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Do toads cause warts?

2009-04-16 | 🔗

Toads have a reputation as wart-spreaders, but they're not actually to blame for the unsightly growths. Viruses are. Tune in to this podcast from HowStuffWorks.com to get the skinny on toads, warts and viruses.

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Hey folks available now from Iheart a new series presented by T Mobile for business. The restless ones join host Jonathan Strickland, as he explores he coming technological revolution with e restless business leaders who stand right on the cutting edge. They know is a better way to get things done and they are ready, curious and excited for the next technological innovation to unlock their vision of the future. In each episode will learn more from the restless ones themselves and I've deep into how the five g revolution could enable their teams to thrive. The restless one is now available on the eye heart radio up or wherever you listen, podcast brought to you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready are you welcome to stuffy should now from Hasta forks come and walk into the park cast Josh Clark with me, as always, is one Mr Charles W Luscious Brian. We can't checkers. He calls me compensated.
And this stuff. You should welcome as going to do that may be the best into. Thank you. It's the fact that I'm not wearing pants right now. I think I will very briefly in easy, compensate animal sweaty. Okay, so shock view You have worked in your kid. I have had to incidences of words Currently, I have a word on my surrender. My knee a long time and is now a real ones. It sticks up. You know our into the universe, s pretty small and not a big deal I had planners warts when I was like fifteen. If you had those nor have these are the words just up the walk, a dude, it's awful. They heard really painful year. They grow up in to your foot and set out, and I think a color for my brother has he had it and when he was George Attack, brothers dirty dirty, dirty, Scott,
and evaluate the handsome when they Christina Richie likes. Oh yeah, like a male model, that I thought it was great growing up in it. This is a way smarter than me slamming tram. It's great. Anyway and happy birthday by the way, my brother, how happy birthday, Scotland and Molly Edmunds happy birthday, Molly? Fellow rider, that aside, I had georgian. It really really painful and had them burned off, and that was painful. Yet the frozen liquid nitrogen. Yes, I have been through their experience to hear you. I had wartime, like my fingers, I my elbows here there
the kid really every once in a while, like they just kind of pop up and I'm out of you like, let's go to the year, were against the dermatologist rights and quit picking up Prague's. We told that not quite had a pretty good story, but yes, I will. I have heard that toad specifically cause warts. I've heard that is well censure nobody's. Not, let's start with were so well wow every bit as subway just fell away. His deeds got rid of an entire page of this article with that, while this because we don't plan the stuff, do you wanna talk about I'll? Show you yeah. Ok, all right, so Australia has a pretty big problem right now, right, probably more than one, but this
this one we're talking about his LE gather in the grip of like a horrible drought. Still are there really oh yeah and its hitting their bread basket to write the bread basket? Yet what they have with this one problem is, with the giant keen toad right, boffo Marinus love that boffo it sounds like a giant Kane TOAD name right you're. So these things get to be like two pounds, which is pretty substantial for a toad. Yet leave loud scare me we're back in nineteen thirty five, the the austrian government imported a hundred and one giant Kane toads from Hawaii others, one eye one sector gathered a hundred, and then there must be like one.
He Fraga Year, they like you can't do come on. Let's go to show your kid, so yet they imported Queensland from Hawaii, and actually these things are indigenous to central and South America, but apparently they can live in Hawaii to write and they d the recently imported and was to fight this. Some giant keen beetle row giant came it'll. Just a plain old came, beetle shirt and apparently giant Kane toads, like the cane beetles, makes sense so that they are so you had a big infestation in their crop plants with these can be also the imported. The giant Kane toads and Giant Kane toads did absolutely nothing to eradicate the cane beetle right. I think a lot of times when you introduce a species and non native species to an area thinking, it will accomplish some feet that usually into backfiring yeah of definitely cannot cut. Do here in the south, yeah
that one wasn't that that was a gift actually from our japanese friends. Will thanks for the in the thirties, while they keep energy control over there, but here in the south it is a grossly cuddy right, yeah and effort, those friends of ours who are listening, that I've ever been to the Southeast United States. This stuff can take over a hundred and fifty put tall oak yeah a walking of swallow. It holds everything like an ivy it down ever seen. It looks a lot like, but it also has its kind of creepy quality like I'm killing. This tree check it out right and you can't do anything to kill the stuff and is out of control. So I guess we're we're. Trying to say is: please help us send help
when the giant Kane TOAD, did nothing to eradicate the game, it all and even worse, they apparently are prolific lovers. Yes, because since nineteen thirty five, the hundred and one a regional Kane toads turned into the billions, there are billions of cane toads, an Australian literally overran, though the entire country yeah incontinent, here's the most in settling part. They are slowly hopping toward civilization. Right, Perth and then sidney- and I mean Didn'T- I just a creeping up billions of totally slowly coming your way. I've ever seen a documentary now those an awesome documentary, it's really all calm, Kane toads and a natural history via documentary Mark Louis and it's kind of one. These classic documentary, real, yes, right, gray garden is taken on leashes cult following yes at, which is our producer, Jerry's favorite movie of all time, Gregg ardent yeah. Really you didn't know they. We ve had Blake this conversation.
Times. I remember there. I just watch that this past week in there for the first time, I've never seen it either it was unsettling. I thought a bit long and I'm looking forward to the H beer, be stirring what MS drew Barrymore. Anyone is just the Lange I write so like such a SEC, but in warfare, We say this since we are not exactly but a cyber tangent. Yes, is highly tangential, and this is a tangent unattended. One of my friend's name, both Kelly, actually apparently had a ring that he went to the people who made this HBO remake real and the guy, whoever the characters it places the piano for the women a lot he wears the ring in most of these scenes has weird. Isn't it weird I just found out yesterday, pertains to anything but Vega. Okay, so back the giant came right. Billions of them is where we left off and they are moving towards the big city right and the problems they have no natural predators right, which is even worse than the
predators that our around Australia haven't figured out that they shouldn't mess with these kaintuck right is what happens is that the giant painters are highly toxic. Yes, they emit a cocktail of fourteen toxins right from the word turn their back, which are actually glands right. This right that we should say that again, the works on a frog are glad, not war but that's where you get the impression that talk can give you warts sure yeah. So anyway, to things like crocodiles, dingoes, all sorts of other animals are being killed by picking up these giant came to write, you get. Scared is secrete. This talks in and then all of a sudden, some alligators belly up here and I sure to pound came tat, looks like a nice meal for no, I don't think so. Yeah were not aware of their toxins,
One sure I cook at first but sure so anyway, as bigger problem, as these Kane toads are posing the Australians right now. One thing they're not going to do is cause words. There is our sake way that you ruined earlier, but now it's all good, hello friends. I want to tell you about love book, the very easy way to personalize a book to someone you love in three easy steps. Love books, helps customers express the sentiments that may be difficult to say out loud for some of us looking in anyone's particular direction, users can create characters that look just like themselves and the recipient right down to the outfits and accessories customers have the option to personalize each page as much as they like, but the express option creates a complete book with just a few clicks. Low book now offers a membership programme as well. You receive a free book when you sign up
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What we can say that with a hundred percent factual yeah- and you know how we know that science sides sure well what science is told. This is that since toads, don't actually have words, they have glands right and we know that athletes- the human pavlovian virus. Yes, that causes warts hpv better known as HPV up the incense toads, don't secrete hpv toad, can't give you out there you so that's it. So we just back it up now. So we talk about each baby. Let's talk about HPV, which may ring a bell for people, because there is a there's been a huge push rose really prominent in two thousand six in two thousand seven
you get mandatory inoculations for young girls right against HPV. Here I mean it's: it's a lot of people are affected by HPV. They estimate twenty million people in the. U S alone are infected with some form of HIV and there are about one hundred different types of aid right, and some of them are worse than others, like the HPV inoculation that debt that the government was the state governments are pushing for inoculate against the strain that did you, cervical cancer, which is the biggest hpv poses a person's right there, slightly lesser ones, like general words which won't kill you, but it's not pleasant. Good luck! Finding a partner
now and the year a means towards together. Don't make people feel good in general. That's how I was glad you said you reward was near me: yes yeah! So yet again can cause general words and, of course it. We can also cause good old fashioned. Regular words, yes, but that can I say little aside about that. Push for eight PV, inoculate I'll, tell ya! Think in this interesting. I think so. Thanks for the vote of confidence, the basically in two thousand, sixty thousand
huge push to get girls inoculated as part of like the monster Bela you, if you want to go to school, you have to get an hp. The inoculation at the forefront of this push was a group called women and government right. Wig, yes- and they are this huge assemblage of female elected officials which is fine and they they they took up the cause of our so good right. The problem is, it was revealed that a large proportion of wigs funding was coming from. Merk marks the pharmaceutical company, and they are the only ones who have an FDA, approved HPV inoculation,
market right Garda cell. So if all fifty states started passing mandatory, hpv inoculation legislation then more extensively in quite a bit, because there's no competition, they have that kind of set things back a little bit, but as I think that two thousand eight there are forty one different state legislatures that had bills on the floor, if not already passed mandating the girls have to get a HPV population growth and nineteen states have already enacted them said enough figure absolute. So the same thing that can give you, cervical cancer, can also give you words right. Most people can walk around with HPV enough. No, it may not even have common worked right right, but if you do get common wars with what's going on there
well, I'm usually their words- are gonna, be on your hands and fingers, and aside from the way it looks, his words can have a negative connotations physically, but aside from the aesthetics of it, there is really no threat that they pose they're, not cancerous, which is weird because all cancer is uncontrolled. Growth right in all award is
controlled cellular got near? It is weird, but they eventually start growing. I guess a tumor never starts growing until it dealt with right and works can absolutely spread from one person to another, even through shared objects, yeah the I don't have to go like. If you had a word on your cheek, I don't have to go and liquor your work right now me to get it all you have to do is come in contact with your dirty older brother. In Bam. You got worse act. I totally got it from him weird I you can even get it off assuring a bath, how somebody athwart it's a hearty virus yet again, so the other problem is, although warts deuce eventually stop growing when they die yeah they slop off at which spread so like. If you ever have words like a word on your finger, he can probably look forward to getting worse and other fingers near by re close by the lifecycle. Some, it's not never ending. Eventually, your body will produce the antibodies needed them way off. The word but
and you have to wait longer hours longer times than address, but they will eventually go away, which is getting so. What are you? What do you do if you want to get rid of your work, you don't feel like waiting around for your body to catch up and get rid of bright. We can take some nail clippers, I'm just getting absolutely round. His hat can do what we are talking merrily can freeze them off, is called crowd therapy and that's what he's the liquid nitrogen and there are also some over the counter on remedies that have a South South South Cyclic, so opponents, Zella cyclic acid. As the active ingredient and both of these methods base, we will create a blister around the area of the word and then that will be shed once the blister falls under the butcher falls off. Basically, what you're doing is you're making your skin react in such a way that it covers up the war, so you can't spread right and then, when the butcher falls off because it goes underneath the war and over the warden along the sides briskly
later than you blister eventually goes away, but it takes a word with right, as can express, it is grossly it's really simple in basic. It has really works and it's it's kind of elegant and simplest. You're an hour. If it's really bad, you can opt for a laser surgery and prescription treatments. If, if you have general works, you might wanna go that hold! No, if you, if you're common warts, don't work very well. If you have general awards, they're gonna give you prescription medicines, but if your common wards are responding, Elect cry or therapy or anything I may give you. The prescription for genital wards dress a hard core stuff, I'm ads or as happened with the laser right or deferred thing out. Asia love that just hit. It was fitted with proper he's running over the best her yet- it's a new year and you want to keep growing your team, but you need the right tools to help. Keep ya or hiring streamlined inefficient, and that is where zip recruiter, dot com, slash stuff comes in a three zero
praetor send your job to over one hundred of the webs leading job boards, but they don't stop there with their powerful gene technology, they actually scan thousands of resuming define people with the right experience and invite them to apply to your job. Zipper critter, so effective for four out of five employers who post on recruiter, get equality candidate through the site within the first day man, you can. We save a lot of time if your hiring and right now listeners contrive zipper greater for free at zip, recruiter, dot, com, slash stuff, zip, recruiter, dot, com, Slash s t you F, F, Zip, router. These smartest wait a higher. There is also something called a blister beetle
lives up to its name rights. They figured out how to extract a certain toxin from the buster beetle, which causes a blister reaction in human skin and basically does the same thing as some in whatever was the first thing. You said they create a blister the cry of airplane yeah yeah. So it is the same thing except it's. It's natural right gets its beetle extract sure, and some people like Spanish Fly, yes, which is not good for words or anything now, so I check with senior oh did you want to mention that wonder that one or wives tail what to do? If you have words yeah I've never heard of this? Actually so good on you thanks, apparently bearing a cat at midnight. Is one of the wives tales that you
and that means a bearing a life. I check that out and no it's a deck, ok, so bearing adept at midnight will get rid of yours. Obviously this is a true being alive, chair Islam in the ground. Now this will really work now, but I mean where would you find a decade as well? I mean it. I guess you could near the whole thing is not to have its eyes. I live in Canada and suddenly and that it has won the wise. It's like a billion frogs approaching its civilization unsettling like. How do you do tat? You should watch a documentary. Its
really well drilling, I don't watch it after this without filling Workin any longer the deck meaning. So I guess that's about it, even though, even though toads won't give you warts, you prohibition pick him up anyway area, because today the people of your hand here which might not hurt you, but it's kind of growth site, as you should probably just leave the toads alone unless they're hallucinogenic, and then you can listen to your heart's content. I think every time I picked up a frog or a toad, its peed in my hand, really you're, not gonna, see away on their hallucinogenic toad endorsement. Now I like a frogs and stuffing you can call up and green. You have none of liquor. Now are you I knew so why that's it go worth until everyone actually put someone in the neck been excited, they tell you, toads can given words right unless it your mother, and then you should show more respect than that. Absolutely so you want to do little plug plug. Asher must do it.
Shall we plug the audio spoken word we ve been doing. We ve been doing it like that first and then the blogs still blogging than do the speakers, which it up a little bit town and your blowing my mind I buy now, must be finally have a blog. It wedlock our sight after for stock company can find on the right side of the homepage is called stuff. You should know injunction, I posed. We talk about things and we ve been interacting with the fans and spend a good experience and continues to grow bigger. Some great things, tat. We do really smart people in one of the few blogs have seen so far. Were that comments? Don't the ticket a bad turn and people don't start fighting with each other. We only had one right. The nazi reference he's some crack by. So it's all very above board were very pleased about that got good nicely. Don't jerk. Thanks and now you owe me
you have spoken word think. Yes, so if you don't know by now Jack and I and Jerry produced our first spoken word album and it is called the stuff. You should know super stuff guide to the economy and it is G impact within from about an the economy, all sorts of bells and whistles chickens. There's cows, there's groceries, We got a New York, we gotta China. Yet it's it's amazing. It's amazing! I like it chuck. I gotta say I like it. I was terrified that it was going to be awful and it came out really why pick it up is up for sale on Itunes for three dollars. Ninety nine said sniper super stuff into the Itunes store search for and that it should be the first thing that comes up You want to download it that's cool with us. It is immoral
I downloaded, the more likely it's gonna be. There will be able to do another one which were hoping to do very soon, so you ve been out for that. And I guess Well, we are lower list. I mean you, try me time listener male, ok, Chuck, which you got buddy. I have two quick emails and I'm just gonna call this funny fans. Ok, let me real quick that for those of you who email and I received, your emails and if you have not gotten an answer for me, it's been more than a couple of weeks, and that means it has gone into a junk mail situation. I apologize. Don't know why that happens. If it's my junk mail settings, but I'm not ignoring you, so if you feel like sending it again, please do and I'll get back to you. Having said that it's a great one from Alex in Germany. Hey guys I'm student from Germany and are really enjoy your podcast. Last year I went to college
Fournier and listening to you explains stuff, makes me very stodgy on top of much more, recitations. However, you have mentioned the Germans, the Germans. I have nothing to complain about historic but as an avid learner of the english language I feel made fun of that I am obese I wear later hosting and I have a huge mustache negotiation of TH is flawless from the Muzzle Land Alice the gym Alex had a very good sense of humor We should probably say that there is a reference to what snatch right. I was it Are you serious? You ever know what I was doing all time now. I had no idea: how have you not seen Snatch It's been awhile, Jason state them yet his his character. He says that the Eagles yes, the Germans. I do a terrible impression of that's what I'm doing
yeah cumbersome, and this is our other funny fan- are very strange friend are oddball, crackpot friend from Seattle, and this isn't even his real name. Martin spend Nostrand a k, a king, but a heart. What is this? echo over night and he is often the sky rights is quite a bit. Unease made songs, horrors check out his website she wants to plug. So I won't. The convention, the song, I think the commission some He made a song forty seconds designers album. I called stuffy should now in its awesome. Battle, its awesome, and this guy's is one of the great strange folks. There has been in contact with them. We love oddballs because we're so he writes in it I really do prefer stuff from your pod. Rather than the rest.
It's your sterling personality, or maybe it's your aluminum with no offence to the other parts, but they see. Be the entertainment equivalent of rice, cakes. You know they're good for you, but there too dang dry The excellent show that that is all I listen to you now well and mongolian Throat singing, which is a real thing. You can do it through different tones of once for all. They can act the good work and don't be ashamed of your rainbow suspenders. Do me one favor and we don't do that, so we come right then, and ask is to say how to people, but we are in the sky, If you could tell my old lady Leah that she's the best around on air, that we call the police, like the song from the product by Jo Esposito, call you're the best around, jeez ball and do you remember the song? I have mp3, so Leah Old, lady of the other Bess around never ever gonna keep you down to that's it.
We will do and you are one of our favorite vans and a really cool funny. Guy yeah, thank you to everybody for writing. It Whether we read your fan mail or not, your letters correspondence means a lot to its citizens, and if you want to write us again and you lost our email or you have never tried it before your fingers feeling foggy, you can send it email to stuff podcast at how stuff works. For more or less in thousands of other topics that house rough work. Stockholm brought to you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready are you. The future is closer than you. Link and it all starts in the palm of your hand. You may have heard the news: five g is coming In this new, I series this time, I presented my team above a business join me.
As one option am I cursed care price as we walk. Youth The true revolution in mobility that which the way we interact with the world around us join us, and here Just how close we are getting to a more connected future. Time. Tomorrow is now available on the eye radio up or wherever you listen to port costs
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