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Could you live without a refrigerator?

2014-01-02 | 🔗

Do you know that hulking refrigerator in your kitchen emits CO2 thanks to the electricity it uses each year? It's a comparatively small amount, in truth, but enough that some people have foresworn their fridge and adopted a life without one. Included are bonus food storage tips.

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There is much in the rabbit. Oh, I know that I look more closely at your right. Get those into too clever led into what will be a great and drove them. You know those the intricate fury doesn't wasteful people now. Food waste is a terrible thing. Inward were that's the only part of the tip of the iceberg of this subject that we're about to touch on Tipp of the ice box. This is a huge rambling, enormous topic that were about to tackle.
See check you ve heard of green friendliness year. We, like eco consciousness. He liked to push that racket when we can. Yet it was what said is like more more today. It seems to be others parts they have become in green, like people recycle on recycling. Just the thing. Now it's not going anywhere. You like, if you dont, recycle now, you're kind of like one of those people that throws cigarettes out the window is pretty bad to hear. How do people still do that yet? But I think not to get off my high horse, but I think a lot of the people that tells us tat the window, probably like would say you someone through Mcdonald's back out the window they be like. How can you do that yeah, like they justify cigarettes? Somehow I've seen that people throw those things out like eco, friendly people and adjusted eco friendly smokers. I think justified actions like wound eastern one cigarette. Your car
Do you get this thing s desire for their will underpin a Laker, something a brutal eat. It did. You know that I was at the gas issue today and I saw guy driving off and, as he drove off, he held her hand out the window and released a stack of apparently losing lottery tickets. A stay I'm talking like thirty just right into the pot, I couldn't believe my eyes? I mean it's a joke now, literally on anchor man in the USA like remain when they finish all their might also just throw all their stuff like in the park it they dislike. Madman had one of those do they have like a family picnic and after they gathered up their stuff and dislike, picked up the market throughout the track out right, let's go directly, that's how I used to be the weird that that used to be a thing that it's ok to throw trash on racism in its it's, not ok, but some people still do. I seen it, but the point is
I am making a point here, believe it or not. There is some parts of the green movement that have become entrenched ensconced in them stream culture in having an impact at having a real factor is ivy enough of it. For our headed for global catastrophe eventually, but when we, when we think, the Green movement now it almost seems past tense, like it was their parts of it that seem like a bit of a bad yeah. You know I mean they being green. How green can you
Like what can you do, and there is this thing they can and popped up in two thousand nine, because with and New York Times article where people were starting to give up their refrigerators area as part of the green movement to be green. To basically like say, I'm greener than now right, you get the impression that that's what they're doing ultimately there saying now, it's one last thing: that's using up activity through its saving co2 emissions, but it seems to me to fall long line of the people who had themselves sterilised, so they couldn't contribute to the growing population global population. Europe signals about the same, they have to meet the other, the refrigerator. What is far more reversible, fizzy discount Frazier Foggy then pay I'm back baby will you can run
sure you're procedure tonight have gets to visit you, I think it's camera. At the role of the dice. There really was a little work again. Oh, I thought you could get reversion of no sweat. They can. You know reverse it, but it doesn't necessarily work out. Ethel unspoken men now, the cyber. So should we talk about food waste, always talk about this refrigerator thing really fixated on the food waste thing. I want to be part of whether or not you can go thy fridge. Well, that's! Let's talk about what happens or why people go without a fridge. First shock. If your bear with me, so people are pulling the plug on these refrigerants, where they weren't, two thousand nine or ITALY. Three people were in two thousand and one in Canada. I think early yeah, and but the impression from reading the original New York Times article there were. There is a kind of the sub thing among the
you will go green. There was another age, no like bamboo flooring accord. No in the New York Times, article pointed out that it seems to be a dividing line among green, the Greek conscious and they go crazy, yeah like well, where some people say that preposterous that damn thing I've ever heard and then other people are like look at how far unwilling to go right to be green. So. What's that, with the benefit of all well, a refrigerator uses electricity, and I guess we can give you a couple of steps to bring it home for your typical fridge post, two thousand users about four hundred fifty kilowatts per year. Yet it thanks to the Energy star rating. Yet which is better than it used to be for sure, and if you want to translate that into cheeseburgers, no eight in two miles driven in your car, because we're talking about the emissions
two that's about eight hundred miles driving a car about eight hundred miles, depending on what can it will shatter how'd. You get because really see eye to eye thirty, five gown, the gas, thirty five counter. So even then article. They point out that its Kind of low on the less it ranks behind closed, drier Julia draw air and your furnace. Do you furnaces leaks, six thousand kilowatts a year and amazing, so you're you're refrigerator? four hundred and fifty kilowatt hours of electricity per year to science. High up in your household now is nowhere near, but I think the people who are pulling the plug on these refrigerators are saying every little bit counts here and they probably have already taken other green precautions like they probably don't run their furnace like this. In a bright like they might have a patent.
Three they better, not if they use a normal old like yeah, terrible electric furnace. They then I'm gonna go to them. House and have right like shaking outside their house. Yet there eating out of a vaguely cooler right. What they do I mean likely with when when you pull the plug on the fridge, I wish I could just come up with another phrase that roles of the tongue tired of saying that when you go without a refrigerator, yeah, deep Ridge, the fridge nice things when you d fridge, you still need typically some source of cooling inside of your home, something they can keep some food items from perishing because we apparently refrigerators. If we don't need to that is true. You can keep that catch the mustard out on the counter hot sauce articles three years in a regular, pantry, really
rocky keep another week growing up kept a lot of stuff out of the fridge and not for any reason other than this. Wasn't. My house, like, I remember, butter like a train How do you know my counter? But it's better that way rooms of Mary could meet yeah. I like it's. Alright, it's us credible. I keep my own afraid just to keep it longer again: damage verbal man if you go to a restaurant and they give you butter and it's cold did just like what do you do? It's literally Emily's biggest pet beef, is where I agree. We hold roles with cold butter, yeah or hot rules with Colombia, because you get the hot rosy think displaced knows what they're doing it and you get this cold pat of butter so I ve developed a technique. You know that under the carpet methods, while its close its itchy just keep your hands and put a couple of those little
all right you want to make sure threaten. Foil is passive called butter, and you hate him up. Pretty quick and I'll. Tell you what you can make some friends around the table. If you heat somebody, form because nobody likes called by then you hand them little butter patent like here. Take this it's my gift to you. I like it when they deserve a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar here, that's too, but I like good room temperature butter, especially like the three percent milk fat content or Malta did so. I said but her out, we left them. Remember certain condiments being left out without free Tibet. The boss, yeah, like a lot of vegetables refrigerate now like a never refrigerate peppers and onions, and will you don't want to few, do refrigerated onion. It will last longer. But if you're going to use it, if you want to take it out,
for joy and bring it up the room temperature before you hook with their use in food because it takes a lot of the temperature light, but that's also it's a tip if you hate crying earlier, because where, if you a cold onion. The enzyme that eventually set off a chain reaction that make you cry here is contained it's not as volatile another set so that your, u tip from attacking Josh, might kill me too, with onions. Do they depend on me and you and it's not just like us little tears, it's like massive burning it really that really the area you should send your sensitive. I didn't! Dump you don't mind explains exactly was gone out with you have seen it all casein, so you out of the vegetables, I don't keep like it depends on when I'm gonna eat it. If I bring home some like a big head of cauliflower I'll, keep that out in the fruit basket. For a couple of days, I've never seen before my entire life what color
out of only seen it in like a crisper draw. You have left cauliflower. Broccoli out, like green onions and can see their lemon grass sure garlic, of course, yet potatoes refrigerator, I think I would like the majority this point. If I saw like cauliflower out and like a fruit with acquitted duchess, one been your house, I didn't notice them well had gone through the company for her statement. Tomatoes or another one to their last longer in the fridge cook with them, you want to bring up the room temperature, some stuff, you just don't wanna refrigerate potatoes Thirdly, do very well in the fridge you put him in a nice brown paper, sack in your pantry away from the sunlight. They keep for time. Yet you know Jerry, I think Jerry showed me. The little trick was it you cilantro Jerry in the eye? What I need to know, because I need a lot of luck to you, this launch or you don't use just fill up a glass
half full of water and destroyed in there and just leaving out in your kitchen. Oh, I like the base at it in the water into space, rushed like super long and in the fridge can beat up salon treasure after like a day or two. I, like your optimism, motorway thank you advocate, does what always kills me? Why I e the lot I have a cargo is well try to keep this fresh right. A lotta tricks do well, here's here's your trick neighbourly Eric you any of it are you nothing. I'm Carter, yeah yeah, that's it for the Al Qaeda have no trick for that. But what are you in a whole you're, pretty much not understand, but I don't know I don't like it is ten in Iraqi. No, I mean it's like once I can anyone ever Cairo, all of their ever cargo is about to be consumed by me out so that the debt but I do have another task for you, though, without Carlos you know how you
the storing you like Squeezer menu. You can find wine out of a hundred and fifty that squeeze evolves pretty nice. It is by that squeezed It's gonna be nasty, improves and just disgusting there's gonna be basically like wrought wherever you and everybody else squeeze that avocado. You can have a lot less useful overcoat. Do you wanna get one that you can't squeezes so firm? It can't be squeezed well, but then he had to wait a few days to either. You can wait one day why they all it takes my friend and here's, how you take it brown paper bag in via banana, and you put the banana in Africa in the Bronx roll it up pretty tight by leave a little space in there and they do it and the rights that they get it on and what happens is the hour counters ripened Brill gather the banana ripened turns out us. Well, it put up a gas interesting,
ripens, the avocado, I'm gonna, try them and I'm not kidding twelve to twenty four hours. You have totally ready avocado. Because I, like my habit, cargoes firm still, oh you're, gonna, This choice and not mushy, but not not hard you, but you sperm, you're gonna. Thank me later. I'm excited a value of a cargo experiences. I'm too so there's plenty stuff that doesn't need refrigerated, though that's one way that people can the fridge yeah this turning into like food wanna, one with Josh and shut up, that's ok! Yet plenty suffer United refrigerate for people still use some sort of cooling mechanism, yeah like a cool like. If you have me, Sir dairy products, if you want to Not a fridge. Most people use a cooler and the
did annoy me with its articles I said, or these and many freezer to make eyes, Michael, that's probably just about as bad as you're stupid right. Well, it's pretty close! So like one of those little chest freezers, I didn't see the size of it. Oh a six point, four cubic feet, chest freezer, which is a big, but it's not that small. But apparently that's the it's the the thing that people who defrayed use that still uses two hundred kilowatt hours a year so really by unplugging refrigerator, and it is in fact either you're saving about fifteen gowns gas a year near enough. That's your best like spend your time doing better thanks for taking part in a great. While again, I think people who do this are saying I'll. Do this on top of stuff and then a kind of cleverly. If you ask me they're using the ice chest to would basically Philip, like a two leader bottle of water, which they didn't to go to waste the two later bottle pudding,
those in the freezer chest and then having like a separate cooler that they put up the frozen water bottles in to keep cool their milk in their meat and stuff. Like that yet- and we know what we're gonna talk about, some tips for shopping to accommodate I'm sorry, but first a stickler message hey everybody. I wanna talk to you about your website that doesn't look good and this hard to program because square space does it better yeah they do square space Is this amazing magical tool that you can just basically got people group and all of a sudden, you have a website to do whatever you want with you can use it to sell stuff. You can use it to tell your world about all the great thoughts you have and now screw is also offers email campaign. So you can take your business in below it up here we space. Ourself are very
pillar as well as K, live website. Strike of Oliver comings and goings, and Oliver alive shows- and it's always a joy to go in there and update the squares. I could do so easy and it always look so great and it makes me feel smarter than I am yet they offer customizable lay out powerful, editing, mobile editing, not just for your website, but also for email campaigns to so go check. It out, go to square space, dot com, Slash Duff. Today, so just go to square space. Dot com flashed up today for a free trial when you're ready to launch everyone use the for good stuff to save ten percent on you. First purchase of a website or domain square space discotheque in it all right you're talking about the cooler full of frozen models of water. To keep like your milking, ass, a mere darien stuff. But if you, when you go to the store, if you're gonna, try me this way, you can probably by the gallons of milk
must you really get a lot of milk? You might wanna by courts of milk right. You can't gotta sands club and by a gallons of man, is unless you eat that pretty yeah, we should focus more attention on your man, his habits there were you do for the environment. So have the by smaller amounts of things which they say can cost a little more but well yeah. If you're not wasting food, though like, if you let it up the food waste, you probably burning a lot of money and there can be far less food waste if you're buying in smaller amounts right The other side of that, though, is if you're in friendlier eco, conscious view. One of the things that you have probably trying to avoid is packaging as well, and if you buy a smaller amount of food, that means you buy more power. Shoot and- and if you have smaller amounts of food, the media to go to the the nor more often hear, and then you may have to drive more often was doesn't matter if your writing a bike or something like that. But if you
driving a car than your burning. Those gowns gas that you'd night might necessarily not have been anyway. You, like you, get in your old. Seventy pick up and try to twelve miles. You get like a pint of man right if the stuff and Philip at least So can we talk a little bit about food waste, though, because it's it's a pretty big thing like if you have no refrigerator the the chances of your food spoiling, just simply increase if he had no refrigerator yeah? Well not so, apparently, according to two thousand report and less developed countries, they have no refrigerators thanks less foods voyage Bam issues faced me because they're like their eating, what they need right now: they're, not gonna, SAM's club right and by seven hundred chicken mcnuggets stupid.
Freezer. I hear that and I guess, if somebody who d fridges uses the developing world as a model for while their food consumption yeah, I wonder what the hang up there are, though, that would keep you from successfully doing or if it is entirely possible to just watch how you're eating enough. So you don't have very much food waste. Maybe let's talk food waste. Finally, in developing countries, post harvest losses of food grains can reach Assize fifty percent fifty percent did in developing countries. In that, I'm a sad statistic yet because one of the things that makes us say it check- is that that food has been harvested and is ready to go there. So not only is it ready to go, it doesn't make it to somebody stomach all of the energy used to produce harvest
in transport that food has already been used as well? He added with a huge waste there too, such as food waste, double bummer unto every farmer that I address, I'm good at it. Friends about a billion dollars a year to dispose of food waste in this country a billion dollars a year and the EPA says that food leftovers of the single largest part of our waste stream yeah by wait right. They make up about percent of municipal landfills annoyed her pretty awful word in another themselves, because municipal landfills are responsible for about thirty four percent of methane emissions globally or at least in the EU.
And methane is twenty one times more damaging as a greenhouse gas that co2 and other food waste is producing like tons of methane, which I don't understand. Why we're not capping that methane and burning it off his energy? I know there are some pilot projects, but I want to say my that's not a bigger thing now here didn't waste study some about Calvert yeah. I saw that seem that ring the bell from the past Livestock is a huge contributor to methane emissions here, and nobody knows with do about that. There were plans to kind to trap it burnt for electricity. I think there was a farmer who is doing get there is using camp who, personally, I think that dirty jobs episode did something like a definite remember. Looking at that, but I agree nothing with trap. It there's a team.
I say yes, a food waste is a. I thought it was a the potential is increased without refrigerator. You open my eyes here but another, but those double farmers that I did at the more packaging and more trips to the sword. Yet again, If you have a if you live near a store, you can bike to or something like that. That gets around that. And then also, if you are one of those zero waste people, they give. You heard a bee Johnson, yes, she's, pretty remarkable. What's your website, it is as Euro waste home if she's, when these people, that is doing like that, the family, except It like, let's see what we can really do, yeah and put it put it on a blog. She arm. I think her family is the one that has produced a court of waste in a year, the court of trash any any year. Everything else is real.
She has five hours, you think you're three hours are worthwhile, reduce Rees, recycle order, her other to refuse oh She said. Looking up. It's free. You know that free frisbee, the chiropractor, gives yeah see you dont want. I did a lot. Actually, I don't want that a lot of that junk, okay, so you're in line with this year, reduce which would be here. And I say using your own numb, your own mammography bags, Algeria, to reducing the use of the story girl. She vanity reuse here, so don't throw your own grossly back away. Is it again at recycle? Yes, you ve heard of this one church and am rot. Chuck rot like riding
If you're not gonna, do this. For the last time, you were right, I'm sure, compost, ok, yeah and, like you said about the people that, like I want to go without a fridge, but I'm gonna go to the grocery store every ten minutes to get a packet of manners. I don't think that's a case like a bet. A lot of those people are growing food in their gardens and cheered on posting, unlike probably not doing that impose. Also, she points out be Johnson points out that a lot of stuff there. We would consider food waste. Like you know, she source food waste to me is a. I think we should do a whole Pakistan. It is fascinating, yeah, mind boggling. The amount of waste we produce food was afraid that something like a third of all of the food in the world, goes to waste one way
Other either yeah like fifty percent. The developing world doesn't make it after being rising food waste from the United States in the grocery stores. In the U S, there's any kind of cosmetic imperfect. Yet it's up pretty enough: they just roadway, there's nothing wrong with it, but it does get off that. I don't think I would like to know what goes on behind the scenes of like a huge grocery Jane. I think we need to get to the bottom of the experts say perhaps, but it right but be Johnson points out a lot of stuff. They even people at home. We consider wasted spoiled food, can be re used like, if you have a bunch of stale bread make bread pudding. If you have some wilted, let us drop in a nice bath and wakes back up earlier, while celebrated the birds. What's nice like when I have Molly bread, always like gotten throw it. And then do you hear the birds afterwards. I greatly when I get my be began. Monitoring of baby gaze teach him
eat out your hand and gravel snaffle neck. You get brown dress for dinner. That's our state bird! We get in trouble, for that. Would we hear you can kill you state bird? I figured it was the state because it was the tasty whispered thinks so you Douglas. This is pretty interesting. If you want to talk about people really go, the extra mile did not have a carbon footprint. Some to make their own shoes at all times there's an old genes and help, of course, ok yeah not much art support, though apparently for like a magazine, I would imagine you can eat your weeds. Yard right. If you're, under that lot of edible weeds like out, muster chickweed yeah,
like what's a weed but some plant that we decided, we didn't want yeah. I read something somewhere about the human diet, how it's become so narrow. We used to eat a lot more stuff that lot more weeds and, as a result, our health is a lot better. Yet the bitter I think we talked about it before. Have you have you got to the point to where everything we talk about ring the Bell liquid mention everything before you have a world is getting narrower. It is, but I feel like we talked about before the better the plant, the the healthier it. It tends to be you said also bitterness, though, also certain success as poisonous too well. That is part of the inability task and you shouldn't go in here and is perpetuated and eat them not everything is edible dying is not that. Can do so, but
do habitable weeds, and you want to add them. As in your salad, you somethin its that's something that some people do. Some people are some people use old license plates, decide their houses. Is it true? It's in this article, of course it and better and better. That's the thing I could see that and you know what why not, that there is going to waste a licence. Wait till we get a bird house made out of his way to ours. Acute interpret that boy, yet it gets. It was a higher California in Georgia, which was Emily's states, which is kind of weird the triumvirate I gotta have a visa for baby,
in practice. This response from you know I shot an animal once in my life, and it was one of the worst things it had at ever happened to me. I was too young, I gotta be begun and I'll start shooting cans, trash that shot a squirrel, and it hurts me to this day I made in my pupil hunters, if you're in it, that that's fine, I'm just not into such as well as twelve. Your haunted. I want to come clean as it. What's his put burger thing, I can't find any any corroborating evidence for. Basically there was a story that popped up on a couple of blogs, about a japanese scientists to basically converted human feces into and edible Berger and the two blog posts I saw. Were basically piggybacking off of each other here and the original source would lead to a forum for error. Sir, I think it's, I think the american press accidently picked up a year.
Men article is something I will have added. If anyone can cooperate, cooperate had the worst time with the word can corroborate yeah, I can never said a word right, cooperates who operate corroborate corroborate there you go. Can we put it in doing so, You can. Let us know that the story is true. The area, Let us now there are I'm speaking of fissile material, though check there. There was also the some green movement to give a toilet paper. All I heard about that. Do you remember that huge ball in the that was the size of a school bus that was made of like handy wipes and fat in London Atomic ruminant I'll really now it was this daddy deposit made
of Greece and used candy. Why is it like an hour project knows trapped in the London sewers? Oh ok, I thought a million displaced. Now, no god now. I remember that there was a that's her if it was within the last year. Well, anyway, I, yes, some people are taking the same further in saying that even toilet paper will touch my bottom. Instead, I'm going to use basically diapers outside square, a hustler. You keep a pail of clean ones on one side and a door pale on the other, and then you just wash the puppy ones. And your green her out of go that far.
But I m interested in a bit of a day because I do think toilet paper. Isn't disgusting like taking dry thin paper and wiping poop from your scan it, and I don't get it and it's never made sense to me or even as a child, since I got grown enough to realise that moisture is a pretty nice thing. The horizon reclaiming booth, yeah pillow vaseline in there. A day. I've been doing today, ok and am exclusively with the wet wives a year contributing to the huge fat deposit ball. Really seawater is made up even as it sailor vegetables, it's probably a bunch of bank, the London think it's bad enough for some reason, I don't remember why, by like it was almost exclusively wives and fat.
Like they are attracted to one another, something like that. Many of them are anything to be like a squirrel, yeah or the remnants of a squirrel in. There is simply no it's just what whites in Greece. Let's get this on back on the rails and finish it up. I don't have anything else, you did you see the Albert Einstein refrigerator. Oh, that's like I know trinity whatsoever. Yeah thanks since the work it does need a source of heat,
But in nineteen thirty eight, I think I'll sign in one of his former students developed refrigerator that has no moving parts requires. It could be run on solar energy, but basically it uses. You know when you lower the pressure and the atmosphere pressure if something it boiling temperature ours as well, and then, when you boil something it sucks energy out of the surrounding atmosphere and lowers the temperature. It's basically, this kind of Rube Goldberg Ask Einstein invention that this guy in Oxford was trying to rebuild knee. Meda tests pilot version of it, but it's like not very efficient. I think that's a new anything, but our I've seen a lot of stuff lately about people remaking like some early invent that were never able to be properly made. You think you could have a matter like this. Stuff, Wilder's maker, yeah, there's a tv show where they definitely did the dimension stuff, but those remote mainly like weapons and things
but I did see video the other day, someone mated dementia, a musical instrument that dementia invented that was never properly made and it was on look like a play like a piano but sounded like strings, and it was. It was really kind of autumn. So that's a long way thing build this bridge, the Einstein for each other's other things you can do to. If you have a fridge in Europe, Giving up. Your fridge gave a fridge that's older than two thousand years, and you have a lower the dough go by an energy star rated one throw that. I don't know I use it is like a play there's something out in your backyard to grow food. And yet you can always suffrage yeah. Like any appliance that works, you can sell the somebody you just want to take the door automation, a little kids get trapped in it or in the,
That's right! You also, if you do have an energy star rated fridge, you wanna clean the coils off once a year that will keep it run efficiently right exactly. You want to think about what you're going to open the fridge to get to you to stand there with the fridge open, like a slightly, yoga, like everybody, does right, yeah! I'm then, apparently, if you keep your fridge fairly stocked there, will allow it to the temperature to bounce back to where it needs to be. It has less thumb, atmosphere, catch a cool. My friend, you have to open to get the water filtered. Why which really bugs me? It's not like in the outer door? I've never seen it here. You just live in a coup
you got cauliflower around, bear skin to open the door. To guess that's a larger sitting cups all over the house. That's a good idea. I've tried that, but put it in the fridge in its rex it so I guess maybe just leaving it out and it will last for quite a while. I love that stuff, you don't. You feel bad for people who taste dish soap when they each launcher. Yeah left London, to me, he's your motor for twenty twenty get the big things done better, faster and easier with captain that's right capture as a free website. Millions of people use every month defined software. For their businesses yet kept terror helps businesses thrive by making the software buying processes easy and effective as possible. They educate you on how to get the most out of your software tools and services before and after buying. Yes, you can search more than seven hundred specific categories of software, you can filter options by features, can filter by pricing
and more. You can even compare software side by side which is really helpful. It is helpful in its just very easy to use and it's a great resource for anybody. Looking for software, so visit cap, Tara, dot com, slash stuff for free to day and find the tools to make an informed software decision for your business cap, Kara, DOT, com, slash stuff see a p p r r, a dot com, slash stuff kept era We're selection simplified What's it about Sancho If you want to learn more about it, you can type their word into the search bar has the forks economic also type it can I go without a refrigerator in the search bar no bring this article up and since they said search That means it's typhoid listener. Male Yang! This from one of our law enforcement officers,
my name's animal police officer for law enforcement agency in Saint Louis Missouri area. Go cardinals. I am a big fan and show and appreciate the always knew interesting topics in discussions. I have noticed that you seem to finicky for law enforcement related topics, which is true, you d find it you'd, love them I would just was. I think I wanted to be a cop or something maybe you may security guards I would just listening to the mess podcast and notice that you mentioned one of the first shaken bake incidences and that's a mobile met lab. Apparently, that's like the coupling of which occurred actually in my precinct Walmart remember. We talked about that I was not yet employed there, but I know one of the officers. I know the answer that responded. What I they had a woman will shoplifting was in custody of the loss prevention officers when they call for police assistance. My now worker arrested her in the process discovered a gate.
Bottle and are birds which is being used as a mobile, meth, lab fez, so crazy. It is very great I met usage in areas I work in is rampant. Annoying then, on the fourth lesson, a year, I've already handled to methods of my own having in four Sansom the reactions, the myth that these votes have. I will say that your premature, I don't additionally, another unfortunate situation is that where the the myth lab typically their children. One amendment it is also home to seven kids to really sad cited I remember one episode of breaking man, which one the one with pink men basically gets kidnapped by this method, who rub a machine. Israel, kid they typically, you will find. Parents have little interest in their children.
Hey them very little. Attention in general are all interested in using math scandal. One track my situation, so it makes you appreciate Non Matthews versus Wedding Andy's, as today officer very rapid apathy. I didn't expect that on the bottom here yet another parts that might have read awkward suggestions, but I may I took the suggestion stood me. Is it a mystery suggestions here, maybe Well, if you want to send us a mystery suggestion, we are welcome to those you can tweak to us it s. Why escape? I guess you can join us on Facebook. That comes lifestyle. You can send it to me, mail to stuff podcast at discovery, dot com- you can hang out with us at our nice little warm home on the way
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