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Unearthed! in July 2021, Part 1

2021-07-26 | 🔗

In part one of the 2021 July edition of unearthed things, there are updates to previous episodes, along with books and letters, edibles and potables, and art. 

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things that have been literally or figuratively unearthed. Over the last few months we ve started doing this once a quarter number has gradually increased. I think this is probably the sweet spot at this point, so this episode today is generally covering stuff that happened in April May and June of twenty twenty one. So today we have a ton of updates to previous episodes, along with some finds related to books and letters and edibles and potable and art, and then next time you will get an some exclamations, some mysteries that have been solved and other stuff off I know there are folks that kind of check out of episodes when we get to listener male. They don't listen to that part. So just a heads up both of these instalment of unearthed, have special honour specific listener. Mail, pom bump
So we have mentioned before the search for the remains of victims of the nineteen twenty one Tulsa race Massacre. That's come up several times previously. the search of the Oakland Cemetery in Tulsa ended on June, twenty seventh, having identified thirty five coffins and zoomed nineteen sets of remains from unmarked grave Investigators do not believe that the people buried in all thirty five coffins were victims of the massacre, so they focused exclamation efforts primarily on the ones who were buried in cheaper coffins, which they saw as more likely to be massacre victims about half of their remains habit. thoroughly examined by the twenty seventh, and at least one of them showed obvious signs of trauma. This work included a section of the
Terry known as the original eighteen believed to be the burial sight of eighteen victims of the Tulsa race Massacre, who had been listed on a funeral home ledger, and although this phase of the excavation at Oakland is complete, now work with the remains that were exuded still going, including trying to identify exactly who these people were so are episode on. The tells a race massacre was most recently a Saturday classic on May twenty half of this year. In June, the? U S office of Army cemeteries, announced a plan to examine the bodies of ten chill wherein buried on the grounds of Carlisle Indian Industrial School in return to their families, Is the EU s armies forth such project at Carlyle Barracks, some of which we have discussed on previous episodes of the show this? This interment was expect to start in MID June and be completed by July. Eighteen, so it is still ongoing. As of when were recording this episode
yeah you s, armies announcement about this distant meant at Carlyle came amid several announced. Discoveries of mass graves and unmarked burial sites at former residential schools and Canada. We mentioned these on our recent Saturday classic on the fort shot, indian school girls, basketball, team and as I've when we recorded this podcast, which is happening on July seventh. This involves two different schools and British Columbia and one in six catch one. So this is something that still ongoing. As of winter. Recording. This based on what's happened so far. I would not be surprised, sadly, if further discoveries were Between July six and we're recording and Windows episode is actually coming out. Yet that's, I would say the list that is more likely than unlikely. It does yeah guys it's an ongoing and just truly
horrific and and traumatized to the people involved series of announced discoveries, away back in twenty eleven previous hosts. Sarah, we met didn't episode on the pre colombian native american City of Coca, which was home to at least fifteen thousand people at its peak in about the year eleven. Fifty is often described as being bigger than the city of London was at that time one unanswered question about Coca is why the people living near ultimately abandoned it. So one proposed explanation when that was mentioned, and that episode has been that the residents of cocoa used too much wood from the surrounding and De Forest in the area and contributing to run off and flooding, but according to research that was published in the journal GEO Archaeology, while the reasons behind cookie is abandonment, still aren't clear. It probably wasn't me
of deforestation in the words of Caitlin Rank in who conducted this research, is part of her graduate studies quote theirs. We common merited about land use practices that lead to erosion and sedimentation and contribute to all These environmental consequences, when we actually revisit this: we are not seeing evidence of the flooding for their work. The evidence of lots of would use, including cutting down thousands of trees, Sybil Palisades, but there was not evidence that catastrophic flooding had followed that, and that was the thing that had theoretically led to Okey is abandonment. Last year we did an episode on beekeeping in its origins in honey and be hunting researchers, in west. Africa have been studying this central Nigerian, not culture which existed from about five hundred BC. Two two hundred sea, including carrying chemical analysis on four hundred fifty pieces of pottery.
The soil in the area is very acidic, so plant and animal remains have not survived the intervening two thousand years to be analyzed So this pottery is archeologists primary tool to learn about how the not people eight an how it compares to groups living in the area today about a thing of the pottery studied in this research showed evidence of being used to store and process beeswax and in the words of co author. Peter breeding of Gerda University quote. We originally started the study of chemical residues in pottery shirts because of the lack of animal boons at knock sites, hoping to find evidence for meat processing and the parts that the knock people exploited honey. Thirty five hundred years ago was lily unexpected and is unique in west african pre history
The college's believed that they have found the home that Harriet Tubman lived in when she was a teenager. The team had been fruitlessly searching Georgia. You're county and Marilyn's Eastern Shore before a metal Hector help them spot a coin that was dated. Eighteen, o ain't. That coin lead to the likely sight of a cabin owned by Tubman, Father Ben ROS, about a quarter of a mile away. Archaeologists have since found bricks a drawer pull a button. pipe stem among other artifacts. This search started last fall based on written records that pointed the team to the direction of attractive land that the? U S, fish and wildlife service purchased. Eric and our two partner on Harriet Tubman, was most recently a Saturday classic Justice past June. We talked about the Philadelphia move bombing in May of twenty seventeen Philadelphia police dropped a bomb on a home
Members of the move organization we're living in an official then allowed their resulting fire to burn unchecked through the neighbourhood eleven people died looting. Five children in April news broke that the bones of two children killed in the bombing likely belonging to twelve year old deletion. Africa and fourteen year old Tree, Africa were being held, the collections of University of Pennsylvania and Princeton and we're being used as a case study in an online forensic anthropology course. The coup This was originally filmed in twenty nineteen and was presented by Princeton University on the core Sera platform the title real bones adventure infrared sick, anthropology, but that has since been taken down my a casino broke. This story, Philadelphia, publication, Billy pen on April twenty first and from there it really. Came international news casino who had previously worked,
the pen museum wrote about the careless and indifferent way that these remains had been handled at the unit. city of Pennsylvania, Museum of Archaeology and anthropology and that they had been transferred to Princeton. But a Princeton spokesman, and later said. The university no longer had them. It really unclear where these bones were when this story first broke in May city officials amounts to that Philadelphia. Health commissioner Doktor Thomas Farley had, or the remains cremated and disposed of in twenty. Seventeen rather returning them to surviving members of the Africa family. Farley later resigned with his resignation, announced on the thirty sixth anniversary of the bombing But then it was announced that the remains had been found in storage. The city announced that your finishing an internal investigation into all of this, the remains what he returned to the children surviving family members, and this is one of those
this also still a developing story and situation as we are recording. This am it's possible that there will be further developments in it over the next few weeks. We did a special unearthed addition on Franklin's lost expedition, beckoned twenty fourteen and we ve had some other updates on the expedition and fines from the Rex involved in the expedition. Since then, now For the first time, a member of that expedition has been identified through DNA and genealogical analysis. It is warrant Sir John Gregory. He was an engineer aboard the H M S. Airbus, whose tooth and bone samples were recovered antwerp- thirteen from King, William Island, none of it like fall. We talked about some incredible fines from Oxbridge Hall in Norfolk, England, and we also talk
in an earlier unearthed about the discovery of some chocolate from the Boar war that belong to australian poet and war, corresponded banjo, Patterson Queen Victoria had commissioned this chocolate as morale booster for british troops will now its head of chocolates from the same commission has been found at Oxford Hall. This ten belonged to the eighth baronet Sir Henry Edward Past and bedding feel You served in the war and it was among his daughter, Frances Great heads possessions, found in the halls attic something we didn't get into when we talked about Banjo Patterson Chocolate the queen commit in the chocolate for Britain's three top chocolate manufacturers, all of which had been started by quakers. This led to some back and forth as the leadership of each of the three companies was pacifist and didn't we to be associated with or to make money from the war, but the queen wanted it to be clear to the
groups that what they were receiving was british chocolate. In the end, the chocolate was attributed in unbranded tins, although some of the child when itself was branded in all fell. It turns out. There were so many updates to talk about in this on earth, but we are going to continue them after we take. Sponsor break Echo knows there are many reasons why you ride from the exciting adventure of the daily commute to the peace of mind. That Geico always has your back with twenty four seven access to claim service and legendary customer service. What PAMELA mine TAT one reason in particular my skin is extremely averse to most fabrics, except for the soft buttery feeling of leather. Thankfully, I found my plan of leather lover than the biking community. It's been life, changing guy, go motorcycle. Fifteen minutes could save your fifty percent or more. This episode is brought, by linked in learning, was in my career,
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bones were found among those of about three hundred people who had tried to flee the volcanic eruption and they belong to somebody you probably a man in his early forties in pretty good health wearing some kind of armour and carrying tools in his knapsack. So all of that suggests that he was so kind of a soldier. He was also wearing an ornate leather belt that was decorated with silver and gold, and that suggest that he was a soldier of some kind of rank. It is not one hundred percent clear what kind of soldier he was, though, coins found next to the body toad the monthly pay of a member of the Praetorian Guard, which were the household armies of roman emperors. But some of his here and tools he was carrying were commonly used by ships, engineers and carpenters, suggesting that he might have been part of these relief force so, as was the case that chromium last time. Headlines that make it sound like these remains had been conclusively identified as belonging.
you a soldier who came with plenty of fleet to try to help in the after of the eruption of palm pay, seem a bit overstated there like that pre is cranium. There were a lotta headlines, there were like plenty be elder found and it was like maybe fame with these remains, We talked about Antony one Levin Hook and his animalcule speck in March of twenty eighteen. One lingering unknown has been exactly how he made a land with further microscopes that he used to make there's observations. Unladen hooks microscopes were exceptionally good for the time they delivered a magnification of up to two hundred and seventy times using a single land. But he kept his limbs making methods and recipes a secret, but now researchers at tea. Delft in the Netherlands have used neutron demography to try to crack that case,
they made it a non invasive method to study the lenses, because one layman hook riveted his lenses between metal plates, so eggs, meaning those lenses directly would require the microscope to be taken apart. Yes, people are, of course, reluctant to take apart irreplaceable historical microscopes, with the lead, These are made I've. Let me just tinker with this all figured only Levin of the hundreds of microscopes that he made are known to have survived today. There could, of course, be more that we have not on earth yet this research, those suggest that he used the unique lands for each one, depending on the purpose of each microscope. Unladen hooks highest powered microscope. It still in existence today contains a ball shape lens connected to a tiny, tiny glass.
Bread, and that would have been made by blowing the glass rather than by grinding it, and this seems to be a refinement of a recipe that was published by Robert Hooke in one thousand six hundred and seventy eight. It's really not surprising that some of mine, Leeuwenhoek Slim would build off of hooks work because he was unknown admirer of hooks Microgram Thea the authors of this, paper suggests that one of the reasons unladen hook was so secretive about his work was to conceal inspiration. He kind of me came, this persona of alone observer working in scientific isolation based almost on a whim. Really these lives and suggest that he was pretty up to date on the latest. Developments in Optics Emmy was incorporating them into his work and for our last update this time around
We did an episode in the nineteen sixty four Mississippi Freedom summer in February of this year, and one big piece of that episode was the murder of civil rights activist James Cheney, Andrew Goodman and Michael SH, Werner record's, related to that case have now open to the public for the first time they are being housed and available for viewing it, though William F Winter archives and history, building and Jackson, Mississippi. Moving on to a couple of fines related to books, Kate Mccaffrey, who used to work the steward at Haber Castle has research two books that were inscribed by Anne Boleyn, one being the prayer book that she's believed to have carried to her execution. Cavalry did this research as part of her masters thesis. So the prayer book was previously known to contain only one inscription that being written by an added, including her signature and arriving couplet, but said
Remember me when you do pray that hope Doth lead from day to day, but Mccaffrey found other insight actions, including the family names of Gauge West and Shirley, which centred around the name of the Guilford family of cranberry. All of that had been erased and Mccaffrey had to use ultraviolet photography and photo editing software to make it visible and a puzzle out with these words. Said through this work, Mccaffrey traced how this book survived after Berlin's execution in fifteen thirty six, after which many of her possessions were destroyed in the
inscriptions, essentially trace a chain of people, mostly women, who pass the book from one to another and kept it concealed and safe, and in another book story that I find equal parts, sad and sweet. Ten, extremely overdue books have been returned to the Somerville Public Library in Massachusetts, after being discovered in an attic, they had been checked of the libraries West Branch by Helen Garments, when she was a teenager and the nineteen thirty's, but then she died of the flu and ninety Thirty, seven at the age of only sixteen, at which point the books that she had checked out for school library and the public library wound up in a box in the attic and then later in a relatives basement where they were reduced. In June. The books themselves date back to the late nineteenth and early twentieth century these and the ones from the Somerville Library included a nineteen o three copy of language lesson.
From Literature Book one and a nineteen. Twenty three copy of carpenters, new geographical reader, Asia, so the Somerville West Branch Library actually used to be my branch of the library before I moved away from Somerville if the carnage library that was originally built in nineteen o nine and it reopens July, twelfth after some really extensive renovation work. I think this episode will have come out by the time it reopens there is no fine do for the massive lateness of these books, though the Somerville Public Library, one fine free on July. First, and before that point, the maximum fine would have been ten dollars. So I know with some of these headlines about very overdue library books. There will be estimated finds, do have like fifteen thou
the barriers and the Summary Library had a mix of ten. I have feelings of up those kinds of headlines and library I do too, and so does my spouse and discuss this story with Now we are moving on to you, some of my favorites, a few finds related to food and drink. First up teams in Oxford, England have confirmed to medieval households in Oxford jewish quarter were maintaining kosher dietary practices, though jewish dietary laws are much older than this, this is the first time they ve been conclusively identified in british archaeology. So this team started with the remains of two houses which, based on a medieval census, appeared to have housed jewish families and, while excavating those two homes they found over trade, that dated back to the eleventh twelfth century and that will treat contained lots.
Different animal bones, but no pig bones at all. They also used chemical and ice, a topic analysis to confirm what kinds of foods had been prepared in pottery at the sight, and they found evidence that the vessels had been used to cook cattle, sheep and goat. But again not pork. Pork residues have been found in cooking vessels from other home was dated back to the same time period, but those were located outside Oxford, jewish quarter and the words of the papers, he'd author Doktor Julie dine quote this remarkable example of how biomolecular information extracted from medieval pottery and combined with ancient documents and animal boons has provided a unique insight into eight hundred year old jewish dietary practices. Similarly arc, pledges in Spain have unearth evidence of muslim dietary practices that persisted after Catholic Spain finished its conquest of the iberian peninsula. In fourteen ninety, two
at first Muslims were allowed to continue their religious observances and practices, but the catholic governments soon outlawed the practice of Islam and began forcing people to convert very The spanish kingdoms then expelled their remaining muslim populations in the early. Sixteen hundreds Some evidence of muslim customs and dietary practices that have been on earth recently include the presence of at a furious which were large communal bulls, and these are gradually replaced by small bulls for individual portions and the decades after the catholic conquest. Among the Catholic coming de the idea of a lot of people eating from one communal ball was not great, and so that is what led to this shifting towards individually
ocean doubles. Another is the presence of sheep bones and the absence of pig bones around muslim households and that again, persisted after the catholic government started banning Muslim practices. As aside, no one thing that Tracy Red when she was going through this research discussed how this FED into the popularity of pork in spanish cuisine as Christian signalled their religion by publicly displaying and consuming pork products, which also reinforce the idea that Muslims and Jews were not welcome and moving on according to research that was published in the jar. Of archaeological science neolithic farmers living seventy five hundred years ago altered the reproductive cycles of sheep, allowing these communities to have meat and milk. Throughout the year the team came
This conclusion, through stable isotope in Dental micro, where analysis from sheep remains that were found in a cave in Spain. This is a really huge. a with about three thousand square metres of habitable space, which seems to have been home to just thousands of goats, sheep and pigs their research suggested that lots of lambs were born in the fall and winter rather than in the spring, which was typical in wild sheep in the same area and time period other things. This would involve controlling when use and rams had contact with each other. The sheep also seem to have been fed a pretty consistent diet, rather than one with a lot of seasonal variability.
At our last fine before we take another quick break. Crews working to restore Michigan Central Station, found a beer bottle wedged into the ceiling containing a message once archivist worked, Sir, remove this and open up the paper which took some doing very old paper, the habit of beer bottle for a very long time. It was found to read, quote Dan Hogan and GEO Smith. duck this feeling of Chicago July. Nineteen. Thirteen Michigan central Station by the way is in Detroit, not Chicago correct, but, but I feel kinship through time. Would damage GEO cause? That's the kind of garbage I would have done when I was young yeah yeah, there was some speculation in one of the articles that I read about this, that perhaps that was not their first beer of the day, considering that they appear to have possibly been confused about what city they were in
or maybe they were saying they were from the little garbled awaited it's written anyway. We're gonna take a quick break and then come back with some artwork. good afternoon. Would you like to try, for example, of our double fudge, brownie of pure room? That's very good I'll, just take one more to be sure, yeah, still very good, some things never change like never being able to take just one free sample and Geico having folks lots of money on their car insurance. It is that The daimio, not I taste you take one more sir. I thats fifteen minutes goods the fifteen percent or more in a way full of smart devices. Isn't it about time? Your printer about smart, too, now print he is smart with HP, plus and hp. Smart app is how it all happens. You can print we're phone with just a tat, no matter where you are even more.
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or you can now explore your potential new place from anywhere that include such exotic locales as your boudoir, your walking pantry, your Al Fresco, dining area. Even your guest powder room, if you're feeling adventurous just about anywhere with an internet connection. So let your nurse enjoy a stroll across the nearest keyboard and visit apartments, dot com to start your rental search today, apartments dot com, the most popular place, to find a place. But we're kicking off the third activist episode with some art. There is ancient cave art it just all kinds of places. We talked about lots of cave art on the show before, and some of these places are fair. Brightly lit places like rocky overhangs and near the mouths of caves, but some of this cave
is it really deep dark parts of caves systems and the artwork itself does not suggest that people were making it in the dark also doesn't necessarily suggest. This was a part of the cave that they were like living in all of the time? So the question is, of course, why make art in a place you have to light a fire to see it especially It wasn't a place you lived in or routinely used for some other reason. A newly publish paper puts fourth, one idea. That paper is called hypoxia in paleo with a decorated caves. The use of artificial light in deep caves, reduces oxygen concentration and induces altered states of consciousness, was published in time and mine, the Journal of archaeology consciousness and culture. So the basic idea here, as that ancient artists took torches or other fiery light sources into caves and notice that, after a while,
They started to get light headed thanks to the dwindling oxygen supply in the build up of by products from the flame and then they moved on to re, creating this experience intentionally using the cave art, not only the visual representation of something, but also as a more mind, altering or transcendent experience. The authors of this paper argue that the caves were decorated because they were significant, rather than the our work being. What made the caves significant. I find this to be a very interesting. idea. I have no idea if that's really what was going on, but I did find it fascinating to read about its leg, historical websites. in other news. One of the pieces of art than has previously been attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci is the flora wax by
in the boat, a museum in Berlin. That key piece of evidence for that attribution was the fact that the face resembles faces from several of Leonardo portraits This is not really a lot of evidence, so people hotly debated whether Leonardo really made this bust after the museum. First acquired it in one thousand, nine hundred and nine, and when say hotly debating. There have been more than seven hundred articles arguing, both for and against this attribution, however, according to research published in the Journal scientific reports, this matter of now definitively and absolutely settled. The best is made primarily from Sperm Seti, which comes from sperm whales and carbon fourteen dating, which is routinely used to figure out the ages of things as long as they're, not to older, young powers the little differently when it comes to something made from Burma. Seti radio
been dating works off the idea that there is a consistent amount of carbon fourteen in the atmosphere, but that's not true when it comes to the ocean, the ocean surface layers get carbon fourteen from the atmosphere, but they also get it from the deeper regions of the ocean which are basically giant carbon fourteen reservoirs. generally speaking. If you carbon date marine animals, they seem lot older than they really are as much as four hundred older because of the availability of carbon fourteen from both the atmosphere and the deeper ocean, so taking the marine reservoir effect into account. This research puts the flora. Busts. Creed action is happening in the nineteenth century. Almost three hundred years after Leonardo's death and adds to previous We known evidence suggesting a nineteenth century creation, some things that were backing that idea up include that sperm said he became a
lab more common in the nineteenth century to do pieces like this than it had been during the renaissance. There is also the fact that, when the back of the best was opened up at one point, it was found to contain nineteenth century would, and newspapers supporters of the attribution that it had been created by Leonardo suggested that this material might have been stuck into the best later on shark. That could happen yet. That's like not that's another thing, that's not a day fitted have proof in either direction came. It goes along with the face idea. On top of all of that british sculptor richer Cockle Lucas's son Albert submitted an affidavit saying he had a quote perfect and vivid recollection of all the steps involved when his father made the bust. In eighteen forty six weeks, Lucas's source for the sculpture was an oil painting than attributed to Leonardo, which Albert had made a watercolor copy of Albert Lucas's testimony
was corroborated by another. Witness has around since one thousand nine hundred and ten. So obviously it seems like this was pretty conclusive way before all of this carbon fourteen dating yeah. It's me like the the multiple witness statements and also the newspapers and also the prevalence of spermaceti e bike. That seems like a lot, but now we have this new carbon fourteen analysis, but people wanted to believe that's very powerful. A third referendum also, apparently, that oil painting was attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci was probably really by one of his students graduates didn't Aurelia as Emma figured out that a bronze tell in the collection at the Louvre was not tell it, was a finger and that it belonged to a statue that was at least twelve metres tall, and that figure has now been reunited with the statue that
came off. This was a statue of Constantine, the great and the capital, Lena Museums of Rome. I believe that this finger was taken off the statue in fifteen eighty four and that, when a sphere that had also been part of the statue had been removed. Her finger than ever about with a toe wound up in the loop election all the way back in eighteen, sixty three so long time of the mystery of which body we are talking about, and what other piece of art came off of the mystery of the toe two off duty. Officers from the italian art squad discovered a first century roman statue in an antique shy in Brussels, The officers were in Belgium on assignment when they happen to stroll into the shop after work. One day that statue been stolen from the Villa Marie made the Tina archaeological site in twenty eleven cannot love the idea that they
this kind of wandering around after work and went out. The Sab hasn't stolen item I loved art is their work at men in their off time. They go look at art in weird shit. I so to move on. Researchers have been trying to figure out the aims of the CERN giant, which is the chalk figure on a hillside endorse it, England, others shock figure is very large. It's fifty five meters tall, it's also Distinctive. It depicts a naked male figure wielding a very large club. It involves there does very naked. You prefer themes of blankets, super Nude, the first written documentation of the figure is an account of it being repaired. one thousand six hundred and ninety four and there's no mention of the figure in a one thousand. Six hundred and seventeen survey of the area. So there's been some people who won
It was made in the seventeenth century, but it seemed like something much older than that right. In appeared, his tracy said so much older and, after finishing sediment analysis, the National Trust has announced that the deepest oldest chalk years of the figure date to between the year, seven hundred and eleven hundred, so it's possible that the figure was created during the medieval period been forgotten about, or neglected and allowed to grow over in grass before being rediscovered. There's no evidence The grasping over was intentional, though one thing they found when they were examining. These chalk layers, though, was microscopic dales, which I also love. These snails introduced into Britain in the medieval period there. Still civilians with questions like who made this, and why and who is it supposed to depict here's one idea. So in nine eighty seven CERN Abbe was established to try to convert the local population to Christianity they had previously
Worship- God known as Heil or Hell, if so, this may perhaps be meant to be a depiction of that God in speaking of nudity, a carved piece of soap. Stone has been on earth at vendor. Lando witches place that we ve talked about a lot on unearthed before this peace depicts a naked male figure in front of us worse or a donkey holding a spear and its went on display at the vendor land a museum on July. First, after having been found, it looks almost though he has a pass a fire in his mouth, but that is most likely just how it has borne overtime, although how funny, would it be, and that is where we are going to stop until next time I write promise, Tracy unearthed, related email, nine
have unearth related email. This is firm, Katy and Katy, says Dear Tracy and Holly greetings from Cardiff, Wales. I hope you in your loved ones. I'll safe and well at this point in the pandemic, and that things are looking up in Massachusetts and Georgia. I'll apologise in advance for the novel I have written below. I will pause and say do not bother As for the novels, really good novel, I'm not going to read a hall one hundred percent of it today, but I saved it for this because it is so unearthed specific, so K talks about being a bio archaeologist and working on a phd and thence not very recently. I was lucky enough to work with my friend and colleague Jes on her project, which very recently made headlines for her masters thesis just examined diet and mobility of aid crew. Members of the merry rose ship using isotope analysis. I then contributed further asked the analysis. I'm through
of them. I know the merry rose has appeared on the six impossible episodes about shipwreck. So I won't be happy here, though I say as an archaeologist. It was an honour to analyze these men and help tell their individual stories, which are often swept up in the narrative of the ship and re popular telling discovered that three of the eight analyzed were not local to the british isles with possible origins in the Mediterranean. Spain slash the iberian
then select and or North Africa. We also identified that three of the eight were people of color, one of whom was local to the british isles. The peer reviewed publication attached of this work will come out later this month and because of that, it receives impress on this side of the pond at least, and then Katy linked to the article, all that interaction to say as an avid stuffy missing history classless near I realize this may pop up on an earth than if it does. I was hoping you might take the opportunity of highlighting a few things that some of the media missed out on some of the public comments. Received through that media? Mostly, I think some of the summaries and the knees made it seem like the diverse origins were based on artifacts found near the remains alone, and I wanted to highlight that this absolutely is not the case. This work is based on stable, isotope analysis elements extracted directly from the remains that a reflective
food they ate and the environment where they grew up. The online comments were interested to read and seem to be a contrasting of people saying they already knew all this. The work was featured at a documentary in the updated museum exhibit, and twenty nineteen and people saying that we were forcing a quote agenda of diversity onto the password didn't belong, my favorite com, it being a simple tweet. The merry woke ha ha. I can't believe I have to say it, but there was no ulterior agenda in this research just felt passionately about this project because she grew up near Portsmouth where the ship now resides and has had a lifelong interest in it and, as the lead researcher of this study, just was determined to make the article open access, meaning that the methods results and interpretations are available for free to anyone interested there very true
parent about all those steps in their and our Emil's are easily searchable. Then Katy has a tip about half there's ever a peer reviewed article that you really want to read and its behind a pay wall a lot of times. The researchers will email you that pdf because they're not really making any money off of the journal, a publication process or the fact that the job he's trying to charge you fifty dollars to read one article. One time then also Katy talks about the methods that were used for ancestry estimation. There are lots of different conversations about how to do these kinds of studies and and whether there is methods are ethical and so Katy says quote: I understand if people have doubts or questions about them. In this case we decided that not sharing the results of these methods would only feed white nationalist narratives that we have shown with the
legal evidence is false and then Katy goes on to say that was not the goal of quote forcing diversity into the path. They were not about the hide that diversity having actually found it so keg design with a bit more that I'm not gonna read through olive, because I want to come to wrap up the episode at this point, but this was a great email to receive. I don't think I had found this particular find when I got the email and when I first looked at it, I did have the exact same response that that Katy mentions that sort of thing. While we already know that a lot of nautical Crews, where a lot more diverse, because it was there, was a more opportunity, a lot of times for people to be able to rise to the ranks on a ship, then they might be able to do in a comparable job on land
but having gone through and looked at the sable isotope analysis to really confirm we're. All of these people are from like that is actually new research. That was done so thank you, so much Katy for sending this and first sending all these links to the paper and other folks would like some of the email write history podcast that I hurt: radio, dot com and Oliver Social media admission. History. That's real find our Facebook and twitter interest in Instagram, and you can subscribe to our show, and I hurt radio app and Billy anywhere else. You get your goddamn stuff, you missed in history class, the production I heard radio for more pod cap from our radio visit by her radio app added mankind's or wherever you listen they returned
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