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The Vanishing of the U.S.S. Cyclops

2015-08-10 | 🔗

In 1918, a U.S. Navy collier vanished without a trace after leaving Barbados. The ultimate fate of the Cyclops remains a mystery almost 100 years later, but there are certainly plenty of theories about what happened.

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I'm doing it not on purpose, but it's happening it's another history, mystery gay, but but I know I just have one, but often what happens when I'm doing research for industry mystery? Is that the kind of thing I wore sometimes see in a search results, even though they may not be the ones I go to will be like. Oh look, other history mysteries, and then I handed down a ramp whole like out. Go I'm scared, click that is off research, I'm just curious, and then I find something else that I want to talk about well, and we also. We also had not had a history mystery in a long time when we did that one right so the face, those disk which we didn't wanna go though this time it's a maritime history in its much more recent actually just a few years shy of the hundredth anniversary. vanishing of the U S, S Cyclops, and this is one of those big unexplained mysteries that has plenty of very real and sometimes unbelievable information about it. It also involves things that people like to talk about the darkness. Sairly read in Rio,
So today we're gonna be talking about this ship, the Bermuda trying, and some purely unsettling leadership in the browser, so we're gonna jump right in world where one with starting the United States Navy was in the midst of transitioning all of the ships away from coal burning and into oil. This was because it was Coming increasingly apparent that coal was a problem for combat ships having defined coal and parts of the world and ship the transport that quality through the Navy vessels significant The compromise, the naval fleets, strength, fully, oil would lead to the same problems. Yes, but nineteen hundred and nineteen fifteen spans is leading up. more than eighty commissioned about it, call years to carry coal in an effort to sort of address the problem of fuelling their other vessels. They were going to develop their own small fleet of coal, carrying ships
In the: U S, S, Cyclops was one of these colours and it was a similar and build to the. U S: S Hector the USS Jupiter, the USS Mars. In the: U S, S Vulcan and a quick. Now in case you decide you want to learn about those in Google them. Those are ship names that and used more than one time to be sure you re looking at the correct one. This whole thing was authorized by Congress in nineteen o eight and it launched on May seventh nineteen ten and this ship was one of the largest fuel ships of its time. It was five hundred and forty two feet long. That's about a hundred and sixty five meters. It was sixty five feet or twenty metres across and thirty six feet nine inches or about eleven meters. A depth of hold during trial runs the vessel loaded with cargo made fourteen point six one knots and it cost nine hundred and twenty three thousand dollars to build. So almost a million dollars in the early nineties, hundreds the! U S, declared
or on Germany, in the central powers and April nineteen, seventeen, the? U S, S Cyclops mentioned as a military vessel on May, first, nineteen, seventeen and in early nineteen eighteen Cyclops, is being used to transport cargo from the United States to Brazil. On January night, the nineteen eighteen Cyclops left Norfolk Virginia carrying nine thousand nine hundred and sixty tonnes of coal and aunt Jane twenty eight. The ship landed at Rio De Janeiro, where it stayed for a little more than two weeks, while in peace in Rio, the ship, the tenant commander, George W Worley, reported a cracked cylinder and the starboard engine. The damage was reviewed and armed and the recommendation was made. The Cyclops returned to the United States to be repaired. Warley was an officer in the: U S Naval Reserve, as were all of the other officers on the ship. The only regular Navy officer. There was on board. Was the assistant surgeon, Bert, J, ass fer
another regular Navy officer Junior grade lieutenant Frank see. Neg was also on the ship, but he was traveling is a passenger. He was not part of the crew Cyclops departed Rio De Janeiro on February fifteenth carrying a bulk no of manganese or what but eleven thousand times before that is really heavy for this particular ship. The ship stopped in Bahia Brazil five days later on the twentieth on February. Twenty second Cyclops Weft port at by he had to return to the United States headed to Baltimore Maryland, but the Cyclops One that making an unscheduled stop in Barbados on March Third and while stopped in Barbados, there was more cargo added to the ship. So? The? U S S Cyclops departed Barbadoes on March forth of nineteen eighteen and due to the heavy cargo they were carrying, remember before they got to Barbadoes. They were carrying more than was really a norm
loud under damaged Indian, which they were still nursing along. The ship was reduced to a speed of about ten so it was only travelling at about eleven point five miles per hour at this point whenever saw or heard from the. U S, S, Cyclops again no distress. However, came no radio calls from other ships garnered any responses. Nothing. It just sailed away from Barbados and vanished in three hundred and nine men with it, and just a quick note on that, Bert sometimes you'll see it reported lower, sometimes higher, just depending on what source, you're. Looking at the earliest reports, I think said two hundred ninety three men, but as they did some or record keeping and noted, particularly the m the passengers, they were sometimes transporting men back home that had been that had finished, who are somewhere else. It usually comes out in them the more modern numbers to about three o nine and it was rumoured at one point that another ship, which was the a molasses tanker called
co had actually seen the Cyclops off the coast Virginia on March Ninth, but that was denied by the ship's master and additionally, the spot where the Cyclops was supposed, been seen in this rumour. All the way up by Virginia really would have been impossible for the ship to have made, given the slow pace at this color was travelling on April, fourteen nineteen eighteen, a little more than a month after the Cyclops, vanished the navy. The navy notified the next of kin of the men who had been aboard the military than went with the news that hope for those in the ship had been abandoned. The Navy depart statement: red quote the you So Cyclops Navy call you of nineteen thousand tonnes, displacement loaded with a car manganese and with a personnel on board of fifteen officers and two hundred and twenty men of the crew and fifty seven passengers is overdue at an Atlantic ports since March Thirteenth.
she last reported at one of the west indian Islands on March forth and since her departure from that port, no trace of her, nor any nation concerning her has been obtained. After going on to detail the the problem and the efforts made to reach the ship. The Navy statement concluded with the search for the Cyclops still continues, but the Navy Department feels extremely anxious as to their safety. The New York Times, peace that ran the announcements said that I quote pointed to the probability that a german reader or submarine has been operating within the last month somewhere between Cuba and the coast of Brazil that same article. I feel Tell the point out also says We really have any evidence of this. We just think it's likely possibility that thing. Go from nineteen eighteen reported that no, whether situation in the path of a Cyclops would have indicated in kind of likelihood of a natural disaster being involved in the fate of the steamer and working.
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short that day, he had surfaced in a plan to go back down with a full crew, but they couldn't do it because the weather shifted and that other that they had been searching for, which was apparently a submarine called. The scorpion was found elsewhere. So additional diving at King Charles was not sanctioned by the navy at that time cause later read an article about the Cyclops in its disappearance, and at that point you put the pieces together and he believed that the wreckage that he had seen that was not the one they were looking for, had in fact been Cyclops. This missing ship pause, eventually, convention maybe to return to his dives site where he thought he had seen this other ship and they did find the wreckage, but it was not the Cyclops Was later backed financially by Arthur Clive Kessler to keep continue his search and right up until his death and nineteen eighty three hard to believe He had been at the sight of the lost Cyclops and he continued to seek it, but the Cyclops was not bound and there have, of course been
rather imaginative theories in some cases and some based in reality about what actually happened to the USA. Cyclops I'm theories. Germany is implicated as we hinted from the New York Times. Article that came out in nineteen eighteen. The more common along these lines suggest that german new boats torpedoed the Collyer last comment, but The comes up is the idea that the lieutenant Commander Warley was in fact a german sympathiser and sailed that ship all the way to Europe. Even the possibility a giant octopus dragging the ship. The ocean floor has been considered by some as a reasonable explanation. Worthy of discussion There are some more mundane explanations like an unexpected storm that simply hadn't been properly tracked, that are sometimes put forth or that ship, which was already limping. We already know it had a crack cylinder and one of the engines, and it was clear a load both of a wait and type that the crew was unaccustomed to handling that it.
Have to simply roman fewer. What would otherwise be a minor spot of trouble or mechanical failure and adjust were able to compensate because of these other problems. In addition to the mechanical issue that had been reported in port at Rio, the thankless had a bunch of other issues: men who had served a boar but weren't actually aboard would have vanished, have described it as a rusted piece of junk with an assortment of structural problems. So it's not as though, with a perfectly pristine and strong ship that does vanished without a trace its entirely possible that the ship hit rough weather and simply came apart at the seams due to all the heavy cargo than all of its ongoing problems before anyone could raise any sort of alarm and then nineteen eighteen New York Times article that we mentioned earlier, also reported the possibility that the one or more of the boilers may have blown, which would have just cause the entire ship to explode, or
the german agents placed a bomb in the cargo hold to destroy the manganese, because that was headed home to the. U S to be used in steel manufacturer, and thus it would have been part of the war effort and, of course,. the Bermuda triangle- I like how I'm saying all the ones that are ridiculous well, but that's the greatly they and because we have to talk about the Bermuda triangle, because it is part of a Cyclops story, also a good opportunity to talk about that, have. The Bermuda traffic is estimated many as one hundred airplanes and ships have gone missing in the Bermuda triangle over the last century, or so this of ocean of Florida. Southeastern tip is a lead. to be a dangerous and mysterious place where things and people vanished without a trace report. unexplained phenomena in the area. They all the way back to Columbus's voyages. He wrote about unreliable compass
meetings in the area and a great flame smashing into the sea, along with strange lights off in the distance. and in nineteen forty five sort of the big famous vanishing in the Bermuda triangle. Five the Avenger bombers vanished. After they experienced instrument problems and became confused does to their location two hours into the flight which did at Fort Lauderdale Florida and then headed due east. The squadron later became lately, disoriented and land facilities were unable to pinpoint the location of the five planes, even though they were in pretty constant radio contact with them. After flying and circles and running out of fuel, all five planes had addition to the water, the mariner aircraft that within the search for them also vanished and no evidence from either mission was bound by. The Navy has always maintained that Stormy weather lifely destroyed the wreckage so justly
A couple of things we have mentioned that there are all kinds go stories that just to go on on and on about the famed Bermuda triangle, which was named by a writer named Vincent Goddess in nineteen sixty four Argosy magazine article and down give us wrong. It really is Superfund a speculative from all of the possible paranormal business, that's whipping up in the Atlantic Ocean, but it's not really grounded in reality. The? U S, coastguards That, in fact, there is not any more mysterious activity or any moral wreck happening. here than there is anywhere else on earth is just one of those things that we ve been focusing on moral of this time. Maritime insurance companies don't recognize the Bermuda triangle is particularly hazardous or dangerous, and sometimes instruments just experience. Failure I'd better fields, often cited in sensationalist writing about the triangle can indeed affect aircraft of seafaring vessel instruments, but this happens in other places too.
Will, appoint you to an article that talks about that thumb at the end of the the episode and if there is allegedly a little more about magnetic tweeted. That happens in the Bermuda triangle. But it's. Really a matter of data manipulation of it. Just in reporting the numbers of law aircraft in vessels in the area, for one thing no actual physical, defining line for the Bermuda triangle and, what's considered incited versus outside of it. So often that line airlines expand a little bit here. They are to include additional incidents of this size. The triangle ranges between five hundred thousand. In one point: five millions miles depending on what you just what description you're reading. So it's really all in the framing, even famed white nineteen does that mission where others Navy aircraft disappeared ass, additional him given that rarely get mentioned, even though it's completely pertinent, it was a training mission and the two most planes and heavy seas
scenario, where the odds were really against survival. In the first place,. Yeah. I wasn't like these worse. They were good pilot, something they were part of a special detail, but they were training they weren't super experienced and not in that area, and then- Phoebe Mariner. That was sent to look for the law squandering. This is one of those when people like to tell the story: Ngos, Freestyle they go and then the plane said to find them also Van Ifs, buts, as mayor nurse were nicknamed flying gas tanks as rescue plain You ve been designed to steal aloft for twenty four hours. Time, and that means twenty four hours worth of highly flammable fuel crew members were often inspected before they got the plane because they weren't supposed to even Terry a match or a lighter, because the fumes were so plentiful and dangerous that they could go up in a second
and arguably magazine where the triangle first got. Its famous name was a pop Magdalene with the tagline quote, a magazine of master fiction and of like getting your news from the union. It really is one. Other thing I wanted to point out is another sort of data set and proportion issue, which is that when people I was reading something just before we came in the studio that was saying, I'm not gonna get the numbers exactly right, but this is an example. You know off the coast of New England, say ten ships were lost in the last fifty years. Britain, the Bermuda triangle, fifty in its like. Ok, even if those numbers are correct there, not indicative of the proportion of of ships that are going through their because There is much greater traffic in the area that has been dubbed the Bermuda triangle than there is in many other areas is a very busy place. So just
Fortunately, you're gonna have more, and if you just look at the numbers of ten versus fifty, it looks like a super dangerous, but if you actually look at it in proportions and his, was telling my husband about this this morning. The insurance companies don't even recognize the Bermuda triangle is a real thing. Is it if them people don't care. It's not real actuarial tables. Do not backtrack passage through the Bermuda triangle. Probably don't to worry about it. You exact, so we are gonna talk about one other possibility about what happened to the USA Cyclops, but first we're gonna have another quick break from one of our fantastic sponsors. This episode of stuff, you missed in history, glasses, brought to you by three sixty with lifelong, whether your shopping online with your smartphone. Its super feels like ear. Personal information is just right there in your hand, but that's not always the case, because, as soon as you hit submit, your personal information could start going. Other people.
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so very possible, but the Cyclops may have actually fallen into the ocean due to tumult above deck that there may have been NI and play, and one that went poorly and it may turn back some small part to the rumours of a german sympathiser. According to reports, lieutenant, Commander Worley was an eccentric man, he would allegedly paced the deck hearing a cane and wearing his hat and his underpants and nothing else. I read that website and was just giggling with Glee of it, as the Navy conducted their investigation into the missing vessel, they queried all ports that the Cyclops had been in along the way of its last journey and there's an account it was written by a: U S, counsel living In Barbados, the indicated that there were some pretty serious problems aboard the Collyer. The council wrote that the men referred to Worley Ass, quote the damned that man, and then it seemed ass though there had perhaps been an attempted mutiny which resulted in several
being shackled of cargo hold and one executed by the commander quote. I half suggests scrutiny here: road living Livingston. He hinted the more likely end of the voyage, had been another problem that was rooted in the clearest deep dislike of their commander, And morally had a chequered history. there were rumours that he was in fact german born and remained a german sympathiser one book I read about. It said that they didn't you, on that, but I was unable to corroborate that with source documents but certainly was also no stranger to controversy in his career, leading up to this point in a prior command, Worley brought before a Naval Board of inquiry. After several dozen men of his crew signed a petition accusing him of their of duty. In addition to drunkenness, abuse, including chasing officers around with a gun, Morleys defence.
For the board was almost entirely based on the greening of the men who have signed a petition against him. He felt that they simply I understand the conditions on a ship and they did not understand how a ship was run and he also use this opportunity of his testimony to call his primary accuser, a sex, maniac and explain. The reason- He had been rough on this particular man who is ships urge member asked her was because the man was cut we making lewd remarks about women and then to go and defend the accusations of drunkenness. Warley explained Sometimes he simply took sherry for medicinal purposes. Despite all of this, whirling was found anything. Let's exceptionally odd, when you consider that this was not the first time he had been called the trial. While he was running a ship called the aberrant there. The first mate had been found, beheaded, while Worley wasn't directly implicated in the murder. It was believed that his brutal leadership tactics have led to an atmosphere of complete chaos and violence.
and it's very very likely that the reason that Worley was actually found innocent after the petition trial was that he was while problematic difficult to replace in terms of knowledge of the Cyclops and how to run a call. Your ship there were a lot of ready people that they could just slide rate into that open position and Perhaps, for that reason alone, he was once again put in charge of the ship and that may very well have been what led to its downfall. Even was a mute me, which does seem pretty possible. Given the circumstances, it doesn't explain what may have happened to the ship itself. So will we ever know what truly happened to the? U S: S Cyclops odds are no in the words of president Wilson at the time quote only God, the sea? No, what happened to the great ship, so that is one of many ships that has gone missing through the years we ve talked about a few. This understand
It reads a little bit like a telling novella, particularly when you get to Morleys past and all of the craziness he was involved in so fast. The scoop, I have a bit of list male number everything vanishing, except sort of, but it also has to do with peanut butter And this is from our listener, Kyrgyzstan and she says Tracy Molly. Thank you for your recent episode in the history of peanut butter. I was do it on my way home from work yesterday and you pretty much had me salivating on the train. The whole way you mentioned that you have noticed non stir natural peanut butter showing up on grocery store shelves. I see to you, and I notice that it usually contains an extra ingredient palm oil. I'm not sure what palm oil does to stabilize the peanut butter the chemical level, but I am a little bit disappointed to see it added to quote natural or organic food. Palm oil is taken.
Natural and can be produced organically, but growing demand for it in the West has had big environmental and social impact in the developing countries were palm, fruit is grown, cutting down rain forests for palm plantations has resulted in deforestation, contributed to climate and round many young, poor and migrant workers in the exploitative conditions can conscious consumers might think they're getting the best of both worlds when they buy no stir natural peanut butter, but there may be other impacts to think about. I would recommend always doing your research before you buy to make sure you trust the brand to source. Palm oil ethically and sustainably. Palm oil is also linked to something else. You mentioned at the top of the episode the FDA Ban on Trans fats. Palm oil has no trend
and is already used in many processed foods to make them trans fat free in this trend is likely to accelerate, as that Bam goes into effect, which in turn is likely to worsen the environmental and labour impacts of the palm oil in the industry. This is a great illustration of how messy entangled our global food system has become. Taking a step forward to protect their health can have ripple effects that take environmental and social. Such a step back baling transfers may help keep her arteries clear, but it will need to be coupled with other initiatives in order to ensure the health of the planet and its people for the funeral First, in your audience, this will probably mean sticking was stirring for the time being, I don't mind sticking with stirring, since thank you for sticking with me through that many rant. I gonna above the global food issues through research project. I worked on as part of my masters degree and through some of the work I did with patient
where's last summer, patients by the way make delicious peanut butter, including the kind with hot peppers that you mentioned in the podcast. I think the food system is super interesting and complex and very easy to get fired up about. I would love to see more food history topics on the protest in the future. I would like to see more food history topics as well. That's a really important thing to point out that everything is kind of connected in one thing that happens in one place, causes there's cause and effect on the entire globe in terms of industry and how we source thing so, and she said you know if you are conscientious consumer, you should make sure to double check of assertions I where things are coming from and what you are comfortable with. So thank you for that. That was informative and cool. If you would like to write to us, you can do so in history. Pike ass to tell them that we are also faced with a calm. Slash list in history on twitter happened, dream three on Pakistan
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