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Why is Richard I called the Lionheart?

2010-08-25 | 🔗

Today, Richard I -- better known as Richard the Lionheart -- is an iconic, legendary figure in European history. But how did he become "the Lionheart" in the first place? Tune in and learn more about Richard I in this podcast.

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welcome to stuff you missed in history class has two weeks dot com hello and welcome to the pot cast iron katy man and unfair daddy and i am currently hopelessly addicted to the florence machine album lungs and promising sir i will copy it for her and in one songs florence welsh things i must become a lion hearted girl ready for a fight and since i ve into the city every morning for approximately the last one hundred mornings i'm really in love with him quote and it also got me thinking about other lionheart although i think these subjects of this pact cast isn't quite the kind and striving for richard the first of english also known as richard lionheart or richard thirdly off and you may remember richard from our episode quite some time on eleanor of aquitaine this is his son elinor we sometimes call her
a woman who live to lie to learn that was so much research with a package through the very elderly woman and i don't think we're quite learn to break up pod cairo in their like that so anyway this is sign with henry the second and richard is not so great and background on the third crusade you have a man named solid dean who is the ruler of egypt and syria a very powerful man great warrior give you some and background on the third crusade a man named saladin who is the ruler of egypt and syria a very powerful man and known to be a very chivalry swine which can make some the perfect counterpart to richards reputation as this perfect night night from the east and from the west they go together though in the after the second crusade saladin had taken most of the crusader cities including honour which was a very important port city rule nazareth
sharia and then finally jerusalem in eleven eighty seven the city had been in frankish control for eighty eight years is a huge deal the only city he didn't have was tire a very important coastal fortress which would drew him in the end of millions of messing about but things had been rough further crusaders through this time they were suffering through famine disease thirst because they had contaminated water they couldn't stand up quality and in the end they were very few places laughed under christian control but followed in himself is dealing with some internal problems especially the sunni shi ite divisions between the muslims his rule so that capture jerusalem is a huge blow to christians in europe is very shocked and very determined to act and we ve talked about crusades already and health aids and piled up hope like have their own crusade this is the same case is the fourth crusade pope gregory the
encourages a new crusade to take back jerusalem the interesting thing about this crusade is just how many kings aghast get involved so many leaders involved in the lead up to the third also again william we have william the second of sicily that he died in eleven eighty nine kind of put a halt to his part of the war and frederick the first eurostat who had a huge army he was a formidable threat as they push through byzantium and isaac the second and jealousies attempts to thwart them but frederick drowned before reached antioch possibly because his horse slept in a river he would not make a list of of best military horses and that his army kind of fell apart it's it's hard to go without your leader and that was the end of that definitely
though rounding out our line up we also have philip the second augustus a freer and henry the second of england who is a monarch acquitaine husband and these too are arch enemy is and the cause of their disappear like everything else in the middle ages the nobody gets along very well the cause of their dispute is land and dowries and who gets what and who gets and women as pawns in marriage it really doesn't how much when philip teamed up with henry sign richard the lionheart in revolt against him so major problem between these two guys henry died of a broken heart i think shortly after he lost too them to his son and to this man he hates and now it's up to richard to take up the cause of the crusades taking back true love her enthroned in normandy in july eleven eighty nine in england in september but he would only
spend about six months in england during the whole of his rule he just wasn't really interested in that part of it and i liked this quote from encyclopaedia britannica ability is lay not an administration for which he had no talent but in war at which he was a genius so final word on that front encyclopedia so yeah instead of focus on england and administration he focuses on the middle east and in order to get the crew waiters therein when he needs money in it a lot money though he starts selling off lands and titles and taxing all the salad in tax he asked picks up his father's fight with philip of france this argument over marriages and dowries that is going on through the generations apparently though philip wants to tear apart the german empire of which richard his part in richard in preparation for leaving make sure that he has allies who will look
after his empire while he's gone heat he doesn't really trust fill up good reason will end as part of that he takes off philip even more than he already was i didn't think i was passed well but it is because he was supposed to marry phillips sister alice and instead he promises to marry berengaria up in a bar her father was going to help take care of richard lands while he was gone he gets to keep some of alice's dowry lands instead of returning them to fill up and this is a grudge would simmer for years but now both philip richard headed for the crusades so richard to sicily first while philip goes to occur and conquers messina his very efficient very efficient yeah and then he's on his way to say as in this fine classic middle ages to history of knights and damsels and distress richard it saves both his sister anne
true the two have been shipwrecked and taken into custody though he rescue them from cyprus and then takes the island sound that i'll teach you byzantine ruler and he goes to occur to meet with philip and help him lay siege to the city earlier crews there's had begun the siege in eleven eighty nine so it spun a couple of years you can imagine that both sides are tired they're pretty much had a stalemate neither has given an and philip shows up just in time and eleven ninety one and two he and richard manage to breach the walls finally and the city surrendered in july much too solitudes displeasure he had told them not to but they said unless he came to their aid they couldn't they couldn't we can hold a solid and they d got at us out that was the end as part of being the losers saladin handed over the fragments of the true cross that he had and also promised ransom for getting back his muslim prisoners from philip and richard but he didn't
that money fast enough for richards liking and he decided to execute thousands of captives were saladin could see it and sardine retaliated in kind with christian prisoners so really no one one that no this massive prisoner execution and still no by these two men may not seem like it that following an richard had a lot of respect for each other we already mentioned you have this ideal night east a knight of the west that legends have the meeting in competing as equals it's fun to imagine them having some sort of jousting match or something like that richard with his brute strengthen following with his lydia elegance but really they never me they have messengers who communicate between them it it's not quit his remit take us even though they did story yes there's finally open battle between richards armies and fatalities in september at the battle of ours of philip had returned home by this time for unknown reasons and it
a decisive win for richard and the only time the two would directly confront one another she went on to win java a port city and the rest of the eleven team coast but what he tat was jerusalem despite coming in sight of it two times almost being there he wouldn't last to the city and while this made sense from a military strategy point of view which he was also good at his troops didn't understand has reluctance and they didn't like it if the point of why there there in the first place to get back jerusalem instead he wants to attack them and in egypt holdings but the troops don't one of that either negotiations began between quality and richard but soon stalled and our armies continue to lose and retake cities and attempting to avenge there's a dead brothers and very bloody complex but they found
i came to a peace in september eleven ninety issue and as part of that truth christians as long as they were unarmed and muslims andrews would all be allowed to enter jerusalem all in all despite not winning jerusalem which was you know the main goal of this crusade pretty successful were not at all like the fourth crusade if you listen to the other side a crusade gone wrong in which everything when they actually get some staff in this crusade hamburg an economist success semi attain the jerusalem motive so richard heads home in october you have two maginnis pretty good but he's shipping are we going who shocking shipwreck twists nor podcast leopold of austria whose mad about richer sliding him during the crusade and possibly killing his cousin to stick them in captivity and he remains there for a while until henry the six who's the holy roman emperor took him folk
old of aquitaine comes into the picture here and raises the ransom for her son but that's not quite yet because in the meantime course we mention philip had returned home and he has been up to no good specifically he's trying to take richards lands he believed that mrs dowry land should be returned to his family as far as i can point he does have a point and so didn't like the fact that richard had gotten all the glory from the crusades and philip felt that once again the algebra had been cheated out of what they belong to them but since the crusader his lands were supposed to be protected while he was gone but this was phillips dancing when would he have another one reached just to good so he faked some papers saying hey richard and i came to this agreement he signed them i'm supposed to get those lands back the normans are like no no it's not gonna happen so he got richards
john on his side and some other counts of french lands and to be fair why sure that richard would ever get out of prison and return home so they're kind of throwing their loaded with philip and hoping that will help according to the article i got this from a this from by simon reasoned military history so it did makes to stick with philip for the time being out of prison although it should be for a while no one knew where richard was john even announces that his brother is dead and elinor says no peace dad so you don't know if that's true john or if they really either eminent sneaky john said philip heads she saw a castle and just rampages through normandy pillaging along the way but stopped through all the capital by earl robert of leicester and play richards ministers decided to make a deal just stop him from making trouble keeping
yeah well and philip and john are trying to bargain with henry the fix during all this to who is of course the one holding richard prisoner their thing maybe you could much self respect for such a deal you will and philip in john are trying to bargain with harry the fixed during all this to who is of course the holding richard prisoner their thing maybe you could turn him over to us then will will take carried out caravan when exactly of every this have any of that he lets richard go february eleven ninety four and at this point on it so richard raises money we know he's got it out already any has himself crowned any hesitation vanity yeah hit home that point that i am back on king so john comes pleading to his brother to forgive him richard says you're
child you ve just imagine the condescension i hope they do make up later we should mention latvia but richard and philip fight up and down normandy there right through to ran an aquitaine and alarm valley and they all come to a peace apple and eleven ninety five but philip is still against richard even as these negotiations are going on and richard figures out his just now recalling the whole thing off so the two returned to fighting and you're going to fight for a pretty much the rest of you has at the door in eleven ninety six richard manages to cut off philip supply lines which result in a temporary truth but very temporary indeed they find january eleven ninety nine and at that point they finally come to some sort of terms although richard is standing on a boat and the sun and he's a yelling at philip on the banks is pretty ridiculous for guys who have been fighting for years and years to work it out like this but a plus
him during this time richard built his beloved chateau guy ard which cost one thousand five hundred pounds sterling at the time an astronomical some of we decided that he and lead fact should hang out and have dinner and it was also strongest castle of its time but soon for this we have the very murky ending of richard life yeah pretty confusing oh how he died but the eventually up to it are completely confusing and frankly bizarre so he attacked the lord of shall you in march levin ninety nine they do it there two opinions on this one possible he thought that a vast cache of buried treasure had been discovered and he had not gotten his share in
my outline i wrote seriously in parentheses that i don't know more about that the second option is that maybe he just wanted to destroy the holdings of the count of limos i like to think of the big zestful china's smashing those famous but either way after he's attacked this lightly guarded place he's shot with it spell and the story is and again really really weird a man fires shot richard and the richard is impressed by his bravery oh you you know you're shooting at me how amazing richard lionheart and he does but too late and was shot in the shoulder and the doktor couldn't get it out properly and the wound turned gangrenous and richard forget his keller whoever it was that his men did and after richer died the man was flayed to death and a can we joe don't really know what happened there but john
named his successor and he just wasn't a man that richard was now here he appears in a book i have called history than monsters there we might have to talk about him a little later for him down and accomplished what he set out to do in the first place he broke the ottoman empire into many little pieces so with hans rain leaving much to be desired let people if the longing for this vote the lion high value richard seems like the perfect example of a night and some historians agree and some doubt there's this ongoing fight for one about his sexuality oh right my favorite excerpts i was reading said that he was and i quote accused of home actuality we would like to point out for you history writers we do not
hughes people as sexual orientation another oscar wilde trial and there's no jacques youth in there but they all agree on one thing that militarily richard was brilliant that's why he is the lionheart and if you care to go over each and every one of his battles both during the to save and with philip i didn't that would have taken us quite a long time and has had cast you'll see multiple examples of how smart his strategy was he was undoubtedly very talented but was what england needed at this time and is his reputation deserved that's your choice but to give you a little bizarre our world follower imposts scrap thea though remember how we ve been talking recently about napoleon and his invasion of egypt and all of these mameluk send warrior slave cast that rule egypt tyre is taken by the mamelukes in twelve ninety want and so
the small world after all you hide can reverse order podcast here and another note on one of the cities we ve talked about in this path cast the old city of occur is a unesco world heritage site and us following our eastern night he died as the seventeen sun spot bitterly over his estate so sad circle answers and he was a really interesting man sir i'm considering a pad cast on him get at it in a few pod cash management plan so let us know what you think about that suggestion you can email i said history had cast it housetop work stockholm but that brings us to a very special listener now in addition of listener mail is a problem with our meal christmas in august always very exciting from melinda we received to really awesome shirts and one is pan printed specially for the package
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