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Frida Kahlo: Painter, Icon, Genius

2018-06-07 | 🔗

Frida Kahlo was a painter who transcended her own work to became an icon. Learn all about her fascinating and inspiring life and work in today’s episode. 

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In early or show in Melbourne, so you can get all the information for all of these shows it s. Why ask a live dot com welcome to stop! You should now has to pay and welcome podcast on Josh Clark and there's Charles the REACH Bryant and those Jerry Rowan, it's to be an interesting cause? I don't know how to say the lady last Jerry's there, with her spider monkey on her shoulder a dead, humming bird hanging from a necklace just like any other day rearing Lukashka, Israel and she's, got a hold of some eyebrow pencil and filled him between the two across the bridge of her nose. Sam excited about this
a because you said Frida Kahlo before they were when we started recording further came a and b, because you know my family's fascination with this woman and her work. No, you ve talked about before that. Together we done a thousand episodes. We have devoted. Yeah, ok, we'll get back into their way into Frida. Emily is borderline obsessed. Is she a free domain? She is. I thought of my daughter- loves her. You know there's like Frida. I hate you used the word, but can colts devotional groups where they basically dress up and in our like Frida, like Channel Frida Kahlo yeah
because, as one of these articles that we source from points out near the end, not only does she draw in people for her art, but she draws in feminists in she draws in women who have suffered miscarriages and and disabled people have suffered great pain and chronic pain in their life. So she threw her life,
able to touch a lot of people because of her life and I'm sure with any artist where, if you know the more you know about the artist the more you can appreciate their archer with Frida Kahlo, it's almost like you got a good sign that Frida Kahlo color collar. My whole life have been saying for Ukraine. I, like it rules out the taught the Airbus was given, that it respects the wounded. We start doing that. Ok so way, you almost aegis almost can't fully appreciate any piece of her work without knowing at least the basics of her story. I think what yeah, and certainly what you know, the basics O Brien at
All this comes from. It really makes sense, but she is a great artist for sure I was going back and looking at some of her art and yum familiar with her. I know a little bit about it, but I definitely saw some pieces that I didn't realize before in just from researching a very much appreciate her even more like she's, a great artist, just the techniques used imagery. She used the symbolism. I really dig at all, and it's like you can appreciate it can give you a visceral reaction, but you, the average person, can also get what she's feeling or what she saying without being like. This means this, and that means that you can get it visually, it's something You can get and appreciate. Piteously yeah me with we ve seen her work. He seems all over the world. Basically, every new city we go too. We see is Ernie. Frida Kahlo work there
Have you been in the castle now, but that that's that's gonna happen, I'm sure he's gonna say bucket less, but it is just on the less threat among Wanna. Do it when I'm eighty right with you them. Jack Nicholson is no Morgan. Freeman none and we're gonna go down there for sure I'd. So less was start chronologically hung start at the beginning. That makes it so Frida Kahlo. She was born back in nineteen o seven, although she used to being a revolutionary, she used to say that she was born in nineteen. Which is the year of the Mexican. Can revolution which is born in a town or those very Frida yeah Frida Kahlo thing to do right? She born in town called call your car, which is outside of Mexico City, is he was born in that House Lecasser as all that
house year, maybe maybe not there, there's a lot of parts of early life like the year. She was born where other people say like Nancy's, actually born nearby, but she says she was born there. So, like her, birth records indicated different place. But I guess it's a bold say she was born there. At the very least, it was her families house right, oh yeah, and she It was in her life for her whole life. So much so she actually died in that house. Yet it's a museum. Now. Yes, it is it's a now in all museum dedicated to Frida, Kahlo City court. We can visit right so arm. She was born in nineteen o seven, they figured out fairly, you figured out and her father was a german or hungarian is. I saw both well here's another little thing, cowboys and he german. He was born in Germany, but freed always said that as of hungarian jewish descent, but that just doesn't appear to be true. Like ancestry
genealogy records, so they like german, protestant or something german, Lutheran Luther anything does proudest anything. I think so, but I think I think there I can remember, but his name depending on Carl Bildt Home, but when he traveled ex going in the late eighteen hundreds he he changed his name. He took the translation. The spanish translation was original german aim, which would have been gear, apparently scrutiny so well. Homer, yeah, in eighteen. Ninety four, he became a mexican citizen in married her mother Matilda killed. On who is american Indian? In spanish yeah, we should say freedom, freedom,
full name is Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo. He called her own name. It is really is a lot to do basically gives you everything you want right, that's right so choose born in. One, but someone else I came to admire from researching her father. He seemed to have been a pretty cool care He was a really good. Then her mom was a little bit religiously hysterical, I think, and very strict near, but her dad was a bit of a foil in that he raised Freida and he noticed something in Frida seems that she was different from her sisters, which she screamed. I mean just like she dressed him, men's suits and things like that is definitely different than her sisters, but he saw in her something very much different than your sister's not to center outward behavior, and so he kind of plucked her out of the the path that is sisters were on, which was a no go get married or gold.
Educated in combat, go, get married, go a wife and said you you're, going to go a different path. Let's get you in a different school here yeah he was a photographer sever. First experiences with art were accompanying him on photo shoots and being in the studio him and, like you said he sent her to the german college in Mexico City where she was introduced to Europeans. And very sadly, she was sexually abused there. And then ended up going to- and I think was one of the first one, only thirty five girls young girls to go to the national Preparatory School and Mexico, because I was right around the time of the Mexican Revolution yet said. Maybe we should start letting
young women in here yeah and they do want to be a doctor. Yes, she excelled in in biology and some others and was on a path to become a doctor actually, but one of the other things that she discovered at the Preparatory Academy of Mexico City was a real zeal for the mexican Revolutionary Spirit. Yeah me. Not only did she that Europe, but she got really into learning about her indigenous roots yeah. That seems to be something that fast, major throughout our lot. You Africa was heard her European in her mexican roots, yet are they combined in her and she blurred and outwardly as well. She even at a painting called roots. Oh yeah can harm the nose in routes were going on for body? Even we can have skipped over one very important thing in her life. I want you six. She directed polio and long recovery. Permanent damage
one of her legs, you two very I'm one of relaxes think her right leg was smaller. This very skinny little third yeah, and she had a permanent limp from that age, which was a big deal. It was just a bit, Meaning of a lifetime of pretty horrendous physical disability pain. Yet she was alive on the plan for forty seven years and starting at age six, you say that's when Polio yeah. She had her. That's when it began at the at the latest. It started at six and continued all the way up to forty seven when she died yet so at the end, this kind of revolutionary group that she joined the catch us, which means the cap's or the hats which apparently today is narco slang for cops in area. Kolya catches can teach us sorry to say that you just because of the two ages, the judge you like
Jason's coming or something she she fell in love with Canada, leader that group, but really like she found herself, has arrived. Illusionary right, yes, and not just a mexican revolutionary, she also became a in a was for life, and it is one thing that the Why do people don't realize? Is freedom, Frida Kahlo, this pop culture icon this patron saint of of women and feminists, who was also very much a fervent communist. Actually, she referred to husband later dig vera who you're about dimension as now, but whose husband use a lousy husband, but whose great comrade, whose is a great quote, yeah so in nineteen twenty three, that's when she fell in love with Andrew enormous areas and
They were together for about five years and we'll get too can what happened for the end of that relationship in a sack but the nineteen twenty two and you just fifteen. She was at school at the preparatory school in Diego Rivera who was very famous artists and list at the time already, this giant man like Alfred Molina size that supply them, even bigger. I think Yahoo is huge and mean oh just tall and rotundity The big personality and everything like Edward Herman, sure he was painting a mural at her school creation when she was just fifteen and she would go out there and just basically can a stare at him and while he was doing his work and sort of became infatuated with him and the art, I get the picture that it was all sort
north wind, and you know, years later, they would meet and Mary and then remarry, which will get into the ins and outs of their relationship, but it was. It was an interesting love story of sorts artists, Vienna yeah. She take a break by let's take a break, and we will talk about the tragic events that befell her at the age of eighteen. New year's resolutions are very, very difficult to keep more exercise, save more money will have on this. We have a resolution that you can really work with stop wasting time going to the post office that right, you stamps dot com instead because they bring all the services of the. U S: postal service, right to your computer, with your small business sinning invoices
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or go to the post office. Again, ok, checks, like you, said something really bad is about to happen. A Frida she's eighteen, she's on the bus with a boyfriend who is the leader of the Ku Chacho's, get you just yeah and they the bus was struck by a trolley or vice versa. She was on a trolley struck by a bus. One of the two and either way it was a bad bad seen for her yeah. She was in hailed by one of the handlebars it went through pelvis endure womb, as I saw it, put the broker spine. She was in a bad way and supposedly, your boyfriend walked away unharmed, which is made even worse in a year mean, though,
I got it was that you know everyone was shaken up pretty bad, but it was this sort of freak thing that this rail impaled her hip, that that she got the worst of it. This would go. To be, in my opinion, the most significant event, her entire lot, one hundred percent, because it would it changed everything and change the course of everything. Member up to this point is planning on becoming a doctor. And she was so laid up for so long and so immobilize that she basically said well. There goes my chance being a doctor? I am not going to be able to catch up and I can be a move for knows if I'll be walk again and it is shifted direction.
The whole womb thing is going to come into play later on. That will definitely influence her art for sure to yes, she's she's bedridden for months. I think she had something like thirteen or fifteen surgeries fruit from that point on for the next thirty years, and it turns out that she was a great painter which must have been somethin to be like well, I'm in this hospital bed that their equipping me with this special easel that I can you in my full body cast lying down. They had put a mirror on on the ceiling above me, so I can be my own model and she was very much known for self portraits and she starts painting and is amazingly talented, yeah and afresh. She was saying: ok, I can't be a doctor and apparently have this neck for painting, maybe I'll be a medical illustrator, and once you hear that when you see some of her
you're like? Oh yeah, she basically has mythical apples yeah, but in a anatomy, as a metaphor for emotion, yes from what I understand right, yeah I don't know I mean this might be hyperbolic to say this I don't know of any artists that poured herself out on the canvas much ass. She did certainly not up to that point yeah, especially female art, so yeah absolute up to this point when Frida Kahlo came along, like women were if you are emotional, you're hysterical one, but you certainly weren't. Woman artist, you certainly were expected to explore emotions and grief. Imps person, hood and the self, and in your certainly were expected to do it in your paintings, and she said her works showed that that was.
The case it wasn't even like you shouldn't do this. It was women can't do this. Yes, she came in instead, actually we can cause I'm living proof Yet if your man you're just a brooding artist, right, melancholy, Yeah, you're, woman, your hysterical or you depressed, and she does man she laid out their yeah raw. As you can imagine, and especially for the time it was just off the charts how radical it was right so so and she is able to do this- because her family set up a special easel in a mirror for her be her own model. Yes right, yes, so this is a big thing. This is starting to come along and she she passes the time while she's. Cooper doing this, and she recovers enough that she goes back to school, asserts hanging out with her old friends again and from that re entry back into the revolutionary slash communist World in Mexico. At the time tat she ended up in the orbit of D.
Go Rivera again. Actually they ran across each other at a party yeah. In this the man from that point forward. They would be they would be tied to one another through their work and through there are multiple marriage, one another. She was twenty two. He was twice years older than her- and he very much be very much encouraged her early on yeah, then champion her and was her mentor as an artist was she went up to him at at this party? said, I want you to look at my work and tell me: should I pursues its into I an artist or is this just nothing? and he looked at her work and he said you were an artist. Yet this is astounding, like you have what it takes in. You should pursuing being an artist in as mere fact. Let's get married yet he was attracted to her. But MA am I haven't seen anything that that lead
to believe that any of his support of her work was not genuine bright and because he wanted to like in the sack. No, no, no, he wasn't that kind of guy he would get anybody in the sector are leading up to marry. You any certainly didn't have to tell you you a great artist. S is below him. I saw thing they both had multiple affairs talk about that throughout their marriage in need maybe or maybe not so understanding of each other doing so, but I saw one point that he supposedly got his doctor to write a note that said that he was physically and capable of being faithful, rule thirty, I got enough it's too, so he had always want to get this quoted here a great quote about her as an artist here
that she was a realist as far as her arts concern. She quote the first woman in the history of art to treat with absolute and uncompromising honesty, one might even say cruelty. Those general and specific themes which exclusively Women like like that's a pretty strong words from a renowned artists to mean Digger Rivera was will renown by this time already. So when he looked at, her are in had things like that to say about it, it really meant something she was she ever was an outsider artist. She wasn't any more. She was a genuine artist. She'd been decreed as such by the cream. The crop here and she- and I think the article on our own website, downplays a little bit her successes during her life. It Sir nothing compared to what she got. Many men, years later decades later after her death, they weren't freedom, maniacs back then, but she wasn't. She also was not just completely unknown
bright as an artist, I mean she got some notoriety during her life. She got to know Picasso she got to know in these were the circle she travelled in partially because of Vigo, Rivera but they started moving around. You know, starting in the nineteen thirties. They didn't stay Mexico. They lived in Francisco for a little while depending on where the work was because he was a mere list right. So he had to go to the place where he was doing. The exact I can't say I send mural Draper tape. It up semi lot and he had her in tow- which I get the impression that sometimes she was a willing accomplice. Another time she was very much homesick for Mexico. Yes, she for sure met. Miss mexico- I know she did enjoy her time in like a New York into our no she loved Detroit. By did they moved to Detroit while he works for the Detroit Institute for the arts, but very We see that in the nineteen say, lived in New York City when that eager very,
commission by Nelson Rockefeller, who, in the movie, the great movie by Julie Timor in some high, was played by Edward Norton. Oh really here, who have you not seen that Movie Albert and when she had the, especially with the back story? Now, if the wind seen stuff come out, I mean this was her passion, somehow expansion, project for her life and He put her through living hell. It's horrifying. I think those I've been in York or New York Times had a great article about it, but I sure that she wrote, I think, but nothing. Got me on that was Edward Norton was he D D rewrote the script for like for free, because basically one of Harvey speaks Things was not going to get any money for this, like you got to do it for almost nothing everyone's going to have to work for free, so she got everyone to work for free or scale from Edward Norton to duly tame or the great director and on her
He demanded a lesbian sex like do like my doing this. Unless you do that, and- she was bisexual, so wasn't like he created this out of thin air. It is like I want to see this on screen. She supposed had affairs with George O and Josephine Baker, and all these famous female performers and our but she did not do that. I think she thinks you're kissing scene with Ashley Judd at a party who is actually Judd supposed to be carried out within a minute Emily's mad that she's not here right now, I told her about this last night, she's like why am I not honest? I mean I gets Geez I'm a guess: a movie cresswells like more that's a different. I guess altogether thorium there. She will pick this apart, dress me but anyway, devil of a time getting that movie made, and it went on to great success. I think still is the highest grossing art based movie of all time. Yet it's what I saw
so anyway, there in New York City, because Nelson Rockefeller display by were Norton, had commissioned the eager Rivera too eight mural Iraq that were sinner called man at the crossroads and in it it was one of these big. Almost sergeant peppers cover. You know how young people all over the place, I've seen it and peace. Again Vladimir Lenin in painting, so I have a question about their: did. He sneak it in. Caught or was he like and also by the way, have included this great man Lennon he snuck in as a response, as very pointed response to something and a camera, exactly what was, but it wasn't originally in the plan and I'll know, fills in the original sketch might be giving a slightly wrong, but at any rate. Gotten linen in there the Rockefeller
not happy. I mean I think it was more of his family. Like he's each state, his friend wasn't like he was. I hate you, your big booby bans go back to Mexico right, but he stopped the work painting was mirror, was removed and destroyed, but eventually was destroyed mere man, but he sat but eventually Rivera recreated. That ok, a little smaller in Mexico City change a tale to man, controller of the universe in an imprint, seize up yours Rockefeller, maybe so that sort of puts a button on them moving kind of all around the United States for awhile, MRS, when she was being introduced to high society in and everyone from like, it said, Josephine Baker to Trotzky, and she was it. She was king at the time to rights. Why wasn't my shoes hang and ass? She was still painting and one
painting she did was the suicide of Dorothy Hale yeah. That was interesting, so she was commissioned by clear, loose booth, little Deuce coop. She was the M shoes from the publishing family of time at that she published Vanity Fair, something like that. She's great publishing, magnet and this is back in the thirties, and she was friends with Dorothy Hale, who was a an actress, a well known actress who had hit on hard times naturally I was having to live on the generosity of her friends and she climbed up to the highest point of the high right. As she lived off of in John to her death and devastated clearer booth loose, and I regret it read somewhere and who is our friend and she commissioned a Frida Kahlo, two to two opinions which she thought.
Could be a portrait to commemorate my friend Dorothy. That's not he always Frida Kahlo d D arnault. She realized who she was commissioning fully yeah. That can be seen her work right. So what Frida Kahlo did was she took Simon in commemorated, not Dorothy, Hale necessarily but Dorothy Hales death by suicide. Yes, it's it's almost like a step by step diagram. It shows her at the top building in MID air and then in the foreground. Largest of all is her broken bloody body on the ground, but it has its very somber text, caption, basically
ass, the bottom in a school that explains what the citizens, how sad this is and that it was the suicide of Dorothy Hail and so apparently, Winkler booth Loose got got this. She unwrapped. It was like what is that? Yes, gas is horrified and she was going to destroy, and friends talked her out of it. So it's still in existence today from what I understand think the booth, loose. Family has as the year the painting in their possession and that's just emblematic of Frida's outlook, which was like she was no bs. She, like I'm, going to show you what's real. So let me ask you this year, the Frida expert here between the two of us. Ok, maybe was she in like like em all in your face clear. This is the reality of your friend suicide, or was it she. This is. This was her expire,
ocean of emotion that she thought clear. I'm not saying her last name would would The kind of her friend and like this would be the greatest commemoration of in friend, which one I don't think it was all in your face. I think she thought that was the honesty. I think she thought that was the most honest work, but I I'm not sure whether or not she considered like wait a minute. She gonna hate this okay, so she wasn't like it doesn't matter she hated. This is the, but this is the most honest work so alone is psychologically destroys her clear needs. A tough I am very curious, there's a good course I dont want. I understand a lot of the symbolism in her paintings now, but I don't necessarily ever hit upon our motivation, her personality, quite and which can be so mad because she read her eight hundred page biography, she's, probably like
I will read page six hundred there right, jerks, unable to explain and say again Emily, that's right, you and take a break the eldest it ok Why do you travel to recover from heartbreak to trace your dna to escape the internet? I'm Povey Rosati, I travelled, for our lunches, I'm darling, thereby I travel for the ancient ruins and future relic. We are the globe trotting founders of the beloved travel website fathom and our new podcast awaited go exploring all the reasons we travel. Every episode features the tail an interesting traveller, but these are not your average. What I did on my summer, vacation stories, travel, is all about wonder. Mishap and discuss and on this show you'll meet an actress in rural Kenya, explaining the ins and outs of safe sex.
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Are you checks and one other thing very big thing happen to her in Detroit actually, and she has a painting that commemorated called Henry Ford Hospital. She had her second miscarry year and this her miscarriages. I believe she has had the two. I think so, but that's all right right. She, those would affect in influence her work for the rest of her life. They do Polly impact at her and not just impact at her, but they were theme she explores you know like. Can you still be a mother to other things? Even if you dont bear your own children, Can you you know like like how does it affect your femininity? That's it it's a theme that really affected her he explored in a really is just right there. In broad, bold colors in Henry Ford Hospital yeah. I mean she she very
famously head was a mother to many animals. She had spider monkeys, she had dogs, cats, birds should happen Dear all, at her at her house, we have a great children's book, called their recommend called Frida Kahlo, inner animal eat us really fun for kids, but and adults actually, but yet He really wanted to be a mother and it was devastating to her that she couldn't be Emma he said like with all her work, so raw in laid bare and- and I soon most people have seen her work talk about some of it a little bit. It wouldn't hurt to kind of brush up on these. If you have a couple tabs handy while we're talking be a bit lots of blood lots of x, closed or again was vessels connecting her two things here is just dumb. It's like you said you don't have to work hard to understand what she's getting at. When there's a painting of her with her like body, cavity, split up
I am like a baby bunny where her womb is right. Actually I think I just made that point That's a great idea like that imagery. It wouldn't surprise me if that was one of her vainly shirt, there is a lot of thumb, pain, physical pain depicted. Paintings- and this is another huge theme- remoteness or whatever you want to call it to wear her fit. The physical pain depicted in again, remember she's, painting herself almost exclusively here, Herve emotional, pain is depicted as physical paints, a like nails all over her body or she has a huge terror. Going vertically up the middle of a body in her spine is a dork column. That's crumbling. Yeah desist physical imagery that it did to picture physical pain too. She was always in a lot of pain throughout her life physically, also suffered a lot of emotional and psychic pain as well in all of it was coming find as physical pain and a visit.
Nation and being laid open in her paintings, yeah and eventually should meet Andre Baton. Is it? Is it better to Britain better say the fell? The father sir? yeah, and he is the one she actually in a funny way can a said. She never considered herself a surrealist until on J Britain came to Mexico until me? I was one really. I do not know whether my paintings or surrealist or not- but I do know that they are the frankness expression of myself but she's. If you want to fire or why surrealism were magic. Surrealism is different categories that her a lot of her work fits under so I saw a young. We will use a lot of sites for this. I care Murray came from, but I saw a description of her work is that she was an individualist. We're means less noise than she was.
Own thing may have had influences and she deftly had mexican indigenous art influence there, the thing that really drives like the visual impact of her paintings. But as far as like schools, art goer movements, she he was. She tapped into primitive ism, indigenous M magical, Lissom Surrealism and again all of it combined to make her an individualist oh yeah, you mention the M, her indigenous routes and she very much at it and I think a Diego Rivera is one who really encouraged her to embrace that and she started she can. I mean she wear, suits and stuff, sometimes when she was a kid, but she wore more european style clothing when she was younger and then really started where more mexican indigenous, the yeah? Really colorful stuff and most famous captured in maybe her most famous painting, the two
Frida's and a nineteen, thirty nine, it's the double self portrait. That on one side, her in the more modern european clothing and then on the other side, it's her in her more indigenous mexican clothing and both of them have their hearts exposed. Think, on the european side, the arteries or severed and things on the mexican side its intact. The heart is intact, really really pretty. It is very often a lot of her work was pretty some of them. Sometimes it's like it looks very primitive and then other times in some details like the eyes of a cat or something like that you're. Likewise, really it's very like for almost four a realistic. Yet so is it very weird to me how her I was your talent but her her visual talents, kind of were applied in some places in not not as much in others
and I'm wondering what the details were, that that made her make those decisions yeah, she included her pets Laura paintings at eight hundred and fifty five of her paintings featured her pets, some very famous ones, with her spider, monkeys and birds. On her shoulder, my favorite one is called what the water gave me. It's a self portrait in a way of her and a bathtub from her vantage, and so you see her her feet and toes sticking out at the end of the tab, and then the water is just full of all kinds of other stuff. Like unethical c mon, it's really nice, like there's a volcano with. Our state building coming out of the centre of it with like gangrenous lava flowing over the sides, Lyle does she would get gangrene later in life, just another fiscal malady and had one of her legs amputated below the knee? There was a dead bird of one legged bird being pierced by a tree and there's a nude woman flow,
next to her dress, looks like her parents on their wedding day and its that's all like in
ass of water with her feet and toes sticking out. One tell of courses is mangled in, and cracked and bloody, though so much gruesome, semi gruesome aspects to so much of our work right, but am Kelly, can punch ASEAN, the gut very much like it's to see these things and in person is like, especially if you're a fan of our work to actually stand in front of one of em and put your NOS six inches from it is really pretty pretty astounding. Do not sneeze you not sneeze on the art they have signed everywhere this this article are hostile forks, article points out the wounded, dear yachts, goodwill and my birth, both in the same paragraph here does or to my favorites. Actually, my birth is so just just twisted, but it's also really simple and straightforward. It's her mother, but you assume it's her mother, the sheets actually play
over her mothers head. So you never see her face and you also kind I get the impression that it could be Frida as well by its Frida's head grown up, Frida like coming out of the birth canal, the womb as it were, Gaffer like such like a nineteenth century Blake White Guy, calling it a woman. You know by Adam yet is graphic put its also. It looks it a kind of. I don't know, I don't want to arm chair critique or anything The idea like that one and then the wounded dear, I think, is awesome two yeah. We should probably apologize to every art historian and increase like when it comes to our love than I know you do to love going to museums. Probably where I am witches, just like what I like, like you know. If it looks nice to me, and nice doesn't mean oh that's pretty, but
if it's! If it touches me in some way, though MIKE I like that sure I don't enjoy its. I enjoy reading the placards and then standing a bit more behind it, but I'm definitely not some art historian or critic, although I do impression being Having art explained to me by our Yasser integrated by denying Zoellick sister Wendy that whole series from the Eightys and Ninetys another. Oh man, I thought I told you about forces this. None who understands art better than anybody in the world. Little PBS series for hours, she could just explain art and you just wanted- was the next episode, so bad. But I think the level that you and I are at that you are characterizing- is There- was best captured on a simpsons There is a museum, audio tour that was narrated by Melanie Griffith and when they put it, I'm press places like all its you in this room, this one's nice. I like
oh look at their what's in the next room. That's the level were out of our understanding and appreciating our know, Griffith level, We we briefly mentioned Leon Trotzky earlier the exile, communists and rival the stolen, we're friends in and they hosted him she, India, rubber the Blue House and supposedly had a brief affair. Although other people of question whether that was whether not she really did because of I think last year, a lot of her love. Letters to Diego were published. Oh yeah, yeah, it's really interesting their relationship, but you know they divorced in nineteen, thirty, nine remarried
My next year in nineteen forty lived in separate houses. They both had their infidelities but on a really interesting, complex relationship, mentor, students, lovers, friends, rivals as well. In some cases, but it is hard to obviously is an outsider encapsulated on a pod cat. But very complex relationship, full of respect and admiration on some levels, but also he was also that you know sort of of the time in Mexico in America just that mail. Joe yeah thing going on. I mean, for goodness sake, see try to have his doctor write a note. The city was physically capable of being faithful right, so much to say male dominated complex marriage and relationship, while so she could
in Vienna. Put up with his affairs in in she definitely had her own, but supposedly he the his affair, with her younger sister, like really the rushed her yet out. That was, I think, led directly to their doors, but I could see that that was uncool here the ago, even where the doctors note Diego and he he die just a few years under horribly. Believe right, I don't know when he died. Actually, I think he died three years after her, but the nineteen fifty's her health was really declining. She kept heavenly surgeries, kept painting nineteen fifty three. She had a solo exhibition and love this man she couldn't get around and so great movie, they shouldn't go on and they brought him by ambulance brought in a four poster bed and that's where she was in the gallery. She's lying in bed like green people yeah she received everyone else, use embed bedridden, pretty amazing
and she died a couple weeks later. I think actually think the last time she was seen in public. She showed up for a protest against the: U S back coup that overthrow over through our bends in Guatemala and were pronounced, come and beckoned right into the picture every time and she she died again aged forty, seven man after a life of pain, but a very, very productive life of pain to the Athens, quite a bit yen with her death. She is listed as pulmonary embolism, but ever did an autopsy in there is Jim I believe that she committed suicide by a how pills Her personal nurse said that she took twelve. I think, painkillers, when she knew TAT. Her max was seven in early that evening, she had given Diego an anniversary present a month early,
it all kind of adds up in the chronic pain and just in this was after polio, after gangrene after amputation, after pneumonia, after the bus with accident after the bus accident. So yes, she may have just ended it, while understandably though her when she died, like you said, choose you know fairly well known in certain circles in the art world, but when she died or were kind of entered into obscurity for a few decades is door and that is we'll put and then in the late seventies it was rediscovered by by I guess nationalist. You could call him art nationalist in Mexico and she has been basically a pop icon ever since, what's her story was really established and built and her work came back out, she's just never really left it. The art scene, since
This is pretty cool vertical. If she is in a museum near you go check it out, and you want to do and talk about the her famous eyebrow, because I think this this article did a really good job of addressing it. So she had she painted herself. She very famously had what you call Unabomber. I guess, and she would painted a lot, but the article on house of Works quotes a book by Desmond Moors called the naked woman, a study of the female body, an Ebay please says, does were more says: they're like women will will pluck the their union brow into nothingness, like religiously in that it takes a woman who is above fashion to to flaunt her. You know brow and that that perfectly that that term, above fashion perfectly encapsulates Frida Kahlo yeah. I, which I thought was a pretty cool thing today. Does my moors wasn't
talking about Frida Kahlo. This article went out of its way to go, find then bring it in. I think it analyzes her appreciation of herself inside and out, yeah yeah, I mean if there was one thing that she did on her canvas was say. This is me and everything away inside now and her her legacy. In our world, especially among among women and female artist, is like that. The one aren't we read city just can't overstate. The importance of Vienna Yankee asked no ipod guys for all the mistakes. Yes, I was Stuart Andy Warhol one night I tried to do right by the sun. Ok yeah as budget apologizing to Emily. Specifically right. Sorry, I'm late, If you want, if you're, not Emily, and you want to know more about Frida Kahlo,
you can search her on our website, there's actually a pretty decent little article and then there's tons of stuff go look at art all over the web and in person, and since I said that, it's time for listen to me Encompass mistakes. The indefensible, hey guys, ensure get annoyed at the influx of emails. You get every time. You make a mistake on your part gas, at least. That's what I gleam from a few recent episodes. Were you anticipate people writing in correcting you? In effect, I how ironic I am writing the counterbalance that you guys do a fantastic job. Ah, I'm amazed that you are able to cover topics in such detail with such high turn overrate without quickly produce episodes. I would expect so many more mistakes or sloppy work, but not not with you me give me no, not with you. Like not not due to I'm starting Mon Podcast and its made me deeply primitive, now, talented and gifted you guys are so one day. I hope
smooth and easy going as you are. As always. Please keep going with your work. Your my favorite by gas also want to give a shoutout, especially to your trail of tears, episodes everything went to the archives and listen to those two. You told Us beautifully. Thank you really did a justice and I would recommend to anyone who hasn't: listen, go back and listen anyway seriously. Thank you for adding something fun to my life and that great name is rum, Shall Lena mythology per maybe baton. Depending on I pronounced it. Ok and she is the house- and I asked her you're bad pleasure, of your own work, sent an email replied. Yes, it's gonna be about what is coming soon as gulled worth it yet good title. Yet everyone that, as how you get your podcast plugged on submission, that's right, whoa whoa whoa breaking news. Oh yeah sure ILO became back the Y know
got an email reply from Chile, and she said my podcast is about helping people create a life that they're happy with nice A lot of people feel lost, don't feel connected to themselves or fuel scared. To do with actually want to do like pursue creative career, do something and makes far less money. So I talk to people who have been there who are still there and about their journey in what they have done, a great happiness in the life of a good which mentions great yeah hurry up Selina. Here, ok best of luck with worth it coming soon. You apply cast distributor where we find your progress and view on again touch this. You can t to us it s. Why escape? I guess I meant Josh, I'm Clark on Twitter and check that movie crush on Twitter. You can also hang out with us on Facebook. Facebook that complex that we should know or Facebook that Complex Charles to reach a bright. He considers all any mail the stuff. I guess the house of works. That camp was always your answer. I'm on the web stuff. You should know dot com
for more on and thousands of other topic is a house upwards, I dont think America has ever gone back to the way that it was before the DC sniper. The gunman most likely a skilled, marksman fired times in the course of sixteen hours. The police say they have never had a crime white like this. It is quite a mystery and then, as the DC sniper case, unfolded that terror boldly drew. This was intense man, hunt in american law enforcement. History, listen to monster DC, sniper on the eye, hard radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your pockets.
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