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Barefoot Running: The Best Podcast Episode in History

2020-01-23 | 🔗

What is barefoot running? I think you know. But we'll detail all of the ins and outs. Listen and learn!

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Hey everybody. Office depot has supplies and services for businesses of any size and the ready to help your business, no matter how big or small, with knowledgeable associates in over thirteen hundred stores or online at office depot dot com office deeper. They have exactly the supplies for your office needs from ink and paper to cleaning and break room supplies. You're gonna love of his depot in twenty twenty welcomed. Stuffy should now production of high radios hast outward looking into the pot cast. I'm Josh Clark NEWS, Charles of each a brain over there and Jerry over there and stuff. You should know, about barefoot, running colon, don't do it
colon says, Chuck Colon Josh says: do it. If you want, I was just cuz. It's running has nothing to do with being barefoot. Our culture, man, I'm not a fan of running. I love it. Of walking. But I don't think I don't know. Maybe I just tried to walk faster. Oh, I walked exercise, walk super I'm kidding by the way walking fast in running are not the same thing. None and no man is just a lot aware on your body. I don't think humans, Unlike this well in check, you would be running a foul of an entire sub group of people who That not only humans should be running. For me that were actually designed run long distances, yeah think the idea was, that we evolve, and this sounds crazy to me. We evolved to run long distances, so we could eventually
just outrun animals who get tired before we did yeah. That's crazy, yes, I was gonna run after this Anna bore until it gets tired sure sure that makes it do you think I'm a sure, and if that's true he well that's the thing it's like. They could also mean, spears and bows and arrows which they did, which probably means they didn't like running after animals ripe if you spirit and animal it doesn't mean, is gonna drop dead where you speared it you might have to chase after a while, when you do the fast walk to hatch, unlike took, took, doing like the sport walking over the tundra kinder and became a nice he'll be ok, so we should probably everybody? What the heck we're talking about in general to my running about shoes, yeah or what those minimal their different versions of how minimal, though she's get yeah. So this this the whole thing like started this idea
like hey man, you know those running shoes, you got Chuck em off into start running barefoot and you'll, be glad that you did that all started around two thousand ninety thousand ten year, and it is definitely hit its high water mark. A guy lot of pressure was a huge trend and running, and then it seems to have crested in waned and now it's back, but the running world is changed forever because of it. But from what I understand, there is not like a lot of people were barefoot running these days. I don't know I mean I don't think it's has swept the nation. It did for a minute, but there are definitely people who did here to the philosophy of your body will adjust Because we were meant to, we ran barefoot fer. You know eighty millionaires right. Well, that's one of the implications of that is that some people suspect
not only are you supposed to run barefoot that running with shoes in including very expensive highly designed running shoes. What are actually going to increase your your chances of Jerry or that wear and tear a new joint you're, better off running barefoot, which runs totally counter to until you stop and think they say, hey man. How long have we been running in running shoes right issues of any kind? I think that all the issues that have been found were actually found in Oregon they're, like ten thousand four hundred years old, they called forth rock sandals. They were called Pre Fontaine's right. Should we talk a little bit
about the history of the running shoe, obviously not as long as it pretty exhaustive list from mental H, but its supposedly the running shoe goes back a couple hundred years, yes of them like that, the sneaker at least goes back a couple hundred years. Think in eighteen, thirty, two, a guy named wait Webster to their weight or why it, but it's spelled like wait, w e he anyway level column. Signor Webster, he came up with a way of attaching a rubber soul to upper issue which really kind of change shoes in general, like people like hey, these shoes are actually going the last, whereas before it was like all leather and they fell apart in the rain really quickly, these rubber souls could reach kind of you know. Take that. Take the impact that you put on your body when your foot hits the ground and they were going to come a park as you could really attach him. Do an upper.
Yeah, and the word sneakers comes from the fact that they were quiet. They were the first shoes that didn't clip, clap around like chair. He, Sir Elementary School principles you she had unless we so they were sneaks sneakers does he get sneak around, and I saw that that was invented by the British. But then the British went back to calling their sneakers. I think prelim souls that's right. They call him today is prelim souls which were like kids his back then right, but we call him sneakers here and then what we call running shoes, they called trainers right. I think they still say, trainers done it. Yes, I feel like yeah anything, they still say principles and they still say carriage, lift and flat share in lieu and lorry and all that and aluminium, and in her Right, the only one I really take issue with his aluminium. Really, it's just wrong. I'm sorry, you pay, but it's wrong. Even when
Mike's David Attenborough says it or Richard at birth. Any Attenborough, I'm not saying it doesn't sound pleasant. I'm just saying, is wrong K. This was interesting to the first at another Reebok went back so far. They were the Bolton company. Initially Joseph William Foster was the founder in eighteen. Fifty two he developed the first running spikes and it sounds like in the eighteen sixty four like the next decade running spikes were just sort of shoes with spikes like regular shoes with spikes on them. Then you had hoped that they'd flat, not the end, that pressed against your feet, but I suspect that they didn't always not to your site is action right and then, of course, other developments in the seventies, air cushion shoes and then eventually thee the gel insert or not answered, but the gel cushioned, he'll right, and that was from physics in the nineteen eighties, and I always thought that was kind of a
but apparently close to thirty percent, more displacement of impact than the air technology, and the air technology had been invented. I think a decade or so before Nasser right now a guy named Frank Rudy, and he worked with Nike. Is it to add heir to the souls so that this compressed gas would distribute the force that you are putting on your shoe, making easier on your joints back upstream yeah? Yet if you if you ask the shoe companies there saying that they have developed this technology over the years to help runners in, if you asked a sceptic and a barefoot enthusiasts, they'll say man. This running through thing is just a big marketing money, making scam right because they what they point to it.
Ok, the modern running shoe actually was new balance. They came up with the modern running shoe and nineteen sixty that with their track stir, but most people point of the seventies and Nike waffle shoe as like that the birth of the the running shoe yet has hidden that when running for exercise can really started as a mainstream thing That is what I am hearing. That's what I learned from forest come a really set in scope. Oh yeah, I remember it. I mean areas the running and he inadvertently starts the leisure running trend. I didn't realize he was starting the trend and his thought he was running right and then people serbian like what, is that guy doing I'm going to run alongside him and he ended up starting the running jogging trend and then moviegoers sat in the audience and thought. Why is this even in this dumb long movie, I like that movie
I don't know what you're talking about you said something about about it before. I have yet to see it since the US into came out. No, no, since you, since you put it down so lightly of Louis yards in it, which is rare, maybe dont them so, but they point to this. They say: ok from the seventies. When we started this running shoe thing we yeah we legs, injuries, running injuries haven't gone down right. In some cases they have increased and in fact things like Shin splints. I believe planter. Fajitas knee injuries in a couple of things have actually increased, so people like we'll wait a minute what is going on here, if you stop and think about, no one really paying attention to it until two thousand and ten, when a guy name. Christopher Macdougall came up with a book called borned IRAN and its basically, it makes the makes the case that, like paleo
four dieting phallic. We have evolved to be a certain way drain to behave under certain conditions and our modern world is kind of taken that and cooperate and made you know, messed everything up and, as a result, we're suffering from all these maladies, but rather eating alter process. Food is the paleo diet. Whole thing is based on this. Was that These modern running shoes were running in are actually causing injuries. We needed throw our shoes away and just run barefoot. It will be better off, because we have adapted are running to these shoes and we're not even supposed to run and we'll get into the hole. I want to spoil anything by saying he'll. First, but I will get into that little bit later, but he soon we have adapted to run a certain way because of running shoes in If not, how humans or not how the specifically the Torah Mara, Indians, he's like it'll get injured. They ve been runnin barefoot for eons across long distances on all
the train. Yet they are the Tarahumara Indians. They are you Mara, the Hague in north Western Mexico. I believe, and their known for running around barefoot or unlike sandals, that they make from old tyres yeah and they they showed up at Leadville Trail, one hundred an ultra thought up a mountain peak and back down there like middle aged smoking before anything during the race may possibly drunk on the corn like some sort of moonshine and I'm Edwards is we're just passing everybody else, I'm sure without like see they didn't stretches. Do anything thing, passing some of the world's like most finely tuned o alter marathon. Hers like it was nothing in people live. Is going on with these guys there neither wearing shoes. What's what's the deal here, they really kind of kick things off they actually Google went and visited them wrote an hour.
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Finishes a chapter with baby. We were born to run then he should be. He said the pants suit of m o you I think it should be now celebrated in Algiers lightly on the cheek for witty Springsteen reference. Sure he's already still in its title. How come up as the boss this feeling is always tat, I thought you might like lichens tightly bowed low status, title still still pretty breeze. After the new year of Christian Macdougall, the bar. What are you talking? I have not seen him referred is only one boss, but think about Jim Fix wrote a camera was good. The actual title was, but it was like he wrote the book on running yeah. I remember that ok, art of running the joy of running one of those two and dumb they're, saying that this book more influential it just hit at just the right time, but not only to this book. Editors
I take. It came either right before right after a study came out that basically said the same thing that this Guy who's, like one of the luminaries of the barefoot running world, how Ya Daniel Liebermann Gaze, paleo anthropologists Harvard here, which means that he gets a listen to any talks tried, but he released the study with some co authors Lincoln, two thousand nine or the beginning of two thousand ten. That basically said: hey man, if you run barefoot your body is going to suffer far less than you Rhine and modern, running shoes, and it was just a perfect timing. With this book born to run the two together caught me, tension of anybody who is in running at a time and people started thoroughly too issues often going running and then hurting themselves pretty quickly yeah, he point two things like look? We ve got Achilles tendons. We get these big need joints. We have a big Gloody Maximus, especially me,
and he's like we were gonna made to run these distances. Other people say: hey. We have those glued because their great for squatting and for forging and pooping, let's be honest and men, thought about that, but you re sure, and so there are competing here is out there because we don't know exactly for sure, but basically says the way the human bodies put together. We don't need the issues and we were built or built around not born to run, but the other idea this is is, and this is really what he uses to get people to to buy into is like. We were we evolved to run. This way running with shoes is unnatural, yet it doesn't matter who you are even if your super fit if you're running with raw- Pictures on them and you're a runner. You have an eighty percent chance of getting entered at some point, eight out of ten people every year he said
yep get injured every single year, and even if you're in, like I said, super great shape. And you run all the time. In fact, if you run out of time, you're, probably more likely to get injured right, because can we didn't evolve to wear super cushiony gel shoes when we run we were, we evolved to run barefoot, maybe in some very thin handles or something like that minimalist. She were and he also said, while some the other modern problems that we have some of the other problems that just come along with. Walking around in these shoes and things like super nation pollination I do with our nations its where you're, where, if when you're walking running right right, the inside of your heels curve downward. So your shoes event
only when you look at the soul and the cushioning their worn on one side or the other, yet more yeah. I think I do that little bit ly walk like verbal can't at the end of the usual suspects, basically from the looks of my shoes and the way in Tehran. Man might actually where a little bit, I think, on the outside more than the inside, ok there be scenarios and walking she's that supervision. Yet there there are two sides of the same problem: wretches that your your feet, you're here is not landing in line in the same access with the front is its tilted. I think there are three different thing going on Bio mechanically. But what people like Christopher Macdougall in proponents of barefoot running say, is fine That's because you're walking on these padded souls right of shoes that would like there, new. They haven't been around for more than four even half of a century, yet we are feeder.
Designed to walk like this in. So that's why you're doing this? If you'll stop running and choose your both your presentation here, super nation will actually fix itself and is some data that that is actually true. The Tec. That year things biomechanical disorders can be fixed by running her walking barefoot. Other people say no, if you have a biomechanical disorder like supination and pronation. You have no business going barefoot. The barefoot proponents aid do not listen to that guy's. A dork and then they say you know you really don't need to bring name calling into this negative whatever dork. We're just older member employee. The carry me where they wrote dork on Mouser Chest with them suntan lotion. I hate you gotta real burn this realize I was reminiscing about police academy. I was just
watching and watching the tv show party down for the third time now, Nanda. There's that greater. Did you ever see that at all still have not you not sick? in company, and each episode is a different party in there's one party where they go to Steve Gutenberg House for his birthday party and he he's like a man. I forgot, like we actually had a surprise party, my friends through for me, so there is no birthday Eddie bees like I don't want to get away. What are you guys come in and call your friends? Will have acquired right so becomes like a party at the gates of sets us it's a really good I'll bet. That's that's pie we, however, go down a real life. He bitterly seemed like a good guy on this fictional tv show who got their start on that I don't know about getting their start, I mean who's on, did start Adam Scarred, and can Marino and Jane Jane, Ledge, shooting it or start on it, but she got at pre glee and then had to leave the show when she got glee. Ok, there's a place by,
Megan, Malawi things like seven or eight years ago, I saw on an episode of em, maybe the law, an order, something like that old one she's like playing serious like pathologist, showing I think, Lenny Briscoe, something in some bodies tissue or something like that has like us shameless it was. It was like a where she was like a by a serious actors to my comedic actor. I upper yes, she was good Cursor Buddy Chris bells on it. Martin star, ok, maybe use christian values like she didn't get. Her start, though, is that after Iraq Mars, yeah yeah she's what it did a guest- I guess drawing thing gotcha, but its can Marino at his best and he's like one of my heroes, Martin stars on freaks and gigs later on Silicon Valley right. Yes, I love that. I hear he's great. He actually since were already sidetracked. You should, at some point train bring yourself to listen to the Mark Marin episode
and start. Why would I have? Any trouble is indeed a mark, an air now really interesting guy in star. I can only imagine then different than you might think, a really They were like tea in whimsical. Now he's very intense and petty spiritual and Hetty our super smart. Yet not that I thought it was dumb, but he can t can play that Gaza. Right? Where worry, we're talking about barefoot running and how that some of the people who are proponents say if you throw your shoes away, fix all these modern probable. Yes, so the idea is that you know you're your feet. Had these nerve endings. That will give you feedback. When making contact with the ground and you don't get when you're wearing issues right and they will tell you how to walk. Basically, You wanna get what kind of terrain neuron in your body adjust accordingly,
for many many years right. The other thing that they say is with without shoes. You actually run differently than you do with shoes, and this seems to be they. The genuine article argument for or against barefoot running and at sea. The kind of land in favour of barefoot running, to tell you the truth. So should we talk about the old he'll first thing you he'll striking yeah truth. You know when you run if someone he'll first thing run, but if someone were to know when steal something for me on the street and I had to run You would see me take off down the road and you would notice that my heels are striking the ground first and with a pretty great impact, and people like me would see him be like terrible form yeah and say that you never going to catch that guy,
just don't even bother so when you run like that, it actually hurts pretty quickly and you're, actually propelling yourself in a weird way backwards like when you bring your he'll down your foot up and you're here, is actually hitting the ground at a direction opposite the direction that trying to go yet like freeze frame that for its of can the long running stride? That's what it would look like, so just as far as like running form go It's not a good way to run. Anybody runs, can tell you that you're not supposed to heal strike, although it feels very, metro when you're in shoes right, if you take off your shoes, new he'll strike you'll take about two steps into your head, will just explode with paint and you're here yeah, because your heels thought made to be run out now. If you leaned forward and run on the mid, the mid foot or the ball of your feet in Europe.
In running barefoot is much more comfortable and that's what a lot of people who are proponents of barefoot running say is. This is how you're supposed to run and this is how barefoot running makes you run yeah when you wear shoes is much easier to he ll strike. You have to remain not to do that right, like a sprinter, when you see these olympic sprinters they're, not he'll, strike and bright there their pitch forward a bit and their running up on the the fronts or at least the mid of their foot. You see how fast they go. I took a running class once college or not, like, just to learn how to run better like Alan Shop around the world, with a call to contain education, adult that night school. I think I am what I was taught was that running is falling forward and catching yourself, over again. So the whole time you have to go with you, then we'll play earlier. I basically, but you do, that,
controlled man right obviously, but that's it that when you, when you learn that and you try it a bit forces you to to run on the balls, the MID foot mid foot. What I learned is the best way to do it. She did this to learn like proper technique in Sofia, Mescal And what do you want? You try remind yourself that you can actually feel yourself doing it and you realize you're in the right form when you feel like there's this slight following forward sensation. Yeah. You know the last time I was did any kind of running was when I was playing softball, which is all sprinting and even for a guy with extra I was, I was always pretty quick. But we are not birth to speed burst of speed, and I were, I would just naturally, Jerry's laughing I would naturally run not on my tippy toes but kind of pretty far forward. Missy yeah admits toward that. First base bag. He a good team did indeed and people would be happy to hear that thinking,
look out fast. That due is visit. A rainbow trailing behind him in his white guy looks like about to fall over, and sometimes I did. A really now but I saw the other did. You know this is an old bar guy league, so some pretty funny running in some weird balances. Is there a guy's, gonna falling down and raping and clumsy cause all the drunkenness and now eat and drink beforehand, but yeah? What about during now? I didn't what about, Now they would go afterward, but I didn't socialized with this crowd much he hated them. So I was just the ace pitcher Would come in and then go home and like ice, my elbow hell, that's pretty cool you're like the closer now pixel hugging, oh really, but as a specialist I gotcha specialists is winning. That was all you do that when we remember that well, let's take a break chuck kid. I feel like
so far off the rails. I don't even remember what the topic is right: let's do it here's the thing so Money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball because there's always that guy who joins your game. He never passes the rock. He constantly. Rex theories and who completely happy when put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico, it's easy to switch save on car insurance. No, the vacant fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted, so we can save with Geiger it's almost better than sport, So what is the topic. Barefoot running out, and we should say that when we say barefoot
there's a range of how barrier foot is. It can be completely bear some, but some people disco completely foot naked. Then there are these which column there there about as minimal as you can get almost like a little tire flat like you were sans called minimalist: choose yes, just a Really thin rubber sandal essentially seen that for running, but what I've mainly seen, those forests, just people saying just go and be in the world, and these things. Oh ok, sir. You and about the sand are ones that, like YO, in between your your big toe in the next toes low webbing. Yes, just like a shoe string and against a rubber, they also came up with shoes. Shoes right, better are called minimum she's is much more to him than what you just scared that act. You know they wraparound near the top your foot yeah, but had a similar foot bed that shoe you did you just me,
hinders like the tumor terror Tarahumara, Indian railway, like the little sandal yet, but they make there's old tyres, which is evil Who will arena totally? So so there is like different degrees of them and that people started wearing things there, I think by the company Vi Room made a sock. With some tread on the bottom Gill member I get in trouble for bag and on those years ago five toad Saki made fun of those in people. Rodin were Heather feeling sort, yes I'll, be the same people not where those I'll bet you're right. I remember to send you offer concert with you mean, and there was a couple there and they are wearing matching VI room shoes, sock shoes, whatever minimalist shoes and wages, You know they wraparound near the top your foot yeah, but have they similar like you, We're going to at any minute is just kind of go from walking other features walking on their hands and back on their feet and the back of my this is what they look like for some reason.
Because they were wearing work I'll gear. Anything this is rising ends there are wearing out there in the world, because a lot of people say like no don't do this for running like do this for a while, Basically, you mean I love. I have always been a barefoot person I was a kid. I would play a lot and bare feet and I said really tough foot beds natural food beds when he covers two souls. Are your feet, yeah sure they're, always pretty tough and Are we bought Daniel Liebermann? The paleo anthropologist did another study recently in two dozen nineteen found Adam. I get a by them He won an ignoble prize for figuring out. Pregnant women don't tip over our Secondly, two thousand nine now out what was the answer, the way that they lean backward and there's additional
bar support in their lower back, and I think maybe the way the fetus lays it. It's all like just kind of that's how we ve evolved to not fall over basically right, but this more recent work. He went to Kenya and he studied native opinions who basically live their lives without worrying shoes yeah. He studied Americans have worn, choose their whole life, and then he studied Americans, you using that made made the transition overdue barefoot running right, any found that the cap in the subjects all had deep calices on their feet, so he thought that they would not be a sensitive and he found it S. Actually not the case that there much better off because they have these causes, so their feed are naturally prevented from things like cuts and punctures, and things like that cause they're just tougher on the bottom right, but
The council's dont cover up their nerve endings, there's still feedback coming from the ground, but the feed are also protected by the callouses, which is kind of surprising, from what I understand right in his buddy, the anthropologists Brian Richmond, who he worked with a thank yous from J W University. He he's using about the arch of the foot and those ligaments, and he says the thing stretching contract every time you hit the ground and that allows the calf muscle to act. As a spring. Yes, so that's what I've seen before running the one of the reasons why they say like no, it's just healthier and less injury prone is because of that. The arch of your foot acting as a spring and your achilles heel and your calf muscle acting as a shock absorber right, but that these are the things that come into play. When you run on the ball of your foot here, mid foot right when you he'll strike, you are offloading that same force, even more for
But the full weight of your body coming down on you he'll, that doesn't utilise the calf or the Achilles tendoned bright. It sends this shockwave of forced back or upward to your knees in your hips, and that is why he'll striking is so bad for you right. Where is running on the ball of your feet is probably better or your mid foot is probably much better, because that that force is distributed to the right places. In other words, yet in the sceptics will say you know, you start you, others are running barefoot, you're, gonna, get hurt and then adherents will say. That's because you just throw your shoes in the trash and go out dear workout, routine, right like if you want to do this, you got a really wade into this. Are very slowly yeah and they recommend, even which has just come silly, but they recommend doing something you probably everyday anyway, which is walking around your house with no shoes on you're, normal human being yes,
and then start walking outside on different terrains, just walking without chosen soft trains, verse yeah, you know like dirt or grass, or something that working around the pavement and ass all this stuff, like an unbroken flaming glass, with the island of Ireland, they say you really gotta work into it. Otherwise, like any radical new thing, you're going to do to your body, you can't just shock it yeah. I know just because of your feet in the bottom of your feet, either you be tried that new, balanced, minimalist, steers, nears area, maybe two thousand eleven, something like that as a runner and she had read like. I think that people who sold choosing taller like Joe out there live another thought opposite. Ok, I do not do your normal Ryan. I do a third of it, I think, is what they say and you may like nuts to that and did her normal run? Maybe even then some- and I thought she may have been crippled for life after really? Yes, because she was used to heal strike.
Cause, she been running like everybody else, Randal time in all this she's running on the balls of her feet, Niven amid for the balls or, if he so all that stuff is getting moved into the calf muscles which just get overloaded. With this work out and later up for seriously like about five day, she could not run shoes so sore. Could she Walker wishes barely while barely like the kind where you know have ever muscles ever been so sore that you feel like flew like almost like that yeah like it, was bad news in general. You should drivers and, unlike in your life the way that's very you may like like they can't tell me, dear, I ask if they don't know me, there must be talking about himself, that's great, another study. I think this was even from kind of late last year that we found out I'd magazine from study that was in the journal of Applied Physiology from
Peter Wayand and his biomechanics group it s a meal that Southern Methodist, I think, there's some kind of a horse. Mascot stallions, just remember mean they were they didn't never mind the pony. We really wanna talk college Football, the law could I ever likely volleyball or highlight, doesn't have to be football on ass, true ass, there was some kind of a horse you're, so Assisi so we should point out that, when you're doing this kind of studies, there a couple of ways to go about it, there's a somebody called the force measuring treadmill or force plate, then some kind of instead on the ground and you run on it and it really measures in Kinshasa. You know a graph on a curve
curve on a graph on where your foot is exactly striking and what that means right. It shows the force not not just like where, like in space, it's more like attracts the force here. Over time, I think yes, oh, this is how they're doing all this are not just kind of guessing by watching people right. This is Liebermann space, Equally, I think, to that's right and by the way, there's somebody knocking somewhere in this building we're trying to get to the bottom of it. He's walking around with the machete but out of blood wayward were hoping we can get it out in the edit. But if you hear some knocking, we really sorry. I think you will agree with us in this episode. It sincerely does matter like half of the normal amount of people. Listening at this point, so back the study their using they use this treadmill and these force plates and what they are determine determining its
they called the loading rate, which is how quickly that forces applied. Yet they found is that when you're he'll or the the ball, Forty, wherever your foot strikes, there's like this initial force. That is true. Four through your body from the ground hitting from your for heading the grand right, which will show up as a spike on this graph right I, depending on how quick that forces transfer. That's that loading re right and then what for as is the rest of your body weight at its it reaching its lowest point in your stride in the go back up push off the ground and you start all over again. That's like one stride, nurseries force place measure but what they found is when you run on the ball or mid foot when that's what touches the ground that actually distributes in guy kind of prolongs that for
long enough that it actually merges with that. Second, that second introduction of force the rest of your body weight into basically one for curve Yak, I think for a while. They looked at this spike and when they ran on the mid foot that spike was gone, but what they did. Was- has not gone at all. It is, like you said, just kind of covered up in merged with the other, but that was there evidence from two dozen ten that Liebermann came out with that supported, Christopher Macdougall, born to run hypothesis spike was there when you run barefoot it there, when you run in shoes, because your he'll striking right there, please a really important question, though Chuck, because so this new, this new research is basically saying like all that stuff? That's not the case any more we just change our loaning rate depending but its old Firstly, the same amount of force getting transferred for through the bright, depending on what kind of shoe protection your rare, but I think the what
Weird me what I didn't understand with this new new researches, if it's going to different places, if that shock, being absorbed by your Achilles tenant in your calf right, then your knees and hips. Who can the loading rate is the same right. It's going to different parts of your body in some parts designed to handle that better than others. What they're saying like you may be less likely to get injured because the parts of your legs that are affected or more people of handling it yeah that when you run barefoot because you're running on your forfeit or foot right in your distributing that forced to your calf in your Achilles tenant that that yet that you are less likely to get injured, because that, because you're taking that stress on your knees and hips
the question is this: wouldn't you be better off then running shoes, but hitting your forfeit or made foot best of both worlds? In other words, right, which is probably mean that's what I did so I mean, of course, is the hurried rightly one great, but I think that that must be the case, but I didn't see anything words like this is definitive still after ten years of this being a huge. Trend of a lot of studies being done. A lot of people who are very smart have thought about. This is still not definitive what the best way to run it, and I think, if we go back to me, which is to not run and just walk right, but I think the lasting thing that I saw from this is that so, if you like our attract coach, they frequently now
prescribed running barefoot in the grass. Is it cool down that are really race, yeah and then the other thing you'll see to is that the era of the very chunky heel running shoe has kind of gone because of this yet feels like they ve gotten a little leaner haven't they have, because when you have a chunky, he'll was called your shoe drop, which is the ratio of where your he'll lands in relation to the front of your foot so late in the higher the the shoe drop, the thicker than chunky here, you're he'll is it's impossible not to heal strike? so what they figured out as if you can drop that he'll down and more in line with the frontier foot you can run on the floor. Your foot a lot more easily and not he'll strike in your shoes. Yeah. Those big tall, healed running shoes to are always made me more susceptible to her ankle turn as well. In other judge, your
you can about there. You are it's kind of like walking in high heels or something I would know about that, but you can imagine you're get anything else, nothing. So, let's barefoot sounds like the jury is still out everybody, but if you do get into bear for running, do it slowly learn the lesson from trade and since I said that assent for listener meant a guy's on they say cracking up, so I was reminded of a track by Bristol based music producer and the Uk Tricky Weena, tricky sure you can explain at us. Come on. I hereby knows tricky from Bristol based which featured on an album. He released called product in the environment. It was a series of interviews with old school London gangsters from the crates winds era, telling their stories of lives of crime over trip. Heart beats sums
One of these was Bernie Lee, who learned his safe cracking trade while in prison. His favorite technique was to blow the doors off with nitric glycerin. Would you touched on the absurd, but not in that context, check it out here, insert hyperlink, also image. Three. Seventy at the end of the episode, the second one Josh question: the ability to tag are pieces of a plane with his car sign, speculating on the existence of such deck. Chair said that was the future. Well, its actual the present. What a smart water, not the bottle drinking water, is attacked. Analogy that codes, detailed info of a thing within water and then is applied to say thing allowing that info to be and later on, if necessary, the only problem it evaluates its apparently quite robust, so
simply wash offer whatever, but I dont have first hand. Experience so can't be exactly sure how it works or how its Red BT open reach. The UK main telecom network provider uses it to tag the copper wire that make up the network as a deterrent falling. Made of copper. That's about seven years ago, interesting, like I'm, losing my mind right now for my Liam. He says big up thanks Liam here in the states we say big ups, that's right, they drop yes, there element was then this episode I now can you believe this might be the longest up, so we ve ever done on nothing yet Well, if you want again to those like Liam, did you can go on this, that we should know dot com and who knows, what's there these days instead, vanity just send us an email, wrap it up spent on the bottom and sent off to stuff pact did I heart radio Doc study should know its production
I heard radios how stuff works from what had cast my hunt, radio, radio, Apple, podcasts or over every listen to your favorite, hello bunnies. This is Ard Marine you may know me from Chelsea lately or as regime is in clear on insatiable. I want to tell you, but my comedy podcast: will you accept this rose, which is new to the eye heart radio podcast network? We re cap every season at the bachelor franchise, including the bachelor, the bachelor at an bachelor in Paradise. We bring in bachelor super funds, including last bass, Nicky Glaser, Debbie, Ryan and more catch. Our first episode on January eighth and listen to will you accept this rose on the icon, radio, app apple pod cas or wherever you get your part casts
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