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Victoria and Albert

2011-07-06 | 🔗

She's one of Britain's best-loved queens, but Victoria's parentage made her an unlikely heir. When she became queen at 18, she rebelled from her upbringing. But an early marriage to her cousin Albert changed the way she lived and ruled.

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club contains adult content and explicitly you can listen to the twenty seven club on. I heard radio at Apple Pie cast every like us watch out for years. Welcome to stuff, you missed in history class from house of works, dot, com, hello and welcomed the podcast, unfair, Dolly and I'm going to drive forward in an early feebly. Queen Victoria is our classic background. Pod can't character. We joke before that. She just popped up when you least expected she really does. I think somebody even suggested ones that we have some stock make noise whenever Queen Victoria appears that, until recently, gotten podcast to herself earlier this spring. We finally did an apple on Victoria, focusing on her last great friendship, which was a relationship with her indian teacher, Abdul Karim and with
strange, lesser, known, side, a victory of life, and it was ass. The late in her life by the time, Karim New Victoria. She was an elderly woman. In the period we focused on with shoes, intercept and our eightys it was. It was late in Victoria's rain, yet listeners are usually more interested in the queen's early years, probably largely because of the recent film Young Victoria, which I'm sure a lot of listeners have seen its romance ribbons and no nine kids in the picture. Yet for victorian Albert. So we're gonna talk about that site of Victoria Life, her romance with her husband specifically, but so revisit one of our common themes, which is that of the sad Royal childhood and to understand.
We have to first look at why Victoria became a clean in first place here, so it's pretty remarkable that the throne went to Victoria, because her father was the fourth adult fun of George, the third. Usually we have that many kid, the throne isn't gonna go to own the daughter of the fourth time, however George, the third son warrant that inclined to marry and produce legitimate offspring, at least though. Consequently, this crisis develops in eighteen, seventeen, so George, the third and his wife Charlotte, had fifteen children and for many their eldest son had acted as regent fur, his insane father, he was known as the Prince Regent and later George, the fourth, so the Prince Regent had air of his own daughter named Charlotte and for a long time, she was really the darling of the country, and it really seemed like the succession was guaranteed when she married the future king of the Belgians Leopold, but an eight Seventeen age, twenty one she died in childbirth and her son was still born suit
generations right. There wiped out at one time in the country to a deep mourning over further still airs. There wasn't like they're. Just are no children around, but the air lastly, middle aged princess and they dont have cared so the races off the first prince of the blood. The first sign of George, the third to make an air gets his debts cancelled by the Prince reach. A pretty good deals, A lot of these guys are into gambling and fast living anyway. The evidence not as easy as it seems right now. It's not at all, so the Prince Regent will obviously start with him he's the eldest son. He was separated from his wife's, though there is no chance there of another error, the thing went for the next in line the Duke of York and after him there's the duke of clear as the third fun, though he took, took this challenge up. If you could call it that- and he married a german princess, but unfortunately
none of their children survived infancy, though the next online. It all came down to the Duke of Kent and he dumped as long time mistress Married a woman who had already had shoulder, So he knew she was fertile. For a Louisa who was the daughter of the Duke of FACTS, Coburg foul Felled- and she was the widow of german print so bingo. We have are winners in this couple. Finally, he and and romance when you save fertile- may put it that way about. That is what it was all about: unfair and once the duchess became pregnant, the Duke of Kant started making plans for the child to be born on English. Soil they'd been living in Bavaria at the time and he wrote that they need to get in order to quote render the child. My wife has virtually as well as legally english.
The region hadn't exactly followed through on that whole cancel your dad steel and the Duke couldn't find the funds to move his entourage until March of eighteen, nineteen, and so by the time the Duchess ACT, back on english soil. She was already eight months along here. They had trouble getting lodgings too, because these brothers, the Prince region and the duke of can't really get along very well that the Prince Regent does grant them apartments in Canada in Palestine on May twenty. Fourth, eighteen nineteen Alexandrina Victoria was worn, and she was this big, healthy baby and things look promising.
Got her name, though the Alexandrina, apart from her godfather, who was the Russians, are Alexander. The first in the story behind that is, is kind of strange and also further speaks to this feud between the brothers. The regent had forbidden victorious parents to use any of the standard names that royal baby girls were being called Charlotte. Elizabeth Georgina can kind of sea his rationale behind Charlotte, not having the new era named. The thing, his decease daughter, but still a weird stimulation and, as a result, the people of England entirely sure what her name was even up to the morning of her a session at age. Eighteen be Alexandrina or Victoria, even though she had actually always gone by Victoria as girl in her home the little princess was really born. Just in the nick of time, though, for the family, because only eight months after her birth, her father, the Duke of Kant, died and so six days after
George the third died and that made the Prince Regent. Finally, George, the fourth and that made Victoria third, in line to the throne after her to uncle, but she gets even closer as the years go by and these uncle start took to die off when the eldest of the two uncles, in eighteen. Twenty seven choose, obviously one step closer and eventually, when George the fourth died, Her uncle the Duke of Clarence became William. The fourth Victoria was next in line from the throne so from birth. She was raised to be likely queen, although not a guaranteed queen it. He said No, if somebody might have occurred between her birth and and when she came to the throne, yeah interesting, even though she was raised as a queen, the whole time, and nobody really told her of her position until she was about ten years old, though there's that classic story where she had family tree inserted into a history book and studied it in we proposed. I will be good, and so that's probably
likely untrue. The outer chew competing versions of that starts pretty good story, but it's a little hard to back up and Victoria her I remembered the realisation is being a lot more dramatic and in that make sense to me for this girl who was not raise two to know she was gonna, be queen. She said I I'd much on learning and even deplored. This contingency give it like a really natural reaction, as you pointed out, because her life turned out to be pretty rigid because of this future of hers. She had lots of lessons languages italian and latin writing. History. Music, drawing arrhythmia geography religion, she learned all kinds of their. Yes, maybe that wasn't so bad that it did make your life pretty busy, but she also didn't get a lot to eat ass. She had bread and milk served her and a silver bowl, and she had a really early bedtime lots of exercise. most notably strict isolation. He I thought we could. We could add the left,
and then not much food in the early bedtime, an exercise into their that's kind of standard for the law so many british aristocratic children of this time, but this strict isolation with something unique and it was the day line of her mothers, companion and adviser a guy named Sir John Conroy and the duchess herself, and they called it the Kensington system- and it was the way Victoria was brought up. It was, of course, of rigorous private studies and isolation from her peers and Consequently, Victoria, the main companion during her early years was her elder half sister Theodora her her mothers daughter by her first marriage and after Theodora left to marry that she was quite a few years older than Victoria Vittoria was need a straw and turned to her governess. The woman named Louise late then, and she really became her her me. Companion and just sort of heard, her defence against her,
conniving Conroy character, who, with such a strong influence in her household yeah and she really needed it because, contrary even capture away from her own family, he encouraged the duchess to keep Victoria away from her quote wicked uncles by isolating Victoria from her pretty paternal family, the Royal family Right Conroy hoped create a better position for himself should William the fourth die before victorious majority, and that was really the plan because hopefully, if hope leave her Conroy, if William the fourth died, then the duchess of Kant would become Regent and because Conroy controlled the duchess of cat. He would essentially role So it's all a play for power, definitely, and at one point when Victoria was sick with serious illness Conway and the duchess even tried to pressure the sixteen year old princess into extending her minority from aged eighteen, too, twenty one. She refused, though, now with the help of her governess factually. That was something
really endeared the woman to her, but a Kensington system obviously couldn't maintain this strict privacy. Con constantly I mean she was a queen to be and fell in eighteen thirty, the duchess of Kant decided that she wanted to sort of validate the her own. patient system, but also show off her daughter to Victoria's future people, though she set up the theories of examinations by three cleric than Victoria performed really well. The duchess was valid. Validated has, I think, the cleric SAD Joey, we couldn't, you can do anything better, she's being educated, just as she said be, but the duchess also arrange for Victoria to travel, thumb and see her country, and that was with prettier pretty major event in young Victoria's life, yen and in thirty two before Victoria toward the Midlands and North Wales. She was given a journal by her mother and she kept a journal for the rest, life. I think we talked about that alot and they victorian Abdul Cream episode. So we know that she eventually even starts die. Like Journal,
hang in Hindostanee, which is pretty impressive here, but Interesting is when you look at these early journals, sometimes the politely restrained and trees and Victoria's journals. that time period contrast with the quote behaviour books that she kept from eighteen, thirty and on for her governess and these books. Basically, I mean you, told me what about them? Sarah yeah is basically like her governess. her to judge herself, so right now on her her opinion on. conduct on her behalf. She performed in her studies for the day and do that every single day, though, a real self judgment so just a illustrates. The differences see between the two, sometimes in one behaviour book entry from September, eighteen, thirty two. She wrote that she had been very very, very, very horribly naughty with many exclamation plants. How caps the ark
the vote on the same day as the horribly naughty entry, all she wrote in her own journal is that the heat was intolerable. Yes, though, I mean, I think this gives you sort of a sense of ICT as a young girl, she's she's dramatic. She has this dramatic flare to her, maybe melodramatic them when they but she's also good it at either conceit. things were just sort of sort of play call, you know not divulging everything in her journals, maybe because no no afraid apparent red or just pack thing for the restraint. She would need a queen so she had a lonely childhood, but not a completely miserable one. She had a ton of pets, she like plain, dress up like to writing, she wrote compositions inspired by popular novels and she also water coloured and would paint costumes and poses after it the theatre concerts and she was all
strongly attached to her uncle Leopold, her mothers, brother and the one time husband of Charlotte who had died in childbirth when we mentioned earlier in this episode he lived. Surrey until becoming king of the Belgians and eighteen thirty one and its through Leopold, work that she meets her future match. only three months after victorious birth her mother, in Leopold other brother, the Duke of FACTS, Coburg fulfilled also had a child named Albert and it's it's really kind of cure victorious born at the beginning of the summer and Albert's born at the end of the summer. But Albert was the second son with no victory. Seventeenth birthday, the plans there. The family starts to try to put this plan into action and Albert and his brother, earnest and his father all visited England. But Albert was kind of an awkward teen at this point. He so the really are put this plan into action and Albert and his brother, earnest and his father all visited England. But Albert was kind of an awkward teen at this point,
so really are actually had fainting stove. He didn't really like damn thing in Victoria with was sort of available. this young girl, even though she was raised in such strict isolation, and she really had more of a crush on these three visiting persian princes anyway. So great a put a word on the back burner. He didn't make a great first impression by apparent. He put him on the back burner and she did to obey We need to move on anyway, because Victoria had some pretty big changes coming her way. Yes early, on June twentieth. Eighteen, thirty, seven, king, William, the fourth died. He had managed. live just long enough for his niece to reach majority if she was barely eighteen when he passed away and after being told us the position of Victorian that with the Privy council, and they were really impressed, with her. She carried herself. Well, she spoke well plus it was sort of
to have this teenage queen when she's really an unknown quantity. At that point because of the conflict in system in the way she has been raised, but for victory, it was just a total relief. She was free at last and she moved a backing him palace and for the first time she had a room to herself and she is so on bad terms with her mother. Because of the way she had brought John Conroy into her life and all of that and pushed her mother away into a faraway apartments in Buckingham Palace and sent Conroy off entirely and really enjoy her independence and sort of lived up, as as you might expect a teenager too later that it was the least sensible and satisfactory time in her whole so. She she clearly realised that sheet over indulged still little bed in her new found. Freedom didn't maybe take her role as seriously as an she wished. She had layer
there were some errors that she made in that early period. She started a close relationship, for example, with Lord Melbourne. Then Prime Minister, he boosted herself confidence that also shaped your politics. She became a wig at this time and taught her to partly ignore social problems or write them off as the issues of agitators here in that partisanship, which, of course the queen was not supposed to be a vertically partisan like that really lead to trouble in two crises broke in eighteen, thirty, nine and the first was the Hastings affair, and this is just sort of scandals would be pregnancy story about basically, Victoria forced lady Laura Hastings who is a maid of honor, with Pretoria connection, so divergent from victorious own politics to undergo a pregnancy examination, and it turned out that Hastings was not pregnant. That was thirty. Scanned
number one, then, within a year, Hastings died of a tumor that had been diagnosed by victorious physician scandal number two. While that's on, though there is another another issue burrowing, yet the bedchamber crisis which occurred when Melbourne resigned in eighteen, thirty nine and was replaced by conservative Sir Robert Peel. The Victoria wanted to keep her old wig, It is of the bedchamber, so peel wouldn't take office and has caused a huge scandal. Yeah, though victorious desire to be independent of pearly kind of at root, the two scandals we just mentioned, but independent as in single That desire did not go over well with parliament with her people. She need an air, though for reluctantly started to interview eligible protestant princes, it was kind of slim pickin, though in eighteen, thirty, nine she invited then Albert back to England, from his studies at the University of Fun and he's not
awkward teenager anymore, victorious smitten. She wrote in her journal Albert really is quite charming and so extremely handsome, a beautiful bigger brought in the shoulders and a fine waste. My heart is quite going. He was the one and she liked to it. She saw, and since he was not allowed to Victoria proposed a marriage. Two days later and the couple were married, that February February, tenth eighteen, forty and it wasn't them popular marriage match that could have been at least at first. Parliament wasn't pleased, though, that the crown was get even more german, that's how they saw the couple even spoke german at home, so that was a big deal and also the british Aristotle, see, found Albert to be overly more all to academic and to artistic, but the marriage. oh ironed out some Victoria's controversy as your we're happy at least that she was married and there would be an error in the future yeah and it certainly chain
the way Victoria plan to rule which we cannot look down as well yeah. This is about where the movie, Tori I'll leave off. I think they have the conjoined desk limit super cute, but that's exactly how things were going through. The desks did exist there. I was pleased to learn that, though, for the first few months, Victoria was really determined chip to stay independent. She she liked your ruling on her own, and so they did work at this conjoined tandem. Deathbed Albert We got to blot her signature, which, for a very ambitious and talented and educated man. This was pretty frustrating, but of course we all know victorious starts to have one the kid and biology really change the course of things for her. She got pregnant within weeks,
wedding and bit by Bit Albert started to take on more important tasks. He would send dispatches he'd attend meetings with ministers. He even got the key to the secret boxes and over time he also started to change the way Vittoria thought about things and affect her politics. Even her governess was dismissed, the who had been the former main influence in her life and in eighteen, forty There was an attempt on her life and and the kids just kept on coming to write. Well, there were so many of them we're just gonna last off their names really quickly. Princess Royal Victoria, also known as Vicki Prince of Wales, this led the later Edward, the seventh princess Alice, Prince Alfred Princess Helena, Princess Louise Prince Arthur, Prince Leopold and Princess
your dress and the grandchildren started arriving only two years after her last child was born, so Jimmy did not have a gap in mother in so to speak. Now she really didn't and because she was out of commission so much of every year. Every single year, Albert really took on an almost agent like wrong. He did in fact Gunnar Regency Bell that allowed him to act in the event of Victoria's Daffing capacity, but by In forty five, an observer named Charles Gravel, wrote quote. It is obvious, she has the title. He is really discharging the functions of the sovereign. He is the king, to all intents and purposes, Albert saw his role, though, as advisor to the queen ass. He later told Duke of Wellington has always to quote to be their natural head of the family, superintendent of her household manager, of her private affairs, her soul, confidential adviser in politics, and only assist in her communications with the officers of the government, her private
criteria and permanent minister, but he do all that at the expense of his own identity and pretty much working himself to death in the you are very welcome going after titles or where public recognition. He just wanted to play this role and do it for Victoria ended to hopefully do good at least the task that that's he thought, though? Their marriage, though, is generally considered to be a happy one and something that really a model for people in the victorian era, they focused fully on educating their children. They had these sort of middle class tastes, especially Victoria, because Albert did, after all, really like science and technology and art that sort of thing, but real, like reading Dickens novels and going to circuses and seen waxwork. That sort of thing in the couple also laid their privacy and there really famous that Albert built residences at Osborne and Balmoral Castle for them to escape, to and and as we
Think we mentioned in the cream of Dort. Third, those retreat really become even more important, maybe to Victoria in her in her later life, rape of Victoria also should be thought of as the model victorian wife and mother figure. She had serious posts, partum depression, it times and she did not like me, pregnant and she really them like babies that much in general, she didn't even really like kids. She called pregnancy, the quote shadow side of marriage and compared herself to a cow or dog, while she was pregnant, who thought that kind of shocking I'd say coming from one who her identity as all tied with these family, portraits of her and Albert and all of their little tiny kids in IRAN. The Christmas tree or round at home, relaxing it it does seem different, but I mean it's just to show that this couple had an effect on on their country for sure, but they also led a private personal life too
of a part of her dislike of childbirth, was that she wish you'd gotten more time with Albert alone in late eighteen, sixty one albert who is forty two years old, that much older. Looking raced off to Cambridge to chastise his eldest son over an affair he'd had with a prostitute I followed fever in the area at all, right and so the, but at the time that's what we thought. It wasn't a ghost him with brandy until he died and those Tory always blame the death on their son Albert had known for some time that he wasn't feeling very well. So it was probably stomach. Cancer is what we now think he had had definitely been Tori always blamed. The death on their son Albert had known for some time that he wasn't feeling very well so was probably stomach. Cancer is what we now think he had. He had definitely been thick with something but Victoria, as as we talked about in the last absurd and as most people now went into deep mourning after Albert Staff, and she she said of him without Albert Everything- loses
interests. But we need to check whether legacy to because the idea of the happy couple Victoria Albert almost emerges more after the fact, because, while alive Albert had been often unpopular and sometimes even used as a scapegoat, because he was foreign, the Tories decision, to name as Prince Consort. For instance, in eighteen, fifty seven had been terribly marked. She'd she tried to justify it. By thing, will are adult children are going to start to our rank him because he, the foreign prince, but people just thought it Ridiculous decision, but over time it became clear that he had greatly assisted Victoria and helped shape her monarchy and that their happy strong marriage had influenced the country's tastes and morals. So people started to think on
couple fondly especially by the queen's old age and by the height of her popularity. So the perception of them together definitely changed over the years and, looking back through, they left quite a legacy Albert Grand achievement with, of course, the eighteen. Fifty one great exhibition at the Crystal Palace, a thin even over the years that people looking back not realised what a high point it had been for England and another great legacy of theirs is the Victoria and Albert Museum, which sort of originally came out of the great exhibition. But was named the Victorian Albert Music really really late and Victoria's life. Clearly, a sort of touching tribute for her, I'm sure I have to say I personally love this story. I think it's. The call of sorts it is in the night, my story, and I mean I like so many of the royal couples we talk about just have. of all live till. It's nice define line tat. They really seem happy together. They state today
you're talking about love and relationships is actually a great way to ease on until a stir. Male. We actually paid today's listener male because it goes along with our topic today and also because it's kind of a first for us. Don't you think there is definitely a four it's a letter from Jim in Akron Ohio He writes irritably in Sarah grew up on a romantic story of President Mckinley proposal to his future wife IDA. They often took care its together during their courtship and after one such ride Mckinley lamented how every one of these outings ended with them, leaving in opposite directions. When she the sentiment he said quote. So what do you say go the same way from now on and they were happily is announced that I love Julie, very much confirming source for the story, so it may just be cherry tree folklore, but I was wonder, if you might be able to, let us know,
while you're at it. Could you please announced that I love Julie very much, and I want to go the same way with her rest of my life, she's, my best friend true saw made, as proven by the fact that shall be impressed that I proposed to her vs stuff. You missed in history class, Jew, will you marry me so passport? all- and we are now all eagerly awaiting every thought. I network and from german Julie. Definitely, narrow guide, and I can but I mean that's all. We have to say that the way to end the podcast I dont think anything we could say would be the not so we might as well just get out of here You would like to write us and tell us anymore about Victoria any questions that you have. If you have the answers in Mckinley story, I was not able to find it Jim, I'm sorry, but if anyone else knows about the committee's proposal, Diana please write it
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