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Wreck of the Ten Sail

2014-04-16 | 🔗

It was the biggest shipping disaster in Cayman Islands history -- 10 ships went down together one night in 1794. Why would so many ships be traveling so closely to one another, and how did they all end up in peril? Read the show notes here.

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task facing the only so Lakers Winter nights ago to be Cayman Islands, National Museum in Lord Grand came in, for it actually been once the board because Europe Acacia there and fancied. Well, I'm fancy vacation Europe. At this time we were trying to win nation booth, fancifully and frugally, which is why we spend our time and grand came in walking around going through the National Museum, which is I would be very expensive place to go If you are in drink, even though I had been there once before, but this time I take Patrick with me- museum is in the oldest public building. In the Cayman Islands, it's one of the very few nineteenth century structures still standing on islands because they are struck by hurricane on a regular basis, while we were there Patrick MASH,
on one of the displays and RADA right at this video on something called the wreck of the ten sale and we started off me. That's a weird name for a ship, which is why we want and then, as we watch this video, we realised that the ten sail was not the name of the ship. It was ten sale of ships, so ten ships, a shipwreck of ten ships at once, it was the biggest shipping disaster and Cayman Islands. History So naturally Patrick said, you should do a podcast on this. we are here thanks to my vacation, so I love a good vacation cover. How do you do? I had them pretty often when I'm on vacation and the like I had been. In the museum. There was nothing like that, but really start my attention that this way, but this one then, let's just say you have some background on the Cayman. Islands
These are a collection of islands in the Caribbean, south of Cuba, in northwest of Haiti, and they were uninhabited by humans when Columbus cited them in fifteen o three after he was blown off course on his last week to the Americas There is no archaeological evidence of any indigenous people living on these islands, but there Only were lots and lots of turtles, so Columbus name them last or do does her. They were renamed. They came on us, probably after the Cariboo word for came in. The alligator, like lizard, that lives in central and South America and eventually morphed into being the Cayman Islands. They are made up of then came a little came in and came in. Brok became an limbs are now famous for their banking and financial industries and being equally students Well, your money offshore, because you get it away from the tax man, but still more modern times, the economy was based on more local industries. Like wrote, making
and during the golden age of piracy, they were also a popular haven for pirates, including black beard. This is what led Prince fillip to say on a nineteen. Ninety A visit to dedicate a monument to this disaster aren't most of you descended from pirates cracks me. I love principle though through the ocean around the Cayman Islands is just full of shipwrecks. unlike the larger caribbean islands like Haiti, Cuba or Jamaica. The Caymans are really flat and low to the ocean, so even in good, whether they can be hard to see from far away, and there also surrounded by really treacherous reefs and in the middle of a track for major hurricanes, and yet, in spite of all this, her and kind of a non ideal topographical situation during this part of history, ships travelling back and forth, we in the Caribbean in Europe routinely went around the Caymans rather than taking them.
More direct route between Cuba and Hispaniola that bit of water, known as the windward passage is extremely rough. And very windy, I have been through the windward passage four times, It has made me seasick every time, and that was in like a great big ship with modern stabilizing technology. So I cannot really imagine how horrible it must have been to go through that little stretch between Ban has been Yola in liking, a wooden sailing ship from the eighteenth century, nightgowns terrible Lee Year, probably a little bit of a Tommy yes, so, instead of going through the winter passage, they would go a long way around around the Cayman Islands, which could be treacherous. But ok, if you gave it a wide berth, and then once you ve got on the other side, the Gulf stream would speed the ship along its ways that was farther journey, but easier than going, through the windward passage. It did
go so well one night in seventeen. Ninety four, though, and the story of this particular shipwreck, starts with the French missionary wars, during which France was it or with a whole chunk of Europe, including Great Britain, and, along with everything else, going on the warring nations, need These were naturally taking one another ships as prizes and to protect their own shipping address by providing naval escorts for civilian vessels seventeen. Ninety three. British Royal Navy took the french frigate inconstant, as a prize and after taking at the Port Royal Jamaica, the Navy gave it a new crew and put it back into service as the converts, since there was already a ship named in constant in the royal Navy and convert was really too lightly built to survive. Henrik heavy combat so under Captain John Lawford it was put into service is a scout. A messenger. It also has an escort from Richard convoys,
in January of seventeen. Ninety four, the convert was sent to the western Jamaica. To gather up a convoy and escorted back to England is common, with a regionally scheduled to leave at the end of January, but it was postponed a couple of times, first by a request of the chief of magistrates and merchants who thought that a later departure date would be better, the merchant community as a whole. Then it would. Delayed a little bit longer because the the winds were very light when they were trying to set sail, and it was not enough to get the heaviest merchant ships out of the Bay and when the convoy final set sail on February. Sixth, it had fifty ships and all, but three of them bound for Europe and those three, we're going to various american ports. This sounds like a huge, huge convoy, but the size really wasn't unusual for a at this point in history, especially during wartime, the big stick together. My few wanted to wait for a military escort. You pretty much had to go when that was gonna, be available to you. Lawford orders were to set the pace.
you that of the slowest ship and then to keep the convoy together at all costs, and he did this by ordering all of the merchant ships to stay behind the convert, which would occasionally its guns to warn merchants. They started to creep ahead of it in under normal circumstances, ship of this era, leaving Jamaica would pass the Caymans within twenty four hours and the euro that should have been possible even with such a large convoy, but one of the merchant vessels was Lee, in the Congo had the why to twice while it was bailed out and even though they picked up speed the trend, better time when the sun went down on the seventh, they had seen no sight of land missiles, a very dark, cloudy night and as me, night approached the sailing master. He was named Thomas Papa well, calculated that they should be safely past demons with at least seven leagues between the convoy and the treacherous reefs Papa. Well,
also suggested that they needed to alter their direction a little bit to compensate for very northerly winds, so that they would stay on their course, which was sort of aimed at the western Tipp of Cuba and based on Papa Wells recommendations, offered, gave the order Papa well reliefs him for the night, and he went below about three a m: two shots were fired from one of the civilian ships, Papa well women. Oh he woke Lawford up. They went back up both of them thought that this was first call from one amidships behind them, but with law we got on deck again? He realized that several ships had passed. The convert in the night apparently anyone aboard the convert realizing the shot had come One of the ships that was ahead of them, not a ship behind them and at the same time I am somewhat on watch called that there were breakers ahead in latin words, they quote appeared. Every direction and could not tell from the darkness of the night to what extent they might run. So, knowing that the breakers
They were all in imminent danger. They convert tried to take evasive acts This is a really nimble ship it with a light and fast France, french ship and according to the captain, they really would have been fine, but immediately Lawford realised that they were on an inevitable collision course with one of the merchant ships that was also right next to them. The two ships struck each other and their crews, is to separate them, but only for them. Convert to then be struck again by the other ship and about the same time, papa well tried to sound the depth of the water, but as he did the convert ground against the reef, the crew tried to lighten the by taking down the masts, but the damn was already done. The building filling up and the captain had to give one or two abandoned ship and before we talk about what happened next exciting middle of the night shipwreck taken thicker moment and talk about it
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Really rough. It was the middle of the night. The sea was extremely choppy in the wind was blowing right at the reef, so the ships that had avoided this pile up could not risk approaching to assist and sailor from, convert who mean to make it into the ship's boats were picked up by other vessels about twenty of the converts crew decided to wait aboard the disabled ship for rescue rather than risk. The canoe passage to land at night in the dark me I can kind of imagine the mean like ya, is not happening. The men who made it to shore made huts intense from the wreckage and then use the converts both to try to salvage provisions and other equipment, but there, was really not allowed. They could do in the middle of the night. The sharp coral destroying their robes as they were trying to haul things, and the sea was so rough that even really strong swimmers we're having trouble managing it. When the sun came up, they
ah in words, quote a most melancholy, seem seven ships into Briggs on the same reef, with the convert Very heavy see running in the wind blowing directly on the shore, those seven ships into Briggs, where the William Elizabeth the more hall, the Ludlow, the Britannia, the Richard, the Nancy, the Eagle, the Sally and the fortune. The Ludlow with a fine new vessel on her first voyage, according to an advertisement that had been placed in Kingston Jamaica, the December before advertising its place in the convoy and the more hall so sadly was full of quote: flower ham, cheese and potatoes or sale. Although most of the perishables were lost after the wreck, Phillip, we should have a mobile
Silence for the other Verona Hammond. She hadn't humidity is too well and Potatoes Zol law. There is a lot of casserole that was lost at sea, not to belittle the loss of the other things, but yeah, even with the benefit of he lay the conditions on the water work much better than they had been during the night before rough swells, and the constant wind meant that, even though, Ability was better, the forty eight undamaged ships in the convoys still couldn't approach to offer any help locals from the island spent the whole day of February eighth in a canoe based rescue operation and by the time the sun went down again. Most of the survivors from the wreck. Ships had been sure also on eight Lawford talked official, into delivering a letter to the unrest. Ships instructing them to go westward to Hug Sty Bay on the left side of the island, which is often Georgetown the water would be com there and they could all basically just wait at anchor for a new escort nine of the ships
this and the rest of the convoy continued on escorted. The ninth Wofford set off from gun bluff on the east end of green came in where they were killed. Two Georgetown planning to send word to the admiralty and make arrangements for the calm way while he was there. This is basically the sit under the island. He arrived on the eleventh and posted his various letters to sort of give you an idea of how small grand came and as he did this on foot in today until you walk the whole island. Yet on that well. He was met in Georgetown with a petition signed by eight residents of Grand Cayman who were asking for the passengers from the wrecked vessels to be quote immediately removed from this island as soon as possible. The you an influx of shipwrecks survivors. Had the residents pretty much panicked their own about nine hundred people living on the island. At this point and shipwreck, survivors had increased violence population by more than half, so at least for him,
people now feel it. A little crowded. Little crowded aren't above all that, in the words of the petitioners, it was quote morally impossible for the inhabitants to support themselves. This is because of a huge hurricane had struck the islands. The past October was served like we are in dire straits already, and you guys have just made our population half again his big. We cannot manage this in response to this petition Lawford divvied, the survivors up. He sent them to the ships at Hog, Sty Bay and wrote letters to their captains, repeating this quote morally impossible language. He begged the captain to remove their ships. A meeting and he also wrote introductory letters to the governor of Havana a huge for any of the ships that should make their way served like we're route back to England hand allows correspondence and arrangements. Lawford then went back to the camp on Gun Bluff and they He and about twenty of his men, carried out to salvage operation for the next six weeks.
In the end, they were able to get quite a lot from the wreckage, including sales rope tools, ammunition of artillery swords, pikes and axes. Nearly everything double was lost, though, and many other converts original french cannon sank to the sea floor. Only five men The comment were killed in the rack, along with them. People on other ships, one of whom was the master of the britannia- several People died of illness in the wake of the disaster, though, but considering that there were ten ships involved in the shipwreck, the death toll was remarkably small nine of the ships that had rendezvous at Hug Sty Bay and their newly increased crew and passengers made it safely back to England. Two of these there's that left previously on escorted. There were the less fortunate one was
taken by a french privateer in another, was captured by the french Navy, lira consequences, of course, because this incident had been so huge and has involved a navy. Blue all it led to a court martial on April. First of seventeen. Ninety four, the court martial, was held aboard the Ottoman success, which is anchored off port Royal, Jamaica, Lawford Defense was that this higher thing would have been completely prevented if the shifts in the convoy had stayed behind the convert like they were supposed to from the beginning. He This did that had the convert been at the front of the convoy, it was a nimble enough that it could have evaded the reef and steered the rest of the convoy away from it, even if they had gotten as close to the reef as they did before, wrecking the first lieutenant be bogus second lieutenant, William Earnshaw were questioned as well as by the court to give their account of what had taken place in each crossings.
by Lawford who asked about whether they had seen the master of the ship use the sextant to figure out their latitude. Whether the signals have been flown to instruct the other ships to stable them whether they had the fire shots to warn ships to get back behind them and additional questions of a similar nature that the third lieutenant I also I want to say leftenant. Every time we were talking about English invoke. The burglars It was also called and learn, but he had not been on duty because of an injured arm. So he was excused. Mr Purple well was on the matter of the log book which had been found to contain no record of the distance travelled the day before the wreck. He was also just about his knowledge of the region and the routes. Even though it then in the log Papa. What was able to tell the court there latitude as of his last reckoning, and he insisted that the difference in their position was because of unexpectedly strong currency that had carried them off course during the night, then there was a lot of back and forth questioning on the matter alone,
the commission and the masters made in the midshipman were called, an lieutenant boat was called for a second time and they were both crossing them and also by the captain. None of them knew the reason for the commission in the log, but they all had every reason to believe according to their statements that the measurements had been correct and that the sextant had been accurate. then, Mr Davy Master of the ship success was called and asked by the court to give the latitude were. The wreck had happened. Lawford, examined him asking him how he found the currents leading north from to make it to the ten mins during his own voyages, and he said he found them. Very strong and it had put them off their reckoning by nine or ten leagues. I can I like hell. I'll offer, is kind of like you, you you found this to be extraordinarily strong current did you know that we started in the end, Lawford and his crew were acquitted, and here is the statement on that quote the court. Having
early examined into the several circumstances, attending same and having but surely and deliberately considered the whole is up opinion that the misfortune was occasioned by a strong current setting, the ship's vary considerably to the northward and their reckoning and doth. Therefore, a judge that these said the captain Lawford. commander of his majesty's late ship, the convert the officers and the company of the said ship be acquitted and they are here by acquitted accordingly, and this incident didn't really affect Lawford career, he continued to command ships and he eventually became an apple. So whether in science have dredged up lots of new information about those two hundred and twenty year old shipwreck, shipwrecks plural of ten ships In the last forty or so years, Coral encrusted cannon started showing up around town on the east. End of green came in the ninety seven these and the law.
We had a large stories to tell about cannons and the water where they had played his children, these weapons all borders. Seventeen eighty one as well as french markings, an archaeological survey by the Institute of Nautical archaeology and nineteen. Eighty confirmed that there were six more large pieces of artillery still in the sand, the weapons that elves all seem like they probably came from the convert. It had kept its and artillery when it had been put into service for Britain and a study of the reef, in the same year also found evidence of where the convert had run aground still more remove theme year. Hurricane Alan unearthed, more wreckage in that same part of the ocean. There are more than twenty. breaks in the area and surveys of all of them pinpointed six that are probably from the wreck of the tent
fail, ashore, archaeologist, found all manner of pat pottery, shards class and naval hardware suspected to be from the survivors camp. As you recall, they gathered up stuff and built a camp out of the yeah. Salvaged wreckage inundated their savage work for about six weeks. From their this episode of stuff, you miss in history glasses, brought you buy, three sixty with lifelong. Let's just say your shopping online with your smartphone. I do it all the time they sure feels like your personal info is right there in your hand, but that's not always the case, because, as soon as you hit submit, your personal information could start going other places. In fact, when you shop, bank or browse online, your personal info can get out of your control, which can leave you vulnerable to cyber criminals. More threats demand more protection, that's why Norton and Lifelong are now part of,
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with naval scholars from France, confirmed that the cannons that word they are on the seafloor would have been aboard the inconstant before it was pressed into English service Margaret less occurred an archaeologist serving with the Cayman islands? National Museum conducted a survey of cannon salvage from shipwreck sites and followed it up for the next Underwater survey of thirty shipwrecks along a three mile stretch, sea floor near the east end here. and if I had one site as the probable converts and the collection of others that are probably some of the merchant ships and she found some other points usually unknown shipwreck sites in the nineteenth and twentyth centuries in the process so are looking for. These additional history was on what happens when we were saying that you know that the ocean around the Cayman Islands is full of shipwrecks thirty. Rex, along with three miles dredge with a lot of shipwrecks it is
One of the reasons why, if you go on vacation through the Cayman Islands, one of the things that that will be advertised is like some snorkeling and scuba diving in shipwrecks class bottom boat rides flick shipwrecks there's a lot of shipwrecks. In industry shipwrecked tourism yeah. I, in addition to hiding your money from different from taxes from taxes. Ok,. A couple of legend grew out of the shipwreck and have persisted until today. What is that? in the years after the wreck of the TIM Sale Fashion, com ITALY changed on the island as locals, retrieved bolts of identical class from the wreckage and then used them to make their, including. I love that I thought you might get mentions textiles. The other legend is that there was a prince or another dignitary aboard one of the ships and George. The third declared the islands to be free from taxes in the conscription out of gratitude, and this is almost
Lee made up story. There is much more likely that there's they were so few people in the Cayman Islands for so many years that it wasn't worth so. They were not really making any kind of income for a long time- probably kind of grew from there. Elizabeth second visited the island and unveiled a commemorative park and ninety ninety four for the two hundredth anniversary of the massive shipwreck, and that is the story So many Asia, it's one of those things were it's the the wreck of ten sale, but so many other ships involved there because of the this giant cowboy that when you think about how many people were kind of their at the next point, all at once, while it was going down late in the night yeah who I got this that was put out by the Cayman Islands. National archive and came in free press bits collects reproduction.
While these historical documents about the wreck- and you can hear Captain Lawford Exasperations when he's like writing out his his discourse, of what happened of like if only these stupid merchant ships had just stay behind me like they were supposed to. Instead of me, having to babies, affirm like a bunch of little children, none of this would have happened. Why also have a shepherd like how did no one noticed I have that question and also- and that was not satisfactorily answered in any of the research that I didn't have like how nobody I feel it Papa well may reject it, taken some boy because wasn't he on the yankee? He wasn't. I am do all that was happening here. What was he doing? Maybe he was now but even so there would have been other people on deck to that is. The weirdest part of this whole story is like how at
these nine ships got ahead of them and and wrecked without anyone noticing that anyone was ahead of them. I mean it was a dark night, but that those seem a little seems like a lot of things like a lot of ships to passive in the night without noticing near so anyway. Wreck of the timescale To my recollection, I also have some more male, who lack the military forces from Sarah and Sarah says: dear tracing Holly, I'm a big fan of the pond. Gaston have been listening for years, but have never before written in. I love to listen as I walk the twenty minutes to the house. so, each morning and back home each evening, as well as on runs with my dog Watson, I felt compelled to write in Listening to your fabulous podcast on Elisabeth Blackwell she's, one of my fate, influential women of history and has a female medical student. Greatly admire her for her work for gender equality in the medical profession, her
story also resonates with me, because I'm also in non traditional medical student. I was an english major and went on to obtain my mph before beginning medical school. This Follett rush Also an engine in the navy and arrested. Aware of an hp, Espy scholarship. Luckily, for me, rough medical college, named after Benjamin who is featured in a podcast, recruits many non traditional students at Russia. The student leaders of the Am W H, the american women's medical associations. I want to take some time to remark upon some of your statements regarding the percentage of female physicians. Currently in practice, you are correct that about thirty five to thirty six set of physicians are currently women, notably this percentage. Gradually increase over time. As my generation joins the workforce because most medical schools now enrolling equal proportion of men and women However, I also want to draw attention to the representation of women in certain specialities. You commented that you thought
The needs of women physicians was higher because you see female DP is regularly. This may be because the percentage actually is higher in primary care. Women are more represented in non surgical, specialities and primary care, as well as obituary. Why in sat has received fifty three percent of women residents are enforced, specialities, internal medicine, pediatrics, family practice and obesity. and, however, women remain under represented at higher levels of academic medicine and executive positions, and then she cited source for this information, which makes me very much loved Sarah, yes, indeed, I just love that she started an English major back to like I could not have gone from bad to becoming a medical student not become a medical student because I have problems with vomit, first or otherwise. The impasse to present the changing demographics of women in medicine, from a dot org so back to the letter proper,
The subject of women and specialities is a heavily debated topic, as many people argue that these differences are a disparity where whereas others speak to differing gender roles and attributes that DR women to these fields and not others. I personally believe that women should be granted every opportunity for to pursue this Of their choice, without fear of discrimination because of their gender and that all physician should be granted the opportune to have both a meaningful home lives and pursue their career aspirations. Hope this email wasn't along. No, it was not. Since we feel free to share it gathers will be interested that keep up the good work and then also pictures of a thank you, Sarah folks, who is really call, and I Think I knew the basics of the said that there are more women in primary care and more women, obesity lands, which of course, is that I see most often and now thinking on it.
Really when I've had to see a specialist for some reason like we have had to go to the earth. The peat is or you and I have both had to go to these ports, but I address was just there Friday and I had to go to and ophthalmologist once and surgeons are often here those doctors have been mail, and most of my dentists have been mail, but my yeah. Generally, I have chosen, I think I've always seen one female dentist yeah. I see lots of female hygienists, that's clearly a gender. There is definitely a balance of gender difference between her between hygienists ended as then also at the word that honest office between the orthodox test and the whatever the technique should attack missions are so yes, thank you so much for writing. Sarah yards interesting, I'm sure, there's been time. The studies done on how oh yeah
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