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The Gunpowder Plot, Part 2

2011-11-09 | 🔗

In Part 2 of The Gunpowder Plot, we discuss how a group of English Catholics attempted to carry out their plan. Yet the Plot was discovered days before the event. Were the conspirators betrayed by someone within their own ranks? Tune in to learn more.

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history, stuff hello and welcomes the pod cast, I'm going to talk about an unfair it out and by the time this episode, air, as some of you, especially if you live in England, may have observed something known as bonfire night or Guy Fox Day on Saturday November faith and these events, right. The discovery of the gun powder plot, which was an attempt to murder King James, the first of England
on Henry and many english nobleman by blowing up parliament on November. Fifth, sixteen o five that was also known as the powder treason and we ve talked about it a little bit already in part. One of this story. We looked into some of the historical events and situations that set the stage for the plot and we introduce some of the conspirators involve too and gave a basic ran down of what their initial plan, I think is for people who haven't heard that episode. Let's give em a quick recap of what we talked about earlier. Yes. Well during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The first Catholics were subject to religious legislation that basically required Catholics to live. the double life. If you were catholic, you had to at least outwardly conform and act like you are accepting honest and lifestyle, if he didn't than you had to pay these steep accuses he finds. At the very least I mean if you were harbouring a priest or something like that, that is the only yet it could be worse.
king James. The first took the throne and sixteen o three Catholics hoped that he'd be more tolerant, but all He did was temporarily suspend or currency finds. It was really disappointing to a lot of Catholics in general and some were actually proactive and started dreaming up ways to overthrow the king and the protestant government. They decided to do something about it and the gun powder plot was one of these plans that certain groups dreamed up. It was too eyes, primarily by a wealthy like my name, Robert KIDS, me and a group of young catholic activists, mostly from case these unfair circle in a lot of the players were related somehow to weed by blood or by Mary. I we talked about that we're gonna refresh for some of the players, on to exempt. There is one guy who is the total outlier? He is not related to any of them, yet he is the most famous. That's of course, Guy Fox. He was a mill
English Catholic who had spent years fighting with the spanish army and remember we talked about earlier. The key to his involvement in the plot was that he had been away for so long and nobody knew he was writing all talk about that's more in a minute but basically their plan was to LISA House adjacent to the houses of parliament. tunnel beneath them and then stash gunpowder under the chamber where the king, the House of LAW words and house of Commons would all be meeting when the next parliament session opened on November. Fifth, sixteen o five, so when saw them last March of six five are conspirators had just worked out and they ve gotten the chance to lease the seller, which would you was used at the time for COD storage. I believe that extended, underneath the House of lords, so it made the tunnel unnecessary, does really good break for them. Exactly foe, the plotters started filling up the seller with barrels and barrels of gunpowder sneak and at night, and they kept it pretty well, concealed too
covered it with iron bars and lots of bundles of kindling. So you can just tough. It was a cellarful of gunpowder for the next few months. They manage to get about thirty six barrels of gunpowder in their, which was definitely enough to demolish everything in the immediate area, including, of course, the king and his air, and the members of parliament, but with only if the gun powder was fresh enough. Time they actually ignited ad in the thoughts of suggested. That gunpowder might have decayed. Say. Well, maybe they were able to replace some of that, but that turns out to be a moot point and it still would have done some damage. We can assume, but during this time, Fox assumed the role of the sellers caretaker, posing ass, a gene Johnson, a servant of Thomas Percy, who was the plotter who at least the state and Fox was really well suited to this role too, because, as we mentioned in the previous podcast he'd been out of the country for some time. So his appearance, which
gunpowder plot historian, Antonia Frazier has described, as quote tall powerfully built with thick brown hair flowing mustache in the tradition of the time but she reddish Brown beard was pretty much unknown in London. At that time, which is fortunate cathedral sound like a guy, you probably would recognise if he saw him twice, he s very distinctive, so the plot seem to be progress. Thing steadily, but before we're fall even rolled around the conspirators did something you should probably never do. If you're really trying to keep a secret, they let more for in on it kind of alive, but we'll just give you a refresher, because there are a lot of names here and they work to add and many more names to their party, but the original conspirators were Catesby Tom tour, Thomas per Thi, Jack Right and Guy Falk, though in the spring of sixteen o five they included Robert Winter, whose Tom's brother kit right who, with Jackson,
and John Grant, who, as winter his brother in law, another guy Robert Keith, who was probably related to the winter brother, somehow or another, was also led into the group, as was Catesby servant, Thomas Bait, so I mean it He very contrast Europe. Your brother, though there telling a few people, but this is already starting to swell to a pretty large the man yeah. Then it got even worse when the plotters took a break from the preparations they were doing over the summer. Catesby also brought Ambrose record, Sir ever Digby and Francis. Russian Catesbys cousin by marriage into the fold. Me because of their wealth catesby, had been funding. This whole thing by himself. So far, he really needed some help to see it to its completion and recording Digby were It supposed to have a role in what will refer to as part two of this plan. They both had allowed
horses that we're gonna be useful. An uprising Catesby was planning after the explosion, but more specifically after the explosion, which would take place after Fox a slow match in the cellar. As soon as the king had come into, the House of Lords Catesby would from London to the Midlands were he'd, make Digby and dig be, would have been waiting beforehand with some servants at the Red Lion and done church disguised, as in party from there. They were supposedly go to kidnap Princess Elizabeth. The kings daughter from the home of her governor and proclaim queen- and we mentioned her in the previous podcast as well, and the reason that they were proclaim her queen is because Prince Henry would have died in the east. Ocean. He was the oldest son of the king and four year old. Charles was too sickly. There were some. There was some question as to whether or not he was gonna survive. They didn't want to place all their hopes on home, though the other
the general idea of the plot. But what what's gonna happen? Next after they had kidnap Princess Elisabeth, it's sort of unclear in an article four history today when Adam says, that's quote one of the major mysteries of applied so presume they were just try to Mary Elizabeth off to some other catholic european Prince and solidify their catholic regime. That way, and they would create their own puppet queen, essentially according to an article the Croft in history. Review though Tresham was easy about the whole plot, pretty much ass, soon ass. He heard it so giant red flag here. he's not liking what he hears. You can't take it back when you tell somebody all about your plot either, but regard Somehow everyone felt about it. I mean that still more than ten people, that's just a lot of, well to be involved in what supposed to be a secret plot, so maybe happen. Next, really! Isn't that surprising? On October twenty six, sixteen o five just days before
Parliament was set to meet William Park, he's better known, as Lord Montego received an anonymous letter warning to quote devise some excuse to shift your attendance at this parliament to avoid quote a terrible blow. So, basically stay away for your own good, don't go to parliament. So Lord Monti, though, is a former Catholic himself. He had also participated in that ethical uprising with cates, be in France that we mentioned in the earlier pike. And he had at least publicly convert to the protestant religion. Still he had flight connections, especially through his marriage. Trashcan was Monti brother in law, though fortunately, for Catesby Tresham had a few brothers in law to consider, but that's why the letter is often attributed to trash and because of that family connection. But we really dont know for sure who sent it, who warned Lord Monticola your craft
rose out, some other potential sources of the letter. She writes, for example, that Tom Winter sometimes as Montego secretary. So there is a connection there, but there's a theory that even more interesting to me at least craft also suggest that it's possible that Monteith himself with the letter and just incorporated information that he'd gleaned from some of his catholic cohorts to Tipp people off under under the guise of an unarmed flutter right, but regardless of where it came from month, Eagle shared. This letter was Sir Robert Sessile, the Earl of Salisbury, the head of the monarchy, secret police and the king Secretary of State Salisbury in Turn of course shares the letter with the king and there aren't any specific sum a letter, so they wait a couple of days before they raise any sort of alarm catesby in time. He hears about the letter to and he's obviously worried that the plot has been betrayed, so he consults with his coconuts errors and they actually decide just to go ahead with the plan they suspected I've,
That Tresham was at fault that he swore to them that he didn't do anything, so they just said: ok, let's go They weren't gonna, just completely rush into her blindly that adjusting K on November fourth perceive visited with his bath and his relative. The Earl of Northumberland, whose connections had, of course, helped Percy leave the house in the cellar in the first place he chuckled to try to gauge whether or not the Earl Northumberland knew any about the plan. Ironically, purse did not worn his relative to try to stay away from parliament himself that David Percy left the meeting feeling pretty reassured that they were clear nobody knew is good, so it is all just full, the head for the gunpowder plotters, or so they think, because Salisbury time has ordered the area all around the Palace of Westminster, which houses parliament to be searched during the first so they didn't find anything though they did run into fox there. He was, of course,
in John Johnson, and so they Kim basically for what he was pausing to be. They took him for a servant. gun powder, as we mentioned, was concealed. So they didn't see that in the search either they didn't notice all Kindling, though the kindling that we mention that with concealing the gunpowder and they thought it was a little weird that that was all their but when they realise that Thomas Percy, who is of course a well respected, gentlemen, pensioner was leaving the space they figure, it's probably Kay. But then, according to that Croft article again Monteith I'll, raise suspicion about the fact that Percy was leaving the space. Even though he had his home in London. You know like wide Percy in need this place anyway the king ordered another search after that and they found Fox at about midnight on November. Fourth, along with a gun powder very ruminating flow match,
A watch that perfect had given him to check the time will fill the plot was done caught red handed so far arrested as John Johnson and thrown into the Tower of London, where it said that he interrogated and tortured to reveal the names of the other conspirators, even though torture legal in England at the time it, two days to break fox down fur and to finally give up the names of the others who are involved in the plot. Perseis name as has already been linked with the least is so. There was already a warrant out for his arrest. Meanwhile, though, Cates be required is to break fox down for him to finally give up the names of the others who are involved in the plot. Perseis name, of course, had already been linked happen now. Instead, they met the other co conspirators raided weren't castle for fresh horses and then went looking for health and apparently got refused by several catholic faith houses. They just kept
from house to house, but nobody would join them and nobody would often on how I was interested in that plant has there I mean it suggests to me at least that word of supply must have spread really quickly. I mean all the way up in the Midlands to housing to know better than to actually accept these people into your home. Well, a big deal was made out of which were going to touch on a little bit later about at that time. Yeah. I guess people knew it wasn't a good idea to to protect these people, so they please stop the whole beach house in Staffordshire where they thought they could at least put up a defence there, but they must operate the beginning by putting their damp gun powder by the fire to dry, though of course the gun powder exploded in it burned a couple of them in the process. It blinded one guy. It's all rather ironic, if you think about it long and hard, but of course that this plain the odds
even worse for them. Not only are they on the run for high treason, but they are injured and according to cross, they consider just get now. The whole thing blowing themselves up at this point, but by November eight two hundred men led by the high sheriff of wished sure than in the rest of the way they have this quick battle. Catesby the rights and perfect ended up dying from their wounds. That sounds like was probably the best, go Thomas Winter required and grant were captured, five of the guys we're still free, but not for very long by the new year All of them were captured and then tresham when he was contained in the tower
ill and died, and some people think that maybe he was poisoned. Maybe even Montego took Murphy on him because of that letter of warning inflict him some poison helped him escape. What would ultimately be a far worse punishment of drawing and quartering, which is the fate the rest of them were destined for. You have all the plotters weren't dead were put on trial January twenty seventh, sixteen o six and of course they were all found guilty treason and and executed over the next couple of days. They were all hanged drawn and quartered, so the plot was all we unsuccessful and may be because of that it's been a subject of debate for many years. Some have even suggested that there was no power that the plotters were actually set up by the government, specifically the Earl of Salisbury, who knew that. The background after. The plot was exposed, which is reinforced, protestantism and strengthened hatred towards Catholics in England and in eighteen. Eighty six interview with the near at times, Frazier
HU I mentioned earlier said that the reason the origins of the plot are up for debate is that researchers are to quote, draw conclusions from imperfect records and testimonies taken under torture. She says that you really have to assess the evidence and make they are own mind and for her part, she does believe there were the plot according to teaching history, most historians do generally accept this idea. Now they do think there was thing going on. But the results are government conspiracy would have been aiming for still came to pass the gunpowder plot dismayed and catholic feelings in England, more intense there were new laws preventing Catholics from practising law serving as this in the army or the Navy, and they allowed to vote on the EU I've got that Guy Fox was caught in a member fifth. Sixteen o five, the first Guy Fox type celebration, took place People of London rang bells and lit bonfires to celebrate the fact that the king and his nobility were safe in sixteen o six thing.
Government passed an act to make the celebration and annual event, which at first was religion, nature with sermons and everything and then later became more of a rock as social event. In the seventeenth century. People burning effigies of the Pope on the fires and in eighteen, tree is when the little guy effigy appeared. In eighteen, fifty nine, since there was an increased emphasis on religious toleration, the sixteen a sixth act was finally abolished and the bonfire night. At that point, the celebrations really started to morph into private bonfires in fireworks parties that children we go the guys on the street to find and over the years really became more of a family event in a lot of places, with fireworks displays kind of how we will celebrate July. Sound sort of some are too that, although people can definitely correctness appear on about that, but certain similar element right. So now
on fire night celebration still exist, but a compete with other far celebrations like Halloween, and I'm really interested. We asked at during the last podcast for people to send us some examples of things that they do to celebrate. Bonfire night if day celebrated at all, and so hopefully will get to read some of those on an upcoming podcast cannot ask them to have this always like I get the we after hollowly until you can bring higher costumes again. Maybe I'm gonna be celebrated earth than it just like a two week, long celebration or something exactly the gunpowder plot did and leave a mark. That will have a more furious mark than just all. These on fire parties, the houses of parliament, are still thirst just before the state o
which has been held in November since nineteen twenty eight, even though parliament's website says could this is retained as a picturesque custom, rather than a theory of anti terrorist precaution, for which, of course, there are proper me, I'm glad they qualified that for us, the guy foxen Our planet have also been invoked quite a bit and art and pop culture, one of them well known examples is the one that we mentioned in part, one of despite cast, which is the two thousand six movie for vendetta, based on the comical there is by Alan more in which an anarchist known as of e, tries to bring down the government. Basically, that's the basic plot line of this and v, whereas a guy fox mask, and if you haven't you this movie, I do highly recommended, especially now that we ve kind of gone over the story. I did enjoy it. Sorry, you haven't seen it right. I have seen it in. I know now that I've been met, that whenever we admit there are certain movie, we haven't thing. We usually here from people telling us
believe. You haven't seen that you're still getting Harry Potter, you know I'm still getting Harry Potter emails, we're still getting Netchelli email, so I'm sure get emails about this when two, but mainly because of the movie and its association with Popular Revolution and anti establishment ideals that mask the Guy Fox Mask, has shown in other places to members of the hacker group. Anonymous have been known to wear it. I was talking to Jonathan Stricklin of TAT stuff about that recently. He brought it up to you when you found it. We were doing this and recently people involved in the occupy wall. Street movement have been wearing two, so it is interest. To see how this idea of Guy Fox is still very political, mixing though how many of the people wearing the mask today really know the story of Guy Fox or even if they know who guy Fox is now about the bonfires. Do they know the whole history of the planet yeah and he Robert Catesby, as I mean Catesby too
Richard studying him. Now was really true terrorists. He didn't kill heat and care that you got killed life people. He didn't care that he might have killed Catholics too and people he knew for sure right in what he was doing. Some curious to know what people think about this phenomenon of people wearing Guy Fox masks for different reasons. So right you ass, you can write us at history. Pod cast a house. Tat works that com, where you can look up on look or on Twitter. It must in history- and we were also talking to our colleague, Kristen Conquer of stuff mom, never told you earlier she's writing an article on how occupy three work than I bet that will be published by the time it that's the publisher, though I'd, be a good opportunity to learn a little bit more about this Nah shaded guy far paraphernalia, guess what we call it even check that out it's how occupy Wall Street work on our homepage, W W w dot husband works Duncan.
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