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Unearthed in 2015, Part 2

2016-01-04 | 🔗

More of the 2015 news items of historical significance! The second part of this topic includes firearms, letters, blackboards, sculpture and of course, mass graves and exhumations.

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with peppered farm olano the richest most powerful place on earth of fiction podcast demon based on an epic scale powders everything power gives everything we have to get away from this place to my bay is our destiny now only i hope because network listen to all episodes of tuna bay seasons one until now for free on the heart radio up apple pie costs or wherever you get your pockets commission staff you missed in history has not worked and well known my country phoebe will then i'm holly frying it is part of another twenty pertain it is our annual roundup stop it literally and figuratively got on earth this year
one of our annual around included three big subjects and they leave it passed podcast updates and and third today is a lot more but the hodgepodge one note that i would like to give before we started i originally had multiple even here that we're about people armed with male detectors you found a whole hordes of viking coins this happened on both sides of the north sea it happened a bunch of different times are realised that they all sounded exactly the same and this progress so it was becoming very long so what i basically want to do is just shut out to all the amateur archaeologists because the same thinking again and again but they are called in the pros the minute they realise that they had something significant which is awesome means that there are now a lot of really old
means that are in museums now for everybody to be able to learn from and be advocated on this was also true of the folks who found a couple of bronze age axes using a metal detector they contact with the authorities and the find ultimately wound up doubling the number of discovered axes from that particular time period to a total of ten so applies usually servants who do yeah big applies to the folks ago hey this coy looks valuable maybe i contact someone who can do this a little more thoroughly than i can with my limited experience and knowledge in the energy to be proud those things belong in museums so we are getting out with this one as you know tracy which you put these together she groups the mint is similar like groupings as much as possible and this one is going to start with things that are remotely safe to leave lying around
january news broke the national park service employees had found a winchester model eighteen seventy three repeating rifle leaning up against the juniper tree the rifle was manufactured and shipped in eighteen eighty two otherwise we don't know who bought it when it was left by the tree or why at the time it was made though it was a very popular firearm and was nicknamed the gun that won the west appear that it was their against the free for quite some time because the wooden stock had cracked due to expose the elements the barrel itself had gotten rested the whole thing had kind of you did and whether enough but it's kind of surprising that any one side against the tree a couple of the pictures like you gotta know it to realise there is again against the tree park service staff pass that find along too conservators
also in the realm of things that you should not be buying out archaeologists servant bringing a lot of stuff up from the wreckage of black beard ship the queen rooms a lot of them are medical implements a lot of the medical implements look extremely scary one of these is a urethra syringe and this was used to inject mercury into the urethra the hole at the end of the penis probably as a treatment treatment we're syphilis and it works as terrifying as you might imagine based on the words that just came out of my mouth will make you tempts up whether you have penis or not that is attention making terror but then moving on to the category of books letters and art
sylvia erupted the towns herculaneum and palm pay were buried of the graffiti the bodies and artifacts there were there were preserved by the volcanic ash and that is common knowledge at this point but another thing preserved and left largely untouched until how was the library library buried library buried in the year seventy nine was under a spy archeologists in seventeen fifty two travel was that until very recently it was basically impossible to try to read any of the scrolls that were buried along with the rest of the towns was so impossible in the eighties researchers decided to stop trying and leave it for future generations because basically all of the efforts that they had made up until that point this while the scrolls without actually being able to read anything on them how it is later now and the future generation is officially this one and the method that use
is called x ray phase contrast to margaret he also abbreviated his ex pc tee and basically this technique looks at the tiny tiny difference between the thickness of plane for piracy and the thickness of papyron with ink on top of it and using this researchers are able to piece together writing from an unrolled fragment and hope that the same methods will be able to have a look at the entire library they publish their initial findings in the journal nature communications the much much easier to read category crews replacing blackboards emerson high school in oklahoma city and an entire other set of blackboards still with writing unless i am under the ones they were taking down these old chap words have been covered over with new ones but not erased beforehand and nineteen seventeen they include drawing multiplication we'll musical notes and writing it's like
maybe they might have been covered up around thanksgiving time because all of the lessons include stuff about thanksgiving enough regular story actually made the rounds twice this year once when the washington post picked up the story from local news again when another website we will not nay republish them all again on credited as though they were brand new do not do that it is plagiarism so notes but people have asked us to talk about on the show as a whole episode and i have not really figured out how we might handle that bank employees stumbled across a note and other paper spam baroness marry that sarah who died along with crown prince rude off of austria in january eighth eighty nine at the time of their deaths she was seventeen and he was thirty and although their deaths has been described as a murder suicide heard notes which had been deployed read in the bank in nineteen twenty six when were previously
i believed him industry are essentially suicide note so any non clarity about whether she was a willing participants in this whole death basically obliterated with these notes so moving on to our next discovery walking at their house the family members of victor ross child who worked with emma fives counter sabotage unit found a number of drawings he commission from artist lawrence fish depicting german booby trap bombs from world war two rothschilds idea was to basically put together a manual for people meaning to defuse a number of innocuous looking items that could really contain explosives there are twenty five drawings documenting everything from ex exploding what bar which was purportedly part of applied to kill winston churchill an exploding motor oil can
the family was hoping that a museum or an archive would take these drawings because an interesting part of spy history but we don't any word yet on whether anyone has taken them upon this offer and it has come to fruition that they become part of a museum collection next we have defined that was the most exciting to me of all finds this entire here it is a missing and newly found peace of the epoch of gilda written in these notes in all capital letters that's how excited i tracy has some gilgamesh excitements basically a museum in iraq bought a collection of clay tablets from a smuggler in twenty eleven and this may seem shady but it is actually a tactic that museums in the region have been using to try to reclaim artifacts that have previously been looted
the root out and andrew george at the university of london worked together to translate the text on this one qr tablet that was found in the back and it contains twenty maybe especially unknown lines of the epoch of killed them ass in which killed commission inky do you go to the cedar forest fire an ogre tracy and so excited over this one which is graham paper outlining these findings was published in twenty fourteen but it did not actually make headlines until this year it was kind of the quiet discovery of dear you're the only one that is the thing that like we should have heard about last year but hidden until suddenly the fear people were doing news reports on it much more recently been twenty fourteen very recently this year the contents of a trunk full of never delivered court comments were unearth in the netherlands and all of us correspondence dates back to between sixteen seventeen o six the trunk itself
is whether in london linen and it was given to a museum in the hague and nineteen twenty six but these letters were never opened and they are only just now being analyzed by an international team of experts and academics and one of the things of there in that i thought was really cool is to use not invasive imaging to look inside the seal i'm alone without damaging them and then also to look inside the letters where the paper of the letter themselves has been folded and an intricate way to make the anvil hope letters themselves are an assortment of things that just never made it to their recipients because those people
moved or they refuse to accept them or they refuse to pay because at the time the recipient was the one who paid for postage one theory is that the couple who collect them all did so in the hope of turning a profit once these pieces of correspondence were claimed and paid for in february the university of cambridge and the fitzwilliam museum announced that they had found compelling evidence two bronze statue use where the work of michelangelo now lots and lots and lots of michelangelo's work survives to this day but until this particular discovery the art world thought that all of his brahms work had been lost and it's a pair of statues it's too naked men writing others and they were first attributed to michelangelo in the nineteenth century however because there was no clear evidence linking luna michelangelo and because the statues them of art signed in any way a lot of academics dismissed that association and now there
actually a link one of his students had copied many of michelangelo sketches and of those is very similar to these two braun statues the idea here is that michelangelo actually sketched his idea out before making the statue and that his student copied that sketch the last of our letters books and art category the photographer early we vain photographs lemon and the roman ruins of palmyra syria in eighteen sixty four so the photographs themselves are exceptionally well preserved and in october this year the getty research institute announced that they acquired them what we notable about them besides the fact that they are very old photographs that are preserved extremely well is that a lot of the locations that are in the photograph have since that time been damaged or destroyed through wars and other complex this includes temples and power
that were destroyed by ices earlier this year so these particular photographs in addition to the very existence of their old photographs that have been preserved well are also documenting sites of national heritage that have since been lost we're gonna get to the fascinating but a little bit grim topic of mass graves in the moment but first we are good pause forward from a sponsor hapag has listeners have you ever wanted to share a love story with someone but you may be wanted to do it in a really unique in interesting way or you were struggling to get the exact rate words in place will you don't know to worry about that you can put it into a book and that is where love book comes in love books help customers express their sentiments that there working hard to make their own unique thing and each book is completely cut miserable most customers use them to list the reasons why they love someone but you can you all kinds of things
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he'll bodies covering a wide range of ages without any clear indications of injuries or diseases leaving the team to suspect that there was some kind of epidemic although the most logical assumption might be that the bodies were from the black death ice a topic testing has not yet been done to determine their ages another thousand bodies were found buried under what's now old divinity school at saint john college although the site was really discovered three years ago the findings were only announced this year about four hundred of these skeletons were complete and perfectly preserved with the rest of the remains more fragmented individual bones this articulated skeletons things like that the burials from thirteen to the fifteen
centuries belong to the hospital of saint john the evangelist who which was for the care of quote poor scholars and other wretched persons as a description i did not have the heart to leave out the scholars were poor and that there were other wretched persons ass so it would feel a little bit like our we run from last year and which we talked about a whole lot of things there were unearth thanks to cross rail a mass grave was found central london during an excavation work at a crossroads station this grave contains thirty suspected victims of the grey plague and the area being excavated was already known to be a burial site from the bedlam burial ground how most of what had been excavated at this site before this point these were ended dual burial sites for the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries not a mass burial with all of the bodies in one pit in september
archaeologists confirmed that the burials in to mass graves at durham university in north east england our scottish prisoners who died in sixteen fifty after all cromwell won the battle of dunbar the ones whose sex could be deterred they were all meal and none seem to have died from battle wounds they all seem to have instead as a consequence of disease and being held in poor conditions after the battle had concluded they also had some really extensive study on the skeletons themselves including isotope studies that were used term in where they were from scotland visa the studies where they look at nice tubes that are in your body as indicative of what kind of food you ate and where you like what your environment was like baby finally figured out that all of these bodies have been recruited from a very wide area of scotland which supports what was already previously suspected glean from written records about how office
and the men but they commanded were recruited from all over the next we move on to the surprising finds category so we will start in the netherlands where at dread museum researchers ran a see tee scan on a statue of buddha inside that statue they found the one thousand year old mummy a monk sitting in lotus position based on characters on the role of cloth in which the mummy is sitting researchers believe it to be legal on a member of the chinese meditation school and the devil take department archaeologists and glass to share found a roman headstone belonging to a twenty seven year old woman named buddha or bodega wits through a whole lot of no not barbuda on our facebook page what caused the team
i was not the names similarity to the infamous warrior woman buddha about the fact that this stone was an excellent condition and which is just extremely rare and funds from that long ago like they find some just and really rare and funds from that long ago like they find some stones and they find some bodies but they dont often find the from that long ago a stone a body that actually go together moving on to ireland a large beech tree blew over there and in its root system was intact a medieval skeleton so the sky lower leg bone stayed in the ground the force of the tree falling over effectively ripped the skeleton in half radio carbon in another analysis suggests that this is a late teens early twenties meal who was actually stab to death everything else about it then clear
we know that there was a church and a graveyard that were nearby but it's not clear whether this person was buried in that churches graveyard or whether with separate we also don't know if these stab wounds or from a fight or from a battle or some other interesting third option at a lot known about this skeleton unearthed by a falling free and now we are shifting gears to the food and drink department of unearthed which always sounds interesting but sometimes his little alone all tummy turning now however an excavation at a building site in tel aviv this year uncovered potter ease to make beer in egypt approximately five thousand years ago so beer would have been barley and water that had been left to firms in the sun with fruit concentrates added a hundred and sixty eight intact bottles of champagne were found in a shipwreck off the coast of finland and twenty two and twenty ten
but this year every year that researchers actually published their findings on this wreck in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences and also someone chose to on purpose drink some of it it was described as being extremely sweet with notes of smoke leather and tobacco apparently the very called temperatures of the sea plus the fact that there was a later on both sides of the cork kept at all from the grating to do badly although it was not really effervescent any more than we are you stories about evidence of ancient people butchering some very very large animals for uses food the first is that it later in a team of university of michigan paleontologist joined forces to examine a mammoth on earth in a field south of an hour michigan so manner fines are reasonably common although it's a lot more common to find mass the dimes in that part of the world this one in britain
there were those shows clear evidence of humans having butchered the mammoth for its meet the mammoth itself lived roughly eleven thousand seven hundred and fifty thousand years ago although conclusive dating has not been done as of win this finding was written up and the team believed that humans plates placed mammoths carcass in a pond and weighed down with boulders as a way to preserve it to confirm this researchers will further examined unless they are given investigative bones to see if they have evidence of the cuts that would have come along with butchering in a somewhat similar much older find stuff
tools and the remains of a straight test elephant all of them dating back between three hundred thousand and six thousand years were unearth at a site in greece the evidence suggests that this was a butchering site for elephants and are based on the remains of the elephants and the tools as well as the types of cut marks on the bones that the mammoth researchers are going to be looking for themselves that does not sound jammies me me there but you never know none of the food sound yummy to me this year leave like we ve had some unearthing where that said all that seems like it could be interesting to know ancient extremely sweet smoke you other you sam pain and butchered elephant is not found particularly the listen to me the sounds interesting to me like we're smoke we shall pay sounds fascinating that we actually
there was a researcher who did not elect to drink any of it but he did get some of its sorted into the palm of his hand from a little typepad and he said the smell of it stuck for our part which is a good way or a bad why i couldn't tell whether he was ok with that or not but we're gonna take a brief break and then we're going to get back to the world of unearthing with some really old things oldest known things that were announced this year this episode of stuff you missed in history class has brought here
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ie this recording is on three stones depicting what the eclipse looked like from that location at a much grisly are now the oldest documented decapitation in the americas was discovered in brazil this an international team working in east central brazil found a nine thousand year old set of remains that included a skull six neck vertebrae and hands and the skull that a head had been removed like but had enough vernacular had been removed from the rest of the body by pulling and rotating the very careful arrangement of the hidden hands combined with mass spectroscopy analysis of the bones themselves led the team to conclude that this was a ritual enacted on a member of the community not upon men on an outsider and this is about six thousand years before the previously known oldest decapitation
you just short of pottery was discovered to contain the oldest known alphabet primmer this year so the pottery itself dates all the way back to the fifteenth century bc ii the text on it is about thirty five hundred years old although this pottery shard itself has been known for a while the script on it was only deciphered this year thanks to dutch egyptologist ben herring who figured out that this was the alphabet and words and not someone's grocery list or something the oldest named smoking pipe was found in james town in timber name smoking pipes were thing during the colonization of james town and the pipes themselves are the oldest known examples of print in the north american colonies most of the names are those of important english figures leading sir walter raleigh and prominent jamestown colonists
newly discovered oldest pipe carries the name william follow who was a swiss inventor in the virginia company has been allotted down a rabbit whole trying to figure out why people were into having these pipes of names on play was sort of likely equivalent your football jersey or having a pint glass that have your favorite brewery on them i don't know it just seems to be a thing that the colonists like we are going to move on to category the last category four or unearth this year and it is listener favorite acclamations so chilean pablo neruda was examined in twenty thirteen to try to determine if he had been poisoned we're talking about it today as in may of this year no foundation issued a demand that it be reburied immediately because it had not been real trouble
down whether he has in fact been reinterred since this demand was issued i could not find the answer but in november so just last month according to these created press the chilean government conceded that in spite of the fact that previous testing found no the poison he may actually have been murdered so the judge preside over the case has asked for another round of tests to look for substances that were not enough who did in the prior around suggesting that may we still have not been reinterred and all this time authorities push an exclamation of a famous australian cold case and an episode request we often known as the somerton man this year his body found nineteen forty eight and he was determined to have died of poisoning but he was never a fine and adding to this mystery was the fact that a piece of paper apparently in code was found in his pocket lotta people wonder if this is some sort of spy assassination
based on that combination of unknown identity and weird scrap of code in his pocket i think you talked about researching mount one time i am i making that up you are not making it up did you find the who was a it was well not a lot of information no i don't think i got that far i think are similar shining object popped into my field of vision and i followed another path so maybe in the list for sure yeah yeah maybe the future will talk about maybe in the future we will have more say or more information if they do in fact exist him officials examining the body of serial killer john wayne gazes victims wound up getting a break in a completely unrelated case during this process the sole exclamation effort was started by could county sheriff tom dart try to match an unidentified victims darwin gacy with dna evidence provided by
many members who are looking for their missing loved ones so being mast came from relatives of young men who had vanished in the nineteen seventies doktor willow wertheimer was the people who had a missing male love when she was looking for she submitted heard the it was not found to be aid to the body of a john wayne gacy victim who had been an unidentified but to the body of a man who had been shot dead in san francisco thirty six years ago and this hope though we should note did identify one of gipsies victims within weeks as well as identifying other unidentified remains as well also in the realm of exhumations people are asking for that to my knowledge have not happened yet there is little nellie here
is known as the patron saint of cork sometimes the unofficial patron saint of cork she died of probably tuberculosis in nineteen o eight and she was examined at that point a year after she died so that her body could be moved to combat grounds when she was exude her body was found to be basically in tat so this fact plus the fact that she had been described as just extremely devout and wholly during her very brief life let her developing a posthumous following people started making pilgrimages to her great
however the convent where she had been buried was destroyed by fire in two thousand and three and now a bank owns that property and has been understandably reluctant to just allow people to come to her grave site and pray for security reasons the bishop of court and roth has moved for her to be examined so that she can be re buried yet again in a place where people could visit her and praise her that request was from back in august and i have no word yet about whether that exhumation what actually happened but i was very fascinated by the story of little nellie and how she became the sort of unofficial patron saint basin her brief and apparently very devout life and in this year's biggest exclamation news and also to close things off another pass podcast is definitely there of the family of tsar nicholas the second at this point historians overwhelmingly believe the tsar nicholas his wife
all of their children were all killed by a bolshevik firing squad however russia has been trying to determine conclusively that all the remains are genuine so that they can be interred together in saint petersburg theirs the extensive testing on the user names believed to be the roman army as well already but this time they sort of increased the pattern they also exude alexander the third who was nicholas the seconds father to compare his dna to the ported the purported remains of the roma children actually and maria the reason there were doubts about whether these two bodies in particular were genuine is because there remains were found separately from the rest of the family and also the reason there's been some
about the identity of the bodies of the rest of the family is that they also were not excavated four years after they were originally found russia announced in november the dna tests have confirmed that the remains are genuine think that might be the one conclusive answer of all the questions that were being raised in this year's unearthed sounds like a lot of stuff but we on earth i'm sure there are things that people were hoping we would talk about we have not talked about they may be things that are on our opinion of all of our unearthed than twenty fifteen stuff january will start another pen board for unearthing twenty sixteen it literally starts really busy year yeah i do now i do not recall having nearly there i do not recall having nearly this many of findings that were related to pass stuff in the archive before and i dont know how much of that is because now that you and i have worked in the past
cast for a few years or a lot more familiar with all of the things that past hosts have worked on although i still perpetually stumble across had no idea was in there or are they really is this you just saw a lot of discoveries that we're coincidentally related to step we ve talked about on the show in any case do you wanna wrap up with a little bit of mail for one of our great listeners ninety with some jessica and jessica says dear tracy and holly thank you for doing this stuff you missed in his request podcast i discovered it about a year ago while living in oxford and have made walking around much more interesting but i'm a graduate student and archaeology i focused primarily on the bronze age in the near east hence i always enjoy learning about things more recent and in other regions i've been looking for a good reason to write you and finally came my current university had a graduate student symposium a few weeks ago and one of the art history presentations made me think of your podcast on red lining bother presentation
more generally about photography and associated racial stereotypes of pre nineteen o six earthquakes san francisco chinatown it included a fascinating map of chinatown before the earthquake which she attached the map demonstrated some of the same qualities as red lining and was used to try to convince the city council not to rebuild chinatown after the earthquake the map shows old china towns who essentially be a den of iniquity the pink yellow green and blue swears represent buildings containing chains gambling houses opium them chinese prostitution and white process in respectively i found it interesting that chinese and white prostitution were listed separately indicating that there's are perceived differently i hope you also find this interesting i am sure is and as i am sure is calm and i will now it is time for the podcast she suggests this history of archaeology or history of museums but the wish them very large
especially when visiting museums i found myself conflicted i enjoy what was collected by old european antiquarians but i don't like fact that they essentially stole material cultural history i hope you both have good holidays sincerely jessica thank you so much jessica i wanted to hear for two reasons one as i am definitely interested any time somebody sends me a new example we had not previously seen about the types of of efforts that we talked about in our red lining pie cast the other is that we have one of the one or the other pin boards that i have that i use try to corral things has to do with repatriation which is when one nation has been having holding something in a or another collection repatriated back to its country of origin i didn't have as many of these that i found this year that were emphases hack about so you didn't have a section on that in today's by gas but i definitely understand that company
we urge her this year had an interview with folks from the pebbly museum at harvard talking about the search for the harbour any school i got to go to the people earlier this year and that several points in the museum there signs explaining how the museum has been working to try to contact the especially indigenous cultures that some of the art friend and returning those culture returning those artifacts to their home cultures where its appropriate and desired so there are several as with other museum but you see little farms that say this artifact that previously was on display here has been returned to these people for from this place based on this which
i want that sort of going out a treasure have through the museum reading all of these signs as part of what s so thank you so much jessica for writing to us if you would like to write to us about this or any other parts ass history pike ass it has therefore suffer ross armpits look at facebook dotcom flash misdemeanours on twitter it must in history are tumblr is missed industry that tumblr com it or else i'm interested address that complex miss than history if you will to learn more about what we have talked about today you can counter parent company website would how's that works the word serial killers search bar you will find an article about how serial killers work really talked about one of those in unearthing but that is a pretty old favourite of people's morbid curiosity we could also comes on our website which is most bid history that calm and by certain it's probably up the italian i have worked on an archive of every episode ever
so you can do all these wonderful beings and who are more and how to work part time or missis reed on man wore on this imbalance and other topics has some works how low bunnies this is ard marine you may know me from chelsea lately or as were genus and clear on insatiable i want to tell you about my comedy podcast will you accept this rose which is new to the eye heart radio podcast network we we're cap every season at the bachelor franchise including the bachelor the bachelor at an bachelor paradise we bring in bachelor super finns including last bass nicky glaser debbie ryan and more catch our first episode on january eighth and listen to will you accept this rose on the iheart radio app apple pie
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