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Unearthed in July, Part 1

2019-07-24 | 🔗

It's time for the July edition of Unearthed! And this one is in two parts! Today, we have updates and connections to previous episodes. Then some things about Neanderthals and early humans, and the unearthed books, letters and works of art. 

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for a year and then it became twice a year and its when we talk about things that have been literally or figuratively unearthed over the past. Whatever black of time period, it has been for a bit first half of the year second half of the year, but this July I there were so many cool things. The talk about way bore cool things than even could fit into a two part episode. So I put up this pole on our Facebook and Twitter to ask folks how they would. Feel about may be having unearthed four times a year, or am, I suppose it could all Maybe three- I don't know regardless in his heart to a more unearthed. It wasn't, overwhelming yes, like approximately ninety percent, in favour of four times a year so it will either be quarterly or forthright. Early. Maybe we could coincided with the number of times I get my teeth cleaned ever.
you must know that, if the calendar basis, while it, I Didn'T- think about the possibility of doing sort of trimester ran until literally talking now in my head. So everyone's hearing, my internal reasoning with in mind. These unearthed episodes are cut at the end of July, but they're really covering January through the end of May, because I was just so full up on it at that point- though, I will roll into next time some time in the vicinity of late September early october- will have another round and then somber or the sort of January will have the last part of the year and then will sort of see how that goes with regards to next year's scheduling they made out I'll, be two part of this. Little just depend on whether this trend of stuff continues, because there is so much interesting set the talk about so today we have a whole lot of updates and connections to previous episodes of the Pike asked
and will move on to some things about neanderthals and early humans and the unearthed books, letters and works of art, and then next time, we will have some of the long time listener. Favorites like the edibles and potable and, of course, the shipwrecks who doesn't love a good shipwreck. But First, we are going to talk about one of my favorite things the voyage manuscripts. We target this one on the show in twenty fourteen, and then we updated that in twenty seventeen- and it has appeared on unearthed previously in May of this year a flurry of headlines reported that a research from the University of Bristol had cracked. The code on the voyage manuscript, the researcher Question doctor Gerard Cheshire, published his paper in the journal romance studies. Under the title the language in writing system of Emma S. Four, oh eight voyage explained in the paper. He said this work had taken him about two weeks. While he was working on his thesis as kind
first red flag here in a nutshell, from the paper as what he says it was all about, quotes. The manuscript uses a language that arose from a blend of spoken, latin or vulgar Latin and up languages across the Mediterranean during the early medieval period following the collapse of the Roman empire and subsequently evolved into them romance languages, including Italian. For that reason, It is known as proto romance prototype romance it long been hypothesized as the logical link between spoken, latin and the romance languages, but no documented evidence had ever been found before the end of the quote. He also concluded that this work was a resource that produced by dominican nuns for the use of Maria of Castile. In his words from press releases surrounding the discovery quote, I experienced this year. He's of Eureka moments, followed by a sense of disbelief and excitement
I realise the magnitude of the achievement, both in of its linguistic importance and the revelation about the origin and content of the manuscript. Whatever It is even more amazing than the myths and fantasies it has generated, and it is known. saturation to save this work, represents one of the most important developments to date in romance linguistics. Almost immediately you bear Lingo and many who lived got to work debunking this entire thing, including various people, writing essays and tweets, and what not about how that's not how romance language is developed and proto romance as described in the paper, is not a thing. Various scholars also reported that they had received answers. It had copies of a draft of this paper going back to twenty seventeen, which is a no no. If you are planning to try to submit something to purity journals within two days of that first announcement, the university
Bristol had withdrawn its own press release about the paper and distance itself from Cheshire, saying that this without his own work and not affiliated with university or its resources. In a statement, the university also said that it was going to seek further validation and allow further discussions, both internally and with the journal To recap. Every time we see a headline that says some one has decoded the voyage radius group just mentally added the words clay. to have because it happens, Some degree of frequency of the rainy scripts. I honestly don't know it point. If I want everyone to crack it, because I kind of like that, it's this weird muddy thing, but yeah most of the time its. It follows this path like I have figured it out and other people go
hold on a minute chief, especially when somebody's like. I have figured it out, and it took me two weeks I will. I actually did the others, I so also from the land, claims to have believed this news on Amelia Erhard, very surprisingly to me, did not come from the international group for historic aircraft recovery. It is usually who is publicizing: various alleged Erhard findings and twenty eighteen members, team, known as project blue angel travelled to broker in Papua New Guinea to study a possible crash site. They, That is a lot of underwater measurements of what may be her crashed airplane and they also found a flat piece of glass that might be a lens from up in January of this year. These findings made news because they launched a go fund me to pay for another expedition to do further study, as is pretty much always the case.
this story floated around with a lot of they found it type headlines similar to the voters, he described, but this is still unconfirmed and one of many hypotheses about exactly what happened to Erhard episode on her disappearance, came out in two thousand and nine, and that was updated in twenty twelve and Amelia has also made lots of unearthed appearances, yet almost art and every time or at least get now really Amelia Erhard segments. Previous hosts of this podcast did episodes on the brontes. I'm going back and twenty twelve and this year an unidentified woman. At least I have not figured out who exactly she was showed up to antiques would show in North Wales, with a ring containing a lock of Charlotte Brontes hair, everybody involved with Looking at it was like. I have no reason to doubt that this is what it is. It's this tiny lack of braided hair, that fit
down into the interior of the ring and the outer layer of the ring kind of opens up like a lid on a hinge. The inscription on that inside of the ring, has Charlotte Bronte, Nay the year of her death, and that was one thousand fifty five and then they'll. Here's, the principal curator of the Bronte Society and Bronte Parsonage Museum, implied that that museum might be willing to purchase that ring. They had sufficient funds. I think the antiques roach people were like this is worth maybe five thousand pounds, but since it sorry brandy, the fourth twenty two thousand right, maybe not pounds, maybe euros I don't know I don't remember what the dollar berry his or her rights shift gears a little bit a ram headed sphinx was unearthed in Egypt dating back to King Tut Grandfather, a man who took the third. It is unfair and it was found in a carving workshop near as one and the reasons for
lack of completion are not clear. It is possible that it was just basically a cancelled order with work on it stopped when a man hotel died a minute The third has come up on previous episodes on King Tut am Hatch it had at when the last was really recently move on in May Fulton County Georgia. District attorney Paul Howard, announced that he was reopening the case into the nineteen thirteen murder of Mary Fagin, which ass those of the show covered in twenty eleven LEO Frank was her supervisor at the National Pencil Company and he was convicted of the crime. He was then lynched after his son. It was commuted a nineteen fifteen and in the years since then, the general consensus has been that the culprit was really a man named Jem calmly. He was a janitor and was the prosecutions key witness. There have been several attempts to clear francs name
the decades. Since all this happened. This re examination is thanks to a newly established conviction, integrity unit, which will look at previous cases with questionable outcome and make recommendations to the d about which may need to be evaluated. This, to turn it around the EU, as had been creating these units to try to exonerate people who were wrongly convicted and to try to prevent similarly wrongful convictions in the future ruling on this particular case is expected some time next year. Reopened case authorities in Russia have reopened the case into the yacht, love pass incident, which we talked about on the podcast in October of twenty fourteen. This was a group of students from Euro Polytechnic Institute who died and nineteen fifty nine under very strange circumstances. Their tent was sliced open. Several of them had head wounds, and many of their bodies were found in their underwear and without any shoes on and
Legation was opened at the time, but it closed after about three months. With the disaster attributed to spontaneous power of nature, According to Alexander Colonel of the prosecutor General Office, the newly reopen investigation is not totally open ended, it will try. Determine whether their deaths were the result of an avalanche, a snow slab or a hurricane. So this case was he opened in February, and an expedition was planned to the site. For shortly thereafter, we haven't gotten updates into. the new developments since the announcement came yet in one of them Fourteen on episodes we talked about a nineteen three Winchester rifle that had been found just leaning on the juniper tree in great he's national park where it had been for who knows how long authority ultimately determined it had been made in February eighteen. Eighty two now they have put it through conservation process and, given it a new permanent home in the park visitors Centre, the Jews
per tree that it had been leaning on was later destroyed. Unfortunately, in a wild fire and at our last debate before we take a quick break, there is bill. A lot of discussion happening about the proposed exclamation and reburial of Francisco Franco, who we talked about last December. Initially, this exclamation was scheduled for June, of this year, but in January the prior at the valley of the fallen, where he's buried said that he would not allow that to happen. This the developing story, and it would be weird, did just leave it at that. So here are the latest updates up through the day, were recording this episode on June. Fourth, Spain Supreme beautiful, suspended the exclamation plan saying that the Franco family had the right to appeal the decision then, in July, Renzo for Teeny, who was the Vatican's ambassador to Spain, criticise the exclamation. I am saying quote honestly there so many problems in this world and in Spain. Why resuscitate him? I am
They have resuscitated, Franco, leaving him in peace, we better God, will judge him room. Bring something that has provoked. A civil war does not help to live better. This prompted the spanish government to formally complain to the Vatican again it actually the only acclamation we ve got further. MID year, unearthed episodes apart from possible. Acclamations around the Hartford Circus Fire, which we recently talked about on a sound, a classic. My exclamation Google alert wasn't particularly product hungary through May, though, maybe will be more of that later in the year tat. We ve talked about a lot of things, though so we're gonna take a quick sponsor break before we have even more updates. As a child. The first words out of your mouth were you're, not the boss of me. Bosman,
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Not too long ago. We reap aid. A past episode on Charles Dickens as a Saturday classic that previous episode reference, TIM supporting to households and previous hosts, Sarah and Dublin. I hinted that they would talk more about that and, if you podcast later, I'm listeners asked us whatever happened to that future podcast, because it did not apparently exist. It turned out that never been made just because of a basic lack of information, but we were able to find a few tidbits about Dickens, having a long term Fair with another woman well separated from his wife, but not divorced from her and basically supporting both of those households. We thought that was probably what Sarah into Billina were referring to well. University of York. Professor John Boeing has come through a set of ninety. Documents in the Harvard Theatre collection. It doesn't it
that anyone had carefully gone. Three were analyze these letters before bow and got to them, and he wrote about what he found in February. These were letters from Edward Deaden Cook, who is a neighbour of Charles as estranged, wife, Katharine, Edward His wife became friends with her and she shared various details about her marriage to Charles Dickens, with Edward toward the end of her life. Edward did not keep this information, which was pretty personal private He put all kinds of details about it and letters to his friend, William Boy, Thomas. These details included the fact that Dickens apparently tried to have his wife committed to an asylum. So that he could carry on this relationship another woman and bones words quote, is a stronger and more damning account of Dickens S behaviour than any other. Their drama lives on an exit,
sure to an article to try to find the remains of Shackleton ship endurance set off early this year, but on February fourteen the team and now that they had abandoned the search and they were headed back home to avoid the risk of being trapped by ice. The current itself had been crushed by ice in nineteen fifteen. Episode unshackled in a race to the South Pole is from way back in twenty ten pollyanna, not part of that episode. Nobody does exist. Previous hosts also did upon cast anchor Hokey back in twenty eleven and an appeal published in proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, this February researchers documented the connection between human feces from the site and the population of Cambodia environmental changes that were going on, like droughts and floods. To do this. This reed sediment layers from Horseshoe Lake, which is adjacent to co Gaea as
people deprecated income Nokia run off would have carried their feces to the lake where they became part of the lake beds layers of sediment, and they extract the course of this sentiment to steady those layers what they found. that the human waste and the products associated with them, and these layers corresponded to known, increases and decreases thinker, hokey of population and its eventual abandonment around fourteen hundred, and they all profound connections between all these population changes and environmental factors like droughts and floods. There's also a new book out, encore hokey this year called feeding hokey early agriculture in the north american homeland and that's written by Gale Fritz in an oppressed less about the book. She was quoted as saying its clear that the vast majority- if a hokey as farmers were women and it's likely that their critical knowledge of domesticated crops and wild food plants would have them positions of power and respect at every level of society. Yet that's not the only
new book about the hokey this year, but that when particularly caught my attention, because it really is sort of rethinking what his typically been understood about, like the stratification of society in and get hokey and and who was at what level professor in university college cork, has examined the sixteenth century. Administrative manual. That's been passed down through a local family and it turns out that part of the binding of this book is made from a fifteenth century. Irish translation of the Canon of Medicine by Ibn Siena, who is more commonly known among english speakers as ever centre. not at all unusual, for a book binders to reuse, parts of other books in their bindings, because Belgium and other bookmaking materials were very expensive. So book binders reclaimed things from old books whenever they could, but this particular transit
one of the Canon of Medicine as previously unrecorded in irish medical history, my episode from Amazon, it is run back in twenty fourteen, Yes, I don't know we ve ever talked about it on the show, but one of my jobs that I use have was working in a library repairing the book collection as needed. So you could stay in circulation and I often encountered things that were made of their books because they had some piece of the collection that were very old. So we react to protect those and keep a record of the history, but also again keep a part of a circulating collection. So just verifying that that is. A hundred per cent you're it yeah. When I was when we were in San Francisco, I went to the Book Binders museum and had this guided tour of the Book Binders Museum, and that was one of the things they talked about, how many things were reclaimed but simultaneously like if you were shaving too much off of the edges of your paper, to try to reclaim that and make new paper. You you'd have big trouble because out with it,
The issue raised with yeah yeah I legitimately. This sounds like something I would be sayings. Facetiously legitimately, like the history of book. Binding is fast eating, even though there are, whereas there are a lot of like big moments in it there a lot of different practices that shifted over the years that have their own unique flavour can impact on like the way the industry work going forward. Maybe one day will do episode that it might be tricky previous hosted by gas, didn't episode of rapid Neue also called Easter Island way back into. thousand eight, and then that was updated in many twelve recent research. There suggests that the islands famous statues may have been intentionally place near sources of fresh water, and this gives a possible reason for why the island, statues and shrines are in their particular locations. This research was focused on the western portion of the
Island and anthropologists coral limbo reported that this proximity, to the water, wasn't always obvious, because fresh water would emerge along the coast when the tide went out was only there sometimes, and it was observing this pattern that they spotted the can between when water would emerge, and where are these statues and transfer? The team is hoping to expand their research to include the rest of the island as well. Now, in other Easter Island NEWS, Norway announced a plan to return thousands of artists. acts, including the bones of rapid new people. Those been removed from the island in the nineteen fifties by Thor higher Doll and hired was most known for the expedition aboard Contici, which was meant to demonstrate that people from South America could have settled the how an asian islands I think I have ever met expedition on my ideal list for some point in the future, but also one of
but every time I get to it, a kind of I feel like we did it already, but I dont think we did. I have done a similar thing with it. I haven't scribble demand no book and every time I look at it like is this to tell me to go. look at what we did and then I look for it and I can't find it- and this is one of the things- comes along with joining a show after it's been through other hosts and allow Archive, sometimes with things named in a way that aren't immediately obvious well and to be thank God we we have been doing it long enough that their episodes that we worked on. I think it's come up before where I've been like. I don't remember this at all. In your leg, you did their research yeah, it's easy to. I mean you can't keep it all in your head and fortunately, I killed anyway. I certainly cannot back to some other things. This is another previous unearthed food.
up in unearthed in July twenty eighteen. We talked about the discovery in Alabama of a ship that was believed to be the clock. Tilda Leclerc till there was the last known ship to carry enslaved Africans to the United States, which happened more than fifty years after the. U S had outlawed the import of enslaved people from Africa. The flotilla was burned and sunk in July of eighteen, sixty after bringing a hundred enslaved Africans to the United States because it, owners wanted to destroy the evidence of their crimes. It turned out pretty quickly that the ship in question was not the right size to be the clue tilled of that something that we talked about on last year's unearthed in July as well. But the potential covering sparked a lot of interest in trying to find the ship in May marine archaeologists, announced that this time they did find the cliff Tilda was located, Alabama Mobile River. In that same
episode of unearthed. In the same passage, we also talked about the publication of Zora Neil Hurseton Barricade, which was based on her nineteen, when he seven interview with the man known, as could you Louis, he was believed to be the last living survivor of the third Tilda, but that designation shifted this year as well. In March, Hannah Darken of Newcastle University published a paper in the journal, slavery and abolition, and which he notes that a woman named Rideau she actually lived until nineteen thirty seven. Could you Louis died in nineteen? Thirty, five! That's actually somewhat. That's or annual hurseton, also knew about in an wrote about, but it wasn't clear the timeline of their deaths. Until now, we talked a bog butter and our butter verses. Margarine episode in twenty. Sixteen, please don't bug butter and it's also come up on previous editions of unearthed now. Researchers at the University of Bristol and University college. Dublin have dated thirty two bog butters from the collection of the National Museum of Ireland. They wanted to
I'm out of this butter was really what we think of as butter made from milk fat or if it was really fat that had come from animal carcasses and turns out really very butter. This research also suggests that the practice of pudding butter in the bogs goes back about fifteen hundred years earlier than previously thought the oldest sample, they were looking at was from seventeen hundred BC. Ie is still not a hundred percent clear, whether peep we're putting the butter in the bog to try to preserve it or if it was some kind of offering. It is also totally possible that at some points in history it was about food preservation and an other point in history. It was a more symbolic thing. They do think that at any given time it was for one purpose and not both. still do not eat the bog butter now, keep it we're. Gonna talk takes time about people tastings them things that had been on earth to search
We reiterate that I am twenty. Sixteen we didn't bestowed on the Crescent Hotel and Norman Baker, and this year excavation work at the hotel unearthed more than four hundred glass bottles and other glass vessels that date back to win. The property was Baker, hospital and health resort. These bottles appear to have been used store. Tumors another specimens that had been removed from patients preserved in alcohol, MIKE Evans Sean assistant, archaeologist noted that the bottles that they found looked identical, Doin shown in advertisements for the hospital, slash resort more than one bottles found still contain what looks like tissue, although it is
clear whether they are real human specimens or if there's some kind of prop b, I could have been either subsequent owners of the property after it was this hospital. Slash resort had been told that all those old specimens had been taken to the dump they interpreted. That is meaning some kind of dump facility elsewhere, rather than just being behind the building There are so many sort of skin cry questions yeah, but there it is We also have a few one sends updates of a collection of random episode, so here we go poems by Annie, Parker and Clyde Barrow, along with no books and photos were auctioned off by heritage auctions in Dallas on May Forest
the photo of Harriet Tubman as a young woman which we have talked about previously went on display at the Smithsonian's National Museum of african american history and culture producer case and I got to see that earlier this year by Sarah burning M executive producer, the podcast, gay history unearth previously unheard audio of past podcast. Subject: buyer addressed him, which became part of the podcast, foresee M m. The last survivor of the do little aid Richard Coal died on April, ninth at the age of one hundred and three after all of that, because that also was a lot. We are gonna. Take a quick break and then move on to some non episode update on earth.
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Ok now we have a collection of things that are all related to the Amber thousand early humans and first off archaeologists and Northeast Jordan have found evidence that neolithic humans might have been hunting with dogs. They came to this conclusion by studying the dogs presence at an archaeological site known as should make wet six and that dates back to about a seven thousand years ago. The dogs seem to have been kept in an area mostly around the edges of the settlement, but also we're just allowed to Roma around through everything they inhabit, of make Shoemaker six used hairs for food and use their bones to make beads and there's an uptake how many here's were present at the site, which coincides with when the dogs got there. So the teams conclude is that either people were using dogs to help them hunt hairs or perhaps the people and dogs were hunting hairs together with
people using the dogs, hunting patterns to help their own hunt and other news modern day javelin throwers have helped a team of researchers look into whether neanderthals had the ability to throw spears to hunt large animals from a distance, the team. from university college. London made replicas spears using hand, tools that were modeled after hand, tools used at the time. The models for the spears were a set of ten well preserved, throwing spears that had been excavated in the ninety nineties six javelin. Athletes took their turns with these throwing spears and were able to hit a target from up to twenty metres away, which was twice as far as the researchers thought they could be thrown
And this all adds to the growing body of evidence that neanderthals were probably a lot smarter, am or adapt, and they have generally been given credit, for. We have just had a series of me and our thoughts related things over the years, who had all kind of contradict the perception that that may be. They were staring but as an attempted slur insult, someone can come back. It's like yes, my javelin skills are on points it on that same notes. According to research that was published in science advances, both meander thousand early humans were probably pretty good at hunting small, fast moving game. They came to this conclusion by studying. studying fast moving game. They came to this conclusion by studying animal bones, pretty what is now these populations, France, it was pretty well established that these populations have did larger, often slower moving animals like dear bison and horse, but it also looks like.
they were able to hunt rabbits which might have helped them survive when larger game was more. Scarce, cannot connect back over to the dogs and hairs being are the dogs helping with the hair hunting, which is more about early humans than about me under thoughts? So moving on to Harry the New Yorker reported on a lost story by Sylvia Plath, which play on Plath story by Sylvia Plath, which Plath wrote in nineteen fifty two while attending Lily College However, the NBA University Lily Library had a different take on this report. In a short twitter thread. They explain that this story was in their collections, am listed in the finding aid. This thread ended with quote. Parentheses whispers. You know when materials are in libraries and archives, they are actually the opposite of lost.
He was kind of lost territory, Michael Richardson of the University of Bristol special Collections, library found a set of. Of the University of Bristol Special Collections Library found a set of thirteenth century old, french parchments, tucked into some sixteenth century books. These texts include lots of names from our three and legends and their believed part of the vulgar cycle or Lancelot GRAIL Cycle, which was what Sir Thomas Mallory likely sources for Lord Darker say they knew about these sixteenth century books, but we're surprised at the thirteenth century inclusion and the books that the fragments were found and have their own history as well. They are a four volume set of works by french poet and reformer John Garcon. The pages were pray, Stroudsburg sometime between one thousand four hundred and ninety four and one thousand five hundred and two, and then they were bound in the England sometime of the 16th century. 13Th century fragments were bounding along with them, the findings that a lot of folks told us about researchers
studied the remains of an unknown woman buried in Germany about one thousand years ago and found flax of Lapis lazily pigment in her teeth, logical conclusion, was an artist who worked in manuscript eliminations and used her mouth to make. The Tipp of her brush have a fine point. Another logical conclusion, She must have been very good at her work because Lapis get pigment known as they were was extremely save and really hard to get so that They were illuminating. Those manuscripts were not all monks, as has often been popular. We imagined and other news, Leonardo Da Vinci's thumb. France has been found on a drawing called the cardiovascular system and principal organs of a woman which was drawn in fifteen o nine. That work is in Britain's royal collection and the ink from the thumbprint matches the ink from the drawing. So they think you just
thorn. Who was a former paper conservator at the collection called it? The collections quote most convincing candidate for an authentic, Leonardo fingerprints. Another gear switch. The practice of writing in Japan may have developed four hundred years earlier than previously thought. This is based on the discovery of ink, hundred years earlier than previously thought. This is based on SK every of ink stone, some of them unfinished that date back to the second and for centuries BC, easy prey. Usually, writing was believed to have been brought to Japan from China in roughly the third century c E. These ink stones were probably also introduced from China, its belly They were first developed in China around three hundred BCE before being carried to Japan, and then the earliest Japanese made ink sans would have probably been copied from these chinese stones before japanese craft people develop their own lines and methods in May. The conservation, charity, English Heritage announced that
painting long believed to be a fake based on body jellies Madonna, the pomegranate was actually a real bought, a jelly. It was thought to be because a variations in the painting itself and in the yellow pigments used to paint it, but after exe, testing, infrared studies and a pigment analysis. Researchers have concluded The painting really was created in body Chile's workshop in Florence, although it was not necessarily exclusively his work was totally all for a painter to create multiple copy, but these same thing, especially if it was the commission yeah, but everybody thought this. One was fake far away time. We have a random thing to just close out part one of unearthed today and that's that archeologists work ahead of a new high speed rail line, have unearthed the burial site of Matthew Flinders, who was the first european to circumnavigate the continent of Australia. He died in one thousand eight hundred and fourteen and the wine that he was unearthed to make way for asking
Run from London to Birmingham that construction has them, of the massive archaeological project with sixty different dig sites along the length of the route, Flanders was known to be buried at Saint James, a cemetery behind Euston Station, but this Terry also contains forty thousand bodies, and only some of the graves were being excavated so authorities weren't all that optimistic that they were going to find his grave site. It turned out that slender Coffin was marked with a lead play. There was still legible found it pretty quickly. It turned out the five. No there is always a lot of train line and other construction related unearthing going on, and so far this year we have also read reports of a fourth century. Public fountain being on earth bring real construction and thus locking metro and a roman cemetery unearthed during work for a tram extension route in Strasbourg and we'll have more next time more things on earth.
However, categories have you and our some mail for us. I have on earth the male it's from Shannon Shannon has written about Marie Lawrence a chain of those. I listened to your pod cast in the car on my daily commute and when Tracy described her reaction to seeing the Mari Lawrence paintings at them. You say De Laurens Ray. I knew exactly what she was talking about, because I had the exact same. Experience. What I was in Paris in January. I knew it had to be the same painter when I got home. I pulled up my photos. I've attached my favorite Lawrence and from the orangery portrait Madame Pull deal, although it's not merely as good as the professional ones and sure enough, it was the same painter. I take photos of items I'm drawn to a museum, so I can go back and learn more about them later, but I haven't gotten back to this when yet I was fascinated to hear about Marie Lawrence and her life. I was especially interested to hear that she was part of the early, can
movement I generally don't enjoy Cuba's are mostly because Picasso was a massage earnest and the gusto he shows and breaking women up into pieces always makes me so mad. Anyway, I found her work really drew me. I stayed there a long time looking at her paintings the attached in particular. Thank you so much reminding me about these paintings and giving me some insight into the artist as always, love how sassy you, ladies, are Shannon. Thank you so much shan- and I just wanted to read this because I always love when I find a kindred spirits in our listener. Male similarly was like I'm here for these paintings. If you would like to write to us about this their podcast, where it history podcast how stuff works I com and then we're all over social media had missed in history, and that was spot where you'll find our Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. You can come to our website which, as MR history, dot, com or you'll find. This notes for all the episode the Holly and I have ever worked on, the share notes for this episode includes the links to the original sources
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