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Flagpole Sitting: A Real Fad

2020-07-14 | 🔗

The 1920s were just absolutely nuts. People got into weird fads really intensely and one of the strangest of all was flagpole sitting. It’s just what it sounds like – sitting on top of a flagpole for as long as you can. One man sat above them all.

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true, and you can go check out some excerpts at stuff. You should read books com, welcome to step you should now production of Iheart radios, how stuff works more canoe, departure, Stern, Josh clerk canoes troll to reach a brain, radio, jurists, there somewhere in this is stuff you should now. You know charcoal to say here every once in a while. The amazing theme, song from our short lived television, show, comes into my head and ill judged. It said just a complete Your words have religious, hear the end of it over and over and over again in its actually pretty pleasant. It doesn't bother me, I love it. I haven't her, that's gonna! While will you need? that was the Henry Clay people right, yeah, her body Joey and Andy Sierra California, boys California, boys men didn't eagerly Harvard
That's crazy, like the Julian we're going to Harvard, and then I think, Andy went to F I and then Joey, I think, went back to film school and they're. Both writing. You know screen writing man. That's great Andy's got up. He wrote it! The the sir Andy Sandberg movie. That's that's coming out soon, really right, which we want to call it is called palm springs. I think we're any road is headed. That's fantastic! Congratulate Patients and he rode on the tv show Lodge forty nine years can see my brings, but dad, I'm the guy a rustling Goldie, Hon son. I love that guy I think that one of the poorest people walking around on the planet today, yeah, I haven't seen large forty nine- is possibly awesome and on it was a writers assistant and ended up on the staff and thereby doing great menace
can readily lies. Both you got your little baby, another both married nice man, that's nice and that's an update on the Sierra Club. As I can see what else What matters is it to that? Come in your head, though, the song like what made you think it s nothing I was just. Back like mowing the lawn with my big, although more in it just popped in my head. I was born We thinking of something I had to do that had to do a stuff. No, and I thought we should know in. I thought it I thought it a stir. You should now doing it. This is the very displayed, a loop, as a second time you mention the size of your lawnmower, and now you just gotta, send me a picture. This one these things that you stand not in it. Wheels, ll see around like summer, weird lands, Peter you mean like a gag or something. I know this is just a girl fashion, Toro. That is because its gas powered I gotta like on super discount.
Because everybody is making like really good electric law moors there, but this one was is and discount, and I, like the look of a good look at Mura. They go your style glimmering with me. Is it read Red Torres yeah? It's nice. Take you back to the days of paper out so I said I thought you were mentioning the song, because you are thinking of the song flagpole sitter by Harvey danger. No, I wasn't At all, but that's a great segouin took because it just so happy Yes- and you may be aware of this- for talking about flagpole sitting to date in this episode- right and I've been seeing this autumn ahead all day I dont know that song. You know it was a maybe it was it, it was a top forty hit in the nineties kind of
during the Grunge arrows Ilsa Power POP hit that can it from injured. In turn down doing day day day. Wait, don't let it get banned actually covers a frightful. Senator funds on that's great. I'm gonna have to go into it because I feel like I'm missing out, but what this Is there song about flagpole sitting is about shipwrecked Kelly in particular? No, it's not, but it does have one line that says, run it up the flag. Poland see that's only time it. References flagpoles at all sees what, whose salutes, but no one ever does, I think, is an excellent during the mill can anyone it than I was again to the mirror. The big, clearer cheer up the flagpole and see who salutes, but now
ever. Does I'm not sick banana were Harvey Data Danger, ok, yeah, a great song alone, HU fellow I programme, friend John Roderick, actually, We shall now was a friend his in Seattle mate. He played base little while and hardly danger. Wow men come first, I got one more for yet, which I used to have that song and I We don't know where I downloaded it from the sort of improbably back in their Napster days or something well and it was Miss labelled as Brien Jones. How massacre- and I was always like this- that sound like brain don't tell massacre now. I know it most definitely was in vain. Jonestown massacre are right. We haven't even talked about flagpole sitting it now we have, which is it crime, because it actually one of the more interesting weird
fads that's ever come this way in America. Notes in the twenties started we actually no, who patient zero, was a flagpole pulsating, and it's easy to tell, because it is such a bizarre thing to do that if you can find the person who hoop who did it first, who claims to have done it first, they're probably and in this case you can trace it back to sometime around January of nineteen. Twenty four supposedly potentially in her we would California perverse angels and there was a man named Alvin shipwrecked Kelly, who supposedly climbed up on a flagpole as part of a promotion for a movie in sat there for a full thirteen hours and thirteen minutes to help draw a crowd and boy did he ever yeah, which you know it sounds like a long time to sit on a flagpole, but that is kid stuff.
Yeah can really where this is indebted for sure. That's an upper teeth, good first attempt, yeah, and so you know it sounds strange because, when you think of a flagpole, you like put a sitting on its if it's modified, so I pulled it. Basically, there different kinds, but usually sore like a barstool at the top of the flagpole, and it's that Lo Fi and you climb up there and you sit. And that's all you do? That's that's it I mean whatever else you want to do. Well sure you do what you yourself or whatever that's up to you, but as far as being considered a flagpole sitter, that's it you sit on top of I'd call for as long as you can write. So, let's talk about this guy gets shipwrecked. Kelly was a pretty interesting character. And I have to say, there's a memory palace episode about him that I specifically listen to beforehand. Cuz I didn't wanna unconsciously rip off it off yeah. Nobody need to check that out for sure
So our Kelly, he was born out of wishes, Anthony Kelly in New York. City and health kitchen tenement in eighteen, ninety three and had a very sad start. Was life in that his father was. I had already passed before he was born his mother, passed in childbirth and that base. Clement. He was shuttle around to rest jobs in orphanages from the minute he took his first breath yeah. And apparently from a pretty pretty early age. He would do things like climb, flagpoles and other tall stuff in like working at heights. Became a kind of a recurring theme in his life is supposedly by age. Seventy was climbing flight within a few years after that he was starting to scale the facades the buildings in his neighborhood and by the time he was thirteen and bear in mind if this guy's biography seems a little thin. He
tis came out of nowhere in nineteen twenty four for sitting on a flagpole. So all the info about him came from him to reporters reporting in the nineteen twenty. So just fabricate these are flying around left and right, you're, but supposedly He ran away at age. Thirteen in ran off to join, the crew of cargo ship and start is life sailing the seas yeah. He did a lot of kind of jobs or maybe to our jobs, budgets, jobs. It didn't have anything to do with one another. For the next couple of decades. He was in the movie This is a stand in and a double. He was a stunt person a stunt pilot hi diver a boxer. This part, I love, there is actually a name for people that repair church steeples. What is that Steeple Jack he's the Steeple Jack that is definitely a bad name for sure Steeple Jack Area, sounds like maybe an industrial ban but
again, the lights. I think they like their technically to melodic to actually be considered an industrial, but they still call themselves. Industrial has become my favorite part of this whole band, namely it is U describing what bandit, is alive and well thanks man than leaving some feel one. So World WAR one comes along and he was in the naval Auxiliary Reserve as an ensign served on the? U S, S, EDGAR, F, looking back during that war, so he did have some sort of while I should say I don't know, raise corroborated that. But we'll take, although at face value, because it doesn't really matter at this point, but what he eventually picked up: the nickname shipwreck There's a lot of different explanations for this and he's gone: and regain multiple different explanations, depending on what reporter he was talking to, but one
The numbers that gets bandied about a pretty frequently is that shipwrecked Kelly was so named because he survived thirty, two different shipwrecks at sea where this is where shipwrecks tend to happens with the good old days. Third yeah make any stories about yourself. Do you but when we talked about em and we did officer on the world's either keister unlucky as people and you remember that one guy you like I survived car that far off a cliff. When I arrived a train wreck another he was doing his jam and like to that. Five remember. How was he yeah? He was pretty The recent, if I remember correctly members son came out, was like everybody. This is not true. Like none of what you're talking about is true. Well, we don't. I just thought you we no a shipwreck. Kelly actually survived the titanic like he claimed we do know that he was not on the roster on the titanic. So
I'm gonna venture to say that he made that went up and there were three Kelly's. But who were survivors, but all three of them are women, so yeah probably wasn't on the titanic. Maybe he did survivors shipwrecks. He was at sea most likely, but the point is, as they call him shipwrecked Kelly, guess somebody I went to the trouble of of digging up that some reporters who covered his box career are probably the likely a source for where he got his nickname shipwreck. I beheld, which I love, because I guess he was in a great boxer because they said that he was often adrift in ready to sink. Migration, particularly the great nickname, in an even better origin story than surviving thirty two shipwrecks it. He asked me yeah the thing we don't know for sure is even if that Hollywood movie Premier story is correct in his first major outing as a flagpole sitter, because
yet another story says no, this is actually in Philadelphia at a department store and he does it on a dare in the department store got a lot of business has been we're sitting around looking and then doing some shopping. So there hey. It's stay, therein. I'll give you some extra do yeah. So either way with pretty widely held that shipwreck. Kelly was the guy who started the flagpole sitting craze right and it was a craze, because this is a time where you can sit on a flagpole for thirteen hours, and thirteen minutes and newspapers around the country would kept this story and write about it and, would suddenly become famous overnight and that's exactly what happened a shipwreck Kelly. So that's prong one towards becoming a fad nineteen. Twenty. The other criteria, is that people have to want to tie pull that record, and that was very widespread at the time to cause the night.
Twenties were actually really in the fads like people would take up weird feds and just go nuts over fur. Basically the whole decade yeah. You know people had time and they had fewer distractions, yet no tv, so like someone doing a dance on for twenty eight hours or sitting on a flight over a day? You know it's it's a interesting story back then it sad but that that was interesting, but it worth is so what we'll talk about danced marathons and then we'll take a break. Ok,
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IBM helping businesses manage millions of calls texts and Chatsworth Watson Assistant its Congress, Finally, I designed to help your customers find the answers. They need faster, no matter the industry, let's put smart to work with IBM dot com, Slash Watson assistant, to learn more no wait? I got there backwards, jirga just realized, hopefully Jerry, figured it out and there is an ad in there somewhere. I think we should just leave it just like that that it'll be fun okay, so we're it has hung about marathons dance marathons now after the outbreak. Despite what I said before and danced marathons are a super twenties example of
the fact that kind of came along and got everybody by the hackles and people are across the country, sorted entering basically dance marathon competent. And all because of one person, one woman, a dance and structure named Almah Cummings, the tray thirty years old. She danced for twenty seven hours the Audubon ballroom in New York in nineteen, twenty three with six different dance partners. And it was a weird time because it wasn't dancing. It was indirect challenges as a whole all the rage in punish in your bodies and all these weird random ways from YO yelling too, who are hoping to rock if a rocking chair or skipping rope to dancing dancing was the big one. That's where you you know. If you see these videos of these marathon dance competitions is just,
like hell on earth. It looks awful yeah yeah, they didn't seem very fun at all, but Almah coming is kick the whole thing off again, just like shipwrecks who would follow. I guess a year later, or even yeah about a year later, she got a lot of publicity. There's like a famous photo of her with her feet, tub of water, soaking, home she's, holding up her shoes They have holes in the souls where you know she wore holes from dancing with twenty seven hours, and I guess like yours, people were border? There was an has much to do, but so they're really seems to just be a profound hunger for celebrity. However, you can get and they seem to like really drive people who wanted to be like. Will this lady got this much attention for dancing twenty seven straight out, Maybe I can get even more urgent, reducing thirty straight hours and so within. Just like, I think, three weeks, Almah coming setting this record for dancing
been broken nine times, at least for a book from people trying to seek the same kind of publicity, sugar and you know it's funny it really like. We talk about these days. How everyone wants there ten minutes or they want to be reality, show famous or whatever I've been whittled down to ten. Now those fifteen well like that. Something, and it's really not like this is sort of this. The version that back then was. I want to famous, I want my names in the papers, but I'm not particularly skilled enough to do anything to do that. So I'll rock in a rocking chair for three days You know, and hopefully they will come, my rock they will come and is it there? A pity laugh at best, but I appreciate Speciale. Admittedly,
but it would then we should the shout out a bunch of great websites here, because on this next mitten came from Ep Outlets Obscura whenever favorite sites and also their dearest of old sites, that we always have love mental floss Rick. He's history, daily, J, more power and historic Pelham, which is great, but am ATLAS. Obscura talks about the in the thirties, and this is really can depressing during the depression foods. It's very appropriate. Is that sometimes people enter these dance marathons because it would be somewhere they could sleep n eat for a week at a time, when they didn't necessarily have a home or food yez, extremely depressing or just the prize money that was offered in the Gatt to oppression might be enough to keep your ass from being foreclosed on yes, oh yeah, the thing is
you know you- can blame promoters for continuing this long beyond the fad, but the promoters putting these on and offering these brought this prize money were it not for all their crowds that which Every day to watch these people get increasingly closer to you know catastrophic exhaustion from from its marathons, because, like there were, there were rules where you know. Thirdly, early on in the dance marathon do you could sleeper rest for fifteen minutes of every hour yet and then act like a week a week of this. Dance marathon going on the promoter might be like okay. Well, you know we need to step things up a little bit You will now have three minutes per hour of every. Only four hour period in a day to where you can rest and they towards the end. They be like no rest, think I read about one where the last
seven hours of a multi week, dance marathon was like had no rest, so these people dance for more than two straight days, constantly Yoda constantly be in motion and your knees couldn't touch the ground or else you'll be disqualified Yeah, and if you look at footage into the stuff I mean it's charitable recalled what they're doing is dancing toward the end is just hanging looks like two corpses hanging on each other, so I went back and forth I don't get. It I mean any of these things, even the modern day versions of like these contest, where you have to keep your and on a car, whatever I added our body, man or or sit in the car a new, a guy that did one of those rape try to win a volkswagen. By sitting in it with further people in a more just,
Oh yeah, you told us that story before did he went or not. I think he did, but this is no way kill me yeah. There would be really awful fisher because, let's say for one those contests the seed dont. And then leave just sat in a car with three strangers for a week and you didn't even get the car, but even if you dig at the Imagine yourself five years on and that cars like had it curse. There's tears in this: its or something like that. You know like big God. Compartment won't close it's you know, I mean, I guess you gotta pick a story. EL cocktail parties, but even that would wear thin after awhile yeah right but we need people to do stuff like that, because there's something about contests like this or something about fads like flagpole sitting there,
keep humanity from becoming too cerebral brought me from just becoming like computers. Basically, we need people to do stuff like this, because it brings out some juvenile something in us that makes us want to find out about her, learn about it or talk about it, and I think that's good. I think this healthy for our species. It is It's my take its g genuinely off the cuff. I'm actually just surprised that myself that I just said that allow you just written shipwreck, Kelly back to flagpole sitting, that initial thirteen. Our thirteen minutes sit like you said it. So many others to break it and it was getting broken, pretty short order can, like the dance of funds there was a woman named Bobby MAC from away who did it a guy named Joe hold them powers?
this in Chicago for sixteen days, another guy for fifty one days, name the bill, Penfield. Yes, oh so, what's point this out we'll take a second here Super Kelly, did thirteen hours and kicked off national fed these people are now in weeks year at a time? Fifty one days is more than seven weeks up there you see It's I'm embarrassed at least. Are you fucking the cerebral he right now can Cato let me see here in the one is was a fifteen year old boy who set the kid record for ten days and hours, ten minutes and ten seconds to think that was plan. I we I ve nothin proceed. They go check for thinking about that. It's making us think this little. It is making us think we got a void that to be random random combinations of number. So we don't start thinking about. We shall
point out that not everyone was like. Oh, this is the best thing ever cosmopolitan magazine, Cosmo called it competitive in imbecility. This is why we need that too. I have to say: I want to say something: here's a little PSA. This might not even I've ever make it in the final. I don't know, but I'll just take it to you how about that I would say the last like few weeks of episodes, there's been like some some good ones here there, but overall I find that they ve been less good, because I am so sick of myself because we ve been so entrenched in the book right now. So it's like living breathing s. Why Us K, which is us and having to confront in like myself and my own
personality and since, if you were in whether it actually funny and is constantly thinking about this, on top of doing, the pod cast on top of the other suffered were trying to do now too, and I am so sick of myself. I can barely tolerate listening to myself talk so if anyone's picked up on the last few, episodes like in the last few weeks has been a little. How hum that's? Why, and I apologise- maybe we'll go back and reduce window. How news to me. You, okay, you've been great, hey thanks a lot man, that's an ultimately what I was fishing for all right. Well, if you want to cut that part out, this is. Let me pick this up by saying. And I'm sure you ve made a great point Josh. So so back
Kelly Right Young got all these were I'm sure shipwrecked Kelly, deemed slack jawed yokels homes. That kind of thing who were out there trying to topos record, and they did so at the top of his record, but nobody had turn this into a businesslike break Kelly had a one man money, making machine who me It is money just by sitting on top of a flight poor, good money, because he was really good itself promoting like there wasn't a reporter whose ear he wouldn't banned. If you got the chance- and in these reports are these articles, he would things again, I'm in town for this, but they may has any other offers on wide open and I'm saying, as you know, the Cambridge Arms itinerant hotel for few days. If somebody once again touch me there with a job offer like he was. The good it at attracting job offers, specifically for flagpole sitting yeah, and he made good do for back there. I mean this is good money any time. If you
Made a hundred dollars an hour like you claim to others said now really would not much it was probably closer to where between two hundred and five hundred dollars a day, still a lot of money? and, like you said it was like here He was almost like a celebrity version of a sign spinner like if you could pay. George Clooney Design, spin in front of your mobile phone store. That was sort of wit. Shipwrecked Kelly. Was that the great when I go into it it's almost like. If there is Cult of personality built up around like the flapping dancing wind sought, guy that they put out like an actress, Matthews stores in like Thousand five of those did is referring both I think both those are high quality analogies. Those will see which, when Jerry's is in the end it ok,
Let me see hear hear some others longer sets. He did a hundred and four six hours at the old Westgate Hotel in Kansas City number, three in twelve hours in New York Jersey, atop, the Saint Francis Hotel, that's pretty good cheer, but that is in days but three hundred and twelve hours I'll see few divided by twenty four, as you should you up with something along the lines of thirteen days on the nose. About twenty two days, and this was conjunction with a dance marathon, none other than Madison Square Garden YAP because reset or not, but there was a dance marathon at Madison Square Garden. There was actually shut down by the health department because they cited it gone on too long ten days and that it deemed a threat to the health of the participants
that wasn't the one that he he sat in. But there was one following year Wherefer, what was a twenty two days, yeah. That means that the dance marathon went on for twenty two days, but imagine that so you ve got link these two endurance fads just Inner weaved, in this way that the universe almost like collapses in on itself, because their put together to to close together, yeah and here's how he would do it. He would sit honest on that bar stool, like thing, and it was padded and he would you know, eat and smoke. Cigarettes and shave, apparently, and they would send this up stuff up like a with a bucket and a rope, and
how he would sleep, because this is what I really can. I wanted to know so they say you said his his seat was like a bar stool, around bars to yeah sickly right and it was on all flagpole appropriately and then in the five points, have two holes drilled, just beneath the seat, now I'm doing it, unlike this really hard to reach. So now, I'm questioning whether this is true or not. Even longer hours, maybe so long thumbs. I he so he would plug is, his thumbs into those holes drilled into each side of the fire pole, so that when you, Thirty two leaned forward the pressure from that the fight pull honest what kind of cut into a skin in a wake him up just enough that he would a just himself and apparently you he got so good at this- that he would adjust himself to sit back up soon. Fall over off the fight pull while he was still sleeping like he. Wouldn't he wouldn't wake up. He could just suggest himself in his sleep,
that's right and he'd have is all there a little bit have his ankles locked around the pole, and apparently would tether a leg to keep him from catastrophe. But I think it's very dubious that that was a solid lifesaving rig yeah, and I mean like some of these five pussy sitting on thirty feet. Fifty feet, one of em, I guess, impression I had the one that you mentioned on Kansas Cities, Westgate Hotel that that flagpole was on the happen, roof of the hotel So I mean he was up there for sure and if he had suddenly gone wrong, he would have the other tether power We would not have done terribly much or It would have done a lot to keep his leg hanging up there, but the rest of them would have kept going to the ground. You know how did he pee pee and poo poo? He had a little contraption for that with the tube that went down, but here's the thing.
Traveling, flagpole, sitter, you relying on the help of other people on the ground? You need food, you when you p, improve internet contraption that leads to a tube. There goes down to the ground You know what that is leaking out for the spectators to experience Europe, to go into a bucket that somebody's going to go, take away and dump so you reliant on this kind of group of assistance and handsome Probably the promoter may be held tire for you. Maybe you make a friend along the way who does Canada travels from town? How would you for a little while? That's what I think he had shipwreck Nellie had insisted he had a boy how's, the worse than showed his. Let's hear it he had a lad who would help him yeah yeah. So the pretty bad job, but any so he had a media to eat the needed.
Much, she would apparently just kind of almost to a broth fast, augmented with cigarettes in coffee. He would stay up for four days at a time, because like living on a fire pole is not exactly like the most comfortable place. You can exist for twenty two days or thirteen days or hours on no in it eventually turned against him in that the money dried up after he did this sort of big Atlantic city stunt that we talked about. And it was the great depression and eventually people were kind of like I don't really care so much about this dump stunt, because I'm starving and I'm broke and am homeless right and that the kind of tide of public opinion turn such that in nineteen thirty five. He went to do this in the Bronx. And he is actually arrested for public nuisance yeah and I'm sure he was like, but I'm sure right Kelly, but I mean theme:
so like everybody, sick of you now Kelly in your stick, we're all just depressed in the depression. So maybe will, a dance marathon by when I can watch you sit around flagpole anymore, and I there is a contemporary article there, written at the time. That said that he he attributed the decline five pulsating directly to the stock market crash, and he said that people want to see thing higher than their securities stock securities at the time, which were not very high, so that everyone does not even a joke and good taste Perfect and who anyways punches human familiar in the mouth can say you told me: Tell that junk, Those gangbusters check that should govern what we do it what we do in the shadows, I've seen some up hazards You know what you're talking about in one of the key aims, I think road and say that they do it.
Yours is blown away that we were were giving such big up to their show. I think I remember that if you talk to my very Tommy's comedy genius, dating back by our have you seen an evening with Beverly Luff Lynn, no wonder that name! So it's a Craig Robinson, yes from the office right here, He plays a guy named Beverly, Luff, Lynn and Aubrey meadows. I've Meadows Plaza at Vienna, nearly eight were murdered, aims. And then I so she's the main character, two main Clement, and I am sure that he plays you just have to see any ways of what is and what we do in the shadows, the movie right right, so he I think he co, created it too this is what our ties into this. He Matt barrier. Also in this to my berries
the tv version of what we do in the shadows. Yes mean climate help help created, but it's definitely worth watching is per flame, very bizarre, can get really annoying really easily, but this movie pull. Oh very well, the purposeful, bizarre innocent for humor, and it's a good. It's a good movie is worth watching. Ok, fourth watch and leave it to you to decide whether to give movie and while of everybody in it, that's great, cast yeah. I mean it's a it's it's worth watching her mother. Where it should we take our second breaker can happily we haven't? Yes, I can It was through other break in then we're gonna talk about wind up. This flagpole sitting thing right.
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Turns on him. They don't care about him anymore. He's he's probably drunken some hotel rooms, where, with his human, familiar talk about the good old days at this point, yeah this kind of research I get the impression at the memory Palace episode really focuses on the sad decline of shipwrecked Kelly, because you mean he was a celebrity, a national probably international, celebrity for like a decade a decade for sitting on flagpoles, and then all of a sudden he's just dont like society drops in like a hot potato and his any listen and on public assistance, basically yeah. And he died a very sad death. He did, and I think his final flagpole said was all the way in the nineteen fifties and orange taxes in eighteen. Fifty two, he was almost sixty years old this point and
he had during the publicity run up to this had to heart attacks where was he sitting on his pole for publicity or was as part of the? sitting when he had the heart attacks here. He we had the heart attacks on the pole during the publicity. Oh, oh, so that the actual It was another publicity stunt for someplace yeah. I don't know what business it was for. I didn't see that, but I did see the promoters were like come down right now. We, we don't think you're going to survive a third heart attack. So, sir, and there it is crazy, I'm right only fifty nine at the time yet fifty nine in the nineteen fifties, those I guess so it's a tough in your name is shipwreck. You did. I heard that third heart attack like a week after that right, there is work in New York on fifty first street, and he did he drop dead on the sidewalk.
Heart attack and he was found holding a scrap book of all clippings Newspaper articles about him during his heyday man in this sad, it's like a movie I can't believe this is a movie his I mean Gold mines is waiting to be my mind. Wait. Wait, there's one other thing about inviting what would he only after he was done with this fivefold in career the heyday of it. He one of those- Bob's he had was a gigolo, a male escort who would dance with. Whoever wanted him to dance the Roseland ballroom near Times square. He was a private answer, a dancer for money, that's kinda, Roseland seen some get shows there.
Yeah, well, you were where shipwrecked Kelly danced for a dime, a dance because he's a gigolo I would have paid for that dance sure, don't sit on my head, hey he'll! Do what you want him to do: boy. So we looked rather you look as you put this one together and you found one death from flagpole sitting. Isn't that right? That's all I could turnips surely surely there are more, but I can really only fine one and this guy was. Careful in every way, Dick Blandy Dixie Blandy Richard Dixie Dioxide, Bland, Dick Dixie, Blandy Church, so Dixie Blandy. He he was five posts it who is contemporaneous to shipwreck, Kelly, Norbert leg. During I surely use directly inspired by shipwrecked Kelly. He came along
started in nineteen twenty nine, which is almost the worst year. You could join the flagpole sitting movement because just the next year, shipwrecked Kelly had his triumphant, a bird like a revolver, the two. Why triumphant certain this? yeah boy was triumphant Fer, a couple of reasons, one it was his longest sit. I believe, a twenty two days, twenty three or something like that and Italy is aboard above a top a two hundred foot flagpole for weeks. He sat up there, that's triumphant, if you ask me, but he did his in nineteen. Thirty and everybody dropped him right after Dixie blending started in nineteen twenty nine by even though people said flagpole sitting so We're not gonna bother even looking up when we see somebody on a flagpole Dixie blame He said you know I am not giving up on this and he continued a career out of it wherever he could. Yes,
till he died from flagpole sitting at the age of seventy one in nineteenth. Before he fell off of his flagpole. It was fifty foot Where was this in an Harvey yeah? I get the impression in Pennsylvania, Harvey Pennsylvania MIA because the article that reported on it as if it were something of a near by event was called the reading Eagle. In reading is in Pennsylvania. Ray That's it Redding, whatever I can't tell you how many times I have been told that since I was a child playing monopoly in its is never for some reason. Without that the titular railroad. Ok, But we are reading railway. We said reading yeah, that's right, that's what I said to, but apparently is ready. The same thing, but either way. This is where
Harvey and, of course it's. It's always like the grand opening of a shopping, something yet and that's What was going on here so far promotion and He basically said I think this pause attached to a trailer and the trailer moved as our Well, he asked a security guard to move the trailer, so they can make room for what I took to be a cherry pick her they could go up and give them. This is ours. Before the end of his four day sit and in the security guard. I guess who had never tried this before moved the trailer guy wire that was stabilizing the pool, became, taught and actually pulled the pool snapped the pull into with Dixie. Still on top of this fifty four Paul and he landed, school. First, from what I can tell onto the to the asphalt below those would you want to open your grocery store with
no or or to close your flagpole sit with no either way his bed, I'm pretty small early. Does not as only accident to this is the one that got em, but he had fractured his skull before is thrown off appalling storm and nineteen fifty five and then there is this- is too heartwarming in nineteen sixty one he was doing a pole. Sit for promotion dressed as Santa Claus and he was shouting merry Christmas. I was his job sit on. The top left by Poland, shot Merry Christmas and apparently because of the poor, he finally yell down that he was getting Norman. He had to be taken to the hospital, which is this. We are talking about man, just no thought it doesn't take thought to just Think about flagpole sitting, and I love that about it, the mere
Craig Marysville, Pre Christmas. I think I think, there's something wrong up here. I got to go the hospital chasm cuz, I'm sitting on top of a justice dressed as showing merry Christmas for three days in days December in Pennsylvania in ready its reading this was you know these were definitely the waning days. This is in the nineteen seventeen. There were some other sense throughout the EU. Here and there a couple got married, a top of flagpole, We see here a seventeen year old and nineteen sixty three main Peggy townsmen spent too in seventeen days on a pole for a contest for radio station now and then the Grandaddy of him all the sky. Kenneth gauge can gauge too, in forty eight days and nights in seventy one, the sky would later on Bf State Rep for New Hampshire. And he I mean
eating his account he eagerly he was basically like. It was terrible right, and I hated it every not only that I guess he had a pair key is parakeet with them named Nixon any said that is paramount came to hate him like despise him. He said he think any animals ever hated somebody more than that parity hated him problem because he made him stay up there. In this little tiny house, fiberglass, pull that generous sway back and forth couldn't lay down straight in it, because the poles who a delay wrapped around the pole amid sounds really horrible in terrible, and he did it get. Publicity has arisen out of work actor. I guess at the time yeah like I said it to cover. The house is generous. Its little Megan see a picture of it, but it was. It was some sort of shelter. At least he wasn't just sitting in a bar stool, mica, shipwrecked Kelly for two hundred forty eight days. Sure, but it was bad and he in is just funny readings.
Quotes from him. He he did not have a good time. He just basically kind of talked about how awful it was. They said that he lost fifteen LB three in from his waist in thirteen days of sleep just within the first three months, And that when people would come out like when the weather's I'd be, will come out and shout questions up to me, talk to him any said them and usually asked if he sleeps in how he goes to the bad. Through, and then women asked if he was lonely, which I find very sweet, but I mean Remember we started out here at thirteen hours is what kick this off and this guy can gauge his has brought it up. Two hundred and forty eight days but shock that does not seem to be the record any longer. In fact, the record may never be broken ever. What do you think yeah? H David worker of weakened, but Florida man, this is unbelievable. Sat for four.
Hundred and thirty nine days eleven hours, six minutes yeah his sit when from nineteen. Eighty, two to nineteen. Eighty four, that's amazing yeah! It was our side of an appliance centre in clear water and he didn't do says, but like a publicity stunt for that appliance centre, he did it to protest gas prices at the time. You that's how you see these these days, sometimes his protests sure, but guess at the time was ninety nine cents a gallon. It's cute so put his protest in with her kid all, but he spent four hundred and thirty nine days of his life on a five Paul, because there's mad about the price of gas, no thought whatsoever. A zen like beautiful state is what this man achieved, that the overarching AIM
I think so man, alright anything else. Yeah me, we should mention David Blaine. He very famously did this standing in two thousand. Remember that, for how long now I remember, then he stood up and ninety foot pole for thirty five hours and Bryant Park in New York. Well- and this is He was doing those lovely guises magician and give me a little levitation trick, but when he was like I'm gonna hold my breath or I'm gonna be encased in ice or stand on this thing. That's when I lost interest, oh yeah, yeah, I'll, extreme, adjectives, pretty great stuff, but yeah he stood it's tough to stand a mean sitting is is hard but standing as a whole. Different deal know for sure
I would want to do it now, so you got anything else about flagpole sitting. I doubt well then check their means. Of course, it's time for listener mail This is just funny. Member in the breakfast room. I talked about my doctor, toggle food. In this comes from Joe and Gettysburg Pennsylvania. He said, thanks, for you entertainment knowledge, your discussion of doktor names at the end of the end of the bruxism me, too anecdotes. My ex wife had a dentist in San Francisco named doktor drilling. No pretty, and this is even better. He said sex This will never gets appreciated as much by others for some reason. Bus hit me the right way, but with Joe it's me too. She worked with
medical worked in medical administration and her boss at one point, was name Doktor Walker W Ac Hd are pronounced wander, and he said I can t imagine her submitting daily reports using baby taught going here, doktor water to your important man. This guy is our new mass got here on the show. I think we need actually get him on here. What's his name Joe and Gettysburg, I love it. Joe way to go. This is one of the best listener males think I've ever heard, Doktor Walker if you want to be like Joe and try to topple his record as the greatest email listener, male writer of all time, take your best shot. You can read spanking on the bottom run it up the five pole and see who salutes it at stuff. Pocket
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