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2014-08-19 | 🔗

Elevators are way more interesting than you might think. In this week's episode, Chuck and Josh board the lift to enlighten everyone as to the ins and outs, and ups and downs, of these handy people movers.

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the inner circle. I guess that's right. Twitter recorded, like weeks ago theories than stuck in rescued from an elevator period, and that was stuck in an elevator, crowded elevator for four hours shrouded with NASCAR people as it turns out DNS, carpentering town for a race. I guess she had get rescued through the town. Through the top, which we learned from this research. You can't get yourself out through that top. This is bolted. On the other side, yeah you gotta, have someone come it's for them to get you out, not for you to get yourself out right. Sorry, John Maclean, near what you did is impossible and there are even bolt on his any dislike. You figure
exact like there? The figure is like a screen, yet this ended up being way more interesting than I thought. Well, let's get to the interesting stuff, so it you're ok, so check. We can begin the begin by talking about elevators and who invented them. Yes, It should come as no surprise if added dime for every time we set in the studio and said it started, in ancient Rome seems, like everything, started, an ancient more China by ancient Rome. They did his arm can't elevator was a lift yeah. It's not like enclosed
later, but it was, you know like a platform with police that they would lift things up nationally doing the work of an elevator. They used a people, livestock water screws, which means Archimedes, was involved right. Yet you know, I knew a friend in New Jersey, a bartender who are when you would ask what the score of the game was. A football game he would dispraise Bongo line, stand Kristen stuffing, no matter who is playing its part in Argentina. He'd. Imagine he said it a million times and probably got it from someone else right distant aside, while Bower talking about as far back as three thirty six b c.
Yeah Archimedes was an ancient greek. The Syracusan, maybe he's from Circus Gorge, her orange and so elevators in concert in a functioning elevators been around for a very long time. It wasn't until the nineteenth century, though, that they really started to take shape. The way that we see them now, yeah, really just these platforms it lifted up and you needed an ox. I think we're talk about Louie, which one is he x, the twenty five fifty fifty and always get their backwards. Twenty five is not a super bowl. Dear kingly, the fatigue he had what some people say. It was the first, the modern type elevator with his flying chair, it was on the outside of Versailles and his mistress, built for Madame DE
chateau row that something may that name and she looked up on the third floor and would go sit in her little box. And lower herself down right to the kings balcony and they would do the devil's business and it was very, very convenient for him. He also find tables at dinner that would lower food right at his chair, Likud dumbwaiter, really dumbwaiter, and he would clapped his hands. I guess and call for the the flying table which, during bringing it bring me another guinea him here, love guinea him there, dumb waiter, by the wet, pretty insensitive term. For that thing,
Then he would clapped his hands. I guess and call for the defying table which, during bringing it, bring me another guinea him here, love guinea him there dumb waiter, by the way, it's pretty insensitive term. For that thing, sure yeah you pay and lazy. Susan was all about very derogatory. Did you know? Lazy Susan was supposedly invented by a chinese american restaurant tour, chinese restaurants, where their name Susan, sure. Ok, I would guess like like it was invented around the same time as an ally. The same people who invented like the butter churn, ok timeframe. As what you were remarked, I thought the chinese restaurant kind to me. I think the whole thing so at any rate, elevators have been around for a while very the fifteenth guy clever. He had one that uses system a ropes employees which conceivably his flying chair was conceivably, the first elevator.
The first modern elevator ever built but it wasn't until the nineteenth century, like I said that they started to really take shape and they still had like the kind that were used for industrial purposes. Like for mining or yeah, storehouses are things like that, but then passenger elevators really sorry to take shape. The problem was They were extraordinarily dangerous. People died, a lot of people die me. If you had a rope system, a rope system, cable system or attention system does or three names for the same thing which basically uses Polly in a rope to lower and raise a box there, you standing in your human being, that's that can elevator as opposed to a hydrogen distant system, which is what they used pre industrial revolution, which makes a lot of sense. Now, I'm sorry they use it post industrial. Mission, but free rope and policies, in your human being, that's that can help.
Could never very tall building, because you're you're pissed and had to draw down and If you wanted to go up, he had to draw that thing down. Just as far the other person had to be as tall as the floor of the tallest floor of the building and then yeah you had to have that pit. There was equally deep right. That's right! That's a deep pit! If it's a tough, that's right. It's not regretful, so we so yes, that is a little say, gray, that humanity took with the prisoner hydraulic elevator an apparently they were still popular in mentions the usher. They have years in the movie lady in a cage, no it's a black and white movie with that Jimmy time over acting like a crazy is a hoodlum. Unlike the fifties, and I cant remember, the name of the free
star who's. The woman in the cage with a cage is an elevator trapped between floors in her mansion and things go really badly for me not to check that out, but the a compulsory system. The reason why it it didn't become them an elevator until the eighteen. Fifty is because there is no safety mechanism, yeah those ropes a break and, like you said, a lot of people died because the whole thing would go all the way down to the of the shaft in kill everybody on board, there's nothing to stop, which is oh some people's greatest fear, is being on and we'll get that's the waiter like what might happen. Yes, we were teaser one came a guy named Eliza Otis, whose last name you might recognize in eighteen, fifty two hyenas signs said you know how these things need. They need effective fights, people don't die
and so they created and they viewed very famously these safety voice. The eighteen fifty four New York Worlds, fair when he dramatically got in and said, cut the rope and they cut the rope and it fell like a foot and then the safety device break and everyone went wow. That's awesome! It worked this and it's like it was a tests on a spring and as long as the rope was tense, the spring would stay true, tripped and tripped yet anyway, pension was released because the rope is no longer there. This framework and those the brakes like you ever would come out and that basically still in use today a lot of elevators like this thing that he created in eighteen fifty two its debts. They still in the brand new elevators today, yes, some of them, they have that. You know it's a notch notches cut into the railing that guides the elevator. So when those little thing spring outages clicks into the next notch, some which is going
and I can't go any further yet and you're like a man, thank God for Leisure Otis, in his sons right so alive, people say well: Eliza Otis invented the elevator, the modern Oliver he did not. Actually he invented the safety mechanism, Then the non killing elevator there that allowed rope and pulleys systems to become ubiquitous unused and also to buildings for people to trust them, and so he probably created the Modern elevator industry is a better way to put it there. For an elevator company and the oddest brothers did pretty well with it with. There is another issue: yeah he's dead, but his companies doing great. Oh yeah, like eighty percent of elevators, are Otis elevators, but he's dead these very much. That is this. Is it
Well, over a hundred and fifty years ago, right now there's another Otis who is contemporaneous to Eliza Otis for his first name was Otis Otis Tufts yeah. What are the chances? Apparently pretty high lotuses earlier, so this Otis Tufts fella, he actually invented where we were recognizes the first man. Elevator a couple years before. Eliza Otis got his patent safety mechanism and it was basically car With automatically opening and closing doors naked sit down, there are benches which all the early elevators had, which apparently we'll get you later. Why we office forward yet well sure, that's one reason and do not be weird another one. But he had a really good idea, there was, fraud narrowly safe, o Otis, tough stance,
His elevator was basically had a whole going through the middle yeah. That was threaded. And so his elevator acted like a night. There was going around a very long screw, though it from top to bottom. That's the elevator his elevator was basically had a whole going through the middle yeah that was threaded, and so his elevator acted like a night. There was going around a very long screw, though, from top to bottom, that's the elevator went up, so I guess you would turn the screw gear and the thing would probably pulled I thought that's a big screw the so he was not able to sell a lot of them. He did ok, but it wasn't widely adopted because it was just impractical, nearby kitten, The current year and said: hey these Otis brothers are really gotta go and on their safe there efficient and weaken scale. This out, you know too scalable product
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looped over achieve very simple, actually- and I say, cable but several cables right and it is just as a groove room surface the she doesn't it This basically there's a counterweight on the other side. Elevator goes up, counterweight goes down, elevator goes down. Counterweight goes up each of those cables by is required to be able to hold the elevator fully loaded, plus twenty percent per annum by itself, but there still like forty, seven forty eight forty eight cables, usually per elevator car, so you would have to have all of those eight snap in order to put yourself even in the slightest bit of danger, but that's when other failsafe come into play to help from dying right, so you're. The elevator cables are not going to snap pretty much ever know
because not only are there, all of these extra cables are elevator inspectors who examined the cables to make sure there's nothing wrong with them, and he said, Seven of these are shot, but you still got the one I find. So it's the cable snapping is not going to be a problem by if, if all the cables did snap, if somebody got up there and cut through within the ceiling torch here was to say that happened, you you, the car, the elevator car would basically follow. Two feet could remember. We talked about that thing that was invented by Eliza Otis telling you tonight there there are Instead, I am connected to governors the cables there are both to the top of the car run through the sheep, which is basically giant Polly. Yet they also go through a governor speak of her and when that governor starts spinning really fast, which tells us that the cables or Spain really fast. It automatically trips, those wedges yet which go into the grooves
the rail that the elderly, Car runs on yeah fall about two feet here and that if it has a mean their different kinds of braking systems without is certainly one another one is that this kind of thumb. Break shoe. Basically, that goes around the rail yet like a roller coaster, and then, when the governor police sense is that its spending too fast it trips, those and they just grip. Real either way. You're gonna fall its defeat afforded to yet another think. We said that this is it's an electric motor that spends the sheath pulls the cables up and down right out. I thought that was obvious, but we should put point that we should in it's a pretty elegance, actually because the counterweight in the elevator we fairly close to the same yeah I'm so this the motor that's running? The she's only has to overcome the force of friction to basically tip the balance between the two that which everyone is lower, will pull the other one down here and sets out an elevator.
Up and down so they say that I have been cut and this time Like a villain that wants you dead in a very expensive in time, consuming way, lobbies who is from has somehow remit all of the safety. That's what an elevator jargon! The safety mechanism are called safety's. That's the fact of the pot guessed. What happens then? She sang it lets. You are just plummeting ignorant freed, I say freefall, but its historical points out. It's not quite right. Because there's gonna be friction. Yes, it is on a on rails and you can't be incomplete, unite in a vacuum. Now you're and, what's more because your line in action vacuum is air beneath you and this elevator car there is takes up most of the space in the shaft. Here is compressing the air beneath it. So does he like a cushion of area and, like you said,
from the rails is slowing the whole thing down, so yeah you're not can enter freefall, which is where there's no force of gravity exerted on you at all. Now you can be slowed down, but you definitely feel like you're falling in our be moving at a rate of speed, a dangerous rate of speed, but at the very bottom there are shock absorbers built in and it looks like I mean a big springy spongy thing and that's basically what it is. It's a cylinder piston filled with oil, usually in so that'll help YA but to probably keep you from getting killed yet depending on where you fall from and there's a pair, one instance in history if elevators, at least in America. That were that's actually happened here. Were these cars have fun in modern elevator. Cars have fallen from a significant height and it was in nineteen. Forty five will be fifty two bomber
suddenly ran into the war and the World Trade Center, the empire state, building, yeah and basically cut the cables safety break everything on two elevator cars, that drop from the seven night floor this happen once all the way and the one woman who is aboard survived, right. Seventy nine force that eight hundred feet it's a long way, and that was in there was nineteen forty five cushioning imagine a little better well. One of the things that saved her, though, is that she was in the corner of the car, because the cable, the elevator cable, you started a coil, beneath it ass? It fell down common spreading through the bottom of the sea and she was alone, and it was nineteen, forty five, that you know she was drunk and you know what they say if this.
Cigarette a hollow drunk then think your body is that it is a misnomer that your body, like can accept like an accident more readily if you're drunk, because it doesn't stiff and, above all, that it might be wise to me all right. So what's up as you know, is a misnomer that your body like can accept the like an accident more readily, if you're drunk it doesn't stiff and above all, for that a point: zero: zero, zero, zero, zero, zero one, five percent chance of dying on your average elevator ride. How'd you come over that number Well, I do any average. You multiply well we'll get the matter, but eighteen billion passenger trips on elevator per year, twenty seven people die
average per year and most of those are people that work on elevators, repairing them. So your chances are, they say, greater of getting struck and killed by lightning right, and everyone knows it's not. You know you shouldn't worry about dying in an elevator and it says that escalators are ten times safer, designed to us what the l, a your people say it depends very. They did a study of senior citizens with, like a media nature. I think eighty years and found There were higher There were a higher number of accidents, Yon escalators, but zero fatalities over this fourteen year period. Here isn't there's fatalities and elevator accidents we should say like there's a very, very slow slim chance of an injured in an elevator, avoid you say a point: zero
zero zero zero zero one, five percent- yes, that's a small chance, but it does happen yeah and if you and if you do die in an elevator accident, it's a pretty gnarly heavy. Did you see the waiting in China yeah, I'm, U others. There are all kinds of stories little, but the fear got into you this this one. Ladies, and heart into doesn't Levin attic. Second New York Don't you her elevator the door closed on her grabbed her and took off of the shaft and killed her and not in a pleasant now the same week, a woman cal state Long Beach had the exact same thing happened here as you nothing. I'm elevator the car just suddenly went up and took her with it. They cut in half a nurse in China. The same thing happened to her apparently
statistically speaking, if you're going to be injured by malfunctioning or killed by a malfunctioning elevator, it's going to be you're getting honour off, and the things start moving up without realizing. That is about to happen, because if it does happen, it happens pretty quick hours a year, I started reading this started getting on and off with the elevators for very fast. Well, that's one thing, you should do. You should also pay attention to the two, your surroundings, what's going on as part of the problem, because getting on and off of an elevator is a pretty mindless thing to do here and Nick Plum, Gardner points out who wrote probably the greatest article anyone's ever written on elevators in the history of humanity is in the New Yorkers called up and then down, and how many articles did you read to compare it to justice and clear, but I
would put it up against any are other article. You can come up with their someone out there. The ruin, the slogan Josh and didn't even look at my eye would read it if if they thought it compared anyway, he points out that not only is it like a mindless thing getting on and off of an elevator, yet we don't even think what's going on during the elevator ride like if we, our brains, are basically like I'm on eleven. I didn't go through these doors, now get out of the doors and I'm on fifteen, while young people they ve, done studies like it. That way, other they thought about hey. Maybe we should make the elevator clear. So people can see what's going on and that people round me No, I don't want a clear elevator right. I don't want to see those cables I want to get in my little box and gets that out and what a reformed push the button for,
and the whole um you know, music music came about two hardly any other comparable down. I know elevators to drown the noise of the elevator mechanism working and to seek to calm people down here, because if you're elevator phobic it means almost one hundred percent that your car four phobic and you dont, like being in that small space with those people and Experts say that if you have a big elevator fear, you just got basically your fighter fight responses being hijacked and the situation is truly not dangerous, because when it that's what it's supposed to kick in, but the idea being trapped and Jerry's case with NASCAR fans is enough to make her possibly have prevented a panic attack if she is also cluster phobic, which about five
Some people are, why think elevator phobia and cluster phobia overlap China, but there now one and the same right. Ok, so you say: yeah how'd you get over that! Well I mean they could be genetic. Some people think that phobias, like that or genetic others think It comes from being trapped in something when you were a kid in comes out later, when you could always gather the sea Bt Route and have a doctor lock you and a small box over and over until you get used to it. I think space. If you had me, I think also, though, probably the more common therapy would be. Closure therapy. Were you in your doktor, go to the elevator on the whole, the doctors office building and go up and down a couple times. I read a allay times article about this, this psychologist to treated people with the fear of elevators. Yesterday, you know you start out by just one
king at the elevator, and then maybe getting on for giving getting right back. Are you know- and she said over the course of probably that ten rides by the tenth one, it's gone, so it's it's treatable, very evil, but it's it's. I read an article in the New York Times about this woman, who said I have a phobia of elevate it's so bad. I don't even want to confront it like I don't want to get over it very much of a high hill to climb to get to the other side, even if it just took ten elevator ride like that's just two, young people who have elevator phobias lives, are altered because of their fear of elevators like that, are lots of places. They can't work. Even if you worked on the second floor of a building, if the buildings lock in this, the doors and to the stairs lock behind you like us, yeah,
it doesn't matter. If you work on the second floor, you could only conceivably work on the first floor. Yet we have the option of taking the stairs here, because I've made that mistake. Taking a private gone, the stairwell locked out your work all the way down yet people I imagine to have fear of heights and one of my friends moms couldn't stay above like the third floor of a hotel fell real. Yet I mean even once the wines close and everything she does. He knew she was high up and that figure out For that reason, I can't stand glass outdoor elevators year, which I forgot I have seen how it was not for a heart and how was it the peach tree or them inside the merrier ear? The merrier Mary here is very cool interior glass elevator. It goes up real, yeah. I remember you did a good job. Yeah. I was his final now I did find it was further sky car at Stone Mountain that got me out of the sky bucket thing
Where does take you from one side of the part for the other media, yet the thing that he sped off of no it's in closed. The one I rode was just like a ski lift. Basically, you fine with me, then we should someone. Oh, no, no, ok! I know you don't. I thanked him at six legs now now a bucket. Now, though, I would like very there you're talking about the the tram that takes you to the top of the mountain. Yes, it is fully enclosed yet and Roma there's like a poor going through the middle there I was holding onto and staring at the floor. Let's one where, if aid like after stop it bit like swings back and forth and you reminded I'm hanging from a cable you right in the big heavy car man. Ok, so I will talk about some elevator etiquette tips or, in our view, be a better human being apparently right after these messages, paycheck hated, we love square spaces.
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and after that includes a free domain name, be sign up for one year. Yet, if used the offer code stuff, you can get ten percent off your first purchase too so go to school, space, TAT, calm, slash, stuff and use our offer code, stuff, you'll, love Alright, there's a couple of people there. Her awesome, one is Edward Hall and he's a scientist. Nineteen sixties that invented proximity, which is basically studies how much personal space, people like and where he found out is: Americans have four different categories of personal space, public space, which he found that people like to be twelve feet apart from one another, social space, Forefeet personal space, a foot and a half, and then what he calls intimate space,
which is right about somebody yeah, the other guys do named John Jay ruin and he wrote something in eighteen. Seventy one cup the austrian planning in design just carpet Complaining in Zaire is the go to handbook for if you want to build a subway or if you want to build an element the car or anything where your swashing people together? That is still the go to for how many? How many jerks can we set in this box right? So that was comfortably and say there was also a unique consideration and all those things what those are not taken into consideration. Our elevator cars like there, they basically go way beyond that foot and a half of personal space where, because by weight, only right guy, if it affects a busy time, all of a sudden, you can find
with like in intimates face with all these other people around you in a tiny little box, so as adequate when you do find yourself in a situation like that, one really good way to prison prevent being in a crowded, elevator car end from stopping for in an elevator. Car unnecessarily is following: what's called the to flight rule, which we can't do here are others we're an exception and the reason why were exceptions, because if we tried to take the stairs the door's locked behind you in your trapped in the stairway, yet they go back down to the ground, for which is a wonder. Is I marked right? That's? Why do I feel like were helping us awkward likes. It must have been an area of the building like at an interesting detail. Great sharing math. Do we have Socrates, if there are trapped in the states that those people are the two flight
basically says that if you are going one, the two flights up take the stairs. Instead, an elevator, ok chiefs fuel from having to wait for you get off a distance that you could conceivably walked in. For your own health. Walk through another rule, they always touchy. Do all the door for someone or not always think of curbing enthusiasm, we see that one when Larry feigned as if he was pointed holding the door open and wouldn't do it. I ain't you. I went out of assumed that the topic outta covered, like six consecutive episodes yeah now He very obviously was like. Oh, let me reach for this when and then, if Koreans, upon the same for the same waiting room is the girl who didn't hold the door for anything? She does it to him later, of course, near and true tv fashion, but the author of the thing that
red Setteth. If you're on the elevator by yourself, you should always hold the door open for some one year, Is there a bunch of people on there? You might wanna does not do it say: hey get the next one year because you don't have time to take us Paul see what everybody on the elevator thinks and you're, not necessarily in charge of everybody, say you don't get to decide if the door stood open. So the decision is, you can't decide. Those are closing on their own. Exactly if it's a full elevator, then it yeah, ts yeah depends on an amount of elevators like we have before elevator banks and are office, and I feel I other detail yeah. I feel like the another. There's gonna be another one, coming very soon yeah, so it's not a big deal and I don't expect anyone to hold the elevator for me. In fact, I will say: go Don't like reach her hand out and stop the elevator for me, which apparently is dangerous
thirdly reaching her hand out but jumping on an elevator with with the doors closing their that's when its that's? You don't want to do that. I do that. I would ask you not to me. Do it, but your own hair off at my point, zero years Yours is zero point: five risk yeah this is something I didn't know chuck theirs is persisting in a single file wine, no matter how many elevators there are that that I think that's true like if you workin the empire state building, you're gonna get huge lines but Mamma s office. I don't think have lines depending on the size of the office building. They might have this type of elevator call system where you go up to a little keypad or something yet dispatches appear you type in war, the floor. You're going to end the computer tells you were elevator to wait for years. You can only take one but the elevators going straight to your floor in its wait until enough people to fill it
come along and then send you on your Mary way. If you don't have that, you do finalized supposedly you're supposed to stand in single line did not know that. Well, they may not be true. I again, I think, if you that many people in your billing to warrant aligned, then yeah, but are a minority, is pretty big initiative like a crowd of people, but you bring up an important point here as far as the stops go and There is a term called elevating which were heard, and that is the discipline of designing an elevator to work efficiently. Basically, and one of the things that they have to look for is probable stops and they have actually calculated. This guy is, lastly, misfortune, probable, stop table and says that if there are ten people in an elevator that serves to enforce it is going to you're gonna make six and a half stops on average. Half stuff is tricky,
has a probable stop table and says that if there are ten people in an elevator that serves ten floors like you can avoid all of that with either the young the dispatch system or like the World Trade Center had the sky lobby, where you could take an express up, the like the thirtieth floor get off there and then get on the local right I just gotta whatever, for you want you and then the same guy, Mr Fortune, an elevator consultant, one of the foremost ones. I gather from that Nick Plum Garden, article yeah. He also told I'm garden that there's some yet the factor in what's Kuwait time. Yes, it's basically, an american office Billy's. Firstly, the interval, which is the total a length of time it takes for a single, are to go all the way up in all the way down the divided by the number of cars. Then you have your way time. There should be no more than thirty seconds, with the actual wait time being about sixty percent of that are eighteen, second, so
in an american office boy. You should not have to wait for longer than eighteen seconds for an elevator yeah he's carried at once that further witches you want your head. The incapacity of the building. That is the amount of passengers who the percentage of passengers of the buildings population that you ve carrion five minutes, and he says thirteen percent is a pretty good target. You wanna hit that thirteen percent and in general, in England, people were over elevated and in places like India and China there, under elevated nine affair, finished yet, but in England there lousy with them in their just carry on one person at a time. Apparently, people have liked, three elevators in their house took, I haven't regarding etiquette. You are an elevator in May, a man and a woman, r r getting the elevator at the same time it should and with the woman go and where are we?
you are. A Gwawl concert in it's just to us. I am always want to say, ladies first Sir, but I have seen Miss Manner says in a corporate environment you you should treat everyone equal and not do things like ladies first and hold the door open for a lady and I think the manners mentor merrily Marquis would like us to correct synonymous manners. Does that someone else? Yes, she's the management or but she says if you in an office environment people are supposed to be equal, so you don't have the ladys gophers, I say I'm a southern gentlemen. So I do that kind of thing: if it's a crowded, elevator, it's every person, themselves. Language does get off if you're at the front, the inner standing in front door makes more sense. They can easily get very and confusing in this.
If you want the idea, the where you go first now is not the way you probably iq discreet. They want to get behind me rush and also Fiona guarded elevator, and you are in front of the doors. The proper procedure is to step off and let people out instead of trying to wed yourself into somebody's groin, dislike step off the same as if you're, on a subway in get right back on the worry. But I see a lot of people not doing that. No wonder why I dont, like I guess there lazy yeah. You you stuff off, if you're the closest to the door you step off, and you leave your hand there. Your arm that get tough yeah. Basically, here we knew where you're leaving it you're keep, from closing on the people exiting but you're, also keeping close from closing on using get back on track and lose your place you know you're a martyr get in there He stepped back on as per the rules of
social norms. According to these people to study it, everyone sort of files into the proper place. If it's just the two of you, you're probably should stand. You know well, apart from each other,. There's four of you, you probably to migrate to the corners and then, if it gets superficial, you're gonna be touching some folks yet, but normally up till five. It follows the face of a die yeah, yeah them accent and you face forward again. Supposedly because there used to be benches in the backs of elevators, be so weird if someone does get on in this walk straight to the back of the elevator. Instead, there like that, would freaking me out. I would get off that elevator. Why did they just turned round faced Then you know if they just got on and just walk straight and his face. The back wall I'd be offer that thinks of ass because they got some of their sleeve, sir, that onawandah be apart
but what? If they would, if you're towards the back of the elevator facing front somebody's gotta stay by the doors but just turned round is facing you. Had the sequel creepy, sir, and then their between you and the door. Thou and even now to get out of their safely. I probably ball the dude over then he'd like what's your problem, just start crying, but your phone. Oh, I mean this is personal thing I guess, but I think you should never talk on the phone when you're several feet from a stranger evaluated Anybody gets covered an elevator anyway. They just stand there on the phone automaker. You could get her off let's say hello, hold out a modern elevator yourself, you back on an elevator I wouldn't want to have my conversations in front of people either not thither super private. But this is not my business to be anything else. Now. I do if you seen internet videos about. Did you
The one on the train and Asia, where people were just packing themselves on unlike pushing people, are like sardines apparel. In Asia. There is a much much higher tolerance for personal space when it comes to subways and elevators and getting around yeah Americans have many more hang ups or we have a huge nation that we spread out through and have enormous pockets of on populated areas. Our plan we, like our land in our fences, convinces make good neighbours. I got nothing else. That's elevators pretty much seriously go, read up and then down by Nick Clown gardener in the new Yorkers awesome and oh, I did have one more thing actually what's he makes an awesome point in there that if it wasn't for elevators the word
As we know, it would not even be the same, because verticality is what has allowed us to grow as people, because if it wasn't for verticality, we could only expand outward and there's only so much outward expansion you can do and threats of elevators themselves have shaped the way mankind has as populated this world nice pretty interesting. It isn't. It you thought about before, though my descent interesting article through and through best by far article ever written on elevators, but we have planned article, nine elevators on the site has to work. You can type elevators in the search bar. There are no bring up a bunch of different articles. He can read them and, since I said, search bar sign for less than their male colleagues. Are you guys, may legitimately, savers and life I'll write hey guys one say thank you and tell you that it's quite possible
but your show on save our sons life yesterday and this just came in so this is very Henry are three or old, was playing outside was stung by being the wrist on his left arm didn't think anything. Other crises in Istanbul, or in not appear to be allergic with no reaction, so make sure this thing, out handed him over to my husband to cut him down a thankfully has been destined. Remember the algae by guess you did and how he said, and sometimes it takes a first exposure for the body to decide if its response to a specific, our joint so Deston. I kept a close eye on Henry. I notice that the left side of his face sort swell, within minutes now. Are we into the emergency clinic wary received to shove up enough, the dose of and his demean and prescriptions for both amino suppressant in an empty pen,
he's doing fine back to his normal wild self. Thanks to the information, your progress and dozens, quick thinking, the forcing destined said to me after leaving the clinic was you realized if he should know saved his life right, our so called thank you for everything you do guys, we always other podcast. Now I have even more reason to appreciate it. That is from the backs, destined Lindsey Silas Henry backs over eight that permission to read it, and she asked the husband and use a coquette. People need to get the word out on the stuff. Yet why does your kid after they gets them by the yeah? Don't laugh at them yeah? I would say we didn't necessarily save anyone's life. It would be more the parents, of course, and the medical emergency people, but we're glad that knowledge did there can ease that into the long near
so if we ve done anything that even remotely smacks of saving life, we always love hearing about that. Believe. You're nuts happened more than once. You can t to us as well as K podcast. You can join us on Facebook that complex that we should now. You can send an email to stuff, I guessed it. Stuff works that come and as always to issues that are home on the web stuff. You should know that
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