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The Franco-Mexican Pastry War

2015-08-26 | 🔗

When a French pastry chef complained to King Louis-Phillippe that his shop in Mexico was destroyed in a riot, it catalyzed a conflict between the two nations. But the military action of the Pastry War was really about a trade agreements and unpaid debts.

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three war. It sounds like a food episode, but do not get excited because pastries really only factor into the whole equation mildly, but this is kind of interesting because it's one of those episodes where a bunch of significant history events all kind of grub up against each other. We're gonna talk about Mexico just after the Texas Revolution, We're gonna talk a little bit about the french Revolution in the dwindling monarchy of that country, and we moving on to talk about a funeral, that's been requested by several listeners over the years, the one that we recall probably was recently, although I think ethics meanwhile, was Tabitha who requested it. So when we get there, you'll know that that was Tabitha and many other people asking for it. So you were going to talk about the Franco Mexican Pastry, I'm going to start with a little bit about mexican independence in eighteen. Twenty one Mexico gained its independence rooms. aim, but as a newly independent country, Mexico
really mired in internal conflict for years afterward, the government and rebel forces were almost constantly at odds with each other and there was a lot of rioting and street bites, including those which are everyday occurrences. We should also point out that when we say the government, we are really talking about a single, stable entity. During that time they were constant claims being made for the presidency of the newly independent nation and the leadership of that nation was just changing over and over. So one of the main catalyst for this story actually happened in eighteen. Twenty eight over the story itself take place for some time, but at this point Twenty eight Manuel Gomes put was president of Mexico, at least by election results when Pedro attempt, to remove the governor of the State of Mexico, who was Lorenzo dissolve Allah from power zombies.
Called on his ally General Antonio Lopez, the Santa Anna for help and president Pedraza, was quickly overthrown. Is our, as is often the case during times of political rebellion, You're riots erupted, a french foreign pastry sapped neighbour, romantic had a bakery shop and tackle via which was near Mexico. City today is actually a section of Mexico's that even before the twentieth century, it was a separate municipality altogether and in a team, twenty eight. The riots that broke out actors of Alice seized the presidency. His shop was actually destroyed by strict biting then looted by mexican officers. That's not actually clear which side of the rebellion this had actually been, but with his pastry shop ruin romantic was put out of business We should point out that this one pastry shop was certainly not the only business run by a french nest that suffered in the skirmishes they were common in Mexico City. At the time many businesses.
Damaged and many particular these french nationals that had kind of flock there were left with little recourse in the matter. Monsieur Montel petitioned for reparations to be paid for has lost business, but the mexican government denied his claims repeatedly. Finally, after just hitting walls and trying to seek help and compensation for the damages, he turned to his home country of France and we're gonna talk for a minute about the king of France at the time so King Louis Felipe was the monarch at a very precarious time for France. He had been born on October six, the seventeen seventy three and Louie Felipe was actually a relative of King Louis, the sixteenth, but despite his royal blood, He was really a supporter of the revolution. He fought for the french army in the seventy nine. These he deserted in less than a year in seventeen. Ninety three, his foe, was one of the royal class that was executed during the reign of terror and consequently, Louise
lived in exile from his home country for much of his life when Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated both Times Louie Felipe returned to France and when King Charles, the tent abdicated after the July Revolution of eighteen. Thirty, it left a power vacuum that Louis Felipe stepped into. He was sworn in his king of France on August nine, eighteen thirty, despite some detractors calling him a usurper to the throne. Those folks who are known as legitimacy believed that Charles the tenth grandson should be the ones who become king. The unjust for clarity on our comment about Napoleon being defeated both times and Louis. Fully. Turning to France, he came back to the first time and then things got a little daisy, he left again and went to England and then, when the polio was defeated again, then Louie Felipe Return to France and got involved in all of the the politics He was called the citizen king. He actually
through under our revised governing charter that actually limited the power of the monarchy He didn't really deliver on his potential to bring class equality instability to France. He said begin ruling almost as though, that limiting charter wasn't in place, he took a really autocratic approach to things and, instead of after the interests of the poor and the working class as everyone who believe he was going to. She instead was known to favour the wealthy in his decisions. Additionally, France, it extremely difficult economic times in eighteen, thirty, which only fed the unrest in the country and the distrust of legally many attempts. Made on his life you're here, like eight assassination attempt so wildly popular, but for we get into Louie dealings with Mexico. I would love to pause for a moment and have a word from one of the sponsors that keeps our shipbuilding hapag here,
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A thing on the loans, and so it was at this time a decade after that pastry shop that we mentioned was looted and destroyed. The monsieur le Monde who had owned the pastry shop and had been trying for all those years to get money from the mexican government. Finally was able to speak to the french king about how his business had been collateral damage in Mexico's internal power struggles, we believe was sympathetic to rebalance. L. Foe was sympathetic that french diplomat and why Luis de Foggy asked all french citizens living in Mexico to itemised an invoice all their goods, so that France will be able to clearly assess the images that had been caused to their property by the ongoing violence, firmer Superman tells losses France added sixty thousand pesos to its demand on Mexico to hustle with repayment. of those war loans and in total France called first hundred thousand pesos from Mexico- this was a huge sum at the time, and entry
The sharp had actually only been valued at about one thousand pieces, and this is a shop that was kind of a fancy pants bakery you. It was definitely not like a little small run down thing. This was in a really nice part of town at the time, so that sixty thousand pieces number is sometimes explained as having been arrived at as the sum that her Montel could have expected from a lifetime of running that shop. But in fact Mexico just did not have that kind of money. At the ready. France also wanted a trade agreement with Mexico. There have been effort factually established one outside of the demand for repayment of these out loans, but now both of these issues were lumped together. In an effort to use this unpayable that, as a bargaining chip for Mexico, to accept the trade terms that France wanted, but the man for tendered officially by diplomats and one that we define d and these mandates were issued with a sort of, or else also Meda
with the threat that France would be satisfied, one way or another, implying that there would be potential military action if they didn't agree of trade. The ultimatum was issued on March twenty first eighteen, thirty, eight Mexico had until may fifteenth to comply and make payment. Mexico's Congress had until April fifteenth to answer these claims and say either we're gonna make the pain or will deal with the trade situation, but it was very clear that Mexico had no intention of paying France this overinflated, some that it demanded and that now there. Were they terribly interested in agreeing to the terms of this trade agreement so buddy working with the power given him by King Louis Felipe, called up the military. to make good on this or else portion of the ultimatum. So the day after that Data Mexico's answer, which would have been April sixteenth, French flotilla arrived Admiral Charles Border, headed up the french Navy effort that preference
Mexico into forking urban alone money and agreeing to this trade agreement. Friendships formed a blockade and prevented traffic into and out of mexican seaports lie in the Gulf of MAX stretching all the way from the Rio Grande Bay to the Yucatan Peninsula Mexico. tempted to circumvent this blockade by having goods shipped instead into Texas ports and then carried overland into the country. Really United States got involved lives to the french and harbouring their own issues against Mexico. The United States government offered the: U S: Arcy Woodbury, until the Gulf blockade to aid the French in their efforts to catch smugglers. Here they were kind of both helping with the bigger blockade and keeping an eye on the smuggling that was going into the ports of Texas and this obstruction fleet, mostly France, for the few. U S: ships lurked there in the Gulf hampering passage to mexican ports until five.
of that same year, servant, but is a start it in April. I went on for quite some time. Various attempts at negotiations were made by the French, but the President, a Mexico, Anastasia boost Avanti, was unwilling to come to an agreement on the matter, finally, in November, France was simply tired of this passive approach and they decided that it was time to move more forcefully against Mexico on a vampire, seventeenth, deaf, I D met with Mexico's Minister of Foreign affairs at hollow of at that meeting, resulted in no progress. The funny was insistent that if Mexico had not accepted all demands than ten days, the only possible next step would be hostile ones. The island fortress of San Juan De Luca sat as a protective stronghold to keep the port city a very crews safe and under. We're twenty seventh of eighteen, thirty, eight again, ten days after that meeting, where nothing really happened, France launched a full scale attack on this fortress
The stronghold had been a key defensive position and mexican history. It had been in this defensive role since the mid fifteen hundred, so in France attacked it which mean strategic sense, because very crews was really like their ultimate port city, but when France attacked at it perceived. It was not perceived exclusively as a strategic attack to get their crews, but So is something of an insult to Mexico, military history, Mexico formerly declared war on France. Two days later, Mr Monti called for the conscription of all able bodied mexican men but method. Did not have the money to put in their into their military, and San Juan De Luca was rated with relative ease by the french Navy. They captured almost all of the mexican Navy and then took command of their fleet within just a few days, so our manned by the French Mexico, maybe rather bold and perhaps surprising choice, they looked
who Antonio Lopez, the Santa Anna to help or more accurately, Santa Anna had heard about these various goings on in Mexico's struggles and inability to defend themselves against the French and he volunteered his services An initial Santa Anna was sent to the fortress outside their crews to investigate the damage and make an adviser to the governor. He made his investigation, even as the fortress was being actively shelled, and then he reported back that things. You far gone herbaceous just surrender the island to the French. I did so on Saint Emma's advice, but that was a terrible decision when President Bush, the Monday heard of this move- was infuriated any had the governor ousted immediately to be replaced with none other than wait for his Santa Anna. So we don't know of Santa Anna purposely gave poor advice to the governor in an effort to make potential re entry into politics for himself
He was certainly wily enough for such a play, but we really just don't know he may have thought that the fortress really was lost. Now it was not long before this that Santa Anna had been utterly disgraced at the battle of San has seen to which yes, we know today is pronounced Santa Centre in Texas. family Euston and the Texas militia fired up over the following elements were able to defeat Santa Anna troops. Despite being really numbered. Almost two to one cent. Anna had negotiated his release from the custody of the Texans by acknowledging taxes independent. So at this point, definitely was not seen as a war hero by any means, even though that final babble had gone poorly president wisdom and they remembered how merciless and driven Santa Anna was capable of being any frankly had it with this french invasion situation, the mexican government was losing money on the blockade and trying to defend that island fortress had further cost them dearly and with their
even now, in the hands of the enemy, things were looking extremely desperate. Santa Anna put together a makeshift army to deal with the french Navy that was occupying their crews, also sent a message to the admiral broadband disavowing. The surrender of for us the next morning, Santa Anna was awakened to a full on attack from the French and he ordered his man's a counter attack, true to the reputation that he had before the embarrassment fantasy. Do he and his men quickly drove the French out of the city and back to the gulf of now, while chasing after the vanquished French. However, Santa Anna was hit by grape shot fired from a cannon some accounts describe. It is his horse basically being shot out from under him, and his horse was killed and one of his legs was gravely wounded and that leg have to be at peace. he did. It was initially buried at Santa Anna, very crews, hacienda appearance.
The surgery to remove that leg had been done. Kind of poorly the surgeon haven't left enough skin to properly close up. Bone of the remaining portion of saint to end his leg and the skin. That was there had to be overstretched when it was stitched closed and this ascent Santa Anna, with a great deal of pain for the rest of his life, but even after the french Navy was driven out of their crews, the blockade continued and France and the co wherewith at war with one another for several months, but without Santa Anna to leave the troops boost Avanti was forced to enter and negotiate lest the French, do even more damage to his already wounded country in great Britain. It was an ally of Mexico, eventually scented diplomat, to help work out a peace agreement and it was also in the british interests to foster a solution because that blockade was causing them trade troubles as well. Under the guidance of Sir Richard Pack and ham Englishmen Mexico and a corpus finally reached Mexico Cave to France's debate
then they did agree to pay the full six hundred thousand pesos. They had been demanded at the outset of the conflict over the course of six months. They also mean a variety of other agreements that the French have demanded, and so on March, ninth of eighteen, thirty, nine, the French finally withdrew from Mexico, and before we talk about the aftermath of this relatively minor war, we will pause for another word from the father. This episode of stuff. You, MRS history, glasses, brought. You buy Norton three sixty with lifelong, let's just say,
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Debbie Debbie dot com. That's w w dot com to joint Debbie Debbie today, with a limited time offer so in terms of how things played out after the pastry WAR, Santa Anna came out of that conflict with boosted image. We're gonna talk more about. That just a moment, but President Bush, the Monday, did not have the same luck. His image was quite weakened by the whole ordeal and again the country was already having fiscal problems and, after he, temporarily stepped out of his role as president to deal with a conflict with Guatemala and then resumed his this and he didn't last. He was eventually overthrown by an uprising in eighteen, forty one and by the way, Santa Anna launch that uprising and he ended up becoming president of Mexico and so about Santa You have a pastry war where that being a true redemption story, Rosanna, even though
The co ended up agreeing to pay France. His actions had cleared very crews of the french Navy man who occupied the city. He was actually but success in this case and he was very happy to tell everybody. So he was also very quick to point out that had lost a whim in service to Mexico. That apparently was who things he would bring up all the time, so Santa Anna became President of Mexico. Again because we mentioned there is a lot of turnover happening and there were several men that took the leadership role multiple times, as various coups happened over and over and back and forth the wind said, Diana became president Mix going eighteen, forty two, he exude his leg from its resting place at his home. This is the thing the Tampa asked us to talk about and this leg, given a full military burial with all of the honors. When would normally see bestowed upon a fallen soldier. The leg was paraded through Mexico City and coats, like
war, hero than elaborate state funeral has mounted with poetry, reading speeches and cannon fire. The leg was re buried under a cemetery monument. I I have this tune version of this that plays in my head, where people are making these orations about it. It was a good leg, is just such a wonderfully odd and funny thing. The other thing to think about is the fact that political, tides turn and so Santa Anna Leg did not stay in its fancy gray for very long in eighteen, forty, four just a couple years after he became president that, for that chunk of time, when public sentiment turned against the Anna dissidents exude that leg yet again, so that its second exclamation and this time it was not to be given a better place. Instead, it was dragged through the streets of Mexico City on a rope, while these people that had dug up chanted death to the Cripple and Anna was exiled from Mexico, but his wife was nothing if not cyclical in eighteen, forty six
They asked him to once again step in a military leader in the Mexican American WAR, when the United States made a surprise attack on his camp in eighteen, forty seven, my skin general fled, but in his haste he left on his prosthetic leg and the elderly infantry that had mounted the attack took. It so means basically Santa Anna lost the same leg twice that'll. Yes, one was his actual flesh and bone leg and the other was a cork replacement, but he just couldn't hold onto that one leg. His capture prosthetic actually toward the United, and then it went on display. The Illinois State Military museum event It was moved to a display at the Illinois State Capitol, and this has actually been an issue of contention between the. U S and Mexico for years as Mexico has asked that the leg be turned over to their government repeatedly, but much as Mexico repeatedly refused that friendship,
request for reimbursement, so has Illinois refuse please to return the leg of the historic general, so ass for France's King Louis believe he did manage to turn Francis finances around for a little while France entered a depression in eighteen, forty, six and another. A revolutionary uprising followed in eighteen, forty, eight Louie Felipe advocated the throne on February twenty fourth eighteen, forty eight and he traveled under the name, Mr Smith, and fled to England where you live until his death on August. Twenty six team. Fifty he was the last king of France unless the pastry war is sometimes called, which I think it's a fun name, but it's such a misnomer, because it really has very little to do with pastry. Even if you want to focus on monsieur come on tell and his shop it It seems to me that it could have been. Anything at that point, since Louis Felipe was really itching with some frustration at Mexico already
when almost any other catalyst as well. For all. We know this could be called some other entirely different or depending on who had given him the information that really finally sparked this. This series of demands to be made. So that is the pastry war, though, as it is called nor its fascinating, I didn't even realise when I started researching it, that it was gonna end up being the the wholesale to anything. I didn't. You now realise that the dust up over this pastry shop with so connected to the Texas in Mexico conflict in all of that stuff, so it's kind of one of the school ones where a lot of things come together and kind of cohesion
connect the dots I think on the timeline of history. The now I have a little bit of listener, mail and meaning of the timeline of history. It actually refers back to an episode that was before Tracy and Einstein, but the person who wrote this to us this kind of talking about it in the bigger scope of lake, with the cool things that can come out of this forecast, which is so sweet of her and her name is Holly. So I oughta like her that she's as high Tracy Holly. I wanted to send you a postcard from one of the most interesting places I have ever been and thank everyone that his part of this pod cast for making me aware that had existed. I really enjoyed the pike has just recently finnish listening to every said both archived in present, and as I listen, I love to imagine visiting the sites and cities that are subject from week to week in every host has done such a fabulous job of keeping me intrigue and excited enough to have started a bucket list of places. The I would love to see I live in Kansas City, so visiting most of the places on my list is kind of a dream at this point. Imagine how it
I did. I was when I got to the episode about hope here as soon as they are in Dublin, to mention that this mysterious what was in Illinois. I abandoned everything that I was doing and jumped on the internet to find out how far it was from Kansas City. I was filled with joy when I just but it was only four hours from my front door. My Emily and I had already planned or summer vacation four June, and we had chosen to go to Chicago as our destination this year. The map was telling me that here was almost directly between Kansas City in Chicago. It was like fate visiting this. Took my breath away and I plan on returning in the false that I can walk the trails around the mounds in cooler, whether sorry, this notice long. But I wanted to let you know how much this was very enjoys the pie cast and, although I know it's exhausting work, the story is just one example of how even formed an inspired me. Thank you for all you do I love that history comes along I hope that they had a great time in Chicago, as we know that is one of my favorite cities
it might be treated the elevated my best friend was at the field and I was very very jealous. So thank you so much Holly for sharing that with us. I like, when you know you follow up on something that you ve heard in. It ends up being a really cool experience, hooray for history. If you would like to write to us, you can do so at history. Pon cast a house works tat come on. You can also connect with us at Facebook. Account slash missed in history on Twitter, Amnesty dream, to restore calm, flash mist of history and invest in history that some word on farm. We haven't newish instagram account what you can find ATLAS in history. If you would like to purchase history goodies, you can do so at Mister History, that's breccia! I feel guilty that today's thing is named pastry war and we then really talk
we very much so, if you'd like to learn about pastries, you can go to our parents, house works type in the words ten pastries in the search bar, and you will get an article of the ten most decadent pastries ever could see exactly history article, but there's lots of delicious, like I said, I feel guilty that we need to emphasise the pastry weren't. We don't talk about Delicious deserves at all. You can also visit us, at least in history, that where we have all of those archives, never episodes that our listener You talked about, and we also have showed outlets for every episode. Tracy and I have worked so we do. Encourage you to come and visit is addressed in history. That phone number
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