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Three Astonishing Belles

2017-12-11 | 🔗

This episode features three unique women, all of whom are notable in their own way. The two things they have in common: They each have a surprising aspect to their stories, and they each have the name Belle.

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Here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up: basketball, is always that guy who joined your game he never passes the rock he instantly bricks theories and who can we have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul, with Geico its ease the switch and save on car insurance, no, need fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted. So which in save with back it's almost, better than sports continue step. You missed in history class from Housetop works, dotcom, low and welcome to the pine camp. I'm Tracy bewilderment and I'm here fry today we have another episode and which were going to devote some time to three unique women, all of whom
notable in their own way and the two things that they have in common is that each of them have an element to their story. That really surprised me in some way, and the other is that they each have the name bell But if you're wondering who Tracy, why is this not a six impossible episode? That's because a lot of the other bells were already Hey. Can you will find Bellboy Bell STAR and Belgian S in the archive, along with Gertrude Bell, whose name doesn't have the e on end and even the bell which he was not a person with a three. The three women today are Gertrude Bell: Elene Bell the cost of green and died. O Elizabeth Bell Data will Isabel bells. A freak listen, I request, including more recently from a Renee and militia, and then others. The other two are people. I learned about Highness stumbled over in various travels. true Bell: Alien known as treaty
born on January, twenty third nineteen eighteen, her father Robert, was a dentist to it. faded from Lithuania moved to New York at the age of twelve, her mother, Bertha Cohen, had emigrated from a part of Russia that is now Poland, when she was fourteen years old The family was jewish and Robert was from a long line of rabbis alien in Manhattan, apartment adjacent to her fathers, dentistry practice and when she was six, a younger brother Herbert was born. long after that the family moved to the Bronx, which was at the time considered. Moreover, suburb than an actual part of New York City. In nineteen thirty, three ilium graduated from high school and her family at that point was in pretty dire financial streets like much of the rest of the country and in some cases the world they had suffered huge losses in the great depression and her father had declared bankruptcy. Fortunately, though, because Elliot had been such an exceptional student, she was accepted it Hunter College, which was,
I'm a tuition free women's college. Aliens grandfather died of cancer the same year that she graduated from high school and she wanted to pursue a career that would let her fight the disease, but she also had kind of an aversion to dissection. So she got around this difficulty by studying chemistry, alien graduated from Hunter College sumac, whom laddie in nineteen thirty seven. But in spite of her excellent academic record, she couldn't find work as a chemist because of her gender. She got a job teaching biochemistry to nursing students at the New York Hospital School of nursing, but that was only a temporary position with the course only thought once
three nine months and when she finally did find a job working as a lab assistant, it was unpaid, Emmett, slowly and gradually increased from zero to twenty dollars. A week she saved as much money is secured. Her parents gradually recovered from the great depression. Thanks to her fathers. Loyal dentistry patients, so my nineteen thirty nine. She had enough money to go back to school. She in Rome, that New York University in the chemistry Department, as its only female masters, degree student earning I am ass in nineteen, forty wine, not long after the United States entered world WAR two after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, we often talk about were were too is a time when more women were entering the Seville force, because so many men were entering the military and that's often discussed in terms of factory lay are wartime industries, but the same concept applied to other jobs as well.
so during the war Elliot, was finally able to get work as a chemist starting out in the Quaker made companies, quality, control departments, student really love doing this work. She was doing things like testing the acidity of pickles and it was plea repetitive, but it did give her a lot practice that conducting tests quickly and efficiently in doing them accurately, when she felt like their way anything else. You can learn at Quaker made to look for another job and with hired in a research position at Johnson and Johnson, but that companies shuddered the research language, been there for only about six months, then in nineteen forty four, she got a position, what she had really wanted to do. Since high school working as a research chemist at Pharmaceutical company boroughs welcome, or she started out as an assistant to Doktor George H, pitchings. side. Note that after many moves in name changes, boroughs Welcome is now Glaxosmithkline.
new role was really ideal for her hatchings encourage her to learn as much as she could, including branching out from the field of chemistry. He progressive gave her more and more responsibility, and often when hitching has got promoted. She got promoted into his own role by nineteen. Sixty seven, she had written risen through the ranks to become boroughs, welcomes head of experimental therapy, a position that she would hold until the end of her career when Alien started working at boroughs. Welcome. A lot of pharmaceutical research carried out, basically on a trial and error basis, but Elene in the rest of their team took a different approach examining and then exploiting biochemical differences between healthy cells and pathogens so that they can develop targeted drugs.
While at birth, welcome, Elliot and hitching developed the first successful chemotherapy for the treatment of childhood leukemia they develop. The world's first am pie, rejection drug which made kidney transplant possible between people who work related to one another, Ellie also develops treatments for a number of other diseases, including gout Lupus malaria. An injustice and arthritis in the late nineteenth sixties after she had become head of the Department of Experimental therapy, Ellie ended pioneering work in anti viral drugs. The convention wisdom at this point was that any drugs could successfully work against. Viruses would be far too toxic to be tolerated by the human body that apartments first breakthrough was a cycle of ear invented by Howard, Schaefer. A cycle of ear used to treat Herpes was the world's first truly successful,
targeted antiviral medications. There were a few other antiviral drugs at this point, but most of them had been developed as treatments for non viral diseases. They were discovered to actually have some antiviral if the efficacy Or they were broad spectrum treatments that were really hard on the patient. Allianz work with a cycle of your included, refining its development as well as figuring out actually why it worked and then applying those findings to other drugs. Allianz techniques also lead to the development of his it assignment, even more commonly known as easy tea, which, in nineteen eighty seven became the first drug approved by the FDA for the tree. Of HIV by the time easy tea was developed, Elliot, have retired and was serving a scientist emeritus and consulted. So And more of a supervisory role that the hands on one early in her career at whereas welcome Alien, had wanted to continue
education see enrolled in the Phd programme. Brooklyn Polytechnic going to school part time while continuing to work. But after two years of the programme, the deem told her she needed to choose between her job and her studies, she chose the job and she never finished her doktor it. So she rose to these incredible heights with two strikes against her. The fact that with the women and the fact that she didn't have a phd in her own words. Quote years later, when I received three honorary doctorate degrees from George Washington, University Brown, University and University of Michigan, I decided that perhaps that decision had been the right one after all, in Eighteen, eighty eight girdle
belle, Alien and George H. Pitchings were awarded the Nobel Prize and Physiology or medicine. In the words of the Nobel Assembly, they quote demonstrated differences in nucleic acid metabolism between normal human cells, cancer cells, protests, Ella, bacteria and virus. On the basis of such differences, a series of drugs were developed. The block, nucleic acid synthesis in cancer cells and noxious organisms without damaging the normal human cells alien in their moment, became the fifth woman turn and Nobel Prize in medicine. The ninth woman, to earn a Nobel Prize in any science category and would have a very few people turn Nobel Prize in the sciences without having a doctorate have aside note, also receiving the Nobel Prize and Physiology or medicine in nineteen. Eighty eight was James Stubby Black who develop beta blockers, which are used to treat high blood pressure and heart disease and ate two antagonists which are used to treat peptic ulcers,
Oh, I am is also listed on patents for more than forty drugs. She received one. Twenty honorary doctoral degrees in nineteen sixty eight she was awarded the garbage metal from the american chemicals society in a nineteen. Eighty five she earn the american Chemical society distinguish. chemist award. She also earned the American Cancer Society Medal of Honor, the national medical science and the levels and MIT Lifetime Achievement award among others in ninety ninety one. At the age of seventy three, she became the first woman inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, she also served as a leader in several organisations dedicated to health and research, including serving on the board of directors of the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society and the multiple Sclerosis society. is also a member of the American Academy of Pharmaceutical scientists, the National Academy of Sciences, the american chemicals Society and the American Association of Cancer research. Also
seeing as its president. In addition to all of this, she did a lot of outrage to encourage children to study the sciences, especially girls. She was an avid traveler and photographer and she also loved music and she subscribed to the metropolitan opera for forty years eventually birth. Moved its headquarters. The Chapel Hill North Carolina an Elliot moved as well, while in Caroline Ass she taught at both the University of North Carolina and at Duke University in the room, see died on in chapter Hill, Sunday February, twenty first ninety ninety nine at the age of eighty one I learned about her at the National Museum of jewish american history in Philadelphia. I had never heard of her before, and it is amazing that she did such important in the field of chemistry and especially in pharmaceutical chemistry, without, as would typically be expected, a phd like for her to be
its d like for her to be about rank within the company without a phd, and also a woman, is amazing We will talk about another fascinating lady, with the name bell in just a moment, but first organ a pause and have a little sponsor break. This episode of stuff? You missed in history classes, Brass EU by W W, formerly wait watchers they have launched a new might be to be programmed at their most groundbreaking and customize programme. Ever I joined Debbie W because I was really looking for something that was going to help encourage me to make healthier eating choices. They have really done that when you joined them. I W W program. You will take a personal assessment. It asked questions about your eating habits and your behaviour is not scientifically matches you up with which plan is going.
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Fourteen, fifty nine edition of the man's Salter on and on the very impressive collection it was extensive, inexpensive as well as being impressive, so much so that in nineteen o t he commission and Architects to build a library adjoining his home to house at all he did seem to have the knowledge, taste and money to build a good collection. He didn't really have a head for curing are organizing it for that he's either. The librarian. That librarian was Bell the cost, a green who he hired in nineteen o five when she was twenty two green, worn on December thirteenth eighteen. Eighty three was of portuguese heritage she'd been born in Virginia and grew up in Alexandria and had gone directly from public school to working at the Princeton University Library in nineteen o one you know too, although she had no prior training as a librarian. Her time at Princeton had made her quite skilled
cataloguing and reference work, and she had a lifelong affinity for rare books and illuminated manuscripts. But imagine that would see like a dream job them at least that is the biography that she probably gave did she reward him who had been introduced to green through his nephew Junior Spencer, Morgan Associate Library in print and it is also the one she presented to the world at large, and you will still find some of those details in articles about her life. Green did go to public school, work in a prince than university library, but biographer height. Artisan, puts her birth at November. Twenty sixth eighteen, Seventy nine in Washington D C, so slightly different place than also a little older, from their her family, moved to New York in eighteen, eighty five and then after graduating from high school green, went on teachers. Colleagues as well as possibly taking library, apprenticeship at New York, public library and a bibliography course at amorous college.
in her name was not initially Bell the cost, a green. It was Bell Marian, greener, her father, Richard T, greener, was the first, a black man to graduate from Harvard the first black librarian and professor at the University of South Carolina and a former deviant Howard University. A historically black University in Washington Dc Green may have had some portuguese ancestry. Her parents both had very like complexions, but the name, the Costa and the change of her last name from greener to green. Both came after her father left to the family and moved to Russia to take on a consular post. The race that was listed on dreams. Birth certificate was colored its virtually certain the bell. The cost of green could not have gone on to the life that she had and the work that she
it had. She presented herself to the world as a black woman. Her father was able to rise to some prominence, largely thanks to when he was born his admission to Harvard and his job at. U S see were products of reconstruction happening during the brief window, when the nation made reluctant strides towards racial equality. but Bell, because the Green went to work for J P, Morgan in nineteen o six well into the gym RO era, even though the South have Much more notorious reputation for segregation and racist violence, segregation and races, were present in the rest of the nation as well, although often in a somewhat subtler way, we have library, podcast episodes called and not just in the south that relate to this whole idea, which we will link to you and our shown its so after
fathers departure green along with her mother and siblings change, their last names with a brother adding the custom to his as well. They distance themselves from Richard T, greener his reputation and his color and they joined the white world for bells part. She have far more opportunity available to her as a white woman straight out of high school, that is, the daughter of a black Harvard graduate who had attended college and possibly completed a library apprenticeship classics at the moment. The talk about the idea of passing because it has come up yeah previous episodes. A couple of times like the idea of passing through a person of color living within the white World is a white person, have connotation of deception. Doing something wrong, but to be clear, is wrong. Is this site?
that made it impossible for people of color to live the same life as white people had access to you. So what what she was basically doing here was just not playing by the rules that white society was establishing for people of color. doing her own thing yeah. It is one of those things that sometimes framed this sort of sleepy, When you look at it really is the comparative that Tracy laid out in these notes of lake here is a woman who is educated. She has all of these skills. She is super smart, but if she presents herself as black, she will never get this job versus saying. Oh no. I'm an enthusiast straight out of high school, but I wait and gets the job like that's a pretty clear indicator of why passing became something that people tried to do yes sow for her first three years, working for Pierpont Morgan Greens met most of our time sorting out this election. He hid the accumulated organizing cataloguing, curated
whole haphazard, mass into an actual private library and then from air, while still acting as a personal librarian. She started try going around the world on his behalf. Basically, as an acquisitions agent in this green was highly confident incomplete, the competent, particularly in her early career. There was quite a bit of media coverage that painted her as a flippity gibbets, but she carried herself with such assurance that it increasingly offset the fact that she as to everyone else's. I twentysomething woman, who had never been to college. She was also quite stylish and fashionable playing up her, so called quote exotic appearance, reportedly in quote just because I am a librarian, doesn't mean I have to dress like one. She was openly flirtatious with every one. a string of lovers rumoured to include women and men. She was briefly engaged to a few of the latter
There were rumours that she was involved with Morgan himself, which see neither confirmed nor denied to saying we tried when asked about it, equips about even me, but I don't know her longest and most Important relationship was with married art, historian Bernard Barons and who she wrote more than six hundred letters to between nineteen, too Nineteen, forty four green also neither confirmed nor denied speculation about whether she had quote crossed the color. which went on throughout her life. Instead, she lived Numerous lay and passionately presenting herself as a mysterious, intriguing woman with a sharp tongue and shrewd bargaining skills, who also became highly and internationally respected for her work as a library him in her ability to negotiate for new acquisitions felt across the green, expanded, Pierpont Morgan holdings and see one of the finest
library collection in the world by the time Morgan died and nineteen thirteen, his library contained six hundred rare and valuable volumes included an incredible collection of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, along with a sizeable collection of books printed by William Caxton in large part, thanks to green negotiating, a private purchase the night before an entire set was supposed to be sold at auction and one of her most famous acquisitions. She secured another Caxton, an addition of LE more dirtier for forty two thousand eight hundred dollars, which is a lot of money, but it is a whole lot less than a hundred thousand dollars. That Morgan had offered hurt
authorized her to pay for it after Morgan's death. Greens future was briefly uncertain. His son J, P Morgan Junior known as Jack, was not particularly interested in his father's collection, but it about nineteen twenty. He changed his mind in green resumed. Her travels to Europe to continue acquiring manuscripts books and art now hoping to develop the Morgan collection until it rivalled the world's finest public institutions and make it into something that the public Access tat, Morgan, ultimately agreed with this goal. In the Morgan, library became a public institution and nineteen twenty four at which point Green became it's. You became its first director for the next twenty four years. Bear the cost of green, were to transform the Morgan Library into an internationally recognised centre for academic study, see developing information services, department, copying services department. She arranged public lectures and publications. She also,
then you'd to travel and acquire new works until nineteen thirty six. When our health started to decline, she worked Morgan Library, until her retirement in nineteen, forty eight and she died on, may tenth. Nineteen fifty though she was seventy one and the people in her life thought she was more like sixty seven p. wondered whether she had been ill or whether her lifestyle had contributed to her early death. She as a lifelong smoker, and a heavy drinker and she'd always burn the candle at both ends in a life of passion, travel at adventure. Morgan Library, which is now the Morgan, Library and museum, held an exact, an exhibition the year before her death, which featured more than two hundred and fifty of the most notable items she had acquired for the library and today, her presence is still definitely felt there, others, including of
is about her in the free audio tour you can get. If you go to the Morgan, which of how I first learned about her, it was actually on my second trip to the Morgan For whatever reason, my first time there, I Hadn'T- I hadn't flipped through to that part- and I was there my second time round. My husband- and he came over to me- was like hey of Listen to this about the librarian. The relevance of the one about the librarian see sounds amazing. So we have. were amazing woman to talk about after one more quick sponsor break this happened. Stuff you missed in history, glances brought you buy Norton three sixty with lifelong, let's just say Your shopping online with your smartphone, I do it all the time. They sure feels that your personal info is right there in your hand, but that's not always the case. Yes, because, as soon as you hit submit, your personal information could start going other places, in fact, shop, bank or browse online. Your personal info can get out
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Hanging up soon powers tempered Scotland, a striking and beautiful portrait of two young women. The limit on the right is then a pink gown with a gauzy white overlay, pretty traditional, maybe even a little bit, fashioned for the time she's holding a book in one hand and the other woman's form in the other. Her expression is a little reserved, but it has kind of a playful little smile, the woman on the left is addressed more exactly a white satin dress with a in blue shawl, flowing back from her arms and a white turban decorated, with a fashionable ostrich. Plume little gold, embellishments she's, carrying a basket of fruit and holding one finger up to her cheek wearing a decidedly mischievous expression. Given their clothing, Sorry and affecting both women are clearly wealthy. There also obviously fond
of one another. The paintings composition success that they might be sisters and in what most striking about the portrait, which dates back to the late. Seventeen, seventy is that the women on the right is white and the women on the left is black and a dramatic departure from what would have been accepted at the time and what is really depicted in paintings from the time it prevents them you're equals that woman on the left is Dado. Elizabeth Bell and other right is her cousin, Lady Elizabeth Murray, both were granted nieces of William Murray First Earl of Mansfield and the Lord Chief Justice of Britain, who, along with his wife, raised them at the estate of Kent Woodhouse. Their father were to have Lord Mansfield nephews. Lady Elizabeth Murray's, Father was an ambassador and her mother. Had when she was still a baby, which is why she was being raised that Kenwood House that it Elizabeth Bells Father was a british Navy officer surgeon.
Lindsey. Her mother was an enslaved woman named Maria who Lindsey either stole or rescued depending on he ask from a spanish vessel and the Caribbean. We known virtually nothing concrete. Maria's life. We don't know whether she was bound from Africa to the Caribbean when Linsey encountered the ship she was on or whether He had already been in the colonies and then was being transported elsewhere. We don't even know what ship it was We also know virtually nothing about her connection to John Linsey. It was extremely common for a ship's crew to rape and slave women in transit. But it was, I heard a for a british officer to return home within slave women. He was carrying his child, which, according to the one surviving secondhand account that we have is what John Lindsey did. It would have been simple enough for Linsey to set down
and her mother up with comfortable living arrangements somewhere in London. The city's black community numbered about fifteen thousand in the eighteenth century, but instead he acknowledged his daughter The arrangements for her to be brought up as a lady in a manner befitting his family and his station and in seventeen seventy two. Eleven years after dieters birth, he gave her mother Land and Pensacola Florida, suggesting both ass. She was free and that they had an ongoing relationship in the years after dieters birth. In seventeen sixty one there's just We don't know here Bell and her cousin were raised, not white as equals, but much closer to one another one would have expected. Given bells birth and color
Lord and Lady Murray had no children, and while there are some debate about exactly what bells position was in the family, they seem to have raised both girls as daughters, household accounts, so orders for things like bedding and dresses being ordered in pairs. Data was able to read and write and seems to have had the same education that Elizabeth did. At the same time, there were clear differences in their stations. Both Ladys received an allowance, but died out was thirty pounds a year. Elizabeth was one hundred at least some of the time data was not allowed to eat with the family when they were entertaining guests, and she was also expected to work. She supervise the dairy and the poultry yard and took dictation for Lord Marie's letters. All of this was pretty typical for how the aristocracy treated quote poor relations.
Out of wedlock, children who they actually liked, but it was not at all typical for how the aristocracy treated people of color bells life it can Woodhouse and her relationship with the Lord Chief Justice through some criticism. Lord man field was already the subject of some scrutiny. He was a Scot from a line of catholic Jacobites, although he had distanced himself from Scotland and from his scottish family in his young head having his nephews, multi racial, natural daughter living in his home and treating her with obvious familial affection raised even more eyebrows. This was partitioned
we true when it came to. Lord bans feels work as Lord Chief Justice, especially when it came to cases relating to slavery in seventeen. Seventy two, Lord Mansfield heard once known as the Somerset case. Charles Stuart, a customs officials from Boston, had brought his enslaved servant. James Somerset with him to England, Somerset escaped, was recaptured and was forced onto a ship bound for Jamaica to be sold back into slavery. The question was whether the capture and sale of Somerset was lawful. After a lengthy and often delayed process, Mansfield ruled quote: no master ever was allowed here to take a slave by force to be sold abroad because he deserted from his service or for any other reason whatsoever. Therefore, the man must be discharged. This meant that enslaved people who had escaped there's enslavement in England could not be.
Captured and sold back into slavery, and, more specifically, that James Somerset was free. Man's fields ruling also noted that there was nothing in english common law specifically establishing slavery as Lee go so the decision was widely misunderstood at the time as freeing all slaves in Britain immediately. They are continues to be some debate about how it was put into practice at the time, but this was certainly more of a starting point than an ending point. Bolstering the movement for abolition threw out the british empire, so Mayfair suggested that man's fields Susan was influenced by but by the fact that died out, Elizabeth Bell was living in his home as a member of his family. It certainly possible, or even probable, that her place in his life shaped his views at multiple points he described. Slavery is odious and unnatural, but his work as Lord Chief Justice was really dedicated.
meticulously interpolating, clarifying consolidating and following the law, particularly commercial law, there are other cases where it's hard to imagine that he was thinking of Bell at all, for example,
He was also involved in the case of the Tsar massacre of seventeen eighty one incident in which the crew of a slave ship, through more than one hundred sick and dying enslaved people overboard during an epidemic, claiming that this was necessary because the ship was running out of water. The ship's owners filed an insurance claim over the loss of their enslaved property, which was granted Lord Mansfield held a hearing regarding the insurers appeal in seventeen. Eighty three Lord Mansfield did suggest that a new trial might be an order largely because of evidence that the ship captain and crew had passed up the opportunity to take on fresh water and had continued culling the enslaved people after rains headed replenished the water supply. But he didn't really consider the question of
this was murder. He approached it strictly from the perspective that the people on board were insured property, even at one point comparing them the horses. The insurers may be worried that another trial might lead to murder convictions, stop pursuing the case, even though Mansfield down in their favour died out. Elizabeth Bell lived with Lord bans field until his death in seventeen. Ninety three at that point, his wife Elizabeth, had also died, and the younger Lady Elizabeth Marie had married and left the house. Lord Mansfield left Bell five hundred pounds upon his death plus one hundred pounds a year for the rest of her life. In his will. He also confirmed that she was free so that there would be no doubt about it in anyone else's mind software. The way that he phrase that was not that he granted
her her freedom, but that he confirmed it. So he was basically confirming something that already existed, but following year died O Married, a french man named John D Vinnie about land that has been left to her by her father who, by this point, had also died, leaving a thousand pounds His children named in his will, as always a bit and John. It's widely believed that this Elisabeth is data, will Isabel bells and not another Elizabeth. Even Elizabeth was a really common name in that family. Obviously, John would either her brother or a half brother by another woman, John Lindsey, had no children with his wife died out and her husband, John, had at least three children together and could have lived comfortably on hurrying. Come there's little About her in the historical record, but she died at the age of forty two in July of eighteen o for her father
obituary bitch, the London Chronicle. Those suggests that she was admired outside the family and also sums up her story a little bit. It describes her Well, I'm! U Lotto, who has been brought up and Lord Mansfield family almost from her infancy and whose amiable disposition and accomplishments have earned her the highest respect from all his lordship relations and visitors. there is also a highly fictional eyes, dramatization of her life, a film that came at a couple of years ago that simply title Bell. I watched them its enjoyable, but it is highly fictional effects in line also, I times maybe a little melodramatics words a move melodramatic ever so those are. Those are the three astonishing bells, but I found talk about on a park yesterday from negative as the fact by unabashedly love all of them. Did you find us publishing email,
not exactly, but I did find some email address from carry, and it is about our recent to partner on the fourth shot. Indian school basketball team specifically part two and carries as dear Holly Tracy. I just finished listening to force on any issue. Basketball champions part to pack asked in the description of the Saint Louis Worlds: fair. The fact that babies and incubating were on display their with men, This was no surprise to me, as I had previously read an article on the most famous of these incubator. Babies A long running dispute over the custody of the baby between the birth mother and a woman who wanted to adopt the baby drag on for years and at one point involved kidnapping the case involving Kansas Supreme Court. the Illinois Supreme Court and finally, several decisions by the United States Supreme Court. The debate the debate was a sensation and made now headlines on and off for over ten years, the little girl
Marion by her birth, mother and Dorothy by the attempted adopted mother was known across the country of the incubator baby. Eventually, the whether one out in what is a heart, rending story of two women, their love for one baby girl and the links they would go to try to get custody of her and then He sent an article that she wrote about this to us, as the major of evidence of the article is the local connected to the story, but points up the time everybody had heard of this income aid her baby. I think this would make a good topic for I've. Your pod casts keep up the good work sincerely carry yes, so, in addition to these incubator, Rabies,
In the world's fair, there were other incubator babies that were in public display like as at at at at like at Coney Island, and that that has come up as upon cast request before so it may be so that we do in the future a lot of times it was like. The the hospitals didn't have funding for all these incubators, but if they made a public display of the incubator than charged it in and they could keep the program running. Why complicated ethics going on there? Oh yeah fresh! It's like you yeah. It's easy to see that it is not as simple as a black and white wrong and rate situation there that maybe in terms of custody, I haven't read the custody article. To be honest, no, I don't know what that is entirely clear cut, but yeah the question of whether its ethical too, to display babies for public consumption, if not display my means that they would like that's a whole complicated thing you're. I imagine it would be a scenario
the good place it sort of is a scenario on the Simpsons week where a boot, Abu and his wife have so many children that they cannot reasonably manage or provide for them, and so they kind of make a bad deal with when he wants to basically make them an entertainment object, but they're holding is that it will enable us to. You now actually support these children, but it turned out to go not so well, but it's the Simpson. So, aside from the issues raised by hurry kind, a balloon in his recent document. Are you the trouble with a blue the story itself? As you know it it plays out in a humorous and goofy way. That sounds it away horrifying. I have not seen that absurd. So if you would like to write to us about this neither podcast where history pod gas at Helstone works, dot com, we're all over social media as missed in history, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
we have a website missed in history, dot com where you can find shone out for all the observers. We have worked on their pictures of all three of these women. Two of them are portraits and the one of Bell, because the green Look, I'm just gonna say a lot wider than her, whose of her dead. So note that if you have a look at them on our website, along with a suitable archive, every But then we have ever done can do all that and a whole lot more at our website which have lived in history for more on them and thousands of other topics visit has therefore exactly. I am especially man escargot cordiality, and this is the Peat and Sebastian POD catches is a show. Two guys
Hey, I'm comedian, P Coralie, and I don't believe this. Comedy goal. I write, pleasant, repeated Sebastian Show Iheart Radio at Apple podcast wherever you eat your path.