not at the level it achieved. It wasn't as though this project was being documented and noted, as the initial story was being created. All of this you no kind of narrative, shifting and conflicting accounts is really pretty normal, and today we're going talk about Robert L may and how he created Rudolf, how his beer character became a phenomenon, will also talk about his collaboration with his brother in law and how this story became an instant classic and we just want to offer a quick disk we're here, if you are, may be apparent listening with the younger history fan. This is it, play so much like a fun Christmas story about you know the fictional characters. It's very real world story stuff going on. Some of it is definitely sad, and we don't. You know what I want anybody have I'm happy asian with third, almost around her so
If you do like to listen with younger listeners, I would encourage maybe give it a listen for see if it's at a level that you're comfortable sharing with them and then we are off to the races, but we're going to jump right into the story. The early life of Robert L may it's not particular well documented. We know he was born in nineteen o five and also grew up in numerous. Shall New York, which is the supper made famous by the demand? Ike show weirdly I've just never associated with those he ate it with the the AM track train that goes from here to me, city well, you may allow me one year a year a little bit too young right for when the degree- and I share with super popular Saddam's indication It was always on in rearing somewhere anyway, not important. His parents were well off. His father Milton was from Georgia and under lumber business, and while the family was jewish, they were also secular, Robert
did college at Dartmouth, but a few years after he completed school in nineteen twenty six, the stock market crash of nineteen twenty nine happened, followed, of course, by the great depression in the course of all of this, the main family lost a lot of their money. His younger siblings we're not able to attend college because of the families financial situation and his early career may worked and copy in advertising jobs for a series of department stores, including Macy's, enriches. He got married to a woman named Evelyn Heymann on November twenty ninth of nineteen twenty eight, the two of them had a daughter named Barbara in nineteen thirty. Five. By that point they had moved to Chicago. Sir Robert could take a new job. Working as a copyright or for Montgomery Ward, and to be very clear Bob may was really good at this job. There was a profile that came about him as his work started to game pretty wide recognition later on, and it included this description quote. Words are made stock in trade.
and people who work with him. We'll tell you only two willingly how clever he is in the use of words, not only in a humorous use. but in making them expressed sympathy pathos creation, as well as darn. Good advertising in early January. Nineteen, thirty nine Robert L may was headed into work. He was not feeling, particularly festive not looking forward to the new Year later on, he recalled being thankful as he went into his job. The holiday declarations in the streets of Chicago had all been taken down because he was not in the mood for them and maize Give enthusiasm at this point was not because he was returning to work after the holidays. His family was going through incredibly difficult time his wife Evelyn, was going through a long series of cancer treatments after having been diagnosed in nineteen, thirty, seven and oh
the two years since her diagnosis, the cost of her care had really put him in a financially precarious state. Additionally, he heard too young men in the elevator. You were talking about their plans for the year and may was struck with this sense, just being a middle aged underachiever. He had gotten into writing to become a novelist, and now he found himself quote at age. Thirty, five still grinding out catalogue copy instead of writing the great american novel, as I once hoped, I was describing men's White shirts Robert who and by Bob I got a call from an admin assistant saying that he needed to report to his bosses office and, at this point bobbed, is that this with some other dull and uninspiring work assignment, but here
when he was about to receive was anything but his standard copy requests. The story, as May told it went this way his department head. Eighty Mcdonald said quote: Bob I've got an idea. For years our stores have been buying those little Christmas, giveaway coloring books from local peddlers. I think we can save a lot of money if we create one ourselves. Could you come up with a better booklet? We could use maize supervisor went on to tell him that it should have an animal as the main character and mentioned that it should be something like furred man, the bull for contacts. Just in case, you are not familiar with that story. The story of Ferdinand written by Monroe leave had come out three years earlier, and it was a huge hid in this tells us
story of a young bull named furred man who has no interest in both fights. He doesn't want to fight with other bulls he doesn't want to, but heads with them to prove whose stronger and he cannot be provoked by murderers. Instead, he just loves to smell flower hours and by the time may got his assignment Ferdinand was one of the most popular books in the United States. So it's really not surprising that his boss would reference the pacifist, bovine as a model, which is definitely still something that people were reading. When I was a kid yes same either re then, but a catalogue copywriter was tapped for this project was apparently because May had performs them. Comedic songs that the company Holiday party a couple of years earlier and they become popular enough- that he was asked to write similar songs for other company events. so his bath of new, that he can write inverse using clever word play as Bob may ruminated on this assignment later that evening. He started thinking both about Christmas, appropriate animals,
and the kinds of animals that his daughter, barber, late, Barbara who was for at this point like, the dear at the zoo, so he quickly decided that a reindeer was gonna, be the best protagonist reindeer were definitely strongly associated with Christmas. Already by this point. So this was a logical step and the next step and maize development of the idea was to try to think of a way to make the story didactic. He tried to come up with a lesson that this rain can teach two kids he knew he wanted it to be an underdog story. According to his account, you thought about the fact that the ultimate dream- for a rain beer would be to pull Santa sleigh and in some versions of the story, may would also mention that he was inspired by the HANS Christian Andersen story, the ugly Buckley a glance out the window is, he was having. All of these thoughts gave me the inspiration for the key trade that would become forever associated with the name Rudolf in pop culture. He had noticed that
had rolled into the city from Lake Michigan, and mind wandered to the story he had been working on and when he said wondering exactly how Santa might manage travelling visa flying sleigh in low visibility, fog. The idea he always said kind of came to him like a Flash Rudolf, have a glowing knows that could act as a floodlight and lead Santa through fog. Bob may was excited about this idea of somebody who, right sometimes I know what that feels like his boss was not as receptive as he hoped, though, when he pitched this at work the next morning the reaction was lukewarm at best may with later say that the exact reaction was for GOSH snakes Bob can't you do better than that years. Later, Mcdonald's wife Bernice said that the reason he was initially put off was because of the association between red noses and drunkenness. I can see that logic ashore, but this is us
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L L, why dot com slash history class, so we mentioned before the break that maize boss was not into the Rudolf story, but thankfully may who may or may not have already settled on that Meme Rudolf account very about it was already attached, though, to both the character and the story, So next he turned his creative thinking to how he could convince his boss that this was really something they should do and made a sign
that if he could just show him a visual of what he was thinking of it might convince him to approve the project to move forward. The help with this plan may approached Denver Gilan. He was a friend of his from the companies ART department. He explained to Denver what the Rudolf story wise than that he needed help convincing higher up that. This is a good idea, so I asked him Denver. Could you draw a deer with a big red nose and still make him look appealing they struck up a plan to work on a visual pitch over the weekend, so that Saturday morning may give and maize daughter, Barbara we're all at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Looking at the deer in Denver made several sketches as they observe the animals and then he can have reworked those into sketches of care Sir said by the time the day ended May in Gilan fell it they had
then get enough to bring to work on Monday and ask the bosses to revisit the Rudolf idea. We gotta give credit to the boss here reversed his previous decision after he saw this and understood the story more fully. Fang quote Bob forget what I said, but the story into finnish form, not o bosses are We need to shift their bare stay on something, so I kind of love that he was like. No, I get it now This is great. I was wrong. Cool over the next. Several months may and given worked on a project, and this is something that was like they were still having their day, jobs. It wasn't like their plates, had been cleared too to only work on this, so it was a little bit sam of an evenings and weaken situation. But as this
really pretty exciting opportunity to do something more than right about men. Shirts offered me the creative outlet he had been longing for his personal life at this time was not so joyous felt Bob was working on Rudolf in the evenings and in his spare time at work, but his wife, Evelyn's condition, was growing more and more grave and in July she died and that left Bob a widower with a small child. may return to work after the loss of his wave. His boss made it clear that he did not have to keep working on this Rudolf project. Saying quote, I can stand. You're not wanting to go on with the kids book. Give me what you ve and I ll let someone else finish it, but they did not want to leave this project and almost four, decades later. When recounting the story, he wrote quote, but I
needed did Rudolph. Now more than ever, gratefully I buried myself in the writing, may wrote through what must have been just the height of his grief. Me finish the story a month after Evelyn died. That was an August of nineteen thirty nine. He shared the story with his in laws who are staying with him at the time and with his daughter, and their reaction told him that he had created something really special He had run some of his work by Barbara Ass. He worked, and she mentioned in an interview with MP in twenty thirteen, that she had responded negatively to the word stomach at one point, because she thought that was Ikey that got switch to tummy when it came to describing sand shaking belly, I can only imagine like a four year old copy editor, as grows James that word there so blood. A quick note here. Isn't there
actually vastly different version of this origin story which, like the one we just recounted kind, comes from. Robert L may himself. It was an issue of Coronet magazine from nineteen, forty eight in India, vertical May told the journalist writing the peace that he wrote, Rudolf to comfort his daughter because of Evelyn's illness, and that his boss, at Montgomery Word, heard about the story and decided to use it for the promotional book. So whether this matter of misinterpretation on the interviewers part or may just putting up the story. We dealt a hundred percent no, but that not the only aspect through this different tale. There was also a friend of maize and the mix Stanley Frankel, who had pitch the story to Coronet and who might have been the source of some others. Miss matching information and more may himself
turn back to the article at various times, though, so he knew about that version and he didn't really make any effort to denounce it have a consequence. Both of these origin stories persist. I'll do the job assignment version is actually corroborate and this is one of those things where I wonder if he just had no sense of the fact that people would want to look at this as a part of history. These Agnes fine by me, as seems pretty Noah, probably thinks the hair like their story. writing a book is gonna become an important story to people later odd, so he fairly unconcerned about an article in a magazine, maize, Rudolf Book, which
written in rhyming couplet starts with a nod to a visit from Saint Nicholas, which was already more than a century old when May started his Rudolf project. So, of course that starts. You know twas the night before Christmas, Rudolf story begins twas the day before Christmas and all through the hills the reindeer were playing enjoying their spills. So if your recollection of the rude off story comes mostly from the song which we will get to or the rank and bath holiday, special which we will also get to maybe surprised that some of the differences in maize story- from what you remember and the Montgomery Word version Rudolf, does not live at the North pole with Santa he's one of the many creatures who hangs a stocking and waits excitedly for Santa's visit and in this version Santa does take to the sky is with his standard team of eight reindeer and he gets it. Some trouble in that foggy climate, getting quote tangled tree tops again and again, and he
even narrowly. Mrs a collision with a planes pretty exciting Santa starts. Getting pretty stressed quote through dark streets and houses. Old Santa did poorly. He now picked the presence Morse. Holy less. Surely he really was worried for what would he do it folk started waking before he was through and this original version of the story, Santa discovers Rudolf and his bag. Never think glowing knows when he stopped the Rangers house as he gets into rude offs of room to put gifts and the stocking he finds his job. Much easier quote. The lamp wasn't burning the law came instead from something that lay at the head of the bed and there lay but wait. Now. What would you suppose the glowing you ve guessed? It was rude offs red nose, so this room was easy. This one little light. Let Santa pick quickly the gifts that were right. So, of course you know what happens next,
Santa gets the great idea to bring Rudolf onto the team wakes him up and ask him he'll do some work the little reindeer that had been bullied and mocked becomes a hero, Rudolf parents feel about it. Interesting. I was reading an interesting peace that kind of breaks down. You know some of the rude. Also people love to analyze, it of how very differ This is from previous versions of Christmas story, slick, the reindeer very anthropomorphized in this version I mean route like rights notes. He talks is, you know they sit at picnic tables at one point of vat. much like that were is Santa who is in a lot of instances portrayed as almost soup Naturally, powerful is really much more human, and this version so presumably Rudolf Parenthood our aid should go with this strange
are we theoretically know em, but that seems fine, though maize. Thirty two page book was printed by Montgomery Ward in bulk for the nineteen thirty nine Christmas season. There were two point: four million copies made to give away to shoppers across the United States was advertised with a big poster that Red quote: get ready for a rude off the Red nose reindeer. The rollicking IST rip roaring EST right it provoking yes, Christmas, give away. Your town has ever seen why they would thinks it provoking awry. It was like a good way to draw. Customers are not a hundred percent sure, but the store had a hit em. They plan to reprint maize book on subsidies. Years because it brought in a lot of shoppers and MRS at a time remember right or at the end of the great depression. So the fact that a lot of people flocked to shores and were buying things was a big deal, a nineteen
forty memo to store managers, red quote everyone. We have checked with shares our belief that Rudolf in nineteen forty will be a far bigger, more important role than in nineteen, thirty, nine, but the start of World WAR Ii caused paper to be in high demand and short supply and very expensive. That Rudolph was not printed again until one thousand nine hundred and forty six, although the character remains the central figure of the sports holiday campaign and one thousand nine hundred and forty six Montgomery Ward printed. Three points million copies and distributed them to eager customers and in those years between one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine and one thousand nine hundred and forty six Robert may had been busy tea actually published. Another children's book Bini, the bunny, like beans with ditto, but not gangbusters was not another Rudolf and he We married this time to a woman named Virginia Newton, who also worked for Montgomery Ward. The couple had five children together, so
Barbara got a whole bunch of younger siblings mentioned earlier. That may was brought up in a secular jewish family. But an interesting note is that his own kids didn't know that he was jewish until much later in life. He converted to Catholicism for Virginia and there's some speculation that he may have purposely downplayed being jewish out of concern that it might have been problematic for people to know that a secular jewish man had written a beloved Christmas story, I will say, is definitely not the only jewish person to have written, Hoved Christmas staff. No there's an entire list. You get rid of jewish com leaders who contributed significantly to the LAW of Christmas, we had in that interim also been given an honorary membership and nineteen forty one to the National Association of Authors and journalists, for his contribution to contemporary literature so
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Every with CEO of Montgomery Ward in nineteen, forty seven and he turned their rights to Rudolf over to Robert May, free and clear so even though May had created it, he was working Montgomery word at the time so, prior to this, he had no claims to that story. The exact logic of why this hand over happened is an entirely known, in theory, is that the executives of the company just did not see Rudolf as having any financial potential. They had our given away millions of copy. So they thought that if they did bother to, for example, go to print with a new edition and try to sell it, no one was by it and that they would have wasted their money on a production run. Another version of the story goes that Bob may was still struggling under the dead. He had a crude during his first wife's illness and when he went to his boss to ask about a possible bonus because of Rudolf popularity, he added
getting the rights instead. The first version sounds a little bit more realistic, although May was to be clear, financially strapped four years after Evelyn's death and the Rudolf Rights got him out from under those debts. Add the medical that part of this story sounds incredibly familiar: Montgomery, Ward, him, the rights, freeing clear is like literally the opposite of what we hear about with creators all the time. It's real mind blowing like that. They were just like that's cool. It's yours. Why? so there's
Add another version of this whole story that may himself once told that he had been offered a deal to record his Rudolf poem as a spoken word record in nineteen forty six, but that he didn't own the right. So he had to turn that down. Then colleagues, at the company help to make the case that may should be allowed to take the project because he hadn't gotten any kind of bonus or renew moderation for writing a promotional book that drew huge crowds during the holidays shopping season, and in this version this is what led Sewell Avery to turn over the rights to the author, whether that was through a moment of kindness or dislike poor business strategy not really. No a recording of rude off the Red Nose reindeer was released in nineteen forty seven to great success. Just as another shading to this story, Sewell Avery was considered to be really astute, is
business man like he had gotten Montgomery Ward, pass the depression, and you know I was making a profit, so he will a fool, so that adds a whole other like factor in how exactly did he go to this decision Sewell Avery might have thought that Rudolf was kinda played out. May thought little reindeer still had some magic and he was absent. We right, although publishers, were initially reluctant to try to sell. The poem is a hard cover book since, as we just mention, the market was full of free copy, already at that point, like six million copies were up there and there really there's not enough more people they want this book that we will ever be able to do this. But one publishing exam they have named Harry Elbow, who claimed that he liked Rudolf, because he too was teased about his nose, which was allegedly large, decided that May story was worth the risk
publishing House put out a one hundred thousand copy run of rude author Red nose reindeer in nineteen forty seven, which sold out very quickly and left consumers clamouring for more by nineteen? Fifty they putting out one million copies to meet demand for the holiday season about Rudolf story. Also taken Another turn in the late nineteenth forties than that was one that would help catapult maize character to an even greater fame and talk about what happens. Next, we have to switch gears really quick to talk about another man. Johnny more so Johnny Marks was born in Mount Vernon New York on November, ninth, nineteen o nine and as a child Johnny, and a New York's ethical culture society school that was a school popular with secular jewish families. He went on we'll get university where he majored in English, and then he studied music after his undergrad even travelling to Paris to do so, although he didn't get any advance Greece, he was a kind of travelling in learning about music. He had wanted
to be a songwriter, since he was just a kid by his mid twenties marks had carved out a life for himself and music. He was riding songs, although not making enough added to support himself, so he also gave voice lessons and worked as a producer. On radio shares in nineteen forty seven after serving for years in the army as part of the twenty six special services company, which was largely made up of entertainers marks, got married. His bride was Margaret May and Margaret was Robert Maize. Stir and with a songwriter in the family. Robert had another idea for Rudolf set the story to Music Johnny got to work reworking the poem into the lyrics that we know today, according to Johnny's account later in life, he had already started making notes about rude off as a possible song long before he ever joined the May family. All the way back in nineteen, thirty nine, when this
we first came out. Yeah Johnny told a lot of different versions of Rudolph Story through the years and has kind of clouded the record in terms of what is and is not the case regarding it, but just one aspect of why it's a little bit tricky but as Johnny developed this song throughout one thousand nine hundred and forty eight, he was really confidence in it. There is no doubt about that route. All story was already a classic at this point and he believed that this always is naturally gonna, be a hit and so Mark spent twenty five thousand dollar, setting up a music publishing company so that he could publish the musical version Rudolf the Red Nose reindeer himself and have complete control and ownership of it. Then he needed to find a performer to sing it and marks again certain that the sun
would be. Big was just not shy at all about reaching out to some really big names. He pitched it to Jean Artery, who did not like it in the story, goes that, fortunately, do you not trees, wife loved it. She cajoled him into recording it and releasing it as a bee side to the song if it doesn't snow on Christmas, that accounts been disputed as a really good story, but maybe not the truth, but in any case, this recording of Rudolf sold two million copies and nineteen forty and eventually fifteen million copies were sold. Yet then, the gene, not part of this story could be a whole other episode on its own about whether you know that becomes even more like a strange legendary. Hail where all of the different musicians that worked on it have a different version that, unlike executives record label, it is that Colombia have a different version at length. There are there Oh pattern recognition with their snow this one and this one or both
many similar, it's all everybody's, got their own, their own, take on it and why Johnny marks have been working on that Rudolf Song and animated version of the story had also gone into production at the jam handy organization famed animation director MAX Glacier directed this and the original version included a title card that Red Seasons greeting from Montgomery Ward. Although May owned. The copyright at this point Montgomery Word had financed projects who it could still get the benefit of advertising with Rudolf. Subsequent issues of this eight and a half minutes short had that card removed and the Johnny Mark Song included at the beginning and the end of the cartoon. Also, this is part of one of the funniest riff tracks live events of all time. I dont think I was at this one. Oh, my goodness, I literally I laughed so hard that I reached a point where my brain could not process my brain and body cannot process laughter, and I was just silent.
Crying in a joyous way, but, like nothing was actually coming out of me. Sound bites, December nineteen. Fifty article emission cargo, Sunday Tribune there was a he's about red in the focus of it was how maize kids were kind of a bit tired of Rudolf. They were so tired of of May talking about. off all the time that talking about it was forbidden dinner table, even though it was the very character who had enabled their father to support their family in a pretty nice way. At that point, they were time, especially irked the kids, when someone called Bob May Rudolf Father, because that implied that they had an animal for a sibling, although later in life, Barbara would in fact describe Rudolf as her brother in interviews and by this boy. probably another point of contention for the kids Robert May had started putting in aid
foot Tall Rudolf on the family law during the holidays each year, so everyone would know where the Rudolf people lived in nineteen. Fifty one managing Rudolf had become a full time job by Robert May, and he left Montgomery Ward to oversee the licensing of toys, art lamps, schoolbag salt and pepper shakers and really any novelties that featured his famous creation. He also wrote several additional books featuring Rudolf, including rude off to the rescue released in nineteen. Fifty one Rudolf shines again, first published in nineteen, fifty four and Rudolf Second Christmas, which was first released and nineteen. Seventy those titles have all been published in various addition, sometimes bundled together. They were
also comic book. Adaptations, storybook versions and many many re printings of the original story by one thousand nine hundred and fifty eight, that kind of deluge level revenue stream from Rudolph was slowing to a bit of a trickle, so Bob may went back to Montgomery Ward as a copywriter and he actually stayed in that job. Till he retired in nineteen. Seventy and nineteen sixty four
their rank in bath holiday, special version of rude off the Red Nose Reindeer debuted that was bankrolled by general electric. This stop motion special was based on the Johnny Marks song. The protection team at rank invested actually have a copy of the original poem. There is also a lot of creative licence taken with the story: development, there's Hermy, the ELF and Yukon Cornelius, and the bumble and Clarice in the island of Miss bit toys. They are all you need to the special. They have nothing to do with fear it no more of the song, but I love as freely as a person who has a full size. King Moonrise sarcastic part of the reason that all of these additional characters and plot lines were made was because the source material was simply not long enough to make a special thing. I read a state where, if someone had just read
the poem and it had been animated too. It would only have lasted about thirteen minutes and like that, this was an hour long block of programme shipping, so had not embellish the story. They would not have had enough material for an hour long special. Even when you factoring commercials- and of course this is for people are I think Tracy, the Rudolf. They know best that special continues irregularly. It has its own huge fan base. It has generated its own line, a merchandising collectibles. I really wish also mention that lake this came out before the concept of a holiday. Special was really a thing. So it's one of the projects that actually launched idea leg. Now we have you known a casual and there are a lot more rank and bass holiday shows their word: the peanuts holiday specials. There are now holiday specialists seated with every big brands that wasn't happening. Yet, though, in this matter
sixties they kind of where the foreigners and that space meanwhile have sitting here like. Was it really an entire our I know, I've watched at ten thousand target if we spend some still like all our with commercials. Yes, anyway in nineteen, seventy one Roberts, wife for genuine died. He got re married to her sister, not long after this, In nineteen, seventy five Robert L may wrote the story of his creation of rude all for the Gettysburg times. This actually was indicated the rain and a lot of papers. I read it in the Gettysburg Times addition and he some tabled it. Often I were something alike and at the end of his account he The children get to read a story. About quote a little dear, who started out in life has a loser, just as I did, but then he goes on to explain that the that held Rudolf back became the exact things that gave him happiness once he gave himself for others may conclude,
This by writing quote my reward is knowing that every year, when Christmas rolls around Rudolph still bring send message to millions, both young and old a year after he wrote that account Robert made died. That was on August 11th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six that eight reindeer that had graced his lawn every year. was given to Dartmouth where it is still kept. Yet they have an entire rubber may archive there. You can also scans of the original hand, lettered hand drawn manuscript Ford, the book that main gilan produced in nineteen thirty nine. Those are pretty easily located online and sketches well striking you ve never seen it before is pretty simple. They look, you know, come and look at danced crayon drawings, not something a kid would do, but also not super refined, but their very evocative. The illustration depicting route
crying because the other reindeer are cruel to him is to me at least oddly affecting it takes up the top half of the page and the text fills the lower half. But the way that the art is drawn Rudolf tears saw all the way down the page through the text section on the subject of Montgomery word. They actually filed for chapter eleven and ninety ninety seven and they closed into that give me a quote given to the Chicago Sunday Tribune for that one thousand. Nine hundred and fifty article that we referenced earlier Robert Mays summed up why he thought that Rudolph had caught on with kids, so instantly quote, children are the little peep, the underdog so the world, no matter how well adjusted they are. They just can't help feeling pretty small and helpless alongside the adults the tower around them. That's my children, even more quickly than adults identify themselves with the underdog in a story with Cinderella. The Duckling Rudolf when we
eventually rides to glory with Santa each child rides with him and loves it. Oh Rudolf AIR I will say that riff tracks was the first time that I ever saw the arrears version of the Rudolf story, and I was so like confused initially and like today, a lot of liberties of this? No that's the original version. Fool not actually show I've ever seen it you I also find it. Online library of Congress has the only to the best of anyone's knowledge version. of that original cut with the Montgomery word. Greedy card in it you I find the version that came out later because the song had gotten so popular where they cut the song in at the front in the back, but yeah, it's very easy to find, and it's a really really beautiful, digitization of it. It's not
a big. Sometimes when you see old animation, there's been digitized, it's a little like wincey, because you can tell how much film, declaring war, someone did it. This is actually quite pristine, Rudolf River. I have listener mail that is about Maria Mozart. Marianna Mozart, desist from our listener, Angie, who writes alone. I was so happy to listen to your recent, bestowed about Maria animates Mozart, I'm a children's librarian a I just had to shout you out, because I love that thank you and was especially excited for this episode, because one of America's most beloved young, adult others, Marie Lou, just wrote an historical fiction. Novel about Maria Mozart in her brothers Fantasy world entitled the kingdom of back. She spoke at this
being a library this spring re before the covert shut down, and I was so impressed with the amount of research she did for her book. I bet you both would get along with her so well. Strong research by women unite. Thank you. So much for your delightful pie cast here. Some bonus pictures of my rescue cat alley. She takes naps next to me. While I listened to your podcast as I and it's a bonus, a pic of the plumeria by my house. It is still blooming in November this blatant attempt to entail you to come to a show here after covered times and enjoy San Diego speech side Paradise warmer guards, happy thanksgivings. We are recording this actually Thanksgiving week end you! Thank you so much. Your cat is a durable and I love that you listen So at the same time, are you mean I need any cajoling to get to San Diego I'll go at the drop of a hat once this businesses over, because I love that out Am I actually had read Marie lose book? I did
included as a source, since it is fiction, but it is really really good and the kingdom of back is the secret kingdom. We referenced in that that episode. That Maria Anna and Wolfgang kind of invented together that there was their little get away fantasy play world. So, thank you so much for writing about that, and I think people should check that out Bell of Affection story based on historical p, Maybe you will do if he would later. I too, as you can do so at history Pike asked it. I hurt radio dot com. You can also find us on social media as missed in history and, if you'd like to subscribe to the past and haven't yet you can do that so easily on the eye. Her radio, app and apple pod gas or wherever you listen to your favorite, shows stuff. You missed in history class the production of a heart radio for more plant cats. For my heart radio visit by her radio apt added my cans or wherever you listen to your favorite shows.
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