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How Bullfighting Works

2012-05-03 | 🔗

When the Visigoths ruled Spain, they introduced the idea of battling bulls at festivals. Today matadors get paid $100,000 and perform in front of 50,000 fans. But is bullfighting an antiquated, abusive relic or a cultural tradition above reproach?

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Hey, look into the pockets of Josh Clark with MRS Charles W Chuck bright allay Chuck lay right they catch you do I'm great hurry, I'm doing pretty good. I've been learn a lot about full. Finally, I don't know if you you mean for killing or fighting or you could also call it Carlito Corridor. For here we go even Spain, no review the where I've been to Barcelona, and then Fawcett Denmark, which is little coastal town near Barcelona there in the coastal brother very nice, have you been to an exit? Ok, you ve ever seen a bullfight. No, I would not. I would not do that. Sir. I have seen a butterfly
the hand to offend you even further. Not only was it a bullfight, it started off with a cock fight. It was in concluding, I saw with my sister and my dad well and down. It was crazy because we were we were there inevitable. Fight like it wasn't like you could have. Accidently walked into this thing like it was a bullfighter and, I would say, eighty percent of the people. There were white, probably american tourists coarser, who booed and yelled in shouted things the whole time. And I remember thinking up of that- one Simpsons where LISA was having a nightmare about being second chairs for saxophone the echo band and I'm at the concert. Everybody was brewing in she wakes up in things like why everybody come just a blue. It was exactly like that.
Came adjustable. The bullfight while that is one people who say bull fighting is not good at which I am one of them say that that's one of the only reasons both sites are still going on, is because of tourist o got that they're, the ones buying the ticket, and many times those tours get there and their horrified and they leave early and think while noting that they might yet. No reason no referred me exactly. He just find bullfight exactly sucker Kepler Quickset, roughly two have between two hundred and two hundred and fifty thousand balls are killed each year from bullfight from both sides
and I'm not sure if this is accurate, but the number I got was it. Fifty two murders have been killed since seventeen hundred. I'm surprised that few have you heard about Coolio up for each year. I know if you have a very strong constitution. Uncle John warned you again this one. This together the face. Yeah s holy cow. It was almost like the housing. Photoshop is perfect. The weren't, so hullo operator was he fell down and Bore got the bathroom Gordon, with his with its horns, with his horns. Both the boy and what a boy her there and
Gordon under his chin, in it through, is through his neck and then the horn came out of his mouth perfectly there and I'm a guy from getting images, got a close up of it like like fifty of Venus, video of it. It's it's amazing, I'm seeing the video it's on the Youtube as it's one of those that so awful that you have to like. Sign in and verify your age before you watch it gutter and out do not advise people are watching us, I don't even invited is, to look at the daily mail article. That has it, but it's pretty crazy. But yes, it happens, and I'm surprised it only how many fifty seven start I got was fifty two and now ass. You know three hundred plus years yeah, so there's not much of a fight. Gonna send matador. Actually spanish were killer, so is it really yes, sir,
bulls for shirts. The whole point like there's, really no grey area here like bull fighting, is the purpose of it is to kill the ball yeah under certain this answer within a certain framework, but that's the point of bull fighting, it's not anything, but that and if the amended or fails to kill a bull. That's on him in it is a huge disgrace near like that's it that's a loss in its not break it right, but I, sir, I'm starting to suspect that you are opposed to bullfighting. Yes, there are a lot of people and apparently Spain's I mean in Spain is like a natural cultural thing. It's been around for a while, and even people who feel the same way. You do still say. I thought that you should be illegal. It's just too much a part of our tradition, not everyone feels that way
no definitely not. They did a gallop. Poland, two thousand ten and seventy percent of Spaniards, said that they were ready to do away with it. Oh really, here that a lot of Spaniards and that's up from thirty one percent like fifteen years you're so that in this modern day, people starting to think twice about it. Well, that's: let's talk about this, took the talk about how how long people them fighting balls on the iberian peninsula we dont know for show by There is evidence of this rituals dating back all the way to fifteen hundred BC them. Kenyans, apparently used to leap over bulls recharging. It was like and they are always revered, you know as like these godlike creatures tat, which is why, yes, I want to kill him with you. What's the tourists one tourist is that there is added an extra logical sign here before
pretty ancient the article points out that the Visigoths rule of ideas korean peninsula from fourteen fifteen, the seven eleven? No for fifteen, what s a fourteen, fifty four, fifty seven eleven had men on horseback fighting bulls which have and mounted bull fighting, which Rihanna, which still exist in Portugal, yeah horseback bullfighting. Were they
kill the ball outside the ring later on right. They, they weaken it through a certain point which is the equivalent of killing the Boers, for, I guess there's some point of no return that the Portuguese understand and they like a keyboard were done, come outside and then at that, but as anyway, whose opposed for fighting will tell you that's not any more humane according to assist out of sight of the spectators right so yeah you ve got what does it re high Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna and then bull fighting itself. As we understand it today was firmly established in Spain by the eleventh century, and it came about during festivals. Specifically, one festival called a fiesta descent.
And anyway spend a pump loner, will recognise that because that's where the running of the bulls takes place in wind in July now I was so I seventh the fourteenth when it easily September and then in the sixteenth century they moved to July and it ever since then that the running of the bulls has been held. But it's been gonna Islam for that, and it actually started the bunch of ranchers in their kids moving the balls from like their pens. To about a half a mile to the arena and then so the running alongside arm in hunting they evolved into the running of the bulls now interesting. Elsie said the spanish military leader middle century, he was one of the first to actually bring into the arena and make it the sanction corridor, which was government's action, is today at least manner but was back then imagine financially supported by governments to fifteen
three, it was a big part of the aristocracy until Queen Isabella came along and said this is not go. I why she was against. It probably could choose an animal. Ever, I would say, is probably a good idea and Pope Pious five. Almost said we he bandit, but that didn't last very long only about eight years, because people were into it pretty prefect on right and then in about the I guess in sixteen hundred is when the the whole divergence between horseback in foot both Bull fighting took place yet, and I remained sport of the aristocracy until Philip Thee, came along, and he said you know what this is barbaric. You would have
the low class barbarian to engage in bullfighting. So if you remember my court, you get caught doing this I'll shoot unity and the aristocracy said we want our knees intact, so we're gonna start doing this and at this point for fighting transferred from a kind of highfalutin snooty pastime near to the the the pastime of the people, the national sport, of this vanished people, s true and from that point, on its stay that way you're, but they are they Author does point out that there are arenas in Spain that still have the royal boxes for the royal family tooth anything's hasn't done. We completely as far as it goes, so Spain is the
heart and life centre of bull fighting, but there's other places that its helm. Obviously I saw in Cancun and if your bullfighter, you can follow the season pretty much around in an get work yet her good. They have in France to dinner I didn't, but I saw that it's been it was banned in the UK. Had no idea anybody was fighting balls and you don't! I'm in Germany has gone on all over the place is crazy, but that doesn't make sense. What happened in Germany if the Visigoths are the ones who introduced into the Iberian peninsula because they were Jim and people from south of the south. Norway will call you south way. Look at you, nothing
the gods. So we'll walk you through what happens in a corridor in this whitewashed article version, but before this ever happens will walk you through the couple of days before the boy even gets to the ring this is especially true for me, it is the ball is now Rest of animal at all, but likes to hang around in two grass and smell flowers that something They involve fighting propaganda. Me now Ferdinand the bull sick. As we creature They actually are not aggressive there. Only I'm gonna. Hard somebody if their threatened and angry yet, which is what bullfighting all about so in the tube is prior to the bull showing up the arena, their abused. They are basically,
mentally destroyed versions of what a bull should be a lion here. There you're fat thought, while they defend them out to make himself that's a big problem and you can call somebody out for that. They have wet newspaper stuffed in their ears, so they can hear anything vaseline rubbed on their eyes, so their visions blurred either eyes taped open, so they can't sleep. They stuff cotton up their nostrils, so they can't breathe very well and they stick a needle their genitals. That'll that'll take anybody off They love this caustic solution on their legs, which makes the bull not be able to balance and people, from lying down ever they strap their home. To the ceiling of their transport truck to take them on their long hot journey to wherever there going. And for the two days before they keep a manner and a box away. I'm sorry: that's not
they give them drugs to either pepper map or slow down. Keep him in whatever state they want a man and give them laxative. Judges obviously make things even more uncomfortable gotcha Then they put the bonnet and this dark box for two days to disorient the bull Finally, when they open the box, there's a light at the end of the tunnel that the bull thinks, my God, we're getting out of here runs to the law, and all of a sudden there in a boring right and there's trumpets and fanfare and people cheering and the bulls. I go cool huh huh we'll. Do I've been through some rough times lately. Some of that stuff, I think, if you we found out, you would be disqualifying immediately, perversely, doing stuff they earn slowed. The ball down were made it less dangerous,
Yes, the ball ring is a ring for reason. Bulls would want to go, try and hide in a corner, but the ring the circular Ringwald confuse in a bowl to wear it can't hide anywhere. Have you seen footage of that bull that, like makes it up into the stands by jumps up them is in the stands like on top of people is crazy, was at will run artist. You get that joke, so the different acts, a believer called tear ceos, yes of LISA and there's three of my yes, three of them and the that's three since the fight in a courier, yes in a bullfight yeah and there's no suspense going on either by the way there down the same way about its dispensable. Furthermore, so the the bull comes out, the first act or what act? One
in fact one there are guys called picketers is their mounted on horseback and they are basically, I guess, low level. Tomorrow's Europe, all fighters yes, because both matador is not the only kind of bullfighter. He is the cream of the crop pinnacle of both fighters. The well paid rockstar, yes, but he works for the crew of peak odours. I who in the first act and banned ill. The arrows yes, who shop in the second act, but the peak adores what they do, is they lance the bull by between his shoulder blades around his neck muscles? In the whole point of this check your love, this one is to weaken the neck muscles so that the bulls head hangs so that the matter can get to its heart more easily yeah. It also hit gland in the neck that releases adrenaline, apparently crazy. So they left all three times and-
with the blade around to ensure maximum blood loss through Added oars will now come in. They will fight eventually later on, but the outcome, and at first in the first act with their capes, and this is in fact for the bullfight it's an afternoon of under six balls and three matador. Yet Matador fights to both in each bullfight takes about fifteen or twenty minutes. Yes, roughly, so they come in with her little capes, did a little maneuvers to draw attention away from the peak adores and the peak indoors. And hide behind their little walls. The heavy terrier walls that can hide behind whenever the bowl starts to get too dangerous, they run and hide behind these walls, yes, or if this were America did picketers, would be just as clowns who and hide in barrels like it. Rodya it will do. A radio broadcasts is something that we have to feel sure didn't, think they kill the cows and already has
so the picketers led the ring matador sleeve. The ring active begins in the window he arose. I know it's a tough one year thing lamentable their fiscally bull fighters, assistant bullfighter but they're on foot, yes, and if you ve ever seen bullfighter a picture of bullfight both seem to have some crape barbs sticking out of them. That's the ban daily arrows work, yes, and that is called a ban Darius and it's a barbed dart. That's adorned, colored colorful! The bulls are the only things dying in this episode, and so is the spanish language because I'm trying this, of course further weakens the ball so the mighty matador doesn't have much work to do so. The boy is still there.
Are they run in circles at this point to to get at nice and dizzy and confused right, the manager comes out. For the final act, and he has ten ten official minutes to kill the ball yeah well, to do little showing off first and then killed a ball after the ten minute worrying after the ten minutes he gives a visa, which is a warning first warning the three main cigarettes, another one, and then it gets a third one. So he has a total of in actuality fifteen minutes to kill the ballroom, the boys let out alive and the murders disgrace. But for the most part the manager is going to dispatch the ball and arm. He does it, starts using a cape and keeps always held in the left hand, is it s all right handed it? I did not. I was looking in the air. I could even tell it there were on their. They keep was kind of clumsy, held and left him there still holding in the left hand
while the guy's a sore practicing, so maybe now, but also other good practice with the right down on you. Ok, but you have on one hand you have a sword and the other yes and the year the point of the cape by the way which call you to this now keep has always read because red angers bowls right A true falls, colorblind, so they're not angered by red or any other color. Why does get them is the movement of the cape and sticking swords in their neck? That's another thing that get some guarantee Actually, that's, not necessarily true by the time the mandatory comes out. Sometimes the arm. The ball is really tired from blood loss in being tortured for a couple of days. Idea for some, and so the mandatory really kind of has to work to get it right up again, even though the bulls dislike to kill me matters are not yet we have a crowd to please. First,
so the year, the manager, eventually after the cape work, is done out that capers read by the way to avoid stains, once the cape work is done. The manager will, as the full runs passed him upon the sword in between his shoulder blades and what's called a year as the Carter, which is the death blow here and now it properly delivered as Dakota will suffer the bulls I order, and that will be that almost immediately for the ball. If it's not dying correctly, then the bull can be an even more tremendous pain as it bleeds out, but you protect against this abandoned, the arrow will come out, and mediately deliver
any yeah another thrust of a blade yet and make sure the ball is dead with appointee was more knife. Ideally they killed him with one blow. That rarely happens because apparent had adores art. So great at doing that anymore, if they ever were and a lot of times the bowl lives, even through the smaller knife plunge. Still alive when the ears and tail or hook or cut off and presented to the matador, usually there's a dozen another failsafe where they bring out a tractor, run the bull over of budgets make sure that it's that son, If that doesn't work, then, though, the people come down from the stand start shooting it. That's not you and it's not it's not funny because it's not true and made up I'm do survive. Hanging on by a thread their lungs or punctured, so their bleed like
drowning in their own blood in like vomiting. Blood through their noses mouth A dining in flurry and sometimes they will take it outside and skin it, while its even still alive yeah, that's a kind of its tradition. I saw the bull after the bullfight was pretty said. They d take them all right outside, and I M full, dress it and then sell the meet at the stadium, which is customary and very strange, but that one of them aspects of bull fighting if you ve ever wanted a bull Berger and you wanted to eat it right after you saw it, I go to a bullfight in Spain. They will drag pull out with me I attach the chains and I don't have the brilliant Boone you heard, because apparently the people were blue and throw beer cans at the ball at the end and enough. That's what you are it's it's a pen, so it depends
now that this was the reviewing the matador, the battery arrows, the doors everybody There are a whole country of Mexico for this either booing herb. I I'm a depends on board. If the ball was a worse than I could see the fans throwing your candidate there's also There is an aspect of this. Cannot be denied that a bull that shows great bravery, anger, spirit, spunk, really try to kill the Macedonia where the banjo euros will be very much revered by the people in the stands and gruesomely, though bringing out for victory lap being dragged by the meals in a circle around the arena. After it's dead or apparently while it still dying right people, here, the roses for it? And there isn't there? Is it a em? There's a rule where
crowd or the matador can ask for in India Leto how it is a reprieve for a particularly creates is full and the president of the of the young bullfight, the referee can say. Yes, I guess four brief, because it such an awesome ball, we're gonna, let it live. And the method or proceeds to armed with an empty hand, stimulate the death blow saying I couldn't kill the ball, but I like the bull so much. I love you d, get it really What a guy that ball is taken away and put out the study for the rest of his life, and there was one it's very rare together in the leader yet- and there was one one: called man's Benito in eighteen, eighty, seven, he in India Leader, because he gourd all three doors in the plaza that day. Well that that that will get you off right there, you gotta go stood for the rest of your life.
Mr Bowe, horses are also abused, the ones it participate. Their ears are stuff with newspaper wet newspaper, their blindfolded and they set their vocal cords. So they can't scream out and pain because people don't hear that didn't go to school, Yet people are like that, so they suffer the vocal cord. So the horses that are you trembling and fear inside this ring at this ball. Dont bark out and let people know that at the horses are hurt. They come out of the ring and patch him up in cinema right back in there. Were you getting this activist? Infer all over the place, I mean it not activism votes how it goes. I know it all. Just gonna has a certain ring to it. I'm not disputing it. I'm the saying like here, why mean coming out of my mouth? It probably sounds activists cause. I think it's an awful thing to do something like this, but this is that these are the facts. No
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Top of the page and type in s. Why, as K that stance, I come from a goat s. Why, as K stamps that come never go to the polls office again. Ok, woollen check. You will love the next part where we talk about famous mandatory yeah, feel free. So people been doing this since what we said like the eleventh century right Elsie was possibly the first guy to fight a bull in a China yeah and since then it it's just become huge, big business but the first real improbably, only real golden age if he called their bull fighting happened arm from nineteen fourteen nineteen twenty and there were too many doors one Bell month: E Garcia. And whose Gomes who fought bulls under the name of the veto?
had a rivalry and dumb Belmonte Garcia was actually the first guy apparently to stand still or stand his ground. When he's doing work with a ball right, rather than try to run away from the bull using fancy footwork that that erect style you right here whose Leto was his rival and the rivalry is really going swimmingly. I guess for everybody, but the bulls, until whose leader was fatally gourd at a match that both of them whereat, Garcia, and whose lead over finding at in nineteen twenty and the end of the golden age of bullfighting you'll be happy to hear he must have been small. Who's the later years, Name Association. I think, if you're Jose in the cart you hustle either them into small like add that it ought to anything earlier or young cause, he started very young. I am maybe Lester. He started it
age thirteen- and he was only think twenty twenty five is twenty five when he died when he was gourd so another whose gorgeous, nay men, while road rigorous, is dangerous. Do you think that's like the mothers and fathers names when it's two last names in there's an e in and in the middle I would think so. Well, right wing is insane chairs the road we get together and the Santos together. You get man well also known, as men Alexei. Maybe so, and he was good enough making forty seven, he was the top manager from nineteen forty two Forty seven and I think, is going and the end of his being taught Matador was not, coincidentally up here to talk about the bulls, because this very specific what cannibals or fighting there are four years old
No, I didn't you and they are specifically bread to bullfight and they re about thirteen hundred pounds. You intrinsic debt, Nicholas Reference, is five hundred and ninety kilogram strike and they are ready. It is in this article says it there I tested for bravery. Ferocity, and that if you pass the test, you become a fighting bull and that may be true, sometimes but Matador liked to make their money and they don't wanna, be gourd. So the highfalutin matters will request re placid, docile bulls, just to keep the show going. It's a too. That's what I thought I read. Ok, so I have the least want to put on the show. You know they don't want to die. They want so that only one day they want to make a few million bucks a year, you're doing it easy to because they get paid about a hundred grand a bullfight
and they can do maybe thirty to forty or more yet another o the guy Belmonte. I he had a record hundred nine bullfight and ninety nine, the law, the second Rocky three when he was fighting the champs, just repeated failure. We want a real challenge, but ultimately he did want a real challenge because he fight he fought Draco. While he fought clever Langen in Non three and through it was the russian there. Three was cleverly Now we are the first to wear APOLLO. The third was clever. Laying the fourth was the russian. I thought the view that a third Tommy Morrison and in the six was when he came back as a trainer and the seventh with him. In doing I sandwich for two hours, no rocky through stiffly, Clever Lanka's that was my favorite one. Ok until I got older, and I realise that the person was actually
you know, I thought that I would think that too and then I went back and why it as an adult I'm like I mean it's pretty good, but there is too much character how many ferralti movie, if yes, walls a love story, it wouldn't even a boxing- and here I am with you- I understand, but it was a love story starring in written indirect advice, overstretched alone. That's all right back to the balls. Both are never exposed him more than one fight. Yes, oh apparently they have very good memories, so deadline had it out during the year the mandatory there and their cape. So that's why they don't want him twice and guess who test their ferocity further. I guess the ones that are tested. Those are done on horseback, said the bulls not like. Oh, I remember those caves, I'm gonna get you know, I associate you with wax. It is what you mean. This article says that data they alterable summit,
easier to fight, but this sort of thing it. So it's very participatory sport. The spectators so they can ask for an inn. The lido you can also change. And your charge as somebody with fighting, altered Bull, one, that's overfed, inserting fat and slow wonders horns have been alter because apparently the tipps of the horns of a bull are very much like a cat whiskers, and if you remove that the bulls not going to have very good sense can attics in a river hit the unease and added, or so, if the crowd thinks that your careers like overpower, that's, why? I don't think it's quite as widespread either that or else bullfighting crowds become complacent, why things has definitely well because its eighty percent tourists they don't know how to spot a fat bull The very well may be the case, and they also apparently the way they stand them and where they stand them, they
So, in order to make sure they charge straight instead of like I've, got a bad left leg out, the sudden I'm gonna be going left all their right all day, so Chuck we mention that you can make a pretty decent living through an bullfight But you also mentioned dumb letters. There may be the death of bull fighting as it were. You think that's really too. I mean seriously. People have been doing. This is the fourth century and now all of a sudden just because of a bad economy and animal activism bovines going down it's starting to rally evidence well, The polls that the popular sentiment is changing in Spain over the past fifteen years. No one Catalonia is,
the first region in mainland Spain to actually ban it in Barcelona. In Catalonia, there were two figures: Barcelona had not one to but three bull fighting arena, that's right and that took four plus the delta, that took effect actually just this year on January. First, they said like, let's finish out the two thousand Levin season and then will ban it jarring from that point They had the last one another in September I think September. Twenty eight two thousand and eleven was last. Whenever was that's a huge oil by even in Spain, they're kind of like the snooty Catalans. You like this, they don't don't enjoy bullfighting. I think this made some quarters of Spain even more fiercely proud of it here. Professor, like Madrid, apparently, is still very proud of their bull fighting right. In two thousand and one of the state television station said we are going to ban cover live coverage of it, because kids can watch this on tv.
They happen in the hours and early afternoon hours in early evening, so they won't broadcasts until after ten p m. Now right. Well, there's a there they are a law. That said, you can't show animal cruelty and spanish television until after ten p m because of children, and so that's effectively band right, showing bull fighting in Spain, which is a huge blow to it. I guess economically or financially, because I mean about how many, how much money comes from television deals sponsorships if you can get rid of it on tv thy Fettes that the industry
and then there is also they ve shown that there is evidence that government that the federal government in Spain is pretty much what's propping up bull fighting these days right because some there were what it went from a thousand bullfights into. Doesn't eighty eight hundred into doesn't ten in Spain and on that two hundred was almost exclusively the result of cuts in government subsidies to small towns that can afford. The bullfight right, and so that means that yet the government's holding the whole thing up. Yeah. I read a couple interesting article today, one m was from a veterinarian and they have that's at the the bullfight on staff. I guess and this that went on record as saying they did all this testing of like adrenaline nor adrenalin in all these different chemicals in the body on these
Girls had just survived ones, it were dead ones before they went in and basically to prove that the bull suffers a great deal, because this misguided notion that loophole doesn't suffer because their this magical creature I saw this one interview with have abandoned the euro and he said that a vet near misses, translate observation a veterinarian told me that the bulls have a special. So in their body that prevents it from suffering and feeling paint snatcher. Are you sure there's no special sell that that keeps him from feeling thing, while thither the debate to I mean, like I believe balls can suffer, but you know if you ve read David Foster walls is considered. The lobster can a lobster suffer is no section. Is the perception of physical feeling of pain? My is that the same thing is suffering now we ve shown its not remembering our happiness, audio book. We talked about the difference between.
Experiencing physical pain and experiencing suffering right now they actually utilised different parts of the brain right. So if there's no suffering is inflicting pain on something e g cooking, it is their cruel score points. It is, but I think both experience suffering is especially figure. Three. What you described yeah and you against bullfighting, and you want to do something you can email. The tat are made embassies of these countries that still I participate and tell them that I am not going to bed Countries like it has been my money. There slogan endorses this morning. Do you mail me some wine, because I can't make it over there something vernier it I'd at this I'm gonna go on record as saying this whole thing that it has part of the culture is just crap. Well, the spanish federal government would disagree with you
cause into those in turn and where a lot of people see as a response to the Catalonia Ban, the spanish government transfer jurisdiction over bull fighting from the Interior Ministry to the Cultural Ministry, so as an attempt to keep it from being banned it's gonna, be here: it'll, be a tougher line but yeah, apparently even Mexico now's entertaining the idea of banning it. You know some other things it work defended is culture. Genital mutilation and females which burning bear baiting, however, that no Bear baiting was popular in England up until the eighteenth century. That is when you take a bare like We bear around Europe like a clown, not far off you put it in a pit and chain it to abstain. And release dogs on it and the dogs kill the bear or the bare kills. The dogs, so they release more dogs and people surrounding
Campbell on is the bare gonna get eaten first or the dogs gonna get killed first and its blood sport, assuming this Same thing you know, that's were bulldogs came from and that's where they get their name. Famines, Kabul, baiting area and she's do not even come close assembling what they do now. They are actually bread to be less vicious by making I'm sorry. Weren't dumber, more kindly you're dumber than more cuddly. That's how you have the modern vote. If not what they evolve from. Basically, in the nineteenth century bulldogs, where where people breathe Is now where there are a lot of people being like when you see the widespread off the face of the planet has gone out of control, crazy array, scare him to kill him all right, and then they managed to breed the meanness out of them better it both full dating to debating,
just that have been taken at all over the place and well on bare baiting. Actually still happens in Pakistan and it Sir, the terrific so too for me, do you, people of Spain, Mexico ritual eyes. Killing of animals for people to pay for an watch is low, outdated in just silly and cruel, and now I say please stop from from Chuck to you for me to you and one more thing. The whole notion of culture isn't that supposedly to advance you're civilization in isn't networks to me like a positive like culture, I mean what brings people together more than the ritual scaling down here in lighting a bullfight funded, here's the thing Saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up: basketball, there's always that guy who joined your game
he never passes the rock. He instantly bricks theories and who can We have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul, with Geico it's easy to switch and save on car insurance. No need to fake an angel sprain because you're absolutely exhausted which in save Geiger it's almost, better than sports? But how do you feel that both any personal telling it's great If you want to learn more about bull, fighting or checks is on, you can type and chuck or Bull fighting in the search bar has the force that come in. I said, search bar with me this time, listener. Male bearing rolled up. Listen! That's right! Now! This has come to call this illustrator verdict about comics. Guys, I'm and currently in illustrator
does he not have much hope for us return that feel now. I think it s a fact, as he does like digital illustration I found your bike ass. Well, ass, his deep in art school at the ART Institute, a Boston but their own. Many times? I can listen to the same old, our lady peace songs on her feet tell them anything, so nobody gets its song. I can't remember dug the song exec at the city, because a bets on man I used to fall for that Li L fourteen you, like that's the only good song on the whole city before the single I am now professional? Illustrator, but I also teach art HIV and was able to lead any dream when my higher ups from me about seeking a common but class sweet. So he started on the complex, and this is something they put on. The comic
authority has talked about a word. She was long over and the new round the superheroes Spiderman fantastic, for to emerge from the minds of Lee Kirby indicative. As result comics were merely treading water. An chasing from bad bad westerns to romance to eventually horror. Comics, what really started to worry everyone, so they big the pressure on companies? Like you see they made their names and over the top or in turn you see that we jettison it's taken. Whore comics emerged. Into a little humour, comic mad. If it was like stories guaranteed to drag you mad exactly but this point mad was published. Basically is a comic book. In essence, easy was looking ahead to Tibet. So real mad as a magazine, which is very different. Distinction is Allison. One wouldn't under the code of authority,
in eighteen. Fifty five, we are blessed with a very first man magazine, a very calculated move, since they were not heavily scrutinise comics. You didn't have to worry about the comics code and it's very small in it. I have to make a big as a comics illustrator in children's book. Illustrator, who says I can do I, the thought you might do that you're keeping me company during these long hours chasing the dream, and this dude stuff is awesome and if you want to hire Gregg miraculous, you can get in touch with him at the Gregg Miranda Studio, which is g, are either. I am a are eighty age, a start com or reduced blood. Red morasses stuff works by that time. Nice step is very cool. I tell them and keep him in mind we related drawings we could use enjoys. We need to place, put timeline drawing
If he's going to hurt for free, if we'd Maria we got chastised by a graphic designer for holding that teacher contest other back actually within these common them yeah I was like you know most of these were amateur designers, nourished and frozen there. There's a brown mine, soliloquy forced anybody to do with, but there There's a whole movement from designers about design contest being awful like the industry. Basically, ass for free work as a contest quote: loosely fixing contest users, organs, soapbox, thirty's, there's a lot of stuff that people do for free is part of a contest,
off her bakes off. Sorry- and I saw some designers that say I don't agree with that contests making better and if he d heart intellectual done in that's a ridiculous idea. Architecture as a field has been in contest mode for a century near more, unlike gas, that there's a lot of work put into there's a lot of work, granting zone contests everywhere. Think that's ridiculous thing! Well, his point was his email me back and he was like well find. The countess is fine, but you should give them a kind of t shirt sales, I dont disagree with that. Whenever we energy well now we are in no position whatsoever that fallen due to fill up to me. They would get a hundred per cent of the future tale. I don't know about that, but we don't get any Y know if it's still, we could, if we couldn't on their behalf, a little bit him for us. What a volatile episode right to the end,
So I guess, if you want to express your volatility toward us, that's cool, we can handle it. We ve been taken every year. He can I tweet to us it s. Why escape I cast can send us stuff on Facebook, including Facebook ART for timely at Facebook, dot com such that we should now. You can also emails stuff ass a discovery, dotcom be sure to check out our new video podcast stuff from the future. Joint house therefore extend we explore the most promising and perplexing possibilities of tomorrow brought you by the way until two thousand twelve Camry, it's ready for you. We are living in complicated times, I'm seventy rule MSNBC Anchor and NBC Newscorp. And in my new plug cast modern rules, I'm gonna be time unpacking some of the Harry's of today's top
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