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The Vanishing of Sister Aimee

2014-11-19 | 🔗

Aimee Semple McPherson was an extraordinary figure in the early 20th-century religious landscape. As an evangelist, she rose to incredible popularity in the 1920s ... and then vanished. Read the show notes here.

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We're not really gonna dig particularly deep into this evangelists religion and doctrines. We'll talk about it as it relates to the events of her life and sort of how she became famous and then had the sort of huge public turning point. But just have time. In sticking a history rather than theology, we're not gonna break them. Her views in relation to other christian views- and there were certainly some debates and disagreements within the church about sort of how she handled things versus how other sex handled things and were not really do
That is also a person whose life is extremely well documented. So if you have heard of this person- and you may know her story- you may be like hey- they didn't mention- expires E. That's because this park Esperance very long already and were kind of just trying to cover what sort of lead, as I said, to her fame and sort of how that built up and then how her life shifted pretty suddenly. So if we ve left anything out, it's really for the interest of time and kind of trying to keep the story on track, because there are many many different things we could talk about in relation to her. But the person we're talking about it if you were wondering or maybe even guest is Amy, SIMPLE Macpherson and she was absolutely a really extraordinary figure in early twentieth century religious landscape. She preached both in the U S and abroad. And at a time when most women were expected to stick to the rules.
I said mother Amy, dedicated herself above all to her ministry and opened the door for other women to be religious leaders on that sort of huge scale public level. So, first we will talk about sort of her origins. Amy Elizabeth Kennedy was worn on October, ninth eighteen. Ninety in Ontario, Canada, her parents were Jane Morgan Kennedy and Mildred Pierce Kennedy, and they were very religious. James was the organist inquired director of their Methodist urge, and many ass, her mother was called had been raised by salvation is after being orphaned as a child. He was a little bit rebellious by nature, early on in her life. She turned and went through a phase where she issued her parents, religion that appears to have been brief and kind of just one of those developmental visas were like young adults, sort of test, their parents and their boundaries.
because later she rebelled even more vehemently against the teaching of evolution in her school. She really spoke out against the theory of evolution alot throughout her life. That's another thing: we're not gonna go into depth in, but if you wanted to research that there is certainly a wealth of information about it By the time she graduated high school, though Amy was very devoted to her face when Amy was just Nineteen she got married for the first time her groom Rob simple, was an irish Pentecostal missionary that submitted a revival that had been really pivotal in cementing her commitment to her religion. He was ten years. older than she was, and the two of them got married on August, twelfth, nineteen o eight and the Kennedys Apple Orchard Roberts, missionary work, took them to Strasbourg, Ontario and then London, Ontario and eventually Chicago Illinois and early nineteen o nine and there they were both ordained of ministers. They said
touring the United States and Canada on evangelical tours and back rubber and Amy were still courting. They had actually hatch this dream together of serving missionaries in China and after their payment in their early face tours in North America. They really fella ready, and it was time to make their move into International Ministry Ministry so in nineteen ten they left Chicago and her autobiography the story of my life. Amy described the final exchange in there. Vision to leave for Asia as her husband putting his arm around her and saying darling, I feel the time has come for us to leave for China. Reply, was I'm ready, Robert anywhere in the world with you, and the simple did not go directly to China. They first went to Belfast Ireland to visit Robert Home in his Lee and from there they travelled to London. They also travelled to the Suez Canal before eventually making their way to Asia and they
in Hong Kong in June of nineteen ten, and at this point Amy was pregnant. She was very pregnant. She was the into her third trimester just a few weeks after they got them. Khan, both Amy and Robert got sick, and they had both color drafted Malaria, while Amy hovered Robert events Died from those illness on August nineteenth, nineteen, ten, so young, MRS Semple found herself pregnant and pitiless in a foreign, three and a widow at the age of nineteen and because at this point She was solely in her pregnancy. Still in a week and state from her own bout of malaria. She had not recovered fully, but she was close to recovery Amy had to stay in Hong Kong, even after Robert had died, and so she gave birth to her daughter, Roberta STAR. Just a month later, still in Hong Kong on September, seventeen
Then all the robber was gone. He continued to be a really significant influence in her life. Yet there have been some discussions if you read in various autobiographical accounts of hers and also biographies written by others. That kind of hinted the fact that, because or died when they were still very early in their marriage, and she was very young and the hidden, because little bit idealized in her head and kind of became this model of perfection, and there have been some debates among historians about if Robert had lived with, she have still held him in the same high esteem for the rest of her life, or would they have settled into a more mundane sort of equals relationship instead of sort of the hero? Worship that
married with her, but not long after the arrival of her daughter about a month after Roberta was born, Amy made her way back to the United States, and this time she settled in New York City and her mother joined her their votes to help the new mother out and because many had an interest in working with the salvation army. Amy also did the same thing and they both worked to collect money like they would go into movie theatres and collect money, and they also serve food in the rescue mission. There. It wasn't long before she met an accountant named Harold, Steward Mick Mick fears in the city and the two of them became friends and then gradually started courting many wasn't really enthusiastic about the relationship? She was concerned that Amy's involvement with Harold would lead her away from her religious calling
all of your work with the Salvation Army had really cemented, certainly for many in two Amy as well, that you know, ministry of one form or another was gonna, be her life's work and even though many did not oppose Harold as a person, she didn't find anything wrong with him. She was just worried that, like falling in love, again was gonna candid derail the the vision that Amy hand for her life and, in fact, the kind of came true, forbids it. Nineteen eleven Amy move, her daughter, Roberta to Chicago where she married Harold on October. Twenty fourth of that year,
in less than a year into their marriage, the macphersons move to Providence Rhode Island end on March, twenty third of nineteen thirteen. The couple welcome there, some Roth Potter Macpherson he eventually his middle name, change from potter, which had been, I believe, the doktor who delivered him to Kennedy, which had been her maiden name and we from Potter Amy had been involved with their church in Chicago. But religious fervor really intensified after Ralph was born. She made a go of a life, is a housewife and providence for several years, but to be really blood. She was unhappy. Harold had hoped that she would find a film and motherhood and in life ass, his wife, but I just didn't work out that way and at one point one thing that comes up repeatedly throughout any biography of hers is that she sort of had like a long series of just ah
health struggles and at one point during this time emu came very, very ill. She required hysterectomy should have surgery, foreign appendicitis her condition was very grave. They had called her mother to the hospital because they thought she was going to die. So Harold had made sure the family new is going on, and during this time, when she was in a lingering near death, Amy describes being called to buy a voice which she believed to be God. Saying now, will you go and she felt tat she would answer with? Yes, she would indeed go she do it would either be through the afterlife or to ministry, and at that point she does gave herself over to whatever was going to happen, and she immediately, she said, felt the pain leave. Her body after that, over the course of the next several weeks she made a full and rather rapid into some descriptions, almost miraculous recovery. Her health turnaround convinced Amy that the only path for her was full Time Ministry
She packed up the kids and left Harold while he without one night in June of nineteen fifteen. First, she went to her appearance in Canada, where she dropped off the children and then she said the Herald, a telegram read. I have tried to walk your way and have failed won't you come now and not walk my way, I am sure we will be happy. Family had based Lee chosen the ministry, overhear old and in turn you're old, when he received this note, decided here choose Amy over Life in Rhode, island. He followed better to have these revivals and that you know tents were set up in all. The needs are arranged that her ministry could just run smoothly and she to the new sites and make sure that they had all the required permits to have these revivals and that you know tents were set up and The needs are arranged so that her ministry could just run smoothly and she could focus on their religion and her message and not have to worry about all the the sundry mundane sort of nuts and bolts of setting up these events.
after the first two years of travelling Revival, Ministry Amy also started up a magazine called the bridle call to spread her messages and her teachings through the written word so much of the modern day. Personality might try to expand their reach, using social media to engage with an audience Amy's magazine drew her new followers, yet was very pocket, and while she felt tat, she was following her calling in doing all this Harold relieved I was felt like he was just following Amy heaps continue to hope that she would somehow find happiness in their family and fulfilment and their marriage bed. His hopes never manifested in a heap sort of recognised that he was just came about
a secondary part of her life and any remained devoted to her ministry in some degree to her. Deceased first has been, who had really sparked this passion for evangelical preaching in her and those elements combined with this life on the road which was really rudimentary read about them kind of washing their clothes and streams and sleeping outside at night and having to deal with you know bugs out encamping relations are just you know, was not the life of luxury by any means, and it really started to take a toll on their marriage, so Harold eventually returned to Providence and they were divorced. Lay in the summer of nineteen twenty one from nineteen. Nineteen on Amy's ministry really took off, and her approach should always been really enter denominational, but she went on in credential by a number of churches, as though she was actually affiliated with their official ministries. Even though she had never thought out, there's credentials. She was very well
and gained a devoted following so a lot of churches, just wanted to have her associated with them. In some way. And in addition to being welcoming to all people, her revivals and servants were different from a lot of what had come before and that they were very positive in tone. She focused on the loving accepting image of Jesus rather reaching, as many ministers did at the time and had for many years of sort of the more vengeful fire and brimstone vision of God and faith healing was also an important part of her ministry and her sort of uplifting spirituality and her passionate but upbeat and cheerful approach. The whole thing was incredibly appealing in post war, a war one America it was different and it was fresh and people were really drawn to it. On top of her travelling ministry in her magazine, Amy also started publishing books in the late nineteenth teams.
Was a prolific rider and produce numerous volumes about herself in her teachings over the years, including this is that an divine healing sermons, Nineteen. Twenty one Amy decided that it was really time to find a permanent home for her ministry, He bought land near the ECHO park, neighborhood in LOS Angeles California, to begin filling a mission that she believed God had given her, which was building the Angeles Temple there, and this is it LOS Angeles, was growing at a really incredible rate. So Amy was sort of smart, slash, fortunate, one or the other, or both to secure the land for the Temple when she did she kind of guardian, just as the real estate market was really about to explode, to raise funds for the consumer. And she spent the next two years on a rigorous tour first driving back we're throughout the United States travelling, as was usual with her mother and children in the car, then she expanded her minister
and the financing of the Temple with a tour of Australia and it was while she was touring the U S in nineteen twenty two. So during the sort of fundraising tour that Amy, while she was A sermon in Oakland, California was inspired, you invasion? What would eventually become the Foursquare church which she found it, and this was based on the four I devotees of Jesus this, who is preaching about as a Savior as a healer as a vat ties are in the Holy Spirit. And as the coming caning. Finally, on new year's day of nineteen, twenty three, the Angeles Temple was dedicated. It could see five thousand three hundred people and the Foursquare church was founded there, although it took several years for that to be formally in created and later in nineteen twenty three. She also founded the lighthouse for International Foursquare, Evangelism Bible College, so that she can educate others to be evangelists and nineteen twenty four
She gave a sermon on the radio for the first time at LOS Angeles station K, s g later should become the first woman to be issued a licence to operate a radio station. yes, she was really reaching out into new markets that she's often talked about a something of a contradiction, because in many ways she was preaching really, like you know, old. Values, but with a very sort of modern approach to how she was spreading this word, and so, like the magazines and the books in the radio appearances is all sort of some people found it hard to reconcile per traditional values and her modern approach to spreading them, but basically her popularity with. worrying and justice. It reached a fever pits. She was one of the most famous people in the United States and indeed should a pretty big global following she vanished and before we talk about what happened, then from Heaven all played out here. Let's take a look,
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the training of her ministerial proteges and she was sort of running the business of the church and she was, as we said before, the outbreak just incredibly popular on May eighteenth. Nineteen, twenty six Amy, who was working on a sermon, went to the beach at the urging of her mother to take a much needed break from working. She went with her secretary Emma safer so that keep working on her sermon and review, word notes, Amy decided, stated a break and she went into the water for a swim and she did not return from that swim at the services that were scheduled that evening for Amy to preach TAT. She did not have here and instead her mother many gave the sermon in her place and at the end The service many quietly announced what had already been rumoured throughout the city all afternoon, and it was
appearing in the local evening. Papers sister as Amy was called in. Her ministry had gone to the beach at Ocean park and had vanished while swimming sister is gone. Many announced to the congregation we know she is with Jesus. The next day a full tilt investigation went into gear. There were dozens of reporters and hundreds of I'm liquors that appeared on the beach to see what was happening as the investigation got under way. The coastguard had boats traversing the coastline. They were looking for something anything that might offer a clue as to what had happened and to this the loved evangelists teams of divers, scoured the waters in search of a body or clues, and one diver actually lost his life in the search effort. There was also their fatality, when a young woman who had been a member of the church of the Foursquare gospel with who was his grief stricken at the loss of their spiritual leader, actually drown herself
on memorial day, which was twelve days after the disappearance. The Angelus Temple was packed more than twenty five thousand people showed up at the beach where Aimee had vanished to grieve and set out. Remembrances police were concerned, he too can have addressed potential crowd, control issues and eventually you know this is now a couple weeks in church members finally accepted that any must have died and in an ever to recover the body they actually the church They paid to have the bay dynamited in the hopes that the body would surface somehow, but it did not. Some members of the tariffs believed that she would be ready, to recover the body they actually the church actually paid to have the bay dynamited in the hopes that the body would surface somehow. But it did not. Some members of the tariffs believed that she would be resurrected, and so they prayed and waited for her for it.
And many her mother arranged a memorial service at the Temple, and that was scheduled for June twentieth and more than seventeen thousand people showed up far too many than they could fit in the building. while all of that morning was going on, there had been a whole other school of thought about what had happened to Amy First began to circulate that Aimee had probably not died, but had instead purposely removed herself from the public eye for some possibly nefarious. Personal reason there were whispers of play surgery. Talk of affairs, a pregnancy that she might and to abort, and all of these rumours made their way around California and eventually the country really a detective claim to have spotted her at a trains sin and more citing started to crop up after that, this war doubt sound familiar. If you listen to our judge, crater episode or any other missing persons story almost every day,
throughout the United States papers ran stories of the latest Amy sightings. There were also ransom letters that came about the first one that many Kennedy Amy's mother received, made it clear that police not be involved and that she should turn over fifty thousand dollars. If you wanted to see her daughter again, Second letter, which came a bit later, said that Amy was going to be sold into slavery. If a ransom of half a million dollars wasn't paid, but they really thought she was dead at this point and that these might be hoaxes. Three days after her memorial service, Amy, simple Macpherson emerged from the mexican desert and I were pre at this: the Nora, a small mexican town, just south of the border from Douglas Arizona. She collapsed after telling a couple that she had escaped from kidnappers and had been traveling
but for hours, Amy was of course rushed to the hospital, and after that a phone call was made to her mother and authorities. Working with her mother were able to confirm the angel identity based on information. Many provided about a scar that was on Amy's finger and after Amy was able to provide the name of her pet pigeon, which many wanted for validation, that it was. It was the correct person. So, at this point the lost beloved minister was found after she was able to recuperate. She gave an account of what had happened to her. She said, she'd been lured by a couple to their cause, as she got out of the water from swimming, they told her. They had a sick baby that they wanted her to pray over and when she leaned into the back seat the sea, the child, which was not there, she wished she was pushed down into the floorboards and then driven away. According to her account, should help been held by a woman. Named rose a man named Eve and another man, and she said
He had been drugged and tortured and kept in a shack and that she eventually escaped she wriggled out of the ropes that she had been tied with and ran through the desert and estimated twenty miles before she reached Agua pre ETA, Douglas Arizona where Amy was hospitalized became the focus of national attention. Reporters and followers poured into the town the tea the graph lines were overloaded with well wishes and her story was headline news, but for some people the tide actually turned similar to how there were people that didn't think her disappearance quite added up. There were some people that thought her reappearance also had some suspicious elements to it. The coaches county sheriff was suspicious of her story. He thought that the condition of her clothing was far too tidy to have been through. What she claimed it happened,
additionally police from both Douglas and I were pre if they were unable to find any traces of the kidnappers or a shack in the area that she had described so even accompanied first teams into the desert, but was unable to find the shack herself Macpherson had, however, received a multiple threats through the years as her fame grew, so some people sort of held up as you no evidence that this is entirely plausible. There had been people threatening to do things to her to kill her and even to kidnap her for a while. Just a year prior to the disappearance, a plot to kidnap Aimee had been discovered and foiled by the LAPD. Before we talk about what happened. She got home. Let's have a brief word from a sponsor how Albania's this is our marine. You may know me from Chelsea lately, shameless or as Regina Sinclair on insatiable. I want to tell you about my podcast: will you accept that
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you are an absolute delight, so subscribed to the women on the Iheart Radio, app on Apple pie or wherever you get your pod cast, and now it's hot back into our tale of an angel ISM as Amy and her mother had back to LOS Angeles from Arizona the train if they were in, was bad greeted all along the way by well wishers, so whether they stopped or not sort of every town that they went through there were people by the side of the tracks of waiving throwing flowers etc, but even ass, they got back to LOS Angeles. The media circus around her alleged kidnapping was really just beginning. Not only did papers have new, suspicious persons dimension on an almost daily basis that that could be. You know the possible perpetrators of this kidnapping, but speculations about Amy's own possible involvement in some sort of deception were also a bundle
An engineer at the radio station owned by Angelus Temple had disappeared at the same time as Amy, which led some people to speculate with. The two of them had been having an affair. The man in question Kenneth warmest then, was married, so this would definitely have been scandalous. Eventually, he admitted, He was cheating on his wife, although he was adamant that the mistress was not Macpherson police dusted, cod in Carmel, where almost than in a woman had been spotted, but none of the prince matched Amy's and there was even case assembled to press charges against Macpherson for conspiracy, obstruction of justice, There was a trial that was arranged for January of nineteen twenty seven, but the charges were dropped before then, as the LOS Angeles district attorney basic
he's started to realize that many of the witness accounts that he had built his case upon were really not credible, and there is another side story that sometimes comes up when you're. Looking at this, he had his own sort of legal problems bubbling up, but so, basically the whole thing fell. Apart, no arrests were ever made. Kidnapping, which remains unsolved and no evidence of wrong doing on the part of Aimee Macpherson, has ever come to light. She wrote about Event in her nineteen twenty seven book and service of the king, the story of my life and once the fear kidnapping and the alleged conspiracy had died down. Amy could still be found it her ministry. She had in fact been all along throughout all of these headlines investigations. Basically, she went right back to work
as a minister in an evangelist and faith healer when she returned home from Arizona one of the things she became famous for its her work, feeding the needy and nineteen. Twenty seven, the Angeles Temple caught a fairy, opened its doors, and this facility is credited with beating more than one point five million people during the depression, even when it was struggling financially itself. Amy's community outreach through the commissary, with Spain, as from industry, on the principle that everyone without welcome, regardless of their position in society, their religion or their color. And also organised. A lot of other charitable work through the commissary innocent is through her ministry bites, despite all of the good
work that was going on in the name of the Angelus Temple, Amy, never really regained the popularity and the positive press that she had enjoyed in the early nineties twenties, and she also found that she had some troubles at work that had not been there before. At one point, her mother, quit due to arguments over the handling, Angelo Temple finances. The choir also walked out. While many and many of the choir members return, with ongoing tension and strife, some of it censoring on how Amy's style had shifted the more modern and fashionable attire, rather than the old style of dress. That many felt her position really demand many, who really was indispensable to the forest, where church resigned a second time in nineteen thirty and just a month later, Aimee had a nervous breakdown. After the break down she took a cab
is to tour Asia with her daughter, Roberta. They stopped in Honolulu, and they went Hong Kong to visit Roberts grave before eventually heading to India, where Macpherson was planning on quote studying the women's movement in connection with the campaign. Independence in nineteen thirty one Macpherson married a third time to an actor and one of the Angeles Temples plays his name. Was David L Hutton He was nine years younger than she wasn't a king with all kinds of baggage, including a woman King legal action against him for breach of promise, claiming that he had promised to betray them to her before marrying Macpherson. Bearing this news. With such a shock to the minister that she passed out hitting her head and fracturing her skull, And after she recovered from this injury or was at least partially recovered, it was suggested that Amy go on a holiday, so she took a recuperative crews to Europe, a cup it only by a nurse while she was traveling Hutton
much to the chagrin of the chartered ministration began, using his status as Amy's husband to promote himself in the endeavoured endeavours outside the church he also had a reputation as a woman. I and the whole union was viewed with just deceived by the church in part because it was frowned upon for divorce and to remarry so long as their former spouse was alive. Harold Listen was still alive, although he had remarried. In all likelihood, if Hoddan had been better light, is probably would not have been that big of an issue, the people just kind of saw him a little bit of a con man, he was a vaudevillian. You know I think there was a general distrust of his sort of theatrical background and that he was just playing her
and on July Eighteenth nineteen, thirty three, the Chicago Tribunal in a story entitled Quote Hutton, sues to divorce Amy for Baby Hoax Hoddan had file for divorce, while Macpherson was still out of the country club he had been the victim of ongoing mental cruelty in the marriage. He said the Aimee had toll free before she left for Europe that she was planning to divorce him when she return and that she tortured him by pretending to have given birth to their child, while in Paris in fact she had undergone and abdominal surgery. And, if you remember earlier in this episode, we talked about the fact that she had a hysterectomy years before this. So it's all kind of takes on a very sort of soap, opera e crazy. He said she said drama turn at this point had no is also planning to sell the motion picture story that revolved around a female evangelists, but once the marriage was behind, her Macpherson seem to do
This is a huge mistake. He I think she started to see him the same way. Everyone else did as someone who is just trying to take advantage of her name and make a few bucks off of it. And while Amy's work carried on, you know she continued to minister. media interest in her ministry really had been eclipsed by interest in the more sensational and sometimes see the end theoretical aspects of her life like the ones that people were just sort of guessing at Amy die. Oakland, California, in nineteen. Forty four at the age of fifty four a kidney ailment, but had some complications combined with the ingestion of signal, which was sleeping pills and she wound up dying due to an accidental overdose with macphersons death. The ministry passed to her son Ralph, who served as president of the Foursquare church until nineteen eighty eight
he retired, and the fourscore church remains today has more than nine million members that still very popular, and it was all started by this one woman who had a vision and felt she had a calling in it's kind of fascinating to me to see how this the sort of grew and kind of juxtaposed against sort of modern evangelism. It's very interesting, she's, really grounds dimension this that Detroit may still celebrated being born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit and still living near. I can say with a one hundred percent certainty that, yes, we still to celebrate it to our hollowing candy podcast. Ok, I'll read this a little talk about four minutes. So there are Letter is from wrong, and he says you rented sweetest stay on your hollowing candy podcast dimension. This that Detroit may still celebrated being born and raised in the summer
Detroit and still living mayor. I can say with a one hundred percent certainty that, yes, we still do celebrate it. However, it's not as candy centric, isn't as it may once have been it now access somewhat of a second Valentine's day. Flower shops run special, strong through full, and it is also a very popular day to have a fall wedding. and until my mid twenties that I finally reach is that it wasn't celebrated everywhere when I asked him now, former coworker of mine from New Jersey, what he was doing with his wife or sweetest day and receive the most awkward blanks dear. I have ever seen We got so much mail about sweetest day, in fact, verifying it is alive and well in many many areas, primarily sort of that you know Lake Michigan, down into Ohio. Lotta people from Cincinnati wrote
yeah, it's really cool. I love the idea of having a second Valentine's day. I love Valentine's day. I think I said before, like completely aside from all of the the romantic baggage that sometimes. not read my family of relay celebrated, it kind of we, a family holiday like it was a is right. Probably more swedish day was really pitched as like did you know, give little gifts to friends and family members and just kind of appreciate the people in your life. So I love the idea of two of those days a year that some fundamental plus sugar and on point of sugar. I will, as I said, not read but sort of relay information from an email we got from our listener, Michael and he is responding to my sort of questions. Less interest, flesh theory that working in the candy industry with all of these sort of molten sugar mixtures must have been incredibly dangerous. Michael did work in the sugar industry in the in the industry for awhile
and he verifies than in fact that it was very dangerous and that candy burns happen all the time and they can be horrifying. He gave us some very specific examples which I will not read because they're they're intense, I I will tell you Michael, but as I was reading this after your email arrived, I was at home reading as sitting in the dining room reading my email and my
has been some kind of squirming and clutching my stomach it making horrible faces, and he thought I haven't stricken with an illness that might be sick, but no, it was just a horrible physical reaction to the description of some of these burns. So thank you for verifying that it is in fact dangerous, and he Michael says that even now some of the smaller companies still don't have that Falada Mason. So there is still dangerous work going on in making clear. Indeed, if you like a right us and tell us about entries, are burnt, you don't have to do that, ensure happier in prettier thoughts, but we don't judge or request that you send one of the other. You do that you may have a history. Pon cast a house of works dot com. You can connect to this place, but calm, slash, mitten history there on twitter and missed in history
Mr history, that tumblr com we're on pinterest dot com, Slash missed in history in visitor, spreadsheet, store it missed in history that spreadsheet bar com for a variety of goodies, and we occasionally have some really good sailed. There so check that out. If you would like to research a little bit about what we talked about today your insight house works type in the world, religion in the search bar and one of the really cool uninteresting articles that comes up his is the brain, hardway or religion. At an interesting discussion, if you are, the eyes. Our homesite, that's missed in history, dot com We have all of our old episodes going way way way back along over the time treaty, and I were even about the issue. There are shone out. There are some cool blog posts hearing, so we hope that your visit is half the bookstore missed in history.
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