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Thomas Morris Chester

2013-09-04 | 🔗

Chester was the first African American war correspondent working for a major daily paper, covering the U.S. Civil War. He also had a troubled relationship with the colonization movement, and spent years striving for equal rights for African Americans

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Canadian, have sadly Georgia, and the reason I want is because on the day I was confident and need to continue that mentality to understand. I can be an olympic. I think I can compete with the best in the world and just perform into the only way is through available. Now on the already aware of you the Welcome to stuff you missed in history class from how support tat can apply tat. I'm crazy! Do you know how he cried? They were going to talk about a man named Thomas, more its Chester, and he was the first african american war, correspondent working for a major daily newspaper and that's pretty much power We'll see him talked about hidden and most of all, places where he has talked about yeah ever game of online in a search. That's usually like the text that appears next to his next to the primary link
a picture then, if that that's pretty much how he discussed often and he's not really. oh well known. Here in american history are all equal the civil war for the Pennsylvania Press and in the course of his work he saw. The union army sees the confederate capital of Richmond First hand, but he had a lot of aspects to his life. Besides, just this war, correspondent work you're pretty notable. He played a role in pretty important parts of of. History before and after the war. So we're not go. Just about his work correspondence work today, We are also going to talk about his long in kind of trouble relationship with the colonization movement from before the war. That movement encouraged freed slaves to emigrate to Africa.
We also want about the years after the war when he moved to the deep south too, I too workforce civil rights for African Americans so we'll stop the beginning with his birth, which was on May eleventh of eighteen, thirty, four and Harrisburg Pennsylvania, His mother, Jean Marie, had escaped from slavery when she was nineteen making away from Baltimore Maryland to York, Pennsylvania in eighteen, twenty five Father George sold oysters, which we talk about wasters recently as well and Thomas, had eleven sibling, six of whom actually live to adulthood, apart from waste or selling. They also ran a successful restaurant near the courthouse in Harrisburg. and they were abolitionist so their restaurant became as hub for both general socializing in Harrisburg. for the abolition movement so abolitionists with me at the restaurant to plan and organise answer pick up a copy of the liberator, which was William Lloyd, garrisons anti slavery newspaper at all,
there were many free african Americans living in Harrisburg if their lives, weren't, particularly easy laws, were did basic civil rights. Racism was prevalent since Thomas's. we're running a successful business. They were living pretty comfortably is a family, especially compared to many other black Americans at the time his parents we work to make sure all of their children receive an education, and this was really think that everyone was able to afford- or do you know, that's notable for sure yeah. So when Thomas was sixteen, he started attending the Alleghany Institute and Mission Church outside of Pittsburgh, and listen coeducational school for African Americans that was founded by abolitionist Charles Avery was reported also stop on the underground rail road. He left the info. you two years later in part because of the change in climate in Pennsylvania when it came to slavery, Pennsylvania had passed a gradual amid the patient law in seventeen. Eighty, it was the
state to do this actually in the world did not actually free any slaves when it past instead, the it gradually free. The people born after that point who would have been slow lives by having them be indentured servants until the age of twenty eight. Yes, this is kind of her. It was it would be their subsequent generations very apparently did not confer a media freedom on anyone like probably most of the people living in the time it was past would never really it would be. There subsequent generations very gradually if a person was born into slavery. The day before the law and into effect that person was born, a slave but a person who was born to slave parents the day after would instead real indentured servants until they were twenty years old. This got revised a little bit over. The first fear further the law was passed, so they
A person would gradually become a free person. Rather, slave. It was sort of meant to be A gradual way who give people their freedom without actually inconveniencing alot of slaveholders. There is a lot of progress in this time that was extremely slow. did not really seem like progress at all. At the time. Yeah I mean that's. That's when meaner theory, of government- and politics is the gradual change is better than a media changin. It's just a mindset that was at play more. There is also a mindset of wanting to appease people yeah at night Stoke the fight of of anger among people whose who were using slaves in their labour rights, which is a kind of these. Two things cannot play together, rob
you need to get used to the idea that you're not gonna have this for her. I know to a modern listener that can just be so horrifying. There was any appeasing of people who own slaves, but that's really something that was going on pretty extensively eighteen, forty witches Thomas was six. There were only sixty four slaves and Pennsylvania according to the senses. So, time. The fugitive slave ACT was passed in eighteen. Fifty mere All of the African Americans in Pennsylvania were free, although many of them were working off this indenture the gradual emancipation law had put into place. Whispered in particular, most of them Four can Americans living there even own to their own homes by this point, but because this could have slave act required runaway slaves to be returned south to their owners and gave african Americans virtually no rights to defend themselves if they were accused of being runaways, many
People in the north, regardless of whether they had been slaves, were legitimately afraid that they would be quote, returned south into slavery, and as one can imagine, this made many consider leaving the country altogether. Desire to leave was compounded for many by the feeling that there was really no reason to fight to stay in the country where they would never have treatment. Slavery had been abolished in Canada, along with the rest of the british Empire seventeen years before so free African Americans in Pennsylvania and elsewhere chose to flee to Canada to avoid the threat of being taken south others including Thomas chose to emigrate to Liberia. By the side. Note, as I was researching this episode, I felt like ever The thing about his life requires us to explain some contacts, so we ve just explained the context of the fugitive labour law Why freed african Americans were at this point fleeing to Canada?
now we're going to talk a little bit about Liberia, which is the place where Thomas choose to live a lot of it life. Yes, that is again a whole other place with a peach history. Do hall episodes on the field of labour law and a whole episode on Liberia and the colonization movement from the nineteenth century? Yeah so. The brief version is the American Colonization Society founded the colony of Liberia in Western Africa in the early eighteen twenties, meaning to be a home for free the slaves them. Viewed, Liberia is a place set aside by God for them and if get a american return. Eighteen, they met with extreme resistance from the native Africans, are Kennedy and help improve Africa Overall COL began, arriving Marian eighteen, twenty two and while they did manage to make it a republic in eighteen, forty eight they met with stream resistance from the native Africans already living there and
few people migrated. They are free to really thrive in the sense of its original intent, Thomas In Pennsylvania, the most prominent and recognisable supporter of the colonization movement here, to Liberia, on the ship banshee in April of eighteen, fifty three and he went on Capital Monrovia, enrolled in Alexander High school. The Kill. Him, though, was basically a repeat of what he had already learned and studied at the Allegheny Institute. Unnecessary frustrating for him he had one of the life and Liberia that would be better than the opportunities it he had in America and not just a replay of what he had already done right here. down there, because he really was hoping for a better life and that it wasn't working out that he was getting the same opportunities so in temper of eighteen, fifty four eighteen months after he got to Liberia, he went back to the United States to attend that, for an academy in Vermont tuition was paid for by the New York. Colonization is with his parents, contributing what they could afford
the idea was that he would further has education and then go back to Liberia colonization movement was really eager for him to return, since it would be kind of damaging to the cause or at least damaging to people's perceptions of what they are trying to do for such a problem it advocates who have gone to Lobe Liberia and then turned around and come back home again. So was definitely on. The right are of the people who were organizing and leading this movement, and they were willing to pay for his education so that he could return yes if he could go. I feel I buryin and do more He wanted to go to law school, but he couldn't afford it. In the colonization movement was is for him to return to Liberia, as we were just speaking out, so they and after the journey he didn't really like that So in May eighteen, fifty five he had offered his services as a teacher, and he was granted free passage. Liberia in steerage if he taught the settlers on board during and after the journey he didn't really liked
idea of travelling steerage and thought that, based on his prominence in his work that he should be able to get an actual cabin. So I didn't for terms that would lead him by a cabin on his own, and I was going fire some money. What he really wanted to do was to found and lead a school, and eventually he was able to make a case that the executive committee of the icy ass, the american Colonization Society, for two earlier. They to this plan oh, he boarded the merry Caroline Stevens for Liberia in November of eighteen. Fifty five Fortunately, this play was not an overwhelming success, however, in a dish the paying him a lower salary than it had earmarked the Asia S didn't set aside funds or have plans for building a new school, so Tommy, classroom within a hallway in a place called the receptacle which was sort acclamation centre for new colonists. He also wound up in the middle of a power struggle both with
the colony and between the colony and the Asia S back in the states. He was killed silently at odds with the leadership there, which It's you a whole lot of gossip and accusations of wrongdoing and mismanagement on all sides and it. Point there's not a lot to go on about who was actually right. We have a whole lot of human hasten of what everyone said, but a whole lot of documentation of what actually happened. Eventually Thomas resigned and went back to America again rack up the frequent travel mile throughout. this is one of the things I understand why a lot of biographical information seems reluctant to talk about this period in his life because number and the colonization movement with contentious in the world at that point there Why do people who didn't agree with the movement and then obviously there were also some some entitled it's going on within the movement. So I think a lot of people,
They don't want to sort of tarnished. any one's opinion of either the movement or a hammer. Anything like this, but having to go back and forth across the ocean. So many times at this point in history, I think makes it pretty big to omit that whole part yeah that's a lot of time to spend going back and forth, and a lot of effort was not an easy civil right. You know it's not. My book in a flight now became have to prepare for a long time and prepare to being not in delightful circumstances. The whole time upon his return. He was actually viewed with suspicion by the rest of the movement he actually enough of a pariah. That is somewhat surprising that he in the easiest didn't just part ways. Instead, where to stay under the radar and not get embroiled in the inciting or politics that were going on within the movement
he also started working to support individual people and small groups who wanted to emigrate, and eventually he started to put together. Another plan to word returned to Liberia himself this time to start a newspaper, the capital Liberia, which was called Monrovia, didn't have a newspaper at the time, and people generally thought it really needed one at this point there both the American in Pennsylvania societies for colonization were reluctant to deal with Thomas after his previous trip when we eventually made a successful case, he was one and bound for Liberia in exchange for sixty dollars of his own money in an annual corruption for twenty five copies of the newspaper to his benefactors He was also to teach at the Brewster receptacle for a few months so that he can earn enough money to actually launched the newspaper when he got there. So his way was paid, but who's gonna have to learn his own money to launch the newspaper which he did
Although by that point Liberia's original paper, the liberian Harold had been resurrected. So there wasn't that gap that he had counted on. The Harold was a government supported Paper and Thomas's was independent and it quickly came Your fire for publishing things that were critical of the government. Thomas didn't agree with the positions of Stephen events, and he was the liberian president after star published an anonymous letter that was critical of the government, the hero, fired back with accusations of sexual impropriety between Thomas at another teacher, this led to both the board of trustees, investigating the teacher and a grand jury and investigation into the Brewster receptacle in the aftermath of all of this. Both Thomas and the other teacher resigned and left Liberia. As you have problems during his previous trip till. I is unclear at this point exactly who did what, accusers, often fell back on how Thomas was tall, muscular extremely attractive and had her.
station for having away with the Ladys, so they kind of circumstantially judged him based on his just appeal as a human being those either played a role in what people perceived. He was doing our or may be played a role in his actual behaviour and some clear at this point. the United States, who spent several months promoting colonization on behalf of the Pennsylvania society and in tumblr of eighteen sixty he went to Liberia. Again, the star had stopped publishing after he left and he wanted to get going again. He really wanted people who didn't agree with the liberian governments have a voice in the newspaper he was waiting to use. The newspapers influence to sway the course of Outcomes actions, but when Benson Hooey previously said didn't you deny agree with was re elected, again decided to return to the states. This I feel, like I sort of
what characterize him is just. a strong idealist who was really committed to his own beliefs and not willing to play politics too. apprised women anyway. So he wound up. budding heads with a lot of people in the whole context of this movement, yeah. I think glad you said that, because it is easy to start. You know what these repeats of I went, tried it, and I got madman came home that you wanna be care was out of the air, the other strong ideals behind the whole movement and how it is going to be better for free play. A fine, I'm leaving. You know right that there are ideals behind this behaviour at the act is that it didn't go his way, so he was, here the other strong ideals behind the whole movement and how it was going We better for free the slaves to move to Africa and to stay in America, and he really felt like. Sometimes when I got there, it was not actually better
not willing to back down on that idea. He was like nor seriously. This needs to be better if we are moving to Africa yeah and he does he really Raised a lot of ire from people. Back in the? U S in eighteen, sixty one, Thomas Kent, speaking on behalf of the colonization movements, even though he is frustrating without was going. He was still give promoting in some ways, but heavy resistance at that point to the idea of colonization. A lot people who wanted to emigrate were choosing to go to other places, including Haiti, that many, like Amerika was their home and even though they were treated as full citizens there, it was the but they were most interested in this the prevailing desire of most african Americans to stay in the United States got stronger and stronger, as the government started to actually encourage colonization in aid sixty two, for example, following the District of Columbia, Emancipation ACT
earmarked a hundred thousand dollars to fund the immigration of free slaves. again and others in the government had supported emigration plans as well, which led to really vocal protests, There are a lot of reasons why people were reluctant to the United States and to move somewhere else most often Africa, but a lot of it boiled down to people thinking. Ok, why should we give up our home and property? Just peace, a bunch of racists, just think of I quit this episode of stuff. You missed in history class is brought to you by W W, formerly wait. Watchers they have launched a new might be to be programme as their most groundbreaking and customize programme. Ever I joined Debbie W because I was really looking for something that was going to help encourage me to make healthier eating choices. They have really done that when you joined them W W program, you will take a personal assessment. It asked questions about your eating habits and your behaviour is not scientifically matches you up with which plan is going
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the new name, Katy keen the fashionable new series, premiers February sixth on the seat of EU or stream spree the next day only on the seat of Eu App, there's, also a really great long red at the root about why people chose this today, a lot of that is focused on Y Y freed slaves chose stay in the south, but it still About a lot of the issues that it brings up his reasons for people to stay applied to anyone who was staying at a place where the facing serious discrimination and unfairness at all. turns yeah these. Why? Why? Don't you go away somewhere else? You'll be here, they are I'm sure of it. Now there was a there's a lot of questions about what what will we do want? Slaves are for in the end. Are a lot of people in the government. Proposing as an actual solution in quotation marks
We could just send them back to Africa. I don't recall learning a turn about that in my school about it was more than that. We freed slaves and everything was great way No, that's not true at all heavy simplification that is not accurate throughout all this must have been thinking about returning to Liberia again, but after can issued the Emancipation proclamation in eighteen. Sixty three, it became king There wasn't going to be a mass immigration and Sir Thomas decided not to go. We started working on a way to get to Britain to continue his education, but in the meantime he turned his attention to the civil war following up all black soldiers to fight for the union. He became a recruiter and he recruited african american soldiers into the fifty fourth and fifty fifth Massachusetts regiments, and he did. stay entirely on the sidelines when Harrisburg was threatened with confederate attack, he actually bring
became a captain and the Pennsylvania State Militia. So what Thomas most known for is his war correspondence, and we have finally got into the civil war in eighteen sixty four an editor named John Russell Young, who had himself been a war correspondent offered. massive job at the Philadelphia press to report for front lines and focused on the work of black troops and the job of a reporter was not entirely respected in America before the war. Often, reporters reviewed, is newsy people airing other people's business, but that change he became the primary way for news from the front to reach the rest of the people here, Thomas and giving him such an assignment was really a huge risk on the part of the paper. Both politically and financially As you know, there was a risk of everything from people attacking the offices of the paper to just not buying the paper anymore, but why,
birds were really reporting on the african american soldiers and at the time there were only two black weak leaves covering things from black perspective. At this point, the Union army was only about a month into a congressional efforts under Lincoln's direction, to try to work out massive inequalities between black and white soldiers black so there's were unfortunately, basically cannon fodder given inferior everything and were sometimes beaten and abused by their white communing officers. Thomas was in part, working to draw attention to these issues right, even if a unit, if a fighting it was entirely made up of african american enlisted men it's always the commanding officers were white and that led to all, kinds of issues within the Union army and in terms of fairness and help. People were treated in an all of that sort of stuff and
newspaper but for a major daily newspaper, in addition to the risk of being hurt or killed in the front, he also was a genuine risk for being sold into slavery. If he were captured with empathy and sometimes even with humor. His very first day, batch was about an explosion at the headquarters outside Petersburg here he wrote about. It for several hundred yards, the ground was thickly. Strewn with debris the millions of property destroyed was but little thought of in the midst of the immense loss of Life- Frank of humanity were scattered around in the immediate vicinity of the tragedy in frightful profusion, sorrow was depicted in every countenance that gazed on the ruins, but those loudest in their grief for the contraband who mourn their relatives and comrades being in.
Lloyd in great numbers where the accident occurred. More of them were killed and wounded than any other class of individuals and not much later she wrote. This passage was one of the funny one year, yea The enterprising managers of the firm of grant in Lee take pleasure in announcing to the public even around Petersburg that they are now prepared and will continue until further notice to give evening. A grand exhibition of fireworks for the benefit of their respective employees. The past experience of the firm has enabled it to acquire a success in this direction, which it feels this fight, a liberal minded public will concede the meaning will not in any case hold themselves. Any accidents which may responsible for any accidents may be attracted curiosity or otherwise to witness their exhibition. That makes me chuckle. It does its really charm, most of the action he witnessed was near Petersburg in Richmond. He spent
all of his time, reporting from Virginia, although he did accompany the Union Army to Fort Fisher North Carolina in December of eighteen sixty four million. Had planned to take out the fort at the mouth of the Kate Beer River, using a barge of explosives, which was going to cut off the South supply route. But the plan failed because the walls of the fort we're too strong barge of explosives to blow up to call off the attack like other union writers. Part of Thomas is job was to make it seem as though the war was going well, so he couldn't be feed into the perception that this was a horrible, catastrophic error on the part of April Taylor person. This is what he had to say there will probably be much speculation in reference to the failure of this expedition, a tribute here too, the want of military foresight on the part of General General Whitehall. providing the expedition with the necessary implements for a siege too
causes are, however, responsible for the result, the first being publicity which naval officers in Norfolk previous to failing, gave their impressions ass to the destination of the fleet and, secondly, the delay caused after the arrival of the fleet Mason Bramble Inlet, we accept previous to the storm four days of splendid, whether there could not have been better whether for the attack So he was trying to defuse mobile aim and not make it seem as though any particular person should take the fall, This unacceptable attempt multiple factors play here, people yet his approach on April third of aid, sixty five. He saw the fall of Richmond first. to enter the city where the fifth Massachusetts Cavalry and the twenty fifth army core, both of which were black units blacks. the city, welcome them as heroes and he wrote,
Sunday evening, strange to say, the jails in this place were thrown open and all runaway negroes, those for sale and those for safe keeping were told to hop out and enjoy their freedom. You may upon it that they did not need a second invitation. Many of these, since will have no difficulty in convincing themselves that they were always on the side of the union and the freedom of the slave. Greater We have a wonderful influence on the minds of guilty trembling wretches, so upon entering Richmond. He went to the Virginia State House which had been home to the Confederate Congress and rode his where's dispatch after the fall of the city, while sitting at the desk belonging to the speaker of the Confederate House, a box didn't corresponding named Charles killed. His coffin wrote this tale about the event which is just right: up there. With the recent story, we told about how Hypatia deterring suitor, with favorite miracle attitudes- and so here is what Karlsson coffin said
bring the Kapital. He entered the Senate Chamber and sat down to the speakers chair to write a letter. A paroled officer entered the room come out of their you, black cuss shouted the officer clinching his fist suggests ways his eyes calmly surveyed the intruder and went on with his writing out of here I'll knock, your brains out the officer bellowed pouring out it of oaths and rushing up the steps to execute his threat found him of tumbling over. The chair is adventures now down by one well planted blow between the eyes. Mr chance sat down as if nothing had happened, the rest sprang to his feet and called upon Captain Hudson's of differences staff or a sword, I'll cut back, those hard out said. He, oh, I guess not. I can't let you have my sword for any such purpose. If you want to I will clear space there and see that you have fair play, but
We tell you that you will get a tremendous thrashing said: Captain Hutchings, the officer left, the hall in disgust once again, there are so many levels of things that I love about. The story with them running Dispatch We fear that, including guy between eyes, calmly, calmly and then getting back to his work after the fire. Of Richmond, Thomas Stephen, the city to report on rebuilding efforts. The city was even the city to report on rebuilding efforts. The city was war torn, it was partly destroyed, traveled to Washington, to advocate for civil rights, the four Johnson from there he returned to his home town of Harris Burke until for England to study law that fall. He worked as an advocate for equal rights and joined the Pennsylvania State, equal rights league. He actually became Solicitor and literary critic and its corresponding secretary he and his lot agree in England at the age of thirty six,
but he six. While he was overseas, he also towards Europe and Russia. On behalf of the league, he was invited to meet and have a meal with the tsar as well. he spent two years in Europe serving as a diplomatic representative of Liberia having been pointed as an aide de camp of dreams, sprigs pain, it was present, Liberia, sometime in eighteen, sixty eight. He left that post after an election again and broaden out, I brought it administration into power which he didn't entirely support it, he continued to think about returning to Liberia any actually referred to. Liberia is home for most of his adult life. He was to do so, based on all of his experiences there before he came to me. states again where he moved the deep south becoming the first african American to practise law in the state of Louisiana with his goal. What really working on the reconstruction effort in this
obviously not a welcoming situation. Racism and violence against African Americans were rampant and the local. Political environment was full of corruption at one point he was actually shot in the head during education related to a possibly fraudulent election. He survived and went on to work for equal rights and an inter racism and segregation for the rest of his career. He also became a brigadier general in the Louisiana State Militia in the aftermath of a different election, that of William Pit Kellogg to the Office of governor, which was this who did by the Democrats and lead to a violent rebellion as if he had known enough careers. At this point, he became a politician any served in a number of offices, including superintendent of public education in more than one Louisiana division. He can need to be active in the republican government until eighteen. Seventy seven, when the Democrats took control from there.
He became U S, commissioner, for New Orleans, which was a federal appointment and he held that post until eighteen. Eighty three public and government had been much more supportive of african Americans than the Democrats were at the time. So the change in leadership left Thomas feeling pretty frustrated and disillusioned likely said before he was really an idealist than he did not want to back down on anything. But he's not to spend more time and Harrisburg. He eventually married a teacher named Florins Johnson and the couple split there too, between Pennsylvania in Louisiana, and she? teaching during this time and he was practising law at an return laid in his life. He became president of the Wilmington Rights Bell and Onslow Railroad and Africa American owned company in North Carolina in eighteen. Eighty four, this might have a financial move, since as law, clients are often extremely poor, which made it hard for him to make an actual living from his law work
Fortunately, though, the railroad company eventually failed, Finally, on September thirtieth of eighteen, ninety two Thomas died at the age of fifty eight. His name is really not very well known and most of the United States, but he became really prominently known and his home town of Harris Bird, where school was named after him in two thousand and four and the book how much more is Chester Black Civil war correspondent, which was edited by Archie and black. It includes, lengthy biography on him, and it also includes all of his dispatches is a corresponding. I ordered a copy of that book before before research on this package, and I did not comprehend how cool what was going to be a rising in the in the mail. Wise lake idea was his dispatches from the front, in quite realised that it was a very detailed biography of his whole life, followed by every day, acts that he rode so if you are interested in this at all,
highly worthwhile, yeah it's mine for it's much more comprehensive than you might think it gave them to a lot of detail about all the various like he said he said she said going on. while he was working Liberia gets a lot. It's a lot more detail about that particular movement. As we said, there are many many things in this episode that could have been episodes on their own. We keep finding yeah. That's why I feel like this had more of that than in any episode that I've researched and awhile, but like every time I turned a page. There is something else. That was going to need context explained because it has not maybe been talked about very much in your team school room. While the United States he was busy. He was a lot of very different. You think things he broke a lot of ground in terms of color barriers. It is this. I see where a pot casket come off at this
there will. Then it makes me really sad that he, I think, that the gene Our perception is that by time he died. He was very frustrated with the state of race relations and in America he was not very optimistic that things were going to get better and that is fairies. Yeah it makes me very sad that having accomplished so much, that seems too then his state of mind at the end of his life yeah, I empathize with I cannot say, identify with it, because I am not an african american person, and that would be just pretentious thing to say, but it does make me sad that that I think of at the end of his life. He was in a place of frustration. Yeah I mean you, don't want anybody to feel that way at the end of their lives now, particularly with as much as he had gone through in as much work and effort it put into the race relations movement. You hate to think felt like it was for not right and
much of his writing in his actions. Make it clear that that his motivation always was a sense of things to be better for people really matters, another reason why I was so deeply frustrating so often because things were. getting better very quickly. At all this episode of stuff, you missed in history classes, brought to you by Norton three sixty with lifelong, whether you're sure being online with the smartphone. Its super feels like ear. Personal information is just right there in your hand, but that's not always the case, because, as soon as you hit submit, your personal information could. Going other places. In fact, whenever you shop Bank or browse online, your personal, invoking it out of your control, and that can we be vulnerable to cyber criminals. More threats demand more protection, that's. Why? Norton and lifelong are now part of one company Norton three sixty with life
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Ashley Inches high Tracy and Holly Ellison. Here. Gas, Lomb workings. I may have missed some information in your most recent podcast concerning the mystery surrounding the Flanton lighthouse at. I am curious to know why thieves bandits nor pirates were not considered as possible culprits and the disappearance of three men there may not have been anything of worth of a lighthouse. That seems to me a more likely option. Some of the other suggestions, thanks for the research, keep it up I would very definitely piracy is more likely than alien yeah. It has been theorized by various historians, and that was that could have been the cause right, but it was such a remote location like that. I want it. Self was uninhabited by anyone else like there was no other human presence on island. Besides a lighthouse young, it would have. I heard some serious work the or bandits to make their way out there. You are
to make their way. We talk a little bit about how it was. It was difficult to dark, leaving stage there. They had to hold out to help their gas and how that one man had had a jump from his boat. He had had a back in the small boat into the slip and jump and with a little bit dangerous, so that could potentially be deterred as well right. We also got a note on Facebook from German Jim said,
We consider that the source of a rogue wave that might have killed the three white housekeepers might have been an undersea earthquake. After all, Iceland and the MID Atlantic rids aren't that far away. However, large Dunamis probably would have been reported by others along the West Coast of Scotland. If one happened, this had a very similar answer of basically what Jim said, which is that, where the Flanton Isles are located between Iceland and bigger more inhabited islands, if there had been something as large as the tsunami that almost certainly would have been reported by other people, that would have led the investigation to be like they must have been now by the tsunami, and not, I wonder what am I think we might have. Reference did briefly in the episode, but I know there is at least one author that has written a book the he thinks it was essentially a seek wake yeah, but he'd. There wasn't enough supporting evidence for me to conclude that one in the list, or even
you had to edit out some things for time right. I think that, like a freak weather, roadways situation, probably a little more likely than the heatwave, because that would have made a much larger we probably It's you know such an isolated incidents, and even though these are kind of out on their own they're, not the only thing they are. We know there were people nearby, for example, the game to further was keeping an eye on things, surely would have seen their the bene. Are you laughing at me? So Answers to those questions are not really really answer, then some people think that might be the thing right. If you'd like to write to us about this or any other absurd. You can add history. Podcast at every dot. Com were also on Facebook and Myspace com, slash history passed up and on twitter at missed in history. Our time
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