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Can you control your dreams?

2009-06-23 | 🔗

In a lucid dream, the sleeper is aware that he or she is in a dream state. Does that mean you can control these dreams? Where did this concept come from? Tune in to this podcast from HowStuffWorks.com to find out more about lucid dreaming.

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ready for you. Welcome to study should now run Hasta for external. I walked into the pond flying Chuck Brian sleeping right now who flying appears to be having secured a dream dream. I'm flying expression. Are you awake Chuckie, but certainly it was we keep. It short, How was your house you sleep, refilling refresh? I am feeling great and awake and you were flying just now. I was Were you aware that you were flying in the dream that maybe that's a little abnormal? I was will check my friend, You were having what is called a lucid dream wow. We should talk about that.
Now we should- I mean like this- is this is pod cast goal D just happen to be having an acid dream so weird, and both of us have the how lucid dreams work article in front of a right for us written. Katy Lambert, whose actually an elder by day and apparently lucid, dream writer by night right- and we should say that this will probably gotten more- fan, mail requests for lucid dream, podcast than any other. I mean literally dozens and dozens of requests for this, so we can lay down that the list of names, because I have kept them, but this is for all of you. Yes, thanks to all of you for writing in saying. Do it now? so we are yet this is it let's just get this over with, shall I think we're gonna teach you how to lose a dream, so you will never have the you can do it yourself, which I find interesting.
Planning on doing this and try to try to affect you. Remember I get very tired before asleep. I've heard that here so back to the beginning, alright, shock gum. So, while you were flying in your dream, yet the fact that you aware that you were flying in that it was weird and aware than I was dreaming right correct, yet that what that is what makes it a lucid dream That's pretty much ITALY's dream is dream or we realise were dreamy right, that's the hallmark of it. Still dreaming in here you can control what happens in your dream that my friend is up for debate. I was yes, they control part is up for Tibet. We'll be that where there's nobody its everybody, I would never say that to other people had an already right there. There is a big debate actually over. You know not whether whether not least dreams exist right taken his factor, but whether or not we can control
It was on our dreams, which is the other aspect of lucid dreaming. Right generally, like I know I did, did you adjust your ya at any point in time or your flying everything ass, great Ya'Ll control? Do you really gas? So I checklists. Let's get this kick this puppy off? Show! Ok! Now you gonna kick this puppy off! You note, lucid dreaming has been around for a while truckers yet They said they tracked the traced back to the eighteen, hundreds- and you know you before Aristotle right. You know it's funny. Is you just confuse you're research for a body, this morphing disorder? How did a year or two in about twenty minutes right or two or three days for evil? Yeah? Ok, yes, Aristotle much
vaccination hundreds wrote about this, a dream he did. He didn't call it lucid dreaming, but he described it in one of his writings. Apparently, Tibet Buddhists have been engaged in trying to control their dreams, lucid dreaming of not quite as far back as Aristotle. If I'm incorrect, as I think Aristotle came, o a thousand or so years before Buddha, but are they have something called dream yoga Yeltsin's recall it does? The name alone sounds pretty cool. If you ever done yoga spree difficult, neither I found it difficult. It is that only bending over right, plus, I think, they're being slightly overweight. Thirty eight year old, is not the time to start giving yoga. What did they apparently there's never wrong time to start, but you're gonna have to go in and go on.
Should a duck at some point in time and yeah. It's a young man, sport vs me it is. It requires more your control than either one of these are incapable of downward dog, so autonomy lowered about dream, yogi, checker, Josh dreamy organs. As you said Buddhist, why you giggling that's funny! that is your goal. There is to prove your consciousness and basically, it's sort of, like enlightenment, bring yourself to a constant state of awareness right. Because I mean, if you avoid, which is a tenant of Buddhism. Laughed you see things as they are, but why Stalin? Here, you know, conscious awareness on, I guess waking life why you know take time off while you're sleeping apparently dream yoga is actually like being cognizant there. You dreaming right and then saying ok, why am I doing about this? Her? You know wiser dog, attacking me, rather than usual curling up in my fee right. So
over constant awareness, and they figured hey. Why take the night off? Let's just carry this right into sleep right, because that's what Buddhist do they have a work ethic like you would not believe Moliere. How do you feel about that about people going up the like the mountains and just meditating their entire lives, productive members, society or no, I wanna. What are they doing its it like that? Egocentric pursued a human, can engage and you think going sequestering yourself from the rest of humanity to to achieve Nirvana or enlightenment. I love and just you know, probably dying the moment. You get it. What what's that What have you done as a social animal which humans are right by nature? You have brought nothing to the table.
Probably didn't even bother to reproduce while Europe there were. I think there are many pass, my friend in it down. You don't have to be contributing member of society to be validated as a human you're, a hippie at I think, I'm just jealous. I love it when the rest of my life on a mountain, thank God I would get so bored. I would drive myself crazy if I had to be alone in a cage. Yes, he does. Myself. I would go nuts, you are it's an extremely over, which is also called non dual awareness right right to know the name for get which mystics like to call it, but it's a centrally the same thing: it's exploring what's going on your dreams and trying to figure out. Why which actually kind of falls into wine? One camp of the explanation for dreams right, it's pretty much split down the middle between physiological and psychological that would be that would subscribed to the cycle
can't there when we dreamed were basically our innermost fears desires that you know how, when they say like come the drunk person, the words of a drug manner, the thoughts of a sober man yet in Vienna, their authors, I think, is that right well mean somewhere concept, my goodness Chuck Yulka in wine. There's truth! Of course. We all know that gotcha sure. Ah, Madame impressed with you right now, because I spoke a dead language. Yes, it's not that you're gonna get us unless your mail and they do so that the psychological camp Who's spearheaded by Sigmund Freud right, said that our dreams, trying to tell us something essentially your mind, is telling you something like hey. You eat way too many doughnuts, because your mother neglected to breastfeed you something like that. She's, especially along the forty lies, because everything was about sex and specifically having sex with your mother Freud plea alive. It came back to that for sure
did say sometimes cigars, just a cigar. That is true as well, but no to him anything that was even slightly falcon nature, representative, Alice and anything that was opening or a whole or something like that was virginal in nature. He saw the world very much in black and white. He did and it was the product of his society, the goober repressed, victorian society writer. So I mean
theories were candidate, it yeah, I guess her and she lucid dreamer nothin. I not that I am aware of your. You know who did sure a dutch psychiatrists named for Frederick one Aden he's the guy who came up with the word lucid dreaming, and he was actually very much into his dreams. He kept counter woman. He found that he flew in a lot of omen, apparently that he could control them, and this is where the lucid dreaming, the term lucid dreaming, came from pretty cool. He also said that there were nine different kinds of dreams, and only nine I'd like to see that listed and see that list anywhere.
I know, but I could see that near my dreams are generally kind of I could categorizing and nine different groups. I find the number nine daunting. That's a lot of different dreams. I have to have at night. I don't know I don't want that kind of responsibility for Hake in a well. I don't think you always have to have all mine think that's just the broad categories they would fall under. Ok, you may always have dreams at your naked at work, which means I'm sure that means I don't either. What do you think that meets at an hour me when you got a dream books and things like that? There's usually bunch of different conflicting theories. Ice ever dream that my teeth were either falling out or being earth shattering. I've heard different different explanations: you're joking me have you had onto its ago it's just its debt that that's that Johnny Vous again, no, it's not deja vu? No, it's not it's! You bringing up something authority were brought up ever said this before this happens or watch her eggs Benedict right. More better
I mean come on shock. I have no no explanation for this, so I think what you, if, if You are having a lucid dream where you are in control and you still shut to work naked. Does it make you a sicker? Yes, a cap for sure what check illicit dreaming that the fact that its even a concept that is being discussed right now. The only reason we slabs are talking about it is if a guy named Stephen LE bears yeah, he sees Canada leading researcher for their Caesar stand. Forgot Stan ferment psycho psycho physiologist, yet which I imagine you got. You get some schooling to get that title, yeah price and dark days and that man's life with that kind of title, yet any gallant from Stanford which legitimizes them to a certain extent. My opinion right, he thousands of a dream, sale which deal legitimize- is heavy things out there and accept my opinion. I would call myself a sack of his heart was yeah yeah he's he's up
The leading man in this category in he runs workshops actually word. I teach you a lucid dream and apparently they ain't cheap, though, thousand dollars a year, and I will also say that and I'm not seeing this guy's a scammer of courses. Money might be completely valid, but he says oh sometimes, it'll. Take you several months of this to several workshops. Role paychecks to Ireland had illicit dream. You can either go to doktor, laborious, lucid dreaming workshop or you can just read this article Khazars, some actual methods of teaching how to lucid dream right running into therein. Our now, I think we should talk a little bit of dreaming the part of the brain. Remember. I said that there is to camps psychological, yeah right and then the physiological sure the physiological kind of came under the scene in nineteen. Seventy seven, I believe, team on like gangbusters, we'll just to think before we can talk about how to lose a dream which talk about what lucid dreaming actually is.
On the vile or not biological, but the physiological that I was here. That's the other, can't there's a psychological, then there's the physiological we know we do know that lucid dreaming occurs during rim. Sleep rise, the fifth sleep staged great when your body is just basically motionless your beer bodies, literally paralyzed right. Figured if we terrifying you don't have any sensory input as far as everybody knows wrong and you can't move except for you. I, like your eyelids innate this Stephen character, has researched set of studies, were they would have a pre and I'm movement correct, we feel yourself falling into a lucid dream. You would signal the researcher hey, I'm having lucidly right, so Lebaron, some of his crew hooked up some people, who I guess reportedly headless dreams to in electoral and safely, Graham and measure the their brain activity, the electrical activity in their brains and then yeah pre arranged a signal,
did you get the impression that the signal was but now fluttered or something like that? I don't know, maybe see us certain pattern of I fluttered or something basis. It was somebody communicating from their their dream state yeah, precarious
I'm having a lucid dream right now. That is super creepy and super cool. Yes, but that's the closest. That's the only evidence that we have the only physical evidence that we have that there is such a thing as lucid dreams right, but actually worked right. Adela friends, I want to tell you about love book, the very easy way to personalize a book to someone you love in three easy steps. Love books, helps customers express the sentiments that may be difficult to say out loud for some of us looking in anyone's particular direction, users can create characters that look just like themselves and the recipient right down to the outcome, and accessories customers have the option to personalize each page as much as they like, but the express option creates a complete book with just a few clicks. Lubbock now offers a membership programme as well. You receive a free book when you sign up. Fifty percent
any additional books, unlimited free digital books and discounts on gift, rap and other products. Love books are the perfect gift for all occasions or just because so right now you can check out love books by going to love book online dotcom, Slash crush, you receive a special twenty percent discount. That is it love book online, dotcom, slash, crush work, and that's that's not really supposed to happen shock like were basically our brains first to be shut down, early supported pray that is capable of you know sending a message from the dream world right now to the waking life were a bunch of people are standing around new white lab coats like watching your eyelids viewpoint, thanks very astute thanks so check what was there to know what's going on in the actual brain through that they could explain, lucid dreaming
as we know we shouldn't. I wish you'd be basically slaves to our dream states. Well, there's a doktor at Berkeley in others Matthew. You're a doctor Matthew. There is a New York cardiologist is really here. Is it sleep lab in California and at Berkeley, and he then I think this theory gonna make sense to me. The lateral prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain. It deals with logic What he thinks is during rim sleep. This part of the brain is supposed to be asleep, but if he thinks is possible, it actually wakes up. So your dream, state and logic or by firing at the same time, rights or the dreamers able to come to recognise that you actually dreaming right, because since you know the logical party, your brain is working, you be like. I don't really fly right must be dreaming or I'm falling now, and I'm going to die yes or another common dream. How about a apparently LISA dreams are off
and sexy sexy dreams, true level of control, erotic in nature, yeah, I've allotted celebrity dreams. Rhyme friends with some of my celebrity here has I have a mother tat. Will not all time have like five or six really detailed, good ones a year that, unlike buddy and around of Larry David or Jean, we in Boeing Loop, Duke he hath poem bacteria, three of us and ride, shotgun, help. I do, though, my Emily was cracks. Option interests funny so check with some undermine Stephen were bears. Is thousands of dollars per workshop? Come on and teach people how to have LISA Dream was still at the very least we're gonna give you a few techniques that you could try. We make absolutely no claims it. This will work, so don't even try to sue us if it doesn't, but it's worth a shot. I think it makes sense, for the first has to be good at his dream recall. Yet that's callicoon set up you should do is keep a dream.
Irey, they say a dream journal and you know it keeps on paper and appear next, your bed and when you wake up right down to your dreaming, even if it's an overnight and as you as you do, that you'll become more attuned to the process, annual kind of train yourself to remember your dreams, yeah. So that's a good start and another another good technique. I guess is no monarch induction of lucid dreaming. You heard of the sun! EL the miles. Yeah yeah lamb at this one of the various techniques so apparently he's given it away sure. Basically, what you do is when you wake up from a dream. You try to recall it. Imports and then, as you're going back to sleep, this apparently would work best in the middle of the night right. When you go back to sleep, you are you. You keep reminding yourself that you're about to start dreaming pretty soon.
You're going to dream again, and you actually want to go back to the last dream. You had right so you're at your controlling things from the outset and then once you get to that dream again, you're gonna start you wanna actively look for what Lebaron calls dream signs the dream sailor calls these dream sign, detail right right! Well, you like, if you have wings, are you fly bright? I see you looking for these kind of things and you remind yourself that your dreaming and that apparently put you in the driver's seat of your dreams, I can give you a lucid dreams that learning control. I would call myself the dream weaver realising what I will call you that
they say- and this is a little extra research dashing. I lay on yeah there's some old Mexican, an indian techniques and their cultures, where you can look at your hands during a dream of your thou and though, apparently, if you look at your hands during a dream, that's a signal that you can take control of it from that point on. But I guess you have to being control to look at your hands in the dream. Southern abundant yeah, but I'd be more willing to trust them like ancient culture practised and then this crackpot Hutton for people, they haven't. They have more staying power, Is there not? I mean I tried out and try and see if I can look at my hands and unnoticed if I even see my hands in my dreams. My all time, favorite, lucid dreaming technique is called reality, testing yeah, laid on me and actually falls in line with the buddhist dream. Yoga were basically
walk around all day going. I'm in the my waking state I'm unconscious reality like when I open. When I turn this door. Not the stores can open in this is gonna, be regular room bind it because I can predict things because this world is based on rationality and logic. Great sea, basically just remind yourself that you're, not dreaming, in the hopes that when you start to dream, you will be aware of this separation, the border between our dream state and waking life, and you can carry this over and say now. I'm dreaming right when I open this door, there's going to be like an eight headed dog on the other side, if you have to speak like an ethnic, your treatments, I've heard it helps a check it yeah yeah. That's how I talk when I'm dreaming, whenever reminding myself anything. I know I've gotta take the garbage out tonight. Yeah, it's really not drink this evening by candidly, another to dream
We know the dreamer. You wanna talk about this thing vs. This is an actual contraption that that the same doctrine California, Liberation built. I guess and it is Katy describes, it is a cross between asleep masking goggles. So you were fuck you when you go to sleep and what does is when it when it how's your ram sleep, sensors track your I've movements to let it now and then it shines a light in your right. It's kind of like looking at your hands the ancient technique- but you have a reliable reminder right? So it shines a light in your eye. In your dream I mean, I guess you stay asleep. I personally would wake up some institutional enemy. I put that yet
Actually, so that's a signal. You know your dreaming at the time and I take it from there near flying. Can we be done with this now? Well, I think this ring river, the twenty five thousand dollar question. Josh. Have you ever had a lucid dream? I don't you know. Why Chuck, I don't remember my dreams very often I'll have yes, I have once let's hear it, do you really want to hear a truncated version? Sure the twenty three men aversion I was basically I had a theme song. Ok, I wasn't actually a pimp, but like kind of like in the very slangy version version of the were pamphlet, get this kind of walking along like what's up yeah you're sure my dog ran past me, but it was a. She was a balloon dog a balloon animalcule and on those about it? Those, but all I remembered, but it was one of the very few times where I was ever like this is cool, and that to me is about the same.
I'm dreaming right like ours arrears. Eight I was enjoying like the stranger. While I was in the dream. You don't owe me yeah, I think that's Polly, the closest I've had to lose a dream. Ask me well Chuck is a time for listener mail Chuck tell me about your lists are doing very well. I don't have one specifically, but it does happen to me from time to time. Well, aware that I'm dreaming in really dig in the dream and manipulating where I'm going in the dream, and where do you go wherever there's a world wherever feel like it so? Where provide a dream sailor serve? You can't box me and wherever the high seas take me so yeah lucid, dreamt and also in pretty good at waking up from a dream.
That was really enjoying in falling back a sleeping in going back into that dreams. You just love to tease yourself her animal light sleeper. Have you ever heard that if you tell people about your dreams, they'll like if you have a nightmarish, you tell somebody the nightmare in detail like you will have it again? I had not what's up with that, and it had plenty recurring dreams. Do I will if you ever have a dream that you saddled with a nightmare? Something the driver. You tell somebody about it, the more likely you or did not have an exciting cursing doktor clerks weeks. Yeah. That's it for me, we're going to do big dream pie cast at some point and on that basis, the how dream work article is thick luminous and filled with stance in numbers and chuck in our drilling over it's a liver. How dreaming works in the future Abso rearing me tell them chuck do listener men Josh, I'm gonna go
stuff, we should now- and I have a special shut up at the end of the really has nothing to do with them So this is from my Mason and aims Iowa, member when we talked about the carbon dioxide pipelines and how there's never been any accident deaths in that kind of thing. Right or there's been actions benefits outweigh. However, how did it go listen! We're talking between nineteen, eighty, six in two thousand six reviving twelve co2 pipeline links with no injuries and none of them over the same period, more than five thousand accidents with an hundred seven fatalities with liquid petroleum, so whoop, it's only fear to pipelines away safer, but there's a lot. Fewer Jeff, though, is awesome,
we have indeed so Mason. I says: greetings gestures and Chuck Irina Little casual. I thought I thought so too makes its wings. You aren't shook the invasion. He says he just listen to the ccs carbon capture, pike, ass, always use and ccs to impress friends yet any actually wrote down abbreviation those containing a wonderful cancer. We grew up in a small town called the mule shoe Texas Sweet and he says that should make my master male read where the already he's right, but he said he groped thirteen miles west of you, you and about five miles from my house, those station on carbon dioxide pipeline that TAT this year to install it in those huge cylindrical tanks, and it was shipped on fixing my trucks from that plant ceases way back in two thousand to there was a catastrophic failure and one of the tanks and actually killed a worker and enter three other. So the explosion,
should all the dishes and our house from five miles away this pretty hard core and his father. He was an air force pilot said he initially thought the noise was sonic them from a jet, so he said it didn't actually result from the leaking pipeline. But if there would have been no pipeline will sorry about that Mason. So we overlook the local tragedy there in mule shoe expressing here. But now just special rules shot out. What is it this is to sully? Who is subsequently yourself? Yes, his mom rodents, mom, pristine, Rodin from Southern California, and Jerry was a big fan of this email as well? And if you read them, you would be as well and so it is solve any sense. If you're really cool little kids about my nephews, age eleven his old. I know like yeah my coat, my cousin, my nephew Noah vehicles, market and they are both big fan of myth, busters in there really smarten into school and stuff and Christendom, reticent,
like us in a Marguerite, her email, but we just want to say hi to Sally Ann thanks for listening, Buddy stay in school keeps study and drinking milk keep keep up. What you're doing Khazar your mom says: you're, really cool, really get hit me: love, modest, mouth so at eleven I mean come on and they might be giants nice. I believe my and if you know it is a big they might be giants veins, while so sweet and sweetest kids once a high and thanks for the support and keep listen. Thank you silly and thank you. Mason, Thank you to everybody who listens to us. If you want to send us an email describing how you built the bird house in your soul, you can send that to stuff podcast how stuff works dot com for more on this and thousands of other topics. Is it how stuff works, not com, What moorhouse have words check out our blogs,
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