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2016-01-07 | 🔗

Body language is how you communicate without words. Some say it bears more impact in communication than speaking words. Learn about how you say what you say could mean more than you think.

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come to step. You should know from house, therefore extend more than by Catherine Josh Clark discharge that each felt right here in the house were back to basics. We're doing a social Sciences episode man, I mean we're all right. Man went to tear it apart. You believe in body language jerk watch this king and shouldering and not in your head and you listening you're doing some weird biting thing. What did I say, I said I'm feelin silly exactly what I say about that the amount due and I'm kept up, ok, say, and I miss the norm crashing and he's down you doing good.
Yeah from hanging on by thread. Are you sure we can make it through this man? You? You can do this in your sleep. Don't go to sleep, he'll be so boring. You could theoretically did this in your sleep. I gotcha, the body language. It is a thing I yet when I was researching out like this junk science. There's no way this is and I could not find anything that just said. I guess body language is obviously junk science, apparently it well established in what you did. I mean I stand like yes, there is His body, language, yes rooted in the evolution, is basically evidence of evolution from Anna Malian Ancestor now, but the idea that, like you, can read somebody especially like that fish coding system. It struck me as really like Monkey year will we did. I could have sworn we hit, This one, when I see no expression Gary, did that two thousand and nine
and I remember how away then I went back then some just gonna start anew. Yes, it made it may be a different take. I have no idea people grow in Chad the opinions of all Vienna like yours. What I think, of course, body language is real and it until you allied can tell you a lot, but it can also missed. You can be misdirected, very easily sure, and when you will get to about, I found some stuff from a former FBI guy, even the does it say it's junk science, but he's like it in full, buddy too, if you're a sociopath. You know this about body, language, right or expression, the area. Apparently it's a myth that that's how I give by apparently method I can not having eye contact means deception, while it can his whole point. Is they ve done studies over the
there's, an habitual liars and anti social in psychopath, had the most eye contact. I really probably because there is that Mitya exactly how it takes EL, fulfilling met yet had been used for I, like I gotta, make gray eyes heads with everyone I looking at your soul. Otherwise the jig will be a right and I won't get to kill people any longer mile everything right and then so yeah there's a lot of methods that there's that one myth. Also where, like you, look up into the rider up into the left of your lying or recalling the air her eye camera, we don't we debunk there and something here, they're a while back yeah. I think I think body languages fund to talk about and study, but when you're convicting someone as a jury right based on micro expression, yes, there's where the junk science comes from, it gets all day
and not just with body language. You we need to do a whole episode, I'm forensics in general and just how junkie the science that most of it is based on. It is basically the only thing. That's that's why standing is dna and even that can be wildly misinterpreted there and were using this too, like execute people there, and if there is a big problem with it. So I think we ve arrived at my problem with it. It's just science when you apply for like law enforcement yeah. As fact, yeah agreed ok Can we be done? This is the only thing that got me to Albert Man, Moravian. I totally new that guy's name at that age is silent, moravian, Moravian, administers moravian authoritarian, doktor, Moravian. He back in nineteen, eighty one said that in the first four men,
Meeting someone our facial expressions account for sixty five percent of the impression we make seven per cent of the impression concerned actual words, while the remainder of the information comes from my tone of voice, Here is what made me think, like noses I'll be here, because it sounds you can you can say that you can't you mean no, anyway. You could get away with that crap, not in two thousand and three. No sixteen there. You live in the past yeah Moravian was his. He was probably one first researchers to study this in the team forties out of you see outlay, and I agree you can't just break down percentages, think He really means to say if I may speak for him. Yes is patient Russians and tone of voice account for a lot of a lot of which are getting out of a person
and I don't think anyone would disagree with there and the words account may be for even less than those two things combined. I think people would agree with that. You get when you quantify Yasser seven per cent. He just said. That is because it sounds authoritative, yeah because he like he felt it into the percentage three maker three thousand if it's better, but that is not to miss the point that indicating inadvertently is something that we all do through body to ensure there is it there's a great quota ran across psychology today, post it was it. The quote: comes from a sixteenth century scottish mathematician named John Napier, and he said language was given the men to conceal their oh, you found it to higher, is about as good a core of body language is. You can come up with you? Do it
You are already heavily runners sixteenth century. Scottish government is in no way. I'm not do you shall country leading this if Language was given two men and she'll their thoughts then gestures, purpose was to disclose them. That's perfect. Not then there are, the deadlines are Napier is not as good as my crystal So Napier makes a pretty good point like gay you can language has such a structure and can be mastered body language is much of. It is dishonest, inadvertent, We don't even realise a thoroughly when you're picking up on it. You just get this we're gut, feeling that no, I don't trust his car salesman or I want to give us Carson In all my money, depending on the body, language
yeah, and I'm it's pretty clear that this started a long time ago, like it predates language right, because who wrote this by the way. This is a patchwork, conquered joint, ok, you're conquer, says, rightfully that and took Turks age. You didn't have a lot of time to such things out, wake up close and personal in I once you get close enough within striking that you can be stricken yeah. You might already have that club upside your head right or that rock in your face. Yet so you to judge someone's body language as they approach you to survive yet so so body language makes sense, and these also precept, those that, since we are descended from animals and animals clearly do engage in body language that
language will be older than language other this. This article says that language didn't exist until about a hundred thousand years ago. The thunder dispute it possibly as much as a million years ago, people were using some sort of verbal communication out there in the end or thoughts, apparently also language palpably interesting? It is pretty injures I'd like to do one on animal communication. Have we not, I think, we're stop it here and there, but another is a lot of things like cats. Purring entail wagging on dogs at or misinterpreted gas, or like a wolf growing. I think that means compel me. You know Hardly misinterpreted as a warning can take. This is think out of my mouth. If you dare we take a break, for it was too
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Talking about the the roast beef line at the buffeted, which is great thin slices, whether other carving station yeah yeah regarding station. Overworked wonder. I hung around one long after that. Basically it should have been paid out this evening. What are you wait for the next rostick amounts? You can get the internet her. I know I've never been in the anchorage whether he a loaf of bread or gotta, meet really like a prime rib and cut manner. Daddy, that's good, isn't an assault. Maybe that's why I love it. You like the song barrier yourself to me like the the closer we get to the middle, the juicy irritable, that's lower the air in a little le little rarer, Obviously, here so, I think that's my problem with the end of anything to you, it's under cooked in our overall about why people don't like to eat the crust why scarce called crust there might be part of it.
Like a hundred years ago, they named it like the the butterfly, yet the butterflies lysine people would become like providing for a butterfly fleeces delicious idea of your her George Carlin Slow taken that an sliced that everyone always goes passed. They like I'm, not gonna, eat there. That's the poison piece of bread are only from my family wait. I guess he in pieces and felt across, though, is that the crisis was around, but it's all cross. That's the problem. Without you know I mean it's nothing but crust yeah, not but crust, it's nothing but crust. I think the other weird man. This is a job here. You said you know this is a strange tangent. I think the other problem with the bread in pieces is that eating one in peace with irregular sizes, low weird hours, but getting
other slice off the tail end is not very feasible or efficient now to make to cross pieces. No, but that frequently is the way Sandwiches made out the love. Is that one in peace has been hanging around yeah finally went his way out there and then used Dixon in Turkey in it, and we firstly why you EU terrible sandwich in thin slices, where were we analyze areas This is a professor of psychology, name, Lenny embody embody from Tufts University, shot out to my body, Robert jihadi from high school. Ok, he works at tufts of speaking of you know. There's a kid with like a really huge, his single out right now I'm your high school! Really. I think your high school shown in the music video them watch. We will watch me, nay, nay, Sweden, yeah, weird yeah, cylinder
so no longer the most famous personnel has. Will you weren't tell about six months ago, and I will be again in another six, my maybe it's pretty pretty techy single, it's hot hot, hot track. Now we actually, we had several professional athletes that are much more popular than me who We had a professional punter, excellent, maybe more from me that before yeah we haven't, we ve had a few there's a baseball player in Punta Travis treatment to my high school shut up, really see. That's big. Nine lives, truce, big yeah, how many like superstars loop brain went to you high school and he does where'd. You go Beverly Hills managing around here were soon and early boy. Here we go again then slices from Tufts University Wallace to talk about the thin slices thing. Man
the you said earlier that it would be very advantageous evolution, airily speaking too be able to read? Maybe the rough intent. Some other hunter gatherer here a hundred thousand years ago read the room like from a distance before they could hit you with Iraq right if that was their intent, just as much you wanna, be able alike, walk through the world and be threatened by stuff and makes nap judgments about it, based on things like body language here same thing in this world. This with the thin slices has to do yet just those first few seconds when you meet somebody- and I mean some people- may just call it. I got instincts about somebody, but what you're probably doing his reading body language? That's what they got instinct is yes, and those things are processed and generated, and I think the limerick system, where motions and feelings are processed in the brain
yeah limerick system, from what I understand, that's right, which, on the she thinks- and I agree with her- that might explain why we have such such a like a powerful got instinct about some people when we first meet them, because this type of emotion, yeah and the hope when is? Is this guy will cut your throat if you turn your back on him right probably not, but in our modern contacts, it's you know This guy will inflate the price of the car you want to buy. Right you if you're not careful, it's it's this totally different things, but is based on the same principle, A baseline body language were able to make snap judgments that we can't even stop
really analyze what it was. That person did what it was about. A very just know that we trust him or don't we feel comfortable random or not. We fear them. Are we not yet based on this body language and in what them this professor saying is. We have a very ancient part of our brain that that is responsible for processing the stuff, yet I think gum just for me personally. I think if you try to focus on that too much, then you're not doing yourselves any favours like let it be in eight well yeah, there's some people who coach this kind of stuff. That apparently say no,
do all sorts of crazy, weird stuff which will talk about a great, but what you are looking at. Are there there's three different categories? I guess in eight learned and some that are both hybrid expressions and pastures and things that you do and I, for instance, you're born with, like you can blush, that's an innate thing. You blush mean to blush, especially winsome, staring at her cheek yeah. Don't think you can make yourself blush watch this sir think about hot things in your mouth, tighten up your core. As so that's the innate side learned would be things like. I'm hanging when a bird out the car window right because everyone knows what that means You, depending on where you are, and you ve learned it yet it's not something you to get your diaper right here, can allow a photo of a baby accidently shooting a bird is one of the great
sure. Can we agree, but its accidental there's no meaning attached to it. That's what you think a hum and then there's hybrid, hybrid gestures that are like shrugging is a really good example, something you know. You naturally shrug right right, but it's not, contextual, until you learn what to attack attached to, like oh yeah, sure you not born below right or you are you, you cry, but you also learn that crank and get you something all right all right to get out of a pull traffic ticket or something or sympathy it can choose your parents after the bar crying one of those an chuck. I said something: how do you know fully somebody bird everybody knows that means it does depend on where you are sure cause. There is especially with learned, so I think a neat body language is virtually universal stuff that you
possibly control like I can't remember, I read it, but if you take a bite of something putrid and you make that horrible like disgusted face like oh, my god, I'm back the vote everywhere threat everybody's watching you doesn't have to go, get me that they take a bite and tasted themselves right look in your face me like I'm, not going anywhere near that piece of theses that guy just took a bite of yeah That is how we all learned not to eat theses yeah, but there is also the human thing where you got smell this, right. That's the baby never do moments. Everyone else to yes, suffer like they just it, but everybody else's just been communicated to buy that tonight face that nasty face that you would make when you eat something guessing again that evolution airily that protects us in that respect, your eyes that so that universal sure, but it's the learned stuff, that's culturally dependent yeah like, for instance, there are a few examples in your
go smiling in the. U S might mean in the United States might mean you're happy, apparently in Asia. It might say I agree with you. Those right close. He could also cover up Embarrassment if there are barely four years, something that he might smile zone, bones I smiling at me, they're bears worried, What else I contacted varies from place to place near here in the United States. Someone might think you're listening in like very keen into what you're saying very TED Bundy TED Bundy or if you're in Africa, maybe it might be disrespectful to look someone right in the eye and looked around to find out what part of Africa, because I hate to leave it like that on this massive cotton rate do not, people in the eyes, yet I couldn't find any everyone said some parts of Africa everywhere. I look no ones
if we said in the Congo, it's considered impolite or aggressive, or something like that to maintain eye contact, it's definitely in in Japan. Make eye contact the somebody you're saying, I'm your superior. So if you socially or receive business wise in inferior to somebody, you're you're, averting your gaze in its respectful. In the: U S, shake hands in you make eye contact, and you just no climbed a wrong right there. Unless your prince and then he's like nobody can hide, I contacted me- is it for real cause. He likes to do things that matter so people for finally had. I think I think ninety percent of the stories you ve heard about prince or not true what about the him play best while he's like a really good best ballplayer, thus is Charlie Murphy. I believe everything, Charlie Murphy's as vague. I found some more culturally bound stuff without thumbs. Up in New Zealand does not mean like right on that mean from up your, but pretty much.
Really here I want to do that. Similarly, when you make like the peace sign as one not showing the people at the back of your hand, you're, never lets you I ended. In Australia, and I believe New Zealand to like them will be bad taste the cover of it. The p, I think Peter Jackson's, first or second movie right. The cover of it's like an alien go on like that, unlike with the with two year, was he showed me the number two thin as I grew up, I learned it understand what that was to get in some cultures. Nodding means no nodding, yes, actually means. No. I can Greece and Bulgaria allow get in trouble you're in Mexico, Mexico. If it's what I found Mexico Haiti in Spain, it is perfectly normal to go to a waiter which I do. I don't do the waiters, but I'm ups can a person that are you call someone over get their attention? You may also make kissing noises at them.
To a waiter, yeah, really yeah. So I gotta Mexico, any my check go. I guess into this thing that I read which seem pretty legitimate interesting. What was the web I don't remember, are definitely serenity. Repose fitted its it was like I was research material to be used by business people around the world if it was a hoax than they did. A pretty good job for me very realistic. Another breakin will come back and we'll talk about deciphering. Some of these nonverbal cues ready for this Here's the thing see money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, because there's always that guy who joins your game. He never passes the rock he constantly bricks theories and who completely,
you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico, it's easy to swim. Save on car insurance. No, need to fake an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted. So which in save Geiger it's almost better than sports. Yes, so language is a very precise thing. Eric should be your can be body. Language would, you think, is just all over the map, but there actually some categories that some brilliant social scientists have come up with new and I think they make sense get basically, they ve broken down into five categories or five types of nonverbal commune,
patient body language, there's emblems, fucking, unaverred, yeah or shaking your fists, or something like that, something that is very symbolic of something else that you and also put into words right who shake sophist someone. Some people do look at its good. It's it's a good. There's a thing like that middle finger and then you're in this committee? that's very aggressive. Ok, that's very aggressive! I'm just getting never flick someone a bird over oh yeah, like in a car, something no way the permanent. It's really dangerous. Yet Yeah? That's. Why do I think it's just me I'll get mad at you didn't say things, but I would never on another. That person is could be a psycho yeah. Then you're didn't chaser you're getting shot out by some one cause. You, though my readers had to shoot a bird yeah. We talked about this in the roadway s,
I wouldn't hang people the burden, that's not smart. By the way on update on their I've been improving more more. Verily failure. Even since the road rage episode- and I was already on the right path, then you don't goodbye and we are doing so good. I feel like I'm about the same or you ve always been that way. I get mad one time you rode with me. I think it is the first time you have a row with me and I started yelling at some EU. Like really easy, genuinely surprised- and I remember thinking like this- an abnormal Well, that was probably gives you are like sending an email with your left hand and driving with your knee in a coffin I've got so much better, it's good because you value your life. I do it's great
emblems after emblems, illustrators, which might shaking her head to as far as emphasis, if to emphasise something you're saying right like like now sure. It's you came to say no, but the person It is really mean that until you shake your head, why? Yes, I know that certainly is slowly here. That you're really say like do not ask me again here whenever thought about that the slow and really does mean something different. It does the ads boxer regulators. I think this is in a conversation to let someone else now that maybe you're right it's time for you to talk now or it's time for me to talk my words time for us to stop talking like looking at your watch, just getting the walking away, fettes yeah, that's body language. I guess it is definitely speaks volumes. There's a death.
Worse, which I guess have to do with the person listening or I guess anybody either one making themselves more comfortable. Like you know, in conversation with somebody they just kind of shifting their seat like settling yeah. No, they could be it differently, where their fidgetting their move, shifting in their sea uncomfortably like they can't get comfortable. That's something totally different. Somebody who's dislike settling end is making themselves more comfortable Rayner. I guess, if you like, if you're having a conversation in someone, just sits upon the edge of their seat. That can, I says, we're done here sure bout to get up yeah, so please say something: enclosure yeah, especially if you sigh while you do that, if you Vienna and then there's affect this place, needs is Owens it most people, think of when they think of body language. These are the ones that you know like where you make that that
when you read something putrid or your shoulders, go up around your ears when you're scared, all of a sudden give your mad is emotional base year. Emotion, based yeah, like you're, you're, eyebrows, furrow, right, there's just so much body language. I came across the one guy from nineteen. Seventy eight and am Argyle no idea with em stands for, but in nice and seventy eight professor M Argyle, a researcher body language, said that there's probably something like seven hundred thousand words in the body. Language, a human body language. I have no idea how he or she came up with that seems tie, but it's fun to throw out their junk science. Nineteen, seventy eight, they could say anything back. Then he likes words like social psychology. Misinterpreting body languages. We talk a little bit about that. That is very do they have won a little.
Anecdotal story about a woman who was a consultant that they choose pitching in the sea over the company, and the guy who sat there, basically with his arms crossed and didn't emotive, and the end was like thank you and she thought will apply this one and turns out there. Is just the way that guy, as he muttered the journey, he loved the presentation. If he had no like that, he just left is what the partner said. I think so. You can easily misinterpret body language of it. I guess it would be dangerous and that, while I'm in that part of the problem can be dangerous, especially when you apply the law enforcement like Paul Eichmann, we talked about him heavily in the micro expressions episode because he basically studied micro expressions through facial movement. Facial muscle movement in figured out what each one meant and he came up with the fish
action coding system if they see us which apparently the FBI and other law enforcement agencies used to tell whether you're lying or you're hiding something in an interrogation. Misreading that that's dangerous? That's when it becomes dangerous for sure you have the surgeon second about Joe Navarro, who was a twenty five year. Vat at the FBI has written a lot about body language and he's one of the ones at war. About the myths and misreading things, but on his he wrote a whole article on shoulders. He said everyone's. I somewhat the face and facial expressions. He thinks he can rely into this.
There is of a person whether it slumping fur Boeing Upper and then he actually talk to criminals over his entire career and said what do you look for in a victim? So if you're looking to not be victimized, you might want to avoid these things occur, looking frail or weak or not have let it yeah work out, or does he know, trend carry yourself like you're, not a week. You know, I think, that's what you do: the shoulders situational awareness, which is a big one. Yet if you just look like you, have your head in the clouds, that's one for me a target. What you're in your head about some sure and then on the way someone swings. Are arms vigour vigorously year real subdued or not at all, like to thank the author
yeah those those at Rio. Welsh now was dumb. While you ended up his Rocco out Molly, Shannon Yeager his humour resume. Swept the lanes death, chrome in Le Monde she's, one of my favorites. She spent. So what's the other arm swing and basically what these cuts I would say to him over and over, as in other silver backs, don't go after other silver backs, they go after the weak ones and they said the same with criminals like Keith S, shoulder straight Anna. I was the silver back. I forgot the thumbs like a criminal corporate buzz, speak yeah. So our backs. It's the local soccer team honey. You not know that it is it sure, that's what I thought
What else we got? Oh, these, these people, they drank coach. You we're gonna mentioned there, no jobs, I don't think they're, not jobs. It the one the one person who emerged as a hero from this article says be very careful in trying to pay attention to your body language in speak consciously through it, because you're going to do gonna have massive problems. Yet that's now a body language is intended for, so that people who satan master your body language and use it to communicate. Yeah come off his creep right, an aggressive, weirdo corporate crew If you do that well, yeah I mean, if you're, making a presentation, it's hard enough to get the words right yeah. So if you start thinking like about racing on movement, you make clear that conveys the agree on you're doing yourself. Any favours are like if you go to again a car sales like
what right yeah and you like, I'm going to make sure I look very defensive in aggressive, so I'm going to go rigid in my shows, you gonna go up right. They Carson's gonna be like that thick ass, walking like a rat. But I'm gonna take him for a ride through now. There's you give this. You could conceivably speak through your body, language more. I do dispute that right. You can become more aware of your natural body, language too. I dont dispute that either, but when you focus on it uses technique to manipulate other people, you die of issues with that. Well, There was one idea: Nick was terrible like if Europe, if you do a lot of public speaking, then maybe watching yourself with the sound off sure. I didn't disagree with that money. That's not a terrible idea, I think, as many factors like, maybe maybe as China, now
Other technique that was brought up is called mirroring. That means- and this sounds crazy to me- this is when you actually train mimic the person you're talking to mimic their body language ass. Russians too, I guess to make them feel more comfortable to you. People are attracted to themselves as the basis of it? So when you mimic them I feel more relaxed run you really like that person. I like the kind of their job, and I came for my finger on it but there actually mimicking your own body language. If your leaning, leaning against the wall there they're gonna leaned against the wall to less disconcerting, it is that's! That's nuts! You shouldn't do that. The people let's manipulative and weird, and it just be yourself about that yeah. I think this quote sums it up, I'm trying learn. I'm choice are trying to use body language by Roy
a body language dictionaries like trying to speak French by reading a french dictionary see you can list off all the nonverbal queues in the world, but if you're trying to learn the body language, Gordon Quote, because of that then you're just gonna end up confused or you're gonna miss something actually said. Yeah impulsive context is huge too, like if you just watching so my body language like a hawk and account station yeah, you don't necessarily know that person's baseline. So why is, by definition, is body language dictionary. A red flag right, doesn't necessarily mean it's a red flag with that personal like if their yawning they board bright or are they nervous right? You gotta have contacts in Kansas. You can't just read people like that. It's stupid go with your gut sure, but I dont think should actively try to read it. If you want to go ahead, I don't care
yeah, I'm not going to. I did read article with one woman who was an expert supposedly in she did talk a lot about the baseline she's, like that. The most important thing s No, you don't know how someone normally as its which he then they feared their twitching conversation as normal. Right, so I didn't mean that you can't trust what they're saying right. Then this means that their awkward. Yet like me, you know you anything else. Nope friends, there is body language and if you want to know more about, you can take his words body language in the search bar has the words that common sense. I said friends it's time four listener mail. This is wrong. It is a question actually said. We'd answer on the air. You guys been missing for quite a few years. Anything the latter years of growth out of high school and into my own than adults.
She has been a challenge for me recently. I'm setting perma culture quite intensively in parts of the study are pretty depressing. My climate Jane species often unfair trade. Try to reflect positives. Only to my clients who work to grow their own food because it rather encourage them to sustain themselves physically and emotionally, then feel guilty are trapped in the changing lifestyle. Realize an opportunity in time to focus on ethical choices, the luxury in one what shape people. I think this approach is good for my own wellbeing, because tackling issues bigger than myself seems more harmful than productive, but, like you part of my job is education. So the question is: how do you guys deal with darker topics that you cover? I really appreciate the way you do at some would. Like some insight advice, I prevent these topics from way. Too heavily on you and still live alone. Of enjoyment, yet conveying topics honestly,
That is wrong and police in Australia View. I think my answer is like when we something like dementia or HIV like we recently dead were always humor and their risk? hopefully in the right ways. Sure that's what we do Let us also helps when we're getting this stuff across. It's not like it's like word. Causing dementia poor just sing, Here's all the information that found. I messrs everything, need to know about dementia, and I think the thing that allows us to go from a light. Hearted topic to a very dark topic to whatever is is that were putting out. There is objective way as possible is unbiased as possible trying to we're not passing much judgment on it depending on the topic, but for the most part we don't really pass through much
that allows us to talk about anything here and as far as taken at home, we do something. That's a big bomber. That really impacts me. A little bump me out brochure, but I'm like anything else and acknowledges is key to the more you know about something less scared, you might be a veneer he's, go work, it out, you want to get in touch with Chuck or me or Jerry, or anybody who we could conceivably pass. The message along too you can you can try to satisfy us tape. I guess you can join us on Facebook. That council, I suppose you know you can send an email I guess that have the port sector and is always join us at home on the web stuff. You should know Doc
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