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The Mutiny and Massacre of the Batavia

2014-04-23 | 🔗

While most of the survivors of the Batavia were scattered on a few tiny islands off the coast of Australia, a small group went all the way to Indonesia to get help.Meanwhile, a gruesome scenario was playing out among those they left behind. Read the show notes here.

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free and enter offer code. History at check out a better webs, Your website will continue stuff. You missed in history class from how support Talkin Welcome to the pod task, I'm crazy bewilderment Wilson, I'm Holly Frontier. Today we are continuing story of the behaviour, which is a story that income just about everything that could go wrong at the be storm and sickness is that we haven't really talked about, but they were there and then also a shipwreck ETA mutiny, ETA massacre. There definitely some bad behaviour. on a board get there that we're gonna talk about the only people who really come out. Looking pretty good in this whole situation, we don't hear about them until the very end So our last episode, which you're going out of order, I encourage you to listen to that when first, that was the shipwreck. Part of this story was a little.
about a move me that never really got off the ground where we left off the upper merchant Francisco Peltzer has left hundreds of survivors on a few tiny islands off the coast of he ended. Nearly every other senior officer on the ship have all the way to Indonesia and back to get help. So we know that they got to Indonesia. We know they got back. This episode is what happened while they were gone so Nobody on the islands, as we talked about at the end of last episode, knew that Peltzer had decided to go to Batavia for help. They had no finding out about his progress. They just knew that they haven't seen anything of him or the skipper four days, but
a week after the search party left in their longboat. The survivors finally got an authority figure. The Batavia finally broke apart, forcing Cornelis to join the survivors that we're armies island. So just for contacts above Many people died when the Batavia break apart. The survivors clung to rafts that they had made on board, as it became clear that the time of the ship was drawing to a close Cornelis, in particular, survived by climbing the bowsprit at the four of the shipping clinging to it when it broke off and using it flow to land and for the back story promised on him earlier? Cornelis was an educated literate man from an affluent family. He had train and apprenticed as an apothecary any started his own apothecary practice. He handed
married and had a trial, but the baby unfortunately died in its infancy and first, a deranged in incompetent, midwife had handled the delivery and she failed to deliver part of the placenta. So his wife got a life threatening in. As a result, and then they had to hire a wet nurse while she recovered and the wet nurse unfortunately gave the baby syphilis. It was just the worst possible series of events for a birth rates, also kind of unclear exactly how he was such a poor judge of character to have hired both an incompetent midwife and, as we are about to tell you a clearly unwell, wet nurse for the baby. So in spite of Cornelis, sworn statements were. Basically everybody attesting to the fact that he was completely clean and the wet nurse was of abominable character and obviously poor health. Everyone still assumed that the
We had guns syphilis from his mother, and this was a huge stigma and a very terrible reflection on Cornelis and his family and his practice, like. Obviously, if the baby had gotten syphilis, it had gotten syphilis from his mother, and that meant that his mother or his father, somebody had been unfaithful in the situation like there was a whole boat load of social expectation and at rules for behaviour yeah and violated, and that meant that as an apothecary therewith sickness introduced into that as well yeah. So his business seriously, suffered as a result, and it had already been on shaky footing even before this scandal happen. All of this combined with them. Four reparation from a merchant who had loan Cornelis money to put him completely under, and otherwise he not really have had any reason to go to sea. Then he had also developed sort of this range personal, religious and moral code. It was a hotchpotch of influences from throughout his life
bind Anna Baptist, admittedly teachings with the blasphemous and heretical philosophies of a dutch painter named Yahoo. Similarly Vander beak, who also known as Terentius somewhere along the line. He picked up ideas from Epicurism as well, along with the antinomian idea that you only need faith to attain salvation so reason number two that Cornelis had taken to a life at sea. Terentius wound up on trial for his heretical beliefs and other stuff and Cornelis realised that he was exe. Emily lucky not you have been named in the proceedings, which would have resulted in him being prosecuted as well. So all of us together made it seem, really prudent, but he get as far away as possible. Again lack of judgment, maybe on top of prompting him to abandon his wife and his home, these philosophical religious influences, led Cornell to hold some troubling believe of his own. He deeply believe that every action that
personally undertook was divinely inspired, and this also meant that nothing. He could. you no matter what it was could be considered. Sinful are evil because it had all been in. By God. So when the when the Batavia broke up, this became the highest ranking man on the islands An or no and I now before we talk about way, he did not take a moment and talk about a word from response there. This episode of stuff you, Mr History Class, is brought to you by earnest. If you have action. That's why Norton and Lifelong are now part of one company Norton three sixty with lifelike is an all in one membership, your cyber safety that gives you can really go a long way when you are trying to pay down those loans. If you are still paying the same,
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a lot of effort able to recruit about forty men to continue in his original plan to commit mutiny, even though the ship they were going to originally used for this plan was now destroyed instead he and his mutineers plans to do was to common beer, whatever ship came to their rescue and then to use it to become pirates, I'd love to giggle. I feel like this is a plan that, like a ten year old, put together the plans- story are not good plans, but the results are poorly tragedy to make sure he would face no opposition systematically removing people who may not be down with his mutiny play him from the island. This also gave him fewer mouths to feed, even though the current really has delivered a bunch of supplies from the Batavia to the islands. It still wasn't enough to sustain, one there. Then everybody he got rid of that was not on his team, so to speak,
would make it all. Last a little bit longer there. Everybody had sort I felt like it was a huge longshot to think that the Batavia would break apart and the current would bring supplies to them. I did actually happen. Thing that worked out yeah it. It sounds like a lot of supplies because it was like hundreds of barrels of things, but that it was not. When you looked at how many mouths there were to feed that did not actually equate many days of sustenance anybody so Cornelius started sending people off to the other near by islands, and he would tell them there was water there or he would send in their search for water or some other ploy, and he basically sent them after these islands and didn't expect them to survive. He was expecting them to die of hunger and thirst. Horrible man, a mandatory realising, but I don't know how you can't come to the conclusion that point. He also started sending people out in boats, presumably scouts
but he also put men. They were loyal to him on those boats and they would throw his target overboard and leave them to drown, really systematic death. He also straight up his cronies, murder, people who were sick or hurt- and they laughed most of it- women alive when so that he and his crew could use them for sexual purposes. He also claimed Lucretia yawns as his own sexual why, so on top of all these murders, there were many many rates happening on island when he's survivors on one island continuing to wander around the shore when he thought they should be dead and that his little I'll just get rid of them. This way plan had not worked out. He sent me in boats to kill them as well. So, as a result of all of this week, an island later came to be known as Batavia Graveyard this strategy of removing threats from the island became Cornell as its downfall. He sent a group of soldiers, lead,
maybe he's too too, I urge islands where they which they were calling the high islands sir in company, had already search these islands and reported that they had no water, but that was not widespread knowledge. Some Cornelis confiscated the soldiers weapons and sent them their assuming that they would just die of thirst. He was like this go search these big I'll only water over there, you guys go, find it yeah, we'll be haze, on the other hand, was a good leader, You know he was soldiers under his direction, we're very industrious. They built a shelter they conducted this methodical search for water. They would like that they would nourish themselves from water that had been collected in little pits and the rock, as they systematically conducted this week, spread search, they eventually found to cisterns on top of that, the two islands which they were right next to each other, they could get it. They were later named, EAST and West, while the island they were homes.
While lobbies and lots of birds which give them a pretty ample supply of food, apparently the fishing your these islands was also pretty awesome. So they were also in addition to the fact that they found water. They found food. They made a shelter and they started making simple weapons with which to defend themselves and when Haseman found the cisterns they sent up a smoke signal It was their pre arranged method of letting Cornelis know that there was water, and while water was also in all Cornelis immediately saw this hers their water supply. Their vantage point in their spoke signals as a threat. How dare you be more industrious and successful than me how dare you now have things to eat and water to drink and weapons to defend yourself with, because they were industrial basis
and a little shelter that they built out of rocks. So first he tried to persuade them to join his mutineers and they refused, after which a big fight, followed and so haze and his men drove Cornelis and his men off. So after that Cornelis sent an attack party to try to kill them and by this point, haze men who had made themselves the defenders have really organised themselves. They had tried to rescue other survivors, they fought back and after a really bloody battle. The soldiers executed five of Cornelis as men and they captured Cornelis himself and held him zennor as they continued to wait for Rescue Cornelis cronies, who had not been part of this failed overthrow of Webby, haze or smart enough to see way from the wall of the islands. From that point, they recognise that they were not gonna win and they were out matched by. Perhaps the man who
I have been in charge from the beginning that emu heading that is my at of this situation, so Finally, after a month spent getting back to Australia from Indonesia and then another month spent in a frustrating serves to try to figure out why They have left that shipwreck Peltzer and his yacht wound back Batavia graveyard. It sounds maybe a little ridiculous that they go back to Australia and they could not find the shipwreck, but at this point the ship, destroyed and the the area was not charted in the first place. They didn't know where they were when they wrecked to begin yet. So yet so he went about back back in the area. he just embarked on an island that was about a mile away from the wild, be islands and they had why and wine and bread for the survivors with them soon webby haze and three other men rode up and told them to get back aboard the yacht, because there were two parties of
those men on the loose and they meant to commandeer the yacht, and they did in fact try to do that. They eyes. They were meaning mutineers found the yacht. They tried to port it, but Peltzer and the screw. Having now advanced knowledge of what was going on, captured them, and while questioning his new found prisoners, Peltzer learned Arabs and Cornelis original plan to mutiny had started way way back before the ship was even shipwrecked. In the first place after Haze handed Cornelis over Pulsar questioned, him then went to round up the rest of his co conspirators and, while a few seem to have invaded capture most surrendered on the spot, Peltzer irrigated all of the accomplices and found out that the crimes included. In addition to meet me and murder, rape, looting entries in their trials Which are really torture and interrogation and their executions were carried out on seals, island all the power mutineers had their right hands cut off Cornelis had both his hands cut off.
And then all of them were hanged on October. Second of sixteen, twenty nine, roughly a year after the Batavia set sail from HOLLAND and those hanged. Feels Ireland were left dangling from the gallows, so also marooned too, of the youngest members of the crew in Australia, the rest of them all the old, hauled and dropped from yard, arms and flag on the way back to Batavia, where they were ultimately executed, before leaving the island's pulsar. Let a pretty successful, Sabbath salvage mission, LA loading up the sardine, with as much as they could find before returning to Batavia. They arrived there on December. Fifth of sixteen twenty nine, even though done, his ultimate job of protecting the cargo, eventually, after a fashion Well, you never really recovered from his whole incident and he died not long after probably of the same illness that had brought him down on board.
And it was after he died- that they discovered his illicit money, lending business, which he was funding with company money so again and hard to root for remaining people in the store, even though he seems kind of and up in many ways you compared to look. The other people on board was still there were issued, and then the visa fee didn't actually- make a lot of money, even though he he did salvage a lot of stuff because the person they had been planning to sell all of this stuff too. By the time it was all said and done was no longer in power, and the person who had taken his place did not really care about the steps that have been brought over. It was a fake
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into it, arrived in Batavia to learn that her husband had been dead for at least five months. We don't really move whether Cornelis his wife ever learned of his treachery. Her story, sort of fades away after a prolonged and public back and forth, with the civil attic wet nurse that they had hired. So a lobster fishermen found the Batavia in nineteen. Sixty three and part of the hall was raised from the ocean floor and its now displayed in the western Australian Maritime Museum, and there no other artifacts from the wreck that are on displayed there and in other museums. There has also been an extensive study of bodies but hey these graveyard and surrounding islands. It's basically super horrifying, their lack of evidence of how people were brutally bludgeoned to death and had multiple, broken bones and skull fractures and pretty terrible
in a weird way, the Batavia in its shipwreck, one being the source of a whole lot of first slash, other notable historical things like I was the first dutch ship lost off the coast of Australia Webby Hazel shelters were the first european structures on the continent of Australia and the ruins of those shelters still stand today that to Marie meat meares, where the first european residents of Australia, Liberty, Is the only Yossi ship to have been archaeological raised and conserved. This whole incident also. inspired the vs ie to methodically map the coastline of us, Australia, so that perhaps such a disaster would never happen again. That will make you do not want to get on about the whole story.
Many layers of just baffled are awful mess that keeps getting worse and more awful. I think this is one I don't remember who I think this is one that someone suggested on Twitter and I was gonna be in these. We need sound and then I took one look at it in what way this is more than just a mutiny, a whole lot more than mutiny going on here, yeah, it's kind of like a portrait of like the worst of humanity in many ways, gear that troubling near I, like Webby haze, fades away from history. We don't really know what happened to him, it's kind of assumed that perhaps he died of some sort of tropical illness with we just don't have a lot of circle record on him after the end of the Batavia story, but yeah. While everybody else is having some Lord of Flies action, he was leaving things
border revolt ducks we're in a row so little listener mail and in this was your mail is from Alexander and Alexander, says: dear tracing Holly I've been a long time listener of the past and will not as regular as elected. We try to listen as much as I can. They certainly help otherwise loading work flyby. By listening to past episodes, I heard your podcast onstage shown again and I wanted to pass on an interesting fact about the period as a history, major the folks asian studies. I'd always wondered why medieval Japan had so many female authors as opposed to the rest of the world, which focused more on male dominated traditions by women in the hand court will respond for many great literary works of the time and then in parentheses, detailed Genji and the pillow talks in particular, the men of the period didn't really come up with much to match. This had remained a mystery to me until recently turns out would agree.
And for your hey on courts, prolific female population and lack lustre showing for the man has to do with court tradition. As a guy's mention of the pod cast the hand, court was largely dominated by chinese culture and tradition has had a major effect on how court nobles conducted themselves, including the language that they would write in. It was considered proper and sophisticated for male nobleman to write and can Chinese, while women were expected to new Japanese. This, ironically, had a negative influence on men and their poetry, because they will be writing using a second language which resulted in mediocre literary works on the other, and women in the hay and court were able to write in their first language, which facilitated much more artistic and literary ability. This resulted in a higher quality of literary writing such as the tale of Genji and pillar books from the fear population, while the male population tended to lag behind. That is fascinating. It is
rang a distant bell in my head. I vaguely remember one point hearing about the separation of languages across the sexes, but that, as far as my brain went with it, so it's cold gets more in depth. The S analysis of how that all pan out, and thank you very much for that. No, if you would like to write to us, you can we re his group on gas that discovery, that com, or else on Facebook basement that calm slackness in history and on Twitter it missed in history. Our tumblr is missing history DA temblor, dot, com, interested interests, not lack missed in history, one more time we are at missed in history, dot, com as well, you can come to our website or other website, which is how it works. Tat you have to websites now. If you would like to learn more about what we talked about today, you can go. Other website, which is housetop, works, dot com. You learn a little bit more about. We talked to update the words used in buddy and you will learn about one of the other EAST India, the accompanying just be British EAST and the accompanying.
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