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Unearthed! in Spring 2020, Part 1

2020-04-20 | 🔗

In today’s episode, we have some stuff that was reported during the last couple of weeks of 2019, which missed the cut for the year-end Unearthed! episodes. Also, episode updates, crime, animals and games. 

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show. On the I heard tat wherever you get your pocket ass, welcome to stuff, you missed in history, glass, a production of Iheart radio. Hello and welcome to the hard gas I'm Tracy me and I'm howling fry it's time, poor on earth. That is because we started doing this quarterly and its streams and interesting thing, because it feels a little weird to do something. That's just part of the normal calendar right now. So we're recording this just as a random note, stuffs moving so fast in the world. Right now. We're recording this on April. Seventh- and I don't think it's coming out until
two weeks after this approximately so have only knows what will be discovered between now and well enough, Who really knows that? Will I be happening in the world when this comes out on, I think April, twenty eight and twenty second like it's it's. It seems like a million years from now this facets. Things have been going. Thus, aside from what I was really gonna say, which is that when we do these episodes, some of the things that we are talking about our discoveries. That literally just happened- they happened just now, they were announced right away. Sometimes it is published findings from digs that happened months or years earlier, or analysis of something that has happened a long time ago, but only studied visit recently. Just like that, the paper is what has recently happened either way, it seems.
Likely at this point that when we get to July our middle of the year on earth, which has been a to partner for the last couple of years, might have a little less to report. Given the corona virus pen make? So I'm just gonna enjoy this wealth of unearth things. While we have it in today's episode. We have some stuff that was reported during the last two weeks of twenty nineteen, which miss the cut off further year, end unearthed episodes. We also have some episode updates some crime, animals and games, and the next time we're gonna have the edibles and protocols and the shipwrecks and their repatriation, along with other stuff, kicking off this stuff really came from the tail end of twenty nineteen Brian Furry archival researcher for the making gay history podcast unearthed. What may be the oldest audio, recording ever made of activists, Marcia, P, Johnson and Sylvia Rivera
it's an interview conducted in nineteen. Seventy by lies a cow and of the New York City, radio station W B, a I when Rivera was nineteen and Johnson was just twenty five. The tape containing this interview was in the basement of the lesbian, her story, archives in Brooklyn, New York and the tape was this marked star that stands for street action, transvestite revolutionaries, that was the name of the organization, the Johnson and Rivera founded and nineteen. Seventy. The interview was released as a bonus episode of the making gay history podcast, which is an oral history podcast hosted by Eric Marcus, this bonus episode came out on December, twenty seventh, twenty nineteen- that it also includes some conversation with Brian fairy about finding the state like the actual process of the unearthing of the tape. We also did an apple so on Sylvia Rivera, which includes information about Johnson in their work with star in twenty four, team underwater archaeological excavations have uncovered the remains of a cell
thousand year old Sea wall off the coast of Israel. According to a paper called us emerge seven thousand year old, village and sea wall demonstrate earliest known coastal defence against. sea level rise published in December. It is the oldest such structure ever to be discovered so based on his teams. Analysis neolithic villagers built this wall, which is about a hundred metres long using boulders that had to be excavated from river beds. As far as two kilometers away from the village itself. All that sounds like the immense undertaking to me, but unfortunately, this seems to have offered the village only temporary protection. At some point, village was flooded and abandoned, although it is not clear whether the villagers relocated ahead of the flooding or afterward and other news that team at the
diversity of Oregon has concluded that human migration to the caribbean islands progressed differently than has been previously and generally thought for a geographical refresher. You can group the islands in the Caribbean very roughly into two groups, the greater Antilles which are the larger islands like Jamaica Cuba and has been Yola and then the lesser Antilles, which are the smaller islands that extend generally southward from those larger ones. The prevailing view, among most researchers, has been that people started settling in the southern part of, lesser antilles at the spots that were closest to the south american mainland and then moved northward from their, this team came to the opposite conclusion that they travelled to farther away, but larger, greater Antilles first and then moved south. They came to me
conclusions. After re evaluating two thousand five hundred radio carbon dating results from fifty five caribbean islands, they also concluded that this migration probably happened in two primary waves, the first one about five thousand eight hundred years ago, and the second only two thousand five hundred years ago. The teams paper and this was published in the journal. Science advances in December Natalie Mueller and a team from Washington University in Saint Louis has been studying ancient food crops that exist in the archaeological record, but have no written or oral histories. Describing how they were grown in used. In other words, We know these crops existed thanks to archaeological specimens, but we really
no, no it it took to cultivate them properly or bow people use them for food. Folks, think that all you have to do is to succeed in the ground and grows lake that works for some seeds, definitely not all of them, and in this case archaeologists in the nineteen thirties had found seed, caches and dried leaves and rock shelters in Arkansas, and these seeds did not represent the maize, squash and beans that are a well known staple of indigenous cuisine in that part of North Amerika. So that left a whole lot of questions about exactly what kind of seeds these were and how people grew and use them before those other three foods became such important staples after meticulous efforts to get these seeds to Germany and grow Mueller figured out how to grow to plants goosefoot and erect. Not weed realise that these two plants have a higher yield when their grown together than they do if one is grown separately from the other.
Possible that they were as important to indigenous diets as maize eventually became in Miller's words quote. The main reason I'm really interested in yield is because there is a debate within archaeology about why these plants were abandoned, we haven't had a lot of evidence about it, one way or the other, but a lot of people have just kind of assumed that maize would be a lot more productive because we grow maize. Now- and it's known to be one of the most productive crops in the world per unit area. The paper that came from all of this is experimental. Cultivation of Eastern North America lost crops. Insights into or cultural practice in yield potential, and that was published member in the Journal of Ethno biology and for our last unearth thing that was really from December and late December? It was announced that a cord found near the body of us see the ice. Man was a bow string made from it
fibres. It's now believed to be the oldest bowstring ever found, so that is both something from Lake twenty nineteen and are regularly scheduled at the update, because there's always something new about at C o is at sea is the gift that keeps on giving. Let's take a quick spots, break them will do some of the updates of previous episodes. Here's the thing, saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up. Basketball, because there's that guy, who joins your game he never passes the rock he certainly bricks theories, and who can We have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul, with Geico its ease the switch and save on car insurance, no need to fake an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted, so we can save with Geiger. It's almost
than sports in a world where everyone is confined to their homes. Society begins its largest, been watched to date in the hallowed library of Hulu or perhaps on a shelf of dvds. You haven't looked at in a decade, is a show that perfectly encapsulates life in the early arts and launched a friendship would inspire millions. I I'm Zack Graph and I'm down in two thousand one. We start in scrub, sitcom revealed a glimpse of what it was like to survive. Medical internship Turk and J D. We explored guy love nearly twenty years later. A lot is changed, we're not Superman, but we're still best friends. Even a mandatory lockdown, there's no better time to relive the series that brought us together in the first place and we're doing it with them.
care, ass, right people working to bring friends and crew members and fellow CAS members and writers, and and guess what we're gonna even invite some of you to call into the pie cast and ass. All the questions you wanna be entire sacred heart staff join us, profane, doctors, real friends on the heart, radio am Apple pod cats and whenever you get, your pod casts back in July twenty nineteen. We did an episode on Thomas Cook and the rise of the tourism industry. Just two months later, the Thomas Cook Group collapsed, leaving travellers stranded around the world and a question that followed, which is what happens with a lot of businesses when they go under, especially large businesses that have been around for a really want was how to save the company's archive, and this was it just about nostalgia for old stuff company archives,
and document not only accompanies own history, but also the timing, ways in which the company operated and its customers and employees. They can be true we amend sources of historical information in the case of Thomas cut, that Archive included a wealth of written record's passenger lists, brochures, letters, books and other material that the company produced so uphill was convened in November of twenty nineteen to figure out what to do with this archive and in January two thousand and twenty it was announced that the Thomas Cook Archive would go to the record office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland when the announcement was made public. The collection itself had already been moved, so is accompanied by pictures of like where all the boxes are. Now Previous hosts didn't episode on Cahokia on June eighth, twenty eleven, the general,
consensus on Cambodia has been that the Mississippi and peoples who built it abandoned at some time in the MID fourteenth century and that it remained abandoned from that point. However, according The study published in the journal american antiquity, while the Mississippi and people who had lived on the site did abandon it around that time it was re populated in the fifteen hundreds. Would people continuing to be present there for at least two hundred more years, these conclusions were based on analysis of things like fossil pollen, charcoal and fecal remnants, particularly important to this work were fecal stand all from the sediment at the bottom of horseshoe lake, and this is not the first time that we have talked about fecal remnants in horseshoe, you, lake and unearthed. In July, twenty nineteen we talked about a team that analyzed the lakes sediment layers, including fecal components, to trace how the human population
yeah had changed in response to things like environmental and weather conditions. We did an episode on the Hartford Circus fire in March of twenty fifteen, and we have done various update since them about efforts to then, to fire remains of some of the victims. This included booming bodies from Northwood Cemetery to analyze their dna, in particular the bodies Two women were exude to try to confirm whether either of them was Grace Dorothy Smith's, fifty old, who is still classified as missing. However, based on a report from February, neither set of remains is a match, two fields living granddaughter, so it's possible that back in nineteen forty four fields remains were misidentified and release the wrong family. The state of Connecticut, has turned to the dna dough project to see if they can find a match among people, use dna testing services for their own dna code, lead, there are five sets of unidentified remains buried in north with cemetery and sixty
the fire are still listed as missing efforts identify remains are still ongoing, but it is a time consuming process. In part, because those remains were so badly damaged in the fire, moving on to the ongoing saga of efforts to exude. John Bellinger remains members of the Dillinger family who had taken the matter to court, withdrew their lawsuit in January. So for the moment this matter is settled and the remains will not be exempt. However, an attorney representing Dillinger nephew issued a statement that this nephew could still file a new challenge at some point in the future. If he chose previous. hosts episode on Dillinger came out on December fifth. Twenty eleven we actually in a rare set of circumstances do not have a stand alone. Exclamation section elicited of unearth, because those two words really the biggest stories that I think part of the reason is at least in the northern hemisphere. The months from
freedoms are you martyr like as conducive to getting into the ground during unearthed. In October, twenty nineteen we talked about Seamus Blankly, who had travelled to the Museum of Fine arts, Boston and the Museum of Anthropology and ethnology at Harvard to collect samples of ancient yeast, and then he made bread with what he hoped was that ancient used and not contamination with modern used. He treated a thread on twitter about that bread. that we talked about back in October. On March twenty ninth of this year. He tweeted another thread about how he had made bread quote with leavening culture, sampled from ancient egyptian baking vessels using ancient Emma wheat with an ancient egyptian recipe and using ancient egyptian baking tools and oven. He did this under embers in cooking pick. It was like the last bath Delicious
to blacklist report and dna analysis of the yeast starter is still forthcoming to confirm whether it really is ancient EAST. That part is really really tricky. There is wild yeast around us all. The time I've seen several people share. Threads about how to try to collect wild beast to make a start. Her, yes, there have been some shortages. Turning back, I have used guilt related to this because I do a lot of baking, but I bought you just by accident, yeah shortly before this all started, because I was wanting to try a bread risk being a good book than I am, and so I have this tiny, are of use to light freedoms that I feel so guilty for having
I feel like I did make bread immediately. We have a bread machine which someone gave to us that we had not used in the years that moving here- and I was just at the point rose like- should we get rid of the spread machine? We have not used it in a year and then the pandemic was declared, and it was much harder to to the store by bread, and just coincidentally, I had bought a thing of red machine. Yeast. Sometime, weird this year. I guess so. It's like we ve been making our own bread in the machine. I also have some used guilt, although I am we are making it like at least once a week or make it a loaf of bread anyway. That is not using an egyptian tightening sets a moderately. Are you having a machine? That's doing it for us, so that the next thing is on a much more serious note. It is not exactly an episode update, but the want of tribes have come up in a couple of recent episodes of our show, including Paul Coffee and King Philips WAR.
On March, twenty: seventh, the: U S, secretary of the Interior, David Bernhardt, issued a decision that the MASH p wop an ox three hundred acres of reservation. Land on Cape cod would be taken out of trust and the reservation would be disestablishment. The federal govern It had taken the land into trusted, twenty fifteen but afterward to federal. Ports issued rulings that the government had not had the authority to do that. The mash p weapon tribe had a separate suit file. That was still pending when the department of the Interior decision was announced. The tribe itself was and continues to be, federally recognised. Tribal council, Chairman Cedric Cromwell, was quoted as saying quote: if you'll, like we ve, been dropped off into a new one, we ve, never seen before I e in this pandemic and the way my tribe is being treated with this happening now. This is a direct hard core blow to dissolving and disturbing
My tribe, Cromwell and others involved also criticised the department of the Interior for issuing this decision at four o clock in the afternoon on a Friday during a pandemic representative built eating, who represents Congressional district, where the reservation is located called the decision quote one the most cruel and nonsensical acts I have seen since coming to Congress. The secretary should be ashamed.
Keating is also one of the sponsors of a bill called MASH, V1 Parag tribe, reservation, reaffirmation act which has passed the house, but not the Senate. That act would reaffirm the tribes reservation status as of the moment that we are recording. This is really not clear what happens next many of the tribes projects had been put on hold because of the pandemic, including the establishment of a school. That's part of the effort to revive the wanted on language. Obviously, a lot of the services that would have been helpful in negotiating this process are also not essential or considered non essential are not operating It is a deeply uncertain time for the tribe and its reservation. Land in our twenty nineteen year end unearthed. We talked about lots of ground penetrating radar scans. There were used look for signs of mass graves associated with the nineteen twenty one massacre in Green would also know as the Tulsa race Riot, we do
episode about that massacre in twenty fourteen, and we re issued it as a Saturday classic last year during the run of each Bia's Watchmen TV series, which had several connecting points to that massacre, the city of Tulsa announced plans to do a test excavation at Oakland Cemetery. That was one of the locations where ground penetrating radar had revealed signs of a possible mass grave, something that we talked about on a previous addition. As we set of an earth at the last update that excavation was planned to start on April first and go on days. However, the excavation has had to be postponed. We are not sure until win because of the coded nineteen pandemic. Also earlier this year, the state Oklahoma announced that it will require the massacre to be taught in schools, continuing on the more serious thread of topics,
an unearthed. In July, twenty nineteen we talked about a discovery made by Hannah Darken of Newcastle University Darken had published a paper on a woman named reduce she who had died in nineteen, thirty seven and was believed to be the last survivor of the transatlantic slave trade in the United States. Previously, the last known survivor had been a man named cudgel Louis who died in nineteen thirty five, so two years before Rideau she did. We also previously talked about the publication of Zoran Y'Ll Hurseton Book bear and which came from an interview that she conducted with cajole, Louis Well, Dirk in has now found that another person outlived both Rideau she and cudgel. Louis that's Matilda, my career who died in Selma Alabama in January nineteen, forty shoes, eighty three at the time her mother and her sister had all been enslaved in West Africa when Matilda was too and they were transport
to the? U S on one of the last slave ships to arrive here in eighteen. Sixty just repeat, because I feel I get that important thing to keep in mind. The last known survivor of the transatlantic slave trade and the United States died in nineteen forty. We are going to close our updates with a couple of reef bids that we're just fun in our two part, podcast. On the loom year brothers from twenty seventeen, we talked about their eighteen, ninety five, short arrival of a train Alessio dad you too, Dennis Syria use knurled networks and algorithms to upscale that film too, for K resolution at sixty frames per second, it is really beautiful. an audio by gas, so we can really convey how cool it is. I will say this: one of the bed cool things that I saw going around on twitter of people discussing this film is We have always kind of giggled a little bit
the many modern arab people about how funny it was. The people of the time were startled by this piece of footage and you're like oh, but seeing it like this, I totally see how that would have have I think we doctrine that episode about how proud I didn't really happen. Budgets and case law, rightly gray, weren't scared and rent rightly did run away, but even so, I think most people were a little bedroom lake oh no by it. It's the only looks like a train coming at you and when we see it, even with our modernize use to constant technological advances in film Intel Jim, seeing the way it's framed and the way it's filmed it really feel for a second like a dream is coming to its quite striking yeah have I was typing this, and here I realized the sort of absurdity that I was typing.
you an audio podcast outline, a video that you can watch on internet anyway. Lastly, this is a fun ending for these updates. Nearly a hundred girl scouts took part in an archaeological dig at the birthplace of founder, Juliet Gordon low I forgot to put in when we did that episode. It wasn't that long ago you can find it in our archive. The dig was in advance of clearing the garden area at the birthplace for some new landscaping and some of the items that they unearthed included. Household objects like nails. What a cool projects
I love it. I do you wanna, take a quick sponsor break before we begin to crime. Oh yeah organism grime after the break in a world where everyone is confined to their homes. Society begins its largest, been watched to date in the hallowed library of Hulu or perhaps on a shelf of dvds. You haven't looked at in a decade, is a show that perfectly encapsulates life in the early os and launched a friendship would inspire millions. I I'm sat Graph and Donald in two thousand one we start in scrub sitcom. Revealed a glimpse of what it was like to survive. Medical internship The Turk and J D we explored guile nearly twenty years later. A lot has changed, we're not Superman, but we're still best friends given the mandatory lockdown, there's no better time to relive the series that brought us together in the first place and we're doing it with
odd care, ass right people working to bring friends and crew members and fellow cast members and writers, and and guess what we're gonna even invite some of you to call into the pie cast and ass. All the questions you wanna be entire secret, hard staff join us, profane doctors, real friends on the IRS radio, am apple pod cats and wherever you get your pod casts. There's a lot of stuff and our unearthed episodes that you could classify as Chris
all in one way or another, including some stuff we have already talked about. But next that we have a couple of things that fall under crime by a more straightforward definition, like you may be, might hear about on a true crime, podcast firsts on May eighteen of nineteen. Sixteen a man named Joseph Henry Loveless escaped from custody in Idaho, where he was being held on suspicion of having brutally murdered his wife in January of this year. Headlines broke that his remains had been idle The first piece of the remains in question was found on August 26th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine that was just his torso buried in a shallow grave in a cave and found by a family. Looking for projectile points his hand, was found near by and ninety ninety one which led authorities doktor, more thorough search of the cave. That sir,
on earth to other parts of the body part they never found was his head in twenty nineteen law enforcement, went to the dna dough project and tried to construct a family tree for these remains and that connected them to one of loveless is living grandchildren, o likely conclusion but Loveless was murdered and dismembered and an active retribution for the grizzly murder of his wife. There are various ethical questions about things like the DNA dough project, making connections between living people and acts of crime. I feel it that's a little bit outside the scope of what we can really take root in the past, but I wanted to acknowledge their questions. Late March, twenty ninth or early March thirty is in the Hague, Netherlands, Vincent Van Gogh's, p during Spring Garden was stone from singer Laren Museum, which was closed because of the pandemic. Seeing as how this happened during a pandemic, amateur,
days before we recorded this. There is no other information at this. I'm, including weather, any other. Our work from the museum was stolen, since this was an overnight thing if this did happen on the morning of the thirtieth that was Van Gogh's birthday committed tell you. This is one of those new story said just burned. My butter, like I shock me at all. They. There are so many news stories that made me angry, but this would just sent me into fits of rage of legal weight. An insult to injury, not only stealing a painting, but also, killing the painting on the artists birthday while it taking advantage of a global pandemic. To do I just I feel ways mulatto layers. There was so angry when everyone
some, hopefully less outraging things involving animals. We have a whole collection of animal on earth things coming up during our year in under threat in twenty nineteen. We talked about Iceland's now extinct, but genetically distinct walrus is, and today we have some more walrus news. According to research from the University of Cambridge, Oslo and Trondheim, it's possible that Greenland's Norse colonies disappeared around the fifteenth century in part because they had been over. Hunting the local walruses for their tusks walrus. Ivory was an important trade, good and medieval Europe, and it seems as though leading up to the fourteen hundreds, the animals, the nurse people were hunting in Greenland organ smaller and smaller, and were more likely to be female. Rather than male, and were also hunted from farther and farther north on the island, suggesting that people were running
of larger male animals to hunt closer to home in their words of Doktor James H. Bear it from the University of Cambridge is Department of Archaeology quote: are fighting suggested. North hunters were forced to venture deeper into the arctic circle for increasingly meagre ivory harvests. This would have exacerbated the decline of walrus populations and consequently, those stand by the Walrus Trade Berets CO, author Bastion STAR also noted that this would not have been the only factor. Other things like the little ice age and unsustainable farming methods and the black death also would have played a part Twenty eighteen, a restoration project was completed on the altar peace at the basilica cathedral in cask of Yahoo, Panama, which is part of Panama City today, not far from the southern end of the Panama canal. While doing this work, it was discovered that orchid bees have built their nest in the altar peace more than two hundred years ago. Very solitary shy beast,
He sees. Typically females build their nests, far away from each other, and that can make it really tricky for scientists to study them like the nests are by themselves hard to find and far apart. But during this work restores found at least a hundred and twenty clusters of orchid be nests, all peace, some of them predated a fire that happened in eighteen, seventy because they had been covered with gilding when the altar peace was restored. After that, fire sighing this analyzed the poem that had been preserved in these nests and they found that they represented forty eight different plant species, which gave them a much clearer sense of the
life around Panama City in the nineteenth century. Moving on researchers studying twenty eight thousand five hundred year old fossils in the Czech Republic have found evidence that supports the idea of early dog domestication there. They used Dental Micro, where texture analysis and doing that they sorted the dogs or dog like animals into two categories. The more wolflike and the more dog like the more wolflike teeth had micro, where patterns that suggested that they had been eating. Mostly soft foods like meat from mammoths, the more doglike teeth, on the other hand,
Parks that suggested that their diet was a lot harder and more brittle. So things like bones and hard scraps that people said to them, the researchers called them or dog like animals pro do dogs, which is a very fun and cute name. I liked it, I don't. I don't mean to make their research some not important, but that's adorable. I really liked the proto dog moniker, which is a very normal thing, to call an animal in the contacts, but it's still delighted me something else that delights me is midence. We have talked about middens a lot on the show. These are basically trash heaps where people have thrown their various cast off broken stuff and they often contain a wealth of information when archaeologists start studying them. But I do not think we have ever talked about
ancient pack rat maidens, which can preserve plant and animal materials for thousands or even tens of thousands of years in the words of Michael Tesla opposed doctoral fellow at the American Museum of Natural history quote rodent maidens are powerful tools in paleo, ecology We wanted to see how we could take this invaluable resource and expand its use to give us a big picture view of what life in the affair Cause was like one thousand ten thousand or even thirty thousand years ago, and
sure how it is changed in the time since then, and this particular study researchers examined twenty five pack rat mittens that were between three hundred and forty eight thousand years old, the big span. Some of them were firm, oh hi, oh and some of them were from Northern Baja California, Mexico- and this was not a paper that was really meant to draw conclusions about human activity or impact in these two areas that were studied at least not yet, and a lot of ways. This paper was more about what people are capable of doing now with this research and what could be possible with better technology and methods in the future. So in the future, researchers can use these kinds of pack rat mittens to get a sense of all kinds of things, including how humans have in we once the environment over tens of thousands of years and vice versa. That paper is called paleo message: dynamics of north american fossil pack, rat mittens, past biodiversity, revealed by ancient dna
Now we have a quartet game related things to talk about. First, up, a very pretty glass game. Peace has been unearthed on the island of Lindisfarne in Northumberland. It is about the size and shape of a gum drop made of glass. Dark blue with these swooping white accent, lines and five white balls in the top, like oversized sugar sprinkles. Those five little balls on the top may meant that the pieces, to represent a king. The game in question was probably the board game topple and while various wood and bone topple pieces have been found from Britain and Ireland, there is only one other glass top apiece from there on record. This particular piece is about one thousand two hundred years old and although Tuffle is associated with the Vikings, it was played all over Northern Europe and researchers believe this particular piece is actually of british origin.
The Viking invasion of Lindisfarne moving on a paper published in the Journal of Egyptian archaeology, has examined a Senate board. Has previously been in the collection, but nothing has been published about it. The game spin. It was played in ancient Egypt for at least two thousand years. It is a little like backgammon and its rules stay pretty consistent during all time. There's been some variations in the game Board, though some of the spaces contain decorative elements that signifies special functions like if you land this face. You have to go back to the beginning, a game, so we would play today. Particular board is a size and shape of a small table, like probably, would have been used as a table playing space. It's been in the collection of a museum in San Jose California, since one thousand nine hundred and forty seven, but it was not included in recent comprehensive.
logs of Senate boards that have been found around the world. There is also very little known about exactly where this came from her, who owned it it just. It has no documented history before that, the most recent person to buy it and like the nineteenth century, so they have had to study this board in comparison to other boards that we know about and its possible that this one dates back to the eighteenth dynasty before the reign of hot ships. It, and if that's correct, this would be the only bored conclusively dated two that period in twenty twelve, a team at seared basher mound inch. Turkey found a game set made of colored stones, but some of the pieces were missing. They dated the pieces five thousand years ago, with the team that made the fine describing it as the world's oldest figurative game, set
there are older games, but this may be the oldest one whose gain pieces are clearly meant to represent real objects such as pigs, dogs and pyramids. So the missing pieces from this set were found in a recent excavation. There is very little where alma pieces, so the team has concluded that this was possibly a grave gift instead of something that was actually played with and one thing that they thought I have as the board that these pieces would have been played on. That probably would have been made of wood and it might have just write it away. At this point, I feel this strange sense of bliss reading about this big. Have you ever at that time? Were you find the missing piece of them? A game yap now project that across thousands of years of history and last up for games ball games were a big part of the Mai, and aztec societies and continue to be so among their descendants. A team excavating
collage eagle site called at La Tom, go in Southern Mexico say they have found these second oldest ball court ever found in that part of the world. Up until this played archaeologists have generally associated the earliest mezzo american Ball games with communities living along the Gulf of Mexico in the coastal lowlands. But Edward Tango is, though, a hacker mountains and not suggest that ball was actually being. In the highlands earlier than previously thought. This team also found figurines at the site that may represent ballplayers and their paper on the find was published in the March Edition of Science. Advances net: a little cool thing at the end of little door was rediscover during a renovation of the british House of Commons. This here behind it was a lost three hundred sixty year old passageway created for the coordination of Charles, the second, when it was first build. This passage was meant to allow coronation guests entry into a banquet, but from their very
people used it to get into the House of Commons, including Samuel Peeps, but even surely this door was wild over with door and the passage that lead to you had been uncovered one other time in the last century, and that was while reappearing bond damage from world war. Two bit then fix a skype. forgot about it until just now, in the words of Doktor Hallam Smith, quote, as we looked at the payment links Firstly, we realise there was a tiny brass key hole that no one really noticed before, but leaving it might just be an electricity cupboard. Just like my childhood dream, where he realized the little panel has or has a low key hole in it and there's some secret behind there once they got back there. They found a small chamber leading into that hallway
part of part of the chamber was covered in various graffiti left by masons, who had enclosed that particular room in eighteen. Fifty one. Apparently, these masons were chartists. They were part of a working class movement that called for voting in parliamentary reforms, and it just cracks me up that left this graffiti. Within this little puts a secret chamber in parliament about the chartist we ve, cracked me. I love it. We want. We have done renovation on our house. We always leave secret messages and things that are gonna get Walter. Sometimes I'll have dreams that, like we realise all, there is a door that we never opened in the house. What's backing,
I kind of like that. This one is like oh yeah. We knew about that. We just forgot iron here that the articles they got shared hours kind of spectacular because there's a photo in there was a lot of them of somebody coming through the little door and it's not a small enough door to be kind of creepy, but it is a small enough door to be charming. In my opinion, it's not like We were looking at houses and we opened a little door in an attic and there was a creepy creepy teddy bear back. I love it exists, I let me do you have creepy or not,
creepy listener mail. I have nine creepy listener mail, it is from Caitlin, and I have. I have a specific reason when I picked this one to read the title of the email is cats and sewing and Caitlin says high Tracy and Holly at each pre school and am currently fur load, because tiny germ factories and chronic illnesses a dangerous combo without adding a pandemic into the mix. I'm going a little store crazy in the house without spending my days referees, my kiddos, so I impulse bought a sewing machine. Her name is rose Berta. I learned to sew and made cool stuff as a theatre, major but paused after graduation, when I didn't have access to the costume shop, any more.
I first project with a felt shark to push for my cat name shark, deposed also newness Shockey see photo photos were great. Shark is eight months old and her favorite activities include trying to catch birds through the window, sleeping under the couch, where I can't bother her is easily and stealing nibbles of teriyaki sauce from my plate, she's buggy and sweet, and has a white spot honour, Tammy from where she got shaved for her stay in regards to Emily Dickinson poems having a cadence the first time ever heard. That was from my dad, and I thought he was a genius has other favorite trick was to swap the lyrics of amazing grace, yell errors of Texas and House, the rising Sun eight year old me was suitably impressed and entertained. Please keep saying safe and healthy. Caitlin Caitlin also has some episode, topic ideas and their thank you so much Caitlin for this email. I wanted to read it for
many reasons, besides the one that I thought at first, I love that the sewing machine is named rose pretend I love the trick of swapping the lyrics of these different songs. I have before before I moved away from Atlanta. Am I had a friend who did open MIKE's and would like riff on old songs and hymns, like that, just seamlessly move in and out with each others like key and meter, and all of that, and it was delightful and I loved it, but also. I have also got now my sewing machine recently to make some masks because there's a pandemic happening and we are now being advised to cover our faces when we go out in public an eye for God. How challenging it can be too so things with cats around oh yeah just used to it.
Because I do still have a sewing table, but, like there's, not a great place in our house, to put it away, I thought about making like a sewing corner in our basement, and that has not worked out for various reasons. So am I brought the sewing machine to the but the table that we eat on and there's not a way to close that off from any cats of his dislike constant cat wrangling, while making masks anyway thing
so much Caitlin. For that. Emily really delighted me in a lot of ways. As always, we hope folks and their loved ones are as safe and healthy as is as possible, regardless of of what's happening in your life, and I really hope people are able to take as much care with themselves than to be a general with themselves as possible. I know it's a really hard time and a lot of things are really struggling, so our thoughts are with everyone. If you'd like to send us a note for some cat pictures or anything like that. We're history podcast that I hurried Yoda COM or Oliver Social Media, Agnes History- and that's where you find our facebook contrast and Amsterdam, and you can subscribe our show an apple pie cast the I hurt radio out and anywhere else to get your blog gas stuff. You missed in history class the production of high heart radio for more part caps,
my heart. Radio visit by her radio have added my cans or wherever you listen to your favorite tying up as today aims. I made my life by writing sounds like tire works by Katy Perry Super Base by making menage, what's my name by reality, just to name a few ten now having an absolute last share, some of the knowledge that have learned with upcoming some writers on some land on NBC, I'm excited to welcome you to a brand new season of song land and some land spike ass. Giving new insight into the magical part of some writing. Toolbar has some of the best in the business can also the pioneers end up in colors, be shaping their heads. He'll be listening to four years. We have an amazing roster. Tell it this. Isn't I promise you? You don't want to miss one single episode, Miss Sunland Monday nights at
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