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The Krampus and Friends Holiday Special, Part 3

2016-12-19 | 🔗

Since last year's episodes on non-Santa holiday figures were so popular, there's another installment for 2016! This time around, Frau Perchta, Olentzero, Mari Lwyd and Ded Moroz get the spotlight.

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Here's the thing. Saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, because there's always that guy, joint your game. ever passes the rock he constantly Rex theories and who completely happy when put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico. It's easy to switch save on car insurance no need make ankle sprain, because you're absolutely exhausted. So which in save with Geiger it's almost better than sport will continue stealthy missed in history class from Housetop works, not how I would welcome the contents time how and fry Tracy be Wilson, Tracy. We ve had a lot of heavy episodes as of late. We should have, which is great
We are having into the holiday season, and sometimes you want to have a little frivolity, Last year we did to have pursuits about holiday figures. Around the world where we talked about the many non Santa Claus figures that are celebrated during the winter season, so we talked about current bus, lava fauna, centre clause, XVI the pizza gray laugh when Tracy went on her any moon. She brought me back a lovely, Galina ornament. We talked about bells. Nickel and powerful are anti Odin a town, but there are more than Lance so today we're going to add a third instalment. This will be the many sixteen edition of the greatness of rents holiday power, our, although rate gates. There's no crampness amiss when we're just using that that naming convention to continue the series for continuity, but you cannot. Go back to that previous episode not really an hour, so we're figures as well in that regard, but but it is intended to vote. We just be fun way to think about the holidays.
Some other perspectives. Some of it is very kooky and you'll be like why that's a Christmas or new year's tradition. One day I He were out of the office, for some reason- and I put a little thing on our facebook- that that was like: ok, what sort of winter slash Christmas flash yuletide topics do folks. Wanna talk about can sometimes feel like we are nearing the end of seas that all topics. And two of these range. From my point of view, figures we will be talking about came directly from the folks. Suggestion guide you You know we we love more. So if we want this to happen again a year from now feel free to keep sending loans will keep a list, even though Holly just beautifully pronounced sobering
we do want to say where there are a lot of different languages represented here. We don't speak any of them. We gonna make are our best heavily researched effort to try to say all of these right. But please forgive us when we doubt- and I would say I think Tracy is probably being very kind when she says how beautifully print out those Guess I'm confident there was some buttering taking place as we were reading them, though I, like all those sound, so lovely, we're going to begin with, Frau pastor, who is a holiday figure associated mostly with
Alps, she's common in austrian and southern german folk lore, although she certainly not come combined exclusively to that area and has been part of the law or in other places as well, and there are also some slight variations to rename, which generally correlate to how she is represented in different geographical areas and there's a bit of debate. Around paraphrase origins, scholars who link her to paganism suggest that she was around. a goddess figure that then became twisted into a more sinister hag character, as Christianity enveloped cultures that had pagan routes and kind of tried to adopt and adapt those. Those ideas so her name according to Jacob Grimm's, Deutsche mythology meant shining one, but it's also suggested that was a potentially originally a completely different world which distemper associated with stamping sort of a more violent in kind of idea and the darker parts of fur mythology and she's also,
there are sometimes associated with a figure called Frau holder are Frau hula, sometimes they're kind of representatives, sisters or cousins or one is the northern version. One is the southern version and that's a figure of possibly scandinavian origin, whose also cells associated with agriculture and the arts, and has parallel festival timing, which is why they are often linked together, but much of parameters. Origin story is a mess of speculation and thing together, puzzles which are missing. Really big piece is one of those cases we often find where one writing. In this case Grimm's assert, something's gonna, gets picked up and repeated his facts without any actual substantiation for those claims
That happens a lot, particularly in folk lore. I'm sure anybody should we have any folklore scholars listening. They know that this is a big part of picking, apart in teasing out the truth of any given origin story so away from the paganism interpretation. There is a focal or scholar named J B Smith. He spoke at a conference in two thousand, where he described her more as the folk lore personification of a pity, and this was ass. He put it in a paper that he published later quote in harmony with a general medieval tendency to saw five feast and fast days, I'm just gonna, take a moment to say I really must lobby fauna that opinion, which you don't miss her. You can have her in her home this holiday season. You were so far proactive role as part of a holiday celebration has evolved. Does the same as many any other holiday figures. She shows up during the twelve days of Christmas and in modern tradition street has come to be known. Ass.
A behavior barometer for keeping children in line. Good children are rewarded and bad children are punished and lying makes her, especially angry, she's kind of a grumpy protector, taking care of people and warding off evil, but really ready to dole penalties. If you things you ve, misbehaved but our leader incarnations of practice were much darker in the judgment of good versus bad behavior, so she would punish people who worked specifically those who worked at spinning witches task, she's very closely associated with who did that on holidays or did not participate in community feasts and celebration. So she's often referenced his leg.
The keeper of an enforcer of taboos. So, like you, do not work on how a day you take that time to be part of the community and feast at times and her mythologies taken on some, surely gruesome characteristics, she would seek out the lazy members of a community and then punish them for their lack of motivation, by cutting open their bellies, removing their viscera ever filling them up with garbage there, Are some lines that can be drawn from all of this Billy sittings and her connection to feasting and making sure that people observe the holiday calendar Yeah. There are some kind of theoretical where people say: oh yes, because they're they're not taking part in the face, she will fill them with things that they don't like if they're not willing to be part of that meal and celebrate in community moment, but her sinister holiday dealings were not just about doling out consequences for the lazy
greed, was also a target and even being too inquisitive. So you can see how this kind of gets really to the heart of the whole community thing. I basically don't be a troublemaker. Do your work when you're supposed to take breaks it. Part of the community in your speech you- and there are even some less common variations in her law. In which she finds children who have lied, we mentioned a moment ago that she really hated it and she scrapes their tongues with glass in some places Her Levin extends beyond winter in the winter holidays and crosses over with other mythical figures. She said to live in wooded areas and in lakes in the summer time and to bless blocks of sheep for shepherds who brought her flax when it was warm. She was in some places so associated with this more agrarian, spinning culture that it was said that she can sometimes be seen wandering the green slopes of mountains and twilight.
carrying a golden spindle, and then she moved into the more mountainous caves in the winter, which is where she would make snow, just sort of lovely a nicer than her cutting people open and stuffing garbage in there. Amendments. There are some really specific folk lore stories about pair, and there are three that we're going to mention these were referenced again and that longer paper by Gb Smith and they feature travelling with sort of a band of ghosts and those are those of unbelief ties. Children who could not travel to their afterlife. So she and this group of spirits- and sometimes these spirits, are characterized in this benign way and sort of these orphans and unbounded eyes, children, but at other times their depicted more as a collection of demons, the travel with her and those are referred to collectively is packed in and in these tales, which are more modern, she serves in a role which rewards good for the most part, rather than her more terrifying belly. Slitting tongue scraping incarnation,
in wine, whilst his traveling with her party of unbelief ties children in a carriage over rough terrain, a wheel falls off of their ride in a kind passer by makes new linchpin by carving it from wood, and she tells him to keep the wood shavings. which then turn into gold in his pocket sort of a much nicer version. In another story and impoverished man goes looking in the night for a God, parent for his newborn child, and this babe in the story is a fresh edition an already large family that he is struggling to provide for and when he happens upon, pastor and her destitute children in the woods he shows them compassion remarking to one who looks especially poorly clothes in some stories is child is wearing only their undergarments,
I'm in a butcher. This word, so I apologise. You poor little zone of Usher in addressing the child with a name which apparently translates roughly two ragged little might an showing kindness. He earns pact as blessing and good fortune soon comes to him in the form of a wealthy benefactor. The last of the path, the stories that Psmith Recount speakers a farm hand you hides in a stone, to spy on character and her children after his employer prepares a room for them in their farmhouse were twelve night when the trap arrive. She tells one of the children of plug up a whole. She sees in the stove and that the one at the farm hand, was looking through he waits up. stay and when he's up emerges after they will left. He realizes that he is blind. He returns
The stove the following year and this time passed a tells her child's unplug the hole in his state. His wrists, his sight is restored. We have made a note that it's like mythical lasik, so while perks as modern incarnation follows the frequent theme of holiday figures, I too encourage good behaviour in children during the holidays. She has throughout her years, but many things to many people, but always with a touch of magic and, of course, including some of those dark things like being a bellies There are also areas where a modern packed in selling you takes place in a kind of like crumpets knocked where her, demons which are young men and scary wooden masks, called Shire paradigm run through the streets of the town and in some places, as happens twice.
Scary version comes first and then later when they run through the streets again, they are in hand some non demonic farms, which sounds kind of fun to me, but also exhausting, if you have to do it twice so who organ a pause in the festivities here for a little break from one of our sponsors Bulgaria, glass, welcome to car leasing, one or one. Today's lesson is price negotiation. First, take out your phones and go on the road o k pick a car and you'll see the price. Although discounts, taxes and fees are included Crystal clear, no surprises. Ok, that's the end of the lesson and equations. Yes, Jackson, that's it! That's it next! Yes, Sir Way, so we don't have to negotiate a price nope Roto takes care of it all ok
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three, the Mary Louise tradition as believes to bring good fortune- and it all starts with a horse skull on New year's eve That's go and adorned with decorative ears and eyes and dressed up with accessories like bright ribbons and bells, and that's carried around on a pole, usually with a sheet wrapped around it to conceal the person use carrying the pole. And traditionally, the muddy mood was carried door to door by merrymakers who had sing. It would challenge the occupants diverse battle and ultimately, if the muddy Louis bearers, where the winners of those battles would ask to be invited into the home, they were visiting actually a really fun BBC film from nineteen sixty six of this call and research of song that goes on at this available on Youtube, and we will have a link to that in our show notes: one inside the home, the visitors would be treated to refreshments and sometimes would receive small gifts of cash and in exchange they would entertain for a bit.
before moving on to the next, how to have Marie Louis in your home was believed to bring with it good fortune and the clear the home of bad spirits are really this whole worse, bearing visitors are always invited in for some hospitality, yet they always win in the battle, whether no matter how it plays out. I was kind of the winners, and so they get to come in and this is actually, if you really want to trace it back to its most basic roots, a very, very old tradition and it certainly not exclusive to wealth. Culture, certainly forming with animal masks and singing in call in response style as part of a cultural tradition and sharing food and drink have been parts, a very ancient customs that built community and marked the changing of the seasons way way back to mankind's history. Ass for the origins of this particular tradition because of how old Is this kind of nebulous really quickly, but piecing together, the ingredients the horse and chaotic Britain represented for till
strength and, additionally, the idea of passing back and forth from the living room to the underworld is one that held a lot of power, and this is the horses skull, so the horses deceased. Yes, the horses doing that passing back and forth as part of this new year celebration, but this old form of Carolyn turned friendly competition has also had a really pretty active revival in recent decades. There are a number of small groups that like to perform the body Louis in various wealth sounds as well as bigger regional gatherings where the horse skull puppet comes out in this old ritual is enacted really with great glee. This is another thing you can find videos of online and there really quite fun in addition to other meares appearances. This also sometimes their appearance in the spring, and there's also for people who are curious. What this actually looks like there is a really interesting Flickr group that
owing to the shone out, so you could see photos of some of these decorated horse skull puppets there really quite fun. It sounds a little weird and creepy if you're not a familiar with it, but it seems so joyous and delightful when you get to watch it. Our next holiday figure is from basque country in a sort of Santa Claus, variation or lead. Zero is an old man grubby with smears of coal dust and has a pot belly and that may initially sound similar to Santa. But let's euro is not dressed in Red Bertram suits. He wears standard clothing, usually that Europe has a peasant farmer and he has a big red nose. Yeah I was having a translated page about him, where that there was a significant hint that his nose suggested, that he had some pretty chronic drinking habits. But I dont know if you if we should include that it was just the one spot,
following the theme of many of these holiday characters allowance arose. Origins are not entirely clear. His name may suggest the of calling or asking related to an older basque tradition, where children would go from house to House sort of singing for their supper. They would entertain and the hopes of getting food or money, but this was not like trick or treating. They would actually collect these things and then they would go back to their own human and that food and money they had gathered, would be used to assemble a feast meal in writings dating back several hundred years. Alonzo appears as a member of a race of giants who lived in the Pyrenees. According to the legend, these people's eyes glowing cloud the sky so bright. That was painful to look at and a man who was partially board could look at it, so the giants held have aloft, so we can get a closer look when they put him back. He said the sign was use of this, that the cloud was a sigh
of the birth of Jesus okay. So this may sound sort of nice and kind of an interesting and a variation on the story up to this point, but brace because things are about to get really really weird. So fearing the changes of the world that the arrival of the Son of God might Harkin. This old, partially blind man wanted to die and he asked the giants to throw him off a cliff and they walked up a mountain and fulfilled this wish, but then, as they descended, they all fell to their deaths, save one survivor and that Alexander. According to this about to get grisly leginn alone. RO continue down the mountain into the villages below and they got there and punished people who were eating too much on the day before Christ's birth by slitting their throats. There's some irony here and the alleged sorrow was something of a glutton end, a little too fond of drinks so that small, dark
Yeah, that's maybe not the most merry Christmas story ever and that is not. The story is its told today. So now Oh, I don't know is not giant, but a regular human man who spreads love and in this version of the story he was adopted by a fairy after having been found in the woods, is a baby, presumably abandoned and as he grew up, he became a charcoal maker and then he would car figures out of the charcoal to create toys for children, and he would visit villages and distribute these toys every time he had filled his sack up with them and on one such toy distribution visit. He was trapped while saving. Sometimes it's one child who knows it seems it get several children from a burning house and he became trapped in the house and it would make that was his end. But his fairy mother came to him in that moment and to reward him for his bravery.
We not only saved him but made him immortal, so he can make and share toys with children forever. Now life size figures of alleged zero are made with word or paper machine in their carried through the streets. On Christmas Eve, yeah, I read in one spot, but I couldn't verify again because most of this is foreign language and I'm reading interesting translations. Some time He is set on fire as part of the festivities kind of represent that story. So again an interesting twist on the Christmas story, and I need some agnostics, Philip, for a sponsor break. Does that sound yemeni, you Tracy? Yes, ok, let's have a sponsor break, will get some acknowledges that will get to our next holiday story
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Dead notice or father Frost is a slavic variation on Santa Claus and dead matters is an icon of wood. her and he and his granddaughter or daughter or possibly fairy God daughter, depending on your source, sniggered Oscar, bring new year's gifts, is right and their sleigh, which has drawn by a trio of horses and also includes a beautiful evergreen tree as its cargo. Snigger Rotch Guy is often mentioned is the thing that sets dead more roads apart from other Santa, like figures of which there are many none of the others travels with a female counterpart snigger. Russia is also called the snow maiden or just snowy, and, as we just mention she has a number of different roles, because her origin story really berries. Quite right, She may be Father frosts daughter with the snow queen were she might as well lead tells it be a girl made of snow by a couple desperate for a child and then
brought to life by their love in the legend, because you cannot withstand the transition from winter to spring without changing form, she sometimes becomes a cloud after the warmth Meltzer answer: she represents the changing of the seasons and when she appeared dead. Moderates. Her, however, snigger Russia is a gorgeous glamorous creature, her long into robes are always be, and she helps deliver gifts to good children. She also serves a sort of this bridge between Father, frost and the children, because she ll play with the kids and she'll get Father for us to join in from time to time dead. Motorists has roots in the Saint Nicholas Story, of course, as well as the russian hero figure of Morocco, with similar to Jack Frost, sometimes described as a demon of snow. Who can freeze butter with his cold iron fists worlds go and in turn dead. More of the duality of nature are protected.
The good and the hard working and the punisher of the lazy and deceitful yeah, the common theme through all of the holiday figures that we ve talked about on the three episodes we done on these further. You know to reward the guide and punish the bad and, while what else is similar to Santa in many ways his style sets him apart a little bit. His great fur coat is ankle length and it in his cap are normally heavily embellished with white and metallic sort of graphical schoolwork designs that can range from when he said that scroll work too. You know a smattering of stars. They often you'd purling crystal beating that mimic sparkling snow. He also carries a magical staff that helps keep sweet old, father, frost, nimble as a youngster, as he travels through the cold winter nights in the late nineteenth. Ninety, It was decided that Denmark is home. Is
I'll town in northern Russia called ability, use dig, which is on the volkonski Reese region, and if you like, you can get on a training Is that him there, where he lives in a log cabin? That's at the point where three rivers, meat and Democrats is tonight embrace reader because he's fences non winter time poring over all the lady letters that he gets from the children of Russia carefully, noting with their new year's gift, wishes might be his but dead markets has his own dark. Ass than is mythology. While now he has known, as is kindly sweet man who spreads love and toys, he has been written about as much more terrifying figure. Nineteenth century poet, nickel in Nicaragua penned a poem called more it's red nose in which Father Frost was a cruel cruel freezing peoples. It asked for his own amusement and when particularly hard I agree, the story you for his and
rest widow and then laughs at her orphaned children. That is like nice at all. No, but events, his image did soften, but what really? Did I sort of changing things for dead models is the Bolshevik revolution. It halted appearances of this particular holiday figure for a time so from nineteen seventeen into the nineteen thirties, these sort of antivirals. This movement made dead moderates who is seen as a children's God and unwelcome cultural icon, but he did re emerge in the mid nineteen thirties views shifted slightly and his benefit to the children of the country was seen as more important than the rejection of the bourgeoisie figure. Although this is really when he kind of became solidified as a new year's visitor, rather than a Christmas figure after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and ninety ninety one, Variations on dead morals developed in the various countries that had previously been part of the USSR.
Yet there are certainly similarities, but some have even changed up the name to really sort of set there's apart and kind of creed, their own cultural traditions. But since two thousand to you, there's been this other interesting tradition. The dead moderates has been part of. A sort of an act of political goodwill. So every year, Father Frost has a holiday meeting with Finland Santa Claus at a spot on the border that the two nations sheer and litter while border guards look on children perform songs and dances and the two holiday figures exchange gifts with one another. According to reports that I found in twenty fourteen sent
laws gave dead. Moderates universal charger for mobile devices, possibly to keep the elves charged up and ready dead. Moderates gave Santa Claus a picture book with Vladimir Putin on the cover and then in twenty fifteen things became a bit more. Traditional dead moderates gave Santa an ice snowflake, and Santa Claus in turn gave him a basket of sweet, so no telling what this year's exchange my include it may be. Of once again be traditional or maybe ultramodern. We don't know. I am not completely sure why, because it doesn't exactly at up, but snigger. Roach got really reminds me of Susan from the disk world books, and so now I wanna go watch hog. Father Oh well, yeah there's also, if you look at her, you can see that there is to be very modern culture II you, she is a snow princess, so she bears some resemblance to things like Elsa from Road, where you know any
even though else's sort of a more Norway based idea. There still like blue silvery robes that have all of this sparkle in ice on them. So I thought of that is well get at it it. Nor does it make a lot of sense ass. She reminds me season, except that Susan is a daughter, an event hog father like that which is also of holiday, tradition, in its own for many people there wasn't meal. I do and I decided to keep it in mind, What sort of our later tone that we're having this time around obeyed- and this also will come with kind hilarious lost items convention, so hey it's no grit, that I'm really should be I'm a short person. But we have a group printer in our office and you know sometimes your prince something you'll forget its on the printer
an hour. I don't know if it's our wonderful office manager to meagre or our wonderful, I t person. Is he put up this kind of lake no a little slot on the wall, where you could put people stuff that you find off the printer, but it's up way. I and I've never looked him it until today, when I These two emails that I meant to read forever ago: here they were, am I thought. Oh, these are light and their fun, and it will either be a nice way to talk about something not quite so heavy well and there up the despair, in our heights has indeed gotten comments from people when we put up. Years of ourselves, sometimes like that, like us, Tracy standing on a box, no Holly is short and trillions to tallish yeah you're, a little
I'm. So these actually reference in older episode, which is the monk Gulfy Brothers, which was also not too crazy heavy. So that's delightful. The first is from a listener who I'm gonna guess on her name's pronunciation is Tonia, but I'm not confident. So I'm sorry that wrong this high. Thank you for your excellent podcast. I always enjoy the episodes and they help me get through my housework. On the subject of the monk Gulfy episode, I've been moving some stuff from storage to my home, and I found this water color pad. She sent us a photo. No, I did not by it. It belonged to my grandfather here. You can see the cancer logo as the negotiate balloon. If you check out more recent counts on paper. You won't see this so as a reminder to our listeners in case they do not recall the monk off his own to paper company which eventually changed hands a few times and then became known as the cancelling company. So that is why she's referencing newspaper company,
I just thought it was funny that this should turn up just after I listen to this relevant episode and one of you mentioned buying art supplies without using them. I am also guilty is charged, but I think my granddad is a record hold her here. For example, I no idea how old this paper is put. He died some time in the eighties, so it is quite old. This council paper is quite good, but I like paper that either very smooth or very thick- and this is neither so I will see if I can find a way to use it, as we also mentioned that can some paper is not like an office paper supply. They, like so fine art paper some fun one, and this was the other one related to the Mongolia episodes from our listener Melissa, and she says, if you recall in that at present I was like they put the dock in the balloon. Detested in the balloon basket. White admit display way. Are you we had? We had some questions about the logistics of
am, I think I know what you're about to read your yet I have, as I have a fair those of chagrin epithet, Silva listen subject, line is among Gulfy, duck, didn't fly away and the actual body copy of the email says because they were in a cage. At least that's how it was illustrated in who invented it and what makes it work by sir. Leslie a favorite book from my childhood, published in nineteen seventy six. I dug out of my sons, bookcase and snapped a picture of that paid for your enjoyment. Thank you for making my commute enjoyable long. I was there, but listen makes total sense. They would put it in a key things. I feel foolish for have not even thought of putting the done in a cage yeah stuck in a cage.
It makes all the sense of the world if it did not occur to me for one second, which is very funny, because I think I mentioned the show before that when I was fairly young, my parents had a farm and we have ducks. I've would have seen birds in cages. I don't know why my brain could not walk down. That short, The walkway to get there, but there it is, if you would like it to us, you can do so in history by Casta House works dot com. You can also find us across the spectrum of social media is analysed in history. That means on Instagram we're out missed in history on Twitter were at least in history. Facebook, dot, com, Slash missed in history there we are missed in history to tell her dot com and pinterest dot com, Slash missed in history. If you would like to learn a little bit more about holiday figure, shipping go to our parents site.
the works type in the word. Cramp us shook and it gets interesting stuff. You can also come and visit me and Tracy at our side, which is based in history, dot com you can find show notes for every episode that she and I have worked together as well as an archive of every episode of the show ever so please come to visit us at house, have work, Stockholm and missed in history them a more on this and thousands of other topics. Is it has to work? Stockholm. available. Now from my heart, a new series presented by T Mobile for business, the restless ones join me Jonathan Strickland, as I explored
coming technological revolution would be restless business leaders who stand right on the cutting edge. They know, there is a better way to get things done and they are ready, curious excited for the next technological innovation to unlock their vision of the future in each episode will learn more from the restless ones themselves and dive deep into how the five g revolution could enable their teams to thrive the restless ones now available and I radio up. every you listen to bide casts.