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How Abandoned Cities Work

2008-07-01 | 🔗

Cities can become abandoned for a number of reasons, from economic meltdowns to nuclear catastrophes. Check out this HowStuffWorks podcast and learn more about modern abandoned cities.

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Are you welcome to stop? You should know how stuff works. Tat brought you by consumer guide, automotive. We may provide easier. I welcome the podcast on Josh Clark is deaf. Writer here has the works that come with me again after a long absence is my former editor crystalline could do a great on the effects of the courage and a freezer starting the wearer tests again you're here looks magnificent still, and I presume They congratulations on the birth of your second child waited do absolutely nothing thanks, let's get through it, Shelly speaking of of slowly, nothing we're talking about abandoned cities. Yesterday, yes, and specifically, modern abandoned series, I mean there's no such thing as good. Hounds and there's one now Dave legitimate, Gostar, California called body California. It was the old gold mining boom town and they ve got the
saloon, and you know that kind of thing he's. When you go there, you can imagine slingers drinkin cesspool at the bar, but you can't really relatum fine modern, abandoned cities. Much more fascinating note. You yeah it in a way. It is even creep here because you can relate to the people when you see the things that are left behind by these people. You can relate to it a lot better than you could with the old less, because we ve never lived at that lifestyle right exactly I'm I've been gunslingers, but it wasn't in the old west you now I may gimme a break right one of the things when I was researching this article was that there's all sorts of different reasons why cities become abandoned it, be a disaster. Can be because there they ve, outlived their usefulness, there's all sorts of reasons. Why, like take prepare Ukraine, for instance, that this is done? abandoned city because well it was right next to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant. When I turn over
down the number four reactor and nineteen eighty six. This is actually the company town for the new power plants that they were right there. A lot of died and they had to evacuate the city. I think, within sixty hours after the meltdown so on everything was just left behind yeah I've seen I've seen pictures that word taken by people with snuck. In today, the government controlled area in it that sort of what a man by the creepy, because you go in and see all the suffering people behind in a hurry and sicilies modern artifacts pieces of of these p, lives. It is that they had to leave behind the ran ass, fast ass. He could away from radiation, like you said, Isabella easier to relate to, because these are things in our lives as well, it alot more haunting. I think here and then there's other cases like Detroit. No Detroit does not an abandoned city, but there
entire sections of it that are basically abandoned and is the city become abandoned or partially bandages from an economic downturn, which is the case of Troy right right, so I mean have you been forgotten, Detroit dot com? Yeah I've been for it is pretty fascinating, especially because these areas are right next to places that are still inhabited, the better their borders there like a world away, ignored it up. It's just natural light. Coming in and again, like you said, modern artifacts is kind of scattered throughout. It's amazing to think that a city that I think of is one of the largest cities, America, you notice has huge sections where no people at the population has receded enough to become. Do you create little pockets of abandoned sitting right into towards hardly alone I drove to Alabama recently, and I can't tell you how many die towns I drove through. They have this fantastic ornate, downtown that are all just boarded up and unused in,
There was a heyday therein. It was fairly recent say like the forty or fifty or sixty, but the popular his dying authors there that the economy can support it any longer. So these towns are slowly coming abandoned, oh sure, and there in the roads get rerouted when the interstices them now changed the way people traveled around the country. It's pretty much like instant death for town. You know it's true. I was speaking of uptown that no longer has roads, leading to it up your number one that you for the whole European Union for those of you who are familiar with it. It say: I'm a city there was a coal mining, had coal mining as one of its major staples it was. It was what gave centrally alive right running also constitute an through. Well, you know they ignited that underground coal fired a gorgeous sitting on a massive amount of coal so we have. This is burning underground, giving off toxic fumes,
you know causing saint calls people falling in yes M some twelve year old kid, I'm almost got sucked into a hundred and fifty foot sink all that suddenly erupted beneath his feet. That's when Started moving out till about a dozen people left and despite the fact that
It has taken away the road young rising eminent domain. I actually the government also took away the last of these people are not wanting in their home circle. Having caused the drifted, abandoned, cities are pretty interesting. Look up, five modern abandoned citizen has the works, dot com, it will creep you out the more or less and thousands of other topic is. It has suffered Stockholm. Let us know if you think the name out upon cast it has to Fort Stock, brought you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready are you the future is closer than you think, and it all starts in the palm of your hand, you may have heard the news five g is coming in this new. I heart series this time tomorrow, presented by team above a business, join me as well am I cursed car price as we walk you through the true revolution, immobility that will check.
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