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10 Odd Town Festivals

2009-11-19 | 🔗

The world is full of festivals, some of which are really odd. Tune in as Josh and Chuck take a playful look at ten unusual town festivals in this episode of Stuff You Should Know.

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welcome to the bar cast. I'm Josh clerk with me is always Charles. The view light is Moraine Brian. Whenever the term, what is Moraine TV set it for we recorded, because maybe it's it is light I spent it lies a feather. That's me so shy to remember. He started Uncle John confronting sunken punkin shrunken. I do remember that we ve been talking about that and I dont know exactly when this progress is coming out, but I imagine going to be right around the time that these show punkin chunk him and the road pungent chunky, Antaeus premiers on this
its channel, which is the day that was formerly known as Thanksgiving chirped until the science shale took it over with pongee chunk of right now is punkin shrunken day right. Indeed, do you have a clue what pumpkin drunkenness my do? Well, let's talk about it. Well, let's talk about a lot of unusual town fast Josh heads fires make is. I got a whole list of write letters, TAT Podcast, where you don't hear words like hypothalamus, an hypothalamus and hippopotamus? Ok, let's do a fun one, ok or Clovis Police of Clovis police. I got no clothes argument with the guy the other day. By the way, did you really did you decimate him? Yes order and he was gonna corner, but I thought people came over from the bearing land bridge and those like they did, but not before Homeboy came up from South America exactly idiot. Did you thump his ear with your forefinger? I did get
so punkin. Shonkin Josh takes place in Sussex, County Delaware in right. Am I right we're? Ok? Why are you looking? Well, I don't know you look at me. Look at it wrong, died zone offers again believe it's a bit. For Saint Jutes Children's, a researcher possible yeah. I didn't know it before, and I was glad to find that out. Cheer me too, and I ve been doing since nineteen eighty six year and they ve got pretty pretty serious about this, actually yeah So in our staggered at how far these things go well, actually the world record- for a chunk. Punkin yeah is like a If each eye of a mile, four thousand four hundred and eighty three feet it dry, imagining a pumpkin going that far will you wouldn T go out. Do you feel the vision, halfway there. I don't think you can see a pumpkin or a pumpkin go a mile off you're the middle deserters honey products. Maybe then there's some pretty ploughed fields round there.
Yeah- depends on a bigger punkin is right now or what you're using in theirs. Actually, I think, seven different categories or seven different contests in three different categories: there's centrifuges which spinner Amro fastened and really some ok. There is the catapult sure, try Andrew and then there's the air cannons and the air came, as are the ones that are by shows up, for others are ones that, when you want to shoot a pumpkin, a mile username in fact, have you seen these things you're under the DMCA I watch was critical, yet there there were some that are what would that be called vehicle based? Ok, so you drive these things up and they look like howitzers right and they will shoot a pumpkin a mile it.
Call because you think, like ok, while in others they're going to shoot a pumpkin out of an air cannon and it's going to get a mile and then we'll I'll break for twenty minutes and go get a drink while the next carloads up now this year at Wheatley Farm, they shot two thousand pumpkins yeah. So there's nonstop action. I would imagine, get its critical and others orchids other stuff. They do their like pie, making contests, of course in music, but most of these vessels it we can talk about, have music and in full. Ingestion as part of it. Yes, because what's a festival that music and food ingestion was, I don't know, he's not a festival, we no, that we should spoil who one because we ve got the wrong guy. The results were here yesterday: repression, so its sister not talk about that any more. What was it they flung on did used to watch northern exposure what'd they fling in that show Pooh. Now they flunks our piano yeah. They use, like it
add a polar something right. Yes, I'm like that. I was awesome. I forgot all about that so that when we are almost as good as one we're Chris grabbed all the way up in town area strung up downtown, if there is little doubt knows, awesome, he's a great character who know happen a guy. He was in a really really could have gone over. With the, but he didn't get so that's punkin checking to tell their in early November every year I condemn in Delaware, right, let's go elsewhere Chuck. Where would you like to go because we got a point, I know that you're gonna stop before going straight to need. In Colorado, but why not talk about the frozen dead guy days? Festival does is so weird so is an actual festival in March in Colorado, authority called right star. In nineteen. Ninety Forza right out two thousand too, is when the festival started right, but its roots go back to nineteen any for a while. It goes back to tonight and eighty nine, when Grandpa braid owe more stole right, died. Sure and
Grandpa radio was a member of the family. That was very much proponents of cryogenics, so they ship Grandpa off to California, where he was in tomb, cried genetically for four years right and he I guess Galileo homesick his family girl or more confident that they could maintain him right, and so they ship them back in ninety. Ninety four, he's been in a tough shed to? U S brain shed since ninety ninety, four, yes and now they have built the frozen dead guy days, festival around him and his frozen body. It's been described as the pretty girl, I frozen body what goes on there Josh besides. Clearly some drinking is probably happening. There is a grand pause blue ball, which is the dance right that they have a re. Every
every every year, the killing, and if you won't be right, they have and take her shows yet they have coffin raises. That's gonna find which I take to be like. Toboggan races out is out there, only is frozen. There's like the snow is Colorado in early March, you're sure just throw some blades on a coffin and go at it Then they have some mom. I guess non death events to like salmon tossing all of your salmon. It's a death events, packets and frozen beach. Volleyball to you, I'd like to see that its decision in all round odd thing yet and they also do a polar plans, which is your brave enough to jump in the though the lake there, I'm not you don't do that now. Have you I've done that before I did they I'm a a frozen lake jump. When I was really high school, that's insane yeah! It was in one of those deals, rage of any can't breathe and you run back out and warm up until your friends,
Ex thirty here or I'm never gonna be ones polar bear guys. I don't know. That's I just I don't get that ok, so Chuck where to next. Let's go to Montana other Montana. One of my best friends, Red Smith, lives Montana. Our high Smith read what radish short for Radford: ok, hey Redford Smith, I think he listens to ok, Iraq, rattles the Oji, whose my best friend when I was like fifteen core and we're back in touch again, which is nice. That's on Facebook but then we immediately when we found each other like lesters email like normal Soria emailing over facebooks, we're gonna. Do that so check we're in Montana and were at the Rock Creek Lodging Clinton Montana and think that's how you Parnassus Clinton. I think it's just Clinton. Ok, you, the king in Kyoto, Financing President Clinton and die every year in September
hold the testicle festival, yeah Rocky mountain oysters is most people might know this by our board Montana tendered growing yeah like that. This is one of the prettiest festivals I've ever heard of in my life. It is critical that problem. Every year on everyone knows it Rocky Mountain oyster, is a nice way of saying that you eat bulls, testicles right and it's real. It's really a menu in a lotta, restaurants apparently came off the trail of the cattle trails, where I guess cookie would take a recently castrated bulls, testicles and toss them in a fire, and I guess there really easy to cook because they just pop open when they're ready well yeah, I just got a chill. I have
a confession to make: let's leave him, I have not spoken at you really want to. I am definitely go into the space yacht. Well, I, this plus montanans awesome yeah elicit a great time. What can you do their Josh and now you can have on their music? Of course, there is here a hairy chest contest Cuba, which is I'm not sure what that has to do with bulls testicles Yes, they put her any dresser magazine, sense, a wet t, shirt contest, which is always find it a bull, Tesco contest and a blue a bull chip throwing. So I guess, like a cow pie, sometimes can flat mountain harden like a frisbee. Should I guess it's the same thing? We can only hope, sir. It's it's a big one. There's ten thousand people, the Eet, about four thousand pounds. A bull testing yeah I'll, be one of them next September. It's great and it's not the only one that would set the only Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival, Iowa
there's another one in Texas right. It is yeah Throckmorton protecting Clint Rock more time in Texas. They did this. The same thing there, They also the one in talk. More naturally has a if you dont like bulls testicles. So if you like ninety nine percent of the population under either. There is a tastes like chicken cook off competition, where you can cook anywhere thing you want. You have that if you're not into bolster skills, you probably know you're, not gonna, be in Throckmorton and may now you're, not gonna, be eating out of the tastes like chicken mine, either right because again creating chicken Dona, although that would be delightfully ironic. If somebody a chicken for the tastes like chicken convict, is it tastes like chicken? Yes because it brings out. So that's the technical festival in the World Championship Rocky Mountain oyster. First of all, I want to go overseas now to Spain. Digital aspire. Ok, because this one is
then that we podcast and recently the near death experience the area. There is actually a near the festival of near death. Experience yes, which is co, racy chuck this one is held yesterday Santa marked a debtor about it meant day nice, one chuck, which also translates to as Czech said, actually doesn't translate to it, but you can call it the festival of near death experiences. The way Chuck said it would be the Festival of Saint Martha of Rebar. Tell me, actually, I think it pronounce it wrong, but you gotta right yet reporting so us in July July, twenty nineth, their failure in Saint Marthas. Actually the saint of death yeah right yet in this festival, is actually for people specifically who have had near that experience. This one is um, I'm glad we talked about the frozen dead guy days
not like that, although the people who are, I guess, the celebrates or the centre of this festival, the people who had near death experience are carried into the main church in the town. Ah, what is it last nieves yeah and in coffins yet occurred in coffins to a service, a church service from when I gather where they get up, and they tell their stories to everyone. Which apparently also some very much like. There's that light at the end of the tunnel, all that stuff, that we talked about in the new ethics for his right asked. But I guess if you want to go meet a bunch of people who died and come back here. This is this is your chance, I think if I went to as a impostor, which I'm not idiot, I would be one of the whatever small percentage of the people were that had the hellfire experience, just a spice things up
That's a good idea, animals very some alors, one percent. According to that, eighty two Gallup Poll yet runs like a white light white light. Now it may I say I saw fire you get up there, you don't want to die drought, doomed and get me out of this conference. So that is the way to call saving. The Fiesta they Santa Monica day about Damer nice. Thank you resent italian spanish exit debts, close thirty. You wanna go next June, where we can't not talk about wife carrying. This is a lot like the health care podcast, the last one. We went all over the world in a balloon, but this is far less informative and educational nature. Yet, let's talk about wife carries that would put us is squarely in Finland, specifically Sancho Yard. Finland
have letters that don't even look like letters: they lose their thirty, they exist and it is exactly as it sounds. There's no weird play on words here. It is act there are cases where a man picks up his wife and carries her in Whatever way you choose, whatever you think is the best way to get across the finish line, the quickest and that the one that's held in Finland, the world championships, but these popped up elsewhere, including in the United States, yet but the one in Finland a thousand people it in this. I know it's like the like: people who win in the United States or Hong Kong or Australia go to Finland up to compete for the Champs championship, I'm so you would think the Finnish you're the best it this is actually a couple did when the two thousand nine- but I want to point out
They were not married really, as far as I know, they were married. The two thousand nine winners were about a butcher. This tie stow Mick see any gave. So sorry, taster and Christina happening she's one happening girl, so note different last names in it said: there's these two different cities embassy? There aren't many rules to this threat, but there a couple in one is that she must be over seventeen right over.
Hundred and eight pounds run, meaning that she qualifies and wait wait class and she doesn't way that much. They actually tie things to her to make her way that much tv rights comes in at a hundred pounds. Open eight pound wait around her waist Jellia said averse silverware around or something, and it must talk about the methods. Actually, as I was saying that you would think the Finnish are the best. The Estonians are so good that they have their own method of carrying now the estonian method and I've seen pictures years in particular, as it looks like the clearly the way to go, because you can do to piggy back, but everyone as a sun waiting now because the centre of gravity is lower, the weight is, is towards the you're back sure the carriers back and they certainly method, is applied out like that right. Well, yeah. It's. Your wife would put her legs around your head upside down, so her face
is kind around where your lower back is and then shall write, her arms around your way slight, so that the bulk of her wait like the trunk and on the bottom up on your shoulder its like a human backpack very much so yes, and that clearly a way to go because I believe wasn't at the method used when they broke the world record. I believe so so Estonian is definitely the style. You should die if you're in intent on winning and you shouldn't and on winning, because this would actually has a nice little price attached it. Does you get your wife's weight in beer? I love it I love it too. I would love to drink there much fear, and I imagine if she weighs lessen the hundred eight pounds. They don't give you the weight of the silverware that she had around her waist. She would eighty pounding regularly eighty pounds a year. I guess so but if I were in Finland I would be for my wife to a cool like to twenty and see if I can win and get two hundred twenty than to be here. I'd ask if I could trade
you're infer an equal amount of vodka. Instead, they might do that. Maybe it's a lot about chuck. We exiting Finland now goodbye, Finland, let's go back to Spain. We probably should stay Spain, while we were there. I knew that we reckon up frequent flyer points here, Sir, we're going to a Latona Tina in Boneyard, Spain. Yet this is a core province of Valencia, Acre You probably know it is the largest tomato fight in the world right and that's what it is that's exactly what it is it began in writing. Five and not everyone's entirely certain, why you others different theories. It like these. Two friends gotten a fight and ethically to the food fight. Then everyone around them said this is gonna, find let's food fight with him and then that yes, related to the next town over, but that didn't unlikely to me is in a fairly brothers comedy right, exactly but, however, and whatever its origin, it it's been going on every year, as far as I know, and for
an hour on the last Wednesday of August everybody grabs as many tomatoes as they can. Apparently a hundred and forty tonnes or trucked in these in every way. This started whipping tomatoes. I want to do this. One man, oh yeah, with terror. Knows you like that up? We hit me before that. Go you and have a tomato. My way I would not, or you would bring in your own rotten tomatoes. I would not hear you wouldn't I would that's me. I was thinking that would do that sounds like a lot of fun. We got a minute's abuse.
Tomato fight, the less an hour. So there is a lot o Martina which takes place when check the last Wednesday of August right yeah and it's pretty dang popular twenty thousand strong. It's a lotta tomatoes through took our last stop. You could call a whistle stop. Yes, if you were a jerk you liked to make stupid jokes, you would call it a whistle, stop Windsor it's what is it the good undig? Well, California, yeah Laguna, Gallatin, Southern California, where not all of us have lived California, Earl of thy so shock ever since nineteen eighty once a year, and I think it's in July, right yeah, I'm surprised! I haven't heard of this once a year, people wine up along the railroad tracks along the side, not actually on the railroad tracks. There would be hands across Amerika
and they moon passing interest rates. Yes, and for those of you who don't know mooning, is that as a practice of pulling down your pants and showing somebody your but your bottom, it is it old tradition? I wonder where moaning started. I have no idea who nets, but at one point or another if you're a grown up in high school, you probably Somebody at some point pressed him. Here. My mooning story had nothing kids at one where the others here, Sir, in six, great I was crossing garden, is most sixth graders were and I was at one post board. Ok, The other is my flask was dry At the other, end of the block were a couple of girls, both of whom I was friends with and light, and I was like,
Joe Alan and they looked over in a moon them, a fact- and I said screaming and pointing in telling everyone who would listen, that I just moon them and I'm like now, shut up, shut up and running as private. Why, Sir shorter end up in the principal's office. Band. I lose my right to go to see. Your point is the sixth grade class trip that you are you kidding me, then I get kicked off the crossing guide, which is actually my point is. I was tired of being a crossing out. You know what that's it, that's a crappy punishment these principles is chirk yesterday, just kick you off the cross our, but do not. Let you gotta cedar, point now agree that it seemed a little much. This is the same principle, though, who is about the paddle rewards and, as she gave the pale those like, I think you might want to call my parents first, a real again, yeah, like what I called my parents. My was like you do not hit my child
the paddle? Yes, your little, you know it's like. I'm in dulled capital punishment was kind of on his way out when you are coming around death. She had the paddles yeah. Well, my dad was my principal. As you know, I know I'll bet he p the relentless he patted me one time in school ass principal? Well, I guess it come ahead do they're. Just so you know say I'm not above doing in that raising anything about now that the principal actually hitting your child with wood yeah. It's like something from the eighteenth. Yet leave and headlong manufacture. Pelles is like the air children. So that there is less dry, that's what this is all taped up. Do. What is wrong with the their generate around not sit as we about a put a huge strain on our health care system. Thanks a lot for that so back to mooning every year since nineteen eighty they do that for some reason and the police have good humour, but they let it go as long as you don't take it too far and you dont, like expose other body parts,
They say you can moon the trains and they moon every train that goes by the right. Yes, yes, As far as I know, in the cops are there to make sure its peaceful will ensue, in a no to make your people don't show their generals well amateurs peaceful into, in two thousand eight that the party get broken up, because apparently people were like, let's not enough to bear my bottom others get naked and ass I have done girl. California, down to nothing, but my tv is here. One was at two thousand eight day said enough enough yet, and I, like their website, there's a series of questions like you know what what What do you know when? Where why that kind of thing there's those ones as who's in charge, and the answer is no one
right, no one organizers responsible for this annual of it. You to show up and put your pants down right up MECCA yet so, if you happen to be there in Laguna girl not to be confused with Laguna Negro Sister City elsewhere, on July tenth, twenty ten aegis ask where the M track. Mooning parties- yes so, but this is a given so you, like it, we're all just a little smarter I've got some places. I wanna go yeah me too Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival. Do you wanna get out We often Laguna girl and I'll be moving trains. So there is unusual town. Vessels nicely to type in festivals. In these search bar has two weeks that com it will bring up all manner of stuff. Yes and pretty stuff on there and wearing Rynch dissipating a million emails about your towns vest. Yes, we are,
without you to save me, the ending so check. Let's get just right, you Josh gonna, call this Sir Boarding school email and it made me laugh gone wrong now gone right This is from a Natalie in Massachusetts, and sometimes you just give his emails. Its users can accuse me to think guys, I'm a boarding, high school student Massachusetts sent an email if you, back about listening to pack has again- and now I listen during silent study at my school. I have silent study. Where does away Natalie Imprint on the azure from us thirty nine thirty, and to make things interesting. I was in your pocket and is the highlight of my day, currently listen to hike ass came out today. I feel so much cooler than my roommate who, listening to the pussycat dolls, oh yeah, so actively we
definitely cooler than the pussycat knows. I assure you, you guys are way cooler than them sets up a really enjoy your as on science, history, amusing, but the economy and politics are not my fave something you seem to enjoy Josh. Why do you want to chew on babies? Sorry, for the direction there. He clearly doesn't really want to turn the insistence that now my dear now I supply my english teacher with extra credit questions with things I learn from the past, and I got the chance to teach a glass and problem about empty Ultra Possum Regan, Could you give me a shot out on the part here, so I can show the girls and my dorm how Some I am. This is the shadow Natalie. That would be the highlight of my life, scattered depressing. In the time I saw a ghost it's funny stuff and young and atomic history similar point, but I did he say
can activity a few weeks ago. Is a ghost honoured one covered a ghost in history wing suggestion ghost hunters she says the overnight get if you go soon, as will the ghosts thirty two and then she swallowed up by saying that this funding is the skills adorable. I do not know how they train of thought when thank you for reading my rambling, you have one twinkie points Natalie for massive Nice Natalie Natalie clearly has a firm grasp on stream of consciousness. She does well if you have a firm grasp on your stream of consciousness or you ve ever seen the film drugstore you can send a an email to stuff podcast at has the floor that calls for more on this and thousands of other topics, how software com, what more house words check out. Our blogs on the house works not come home
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