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What happened to the lost colony at Roanoke? (Update)

2012-07-11 | 🔗

Of all the mysteries we've covered, the lost colony at Roanoke is one of the strangest. In this classic episode, former hosts Candace and Josh recount Roanoke's story -- and there's a new development, one that may finally reveal the fate of the colonists.

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are an absolute delight so subscribed to the women on the iheart radio app on apple pie our or wherever you get your podcast gas will stuff you missed in history class from house up stockholm look into the pot caused them to bring a truck rewarding and unfair it out and we always say that one of the most interesting things about history is that it's not static it seems to be to a lot of people i mean something happened to a pass rented in publicity up it's done but what we know about the past often continues to evolve through research and exploration and exciting new discoveries that are not actually the case it can
we frustrating i guess if you have just published a book or something and then the new information about the topic your researching comes out but we actually always find it exciting to explore new possibilities regarding established historical counts are those different takes on stories or mysteries that we ve covered before we do this times with those year end episodes that we do and i think we ve mentioned this before too but we do you always hear from you guys whenever there is a sort of a new the update to story we ve covered in the path though we're gonna be dating one of those stories today and i think of all of the historical mystery tat have been covered on this path cas arguably one of the most the following is the one for rounding the loft colony roanoke and candid than josh covered this this mystery on the pie cats back in two thousand and as you'll find out just a few minutes they leave off
cause crashing your head does tell what really happened because the truth is nobody knows for sure even to this day the updated podcast that for those of you who haven't heard their pot and don't know about the mystery roanoke was basically one of the first attempts by the english to establish a colony north america in the late sixteenth century returned pre jamestown here so we give away all the details sincere about here canvassing josh's take on it but essentially a hundred meeting colonists led by a man named john white show on roanoke islands in the outer banks of present day north carolina in fifteen eighty seven white goes to england to get supplies and returns and fifteen ninety and he shows up all of the colonists their homes the forts cannon the whole
sure bang they're all gone as if they ve just vanished into thin air one think anderson josh go into is how at the time and nobody really got a chance to search for these last colonists wasn so years later that investigations into the disappearance and the colonists ultimate whereabouts really began and
continue to this day so that brings us up to the present time and just recently in may the combined efforts of historians and researchers both in the united states and across the pond uncovered a clue in this mystery that might lead to a major breakthrough and figuring out what really happened to all of these peoples though it started last year when you and see economics professor brandt lane was studying the virginia powers which is a map of coastal virginia north carolina that john why the guideline it was just talking about created back in the sixteenth century and land as a member of the first colony foundation which is the germ based group devoted to studying these really really early colonial expedition as lane studying this map has goal is to examine native american villages but he starts to get really intrigued by these two small patches paper that have been pasted on top of two parts of map we should say that using
just like this wasn't really unusual at the time if you wanted to make changes to a map you put a patch of part that you wanted to change and then drew over the patch that was just how you did it but lane started to get really curious about what was underneath those patches the rest of the map i'm just seem so meticulous that those patches seemed out of place fell laying decided to ask the british museum in london where the original map has lived since eighteen eighty six if anybody there had ever try to figure out what with under the patch and they hadn't so they put them off on a light table which revealed the new somewhat startling clue that may finally reveal what happens to the last colony roanoke but before we tell you much more about that clue in its implications we're gonna take a listen to canada josh's episode which will give you all the
ground on the run out colony and some of the prevailing theories about what might have happened hello unwelcome at tat time editor came to skip then joined by staff writer josh clerk call me god eggs hardly godiva podcast where it you know it's almost his quaint eyes on a boat anglo saxon they hadn't seen village and take out a life here the buckles and little thatched roof and the tea and you know like that the high spirits of networking we or you know the puritanical outwardly encouraging citizens on all their neighbours and tat all and all that kind of thing i need an overhanging dry running around at the stake that kind of thing valid point i can view colonial is fairly grim but i'm pretty glad they stuck it out cause i'm pretty
nice day and that's funny has colonial life your via was really grants took a really strong per spend a volunteer to come over on a boat to and they haven't seen before and they got a life here it's about have all end finding out an appropriate power hierarchy and creating new life you traditions and so get a place like cloning a williamsburg for instance which is pretty i agree have you been i have to get this super cool museum tour in every once in awhile just like a wax figure in their especially insane asylum is particularly disturbing happen there they show they have like a wax figure i think a strait jacket with a metal cage over his head and it really canada drives home you know it was a good thing to be insane and colonial and ok so that aside courier williamsburg is a pretty claim plays bites
sort of ever shattered by the mystery of i guess colonial rule camel times is a very recent compared rona right which is the first first settled in fifteen eighty five there's there was a group like a hundred people hundred men actually i should say mainly millet guys there was a scientist came along and an artist john white who later became governor of of the next roanoke colony and it didn't stick didn't work out all that well they they lasted ten months i think and people had come before even this grip either side and they scattered the area you know did some surveillance found where the birthplace of beef with his fellow man things like that normal things to do on and off the record
this mission came these that large and they couldn't get along with the native americans lemming energetic you wasn't really the natives fault no now when there is a policy of kidnapping they wanted information food anything no thanks were given essentially like eve explained and finally they were anders a heavy threat of attack from the native americans at the men the pick up and leave didn't have any more supplies and so they cut it out roanoke and ironically i think thing so they burn down in any village nothing i waited for tuna in the worst part is especially with the patents that they were pretty fast with the english settlers from the moment they arrived and the first wave of settlers first hundred men that came really did a lot too
chip away at those in a warm feelings pretty quick they dead and you know it ironic because they were depending on as they call them the savage for food and resources and no thanks were given a centrally like explained finally they were under such a heavy threat of attack from the native americans at the men had to pick up and leave baden have anymore supplies and so cut it out alone out an ironic learning about two weeks later the next group came while the people from the group the hundred men that had left for england you go get supplies they arrived about two weeks after a sir walter raleigh showed up and took the the hundred men back to england so this the supply it comes two weeks later finds no one there and you know they don't want to give up their stake in the new world so there the guy glenville i believe grenville sorry he leaves fifteen soldier
behind the kind of man the settlement until more colonists can be rounded up and brought back to the new world while that may have been a wise decision when it comes to holding onto your land there is very poor decision in terms of relations with the native americans because you were really fired up group of people who were mad at all european andy's newman com and me they have some idea of the precedent that their fellow europeans who set but maybe not i would think that and so even if they try to establish relations with the locals whether country or professional flooring experience bona clean means one big spill is no big deal so when looking for the best took here for harwood floors use bona hardwood floor cleaner the residue free fast drawing formula is specially designed to clean hardwood floor as by gently and effectively removing dirt dust and grime to reveal the forest natural shine and beauty water basins
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it was all sought peer because they were simply killed off really fast we don't know exactly when they were killed off but when the second wave of colonists arriving fifteen eighty seven about twelve months later there was nothing but one set of bones of one of the soldiers so you know clearly that he'd be killed you know long and if it goes to the all that was left was bones there was no routing flesh or anything like that and i think that their ways i go gallatin of some sort of house or hide or something your by was all pretty the laugh at places it was tries yeah i was trash and in it a group of settlers it was men women and children this is that this is a settlement that martin that much resembled later colonies there were there was ways to reproduce new kids and if it was clearly a colony that was intended to to plant and actually than the male colonists of this colony were called planters so that they wanted
kind of plant this english seed in the new world and let it grow and actually the first english baby was born in the new world are using a dare upsurge in there and she was actually the granddaughter of john white who artist who'd been on that fifteen eighty five expedition and he was back the governor riah he's the governor now and they set up a nice little village for themselves they think they have two story little houses with that roofs and things into became pretty well but again no surprise tensions exist between native americans and these people are not between all the native american tribes scum actually little friend language obeyed the powhatans leah manage to get back in their good graces again but there are plenty of other tribes there had been hostile from the start or had grown hostile from the fifteen eighty five expedition that either kept their destiny in some i think that there were any attacks on the second roanoke money that we know of that were documented but at the very
they were helping these people out so basically they they had the and to rely on and eyes from england which is i think thirty six hundred miles away from the outer banks of north carolina roanoke is i never in a precarious position they were white actually had to leave acting like a more than mine you after and here is where things steering the here's the here's the factor fiction part in a most people think roanoke last colony they they assume that the indians there was an indian attack and the colonists the colony was wiped out so let's make that factor fit in with you wanna tell that factor fiction we don't really now i might get a faction highlight default answer and when white came back ever guy and just gone and it wasn't you know
bones here and there like the fifteen soldiers from before it wasn't dilapidated height like that he wrote later that they ve been taken down gathered indicate that they had been destroyed burned or anything like that is that they were there any longer exactly and he looked for a maltese cross which is essentially item they agreed to use to indicate distress none and there was claire there too but why half way the word croton right right was carved into this impromptu fort basically the colonies had built of wall around where the parliament had been and on one of the post postal of this this fort was carved the word croton i will tell it was an island nearby were friendly patents live right
because there was no i'm sorry though maltese cross carved in governor wait assume that the colonies had been moved to kyoto and right for protection food resources something like that the other half of that clear with that on another post or a tree a tree where the worry crowd like someone i'm sorry it's right cried highly ran out of sight i see something like when i went back into the whole thing that's the only clue that's it and you don't kind makes you want to be your headache the war because no one by really investigating that disappearance and i think england launched a few fleet ships to go over but people sort of you to their own glory and
retook these missions as mercenary trips relayed gowan exploit different parts of the land and sort of investigating what happened a rowan out you have to wonder why john why didn't do it i mean you think about it his his daughter son in law and granddaughter were among the missing harry is on roanoke island and ro towing is the hops given a jump away the problem is when he went to go get supplies that there was an attack england by the spanish armada so he was delayed basically three years before he could go get back to roanoke and by the time he could get back the only way to get there he knew even have supplies he was basically s done this passenger ship we had no saying when what the ship did or where it went so the yap i believe the these ships captains they were gonna go up for a little piracy and before they could the season changed and they had to for england so he's so close to croton and possibly the ants so what happened to the colony and he d when your car
ex down dude
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in the main has come into contention that the thing i'd buy into it fifty miles inland into the mainland other people have said the white men fifty at that i don't know you get into the main or north from into the main but that would place the settlers and about the chesapeake area which where they were originally supposed to be going they were just stopping at roanoke to make contact with those fifteen soldiers found him dead end currently the pilot of the ship who is going to take them to the chest peak colony refused to take many forms so they were stuck in roanoke scarcely mystery upon history frowning this day there's an answer this namely miller and i think she's out vanderbilt university maybe a camera sorry i miss miller light she she suspects that the whole thing was sabotaged by people who were out to undermine sir walter raleigh
who had an exclusive patten and the new world and at that pilot refusing to take it take take the colonists any further was part of this this plot to thwart the colonists success that may a ban conspiracy early sampler date and it wasn't until sixteen or southern when the jamestown colony came into play there was time and there were resources to dedicate to the disappearance at the root of colonists amex funny is that when people two roanoke they couldn't even agree really where the settlement would have been no which part of the island as it were the cannon was it in our further and lend though the cannons were located in the sound in the little inlet basically and that that's for the cannons where this were vote should have john white found no evidence of any of these original sell my head afford fort raleigh and that's where people have been digging much as i think the nineteen forties is when serious scientific digs were began to be undertaken
and they found no evidence of the second settlement so not only were the colonies lost the call may itself is literally loss we have no idea where it is where it went on because when i get an island people to use its back that erosion may have washed and evidence away and hearts verona could be underwater now and the mystery and even more of a supposedly there as a man who either certainly or you notice the lebanon somehow told the spanish where round wise and that he was on route there and this is what england was doing with the land and the english the spanish were none to friendly so people think that the spaniard may have come in and caused the mischief or that there was a shift in power among other native american tribes and even if the roan colonist for friendly with one of the treaty they would have been no match against a big tribal i
uprising may i add that i hear that one of anthropologist miller's theories is that there was a shift in power what from patents who were friendly with thrown up colonists that they lost it all the area and philip power vacuum other tribes who are hostile to the colonists rosa took power had if that happened in the row noakes the roanoke colonists who move fifty miles into the main right then they would have been walking into just at this a tribal war and they would have been slaughtered the men would have been an impediment inside a women and children live in satisfies right yeah and in there is apparently training network from virginia to augusta georgia all up and down the coast of the any evidence of them would have been lost even if they had been subsumed into any try that that that purchase them basically which other theory right and there is one more possibility at least one more and it's a little bit more peaceful and a little
i fear ending and that is that the communist moving and and they assimilated into native american tribe and things were hunky dory they inner married and produce an entirely new subset of people the lumber the lundy and this various caught the lumber connection right and a lot of for who made it over to the area later said that they would see people who had european dress or european manners and and speech associating with the native americans or that even there were some people who like they were neither native american entirely nor european entirely maybe they had darker scan but they also had lighter colored eyes like european there were some months i think french or english settlers who were hunting and travel in the north carolina area who made the first documented contact with the lumber try
so you imagine you meeting this tribe who are supposed to come in contact with any any whites and they can read and write and speak english and some have gray eyes which is an anomaly among native americans and their houses look a lot like the houses missy back in england there is a lot of support to this this lumber can in theory the lumber themselves a lot of em but it's part of their oral tradition that the roanoke colonists or assumed into their true even though they form the lobby but that's in dispute there's a especially back during the i guess the anglican zation of native americans in the nineteenth century this is a big kind of fun i there is an identity this among tribes and a lot of colombia as far as i understand kind of they they don't really like to talk about the white heritage because it made
then proceed is less than native american law for my name i am thinking that they work made it into the building on the one the connection i mean if there were houses and the area that looks to malaria why the roan economy had on roanoke and if john white observed that he's houses had been did the scramble for lack of a better term i think they pulled to call their supplies other research resources had stored on vermin arab and moves rail inland waters factor fiction what you're what your final verdict on the indian attack you'd say yeah fiction i guess i don't even know what can i say faction sure so there you have it their verdict is faction or not even facts not even faction who know is canvassing josh had their own theories about which theory about the fate of last colony is correct but they couldn't
for sure and truthfully that still the case as we said that as we mention in the intro this new discovery made jointly at the first colony foundation and the british museum might get us one step closer to finally solving the mystery and but researchers found when they checked out those patches on the virginia part map over the light box was that there was a little square irish symbol of the type that was used during this time to depict for but what even more interesting than tat was what they found on top of the patch when they used an ultra violet light to examine it they found that these really faint markings seem to depict the fort with other little markings around it which appeared to indicate plans for a town or even a city around there
the researchers haven't yet figured out how these marks were made but they suspect it might be some sort of invisible ink based on an organic material like lemon juice or even urine so why would they want to hide plans for a development after all these maps this map in particular is basically what they to use to woo potential investors and the new colonies we'll lane said it's possible that they were afraid spanish spies and elizabeth court might get hold of that info and that could lead to a spanish attack on the settlement so they may have done to protect the colonists protect their interests a little bit james horn who's the vice president of research and historical interpretation at the colonial williamsburg foundation and author of it
many ten book about the last colony says that they believe this clue provide some kind of proof that the colonists moved west toward the confluence of the show on and roanoke rivers in modern day bertie county in north eastern north carolina miss even support white statement about moving fifty miles inland which josh was talking about others some debate over that will this is right and that sort of proximity so that could maybe all that aspect of the mystery as well so the majority of the settlers might have gone there and eventually intermarried with a near by indian tribes canvassing josh disgust but we find out whether there is any merit to the idea of a possible settlement and the area archaeologists are most likely gonna have to do some testing in the area and theirs figuring out a timeline for that
of course there are a lot of time has gone by since then and a lot of the site is now the location of a residential community in a golf course and so if there's digging involve that will probably be an issue you know tearing up the third haller would have heard is so exciting for us maybe not so much for the golfers unless there also history but that hopefully there will still be more to come with us on yeah maybe something we will get to use on one of those year end episodes that we enjoy so much yet the will will fee and will be waiting in expecting all of your emails telling us when there's new news about ass though in the meantime if you want to share any of your theories you can find us at history podcast at discovery dark com warehouse on twitter we're off on facebook and with yet we love to hear any kind of roanoke mystery ideas you have or if you ve visited this area too and in and have any ideas of your own and if you want to learn a little bit more about this topic maybe you want to pass it on to your friends are something we have an article on our website called what happened to the last colony roanoke and you can find it by searching on our homepage w w w dot how stuff works dot com
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