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The Road to the Declaration of Sentiments

2015-12-07 | 🔗

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott met in London in 1840 and bonded instantly over a shared anger at injustices against women. Their friendship led to the creation the Women's Rights Convention in 1848, and the signing of a pivotal document.

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finding a home in rock music and learning to flourish in your own weird way. It's also a series of letters of advice to my younger self ass. She navigates of hashish, adolescence seals or social inside each body, issues and relationships and discovers a transformative power during wrapper, comes from double Elvis productions is created and hosted by mutual citizen and executive produced by Jake Brennan of disgrace, land, listen to dear young rocker, on the irish radio, app apple pie costs or wherever you get your podcast. Welcome to you stuff, you missed in history class from Howstuffworks dot com hell. I would welcome to the podcast. I'm calling crying Tracy Gilbert, Toby. We had kind of an interesting connection made with the office of the council
technology officer of the United States, Megan Psmith reached out to our podcast about a piece of history that has actually gone missing and kind of was interested in. Seeing if we wanted to talk about this piece of history and may be collaborate a little bit and, of course, we said, yeah yeah, my favorite part of this was that we got. We got the ping on twitter, I'm u texted me about it within minutes. While I was sitting on my couch doing nothing and you're like hey salubrious, excitement who all so of course you, see, wanted to collaborate with Megan and her team and help raise awareness. And what really got me excited is that there is also a call the rally: are listeners to Hell, has little problem Edward, tell you more about how you can get involved at the end of the episode, but first what we're actually gonna about today. Is the very early stages of the women's rights movement in the United States? Yet we are,
incidentally, on suffrage theories driven him by this visit that highly made to the White House a case that much more boring explanation of when the library books showed up from Inter Library loan that still very valid, though so we're gonna go. Today, a little bit of by a graphic information about a couple of the key players germane to this particular slice of that history that we're focusing on and then we're going to talk about the first women's rights convention and will also discuss this document. That was written for the event, called the declaration of sentiments and will hear from the. U S see tee o Megan Smith, who a reference to a moment ago about what happened to that documents submitted start by talking a little bit about Lucretia might and she was born Lucretia coffin Tucker Massachusetts on January. Third of seventeen. Ninety three: she had seven siblings when she was thirteen Lucretia went to a Quaker Boarding School in New York, state called nine.
Nurse, and she stay there for a long time of her life. She stayed there after she finished her studies as a teaching assistant when she graduated Lucretia often intended lectures by speakers who visited the school, and it was through this. These events that she became aware of the plight of enslaved Africans and also the abolitionist movement she so learned, while at the school that the women teachers were earning less money than the men who talk there She learned more and more about the various injustices of the fact that society that she was living in came more and more resolved to do something about it so might became Well, moon, anti slavery, Speaker Anna Quaker Minister by the eighteen, twenties and Lucretia had met the man who had become her husband, James MOT. While she was working at the Quaker School
the pair married in eighteen eleven and they set up their household in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jameson Lucretia had six children, though one of them died in childhood and there's not a time of like when you look at her biographical info. They dont really list out the kids in their ages, as often as happens with some of the other women in this movement, but we do know that she had six. They did not survive five of them, Oh did with into adulthood in eighteen. Thirty three march was a pivotal member of the group of women who organised the Philadelphia female Anti slavery society. Her work there Samantha places an abolitionist leader and in eighteen, forty who travelled to London to serve as a delegate from the Philadelphia female Anti slavery society to the world. Anti slavery convention. Right now. We're gonna shift gears for a moment and talk about Elizabeth Tv Stanton. I have also heard it pronounced Elizabeth Caddy Stanton
I don't know which is correct. I watched a ton of videos and I mostly heard Katy, but I also heard carrying a couple places, so my apologies for that wrinkles. Anybody one way the other, but that we're gonna go with tv that, just because I swear I always heard a growing up in its more natural Elizabeth Katy was born in Johnstone New York on November. Twelfth of eighteen fifteen her mother was Margaret Livingston. Haiti and her father. Daniel Katy was a lawyer, a judge in a speculator, and he was also a man who, if he had his druthers, would have had only sons, and there was something that he never really made any effort to hide. Although she was I mailed filed Elizabeth was advocated as one in it. She made her habit. Worked really hard to shine in areas of study that have traditionally been associated with boys rather than girls. She attended a local boys,
all Enron's town and study latin greek religion and sciences right alongside her male counterparts, often outperforming them academically. Despite her excellent academic record, she could not attend the same college as the young man in her graduating class because she was a woman and so she enrolled in the toy female seminary in New York and she graduated from that school in eighteen. Thirty, two at the age of seventeen and Elizabeth MAD Henry Brewster stand her cousin, Garret, Smith's home and Peterborough New York Stand was already deeply involved in the abolition movement there romance was now appreciated by Elizabeth Father? He was a federalist just the same against her families wish Elizabeth and Henry we're married on May first, eighteen, forty famously Elizabeth had
is to obey omitted from the traditional list of promises. A bride makes to her husband in the course of the marriage ceremony you're that one what strikes me. I've read it before and even reading its doing, research for this episode, because I've known brides in the recent past, who have still had to make it clear to the efficient at their ceremonies that the obey which had to be dropped. We actually does met with our efficient on this past weekend. The two things we really. We don't want to re our own vows. We I'm also night saying anything about obeying, and now I mean it was not necessary for me to say for our officials in particular succumbs were very progressive denomination, but she has had people who have specifically asked her to have that in there. How I mean whatever whatever you want to do that
I'll do it, but I was really when my best friend got married, and this is a long time ago Key- and I got married a very close to each other in time here she her efficient at the last minute had to step out. I don't remember the circumstances, but they. Luckily at another person that was like a friend of one of her parents coworkers, it was able to do it. He was very sweet, but she had made very clear. she would not be saying obey at all. He did was substituted out. The word serve like you, didn't understand how dear, but are you, and he was so sweet that there is this beautiful awkward moment, the middle of the ceremony, where we I disagree with what you give it to you, but she was she just kind of laughed and said it and kept going, but it was very very, but it strikes me as odd that does
something that people were thinking about in eighteen, fortys and yet still in the twenty of the twenty first century, people are still having these discussions and it is not always clear why that sentiment would not ought to be there, but right there you go still further honeymoon, though the newlyweds stems went to the World Antislavery convention in London that same one, that Lucretia was going to you. Henry represented the american Anti slavery society as a delegate, but there was a pro when they arrived because women attend. These were initially not granted entry into the event because they were not men. This led to a lengthy and heated discussion of the matter among the delegates, and eventually women were given access, but they had to sit in the back of the hall and they were allowed to vote the patent anyway. They were only granted access to observe
then so in eighteen, forty Lucretia MAD and Elizabeth Katy Stan met for the first time at the world. Anti slavery convention in London in this newly designated women's section, and both of them were quite furious about it. They made fast friends in their mutual indignation over the situation and they agreed that once they had returned to the U S, they should set up a women's convention as soon as several of the goal of that gathering was going to be a discussion about the injustices that women were constantly suffering similar to the ones they had just gone through at this convention. That was supposed to be about equality and progressive thinking well, and I feel like there's a good there are a good moment to point out that, even though this running in a lot of ways in parallel with Listen, we ve met and there are a lot of overlap and characters there. At the same time, a very valid criticism that some of the same short sightedness was affecting the women who were leading this movement
It was a lot of ways focus mostly on educated middle class and every class white women there were actually a lot more women in the United States, then just them. Yes, absolutely after the convention in London concluded. The stands came back to the United States They live for a little while in Johnstone Henry's and there were actually a lot more women in the United States, then just them. Yes, absolutely so after that. While Henry practised LAW and he and Elizabeth grew their family. They had a son names Daniel. Haiti stand in eighteen, forty, two and then two years later they had another boy, Henry Roosters engineer in eighteen, forty five Garret Smith's then was born and hidden.
Elizabeth would eventually have for more children, theatre, weld, Stanton and eighteen, fifty one Margaret Livingston, Stanton and eighteen, fifty two Harriet, even Stanton, and eighteen, fifty six that Robert Livingston Span in eighteen. Fifty nine- and I wanted to make a brief aside that one of the reasons that Henry agreed to go study law under Lisbon, Father was kind of to act. We s a little bit like hey. I know you don't always like my politics, but I do want to be a good son in law. I do want to support your daughter, and you know, give her a good life, and so he kind of agreed the steady law along those lines and also it was you know you good way to make a living, but an eighteen. Forty seven Henry's health was really suffering, and so the decision was made that they were going to move. The Seneca falls New York in the hopes that a chain
in environment would revive him a little bit and Elizabeth Father Oda House. They are at thirty to Washington Street and he transferred that house in the property it was attached to you over to his daughter. He basically gave them this new home to live. It must change of scenery was really difficult for Elizabeth. She didn't have a network of friends and fellow activists anymore, and her life was really pared down to just taking care of the kids. She and Henry had seven and also admitting housework to Elizabeth. This was not a wife. She could sustain with any sort of happiness. She wrote Time quote: my duties were too numerous and buried and not sufficiently exhilarating or intellectual to bring into play. My higher faculties I suffered with it was not a wife. She could sustain with any sort of happiness. She wrote of this time quit seen forty eight Elizabeth Kate then was at a gathering at the home of Gene and Richard Hunt in Waterloo and all
that same gathering. This is its often characterizes a tea, but the Ladys were really. Therefore, the majority of the day was Lucretia might marry him. Mclean talk, Martha Right and, of course, Jane Hunt. The lady of the House and Elizabeth had groaning recently frustrated with the restrictions of women's role at the time, and she was sharing this chagrin with her friends and really kind of complaining about feeling very trapped in and very just frustrated at the life she was forced into and all of the women there really shared in the same experience. They all had been working on the issue of abolition and temperance, and they all had families and they all had experience discrimination. So this is definitely a legacy of preaching to the choir situation
as the women discussed the problem of how to address their frustration that always being placed below man. They had the of a women's convention which had first been agreed upon between mine. Might understand eight years earlier, this really gained the centre stage. In our conversation they decide. I would call it a women's rights convention and the ball was soon rowing and the Women's rights convention was scheduled for a mere ten days. later lows my mind, though, that it was only ten days between having the idea and scheduling the thing, like we live in a world where we are scheduling, events that are happening in March and we're recording this in November yeah- it's it's very fascinating, but also exciting. I can't I bid me terrified to put an event together, but before we get into the convention in kind of how they got, everyone informed that it was even happening. We're gonna
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During the first day, the meeting will be exclusively for women, which are which all are earnestly invited to attend the generally are invited to be present. On the second day when Lucretia might of Philadelphia and others both light. And gentlemen will address the convention, so remember that this point Lucretia really did have a fairly significant, nay. As being a really amazing orator. So it made sense that she was the one that they picked a kind of include in their their call to action copy, and this same copy ran and multiple places, starting on July, eleventh and running for several days, including Frederick Douglass Paper, the North STAR Douglas, was also invited to the convention by Elisabeth Mclean talk. and that was an invitation to which he replied quote. To be sure, I will do myself the pleasure of accepting your kind invitation to attend the proposed women's convention at Seneca falls. In addition,
The announcement of the papers, the Ladys, mobilise their connections with an abolitionist and social reform community is to try to spread the word in a daze leading up to the events. Elizabeth Katy Stanton drafted a document muddled on the declaration of independence calling for women's rights. It was called the declaration of sentiments and outlined the ways in which women had been treated unjustly and called for an organized meant to reclaim rights. The declaration of sentiments included eighteen injuries and usurpations two women there also ill, in resolutions to accompany the declaration, and so in July, Nineteen arrives two hundred or three hundred depending on the source. You read people convened at the Wesleyan Chapel Lucretia, my husband James, presided over the meeting Mary Mclean Talk was appointed secretary of the meeting and Elizabeth Katy stems stated the purpose of the meeting and then Lucretia my maid opening
Six Stanton read the declaration of sentiments and then after a proposition was introduced to do so, it was read again faction bisection, with discussion after each piece in some Those changes were made to it. Based on that discussion, the attendants than have their lively discussion about whether men should sign the declaration as well as women, and while eventually the group did vote in favour, of this idea. The final decision was actually tabled for the following day, since the men would be there at that time, and so the morning session at this point was adjourned. Until the afternoon When the group we assembled for the second half of the day, the amended version of the declaration of sentiments was let the document was approved by boat and then circulated for signatures. A man. The eleven resolutions were read. The ninth of these was the most controversial it called for voting rights for women.
and while all of the other resolutions passed unanimously on the second day of the convention, this one really met with some resistance. It was simply radical for some of the women there, but others passionately asserted the need for it, and eventually it did pass with a majority, but not with unanimity. The things that is interesting to me about that is that we're not quite sure what order these episodes are going to come out, and but this episode and our Catherine Dexter Mccormick episodes happening nearer one another, and so, during this episode, idea of women, women voting was a little too radical and then we move ahead in time a little bit with Catherine Extra Mccormick, and at that point voting was what pretty much all the women's rights activists were. All on board for contraception had become the thing that was too radical yet It is interesting to see how you know, movements shift in what what
is initially thought of is as really like far, we're going too far with this and kind of garner some negative attention eventually get superseded by something else in this is a fascinating kind of ebb and flow to watch yeah. So if either remember that Catherine Dexter Mccormick up as though you already heard or look forward to it, depending on how we eventually run leave, also amid all these speeches on the second day was an address by Frederick Douglass. Supporting the women's caused by the timely convention had closed sixty women and thirty two men had signed the declaration of sentiments and, of course, this event made waves. The press kind obscured the effort maybe less enlightened folks kind of preach the danger of letting women achieve equality. In reaction to all of this purer, Frederick Douglass wrote quote, a discussion of the rights of animals would be regarded with far more complete,
see by many of what are called the wise and good of our land than would be a discussion of the rights of women so frustrated because, as the thieves even today, not just for women, yeah where people of color like there are a lot of wearing the same conversation so much later anyway. At the same time, the first women's rights convention have just happened and regardless of whether how was received by the public and because of the outrage, the declaration of sentiments. A lot of attention that it might not have received otherwise year, there was one right up that I was reading. That was suggesting that Elizabeth Katy stance was kind of an early. doktor. Without this exact phrase of like you know, no press is bad. Press is a glad they're talking about it. Now. First. So more and more women are gonna, hear about this. So I guess it's not all that bad. I do you, Wanna do
moment and talk a little bit about how history is sometimes framed, because there's been a lot of discussion, particularly around this convention and the sentiments in the beginning of the women's rights movement in the last year or so. One thing I want to point out is that sometimes you will hear people loop in season be Anthony, is having been present for this convention she was not that information is not correct, while she and Elizabeth Katy steam would work closely together in the fight for women's rights in the eighteenth fifties and beyond, they actually had not even met in eighteen. Forty eight, they didn't mean until eighteen, fifty one so she sometimes kind of gets backwards engineered into it, but she wasn't actually there in her twenty fourteen back the myth of cynical falls, author LISA, to throw asserts that in some ways the it is of the cynical false convention was kind of backwards, engineered by women's rights activists when the moon re formed after it paused during the civil war and to Trots book really
just that both Elizabeth Katy Stem and Susan be Anthony kind of leverage, information about the Seneca, false convention to achieve two ends, and she makes it clear that it's not fabrication but the way they framed. It really kind of sets up these two things, one. They used it to dismiss the american women Suffrage Association by indicating that they had they meaning Elizabeth Katy statements to be Anthony had been much more a part of the start of the movement and that validated their group, which was the national women Suffrage Association over that competing group and to that it cement, their own positions and influence within the women's movement to kind of indicate that they had been there from the beginning. This is another reason why it's really cool that we're, coincidentally doing this at fade, and one on Catherine Dexter Mccormick at the same time, because you can see ahead in time a little bit. Continuing disputes between different organizations working towards the same ends, which is the case at all,
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as the first official women's rights document on record in the United States? The declaration of sentiments is incredibly important. Where did it like the actual these paper, that they were gone, it's actually a bit of a problem, but in I'm telling you about it ourselves, we're gonna. Let Megan Smith is the United States. Chief technology officer explain things. I was fortunate enough to get to speak with Megan while visiting Washington DC recently, and we talked a lot about the importance of women's history and make its interest in the declaration sentiment specifically, which actually led to the discovery and no one. entirely sure where the original document actually is somewhat jumped into that. Conversely, so here's the big question right out of a day. What compelled you here to go? Looking for the equity,
sentiments in the first place. So I think this is amazing. Church of club, which is the further back, you can look further forward. You will see and says he is too the officer I'm trying to help us with the future, where the economy than pairing America and then all the things that it takes to unlock the potential of all american people, people around the world. To do their thing, and one thing This is so look at the challenges that we have had in coming to table this case, women's rights and the challenges women This is a thin science technology. Engineering that why is it that there are so few of us proportionally, and yet, if you look into history, you find astonishing things like grace hopper. Their rear, admiral, the Navy who invented coding, languages, daddy, translator compiler that takes this machine. code from your English Java over that such is the case, That is an Edison level American. Why doesn't everyone or love- from England who invented the idea of algorithms, Catherine Johnson, there
an american women who calculated the trajectory for Ellen Shepherd. First american space jungle and for we're going around and the appalling missing Paula movies, you never see a technical mathematical only come on. Then we need to know these stories because in knowing them they know that, even if we weren't proportionally there, we were eyes their daily level, contributing and this story is about some rights which is interesting? Well, what wait, you realize it was actually may say yes and when I first got here, I asked air if the archivist of the United States, David Ferrie, a tremendous whether he had it and he said go look for it through the archives, but said this is because it was not originally a federal back. Might we might not have? It and also the time you when archives is founded. They have some things, but they were found the later. So here put out an all calm and he was Finally- and I have a great email from here that says,
still on it. I see Finally- and this is a really great peace, The declaration of sentiments itself is the original document from Seneca falls Centre where the very first women's rights convention occurred? when we in the United States and they gathered, I believe, actually that Seneca falls because so much of abolition and women's rights, whether a lot because the Erika now using commerce life a crowd, is where not only goods are travelling, but ideas in conversation. I said they were right on they can now, and they were part of that. We call this convention, and so David had sent over the original documents they found from the newspaper com. When he said that they found the table on which it was written and they found several other things, a pamphlet there was typeset from around the time, but not the document so we call seneca thousands of different people in Santa Claus. They don't know where it is. They think it may be lost this on
and they found several other things: a pamphlet. There was typeset from around the time, but not the document, and so we call Seneca farcical, different people in Santa Claus. We don't know where it is. They think it may be lost written based on the declaration Independent said says: we hold these truths to be self evident that all men and women are created equal and then it gets in This sounds like, but we have the content because we think the source is Frederick Douglass He, of course, was an incredible writer. Printer to the northern STAR and so we think he took it Rochester because it is printed in the Northern star and when Clearly, we received from this great guzzling mark says actually has a copy. of the original, if he thinks there's to the existing original northern star on page one. Escalation on. It also report says on the Rochester Women's convention, which was the second one
and he said interesting. We he had not seen the northern star in twenty two years of collecting until finally got a hold of these so really exciting stuff. To find now, I just in terms of the history, Frederick Douglass, if such an amazing, but this particular Well, it's interesting that you talk about the find, because your team has come up with a really ingenious way to both leverage social media and engage the public in their own sort of efforts to help find they. Can you talk a little bit about this amazing project? Yes, who, as I was working with our quest, mention this to my colleagues here unless you host, who worked in opposite digital strategy for president, She and I had already collaborated on something called the untold stories of women in science and technology, which you can find a way has website in it. Different administration women talking about here is that they have, though the administrator EPA, is about Rachel, Carson, the incredible environment
so just really wonderful NASA leadership talking about their here, Sally Right and others. So we had done that work, and I mentioned this. The lines in she's like we needed treasure hunting, and so we want this treasure hunting and can the Nicholas cage that test if we can engage everyone because we really need, is for people and then the content of the decoration sentiments, because it's one of the most comprehensive documents ever written about equality from and so the sentiments themselves are striking and when the Washington Post covered a treasure hunt. They pulled some of the sentence. one of them, they noted, was very much about equal pay, which we struggle with today. Nine percent and around the world for the challenges Look at Elizabeth caddies that wanted to go to university. She wasn't aloud So in had asking for rights you go to school, which is not unlike will always have side. We have saying reality if you'd look at each of the Sentinel Kind, almost redline them.
And say how are we in those days how rearing in different countries so how long do you think the fine sentiments project will go on as this planted as a long term thing? Or do you have an end date attached to we're? Gonna keep lick until we find one where things which then really fun? It's not really be looking for this. The sentiments, the declaration itself, but all the other is that our surfacing are the Sole Belmont House. Here and one of a house. That's really be the final home of the National Women's party. Farewell there was a curse, their national Suffrage party that was Advise you to be healthy. Elizabeth Cosette matters Ass, Paul. added the Nationalist Party with a federal values. So there is a state and federal put strategy working together so apparently, there's a flag, that's methods this beautiful flag, where every time as they would ratify the ninety them. and they were so on another star and at the very end, there's a picture of her with the flag standing on the balcony
and they're said to know. I was Paul, who was the first woman, the first person in the history of our country, to figure out to protest the White House where the stuff is that, so this is her federal strategy, leadership of Mary Church Terrell, founder of the deltas and in this group together work. I would love to find that flag and the sole Bela's votes have been looking for for a long time. There's also a pen, that there's a movie right now called suffragettes about the british women. What happened Carla ITALY released a testimony from nineteen twelve The women who live in the tenement, this particular group that worked in the laundry and its true stories based space, true stories of their testimony in parliament, trying to get the vote secure the boat based on their lives, together with Serbia
that was going on from a place, and so this story of the film suffragette ensues from there and it its lead Emily tankers, despite my mouse repetitious, a short part of, but the film itself is about the foot soldiers they cod, so Alice Paul, was actually in England in those times and then came back and was part of this federal strategy said at the time they were sent to jail for fighting for and they created a pin in England, the jail door and so When she came back and began this idea, protests in White House every time they went to jail. He would see eventually got a beautiful pen by that we're trying to get that's model from door and so make anyone be able to and began that any woman who went to jail, hundreds of women went to jail. There was a terrible night on the nine, the fourteenth of November carbonate of terror when they were beaten very badly, but often forced FED cause. They will go and hunger strikers, brutal
and went some of that fighting that there the tide, terrible the line, as though they would wear the scale doubt door ten. So we're looking for those who have a few of them and we, of course, the design do. You think, like What are your odds? Do you think? I'm fighting the declaration of sentiment and hopefully a card king optimist. I think it's gotta be in some like a box in someone's attic somewhere that their nanda put away like a fire and tragic that this is one point I was the chance. It's lasts, some, where there is also some tracks, like one of the email, said that traveled with the Waterloo Party, which is the next town for Santa Claus that maybe there's a woman who was making gloves who became a printer. Maybe he has the original and send another cover. Who knows who knows what happened, but it's a wonderful story, be tracking so causing us the note. The different archives prison I'm at Harvard the Radcliffe Library has
for any amount of collection, material, Pennsylvania, sober. the Library of Congress, all of course, Women and children. the women studies programmes across the United States across the world on office. Get away a little then is not relevant across and says, excited the lifting of the stars of all our day working to develop like a comprehensive database of what they all have for reaching out to them. I say faking kind of creative gathering were on our way to the winds, equality it twice in and with five years for five years outright fur celebrating that centennial so can we get together and see what you want to do with the history and also from a digital perspective? What kind of edits on can we do I was looking at Queen Victoria versus Napoleon's, Wikipedia pages and indeed a catalogue of Victoria half. Besides a Napoleon Napoleon, we love to look
because of his victim, his military strategy. There's a lot of detail and there's that may be part of it, but I think both of them are complicated, historic leaders that deserve equal lay. Victoria is one of my favorite people and I carry picture so you're speaking my language at any time that we could do to make sure that video online archives are really carrying the history of everybody because, like the church with its load, Tenaya history ignoring or your future, especially for Women today, young people of color, who sometimes coming up against Nazi which avert by us anymore, but institutionally unconscious bias so confusing? Why is this happening to me?. no, no, the history of what's going on and what we have all worked together as he managed to get there, I understand why you are not heard in a meaning and are not getting commodity or not getting these things in it, because similarly continuum forgetting tat, full equality for everyone
Have there been any surprises? I know it's still in its infancy in terms of getting like public involvement in it, but if you have any surprises along the way where people have brought something to your attention, excited by all enthusiasm, and just people are looking for it all around. We ve some radio pheasant working with you guys that really exciting to see people to now, because if it's a great history that we have You know the Americans, on which you know we stand on their shoulders. That have this country, and you know from our founders to these differently. There's some righteous excited to think Treasury, for example the sector, a treasure together with the treasure version years, are working together to bring women the money those stories are of, and so they have the hashtag. They knew tat they ve gotten over three hundred women recommend which is exciting because our working with the textbook folks
say you know, are all three hundred of these people who seem to have crowd source surface. That of our consciousness is important. Are the owner textbooks to the kids? Now about these? All the people of this country to go well one of the things that really fascinating to me and you brought it up. Are you touch briefly, mentioning Frederick Douglass is that Even when people do talk about this, which they don't often enough, the declaration of sentiments, it's kind of care, just as a women's document, but there like sixty eight women signatures. But there are thirty, two men they were also there, and it's really not just to women's document its everybody's history and impacts. All of us is there, have you had any challenges? Are you out new ways to sort of frame and get that point across that this is not just a women's issue, but in everyone's history issue
They were saying that across the globe and in an United Nations just ratified this sustainable development goals in top level. The seventeen goals that the world has set out for ourselves for the next fifty years, gender equality is one of them. The deputy president, South Africa. I was speaking at the open government partnership session and Mexico City was singing bad, for them is one of their primary. Focuses. Is peace and security engender emancipation very interesting to hear him use that word for this gender apartheid that still exist our society, I so I think that working on these issues is coming to the forefront of all of our thinking. There's an incredible quote. Jefferson, Memorial and it says I'll go, get exactly right. Well, maybe it in its I'm not fan of the frequent change of law he says, but I didn't
set up the human mind, advances as we become more enlightened, we come to know and understand things and you you can't fit the cope but I the boy just like ideas, just don't work, of our barberess ancestors, and I think that his language is really quite stunning, the use of barberess ancestors, I don't think they knew they were whereas slavery in in a quality inn or if it's horrific things that that we live with a nun in a quality inn and those challenges that we face, but as we wake up we need to debunk them they now we need to come and work together to get out of the problems, even if we didn't create them here at them and said: gender equality, interracial equality, non discrimination all he says ass. If economic are a big part of the cost,
the United Nations and the world have set for ourselves in the global goals, which include justice and equality and economic opportune the greater our planet and all those things so speaking of goals when all of this is said and done when you guys decide it's time to rap duration of sentiments, search, whether we found it or not like what are you really hope that people can take it? from this having happened, I think that we want, even if they can't find the physical document we want the concept. Knowledge of the document and knowledge of its content. So many people, if you mentioned Seneca, falls they We have heard of it, President Obama often says from Seneca falls so much stonewall in talking about the different moment. In a way, from Philadelphia independence all the way through these moments in our country, Recounter, work our equality in the work of justice, as he says is King said
Our hope is that we get this inclusion of all of us and the documents like this and their deep content specific sentiments when you re in them they're so comprehensive, and we still the working on all of them. Are there for us as it. For where we want to be at last working people go to find out more and if they want to help with the search. Yes, hashing find the sentiments on twitter and then when I was that of fine sentiments, but that's just search find us and to learn there we have opposed the details that there's also a form that we fill out and send us great information, as you find it, or put it up on Twitter with us and was just keep looking together and where it is not only in the declaration sentiments but all the other kinds of things like the pen, the flag, any kind of thing that tells the story of women some arise when this equality or anybody for cloudy wanna be standing up and sharing. I love it Megan. Thank you so much
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being made and five were today, a hundred and sixty seven years later, one more time, that's a hundred and sixty seven years later. So we hope that if you have any connection to the Seneca, convention, whether that's three family history or any other connection like you, purchased, an antique that might have been if anything, just the even if it seems fabulous. Please share any information that you have on social media and use the hashtag find the sentiments, as Megan cheered. Whether we find the original declaration of sentiments are not odds are that there is a lot of history related to this convention and that hasn't been properly documented and you might be the one to have some of that. So, if you want more information, you can actually go to the White House Blog and do a search for find the sentiments or honestly you, if you just going to any search engine and type in fine sentiments or hashtag, find the sentiments it's gonna, be due to this particular blog
Megan wrote that explains the whole project and how they went on this search and how they have launched this initiative and also give you a little form that you can fill out right there. But I will now the Euro, which is W W W that White DOT Gov Slash blog, Slash, find dash the dash sentiments and, as I said, there's a great little form there, but you can also just go to social media and post. Your thoughts in your information using hashtag find the sentiments and we hope you ducas it's a wonderful way to get people involved in the historical discovery process, and you know: they're, really crowd sourcing, a new chapter in sort of really flashing out american history. Specifically women's history, so it's a pretty cool way that you can contribute. Do you also have the listener mail for ass? I view the sun is a really fun for me that involve some science that I would not have known
it is in relation to our MIKE Malloy episode and the the all of the email I loved it. The second, I even sight was why they didn't kill MIKE Malloy at first and it comes from our listener, Paul who is a doctor. So he knows about these things and he says Holly and Tracy by treating Might Malloy to an open bar tab. The buffoon murderers were actually giving MIKE the antidote to would alcohol methanol poisoning until two thousand, Standard treatment for methanol poisoning was actually to give ethanol by I ve little. Did these fools real Is it by getting my drunk on booze ethanol? First, they were protecting him from the toxic effects of method, all also by running over making a narrow tire vehicle typical of the time with snow on the ground. They probably broker few ribs, but the snow actually cushioned MIKE and the narrow, tubular tire could do little damage and as to how human beings could conspire to do such a thing. Remember the nineteenth
Three was the year of Hitler's rise to power, sounds of interesting connection that it is really cool. I certainly did not know about the treatment to methanol poisoning being ethanol. So that's a pretty fascinating little twisted that story. That explains why he just kept going and going and going despite filling him but near, and a couple of different people have written to us with that. Bit of knowledge is very cool. I did not know and now its additional science environmental library. Hopefully it will not lose it. If you would like to write to us, you can do so in history, pike ass to how soapbox dot com were also base, but that comes lash, Mr History, on Twitter ATLAS in history, at Pinterest outcome, Slash, written history and emission history, not tumblr com. You can also find us on this degree of interest in history. Feel like the research a little bit more about what we talked about today, you can go to work.
in state parent site House works, I ve been the word feminism or women's rights in the search bar and you're gonna get a lot of different articles will have a lot of crossing. As well with ITALY from stuff. I've never told you in those results here, just a great hall wealth of knowledge to explore. You get us a visit acid, MR history, that com where we have all of our back episodes Archive for ye. We have shown out from the episodes that Tracy and I have worked on together and occasionally other little goody. So we encourage you to visit us and how they work, and this from all around us and thousands of other topic, because it has not worked.
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