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10 Easy Ways to Save Money

2013-10-17 | 🔗

Times are still kind of tough, but there are some time-tested and easy ways to get ahead and in this episode Josh and Chuck explore them. Learn about not only how to save, but also how to make your new-found dough grow.

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You should know from house works tat. They had walked into the part time: jobs, Courtney, Charles, the bitter brains with me, Gary's over their services that you should know the legendary packet. Why version web recorded accorded life? Today we don't like yours, you like it or not with an on it, the owner human sure on it should be set up of it like you. Oh yes, go well people when you listen to stuff. You should now a lot of Times Europe regaled with stories of history or stories of science cool. Animals, or you know you name it we like to cover lots of stuff, but occasionally we like to go on a little advice. Yes, but The fact that were going out advice does not mean that we are professional advice.
There's! No! No! No! But occasionally we like to talk about things like green living or health and fitness, or in this case finance just because you know why millennials out there. Thank you never have to worry about. Anything but eventually you're gonna, be off the teeth of your parents, and you might think about either that or the millennials are already more worry than anybody else. Right now noticed millennials If anybody could you notice advice and put it to pretty good use way out, thing. I'm realises that you're never to young or you never to old, right to start being smart and thinking about like enough money in future. The fact that one on me like, if you're in the last weeks of your life, like it it's too late- that it may be said everything
that's true, but yes, the younger! You are the better off. You are the later. You start in other. The further you have to catch up and get points is that's no reason it did not try and we're we're talking about is saving money. But if such a saving money for Africa saving money is the basis of basically a conscientious lifestyle. Yeah you dont have to be rich, but you don't have to even want to be rich. Basically, all you have to have is the desire to be financially independent or close to financially her financially free- and it doesn't mean you have to have jobs of money- are endless. Manic has actually is pretty easy to sit there and figure out
How much money you need an set that is your go and get to it in the cool thing is, if you, if you do, cannot take this advice, you do kind of start following this path. I guess you could say it's it's. It becomes a bit addictive and you realize that you just altered your mindset and you're living. Basically the antithesis of a wasteful consumer culture, life and sticking to the man right. Then any don T be a friggin to do it. You know now there's a middle ground this Spain smarten foregoing, need to be in it's like I get into it. It's not like I'm loaded or anything, but I dont think about the money. So much as I think about efficiency, yes and like waste right that really
occupies a lot of my mind what you start thinking about everything and, in those terms year, all of a sudden, and it becomes very clear and every little bit counts cure his your ear. You know take energy which will get into a few unplugged your toaster every day after you use it. I mean with thick and add up to like virtually nothing actually have been on vampire power would look good, I'm glad you do and it's not much the right one, we'll talk about policy toasters, not much. Just a single tells you're right. It's not much! Thank you, but if you take the toaster and pilot in with the savings are not buying coffee every day, while you're out- and you know the thinking about your order insurance and is all this stuff that we're gonna talk about here and think of all of it is what you're throwing into a pot savings. Then it does count. It does matter totes near so good into thinks me. So
The recommended amount that I've seen. I don't remember what investment adviser wrote the article or whatever, but I've seen for that. You want to save what amounts to about eight times your endings, Larry, no matter what year ending salary, the salary you gonna have when you retire. Is that is a mind. Bogglingly daunting number. If you think about it, to save to have that much Bank, by the time your dark eight times, yeah man I gotta, get busy supposedly was there one time. What you you asked me, running salary, be by the time. Your thirty three times by the time, you're forty and then someone until by about the time, are sixty five should at eight times or any
that's a lot of money gamma! This savings, ok, I think pretty much. Everybody is a bit behind her. I think. That's it. That's a very important point jack. I don't feel like anybody, especially somebody fills daunted by that number- should feel like that. There on the outskirts that everybody else is doing well, but at the same time that doesn't mean they're, just because everybody else saving that you shouldn't start yet dont compared to others to stick out your business right Tina and that's what this whole things about, nor about the generous. So one of the first one of the first things you want do is figure out what they eat time, a mountainous and said that is your goal. But time is sixty five and insert looking around and figuring out ways to get there, and one of the best ways is to stop wasting waiting is the opposite of saving serve. You save you're, not wasting, and if you wait you doing the wrong thing exactly so.
As you can save you don't get another. Let's entertainment is a lot of times, one of the first things on the less, because a lot of things in the entertainment category are luxuries, meaning they make your life better, which is super valid yeah. You just can't do it all the time and wash your super rich than go nuts. Gloria super rich already than France, maybe you can get the same and on line as your paying for either with the cable bill or like a magazine subscription earn newspaper something you might get a list of free online. They receive some bucks chestnuts. One way to do it. If you make a good point that in a entertainment is a luxury, but it's also a lot of ways. The necessity to you just have to look around and say working. I trim some fat where my being wasteful Is there anything I'd I'd, just not really using that I'm paying for you in the entertainment
the green. If so, then that means I probably dont, really need it and I should start is paying for it out of habit yet well. The Netflix is one thing I dropped. Finally, the dvd delay We are in favour of just the online streaming and would say things like eight bucks a month or something that adds up when you throw it in your pocket, it adds like over the course of the year. That's like you know, that's a nice out or money, could imagine something else right. Yeah seem, like you said, with magazine subscriptions if you're getting the magazine, and it's just sitting there and you're, not really reading it are getting anything from it cancel your subscription. By the way already paid for this so semi. What you owe, MR yeah, if you love your magazines then that one wouldn't count again. What we're talking about here is trimming the fat not living this horribly.
Might I add that there is no fun whatsoever now, but, like we said once you start getting into this, you probably gonna find that it's actually find the look for ways to trim the fat yeah speaking a trimming that take a look at your Jimmy people often do you go, and what do you do? I you're there if it some you get along. Benefit out of then by all means, keep going that your help, but do you know who pays seventy five dollars a month? The corona treadmill jury sucker because their streets there sidewalks there running trails right if you're not utilizing most of the stuff of the jam, we're gonna classes in things you might want to think about German. The fat or if you really need that ritual. Treadmill, and you don't mind paying that money for the treadmill. That's fine too, but just think about yeah, I'm a few If you are a seamless or you have no self consciousness whatsoever in, go use the exercise it
when at the park is little le little things that have gone on here. I just couldn't do that here. Like working out at the park in a wicked by a treadmill, inhabit, tease you and mark your heart, you for the rest of your life in the spare room, which is what happened. Sometimes I think that's the opposite of a gate of life. Is this one guy S. True. What about automotive car sets a really said: buying way to save money. Is nobody likes paying for car up maintenance and gas that two things be white spending money on I get some numbers warrior besides the sage I've eighty thousand miles over five years, if you bought a car that gets twenty five miles through the gallant compared to one that gets fifteen miles to the gallant, you can be mine, two thousand fewer gowns of gas. Over that time, average of three fifty a gallon get over five years. You ve saved seven thousand dollars and gasoline cause which is like
less super substantial men. You could put that into your following care wherever and make that into a lot more money about it. I'm your time, we'll just by ten months ago, indifference by not giving that Jain, Normous Suv can even park, maybe get somethin more fuel efficient. Instead, where I mean that's, seven green in your pocket that reaches wouldn't have had before exactly what else. Your car insurance is a good place to go like anything you're currently paying for that's a good place to start and say how can I pay less for the same amount? Nor do I need the same amount that I have right now. So usually, if you have a decent entrance person, you will find that they will be happy to talk to you and say you don't really need this or if you raise your deductible little bit, you'll probably be okay and you'll, be paying less per month
without losing out on anything really another place. You can say gas is in blood. People are realised, but your tyres in new cars, but to be inflated to a certain amount and if their lower than that you're gonna be wasting gas. In fact, for every two pounds per square inch, the giraffe that their low your mileage goes down by one percent, and in this article they judge most cards or about five to ten pounds per square inch low and that's about five percent. Less fuel efficient. Just my partner in your life was crazy, plus even more there's a lot a gas station to have free air. Not as much anymore, but your worship does do know you could acuity pillows that you should know listeners. Do you want a new year's resolution? That's easy to keep yes resolve to help protect your identity and personal info with lifelike identity theft, protection, lifelong alert, you to potential threats
your identity and they see more than what you can see by just monitoring your own credit, like your info on the door, web and that's a big deal yeah, and if you have a problem, lifelong, U S based restoration, specialist snow, the steps it take to help resolve your case, there are only one in five identity theft. Victims who had accounts open in their names discovered their theft through bank or credit card company, and course. No one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all business. This but lifelike The new year's resolution does not easy to keep. It will help you protect what you ve worked so hard for get lifelike for up to twenty five percent off your first year, gonna lifelike, dotcom, slash stuff! That's why flocked outcomes less stuff for up to twenty five percent off? Let's see what else Chuck are you thought, grocery stores, always first of all, right now would be a terrible time,
maybe go gross shopping cause, I'm very hungry here they say to eat first now, just a minute. It really does work is that it makes an enormous difference on like buying stuff, that you normally wouldn't buy. Yeah. If you are hungry at the grocery store, like you, just gonna buy more its approval. That's right, Josh and then going at once at work is a big big deal, big expense potential idea. They here, six hours a day is eight hundred a year, but six hours a day that super cheap. It is.
You know, it's hardly won't live a year. If you're eating six dollar one year mean let's say that twelve bucks or if you go out for business lunches, if you're really reckon up money right an if it's not too few, but also your spouse, first significant life partner. Whatever also doing the same thing, you can double that amount right there, so I just get around the whole thing by not eating lunch, but you can also pack your lunch, save a substantial amount plus. You know it's like you being your own lamp pecking, your lunch in the morning. You suffer not even right and then check at the grocery store too. If you take a little time, go online or get you They were grocery stores. They have those these days you can find all sorts of specials coupons that kind of thing and say what can I do with salary and Chickpeas Avenue
put together an invasive weekly plan on that you can make us into the cellar in exactly in you. Take that list. That features tricky salaries and whatever else it takes to make hemisphere and take it to the store and you stick to that list. Citizen garlic! Exactly But the point is you ve thought about all this before you went to the store, wrote it down in a list and instructed the list and then use the coupons that originally got you to think of Hamas. In the first place, you you just save yourself some money I incalculable amount, mainly because I dont want to calculate arena, you keep your eyes peeled at the store for specials. I know you dont want to grab the little fire when you walk in, because it makes you got your eighty years old. But that's where you find out the deals, by one get when free on a tub of butter, we'll get the tub of butter and get your second one from three dozen on apologize to eighty year old listeners,
who, like circulars, grocery, store here, my mama's way and the Cubans yeah a lot of people are yeah. I read that apparently, coupons have gone down in quality because of this coup. Punk, It's going around us, so many people are using their companies like we can afford to put out decent coupons. Did you say, there's a coupon grace guy. I'm really did you know no nodded. Oh man, this whole tv shows dedicated to it. The group on Greece- yes, really is never the joke about others like extreme coup planning. I think Anti Elsie. I've never heard of that. What now his people like its people, who are so good at Cooper. I saw a man tv show here they are four hundred dollar girl, feeble and from his coupons he brought it down the like fourteen, that you said they pay him. A hundred was close to it. It was very close to you you must go. She starts at the lower club cardio, those that's really satisfying all that money go away at the end
yet not only that some of those cards will get you like extra boxer points or what were. There will actually deduct money from your additional money on top of coupons from your bill after awhile like it's, it's not a bad idea to take advantage of loyalty programme. Now that it should do if it makes sense to you later, are there are plenty of people out there their own companies that have come up with loyalty programmes that are frankly scams and you have to be wary of the cause. You don't want to buy stuff, you normally by just kid you're, gonna, say fifty cents on it, because it costs to three. Fifty that,
weren't gonna spend anyway, you know, but if you're going to have the same story again and again and again just down the street, they have pretty good prices. You like the coupons, sign up for their loyalty programme and it will pay off. In the end, the Agora were a buzz market, you're gonna cover when again and they keep track your think the yellow card, and then I get gasser took his aids cheap already, but every like four five philips they'll, give you credit from your grocery, buys ass they like, would you like to say ten cents a gallon, because you bought fisheries. The is there like a actual no button, there's an old no now, because you can say that, like the guy for when I write or unflushed this week, that are you live, but am I say, heck yeah yeah gimme the tents it. I remember hearing a long time ago that, like em, they were trained to outlaw gas discounts like some of those places so gas at below what they pay for direct people into their stores.
And it was like driving other gas station side, a business ts, yet when it comes to a baby, its survival of the fittest. Alright, let's talk about families. Says things like your prescription, drugs or maybe your baby formula. All these things. You can get junior Versions of that are, at the eight prove to be just as good as your brand immersion in who buys branding stuff suckers venom. Drugs yeah. Well, it says here in this article that drug companies- then all their money, unlike research and development, something that I thought you must drug companies did universities to do there, aren T for free, but they just have the patent on it, for the first few years can charge whatever they want, depending on the ranch either. The point is generics have the exact same thing in it by law they don't own. The pen in the patents expired
so now everybody can sell it for cheap body. Anyway, you save a lot of money in the last few years, but smoky yes, not smoking cigarettes her. How much are they now last night, they were like five bucks, a pack in Atlanta Daily, twelve dollars packer. So in New York, that's twelve public money dollars a pack, and I remember when they started to go up yeah. I smoked at a time when you can get him filling a dollar fifty sure and then all of a sudden there like three dollars for five and there were articles kiss a tobacco is going through the roof here in their articles. On what the price point will be, where people stop smoking, yeah member here, like people, say five and its debts does not some people unsure quit because you're hit five bucks, but now people will still smoke and pay five dollars or twelve dollars pack every day to shorten their life and encourage more
legal expenses later right- and the point is, if you quit like that is its just like having a higher fuel, feel efficiency com yeah or to its money in your pocket though you otherwise would have spent unnecessarily and, like you said, this is just harmful and you're spending money. So that's a great one right. Their career, smoking, thousands of dollars a year Pham right in your pocket book. They secret drinking in this article. That your dixons are causing your money, pretty much anything that you could give up. Yeah that maybe you should give up here, they can save money. The falls into this category yet or maybe you know if you like your glass wine within it, may be discussed. Maybe just pick and choose and cut down and save money and improve your helpful that right by the Gigantic Box of Y yeah
better value moderation instigate, except with smoking used there should, in moderation and guide them Household energy is the one I'm obsessed with pretty much really yeah. I grew up in a house. You know teachers as parents of three kids like we had to abuse coupons, and turn off the lights when he left the room and not leave the tv going, and we had to do that to get by and to live just a normal, lower middle class life. But that's not something you should change, because it's just wasteful, oh yeah, yeah! Even if you don't like you, shouldn't waste energy, there's a yeah, that's exactly right! That's one! good point check like one of the things about changing your mindset. Till I get. Saving mindset is
you know not only is it good for you financially, but it also tends to have like positive spillover effects like, for example, your saving money, saving energy, but it's also a lot better for the environment. Anything any time you cutting out waste this pretty much, no downside to that yeah. So this a good example of like goods positive spill over effect. Yet you know what I do is, I think, about the electronic, the meter and say how spinning and I have literally every time. I turn things off. Follow me around the house turning things off after she turned the mountaineer. I literally think about meter slowing down, and it makes me like breathe a sigh of relief as the meter breathe, a sigh of relief and now it's silly, but no
I really think about the things you're turning down, I'm just gonna area that much more like, and there is an invention out there that is made for you, it's pretty new, but I believe it's on the market. You can plug it into an outlet and what it does is ease drops on your electrical use in it can actually sort out what's doing white well, but the redoubt shows you how much electricity using- and I think you can converted- take a dollar amount to or something in the whole point is, if you see how much you're using you'll want to decrease it. So you would love this thing because it would show a decrease amount. Every time you and off a lighter unplug. Something I'll be stressed that the impact in the year we talked about vampire energy. Earlier, that's the things that you like, stand by power. Overnight are pretty much all the time,
the average House uses one hundred dollars to power devices that are turned off each year. A hundred dollars to power things aren't even on that's that's money that you clans on it like your little smartphone plug. That's, even if your funds not plugged into it. It's sucking energy while plus it's a bad idea, also to charge you phone overnight because everybody typically to overcharge idea and then annually in the? U s: they power cuts ten billion dollars all over the Eu S each year near. So that's pretty substantial. If you pull everyone together, sure if you divide by three hundred million the thought of my in your pocket so ready to set up a charging station, which is what I have at my house, but that all of our strap and turn their power strip off and unplug. It even even I want to shoot her with a gun. Looking like the tv on at night, I hate others lights anyway. I like this even darkness. Here.
You look in your room. You probably have like three or four lights that are just on. Like a cable box, there probably affecting your brain in some way. At the very least there affecting my wallet, so household energy tat was pretty good stuff. You have I, STAR yeah, there's a there's, a lot of rebates out there right now the government has put like a huge push behind getting people to have more energy efficient stuff, yet scallon, fifty bucks, yes added you yeah! You can definitely that if you just look for the energy, star thing when you're buying an appliance or something and then go online before you by and see if there's a rebate because, basically to slay me, go if you got it on sale. This is an extra fifty bucks, a hundred bucks, whatever they you'll get back and six
weeks just for mailing in a copy of your receipt. Why would you not do that that right now, I think, is a time for break oh yeah, because after this it's the home stretch, which includes health, insurance, money, saving tips and then a few tips from your old or bodies here about what you can do, with that money or saving for your future No These resolutions are very, very difficult to keep get more exercise save more money. What about this? We have a resolution that you can really work with stop wasting time going to the post office that right you standstill I'm instead because they bring all the services of the. U S postal service right to your computer, with yours business, sinning invoices or packages
or in our minds, seller shipping out products stamps that can handle it all with ease yank it. This was simply come you get five cents off every first class, stamp in up to forty percent of priority mail. This right. U S post twenty four seven for any letter, any package, any class anywhere you want to send it, there's no risk and in our promo code, as well as gay you're gonna get this offer afore weak trial, plus free postage, and a digital scale, and there are no long term commitments or contracts just go to stamp that come click on the microphone top of the page and type in s. Why, as K that stance, I come from a goat s. Why, as K stamps that come never go to the polls, office again, I really quickly before getting additives. I looked up insurance law that because, like a dummy in my mid twenties when I didn't have like anything other than waiting tables jobs, I skipped on insurance because they want to pay
hundred dollars a month, so I got to thinking today. Here's an older dude how much it costs to stay in a hospital the average cost of a hospital stay in the? U S is about sixteen hundred bucks. The average hospital the media in hospital stay in the: U S, AIDS, three times more than other industrialized countries, which, as a whole different thing, but eighteen thousand dollars is the average median stay in a hospital. The Obama cares coming out next month and I think the average meteor insurance policy will be about three hundred twenty five bucks, so you would have to pay on an insurance policy. Fifty five months, four and a half years, the Eagle out one hospital stay where one bout of some.
One bad car wreck like the point as you're not doing yourself any favours. If you think your saving by not being insurance and only twenty three and twenty five, you don't think things gonna happen you but you're scared rude. If it does so, they just be smart, get insurance and your covered you, unless you know Flanders and when you consider a form of gambling so insurance to give up their and, like I said, if you dont, have insurance. I agree with you check. Health insurance is a good way to go. If you already have insurance car insurance, any kind of insurance check out. If you have a svelte coverage and then try to say
money without shooting itself in the foot over time. But he s going without insurance is not give way to save money. A good way to save money is to possibly look at your cell phone bill yeah and so do. I need the plan that I have yet to a need, others among the text, or see how many text he sent a month on average right. You may be cut back, oh yeah. That's that's another good point, raising like all these awesome points that deserve elaborated by the first step. To all of this is to write down your monthly expenses. Track him for a little while and you'll see reminds going just right out of the gate. A lot of stuff will become obvious that you can, where you can find out. I totally well right, but the second step to there is to look at all Things are currently paying for that. You like. Ok, I need all this in figure out ways to trim them individually to others, car insurance, whether it some yourself on bill, there's, there's always awaited to cut down a little bit that right living debt free is something we believe in
now, after incurring credit card debt for a number of years, we get rid of it all and haven't use credit cards and, like eight years, oh yeah, yet we can't afford to that month. We don't get it and I use the credit card to get at them It also has to keep your credit score. We run everything their American Express, ok, which, without each my bread and butter This article makes a really a point like if you're having to pay interest on your credit card. That means you ve buying things that you can't afford here and you pay interest and you're gonna carbon. You buy something and you can't pay it off at the end of the month year, then that's that, Give very good policy going. It's a good policy, because when we look at what we are spending on finance chargers, it was ridiculously wasteful yeah and it makes Angry when you really stop and look at it right and cause, you know your card for money, get tax the lot anyway, the lashing ideas.
Throwing the man more money just because he said I ve got a piece of plastic and go home for a little while right, you don't have to wait for this year, just gettin out better. That's another good point that this article made. What do you think you can institute is one month waiting period. Yet all purchases are major purchase any purchase. Your excited about you write it down. Instead of by you just write down what you want and then after a month you go back to incite. Do I still want this problem? Often they not you're gonna be like. I don't even remember why I wanted that their or wait for good. We do a lot of the financing deals like I wanted a sound bar for the tv and awaited like a year. To get it right. I waited till the right deal came along and a certain store had a twenty four month. No interest deal here and now a man like you know twenty bucks a montford or something and that, but you gotta be really careful. If your bad about paying bills, you can get a job
on the very I find it strange that the end to twenty four months is five hundred percent yeah we're a miss a month or somethin. It's pretty ridiculous right. I recommend financing deals, but you just have to be really vigilant with your bills on time, write another good reason to stop and wait a month a week whatever. If you just basically put a moratorium on any immediate spending, it'll cause you go poker on the internet in, like you said see if you can find like Abe a better like financing deal, maybe somebody else has it for less. If you do use your credit card, some credit cards have deals with certain merchants, yeah to where you actually get some cash back here, which is basically dislike money off and if no money off there's a lot of reasons to stop and figure out how you can get that thing. You want for the least him.
Money which makes it even sweeter when you do get. I did so. We ve given a lot of good little tips on how to save money, yet you saving some dough, even if you a millennium pride yourself on saving little money and not being wasteful, yet mean like it's. This save what you can hear so what you want to think about next is I have a little extra change here now. What do I do want to put a piggy bank or under the matches or start investing in stocks, are gambling on football? What should I do well? The first thing you want to do is to create a find, basically, an emergency fund, the rule of thumb, as you have three to six months worth of expenses, tucked away in a savings account that you can get too. But you don't touch yeah, just in case
if your laid off here, something terrible happens. You have a significant amount of money that you can live on, no matter what you're not gonna, get kicked out of your home. You're, not gonna, go hungry the train right, that's, pretty much. The first thing you want to do when you're saving money like as azure saving all his money and you're putting it away. That's the part that you wanted to go into after that. You have a little more leeway to to do. Things with, like you want to maybe pay off. Debt is a good second step yeah, because if you are in debt than you're wasting money big time and is now find to pay that down, but its super satisfying once you have, it is any. Can we find to pay their debts so if you're watching it climbed down and get closer and closer to zero, and when you write that last check you dislike I'll, see you in hell, you know you're done and from that point on, you ve got a an emergency,
your debt free here, and they now you can do some fun stuff with your money, yeah you're, on the right track. At this point. Hopefully, by now you ve got a budget that will work for you. The key with your budget is to do something is reasonable for you that you can. Do the sort of eyebrows reading about this is for like dieting like enough, you said yourself up for some stupid, We're not gonna following gonna have an apple and canned tuna like Christian beyond the machine. Yet does our united to be successful. So it's really guiding it's more like a lifestyle change in finding whatever financial lifestyle works
you were able to save some, instil, give yourself some things and have fun right, but the thick he here is to pay yourself. First, like you, cannot you if you're saving the first thing you do it save you? Aren't you get paid the first thing. The first check you write, the first transfer you make me nervous payment you make is to yourself, you take whatever you budgeted for savings and take it from your checking. Account putting your savings account. Yet act like I didn't exist exactly it's the search, the other aspect you want to do that the money does not exist. The senior savings here. It's not for you to play around with you well. I went a little over my credit card to raise my saves. You ve been a little over in your credit card. That means you're gonna have to pay interest on it. That much is that money and savings is not exist. And will rafter knuckles
Come around. I'm very excited right now that the idea of going into your savings to pay off a credit card, you screwed up That is true. So if you do have your budget working, you ve got your emergency fund, go in you're paying yourself every month, you're saving money, then you can thinking about investments, things like maybe a cd certificate of deposit ice lorries, waste if your young? It is it's, so it's such a paltry amount right now, but still I mean it, you do get money back. Did you tell him if you're reticent necessities a good way to it, so it cities? Basically like you get. You, loan money to a bank and its first three months of the year, ten years whatever and basically the banks is thanks for the money at the end of the term. They give you back that money and then some interest,
borrowing. So it's like they put in this article. Your money goes away and then, when it comes back, it brings more money with. It is pretty simple here: what, out there. I Josh I'm a millennium. I just got through watching girls, I'm drinking by pimps cup on myself and I say Josh and check this is great, but of a diamond these things I don't make much money, I'm an artist and grafter of fine goods. I've only got twenty dollars a week extra. There is actually a lot. You can do with twenty bucks a week now, there's not. There is especially. If you look at it
but as part of a stream of twenty bucks that you'll eventually have that you say want to investigate. What can you do between? Others is cool thing called a drip. It's a dividend, reinvestment plan. You can also look into direct stacked purchase plans, but basically you are going to a company that you believe in you say: I've twenty dollars and I want one share your twenty dollars stock right and they say: okay here you go. It's basically like a counter where you go and buy a stock from the company directly, which saves you I'm brokerage face. So what you're saying that you can just invests a little bit at a time and directly into these companies, which all adds up and before you know it. You ve got like a couple: a grand invested in this company right or were you know this is supposedly about a thousand companies in the United States,
sell stock directly. You don't have to go to an online brokerage. You don't have to go to like your bricks and mortar brokerage like that companies like we're going to charge any fees because you're giving us money for our stock were happy to sell it to you and you are just kind of bill a port folio on your own, its. It gives a good investment if you're just going to sit on something. It is your day trading with the worst idea ever. You think you could do it like that, but you, if you just wanted to build up stock, if you say I really believe in this company's future, and I want to have the stock fifty years from now. Why? Why just say it's only twenty bucks instead take their twenty bucks him by one sheriff stop here, that's one thing you could do. If you got a few hundred bucks, maybe you could consider something called an index. Fine tradition, an index the tracks there simply five hundred he's gonna return about ten percent a year. That's pretty good about money, no
I think that's like you know ten grand to do so. The only thing about an index find is, if you are buying, compared to a mutual find yeah it's in unmanaged. Fine. There are five hundred stocks that you own and a percentage of share year ended the p, five hundred companies and basically what you're doing is investing in the market itself right. So it's unmanaged which means that the fees associated with it are next to nothing right. If you have like a mutual funds that managed they dont, typically pay off as well and you're, paying a lot more in management fees and there's a really good. I think frontline episode on index funds that came out this year, yeah. It's definitely worth watching and I'll bet. You can get a free online if you have a little bit more or less say, get five hundred dollars. What that's gonna do is just open up your options. A little bit
You're gonna have a pick from different companies, some of which might require a minimum of let's say, five hundred dollars you. So it is opened your investment options but you can shop around some. You might want to open, what's called a discount brokerage account. Yes is basically like an online stock trading platforms and their very cheap, because they they dont trade in micro seconds or anything like that. It's just like this is where you buy stock for cheap, as it can pretty easy. If you ve gotta grandly around then buddy you're in the Catbird seat, if you start with a thousand dollars and invest in additional thousand each year, yarn about ten percent annually You retire that money is going to turn into over half a million dollars you and that's just a pretty standard like Irae right yeah
Yes in speaking of Irish, if you have a if you work for a company and they match they before one came acting, you want to do that because what that is your company, giving you free mine here, there's no other way to put its free money like you, whatever you contribute the match legs a hundred percent up to a certain amount that you contribute. That is literally your company, say here, some extra money for your retirement. It's what companies came up with to replace the old retirement and that they used to have in the hay days of the union's. This is what we have today. So if you're not taking revenge that you should there's another reason, the advantage of afore. I won T end MAX it out frankly, because its deducted pre tax,
yeah. It actually lowers you're, just a gross income, which means your pay less taxes. The more you contributor for I won t over the year boom. Now you should be a financial player. I am for yourself now I've been doing it on the site. There's this alley that I set up a couple of garbage cans. People dropped his glance. Fascinated by the stuff like it's very it it once you start to really like get into it and think about it and look around at ways like save its addictive. Well, I can say this: Warren Buffett didn't become Warren Buffett by being disinterested in finance tray Vienna. He probably thought it was pretty need early on and look at him now. Mrs Breyer headed, I don't know about that. That's not like my primary interest dinner. I just find a fascinating sure what else chuck it anything else. I have something else.
Clearly. This is just a thorough overview system. I started ideas like that was definitely not like a fool run down for one case in tax savings in that kind of stuff here, like gum, whatever perky Ursa, go, look into go, do little researchers, so much information on line about this stuff that it is basically a never ending supply. This, like free financial information, probably rivals Q Kitten videos in just the sheer volume of stuff on the internet, sounds good to me here, given to a people, will thank us later, so, ah, ok as a further year,
If you want to learn more ways to save money, you can type in ten easy ways to save money in the search bar has the efforts that calm and we wish you the best of luck in becoming financially freeing sticking to the main year since Essen Search bar it's time for listener me that's right! I'm gonna call this one of our better emails about her death thanks. I guess we're from a lot of people that really got a lot out of this one and it was very rewarding grass, so this is from one hey guys my mom passed away two years ago and was moved to hospice for the last two weeks of very painful time for me and I was nervous about listening to this broadcasts. In fact, I was in two minds about skipping. However, I'm glad I did not give it my mom went through each stage as you describe. This is the first time at experience. Anything like
like this nose, horrible, the watch. I thought she died in a lot of pain, struggling to breathe and having to fight every step of the way I now real She was going through the normal steps. I really I would have known this at the time. I can confirm that sound is the last thing that goes about half an hour before she died me and my sisters asked the nurse. If there was anything we could do to help her and she look like she was struggling to breathe. The nurse suggested put some of her favorite music, not only did the seem to calm her down. But after while we notice that her breathing noises started to match the rhythm of the music, but she trying to sing along, we think so. This is one of the good memories I have ever last week so glad we did. It just thought I would email to say thank you for doing the show, even after two years, still distressed me how my mom died, and now I feel
I finally understand it and it's a big weighed up my mind that she didn't feel as much pain. She looked lectures and while so that is from Philippa Greg's in Norwich England. Thank you very much for sending him in his very that's somethin, or maybe pronounced notch near nor nor Wick, sometimes see ages. Ec sound noise nurture encouragingly export supplemented. Thank you very much for us. Anyone, and thanks to all of you who wrote in about are dying pike. S really appreciate it. If you want to, let us know something, we taught you that meant a lot to. You re always like to hear that you can tweak to us it s. Why escape? I guess you can join us on Facebook that conflict we should now you can send an email, the stuff I cast a discovery, dot com- you can come hang out with the set our home on the wet stuff. You should know that
Furthermore, on this and thousands of other topics- housework, Stockholm brought you boy, Yoda, let's go places I dont, think America has ever gone back to the way that it was before the DC sniper the gun. Most likely a skilled marksman fired six times in the course of sixteen hours the police say they have never had a crime? Quite like this. It is quite a mystery and then, as the DC sniper case, unfolded that terror boldly drew. This was the most intense man Hunt in american law enforcement. History, listen to monster DC, sniper on the eye, hard radio, F, Apple podcast. Or wherever you get your packets.
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