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Hibernation: Not a Snooze

2016-10-11 | 🔗

When animals are faced with scarce food in the winter, they have two choices to stay alive: migrate or hibernate. For hibernators, their bodies undergo some mind-boggling physiological changes in the coldest months. Could humans ever do it too?

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greenhouse coupled aid involvement of the Pakistan Josh clerk trials to reach a brain jerry. So this is that we should know the falcon. Can I start off with a progressive advice, impressed some advice, which is in the form of a request, the sounds it hasn't aggressive no it's not it's too are listeners. We often get people that say hey I'm years behind, I'm ready you about the episode from two thousand and eight thousand nine, and we love it when people go back and listened to all the podcast in order right. But what really helps us out is, if you want to start at the beginning and also listen to the most recent episode. Does that
yeah. I call it sandwiches really the term for her yeah. You started if, if you weren't started beginning its great, but it also really helps us out. If you listen to the most recent one and so it is one of the rather I wouldn't want to tell you how to listen. I see what you do, and this is just a request or or you can just go, buy yourself, a two thousand twelve camera. Athens vary too, but it does as you know, if you really don't want to do that course, listen how you want, but I'm sure it's good for us that the most recent appeal, it listen to and there I think it's kind of cool the answers you you're? U can flash for through time and see how bad we were then, and how bad we now just compare of how little the link that everything would get there well put me up here, just a peer pressure that the GPS say. Thank you, how's your facebook page wait a minute just occurred to me. There
part listening to this recent anyway, then they're, not gonna, noted her. Maybe the people they live with. You sandwich we'll tell them hey man, you should be doing differently, I didn't think so. But what did you ask me? I say your facebook page is gone. Oh
let each upright. Yes, it's gone well among their little bit, put in an insider stuff right like occasional, even say what we were are recording that day, which is oh yeah. We usually not regarded that with Like Fort Knox right, but occasionally I'll, throw that out their yellow skin and then other stuff. You now insider heads up on performances and ticket sales, nice, dog and cat pick your right. That's what I'm doing I've got my twitter account to Josh on Clark Yang. Where can I find your facebook same simply? Embody ok, he's gotta, hear the facebook, I sure. What's yours, Charles the veto, prying eyes like behind the scenes or just other stuff, you know things that strike your fancy here. That's a lotta admin stuff for us today, yet you wanna do administrative details right now we're at nope. You wanna talk about hibernation, yes, so Charles
chuck if you will be right now. It's in there you thinkin yet you're moving your papers around looking up and down breathing hard feeding, we'll get you got an iron jerry, always eating your Fredo's eating or free Jerry's burning a lot of energy too, but she is also taking it in her and all of this energy ex expenditure requires a ton of energy input and in fact we humans in particular are not really great at energy conversion right we lose like sixty percent of the energy. We breakdown glucose and a c o too, and I think ATP and eighty peace like this, really powerful molecule. It powers are self. Yet when we do that, we lose like sixty percent of that potential energy to heat. What awaits you think so, but it turns out we have
all the channel that waste heat in the keeping our bodies warm, which makes us warm blooded right. Yes, the thing is, we have something really important, maybe one of the most overlooked, important technologies, humans ever came up with clothing, which This is the live outside of our normal habitat. Is the tropics and sub tropical areas? Yet it's why we spread about the earth exactly thanks to clothing, give in large part in choose to a lesser, but that's part of clothing, any important extent sure, but it depends on who you
It's gonna visited accessory, but if we, if we were warm blooded animals that didn't have clothing and had kind of spread out into call their climbs one strategy that we might have when it got really call him food became scarce. Therefore, the energy input was a lot harder to come by might be hibernation, that's right, which is something some animals. Do that's right. It's funny, I think a lot of people think but there's immediately when they think of hibernation, but not only do a lot of animals. Hibernate bears. If you want to get technical. Let's get technical technical, a boy that'll be in the brain forever. Now technically bears do hibernate, we're gonna call, hibernation and a people do say
any animal that undergoes like a period sustained period of like body, temperature drop, bright and metabolism. Changing is hot hibernation in and that's what I think sure, but technically the real. You know if you get a pedantic biologists helping your girl, they might dumb pushed the glasses back on their nose and say that its win, the temperature is significantly creased longterm state level. Again, the sixty biologist- I didn't metabolism slows drastically and the animal Energy Como, like condition to take some time to recover from there's a little different because they aren't really in that come alike state you can make them up pretty easily. Yet we should not. The temperature is, if I hear the views and before you go there. However, there and the body temperature, the bears don't drop very much
compared to some other answers, but yeah fur are intents and purposes. We're gonna dig into the whole thing. When we say hibernation, we mean any time now. Animal goes into this kind of state beyond sleep the goal of surviving a rough period of the year, yet whether its sorted food or whether it could be called Usually you associate hibernation with you know wintertime, but actually in the tropics, there's something called activation yet, which is hibernation during the hottest or driest times of the year, pretty cool knew that there also reptiles, who hibernate it's called formation and there's also torpor, which is the great word. This is it confusing term there were filled. Her torpor can mean it
an umbrella term for any hibernation strategy, yes right or it can refer to a specific type of hibernation. That's usually It happens on a daily basis, the like a few hours, maybe right, and so like your hearing, all this chuck I can. I can I put myself in the mind people listening there like, because you talk about sleep, you dummies is called sleep here, This is not sleep. Actually. Now that's very important to point out, because I think it is, if you don't know about hibernation, like I probably to think of their skills sleepy time for half a year, but none of that is correct at all, so it is very different from sleep. Sleep is when he sleep undergo a little bit of a change like. Even when we sleep our heart rate slows a bit body temperature jobs a little bit year, breathing slows a little bit, but nothing it's not anything drastic at
I'm just a little bit year. Breathing slows a little bit, but nothing, it's not anything drastic at all. It's more of a mental change right yeah! That's the big difference between sleep in hibernation with sleep, your brain is taking time to rest, even though there are plenty of phases of sleep or your brains, active yeah, it's also very inactive. Large parts of it with hybrid nation. Apparently, when an animal is in even deep hibernation, its brain is still reflecting the same type of waves. I believe alpha ways. Yet there has, when its wakeful telling me never knew that they just so suppressed here and actually, when, when animals come out of hibernation, they apparently have sleep deprivation and have to sleep for several days. Afterward yeah! That's the fact of the show for me: oh yeah like life are taken that not enough you wake up from a six month- hibernation, Jim Monk, I'm sleep. Yes, it is. I gotta get some rest
her remaining around like this for six months, but it's all because it is those brainwaves and egg is pretty interesting. You, if you're in ASEAN, to you, probably don't hibernate, I'm not talking about a guest in visitor at issue here, you're an animal living and, as you probably know, hibernate, because your their regulating your environment, your food is not gonna, be scarce, but in order awesome to give these animals and more natural lifecycle. They will trigger hibernation on purpose yeah. They dislike blast him with an ice re or something- and I threatened and as far as wind to hibernate like when it all depends on the animal. And when they do it and it depends on the animal and how its triggered like when they know to do at Yale. So there is actually there's a biologist whose name was
Jurgen Ash off and Doktor ash off, assuming doktor something bad abundant Ellen, almost right or an actor playing a bond villain either through the doktor S off, came up with a term for all the different kinds of triggers they can trigger hibernation and sleepy tricks. Zeit gave her area. Does it make sense to you can earn a German, so Zeit means like ice right, so this this wonderful term is probably does mean in german sleepy time triggers a german bending to the here but the year because there's not a third word. Third, were the three word ban names bother me they're, really tough, to pull off.
And when they are pulled off well great they're usually done very well, but it also really easy to fumble three words. Banning I'm trying to think of three word ban names. Now they, like Bachman Turner, Overdrive, yeah great one vying Jonestown Massacre Great one Fleetwood big, I'll bet, there's a cover by another name. There actually decisively would make cover band over there. I dont go to those tribute cover bans ever, but He just came to in the middle of want. Now I noticed there was a Smith's government playing and they are opening up for rumours the there from Atlanta. Actually, the fleet would mac wanton and dismiss. One was tough. I had arts I'm watching thanks I mean the ban was great and he sounded good, but was the problem more sitting around the stage and he can't Morrissey round stage unless you're Morrissey, Sir, so I do said the kind of look at the guitar
back then was Johnny marring on the states, Davis, fine, but Fleetwood MAC, rumours, they are great. Are they dude? I mean unbelievably great really and if you like Fleetwood MAC and you d want to pay two hundred hours because he them right, they fifteen to guess. He rumours that Gerda, how many scientists, like a shot at the rumours kiss I might be on a new cover band. Kick though such I found myself gonna perusing like what's coming, in Atlanta thinking. I was gonna find right who's coming so so or they come in now, but there is an knight of the Abbot with Asia You see Van Helen and one other, my classic rock band is gonna, be plain to go
I think about the real Sammy. Having? Maybe you never know it Michael Anthony do yeah, although my hands off the semi Hagar, for stepping up to defend Michael Anthony like a year or so ago. I want that you're gonna, say hats off to him for not drive and fifty five yea did take up for Michael Anthony here. So we re really talk about Zeit, Goober and again the zone. Is that like hibernation could be triggered? I think he said temperatures like the bigger night, that's the main most common one. We talk a little bit about food supplies. There are neither men, animals who are triggered by food supplies, birds most notably there's only one birth. It goes in the true hibernation. Oh yeah, Yeah Chickadee now the common poor will greatly Naxa goes into like real hibernation like five months, in other words, just have a torpor like your sand, but few hours a day
saw the need to conserve little bit energy yeah, I mean again that's the point like you're trying to save calories right yeah. That's that's the whole point exactly the so. There is also some cold photo period where the day start getting shorter in its figures hibernation response in animals to yeah and a really cool thing that this article pointed out was that they done experiments. Where they ve had Animal in fact see capture locked away again through the thick white, always room studying animals that have no triggers. This going on, and they have this weird de they don't understand triggered by their sir. Can you alright?
where they just no dislike internal biological clock where they does know it's time right, pretty amazing. It is amazing that, in contrast to the circadian rhythm, which we all know and love that makes us sleepy win the day and I tried both sides must take a break me. Are you ready, yeah, I'm gonna go, listen, listen, Fleetwood, big MAC,
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the offer code work, w, o r k, you're gonna get ten percent off your first purchase. Google and square space make it professional make it beautiful. I took so we are talking about ways that animals no one like you, so they just seem to know. Naturally, winded go hibernate yeah, then, when they start getting these these triggers learn their like are starting to be time. One of the first things they do is is prepare a place to stay for the pillow check out the sleeping bag. Yet what else is there? The hare bear bunch. They just basically settle into their awesome den over them. The hare bear a heavy.
Lights early seventies. Now they lived in a zoo, but they had like the coolest there like a tv and looking like great recline, or was it ever generator sure? Ok, the hair but you remember that the the bear with like the crevice in like the big Afro one of them had like a campfire had that It his eyes, like the guy from Cyprus will now. I remember that at all chuck you gotta check out the herebert, but I thought you might like that was my generation to hear those right their interesting. Maybe my parents did let me watch it. They like think that bears obviously on the dope. But you are correct: they prepare their little area, depends on the animal on what they do might be a cave little girl. World early lemur might dig out. Their Dan inputs insulating material around it. We talked about polar bears, gather,
polar bear. Moms can combine hibernation and birth. Yes right, they they d Gallagher Snowden, which again great movie, sometimes they don't dig out. A big area sometimes oldest find a little tree hollow where little shit a cave in their kind of partially exposed to the weather. Yet those thing about that, when you think of bears hybrid you think of a bear hibernate in a cave. He I couldn't be too far into the cave, because the same triggers that that put them to sleeping in trigger hibernation here also bring them out of it sure, so that they would make sense if they would need to be harshly exposed to the weather and also, as the day sir, to get longer, there would wake up. The temperature got more are they were they can come out of the ending about that new food stores the big deal. Sometimes, if its non perishable food, you can actually keep it in there with you
and we bring this up because it's a bit of a misconception that the animals some animals do knock out for months and months at a time, but some will wake up. Occasionally the shop, some food in their mouths and then go back to sleep. Well, let's go back into hibernation mode yeah tell they should have some food in there, for maybe they just eaten so much prepared, fattened up for the winter months, but they don't need to eat at all. You ever saw somewhere that some bears go for meeting in an average of eight thousand calories a day to twenty thousand calories a day too fat, not unlike the weeks leading up to two hibernation, twitter, but round fat. Now I guess
Since growth, it's delicious brown fat is different than white fat when we typically process fat freak for energy and heat it. Ah, there's there's something called shivering that it facilitates that helps us Valea shivering, shivering, right, yeah yeah, just muscle, contraction, burns, energy and releases heat yeah, but Branfords Great, because we don't need to shiver it actually that the brown fetters oxidize directly and in certainly produces the heat, our gas, the whole middle part nice. You don't need to shiver its energy and muscle contraction, not at all other pretty call, though it's called the nonsense. Thermo Genesis NICE. So that's why you want the brown fat yeah, that's what the bears broke up with. I guess I guess all animals you or maybe not all animals, but I know it's handy well,
You do have to burn that fat, whether it brown fat or otherwise. You? U use up a lot of that stored energy yeah, because that is a great energy store. And, if you're, pretty large animal you. If you let your body temperature get too low again most of the time, MRS in very cold climate in the winter right yeah. If you, if we, if you let your body temperature getting low, it's gonna take a lot of energy to get it back to its normal, warm blooded state, yet even even its normal hibernating temperature. So animals have astoundingly something called a set point, and it's like an internal thermostat setting, yes, said he says when my body temperature gets to this. This temperature burn
fat and warmly back up- and I guess all warm blooded animals have this set point right yeah, but for the larger animals its higher, because again it requires so much energy needed to restore it. Yet at their body, temperature never gets too low and their set point is being activated frequently during hibernation, but if you're much smaller animal, I think the arctic ground squirrel is like the best example of of hibernation. We have actually in this respect. The arctic ground, squirrel of warm blooded animal, their body temperature will get below freezing amazing during hibernation, and you would think well, that's gotta be pretty terrible form. Yes, it is, they lose bone density. They lose their teeth, their brain. Actually they lose like parts of it and they all come very close to dying or being dead, unbelievable and then the falcon,
and they are rather there aroused from their hibernation and all of a sudden they start growing. All that stuff back yet pretty remarkable, like out, I just wanna say move I go through that every year this is controlled mostly by the Indians, we have these glands in our body that alter all these hormones and it can really control with great precision armies physiological changes as they need to go through. Yet as we, but I'm an animal too. I guess she party animal. Should we talk about some of the specifics of that right so again,
This is the reason why things like temperature changes and the changes in the amount of sunlight during any given day can trigger hibernation because it it those are capable of affecting hormone drank the drive. So you're picking up things like em, like windy, grow your coat. It triggers melatonin production, which triggers a thick cutlet coat. Thickening yeah right you're up to its Eric Land, is gonna control that fat build up the heart rate and the breathing rate metabolic functions. That's a big Budgetary line takes care of, oh yeah, you lose that you probably can't irony thyroid disconnect joy urban, was I am somewhat and euro levels of activity right and then the insulin as we all know, is gonna regulate your glucose right. There is also something that was isolated. It's an opium called data. The idea Ellie
and they found that it lowers heart rate, an respiration in animals, and that, if you give any animal this, they can start to get into Hibernation Mona really. So I think that's not like. I don't think it's a hormone, it's a chemical, but it has like a hybrid aiming effect on animal smile. Nance, pretty cool to some of these changes can be pretty drastic. The heart rate can drop to his little is two and a half percent a chipmunk. For example. Five beats per minute disposed to two hundred. It's pretty significant, the bat some bear some species, a bat go from a thousand beats per minute to twenty five and they only breathe once every two hours, while an amazing there and the box turtle does agree that all they completely shuts down breathing. But I mean that makes sense like when you are when you're running off of stored fat right. Yet you you don't have the need to power cells
like normal. Yet hibernate your metabolism is slowed because yourselves are required. Same energy that they have, for which means that you dont need oxygen nearly as much oxygen cedar to breathe as much as it you're not taking in that much oxygen? You, your blood, doesn't need to pump nearly as much either because it that's the point of the heart in your blood is to spread oxygen through your body, at least in the hour and the turtle. The box fertile takes an air through the skin. So, like you said, is still needs the oxygen. They just need to breathe, to get it right and doesn't need much. Does the box roles? Heart beats about every once, every ten minutes, and thus Lisco Baboon
two minutes later, but one night, pretty amazing and then most animals. I probably all animals are going to any sort of deep hibernation. They have like x amount of fat stored up that they that should carry them through the winter. The that's, why it never ever mess with a hibernating animal of any type, because you will basically killed it yeah if you arouse it from its hibernation, I'll, take a tremendous amount of energy to come back to wakefulness right yeah to bring that temperature of right, and so it just spent way more than its budget for I'm here for the winter. So, even if a king back into hibernation, it'll, starved to death because it used up a bunch because you, some jerk woken up from its hibernation, yeah why'd. You do that. I didn't do it
deciding waste. If you're wondering whether we can, I gave it away little bit in the polar bear absurd about the pupil and peeping. Some are most animals it going to the migration. Don't do either one. There is no proof because you're not eating, but no less other foods been digested already in turn, in fact, yeah. So there's nothing going through the intestines at all, which must be wonderful feeling. Oh, you know any anti outlook but the body does produce urea, no matter what nets the waste product in the urine and
hybrid naming animals actually recycle. That bears particular break it down into amino acids and use it, and if you think it will there not drinking, how are they not dehydrated that comes from fat? Do pretty unreal it really. Yet this whole thing is just like it's on believable the animals devolved to do this to survive. Yeah yeah, but I'm in a mixed uttering, complete sense like out of the food supply dried up for five months. Well, then, just go to sleep, don't need any food and again, sleeping yeah. I've seen sleaze really tough to avoid that by this go hibernate ere. I think we point about their earlier. We mention estimation which is population in hot weather. This is something I did not know existed until the last few days it in the desert. If you live in a desert or a tropical climate, and it gets too hot earth
food is getting low. You may not be able to survive unless you dig a hole in the down into the earth where its cooler and more of a more stable temperature down there, or if you are a fish or a primitive fish. Thick has lungs like along fish You may live in an area with the your body water dries up annually. This is a good reason to activate to write so one fish actually produce mucus. They they create a mucus sacra. Cells, the trees on the inside, but stays where no joy on the outside stays. Where on the inside you're there like down in the mud right, but the late king completely dry out, yeah around them and they still stay hydrated and they don't try out their lungfish those who they breathe through long today,
like it what a, but they also make a tube mucus, unbelievable that reaches into the air, so they can breathe while other sequestered away. That's good. Eaten too. I don't know one fish yeah now dessert, maybe undoubted were related to those were both touch her pads. Did you know that were related to the long fashion? I don't think I didn't know that, although it makes sense because they in other the only fish, I think that breeds that way right, a belief, sir, but there also probably one of the first fish to start to come out of water and produce what became amphibians at his head to look up along visual, quick. You ve seen it before. He looks sort of like an eel a little, but they have like foot like appendages. Almost yeah interesting just like us, either foot like appendage due to us, so we talked,
a bit about tour poor with birds. The black kept chickadee has a daily torpor that undergoes for a few hours and MIKE Reset adjusts. That's all it needs just a few degrees lower in their body just for a few hours a day to conserve that little bit of energy that it needs, and only that poor will will Lamb David. Ninety three percent drop in energy needs, the poor will does and then back in the spring. When things warm up, the poor will needs about seven hours to stretch it out. Seventy seven hours of torpor now, seven hours of of getting back to normal speed. Again, oh I see like after they wake up from hibernation, o gotcha his lot of animals. It takes a long time days, but this this little bird needs about seven hours in his eye fell right. Let's do this I'm up an atom, exactly he's like that guy from Germany
which guy they remember the guy who like had like the interstitial interviews, use like every morning. I wake up a guy handier, let's go lower ages, yeah They are Cameron, Crow tried to get Billy wilder for that role really and there's a great story that he told us he just revered Billy, while Billy Wilder than great filmmaker and writer written directed the apartment, among others, and he doesn't that boulevard too. I don't know about that. Maybe Canada has severely wilder said no and came across. I please, but is it really be awesome and he said now so Tom Cruise Ike? Let me come to the next meeting and ask him
Sometimes it's so the crews roles in there and asked Billy Wilder, and it is now in Cameroon crowd how he put it was. I could tell from the look on Tom Space that no was in a word. He heard often allow and stuck with me all these years. The Tom cruise was written told no by Billy, Wilder and MRS like what his smile, you didn't say that is like me: thirteen's took place in the light. As I they're pretty funny Billy, while their direct sensible of our by what he did in hummingbirds. We should mention, because those little deeds and do debts are very active. As you know, the ever seen them foot around. They in order to do that they have a heart rate up to twelve hundred beats per minute. So when you see the humming bird looks like they're going like all over the place, they are not just their wings spread like there in a constant state,
uh hi heart rate and their consumption is so great that these daily tour poor. Even when there in the tropics, every humming bird you know has a daily torpor where they are, and I think it's like a more scoreboard. In other words, even though it has nothing to do with whether in their case there's just up. So if, if this whole idea of hibernation is like a really can ancient mechanism, I am we're all connected far back in the tree of life. It raises the question: are you? Can humans conceivably irony right,
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probably not well, it's a pretty controversial. Think as there are some scientists that say absolutely we have this latent ability that we could tap into and then other scientists say absolutely not asleep We did a whole episode, therapeutic hypothermia, Stan allotted Althea and actually NASA's got a contract with a company from here in Atlanta. Called space works in space works has something called Rhino Chill where they introduce chilled liquids up your nose. Woe to cool the base of your brain three lose me or yes, you are. You would lose cards
That's right, you're an apparently it slows metabolism induces like a hibernation like state, no looking into it to see if they can use it for long distance. Space travel like a trip to Mars or something like in the movies exactly like in the movies them NASA's very much looking into this kind of thing and apparent has been since the fifties since the movie said they basically yeah, but this idea, in fibre nation or its also frequently caused suspended animation. That kind of thing it would help tremendously yeah. Because not only with you, save people from like the boredom of a six month space trip you take them from going crazy from their save on food supplies. Here, they want space because the people only to move around or exercise or anything. I guess it's flowing your aging is well right. I really dont know that be the interesting thing I would guess so yeah, because I would think the process
aging is the the wearing out of your body from metabolism, if your metabolism selling you're, not agency area, very upright, entered and shut it down, but I guarantee there's a formula right. So there is, I mean there is actual interest in this kind of thing. You found a cool thing from the british Medical Journal from jeez, how long a hundred ten years ago, yet night, nineteen hundred dominoes hundred sixteen years ago, I was in article titled, human hibernation, and they reprinted it about sixteen years ago right and they talked about these Russians. Peasants
that did something called lots sky. Nice link you nail there, which is essentially six months during the hardest winters. The family will canna hibernate like they don't do anything they sleep is much is again a low hardtack drink a little water and someone stays up to keep the fire going. They take turns do an outright, but otherwise they are just better down conserving their energy yeah. That's it they wake up. Once a day like you said, you were bred, tickler work recklessly. Imagine that's gotta, like I'm sure it's not so drastic like some of these men that we talked about, but it's got to having a physiological effects yet the desired effect. I mean think about it. That's why they tell you if you're trying to lose weight, don't eat for hours before you go to bed
is, are you going to do? Is just you you're, not gonna burn any of their energy off could have just laying their sleeping same thing with the same in their there. It's kind of like a forced pseudo hibernation, self induced pseudo hibernation. That they're like we're its strategy, we're not gonna use up as much energy. We're just gonna lay here its awesome. Yet, and I think the survival shows that you see too, they do a lot of land around when the food is scarce as well. Here I mean that's what you want to do, yeah, plus they think you're kind of force. You sure yeah you cause, you lose energy, yet have no food energy sire, you can't do anything
one other thing I want to mention to you get some us now. I just you know I remember a few years ago. I guess it was ten years ago now, member that japanese man was lost in the woods and claims that in some scientists agree that he went into a state of hibernation yeah. We talked about him, a therapeutic hypothermia, episode yeah. I think we might have done one world video things on him to failure seems like it man, while ago of covered everything do, but there been other cases like that. Yeah from people like stranded in cars, as swedish biologists to like yeah France, has purposes drown in an icy creek. Those rules I've, that's yeah, I guess that's a little more like the therapeutic hypothermia, but not the same thing with the japanese man and a woman in the trunk of a car. They were both exposed to below freezing temperatures in lower their metabolism. Pretty amazing, then there is this guy who is not in freezing temperatures beckoned night.
Seventy three. There is a journal article, a camera, the name, the journal that they did a study with a yogi yogi such young murky. For eight days he went in there like a state of basically like meditative, nation. Yet, as far as I know, you didn't need or drink anything. He lost ten pounds. Foreign have kilograms, his body temple, a drop down a ninety four degrees which didn't seem that much. But apparently that was ambient temperature of where he was sealed often, and they had any cagey. They had ecology, sensors, detecting his heart, beat and apparently is hardly went up to like two hundred beats a minute, and then Sir, the taper author and after, like the first day and for the next seven days, they basically couldn't
the heartbeat he'd like lowered his heart beat so much- and am I haven't seen I seen it mentioned here, they're whatever, but I have not seen anybody say well. This is how we did it. This is the trick here. It seems to be one of those weird curiosities of signing that is the kind of over there. You know I mean. I think I remember that. Unlike that's incredible when I was a kid: oh yeah them that Europe sure I think I remember a peace on this dude, but I wouldn't be surprised. If they did, he have his name. Yogi Sacho murky differ. Guy. Does another yogi down that show yogi bearer now sickly do the same thing right there on the bachelor dug out there. We should we talk about hydrogen sulfide, rockwork sure, there's a cell biology, they mark Roth at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre
YO and dumb in two thousand five. There was a big experiment where scientists induced hibernation and lab mice by giving them hydrogen sulfide gas and apparently it shut down there. It really induce hibernation, the body temperature shut down there about processes, and then they gave the normal air and then they were fine again in their thinking there they're trying to on round worms which barely we have the same reaction. Humans do with the cold night around sulfide. Now the effect oh yeah. That was like that initial. Not the sky, like you know you gas, a body and knocked him outright and their journey experiments that they think that might be the key to inducing this inhuman, whether for space travel aura. I think what was when the other things they said it would be good for his arm for organ transplants right, that's it
And by that I mean organ, not organ transplants, yeah Anna people, moving for northern California. I think they mentioned some two about people in vegetative states. They could help them out if there is a kind of shut their metabolic functioning down earlier, while they wait for a cure, something out nurture. The thing I saw about the that gas is that if you remain exposed to it, you die Rocky, which I guess it's like some sort of like in our gas asphyxiation, but it seemed different than that there. I don't know why. That would mean, though it showed promised for hibernation. Maybe if, like you, you exposed somebody to and then off a little bit and re supposed to let off they. You can keep it up like that. Like a good dentist, we're gonna walk overgrown experiments after this
rate K. If you want to know more about hybrid nation, you can take that word in the search bar no bring up this article, which is a grab stir article, tell us right, market quality answers. I say grabs, there's time, felicity around others, wine growing, hey guys, the sudden. I sages and continue on your ability to once again the still a complicated subject into an informative entertainment peace. What we do, as a quick note from the wine industry. We often- and I often personally, prefer the term wine growing. You broke valuable chuckled at the phrase in the episode, but actually conveys the job better than anything else. Grapes grown for wine are generally different varieties held the different standards and grapes grown for eating or juice production varies or smaller, contain less juice, more acid and sugar, and have bitter skins and seeds which make them less appetising than the grapes and find the super
These are the qualities that make good wine. In fact, many professional associations in the wine industry diverted themselves as wine growers and, fourthly, divine stone grow, unfinished bottles. One is: they're in the vineyard, though gets married, the goal was to bring out the best in the fruit once it is inside the winery. I keep up the good I encourage you to try some of the wines from around the long ago, Georgia, great one, everywhere, you may be surprised what is just down the road Steve Eve, Steve, send someone, Those who think that tries to mine, I'm in the wine industry, good choice among the sender, some wine, yes Eve. I, like big, beefy reds, full bodied, reds dry whites. What do you like? I love roses. I like red- I guess fruity read like and else insarov her and I'm cool with any rights right. Shame to Steve any kind of sparkling wine. I should say
I recommend to you down and others out there to watch this great documentary. Did you see some original ass? I M M documentary the Somalia masters. My testing processing is good. There's a sequel now from the same makers called som inside the bottle, where it's just a look at wine there ten different topics they cover about the wine in the wine industry. Really really good I'll take down. Oh yeah, you can learn a lot from it and make you thirsty. We need to do a whole absurdum, we still have yet to the area. Emily asked me that when we are watching she's, I can you not done this yet, and I said that's the one I might be most afraid of period. Oh yeah, worse than soccer richer, wasn't dead, soccer and chest.
I'm more intimidated by the wine pod gasket care so much about it and you could do it. You get other Pike S series on wine, I'm sure they're all seventy, yet there are funny so be tufted sum it up and for, if I can do this and will do it we're doing why right he'll be great check your lover, so scared. You want again touch this again. You can hang out with me on Twitter. It Josh underscore Underscore Clark. You can also hang out with stuff. You should know in general it s. Why escape? I guess, can I would check on Facebook, Charles of each Brian, you can hang out with no on Facebook is facing complex that we should know you can send us email to Stuff Podcast Housetop works that come in as hang out with those that are home on the web stuff? You should know dot com.
For more on this and thousands of other topics. Does it herself workshop com? The man we are partnering with our radio for our own podcast series. One fans interview the bank throughout this serious will be funding fans indifferent towards eight markets. Verdun become hang backstage, an interview us will be giving you a look behind the scenes like never before in answering questions that our fans have always wanted to check out fan to interview the ban on the radio apple podcast or wherever you get your guests.
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