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Are there undiscovered people?

2010-01-28 | 🔗

In this episode, Josh and Chuck discuss whether there are any truly "undiscovered" groups of people left on the planet, the definition of undiscovered -- and why groups might want to avoid modern civilization.

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hey, look into the podcast Josh Clark with me, as always, is Charles Debbie Bright. I'm always here for you Joshua, as always. Yes, Huska contractually obligated to so check you do not. Yet you are you think it's Thursday Friday, better the little grey out for my taste here sprinkling by the way I thought I'd point rain is sprinkling. Frankly so arm shock. Do you remember we go back year, so the May two thousand eight how many years ever Ghostbusters ceiling was eighty four eighty, very early for and yes, we do know that there is a twenty four you're, a sequel coming by the way. Yes, ghostbusters, three that's gonna, be awesome. The entire regional cas. I believe, except for security. We were which that's a yak especially,
right through was there were twenty four years after Ghostbusters Right may two thousand and eight and on the new cycle I had this kind of strange occurrence where a bunch of undiscovered human beings were splashed across the front pages of newspapers everywhere near sort of so there's a photo. Their several photos of this people living in primitive hearts are actually primitive. Long houses is what it looks like and they are the it's. An aerial photo taken from a low flying helicopter and they are pissed yet they're like aiming their bows and arrows at the at the camera lighting the pictures, critical yeah. It's often electronic right, and does the yeah like this? This whole thing made the made the new cycle in in shock. I imagine I take from what you said before we serve recording that you have attended disdain for the missing journalism that was applied
the seer well, first of all, should we go ahead? Refute it? Why not because they were not in fact underscore undiscovered people now. There is actually a huge huge distinction between undiscovered people. Write and uncontacted are isolated right right, but you would not know that by reading the independent from London which I'm discipline because I like that paper. No, I'm sorry. I couldn't care less about the independence, the guardian, you like the Guardia, not the daily mail, the independent right Here's here's! How the article opens up beneath the picture of the now clearly savage, Lloyd, countersign everything with the arrow pointing at the helicopter? Three near naked figures are visible in the forest clearing the moment, their bodies daubed with a red die and they are aiming their bows
the sky. A third figure appears to be a woman, her body blackened and only her pale hands and face betraying her natural color. This remarkable photograph is the first proof of existence of one of the world's last uncontacted tribes so they do say uncontacted, that's good, but not everybody did that's your it's a little overblown. There was a fine dramatic reading. There chuck, I think, the facing that would have happened if he would have shot that arrow and it would have somehow disrupt. The propeller of the topic- and it would have you know, landed safely on the beach for them to be eaten I've been a nice and there are tons of rumours of cannibalism about undiscovered cheerful in this business. The case there is a guy named Carlos does raise Marilla S. My Spanish is a little rusty, but I think that about right and he is indian expert made air quotes and these photos were taken in Brazil.
This guy led the the search this tribe right, and down as the as I guess. He kind of watched with horror, hopefully as they described as undiscovered and no one had ever found them for his he came out was like we wait. Now I've been following these people for the last twenty years. Right, though, not undiscovered, see I thought you that was part of the play for him. That was he taken aback by that you think I thought. Maybe that's how he got the funding to get the research team by never could go either way we'll find out. Well, let's talk about, it isn't even possible to be undiscovered. Well, that's what this point This is about body, and you know what kind of impossible. These days we have things they gps, we're things guy heat sensors that can be attached to airplane, sir, which embody he sensors NEA
There is almost complete and total encroachment, unharnessed meant of any square parcel land on the planet. Yeah most everywhere must, but I guess primitive state. These is the unconscious acted people here. I solution a basically they first, they call them undiscovered than they say yeah and remain in a I guess: primitive state. This is a uncontacted people. Isolation that, basically they first they call them undiscovered than they say uncontacted and then they finally settle on isolated, but which means more than anything, they don't want any part of us yet in Ireland? We don't want a part of them because we're always interested. We are usually with them. I was. Murderous result xray, yet these p learn the hard way in some of these uncontacted tribes. Also, we should say: don't even we have no What they call themselves right so there
others, a group actually call survival international and they are dedicated to preserving indigenous ways of wives. Gala describes valleys for uncontacted tribes is rejected. Modernization right indeed, because ass the thing think about it. When his undiscovered or their uncontacted, let you can have pointed out. We just tender, like our they don't know about civilization, right or you know these poor fool. They don't know about. You, know television running out, have thought of safe, clearly be better off if we gave in tv or may Christians or or did whatever made them slaves yeah, which we have a fine, fine tradition of doing and down in this who's. This kid who wrote this Patrick Canker, yet never I have neither where he's pretty get net, he does say they go back to Columbus. Because well, back. For that sure, the Portuguese in particular loved to enslave Africans. Yet
and actually african tribes used to enslave one another. They had a completely different methods. System of slavery. Slaves were treated much better among african tribes, especially west african tribes, where they would eat at the same table. Is that people their own them? where's the Romans you slaves, yet the Jews spent a good portion of their history as slaves of the egyptian Sir Simon, we come upon new people or subjugate them we have. Three of enslaving- unlike here we tend to conquer, like Chris Columbus met the very friendly era- whack people and and saying what we can learn from them. He thought they would make really good servants go hard working here and there speak English. Ogres writing they were, they were also looked upon. The savages are less than human, which definitely added the subjugation of their no blood right. You why? Why? Because back
before everything was discovered, there was still a lot of undiscovered land and they were making maps. The map makers would often chart the undiscovered lands, is being filled with you now mutants beings and scary beasts for something like here. There be monsters, be as we haven't gotten around a mapping this area, yet just assume that there is some sort of water serpent. That's going to eat your book. He, I guess I don't know why they tended to strike fear into people until where's instead of saying there might be very friendly people, maybe caution, fear the unknown, thinks I'm sure, but Josh these days, really every corner of the earth has been explored, except for obviously parts of Antarctica and Emma, which had never heard of ours, and they said that seventy percent of this territory in northern Brazil was still unexplored forced right, so it's possible. There are undiscovered people out, there may be right,
there are undiscovered people out there. They are in vague trouble, because if the uncontacted or isolated people are any indication in their plight, then yeah any undiscovered people are really can a Scrooge. Yes, hello friends, I want to tell you about love book, the very easy way to personalize a book to someone. You love in three easy steps. Love books, helps customers express the sentiments that may be difficult to say out loud for some of us looking in anyone's particular direction, users can create characters that look just like themselves and the recipient right down to the office and accessories customers have the option to personalize each page as much as they like, but the express option creates a complete book with just a few clicks. Lubbock now offers a membership programme as well. You receive a free book when you sign up fifty percent off any edition.
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people are a population, then still can, The news today, as recently as the eighties churned the night in Brazil, fighting about the microbes or eating them outright. Violence, violence specifically against the occurrences Yes, Josh, the accounts. You seem like a friendly. Try that reform and hunted remote, Brazil for thousands of years until it discovered and it was discovered that their land could be used soy cultivation in cattle right So ass, a arguing, actually right, so the the company's put in logging roads and in into these dessert virgins. Toy, worthy acount live and they actually came upon him and it's part of Brazil's constitution there the moment you meet and uncontacted tribes person or an undiscovered person. Yet all work stops
when they did meet the accruing to her eyes and sent them in and actually masker them with guns. These people use bows and arrows, and these guys came in with machine guns and killed all that seven of them eyes and sent them in and actually massacre them with guns. These people use bows and arrows, and these guys with machine guns and killed all that seven of them higher try here than they fled. Sadly, they in the end to just last year, a newspaper reported that there are only five living a currency in the world and that was ninety. Ninety NOS fourteen- ninety two three hundred idee, very shameful yeah, but they are not Josh, the most isolated tribe according to survival international another right now that would be sentinel ease achiever these guys
and I saw the video you sent me there's a clip you yet. I think we're just searching the sentinel ease and every month there was a couple eclipse. I think. Naturally I went down there in and they did the same thing. They came out of the jungle onto the beach and What's it look like in the video is their interpretation? Was there were making friendly gestures, I did see another one where they had the bow and arrow out, and I was laughing over us watch early your pardon me expected like hippy Rob to come as their leader he's like the God, is like a Brando in Apocalypse now exactly and these sentinel needs just where they they are believed to be descended from the very first humans in Africa and technically realler. But these people are directly shirt, is descended from the first group that migrated out about sixty thousand years ago right. Yet they live on the Andaman Islands and the Indian Ocean, and did you notice how clear
that water was and how white those speeches were. I wouldn't leave either did is gorgeous needs tv and Xbox when you ve got that year. So these people will come out of the jungle He took cocoanuts into the water at the beach, that's what they were doing. I was it that this is true of people were seen their throwing coconuts into the water and the Sentinel he's came out and we're like thanks for the cocoanut, for they pray. It's raining cocoanuts from the giant monster, but they are actually not primitive stone age, folks from what they say: survival nationals They actually do make tools and weapons from recovered metal from shipwrecks right They are actually not threaten their very isolated and relatively uncontacted right, but they're. Not and they live on an island that no one really has any interest in right rear exactly as we saw with the currency, though, if there
is money to be made after the indigenous land near you're you're in trouble soy oil, cattle survival international nicely named all those oil farming, cattle and logging. As the the dominant threat to contact the tribes. So said: there's a supposedly estimated hundred uncontacted tribes in the world. The house can surprised this awhile and its said that these people are for sixty thousand years doing their thing do in their thing. Long before Us- and we just come and say hey, this is making great soy farm so I'm going to massacre you yeah. They heard him say those about the bail out there like Frank words today and not for us now so there's five regions that are under the greatest threat right now and there in Brazil, Paraguay and Peru? and actually there's tons of evidence that groups dedicated like survival international right arm and
other Ngos and then there's actually government ministries set up in Brazil and printed in Peru, and I think Paraguay that are in charge of keeping track of these uncontacted tribes, which is really I've got to do her in a lot of times. These uncontacted tribes are slivers offshoots of other tribes right that have had I am disturbed by logging ore mining he'll companies and they would join up with another tribe and noted just take off into the forest and certainly draw no one would now how many there were that rising, but yeah they they would be living primitively they're, getting push further, her out my or being massacred or they're, coming into contact, with disease right yeah. That's a song about the microbes. Violence is obviously a big threat, but they say that a bigger threat are,
people that these tribes lack communities to these awful diseases that the twentieth century man has right. Twenty per cent remains gives me it's the future, not only the first step in the there is actually that favoured book of my fourteen ninety one, a Chelsea man talking about others, an estimated two hundred million people living on in the Americas in fourteen ninety one, and then I think ninety percent were wiped out by smallpox. Thank you like, within a few decades and just This happened way back then now he said in the eightys, the christian missionaries made contact with the Zoe tribe in Brazil and in pretty short form. Forty five members, DR died from the flu, malaria and respiratory diseases just like that more recently in ninety ninety six half of the year. Maroon, hurrah learning
Marina, who I tried, I think in Brazil they were kind by illegal loggers ran. Half of the tribe was wiped out from respiratory illnesses. I think awful. So it's not like to bring up one of our favorite movies it's not like bringing orange unsuited to the war pony, will govern the volcano. Oh yeah, it's not like that real life. I thought you Talkin were on. The gas must be crazy now, another goodwill, but it's not like that Javert Ok, now it's not all happy go lucky. They usually make contact with them and even in the case of the christian missionary trying to do good, I guess, and killing a lot of them in the brazilian government stepped in actually kick them out the religious group and said now you gotta get out of here: yeah! and apparently even when the thing is when contact is made as safely as possible and there's a medical contingency plan in place, the its expected that a lot of the tribes who pool die right. But if this is
if they're made through illegal loggers or christian missionary goods know what they're doing then? A lot of people die, if not the entire group right that tried to recover, though we should note, which is good news get out of here christian missionary, so we can live peacefully and hopefully, support for stuff. You should and the following message comes from Eu Trade in sing. Your money should require moving mountains, no matter how much or how little experience you have. A trade makes investing simpler and for a limited, time get one hundred dollars when you open a new account with just five thousand dollars it's all about helping your money work hard for you from information visit, e trade, dot com, slash, learn more. He trade Securities LLC member S. See. So Chuck is a good, even contact these people.
Well, it can be good and bad because, obviously, if you make contact them, you know a little bit about their way of life. You can protect them, but it's also like this newspaper article. It also opens them up to being invaded or watched, or in this case with what was the year, the tourism trap tell that, awful savage tourism, yeah the guy who was responsible for leading the expedition that produce those photographs that made the paper in two thousand eight. I was apparently approach by travel agents who wanted him to set up a savage tourism trip. Awful, which came to see a bunch of lay a fat white Germans in american law and attach to rain. Now your whole tribes, like that, and now it's get back on the cruise ship and look at thy sculpture, like the Brazil.
As it has. It mentions uncontacted undiscovered people in its constitution in large part, because that seventy percent of unexploded of forest in that just that one territory they have a real. You don't have that America, like we don T, worry about how to treat undiscovered tribes. We figured out how to treat the ones were familiar with barely enough. I, but so Brazil only recognises that like hey, this is your land right in my legally own it your and uncontacted or isolated tribe. Nobody can touch it, but then has a really terrible history of following through on stopping people from going in logging in oil peruse histories even worse, they have some uncontacted tribes and threatened uncontacted tribes. My and approves president is like
ensure they exist and by the way, the french oil company that working in this area, where they supposedly exist. I've now just decreed that their work is a national says So when you and your own uncontacted tribes in you're, putting heads with an oil company, you're gonna lose yeah I'll, say so, but I will say in Paraguay: hats off the parrot because they actually the environmental nice check. This took his head on the environmental ministry, revoke the licence of arranging concern. That was just decimating and I'm I don't mean in the literal, like removing ten percent term right, I mean, like decimating argued latin speakers out there, the arm the this land that technically belongs to the indigenous uncontacted tribes. Their sense of the word amount alleged whether permits they took away. The payments, which is pretty much tantamount to boot,
awesome it's just so sad that when there is such a modern, his point of view too. These undiscovered or anger, uncontacted peoples and think that their savages and that their way of life is is savage and primitive issues. They were here First, why me we were earlier. We were all here. First we're on. At the same time, but it is a complete lack recognition of other people's choices and respect for other other cultures and ways of life and physical fly around here. There's no grand theft auto in the jungle, there's no auto fuel to learn more about people governor, otherwise you try typing in people in the Anti search bar house the words that come it brings up a hidden sub tunnel. Really, yes,
and I guess, since I said hidden sub channel. That means it's time for what Chuck listener male. Yes, yes, it is, and before we do, that, we want to send a thank you to Dan, the pottery Dan they made. Then made he has a little love at sea, where Dan made not eat s wider com and he makes pottery any cynicism, really awesome. Coffee mugs. Yes, then made miracle mugs, and actually my my work magnets worries, I noticed, will detail you gotta Octopus, on your with pipe out there at the time open a pipe. I can tell as some little do it. But it's just got cool details, get swirls in the bottom yen intention, then some parts of it are glazed and Others Rawlins family then made knows what he's doing so, thanks dad You know what you want to bring up. People had been sending a subtle gifts and is just really nice come into play.
Have someone was rename it sinister twinkies, homemade twinkie, the kitchen I remember her name is like Cairo highlight. I believe, ok She should ride him because I told her that I would mention her. The website do ok, yeah yeah twinkie the kid teachers because remember we talked about how badly we wanted something. So with that all right. This organ donation details from someone who knows Hi Josh and shutters and I'm anesthesiologist specializes in organ transplantation, specifically livers and kidneys. Fact we performed a liver transplant. Just last and I'm home resting after what is always an exhausting procedure He thought we might want a few more details about organ donation, so he says that they do not to meet the donor and the recipient until after here of time usually a year, and only both agree to me. But we are,
people that road answer they met like weeks later, that might varied by hospital or state a measure or maybe there's just an agreement. You go into but he says they can trade letters and get very basic. In a five or information about each other, but in August, get by the organ procurement organization, is because of this it does not live or the organ fails. A recipient or donor want blamed the donor or in their families. Also, if the organ They don't want. The parties involved feeling unduly indebted to the donor. After all is supposed to be a free gift with no strings attached after they have I had time to adjust to the new lies, an agreed and prepared to meet. They could meet. That being said, people can still find each other if they are looking in turn to the same websites specifically designed to link donor. Recipient, although it astronomy is heard. So maybe that was a deal vegetation, surreptitiously
such somebody came up with the website. You make money out of the people who want to meet the people who don't needed a kidney too great world we live in, such a listeners would want to know this, and I hope and encourages, would be donors that they dont have to meet the recipient. They think it would be too difficult regards pod time, his didn't say that it's like you, you diver easily appear over and during a liver, yes, yes, yes here. If you want to know why Nana Steely sociologist would need to specialise in liver transplantation, ask yourself if you would like to wake up during the procedure where patients don't tolerate, anesthetics, very well if you would like your new ever to have something wins raises very mysterious time. I just ask Myself- and I have no answer pattern you. So if you bring peace,
to the brink of death, and you want to tell us about it or if you make money, offer genuine human kindness. If we want to hear your applause, sure you can read it in an email and send it to stuff podcast how stuff works, come more on this and thousands of other topics as a house of works out com, What more house have words check out our blot on the house of works now come homepage brought you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready. Are you text. They will be here before you know it everybody but relax, because each in our blue is your one: stop tack shop, their tax pressure experts, certified and train and eighteen are black, has up front transparent pricing, which means you know the price before you begin
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